Greek Election: No to Politicians, Yes to Fascists?

May 8, 2012

“A parliamentary election for the Greek legislature was held on 6 May, 2012. The Greek Election was a massive protest vote against EU-dictated austerity. Voters went out of their way to ‘punish’ mainstream parties widely blamed for years of fiscal mismanagement. ‘How can we vote for parties to be part of the solution when they got us in this mess in the first place?’ ask many Greeks. ‘We’ve been completely destroyed. Our country is in ruins’. The results show a sharp decline in support for mainstream parties”, the media reported. It’s really good that the Geek people said ‘No’ to their corrupt and stupid politicians. But it’s not the whole story. The media also added: “The far-right Golden Dawn party, known as Neo-Nazis or ultra-nationalists, who poured into the streets holding blazing torches, captured 7% of the vote – enough to place about 20 deputies in the 300-seat house for the first time since the collapse of military rule in 1974. The leader of this extreme-right and anti-immigrant party on course for shock success in Greece’s general elections has lashed out ‘traitors’ responsible for the country’s financial crisis and said his party was ushering in a ‘revolution’. Golden Dawn and its supporters have been blamed for a recent spike in inner-city street attacks against mostly Asian immigrants“, the media reported. It’s really shameful that thugs, fascists, and new-Nazi groups in Europe are getting more popular. “Yes, politicians are worse than thugs and bully boys, but ‘no to politicians’ should not become ‘yes to fascists’ or ‘yes to thugs’. It’s what politicians want. The European people should not be stupid. Rage and despair never yet built a better society. It just creates great disasters”, some wise Iranians say. “Golden Dawn graffiti calls for ‘a new Holocaust to clear the filth from the country’. Greece is following France and Netherlands where extreme right wing parties are getting more and more popular”, the media reported. It’s really shameful and dangerous.


The idiots of Golden Dawn really look like “thugs” and “bully boys” or as Iranians say: “Arazel; Laat” ! It’s really shameful that some Greek have voted for them. The media reported: “Golden Dawn’s leader, Michaloliakos said: ‘No one should fear me if they are a good Greek citizen [!] If they are traitors -I don’t know [!!]’. Flanked by two muscly aides [!], he later told a news conference: ‘Those who betray this country -it’s time for them to be afraid. We are coming [!]‘”. It’s really shameful. The Greek No to politicians could be a real victory for the people, but their votes for the stupid parties and the thugs is a great shame. “A total of 32 parties participated in the election, including: ‘Cant Pay, Wont Pay’ Movement [!], National Resistance Movement (KEAN), Front of the Greek Anti-Capitalist Left (ANTARSYA), and Pirate Party. The Greek parliament has 300 seats. 250 seats will be distributed (among political parties) on the basis of proportional representation, with a threshold of 3% for entry into parliament. The other 50 seats will be awarded to the leading party. Parliamentary majority is achieved by a party or coalition that command at least one half plus one (151 out of 300) of total seats. Votes cast for parties that fall short of the 3% threshold, are treated like blank and invalid votes”, the media reported. The Greek system is a little bit weird, but it’s interesting to know that a party, National Hope, was prohibited from participating as it was a Monarchist party. “It’s good that the Greek know the true colors of the Monarchists, but why did they vote for a gang of thugs? It’s really shameful”, some say. “The Greek Neo-Nazi party’s supporters, routinely seen intimidating immigrants in run-down parts of the capital, wear black shirts, and its emblems resemble Nazi insignia“, the media report. “The Greek people have voted for the thugs, because they can beat and hit the politicians!; but after a while, they will beat and hit the people, as well”, some joke.


It’s really good that they ban the Monarchist parties, and they don’t support the major parties, PASOK and New Democracy. “Conservative New Democracy and Socialist PASOK, who have dominated Greece for decades, were holding less than 35 percent of the vote. That would mean they might only scrape the 151-seat threshold needed for even the most fragile majority in parliament. New Democracy was polling just 19 percent and PASOK a humiliating 13.5 percent with the Left Coalition (SYRIZA) on 16”, the media report. They also added: “On 21 April, PASOK’s Venizelos said that ‘parliament cannot become a reception space for the followers of Nazism and fascism‘. In response, some Golden Dawn supporters were reported to have thrown bottles and other objects at him”. Some ask: “Why they don’t ban Neo-Nazi and Fascist parties? Why they vote for a neo-Nazi party?” Maybe, we can find the answer in what some Greek politicians said: “This Election was a complete collapse of the party system as we have known it, which opens up new concerns about Greece’s ability to govern itself”. Some say: “Why politicians and their media whores are happy that the people support the thugs and the fascists? because they can claim that the people are stupid and still need politicians. If the people proved that they are stupid and ignorant, they would show that they still need representatives and politicians to decide on behalf of them. And it’s what the politicians want“. Some Greek say: “The idiots of Golden Dawn and their leader described Golden Dawn as opposing the ‘so-called Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution ! The group rejects fascists and neo-Nazi labels, but their logo looks like a swastika and they had mandated the use of ‘Nazi salute’ in the past years. Unfortunately, parts of the Greek police and the security force support them”. Unfortunately, Fascism and Neo-Fascism is a serious threat in the whole Europe. The stupid people in Europe, that their number is not small, can repeat history and its great disasters, if other Europeans remain naive or indifferent.


Some Iranians say: “Even the Greeks and their little kids, that exactly look like the Iranian little kids, know that they should ban the Monarchists and their stupid parties; It’s good; but they should not forget the fascists who are as dangerous as the monarchists”. And some add: “In Greece, politicians are bankrupt now. But the Greek people should think about the real solutions, instead of supporting the thugs and the idiots. Several analysts said the unprecedented fragmentation of the vote could bode weeks of instability and force another election. Where are the Greek thinkers who should show some good solutions to their people?”. Some funny guys say: “A real solution for Greece is: Seizing the property of all politicians, who have created this crisis; and taxing the rich (millionaires, billionaires, and politicians) at 90%”. The former is a very stronger version of what FDR and the US did in the 1930s, but Greek and other countries need real solutions, and should get rid of their politicians who always create horrible crises. A feasible solution, and not a long-term solution like Direct Democracy and “a world without politicians” that we have already written about it, can be a system like the Swiss system. The people should be to able to put every law decided by their representatives to a general vote -if they want. It could prevent from many stupid decisions that led to the current crises. As we said before about the Swiss Referendum, the elected lawmakers should know that their work will be seriously checked by the public, and the people should be able to reject every low decided by their representatives . Greek needs real solutions, not voting for thugs and idiots. Some Greek say: “My vote were a protest vote because they cut my pension … I live in a basement but pay the same (property) tax as someone who lives in a penthouse … I don’t think that voting for a small party will make us go bankrupt. We already are”. Yah, voting for a small party is not bad, but voting for thugs and fascists is really stupid and dangerous. It’s not solution, it just worsens the situation.