The Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep, 2

May 21, 2012

In Tehran, Arya and his friends continue to discuss about the modern sheep. Minu: “The Western media just care about that stupid singer, while many Iranians spit on the Mullahs, the Islamists, the West, the Iranian expats, the Iranian sheep, the Iranian mercenaries, and other jerks. Its’ really funny” Shabnam: “They care about him, because he is so stupid. They don’t care about the wise people. Many people whose names and whose thoughts are like us live in Iran, but the West doesn’t care about them, because they not so stupid” Negin: “But many people still are stupid” Arya: “Yah, many Iranians still are stupid, but many Westerners are stupid, too. Some idiots think that all people in the West are intellectuals, while the number of stupid or ignorant people in the West is more than Iran. The rate and number of racists, chauvinists, religious fanatics, modern sheep, and other idiots in the West is really more than Iran. What happened in 2011, from the UK riots to the OWS movement, clearly showed it” Minu: “The Western media say all Iranians are like Mullahs or Bin Laden. They are so shameless. If we were like them, we would say that all Westerners are like Breivik or Fascists”. Shabnam: “Many Westerners are like Breivik. But almost all Iranians hate Mullahs and Bin Laden, who are stupid Arabs. The Western jerks just love big shameful lies” Negin: “I didn’t say that all Westerners are wise people. I just say the number of stupid people in both Iran and the West is large” Arya: “Yah, but you should not forget that Iranians have no freedom, no voice, and no media. They live under a medieval tyranny, while Westerners at least enjoy basic freedoms. Iranians and Westerner don’t have equal conditions, but even under these horrible conditions, Iranians are not stupider than Westerners. It’s very very important” Negin: “Yah, it’s true. I know that the West and their shameless media tell big lies about Iran and the West. But why Iranians can’t topple the Mullahs and can’t solve their horrible problems in Iran?” Minu: “Because the Mullahs are just part of the problem. The West, that supports the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, is the main problem. Did you forget 2009 and the past three years?” Shabnam: “When people have no media and no organization, and when the West and the Iranian baboons who live in the West, censor people’s voices and don’t allow them to have any media, any alternative or any organization, it’s so obvious that the people should wait for proper time” Arya: “In the post-2009 era, the West showed who is the number one enemy of freedom and democracy in Iran. The stupid Westerners still can’t see the truth, because some one like stupid Chomsky is their top intellectual. When many Westerners love a stupid bastard like Chomsky who defends the Mullahs, the tyranny and the savage dictators, it just shows how stupid the Westerners are, and how difficult and complicated Iran’s situation is. It’s really tragic that we live in a shitty world that some one like Chomsky or Lada Gaga is its top celebrities, and the Westerners care about them a lot. It’s really tragic that many stupid people, and many racists and chauvinists live in the West … Oh, talking about these issues make me sad and angry. It also reminds me of some nightmares and some stories about Canada … let’s talk about them at the end of our meeting. Now, I don’t feel good” Minu: “Let’s change our moods. I love Hedayat’s Pearl Canon. Let’s read part of it: ‘We had our own civilization, wealth, freedom, welfare, and we didn’t think that poverty is honor. The Arabs took it all away from us just to give us poverty, dead-worshiping, begging and how you should wipe your ass and how you should go to bathroom. Their Jewish god is vengeful, and full of hate, and just order to kill and plunder the people. And before he ends the universe he will send his Messiah to kill everyone who denies him and make a blood bath’. It’s really funny that Hedayat criticized all religious fanatics, not just Muslim fanatics” Shabnam: “Yah, it’s very important. It’s what the modern sheep don’t talk about it. In the Pearl Canon, Hedayat also says: ‘A true believer is the one that in the hope of erotic illusions, s-e-x, and food in that world (i.e. afterlife and Heaven), he lives in poverty and misery in this world, and provides the clergymen with his donations, s-e-x, and food; and the clergymen (make use of his stupidity and) enjoy luxuries, sex and food in this world ! But instead of thinking of good things and philosophy and making art … clergies try all day long to find a new way to fool the masses’. It’s about all religious fanatics. But the modern sheep just repeat this part of the Pearl Canon: ‘Every where the Lizard-eater Arabs conquered they brought death and destruction, and infected people of that area with Idiocy, fanaticism, hypocrisy, spying, poverty, kissing ass, thievery and Mullah’s ass-licking !‘. They also don’t talk about other Hedayat’s works, specially his letters. The wise people hate both Mullah’s ass-licking and the West’s ass-licking” Negin: “In Haji Agha, Hedayat wrote: ‘In order for the people to be kept in line, they must be kept hungry, needy, illiterate, and superstitious. If the grocer’s child becomes literate, he not only will criticize my speech, but he will also utter words that neither you nor I will understand’ And …” Arya: “And it’s an answer to your question. It’s what both the Mullahs and the West have done to Iran”. Minu: “It’s what both the British bastards and the Arabs love it. They forced the people to accept their bullshits by a broad sword. As Hedayat said, the Arab crap was ‘a disgusting mixture of paradoxical ideas of other nations’, but as we saw in the recent years, the Western crap is still a disgusting mixture of hypocrisy, double standard, and paradoxical ideas”.


