Britons, Arabs, and Iranians

May 5, 2012

Yesterday, the Economist published a very shameful article about Iranians and Arabs, but it just reminds you of an old Iranian saying: “Your enemy can create a good opportunity for you, if god wills”. Sometimes, the sick people try to create war, hatred, or violence, but they just disgrace themselves, and show you their true colors and their hidden plans. “This shameful article can show us many things about the true colors of the UK and the US, and their plans for the Middle East and the Persian Gulf”, many say. Those who have open minds and want to see the truth, can see many things in the Economist’s article, “Persians v Arabs: the same old sneers” [1] The wise Iranians say: “Do you want to see the true colors of the British bastards and their ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics in the Middle East? You should read the Economist’s shameful article. It can show you how Britain, that occupied parts of Iran in the 19th century, tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf for the first time in the history“. Let’s take a look at the Economist’s shameful article, that has been written by the British bastards who are really sick people. The British bastards say: “From satirical verses about ‘locust-eaters’ out of the parched wastes of Arabia to periodic efforts to ‘purify’ the Persian language of Arabic accretions, assertions of cultural superiority have masked a deep historical resentment”. The British bastards want to make use of “this forgotten historical resentment”, but Iranians call ‘the stupid Arabs, specially the Arab politicians, who are stooges of the UK and the US’, not all Arabs and the wise Arabs, “locust-eaters”. Iranians say: “The wise young Arabs are like their counterparts in Iran and all around the world. Iranians are not racist, and just have problem with the stupid Arabs and their Western masters. The Arab politicians are the locust-eaters, while the British politicians are the shit-eaters, who always eat extra shit !” The British bastards add: “the Persian Gulf which Arabs, naturally [!!!], prefer to call the A…b Gulf”. It’s a stupid joke. For thousands years, Arabs have always used the real name of the Persian Gulf, and the British bastards were the first jerks who desperately tried to changed the historical name of the Persian Gulf, and some stupid Arabs in Egypt and Arabia followed them like sheep. The British bastards add: “Irans last shah [regained] these [occupied] Islands in 1971, as Britain abandoned its former [occupations] in the Persian Gulf. and the UAE was being set up (was born)” It’s a good confession. In fact, Britain occupied parts of Iran, and then created the small Arab states of Persian Gulf in the occupied parts of Iran, because they had oil. “The British bastards are sick idiots, and think we still live in the Colonialism Age. But their old ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics are stupid and useless now; They just show the younger generations their true colors, and it’s really good”, many Iranians say. They also add: “For the first time in the history, the British bastards tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf, that even the Arabs called it ‘Persian Gulf’ for thousands years. Arabs of Arabia (Saudi) were a small population that didn’t live near the Persian Gulf, and all today’s Arab states of the Persian Gulf were parts of Persia. The UK occupied parts of Iran in the 19th century, and then ‘their agents, aka Lawrence Of Arabia‘, moved some racist Arabs to these occupied parts and used ‘divide and rule’ tactics. In about 70 years ago, the British bastards started to change the historical name of the Persian Gulf, because they wanted to exploit both Iranians and Arabs and their oil with ‘divide and rule’ tactics. There is no doubt that the Mullahs are ‘Arab stooges of the UK’ who love destroying Iran and Iranians, and their mission is like the mission of the Arab dictators. They should oppress their people and should serve the interests of their Western masters”. I hope all wise guys in all around the world can see the truth.


