Sarkozy Got Lost

May 7, 2012

“French singer Tum Sally insists upon paying a vibrant tribute to Sarkozy by immortalizing his infamous slur aimed at an old farmer who had the impudence of refusing to shake his hand: Get Lost, You Jerk. And yesterday the French sent this message to Clown Sakozy: Get Lost, You Jerk“, some people media reported. They also added: “Sarko hid in a bar to escape from hundreds of angry protesters who booed him during an election campaign in Frances southwest Basque country. Shouting ‘Sarko, president of the rich’ and ‘Sarkozy, get lost‘ the protesters stopped him on Thursday. And on the election day, the people tweet: ‘What are we saying to Sarkozy? Get lost; We are sick of his face, of even hearing about him’. And now, Clown Sarkozy has got lost”. It’s funny. “The French people has dumped Clown Sarkozy into the trash can of history, and this little shit who made love with the Mullahs in 2009, and aided them in killing Iranians, has got screwed now. In 2010, the French youths chanted: ‘Sarkozy, youre screwed‘. They also repeated what their Iranian counterparts said: ‘Get lost, you stupid bastard’, and now the stupid bastard has really got lost and screwed”, some Iranians say. The 52% of French people proved that they are not stupid. “Some pointed to the poster of Sarkozy, and said: ‘We voted to get rid of that man. We have to sweep him and the Front National away. The tone of his campaign has been shocking. We feel almost ashamed that 6.5 million people in France voted for the Front National‘”, the media reported. It’s a sign of wisdom. But I really don’t know why 48% of the French voters voted for this stupid clown, Sarkozy. Anyway, now France and the whole world has got rid of a stupid jerk. “After 35 years in politics and 10 years at the top of government, he would now withdraw forever from public life. Lots of people believe France is rid of Sarko forever”, some wise French say. “Clown Sarko, who showed us his true colors in 2009, should withdraw forever from public/ political life, because the best job for him is ‘a clown in a small circus'”, some funny Iranians say.


Clown Sarko went to Hell, and it’s good. But is Hollande really an acceptable alternative? “The French people had to choose between the two clowns. Hollande and Sarkozy are two sides of the same coin”, some French said. They also add: “Half the time you find yourself voting against one candidate, rather than really for the other. We are fed up with voting against someone”. It’s really true. Voting against one candidate, and choosing the lesser evil, is really stupid. Yes, it’s good that the French people can get rid of their ruler, without war or violence, but it’s not enough. “Hollande’s manifesto is based on scrapping Sarkozy’s tax-breaks for the rich and putting up taxes for high earners to finance what he deems essential spending, including the creation of 60,000 posts in France’s under-performing school system”, the media report. Taxing the real rich, not high earners, is not a bad idea. Some cool guys say: “1% to 10% of the people are millionaire, and earn more than two or three million dollars a year. They should pay tax, and others should not pay tax. When a millionaire or a billionaire pay 75% tax, he is still a millionaire or a billionaire, but his tax is equal to the tax of 100 to 100,000 ordinary people. They should pay tax, because their money don’t make them happy; their money just corrupt them and make problems for others. It’s what Maslow hierarchy of needs can show us, too. So, Millionaires and Billionaires should pay tax, not only because they create many serious problems for other people, but because it’s better for themselves”. It seems like joke, but it’s not like jokes that politicians tell us. Politicians and their beloved millionaires and billionaires steal the people’s money and create the economic crises, and then we, the ordinary people, should pay the price of their crises and their greediness“. It’s a joke that we all live with it. Some funny guys add: “Never trust politicians. They are like Sarko, and their commitments are like Sarko’s commitment in his stupid marriage. Sarko grabs people’s boobs, while he is a married man. You should never trust those greedy idiots who marry to models and millionaires, but always grab people’s boobs and f-u-c-k the ordinary people. They are called charlatan or politician, and Sarkozy is one of them”.


“Grabbing people’s boobs can be so cool, but not when you are a married politician, and not when you are a married man who always talk about commitment with his supermodel wife !”, some cool guys add. They also add: “Just imagine that man who refused to shake clown’s hand at the agricultural fair are parading his first public date with Carla Bruni at Disneyland weeks after a high-profile divorce“. The story of that man is funny. “In 2008, Sarkozy offered his hand to a man who said: ‘Don’t touch me, you make me sick’. In reply, Sarkozy said, without dropping his smile: ‘Get lost, dumb ass’. Sarkozy also had a heated exchange with fishermen during protests against rising fuel costs. He challenged a fisherman who had insulted him, ‘Come down and say that,’ ! At that time, Hollande said Sarkozy was not behaving like a head of state and called on him to improve his behavior. ‘One should not get into a brawl…One does not call down a fisherman to explain what he said, one does not get into a fight with someone who does not want to shake your hand,’ [!]”, the media reported. The French debate and the French election remind many Iranians of 2009. “For almost three hours on Wednesday night, Sarkozy, and sometimes Hollande, made a fool of himself. Sarkozy said: ‘This isn’t a contest for little jokes .. you are a petit calomniateur (little liar)’. And Hollande said: ‘Don’t confuse your person with France itself … With you it is simple, it is never your fault … you are always happy with what you do. French people are less so’. Many French people would probably dance in the street to hear that Sarkozy had been hit by a bus [!]”, some French people said. “But If France had been like Iran under the Mullah regime, the result of the French election would be like this: Sarkozy 95%, Hollande 5%. And when the people would protest, tens of thousands of them would be killed and tortured, while the Western media would report: ‘Sarkozy was really popular, and he is the real winner. The workers and the poor people love Sarkozy, and 95% can’t be unreal’. And the Western lefts would add: “The US and imperialists hate Sarkozy, and that’s why they try to pretend this result is not the real result”. And it’s not joke, because what happened to us in 2009 was really worst than it. At least 48% of their people support Sarkozy, but just less than 10% of our people support Mr. shit and the Mullahs”, some funny Iranians say. “What’s politician going to do for me? They don’t know anything about people like me. They don’t live in the same world. Politicians live on another planet”, some French say. It’s really true. Politicians are like parasites – useful for themselves and useless or harmful for others. But unfortunately, many people still care about them, and it’s one of the main problems of this shitty world.