Lifelong Mercenaries and Masoud Behnoud

In these days, the Ashura traitors and those who betrayed the Iranian people and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, desperately try to fool the people again, but this time the people only spit on them. The people media reports: “Recently, Masoud Behnoud, his pupils, and his Basiji friends ask the people to participate in the Mullah election and save the bankrupt Mullah regime. They know that the US and the West can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime. The West and their puppets are in deep shit, because both the Mullah regime and the Iranian mercenaries are bankrupt, and the people hate them and shit on them”. The Ashura traitors and their today’s bankruptcy in Iran is important, because it can show us an old wound and also a solution for today’s problems. As you know, the media whores and “intellectual mercenaries”, in all around the world, sleep with politicians and aided them in controlling the people. They just work for their employers, i.e. the politicians and men of power, and don’t care about the people or the truth. In Iran, the media whores and “intellectual mercenaries” have been a serious problem since at least 100 years ago. The Iranian media whores and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals not only sleep with the Iranian politicians, but many of them work for the Western politicians, too. The Western politicians, specially the British bastards, have been the employer of many Iranian mercenaries in the past 200 years, and they have had a main role in destroying Iran and supporting the brutal dictatorship in Iran. The story of Ashura traitors is part of the story of “Iranian mercenaries” and “Lifelong mercenaries”. As you know, some people are “lifelong activists”, and some are “lifelong mercenaries”. Some say: “lifelong mercenaries are like old whores and lifelong whores, who have no shame and no humanity”, but compared to the lifelong mercenaries, old whores seem like saints and angels. For knowing them better, let’s have a case study. There are many stories about those Iranian bastards who are accused of being “lifelong mercenary”. But for a case study, I choose Masoud Behnoud, because he is one of the main Ashura traitors that many believe: ‘he is the head of Iranian journalist mafia and he works for both the Mullahs and the British bastards’. Let’s take a look at his life, and then you can decide whether he deserves to be called “lifelong mercenary” or not. It’s not waste of time, because as the wise guys say: “We can learn from the great men, and also from the great jerks and the great idiots”. How a man become a pseudo-intellectual or a media whore? It’s a complicated issue. Behnoud himself has said: “Since my childhood, I loved wearing glasses. I didn’t need glasses, but I used false glasses because I thought wearing glasses is a way of impersonating intellectuals. I used false glasses [in my whole life], while my eyes didn’t have any problem”. Of course, Behnoud has not said that he loved other ways of impersonating pseudo-intellectuals, specially doing drugs. Recently, a book has been published in the US that is about Parviz Sabeti’s recollections. As we said before, Parviz Sabeti is a human monster and a key figure of Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo), but those who read his book say that Sabeti has said a few interesting facts about Pahlavi, and also about political figures, including Masoud Behnoud and Masoud Rajavi. Indeed, Sabeti’s recollections can be like Bin Laden’s recollections or Hitler’s recollections, and can show us a few true things. Sabeti has said: “Masoud Rajavi’s brother, Kazem, was our agent. I recruited him in Switzerland, and he worked for us, and that’s why I saved Rajavi’s life. More than 50 members of MKO/ PMOI group, including Rajavi, were sentenced to death in 1975, but I saved some of them from death, because they or their relatives were our agents … And about Masoud Behnoud, I think he attacks Savak, because some accuse him of working for Savak. And some accuse him of working for Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo), because he and Colonel Seifoddin Assar, a high rank member of Savak, were close friends and did drugs and used drugs with each other [!]” It’s really funny. Some say: “When Masoud Behnoud started using drugs with Colonel Assar and other Savaki agents, he was a young twenty-something uneducated journalist who spied on Ahmad Shamlou and other intellects. He had become close friends of Shamlou and other intellects, and used drugs with them, and at the same time was spying on them”. I don’t know what they say is true or not, but it’s not wrong that many Iranian journalists and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals were, and still are, drug users and drug addicts who meet with, or use drug with the politicians and the secret police. It’s really shameful, but it’s not a secret thing. It’s what they themselves have talked about it. Masoud Behnoud has said that he met with Saeed Emami and other high rank members of Mullah Gestapo, and it’s not a hidden fact. But it’s not the whole story.