Arya: “In the past centuries, the West was so stupid and so shameless, and created many problems for other nations, including Iranians. What the modern sheep or the Western media say about their glorious past is bullshit. It’s Qompoz (bluff). They ‘Qompoz Dar-mikonand’ (they are bluffing). When Westerners went to America or other parts of the world, they went there as religious fanatics who thought they should kill other people and should occupy other lands, because it’s their divine mission, and it’s what God asks them. What they did was exactly like what the Arabs did in the 7th to 11th centuries. And it’s what Hedayat tried to say it in the Pearl Canon” Minu: “but the Modern sheep are blind and can’t see the truth” Arya: “Of course, it doesn’t meant that Iranians and other nations didn’t have any problem. In a letter to Shahid-Nuraei, Hedayat wrote: ‘Hazhir has written a letter, that shows he is worse than that stupid Kashi Mullah (Khashani). They want to flog those who drink, and in Ramadan everyone who eats something would be fined and imprisoned. It’s our progress. I guess we will be forced to wear Mullah’s cloth [Arab’s cloth] and follow lizard and locust [like Arabs], too. It’s an answer for those young educated politicians who said: Iran will not go backward; it’s impossible; our transition [from tradition to modernity] is irreversible, and Iranians have high intelligence. Apparently, Iranians’ intelligence has gone into their ass‘. At that time, many educated people were stupid and thought they can trust politicians like Hazhir or Hoveyda who had been educated at the Western universities. Only a few people, including Hedayat, could see the truth. After Hedayat’s death, many horrible tragedies, from the 1953 coup to the Pahlavi tyranny and the 1979 revolution, proved that Iranians’ intelligence had gone into their ass”. Shabnam: “Unfortunately, all educated people are not wise people. Many educated people are among the modern sheep” Minu: “Yah, in Hedayat’s era, Iran had about 20 thousands university-educated people, but just dozens of them were really wise or intellectual”. Arya: “This rate can be a universal rate. The 20 thousands university-educated people is equal to only a dozen real intellectuals, not more. But when a country has 20 millions university-educated people, it means that thousands of real intellectuals and hundreds of thousands of wise people live there”. Negin: “And the rest are the ordinary people. But who are the modern sheep?” Minu: “The modern sheep are those who pretend they are modern people, while they just follow ‘fashion’ like sheep” Shabnam: “Of course, some people like Behnoud are modern pigs. Behnoud and other bastards who defend the Basiji thugs in the name of ‘Reform’ are modern pigs. They defended Basiji thugs like Khazali or Motahari, but it’s funny that Motahari has recently said: The women wear (in public) trousers, and coats that don’t cover their knees. It’s so tragic !! The situation of Hijab (Islamic veil) in Iran is tragic!”. Arya: “Behnoud and other Iranian baboons are worthless mercenaries. We should ask why the West support these bastards? The West is the main problem. When crooks, thieves, idiots and mercenaries go to Canada, USA, and Europe, but the wise Iranians can’t leave the big prison (Iran), Behnoud or other jerks can eat extra shit. It’s so funny that it’s an old problem. In a letter, Hedayat wrote: ‘Only the kids of spies, thieves, and crooks can go to Europe … Every good thing is for spies, thieves, ass-kissers’. It’s very funny and important” Muni: “Yah. It’s an old wound” Shabnam: “In fact, what the West did in 2009 was not an accidental mistake. If it was an accidental mistake, they would apologize to Iranians. They have always supported tyranny and brutal dictators in Iran. When I think about 2009, I see a nightmare that annoys me a lot. I see a big sea that is full of blood. It looks like a huge pool with spectators, but the spectators are the sheep. Iranians are floating in the sea of blood, and a group of Iranian baboons and Western monkeys aid the Mullahs in killing the people. The Western Monkeys make love with Iranian baboons, and the spectators cheer and clap as the Western monkeys jump up and down. The people are dying in the see of blood, but no one care about them. Suddenly the people start to spit on the face of all monkeys and all sheep. The people spit, spit and spit, until when the color of water changes from red to white” Minu: “In these days, nightmares are like daymares. I don’t know what I see is nightmare or daymare. I see a jungle of sheep. Everything is sheep. The media, the media whores, the politicians, the Westerners, and everything is sheep. It’s the world of sheep. I don’t know it’s nightmare or daymare”


