Canadian Spring: Protests in Quebec, Canada

May 25, 2012

“The biggest demonstrations in Montreal and other Canadian cities marked 100 days of Quebec student strikes and mass protests against tuition fee-hikes. But now, they are also protesting against draconian public order laws introduced by the Quebec provincial parliament a week ago. On May 16, soon after her appointment, the new minister of Education and Premier Charest announced their plan to introduce Bill 78, a shameful law that was passed on May 18. Bill 78 restricts assembly, picket and protest rights on campuses and throughout Quebec. Bill 78 declares illegal all demonstrations of over 50 people [!!], organized for any purpose and at any location in Quebec, unless the dates, times, starting point, and routes of those locations and also the duration of the venue and the means of transportation that will be used by participants have been submitted to and approved by Quebec police [!!!!] It is then possible, at the police authority’s discretion, to modify the location and date of the protest if it judges that the protest would pose a serious threat to the order and security of the public [!!!] According to the provisions of the bill, any infraction against its prohibitions require offenders to pay fines, which are paid for each day of infraction”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Bill 78 is a great historical shame for Canada. “Cant believe that a democratic government can adopt such a law”, many say. “The stupid Canadian Police declared the protest to be illegal. Apparently, they have learned it from their Mullah friends. When thousands of Mullah killers and Mullah thieves live in Canada, but no one says nothing, it’s so obvious that Canada should suffer from Bill 78“, the wise Iranians say. Bill 78 and mass protests in Quebec can be called “Canadian Shame”, “Canadian Spring”, or “Quebec Spring”, but “Canadian Spring” is more meaningful, because Bill 78 is like a Mullah Bill, and is a great historical shame. Stephen Farter (Harper) and his stupid counterparts in Quebec, and those Canadian idiots who support these bastards, should be proud of themselves. They are like the Mullahs, and can convert Canada into a Mullah Land.


“What we see in these days is the ugly side of Quebec, Canada, and the West as a whole. When they made love with the Mullah terrorists and the Mullah embezzlers in Canada, it was so obvious that sooner or later they would learn from their Mullah friends, and pass Bill 78″, some say. In these days, our internet speed in Iran is so horrible, and the western media, specially the Canadian media censor Canadian Spring’s news. “The Canadian media should be ashamed for not providing better coverage“, some Canadians say. The media reported: “Bill 78 imposes severe restrictions on protests, making it illegal for protesters to gather without having given police eight hours’ notice and securing a permit”, and many Iranians said: “A permit to protest ? In Canada ? You’ve got to be fucking kidding“, and some Iranians added: “A permit to protest ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada“. They also said: “Bill 78 can show us the Canadian progress. When the Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, and the Canadian jerks even refuse to apologize to Iranians, it’s so obvious that the Canadian politicians should pass Bill 78, and should prove that they are like their Mullah friends”. Of course, the Canadian people have tried to learn from Iranians, too. “After Bill 78 was passed, people in central Montreal neighborhoods have appeared on their balconies and in front of their houses to defiantly bang pots and pans in a clanging protest every night at 8 PM“, the media reported. It sounds like Iran in 2009, when Iranians regularly went to their rooftops and protested. It’s good that the people try to learn from each others. “In February 2012, Jean Charest’s Quebec Liberal Party announced plans to increase Quebec university fees by 75% over a period of five years. Beginning February 13, 2012, students associated with one of Quebec’s student Unions went on strike to opposing tuition increases. The city of Montreal saw this week the 30th protest march of Quebec students against tuition fee increases since it began more than three months ago. Thousands of students still boycott or are blocked altogether from attending college and university classes. A deal reached between Quebec Liberal Party representatives and student representatives was rejected by striking students on 10 May“, the media reported. It’s good that the ordinary Canadians are not so stupid. The Western politicians try to buy mercenaries and introduce them as hero or representative of people. It’s their tactic in Iran, Canada, the US, etc. In Iran, the Western jerks think they can introduce the Mullahs or a stupid bastard like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi), that 99% of Iranians hate him, as representative of people, but Iranians only spit and shit on Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and his Western supporters. I hope Canadians can learn from Iranians.