Many ask: “Why Masoud Behnoud who used drugs with high rank members of Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo) and kissed Pahlavi’s ass, suddenly betrayed Pahlavi in 1978, and started to sleep with, or use drugs with the Mullahs and the Islamists ?” The answer is not very clear. Some say: “Because his British employers had asked him”. But you can’t be sure about it. Behnoud himself has said that he worked with Ayatollah Beheshti, who was a high rank Mullah that, as Ebrahim Yazdi said, had contacts with the US and secretly went to the US in 1978. As we said before, it’s one of the known Secrets of Islamic Revolution. Yazdi has said: “Ayatollah Beheshti went to the US six months before the revolution. Beheshit went to Washington and New York secretly and stayed there for a month … After the revolution, when the students occupied the American embassy, they got hold of documents concerning Beheshtis negotiations with U.S. authorities, but Khomeini prevented them from making the documents public”. Behnoud, himself, has said: In 1979, when the journalists wanted to break their strike, I said to Ayatollah Beheshti: ‘Its better that [our leader] Khomeini commands us to break the strike; it strengthens his position’. And when Bakhtiar, the then PM who had granted the (unconditional) freedom of press, heard about it, he told me: ‘I wish you, the journalists, were your own master, but unfortunately you want to be slave of a new Agha Balasar (a new Big Brother)’. There are many rumors about Behnoud and his friends, but lets ignore them and just think about the undeniable facts. “After the revolution, Behnoud had contacts with the Mullah Gestapo. For instance, he played in their films, but the first thing about his relation with the Mullah Gestapo was said by Faraj Sarkouhi , who was Behnoud’s colleague in ‘Adineh’ magazine. Sarkouhi was kidnapped by the Mullah Gestapo in 1996, and all Iranian adults know his story. At that time, many thought that he is a new victim of “Chain Murders“, a series of murders from 1988 to 1998, that in which the Mullah Gestapo killed hundreds of Iranian writers, political activists, and dissidents outside and inside Iran. But after some months it was clear that Sarkouhi is alive (in a secret prison), and finally after 2 years he was released from the Mullah prison and fled from Iran. After leaving Iran, one of the first things that Sarkouhi said was about Masoud Behnoud. He said he has seen that ‘Masoud Behnoud works for the Mullah Gestapo and meets with members of the Mullah Gestapo’. And after that Masoud Behnoud was forced to confess: ‘Yah, I met with them; But I was forced to work with them. For instance, I met with Saeed Emami in Hotel Laleh, because they forced me to meet with him'”, some say. What they say is not fictional story. It’s a historic fact, and it’s a good question if you ask: “Why one of the first things that Sarkouhi said was about Behnoud and his relation with the Mullah Gestapo?” Anyway, they also add: “Saeed Emami was a key figure of the Mullah Gestapo and a key figure in “Chain Murders“, who finally was killed in a secret prison like the spy movies. Saeed Emami was Parviz Sabeti’s counterpart. Saeed Emami had a key role in silencing, killing, and torturing many Iranians. Emami had made a TV series, known as ‘Hoviat’ (identity), that was a collection of false-confessions of tortured political prisoners . Emami and the Mullah Gestapo published ‘Hoviat’ programs as a series of books, but do you know who published these books? Saead Emami’s close friend, member of Mullah Gestapo, part of ‘Hoviat’ project, and the publisher of ‘Hoviat’ books, was Mehdi Khazali that many Iranians call him ‘baby Godzilla’, because his father is one of the most savage and most stupid Mullahs in the Mullah regime”. It’s really funny, but a funnier fact is what you can see in the recent days. Now, Masoud Behnoud clearly praises Mehdi Khazali and his plan for participating in the Mullah election. Funny Iranians say: “If Behnoud praised Saeed Emami, their old friend, it would be better. In the pre-2009 era, when you asked why Behnoud worked with Saeed Emami, his friends said because he lived in Tehran and they forced him. But now, he lives in London and make loves with Khazali and the Mullah Gestpao! Behnoud thinks that the people have a short memory, and he always can use his old excuse: ‘Oh, at that time, I was wrong, but now I know the truth and I have changed my mind’. But he doesn’t know what people call that professional whore who used to say: ‘Oh, that case was an accidental case. I’m not whore, and each case is just an accidental case’. But we didn’t know why every two hours such accident occur to her !” Some wise Iranians say: “Larijani aired ‘Hoviat’ program and false confessions of tortured writers like Sirjani and Golshiri; And Khazali published ‘Hovyat’ books. About 12 years ago, the poor Golshiri wanted to sue his torturers, including Larijani and Khazali; but he didn’t know that 12 years later Behnoud and Islamist-Reformists would praise Khazali, Larijani, and Motahari”. They also add: “The Iranian people know the baby Godzilla, Khazali, who is friend of Saeed Emami, and his ‘Hayyan Publications’ published transcripts of the Hoviat series. The people spit on him, but the media whores try to make him hero! Behnoud knows that Khazali and Motahari are Khamenei’s dogs, but he works with them, because he is one of them. The baby Godzilla (Khazali) clearly says that he is a Basiji and he loves the Mullah regime. Khazali, who is Saeed Emami’s friend, clearly says that he wants to save the Mullah regime, and the people spit on him and shit on him, but do you know who care about the baby Godzilla? The BBC, the VOA, Masoud Behnoud,,, and the Islamist-Reformist. They care about the baby Godzilla, and clearly prove who is the real supporter of the Mullah regime and the real enemy of the people and the freedom and democracy in Iran “. In fact, the baby Godzilla and his supporters can show us many things, and can remind us of many things, including “Chain Murders” and “All Mullah’s men” and “Lifelong Mercenaries”.


