European Terrorist and European Hypocrisy

May 12, 2012

In the recent weeks, the Western media covered Breivik’s court, but as the people media reported, “No words like barbaric, outrage, terror are heard in their reports. They even don’t call him European Terrorist”. Breivik’s court provides an opportunity for thinking about the European problems, including the European hypocrisy and the European terrorists. The wise people say: “Is it the right way to give a terrorist a stage to the world? Your answer can be yes or no, but it should be the same for Breivik, Bin Laden, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (architect of the 9/11). You can’t give a stage to the world to Breivik, but kill Bin Laden in his house, or torture Muslim terrorists in secret prisons“. And some Europeans add: “Terrorist murder is terrorist murder, and we need to treat it that way –even when the killer looks like us. Mass murderer enjoying the oxygen of publicity for his vile ideas. His trial should not be reported. But “the Western media covered Breivik’s court, treated him like a hero, while they relocated the prospective trial of the alleged architect of the 9/11, from federal court in Manhattan to a military tribunal at Guantánamo. What you call this?”, some wise guys add. “In today’s world, one nation hate Islamists and Muslim fanatics more than other nations, and it’s Iranians, because they are the main victims of these bastards. Iranians don’t defend Islamists under any condition”, Iranians say. But does it mean that Iranians can defend hypocrisy and double standard, or they can support the Christian and Jewish fanatics or the European fascists? No. The wise Iranians say: “The religious fanatic is religious fanatic. The terrorist is terrorist, and the European terrorists are the most dangerous terrorists. Who have killed 100 million people in two world wars? The Europeans. Who have treated immigrants and foreign people, specially blacks and Jews, like slaves and animals, and have killed millions of them? The Europeans. The Mullahs and Islamists just try to copy what the European and Christian fanatics did in the Middle Age. The savage Mullahs threaten the Iranian people, including the Iranian singers, writers, artists, dancers, strippers, thinkers, intellectuals, and protesters with death and violence, because the Mullahs desperately try to repeat history and copy what the Christian fanatics did in the European Middle Age. Who can forget the Inquisition, or burning and torturing apostates and sinners in Europe?“. The ridiculous double standards in the West is really shameful. The wise people say: “Why give Breivik a platform? Why put the families through detailed descriptions of how he shot everyone? The ridiculous double standard about the terrorists is really unacceptable. The jerks like Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen and neo-fascists, talk about the Muslim threats because of the Muslim terrorists, but if we should hate all Muslims, for fear of the Muslim terrorists, then all people should hate all Europeans and all Christians, for fear of the Christian terrorists and the European neo-Barbarism, i.e. Fascism and Nazism“. The ridiculous double standards only could fool naive people, but unfortunately, the number of the naive people is not small in today’s world. They don’t use their brains, and just follow the media like sheep. It’s too native to think that the fascists, the racists, or the dictators clearly say: “Oh, yah, we are evil”. They are like Breivik, who said in his court: ‘I’m not a racist. I’m an anti-racist [!!]. I was fighting against anti-European racism carried out by the Norwegian media and the Marxists’. Unfortunately, many people can’t see that “Islamophobia has become the new anti-Semitism for the current generation of European racists“. Some truly say: “The wise people know that all religious fanatics are dangerous creatures. They know that a Christian or Jewish fanatic is as dangerous as a Muslim fanatic. They know what the Islamists do is just a weaker version of what the Christian fanatics did in the European Middle Age. The Nazi, the Fascist, and those who killed tens of millions of people in two world wars were Europeans and Christians. Those who loved the slave trade and killed and tortured millions of black slaves were Westerners and Christians. The Ku Klux Klan and those who lynched the poor blacks, were Americans and Christians. Those who created the Holocaust and killed millions of Jews were Europeans and Christians. But why the Western media and the Western jerks only talk about the Muslim fanatics, and try to create a hate or a fear of all Muslims and all Middle Easterners?” It’s an important question, and Breivik’s court can show us many things about the ridiculous European double standards.


