Iranians are angry at the West, but Why ?

In these days, when the West desperately tries to make a deal with the Mullah regime, and when the West continues to ignore the Iranian people, and support the Iranian baboons and some one like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), that more than 99% of Iranians hate him, it’s not bad to write about an important question: Why Iranians are changing their views about the West. “Iranians are angry at the West, but Why?”, some ask us and other Iranians. If you check our articles in this website, you can see part of the answer. You also can see the tone of our articles has changed gradually; and it’s like what has happened in the Iranian society. The Iranian people are changing their tone and their views about the West, and we just reflect this important change in our articles. The West has become so shameless, and now even the dumbest people can see the true face of the West. Now, many Iranians are thinking about the secrets of the 2009 coup, and why the West betrayed Iranians. We should reflect this important change in our articles. The West should know when they continue to betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, and when they refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement, Iranians will change their views and their tones more and more, and they will start to think about serious problems or hidden facts. Iranians will never forget the Western betrayals. The West should know that many Iranians are not stupid and blind, like Mr. Stupid (Chomsky) or the Iranian expats who kiss the West’s ass and sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar. What you read here, in this website, is part of the voices of Iranians inside Iran. They have no media and no voice, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The Western media, Iranian baboons and Iranian mercenaries censor the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and try to pretend that Iranian expats are representative of Iranians inside Iran, but the majority of Iranian expats, who live in the West, are so stupid. Compared to them, cows seem like Albert Einstein. The West and the World should be aware of this undeniable fact. The West and the World should know that many Iranians are not stupid, and if they are silent or if their voices are censored, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In this website you can see why Iranians are angry at the West, that is hypocrite, stupid, narrow-minded, and short-sighted. It’s really shameful that the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, or the serious problems that have been created by the West, are forced us to write about the ugly sides of many things. We preferred not to write about these annoying things, but it’s the stupid West that prefers to hurt and betray Iranians. We and many other Iranians were silent during the past years, and many Iranians are still silent, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t see the truth or they are stupid. Many wise Iranians are watching the West and what the Western bastards and their Iranian mercenaries do, and the Western jerks should know it. “We are watching you, and we will not forget your betrayals, and we will not allow you to do whatever you want to do. The 2010s is not like 1970s. Today’s Iranians, that at least are as wise as their Western counterparts, will not allow the stupid West and the Western puppets to play with Iran and Iranians any longer”, the wise Iranians say. This website, and writing in this website, showed us many things about many problems in the West, including freedom of press, freedom of expression, censorship, intellectual mercenaries, idiocy, racism, fascism, democracy, laws and the rule of law, and many other things in the West. “In this shitty world, knowing the truth is always very disappointing and very depressing“, the wise guys say, and it’s not wrong. But we think “knowing the truth is better than deceiving yourself and living in a stupid fantasy world”. Sometimes, the people can’t deceive themselves any longer, and they see that ‘the king is naked’, and it’s when real changes and fundamental changes begin. In today’s Iran, many can’t deceive themselves any longer, and many can see the true face of the West, and that’s why they have started to say: ‘the West is naked’. They spit and shit on the West and the Western puppets, and it’s the beginning of a real change in Iran, and maybe in the whole world. I hope the ordinary people in the West and the whole world can see the truth. We are angry at the West, but we still believe that many Westerners are not like their politicians. The ordinary people in the West are like their counterparts in Iran and other parts of the world. We know that it’s hard to find the real voices of the Western people in the mass media or even in the Web. Their media censor the voice of their wise people, and their search engines hide the people voices, and many wise people don’t have any website. Many Iranians know that the Western pseudo-intellectuals, like Chomsky, are so stupid, or are stooges of their politicians, but unfortunately, many naive Westerners can’t see the true colors of their intellectuals and their media. It’s a big tragedy. But we still believe in what we wrote in “About” page of this website. We still believe the good people in all around the world can change many things, if they become aware and if they try to help each others. But if you ask why we express our anger and the people’s anger in this website, and what’s the use of expressing anger, your answer is what Hedayat (1903- 1951), the real Iranian intellectual, wrote about the Pearl Cannon. In 1947, in a letter to his friend (Shahid-Nuraei), Hedayat write: “I want to write something that is like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I cant publish it, but its not important. At least they cant tell themselves he was stupid; he was a good donkey [good sheep]“. Sometimes, our articles or what Iranians say seem like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on the West and their Iranian mercenaries. Maybe, it’s not very helpful, but at least it can show the world that many Iranians are not blind or stupid. Unfortunately, many people and many intellectuals live like sheep in the West. They are the Sheeple. But the world should know that many Iranians (inside Iran) are not among the Sheeple or the sheep people.