“In the recent days, Behnoud defends the baby Godzilla, Khazali, and Ali Motahari, who is a savage Basiji fanatic. It just shows the depth of ‘Daryoozegi’ (pathetic misery) and “bankruptcy” of the Ashura traitors. But Behnoud works for the BBC and other media that the West supports them financially. And it’s the important issue”, many say. And some add: “Behnoud has loved ‘creating a false impression of reality’ since his childhood. He and his friends are worthless jerks, and the people know their true face, but who still support these bastards financially and politically? Who support Masoud Behnoud, RoozOnline, the shithole of, and other Iranian baboons’ websites financially and politically?“. It’s a good question. “Both the Mullahs and the West support Behnoud and his websites financially. The BBC Persian loves him, and he is their main commentator. His pupils are called ‘journalist’, and have polluted everywhere. They are media whores who create stupid waves, and try to fool the people, and unfortunately, in 2009 they could succeed in destroying the people movement. But now many things have changed. The people know the true face of Behnoud and his pupils, while the US and the UK still support these bastards”. It’s a good question if you ask yourself: “Why the West supports the Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons?” Some also ask: “Behnoud and the Ashura traitors openly defend Khamenei’s dogs and Saeed Emami’s friends, but why they try to show us the depth of their bankruptcy? Their path, from Khatami to Khazali, just shows the depth of their bankruptcy, but why they insist on showing their pathetic misery?” And some answer: “Because their employers are as stupid as themselves. Obama and other Western baboons want to make deal with a bankrupt regime, and their Iranian mercenaries try to set the scene for this stupid farce. But they don’t know that the Mullah regime is dead for Iranians, and the West only disgraces and discredits itself more and more”. Funny Iranians say: “How stupid the Ashura traitors and their Western employers are. When the people shit on Khatami and don’t care about him, they try to make Khazali, Pahlavi or Motahari hero. In fact, they try to make Stalin and Khamenei hero ! How smart they are ! What they do is a clear sing of their bankruptcy and the end of the game”. Yah, they are really stupid, and as funny guys say: “They suffer from both foolishness and ‘inferiority complex’. For instance, Khazali’s website has a funny name: ‘Dr’ !! And his Basiji friends and media whores call him ‘Doctor’. They say: ‘Doctor eats this eat … Doctor Khaz eats that shit’. They love to call him ‘Doctor’, ‘Ama een Buzineh Dampezesh ham nist” (while this stupid baboon even is not a vet). He is like Dr. Kordan and Dr shit. Khazali is a Basiji as he himself says, and only the VOA, the BBC and the media whores care about him. They try to pretend that the people care about the Mullah regime and its dogs. They know that the US and the West can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime“. We would write more about it later, but If you want to know Masoud Behnoud and the Ashura traitors better, you should read their works. We have already written about them (check Archive). Masoud Behnoud was the first Ashura traitor who wrote his shameful article one day after the Ashura Massacre. Masoud Behound wrote in Roozonline (1388/10/7): “I’m worried. I’m really worried. Iran doesn’t need another revolution. The people should go back to their homes. We know how we could fight for our values, so please listen to us. We are not traitors, we will not betray the people blood, but its not the proper time for protesting. Please go back to your homes. Protesting in the streets is not our solution“. This shameful article, known as “I’m worried”, has become a historic document. Some funny Iranians say: “Recently, Behnoud has said (in the BBC Persian): ‘I live in London, and the West wants to bomb Iran. So, why I should worry?’ Yah, why he should worry? He is just worried about his beloved Mullah regime. He receives his mercenary money and lives in luxury by betraying the people; So, why he should worry about Iran, Iranians, and the freedom and democracy? He only worry about what his employers want, not about the people and their pain and suffering. He knows that there is good money in betraying the people, and he can make money from people blood and their pain and suffering”. Two years after the Ashura Massacre, Masoud Behnoud wrote in Roozonline (1390/8/22): “If the world leaders listen to the voices of Iranians inside Iran and the voices of the victims [of the savage Mullahs], it would be very dangerous. What happened in 2009, was ‘Mojadeleh’ (dispute or argument, not massacre or coup). We should advise the Mullahs -who are very disappointed and frightened, and think their regime would fall soon- to do the right things, i.e. they should try to keep order and security [!] and also try to be a little kinder to Iranians. Now, the world thinks that the Islamic regime is a brutal dictatorship and its very dangerous. We should tell the world that the Mullah regime isnt a brutal dictatorship, and the regime should let the people to have a little more freedom“. It’s Masoud Behnoud’s great confession, that we have already written about it. And it’s the main plan of the Ashura traitors and their western employers. In fact, the US and the West are in deep shit and can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime, and their Iranian mercenaries try to help them. We would write more about it later, but some always try to help the politicians, specially the Western politicians, and specially when they are in deep shit or need help. What you call them, “lifelong helper” or “lifelong mercenary” or “lifelong activist” or “lifelong intellectual” or “lifelong whore” or “lifelong hero” ?

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