Arya: “We all have our nightmares. In these days, I see Iman. I see his face when he was killed in 2009. I see Iman, when he was applying for immigration to Canada. I see him, when he was happy, and talked about Canada a lot. I see him in 2009, when he used to say: ‘When Hedayat wanted to say that he didn’t have fear of politicians, Mullahs and other jerks, he used a funny Iranian Proverb: Kasi ke az Khoda-ye Joon Dade Natarse, az Bande Koon Dade Nemitarse (Those who have no fear of God who gives life, don’t have any fear of his men, who give ass [i.e. are f-a-g-ot])’. I see Iman, when he didn’t know the true face of the West, specially the Canadian monkeys. Iman knew the truth, only when he was floating in his own blood. I see Rajab, that Basiji thug who killed Iman in 2009. When Rajab shot at Iman, and came to beat him to death, Iman looked at his eyes and said: ‘I wanted to go to Canada. I have waited for 8 years, and now I will get my visa soon. I don’t want to die here. I want to die in Canada. I don’t want to die in this shitty land”. Rajab, the savage Basiji thug, just laughed. Rajab, the Basiji killer, had applied for immigration to Canada, too. Of course, Rajab had applied six months ago, not 8 years ago, and the Canadian monkeys wanted to grant him a visa within the next months. Rajab said to himself: ‘I don’t torture him physically. I just say to him that I have applied for going to Canada, too. I would torture him mentally’. Rajab told Iman: “I have applied for Canada visa, too. I have applied in 2008, and I will go there sooner than you”. Iman was shocked, he could not believe what he heard. Rajab added: “I have embezzled the people money. I know Canadians well. They sell immigration and if you have enough money, you can buy it, even if you are a Basiji thug, like me. Canadians are not your friends. They are our friends. They love money, only money. Obama is our friend, too. The poor people, who cares about you? The West just loves money. You, the poor people are so stupid”. Iman sadly laughed and closed his eyes. Some say that Iman’s last words was sadly funny. He just repeated: ‘F-u-c-k you Canada. Motherf-u-c-ker Canada’. Now, Rajab lives in Canada, but Iman is under the cold soil of the Mullah land. When Iman had to wait about 8 years for going to Canada, Khavari, Amir Khosravi, Larjani, Bouzari, the greatest thieves of Iran history, and tens of thousands of Mullah embezzlers and Basiji thugs went to Canada easily, and made love with the Canadian monkeys there. Iman died, and didn’t hear these news. If he had heard one of these shitty news, he would have killed himself” Minu: “The story of Western Hypocrisy, specially the story of Canada and the Mullahs is very tragic. Sometimes, I think only the sheep and the animals live in the West” Shabnam: “I used to love Canada. But now, sometimes I hate Canada, and sometimes I can’t bear here and living here. I don’t know what is this paradox” Minu: “It’s some sort of Goh-Gijeh ! (shitty confusion). You are not alone, I suffer from it, too. When I see many stupid Westerners, the Western hypocrisy, Western betrayals, their stupid visa/ immigration systems and their shameful behavior towards Iranians, I want to stay here, and when I see tyranny and suffocation, many stupid things and many stupid people here, I badly want to go. It’s like what Arya told me some years ago”. Arya: “We are not alone. Many Iranians suffer from the same thing”. Minu: “Canada and the US have disappointed many of us. Iranians used to love the US or Canada, but now, when they sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, and when the people can see their true colors, who can like the US or Canada?” Shabnam: “the sheep, crooks, thieves, charlatans, Mullahs, killers, rapists, and terrorists”. Minu: “And it reminds me of the poor Iman’s last words: F-u-c-k you Canada” Negin: “I think I know Iman. Is he real or unreal?” Shabnam: “Who knows. Sometimes, I think even we ourselves are unreal. We can be part of a fictional story” Minu: “Who knows. These days many things are like nightmares and daymares. Sometimes, it’s hard to say what is real and what is unreal”. Arya: “And it’s like what you called it Goh-Gijeh. But almost all humans suffer from it”

Its the second and last part of “The Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep”. You can find the first part here