The British bastards add: “Iranian nationalists responded joyfully. Anti-Arab gags dominated comedy programs on state radio, while astonishment was expressed in parliament and in the newspapers at the cheek of the ‘little sheikhs’ to the south, their confected country barely four decades old, daring to address the heirs of Cyrus the Great. If the people of Irans southernmost province all blew at once across the Persian Gulf, one wag remarked, ‘the wind would carry the Emirates away'”. There is no doubt that most of crises in the Middle East are British-American made crises, and the stooges of the UK and the US, from the Mullahs to Arabs and Zionists, just obey their masters. “The Arab dictators are stooges of the UK and the US, and they try to change the name of the Persian Gulf, or talk nonsense about the Islands of the Persian Gulf, because their Western masters want this. But there is no doubt that If the 75 million people of Iran blew or even fart at once across the Persian Gulf, ‘the wind would carry the Emirates and their British masters away’“, many Iranians say. They also add: “The stupid Arabs are like the Mullahs, but many Arabs know who is who in the Persian Gulf, and one day, all occupied parts of Persia will become part of Persia again. The British bastards can be sure of this. But the occupied parts of Iran, including the small Arab states of the Persian Gulf, will become part of Iran without any war or violence. They are like the lost children who will find their mother and their motherland again. The British bastards are not friend of Arabs. For seeing a small part of the truth, from the Arab life to the British policy in the 19th century, you can watch David Lean’s Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) movie; of course you should ignore the British propaganda and their blatant lies in this movie”. The British bastards talk about “Cyrus eyeballs the locust-eaters (Arabs)”, but these sick Britons know that the Cyrus the Great was not racist, and he wrote the first charter of Human Rights in the world. The angry Iranians say: “Cyrus the Great defended the rights of the Jews, and many other suppressed minorities. In fact, when the savage Britons and the savage British tribes were eating each others, Iranians were writing the first charter of Human Rights. Plato and many Greek thinkers who defended the slavery and the racism, called Cyrus ‘the philosopher-king’ and respected him a lot”. It’s really funny that the Iranian reaction to the Economist’s article is not “hatred towards Arabs”, as the British bastards want. And It can show you the depth of Iranians’ wisdom in today’s Iran. “The past three years clearly proved that the younger generations of Iranians are at least as wise as their Western counterparts, and the future of Iran will be as glorious as its glorious past in the ancient Persia and the Persian Empire”, the wise Iranians say. “The Persian-Arab conflicts is like the French-English hostilities, but did Iranians try to encourage the French people to say: ‘The true name of England is the French-Land‘?, or did Iranian say that the French should naturally prefer to call England ‘the French-land’ ?!! No, Iranians were not as stupid as and as shameless as the British bastards”, some Iranians say. They also add: “The old Iranians didn’t say that ‘the name of England should be the French-Land‘ and didn’t use the name of the French-Land, instead of England, in their maps, books, search engines, etc. But if the British bastards insist on being jerk, we would call England ‘the French-Land’ !, and we would try to support the separatist groups in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, etc. Of course, Iranians have a funny old saying: ‘Don’t dig well for throwing others into it, because the first person who falls into that well will be yourself, not others’. And now the British bastards can see separatism in Scotland, and sooner or later, Scotland would separate from the UK”. It’s a good funny fact. Now, the UK is a victim of its own dirty tricks, including “Divide and Rule”. It’s really funny.


“The UK occupied southern parts of Persia in the 19th century. The UK aided Russia in occupying Northern Iran in the 19th century. The UK separate Afghanistan and Pakistan from Iran in the 19 century. The UK revived the Mullahs and the Mullah schools in the 19th century. The UK made Reza Kachal (Reza, the bald) king. The UK tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf. The UK converted the occupied parts of Iran into small Arab states. The UK tried to make use of ‘old wounds’ for its own animal interests. The UK aided the US and the Mullahs in creating the Islamic revolution in Iran. The UK aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran. And the UK did many other shameful things in the past 200 years, and that’s why Iranians hate the UK. But one day, in the near future, the British bastards and their Iranian mercenaries, will pay the price of their shameful behaviors”, many Iranians say. They also add: “The Mullahs and the Iranian baboons are stooges of the US and the UK. Many Iranian mercenaries, from Qajars and Mullahs to Masoud Behnoud and Taghizadeh kissed the British ass. But the age of the British puppets in Iran has reached its end. The Mullahs and some one like Masoud Behnoud, that the people shit on them now, are the last generation of the British puppets in Iran. The British bastards should apologize to Iranians, Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Argentineans, and many other nations for their shameful behaviors, otherwise, we and the world will not forgive them”. I hope the younger generations of Britons can understand the victims of British bastards, and can see the truth. The wise and open-minded Britons are not like the British bastards, as the British great men were not like the British bastards. The UK had great men like Newton and Darwin, who are among the greatest men in the world history. Newton and Darwin and other great men, including the great men of Persia, don’t belong to one nation and one country. They are part of the human legacy. The great Persian poet said: ‘Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain”. And Sadi said this, when the Europe experienced its dark ages. I hope the good guys can see the truth, and the bad guys can see that the younger generations of Iranians are not stupid, and know the truth. They say: “We know that the Mullahs serve the interests of the West, and thats why they love the Mullahs. A regime that suppresses and silences its young and modern people and play the role of a fake enemy or a pseudo-enemy for the West, is a godsend for the West. They love the Mullahs, not only because they always need a fake enemy to justify their shameful policies, but because they want to plunder the Iranian oil and the Arab oil, and they want to sell their weapons to the stupid Arabs, and they want to have a permanent crisis over the Jewish state (because it accelerates the arrival of the End of Times), and they want to have a never-ending battle and crisis in the Middle East (until when we have oil), and they want not to allow Iran to revive its glorious past and become a great and strong country again, and they know that the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, hate Iran and Iranians, and they know that the young and modern Iranians are able to make Iran a world power like Germany or France, and they want not to allow it happens. Thats why they love the Mullahs, and they aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. But the UK, the US, and the West just sow the seeds of hate, and it’s really stupid and ridiculous. They just dig their own grave, because they are on the wrong side of history”. I hope all good people can see the truth, and can help each others in building a better world.

[1] The address of the Economist’s article is
[h-t-t-p://] (Of course, whiteout dashes, because I don’t want to link to these sick idiots and their sick website).