The media reported: “Breivik spent two hours (on Friday April 20, 2012) giving a bullet-by-bullet account of what he refers to as his ‘operation’ on the island of Utoya. In 90 minutes of uninterrupted testimony, the European terrorist described the island massacre from the moment he tricked his way on to the ferry over, dressed as a policeman, to when he was finally arrested. He told of how some of the children he killed were so paralysed with fear that he had time to reload his rifle before shooting them. He recalled teenagers ‘playing dead’ (pretends that they are dead) and he slowly approached before shooting them at close range. Relatives of those he had killed hugged each other. On the west side of the island, he said he came across a group ‘hiding, pressing themselves against the cliff face’. With nowhere to run, he was able to shoot them too. Another gang had clustered near an escarpment beneath ‘Lovers Path’. Spotting them, he murdered five, claiming his youngest victim, Sharidyn, who had just celebrated her 14th birthday. Breivik remembered campers ‘screaming and begging for their lives’. One boy saw him coming and shouted ‘Please, mate’. Breivik shot him regardless: ‘I shot everyone there’. He repeatedly recalled taking what he called ‘follow-up’ shots to ensure that those on the ground were really dead. He also referred to using a building on the island as a ‘forward operational base’. It was to there that, in one of the most tragic twists, he had persuaded his first victim to help him carry a bag containing extra rounds of ammunition. Trond Berntsen, 51, one of the island’s security officials, had met Breivik off the ferry. Utoya’s head of security, Monica Elisabeth Bosei, had been told by Breivik that he needed to her help to sail to the island because he was a police officer who had come to reassure campers in the wake of the Oslo bombing he had carried out barely an hour earlier. He was dressed in police uniform, and Bosei believed him. As Breivik put it: ‘She bought it’. Within five minutes of Breivik setting foot on the island, both the security officals were lying dead between the pier and the so-called information building. Breivik has never expressed remorse for the attacks, saying those he killed on Utoya were not ‘innocent, non-political children’ but ‘young people who worked to actively uphold multicultural values [!]’, and, as such, ‘legitimate targets’. His plan was to kill all 564 people on the island, he had said on Thursday, though he thought most would drown trying to flee his bullets: ‘The main goal was to use the water as a mass destruction method,’ he said. ‘It’s hard to swim if you have death anxiety’. But he said on Friday that he had deliberately spared those who looked the youngest, recalling at one point how he encountered ‘a small boy … crying hard’. Breivik said: ‘I don’t know if he is paralyzed, he is just standing there, crying. And he looks very small, very vulnerable, I thought he can’t possibly be 16 years old, so I said ‘fine, just relax, things will work out’. He turned around and carried on his killing spree”. It’s really shameful that they think Bin Laden, Muslim terrorists, Breivik and European terrorists are equal, but some of them are more equal ! “It’s not bad that all terrorists have a court like Breivik’s court, but you can’t kill one terrorist and accuse all his countrymen and all Muslims of fanaticism and terrorism, while you make love with another terrorist and defend his supporters and the European racism and the European terrorism. It just proves that you are a stupid bastard, a worthless jerk, and a dumb hypocrite”, some wise guys say. I don’t know why you can find only a few article or artistic works about both Breivik and Le Pen (or other European Fascists). It’s really funny that only some wise Norwegians have created a few cartoons/ photos about both Breivik and Marine Le Pen. But do you think if Breivik and Len Pen were non-Europeans, how many cheap works you could find about them?!


The media added: “Hearing a helicopter overhead, Breivik said he considered killing himself. ‘I thought, ‘do I really want to survive this? I will be the most hated person in Norway and every day for the rest of my life will be a nightmare’. But what stopped him pulling the trigger was the thought of the 1801-page manifesto he had spent 5 years compiling in an attempt to make Norway wake up to what he sees as the ‘systematic deconstruction of the Norwegian and European culture’ from
. ‘I thought about the compendium, thought, you are obliged to fight and if you are unable to fulfill a mission you should let yourself be arrested and fight for your cause through the judicial procedure or prison‘. This case is very simple, said Breivik. ‘I’m not a psychiatric case and I am sane … it’s very important to see the difference between political extremism and lunacy in a clinical sense’. Questioned by his own lawyers how he was able to carry out the attacks, he described a ‘meditation’ technique he had developed which mixed ‘Christian prayer’ and Samurai practices. He added: ‘First of all, if you are going to be capable of executing such a bloody and horrendous operation you need to work on your mind, your psyche for years. We have seen from military traditions you cannot send an unprepared person into war‘. Asked how he was able to talk about the atrocities in such an impassive manner, Breivik said he had learnt to rely on ‘technical, de-emotionalised language’. He added: ‘People say, he must be a monster, he cannot be from this planet, he must have no emotions and empathy left, but this has to do with preparing and training‘”. The Western media cover Breivik’s court and Breivik’s bullshits, and let him to fulfill his mission, as he said in his court, and it’s really unbelievable. Of course, a few Europeans protested against this ridiculous double standard, and said: “This guy is a terrorist and whatever his motivations were for his actions, the language used in the media is in stark contrast with the language used if this guy was a Muslim. No words like barbaric, outrage, terror etc are to be heard in reports“. It’s really true. And that’s why some wise Iranians say: “The West and Western media have no shame. They try to create a fake fear of Iranians, while Bin Laden and other Islamist terrorist are Arabs and hate Iranians. The Mullahs only hurt, kill, and torture Iranians, and the West aids the Mullahs in killing Iranians. The Mullahs are friend of the Arabs and the West, but are enemy of Iranians. Some Western jerks say that Iranians should feel shame, because of the Mullahs. But according to this logic, Europeans and Americans not only should feel a great shame because of the Nazi, the Fascist, the Imperialist, the Colonialists, the Ku Klux Klan, the slaveholders, the Serb monsters, the Holocaust creators, the Western politicians, etc, but they should killed themselves because the greatest human monsters, including Hitler, Mussolini, Goebbels, Franko, etc, were Europeans“. The wise guys truly say: “The Norwegian court is normal, but the whole issue is about a great hypocrisy and a great ridiculous double standard. Just compare the removal of Breivik’s handcuffs in the court, with the way they treat the Muslim terrorist in their prisons “. It’s really true. Breivik said he combated his fear of death through Christian prayer. Breivik described himself as a ‘militant Christian‘ who believed in the afterlife. But the Western media don’t use words like barbaric, outrage, terror, etc about him, the Europeans, and the Christians. It’s really important and meaningful. These Western hypocrites are those jerks who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and now instead of apologizing to Iranians, impose more sanctions on them! These hypocritical evils are as stupid as Breivik who says: “Japan and Korea are the ‘ideal Western states !’ for cultural conservatives and nationalists“. But Breivik seems like an honest evil. He told Oslo court: “There are only two just and fair outcomes in my case: Acquittal or capital punishment”. As you know, an honest evil is less dangerous than a hypocritical evil.