“Several of the protesters were wearing masks, which is against the law in the city [!], as Montreal had just passed a bylaw making wearing masks during any protest illegal [!!]. At least one person was arrested for wearing a mask“, the media reported. It’s really shameful, and it reminds you of the brutal dictators. “Wearing masks during protests is illegal ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the Canadian politicians seem like the brutal dictators. Of course, many Canadians are not so stupid and their media can’t deceive them. Many have condemned the law for “violating fundamental freedoms of association, assembly, and expression”. They know that “it’s a terrible act of mass repression. The Canadian media reported: “Police declared the weekend protests to be illegal [!]“. It’s a good joke. “Apparently, the Canadian bastards -i.e. Canadian police, Canadian politicians and Canadian media- think they can use laws as a tool of repression. But the wise people don’t care about the stupid laws. If a law was a threat to fundamental rights, freedom of expression, freedom of association, it’s like the fascists laws and the Mullahs laws, that means, it’s crap and bullshit and you should not care about it”, the wise Iranians say. Many truly say that education and university education should be free, “education isn’t a business. It builds our future and our society”, they say. But why politicians see public education as a threat? Some wise guys say: “Higher education is a threat to politicians and the rich, for the simple reason that it increases competition. The aristocracy hate educated people. When you offer higher education to all citizens, you can have lots of talented and competent individuals. But the corporate world see it as a threat. If people have the legal and scientific ability to challenge their autocratic decisions – on issues such as Canadian tar sand pollution, global warming, lobbyists, big corporations, etc- that’s a big problem. So by denying or restricting education to people, they try to limit the production of scientific professionals; and only the children of plutocrats should be allowed to develop such skills. That’s why they want to dismantle public education systems, everywhere from the US and Canada to Britain. Remember, the plantation owners made it a crime to teach a slave to read or write. That’s the basic mentality here“. It’s not a bad analysis. All dictators and all jerks, from the Mullahs to the Western politicians, hate public education and the educated people.


The Canadian media and Western media use the Mullah tactics. They show pictures of naked or half-naked protesters in Quebec, and then laugh at them and try to pretend that all protesters are as stupid as these idiots. Unfortunately, many stupid Canadian protesters just want to have fun. They are like that stupid Canadian girl who has said, “This protest was one of the most jovial I’ve taken part in [!!]”. They disgrace and discredit all protesters, and the corporate media make use of their stupidities. “‘Im drunk! Ive been on a patio all evening!’ a female protester told police, in an exchange caught on the live broadcast of Concordia University Television. It reminds Iranians of the Mullah tactics, when they said that Iranian protesters are agents of Zionists and Western imperialists (aka Estekbar Jahani)”, some say. Of course, many Canadian protesters are stupid and want to have fun, and what their media say about them is not quite wrong, but 99% of Iranian protesters were independent and didn’t want to have fun. They were brave and risked their life. “When you see many stupid Canadian protesters who just want to have fun, you can understand why Iranians are much more modern, wiser, and braver than Canadians. The 2011 and 2012 can clearly show us that Iranians are really wiser than their Western counterparts”, the wise Iranians say, and it’s not wrong. Iranians are victims of the Western politicians and their puppets, but sooner or later, the Western jerks and their puppets -including the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and the Mercenaries – will be sent to hell. The Western politicians are so stupid and opportunist. “Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois opposes any legislated crackdown on the protests and has been wearing the red square of the protest movement [!]. ‘The premier is the first person responsible for the mess we’re in,’ Marois said Thursday. The pro-independence Parti Quebecois (PQ) could gain power in an election expected later this year or next”, the media reported. It’s really shameful that PQ and its politicians, who are racists and very stupid, try to support the protesters in Canada, but it’s not the whole story. The corporate media and almost all politicians in Canada are so shameless. They say: “The protesters want to win some concessions from Premier Jean Charest. But it’s illegal [!!!] … Parti Québécois opposition leader Pauline Marois has embraced the students unpopular cause [!!!]” It’s really shameful that both sides in this Canadian farce have no shame and tell big shameful lies. “The stupid separatist Quebecers are racist people who still care about the French-English hostilities. When you see PQs, you think you see the fascists. Quebec still suffers from ‘Heydary-Nemati’ fights (stupid tribal fights) and nudity doesn’t mean modernity or real progress. Idiots, nude or with Hijab, are idiots”, some say.


The Canadian farce, aka Canadian Spring, is really laughable, because all evil forces, including Russia and Mullahs, try to be part of this stupid farce. “Russia has now joined many civil liberty groups [!!!] which protest against the way the police is handling demonstrations in Canada as well as in Chicago during the NATO summit”, the media reported. Some say: “It’s just remind you of Kettle and Pot”, but it’s worse than it. The Russian farce or Putin-Medvedev farce was really one of the biggest farce in the human history, that just proved that Russia and the Russian people are one of the dumbest nations in the world. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the Canadian farce and the shameful events in Canada is not important. Recently, one of the Canadian officials has said: “It was told about 50 times to people to leave the protest since it was illegal [!!!!] and that we were going to get out their and disperse the people and make some arrests and people still remain on site”. The Canadian jerks think their people should obey them like sheep. “Protest is illegal ? in Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the Canadian jerks (politicians) try to copy Mullah behaviors. “Instead of saying: ‘Welcome to Canada’, they should say: ‘Welcome to China. Tiamanmen Square’ or ‘Welcome to Iran under the Mullah regime'”, Iranians add. “When the Mullah killers and the Mullah embezzlers can go to Canada, and the wise Iranians should be victim of the stupid sanctions, Canada will look like Iran under the Mullah regime, in the near future”, the wise guys say. Some Canadians know the truth. “Canada has turned to the right with Harper and his Conservatives. Harper has fucked Canada”, they say. “The chants were mostly directed at Premier Jean Charest and the police rather than the tuition hikes that first prompted the nightly marches”, the media reported. It’s good that many Canadians are not so stupid, and at least can see the important problems. “Bill 78 also places restrictions upon the right of education employees to strike. Bill 78 was drafted by members of the Quebec Liberal Party. Shame on them”, some Canadians say.