The West is stupid, hypocrite and shameless. When Western countries talk about their national interests, they clearly say: Iran (not the Mullahs) should not have any serious technology and any modern weapon. We should fuck Iranians, because it’s in our national interests !’. But It’s the logic of animals. And do you know what happen If Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Indians, and other nations think in this way, like Westerners? Recently, many write about the nuclear talks in Baghdad, but they don’t say how shameless and how stupid the West is. “The Western package calls on Tehran to halt the production of 20 percent enriched uranium, and in exchange, the West offered spare parts for civilian airliners that are under sanctions [!!!]”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Even the stupid Mullahs know that the West is so shameless; the Mullah officials said: “Giving up 20 percent enrichment levels in return for plane spare parts is a joke“. Yah, it’s really a joke. Of course, the Mullahs don’t talk about a greater joke. Apparently, the motherfucker West has promised the Mullahs that the West doesn’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and the Mullahs can kill and torture Iranians with the help of the West, like what they did in 2009. The stupid West thinks that Iranians are stupid, but it’s the West that is so stupid and brainless. The West thinks they can use our pain and suffering in Iran to win some concessions from the Mullahs, but the 2010s is not like 1970s. Now, Iranians are at least as modern as their Western counterparts. In the post-2009 era, the stupid West showed Iranians who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and a free and strong Iran. The wise Iranians don’t hurry to write about the true face of the West, the secrets of the 1979 revolution, the secrets of the 2009 coup, or the secrets of the West’s love affair with the Mullahs. But when the stupid West and their Iranian mercenaries insist on being jerk, Iranians are forced to change their friendly tone, and they start to think, talk, or write about “those things that are better left unsaid”. The stupid West knows that many things are better left unsaid. But they don’t know when they insist on using their old dirty tricks, Iranians can’t remain silent, and can’t use a friendly tone any longer. Recently, Reza Pofyooyz (Reza Pahlavi) tries to play the role of the Mullahs in the 1970s, and the stupid West tries to support him. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, on May 25, 2012, titled “I principally oppose nuclear energy for Iran [!!]”, he repeated the Mullahs’ words in the late-1970s. As we said before, the Pahlavi regime, that was pro-West, started its serious nuclear program in 1974, and many wise analysts believe thats why the West tried to change Irans regime. But do you know what the Mullahs said about the nuclear issue in the 1970s? In the late-1970s, the Mullahs repeated the West’s words and what the West had dictated to them. The Mullahs said: ‘Why Iran needs a nuclear program, while Iran has oil and gas resources? Nuclear energy is harmful and dangerous. It’s is not clean; it’s expensive, and it doesn’t solve our problems. Iran and Iranians don’t need nuclear energy and nuclear program”. Can you believe it? It’s exactly what the Mullahs said in the late 1970s, and it’s exactly what Reza Pofyooyz repeats it now. It’s so funny. But as the wise Iranians say: “In the 1970s, many Iranians were stupid and support the Mullahs and their bullshits, and that’s why the Mullahs could destroy Iran, and could stop Iran’s nuclear program in the 1980s and 1990s, and served the West’s interests. But now many things have changed. Reza Pofyooyz (Reza Pahlavi) is a stupid mercenary, that even little kids laugh at him and spit on him in Iran. Reza Pofyooyz tries to kiss his western employers’ ass, like what the Mullahs and the Islamists did in the 1970s, but he is so stupid and doesn’t know that many things have changed in Iran. Reza Pofyooyz and many other Iranian expats are so stupid and still live in the 1970s – when many Iranians were illiterate and the number of the university educated Iranians was so small. But now, many things have changed in Iran, and even the Western experts confess that ‘the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran is higher than all Asian countries and many European countries’. Now, the Western puppets, including the Mullahs and the Monarchists, are bankrupt in Iran. The 2009 coup and the Western betrayals could show Iranians many things. And now, many Iranians not only support the nuclear program, but they support the nuclear weapons, too. And it’s a direct result of the Western betrayals. And if the West refused to apologize to Iranians, and continued to support the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, almost all Iranians would be sure that the West is the number one enemy of a free and strong Iran. Iranians will topple the Mullah regime, but today’s Iranians know that Iran should have nuclear weapons, because only the nuclear weapons can stop the greedy West and other evil forces. In this shitty world, that the stupid West and other evil forces still rule the world with the law of the jungle, and when they don’t care about us and our rights, only the nuclear weapons can stop them and can prevent war. If the small Jewish state needs nuclear weapons, because it has many enemies, Iran certainly needs more nuclear weapons, because Iran has more enemies, more than the Jewish state“. If the West had not betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, we and many other Iranians could ignore what these wise Iranians say, but the post-2009 era showed that the West still loves the logic of animals. “The West clearly says: we should fuck you, because it’s in our national interests !! They love the rule of the jungle, and that’s why Iran needs nuclear weapons”, the wise Iranians add. The West is so stupid; they just show Iranians the true colors of the Western media, the Western intellectuals, and many other things in the West. For instance, recently, the German jerks try to support Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), that 99% of Iranians hate him. It’s really funny that Germany tries to support the Iranian Monarchists, who are a stupid version of German Nazis, and 99% of Iranians hate them. Apparently, Germany is still as stupid as 1939 or 1979. The German state media, Deutsche Welle, that no one cares about it in Iran, just wastes the German people’s money. They are like the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, and other stupid Western media that Iranians only spit on them. I don’t know whether the German people are aware of this issue or not, but I hope they warn their stupid politicians about what they do. “German faggots, American faggots, and British faggots support Iranian faggots and prostitutes, but who care about faggots and prostitutes”, many Iranians say. But as we said before, the Mullahs and the Mullah media are not the main problem of Iranians, but the West and the Western media, that sometimes are worse than the Mullah media, are the main problem. The Iranian prostitutes who kiss the West’s ass are not important; it’s their employer, the West, that is the important problem. Many things are really disappointing in this shitty world, but I still believe many good people live in this shitty world. The bad guys try to disappoint us, and today’s world is really a shitty world, but I hope the good people and the wise people can help each others and can change many things. The West has become so shameless, but they should know that Iranians are watching them, and the Western betrayals just disgrace and discredit the West more and more. Iranians are angry at the West, and many Iranians express their anger, and talk about their pain and suffering, but even if Iranians were silent, it doesn’t mean that they are stupid or they don’t exist. The tone of our articles has changed, and it can change more, because the West has become so shameless. Unfortunately, the West tries to show Iranians that the West is the number one enemy of the modern Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. If you try to put yourself in the place of the Iranian people, you can easily understand them, their anger, and their pain and suffering. You also can understand why the tone of our articles has changed. Unfortunately, the bad guys are very active, and we only can see the ugly side of the West in these months. I hope the good people don’t remain silent and inactive.

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