The media also added: “Breivik tells of how he tricked people -asking them ‘where is the terrorist?’ Some believed him and came closer. Then he shot them. He added: ‘I shot off duty guard first. Then ‘mother Utoya’. Shot them several times. Started to hear shouting around me. Then shot voluntary labor youth nearby. People running all directions. I followed largest stream towards cafeteria … There was one person he had just come out of a tent, like he’d been listening his iPod and I went up to him very quietly and I just shot him in the head. All the people had then fled. In Lovers’ Path, some had stopped running and just lay down. I went up to them and shot them all in the head … I shouted ‘You are going to die today, Marxists!’ at the tent site … I decided to go into building to kill as many people as possible. I can not remember what happened in the cafe. I remember seeing blood. I start firing towards people by the piano. Shoot 4-5 persons. Shoot first in head, then follow up with more shots afterwards. I see that some of them are just paralyzed; they are unable to run … It’s something that has never been shown on TV … One person try to attack me with his hands. I push him away with one hand and shoot with the other”. It’s what the Western media covered it, and are proud of it !! The media also added: “Breivik said: ‘When I took the weapon in my hand, it was like 100 voices in my head saying ‘don’t do it, don’t do it’. I’ve always had a good relationship to my mother, I guess i’ve had a good relationship with all of my family'”. Apparently, they try to pretend that Breivik is a human, but Bin Laden who was friendlier and wiser than Breivik, is an animal ! Of course, even Breivik loves Bin Laden. The media reported: “Breivik said: ‘the most successful revolutionary org in the world today is Al Qaeda for linking martyrdom to their operations, they embrace death. I think the big problem for militant nationalists in Europe is that there have been very few role models since world war two [!!]. If a sofa general is to borrow tradition from al-Qaida and doesn’t dare to do it himself but asks others to do it he wouldn’t have any credibility”. The Western media have no shame and cover Breivik’s bullshits without talking about their ridiculous double standards and how they treated non-European terrorists. “Apparently they try make a role model of Breivik !”, funny guys say. Of course, many Europeans are not stupid. They say: “Breivik is a right-wing European terrorist, who clearly believed in the standard right-wing media comments section … Where the only business tolerated by the Bishops was Christianity? So, I’m Western and Christian, and I don’t like this culture. What sort of barrier shall we erect between us? … Breivik’s trial is a good opportunity to reflect on a deep cultural weakness within European culture of which he is only a good example. Where does this paranoid thinking come from? I believe this it deeply embedded in Christian culture and perhaps come from the need to look for people to blame for the death of Christ which of course has taken the form of targeting the Jews for nearly two thousand years … This insane man wants his show trial and has got it. But Instead of treating him like a terrorist we should have treated the terrorists like him, haul them before a public court and let them face criminal charges“. It’s true, but as some wise Iranians say: “the West is hypocrite and stupid, and it’s the main problem. Those Western jerks who talk nonsense about Iran and Iranians, because of the Mullahs, should be ashamed of themselves, not only because the West aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, but because the greatest human monsters were Europeans and the greatest human tragedies have been created by Europeans in the European soil . Have you forgotten the Nazis and the Fascists? Have you forgotten the Holocaust? The sick Europeans have always created such a great tragedy of humanity. In the 1990s, the savage Serbs created the Bosni tragedy, the Srebrenica massacres, and killed tens of thousands people because of their race. We don’t talk about the Middle Age or the dark ages, or when Europeans ate each others like animals, but Iranians had a great Civilization; we talk about the 20th century. It’s so obvious that if a nation should be ashamed of its history and its human monsters, it’s Europeans, not Iranians. Those Western bastards who impose sanctions on Iranians because of the Mullahs, are really worse than Breivik. They aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians; they aided the Mullahs in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran; they make love with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in the US, Canada, and Europe, but they impose sanctions on Iranians who hate the Mullahs. And they have a very stupid joke that is really laughable: they pretend that they are enemy of the Mullahs!”. Think about it. The European Hypocrisy and the Western Hypocrisy is really one of the most ridiculous things in the World history.