“It’s a political crisis in Canada, with the mass arrest of hundreds of demonstrators amid a backlash against draconian emergency laws. More than 500 people were arrested in a demonstration in Montreal on Wednesday night as protesters defied Bill 78. According to the provisions of the bill, any infraction against its prohibitions require offenders to pay fines, which are paid for each day of infraction. The new Quebec emergency law says that any individual protester found guilty of the cancellation of classes would be liable to a fine of $1,000 to $5,000. If the offense is committed by a senior officer or representative of a student group or federation, the fine could be as much as $35,000. Therefore, the student association or federation could face a fine as high as $125,000″, the media reported. It’s really shameful. “Canada has become a new Mullah land. Shame on Canada”, some say, and some Canadians add: “All of a sudden you just smelled tear gas and could see smoke, and people were running”, and it can remind you of 2009 and the Iranian protests. Of course, tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and their Western supporters, while no one has been killed or tortured in Canada yet. It’s a very important difference that you should not forget it. ‘But if Canada continues to grant visa to the Islamists and the Basiji thugs, and create problems for the ordinary Iranians, sooner or later, thousands of naked Canadian protesters would be raped in prisons’, funny guys say. Bill 78 can show us that if Canadians remain silent and inactive, and if they don’t protest against Stephen Farter (Harper) and those Canadian jerks who make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah embezzlers, sooner or later Canada will look like Iran under the Mullah regime. “Quebec still has the lowest tuition fees in Canada. But services here are supposed to be cheap, because our tax rate is very high. In addition, Bill 78 is a very shameful law”, some Canadian protesters say. Stephen Farter (Harper) is like Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), and both are friend of the Mullahs, and enemy of the ordinary Iranians who are anti-Mullahs and anti-Islamists. “And it’s funny that both of these jerks have created many serious problems for their own people. In fact, those who betrayed Iranians, sooner or later will betrayed their own people, too. The stupid Westerners who don’t care about Iranians, should know that sooner or later they will be victim of their motherf-u-c-k-er politicians. It’s like the story of the Plague”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about Albert Camus’ The Plague (check Archive).


“Some Canadian protesters use molotov cocktails, and police responded by firing rubber bullets and using tear gas and noise bombs against the protesters”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. “tear gas, bullets, and noise bombs ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, Iranians say. “Bill 78 is just another great shame in the history of Canada and Quebec, that is already full of many shameful things. Financial corruption in Canada, and among their politicians, is an old problem. If you read Canada’s history, you can see the Canadian politicians are crooks and thieves who have always embezzled their people money, and that’s why these jerks love the Mullah embezzlers and make love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah thieves“, some Iranians say. “The Quebec government took steps Saturday to defend Bill 78 by taking out full page ads in the local newspapers. The headline read, ‘For the sake of democracy and citizenship [!!!!]'”, the media reported. It’s sadly funny that the Canadian jerks are as shameless as their Mullah friends. “The sham is over, and the truth is out. But more dangerously, if people are denied a peaceful means to have their grievances addressed via protesting then once all other options have been exhausted its time for violence and armed rebellion“, some Canadians say. It’s not wrong, but it’s so dangerous. Violence is not solution. Canada and the West have many stupid and shameless politicians, who make love with the Mullah terrorists and the Mullah embezzlers, but they are dangerous for their own people too. Stephen Farter (Harper) and other Canadian jerks who love the Mullah embezzlers, love Bill 78, too. The Canadian farce in 2012, is a result of the Canadian farce in 2009 and 2011, when the Canadian jerks betrayed Iranians and made love with the Mullahs, and now, instead of apologizing to Iranians, they impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians. “Iranians cursed Canada, and Bill 78 is a result of that curse“, funny Iranians say. They also add: “Canadian Spring and Bill 78 is a historical shame that proves those who betrayed Iranians, will betray their own people, too”. It’s sadly funny that Canada and Bill 78 look like the Mullahs and Mullah bills. It’s really shameful. But it can show us those who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, sooner or later will betray their own people and other nations, too.