Canada Bill 78 and A Protest of the Canadian Kind

May 30, 2012

Bill 78 and the current situation in Quebec is a very shameful episode in Canadian history. As we said before, Bill 78 is a very serious problem , but when many Canadians use Bill 78 and serious protests as an excuse for nudity and having fun, let’s use satire as a tool to write about a Protest of the Canadian kind. Let’s assume you want to become a Canadian policy-maker. You should follow the following advice, because you should know a Protest of the Canadian kind and how you can control the serious protests in Canada.

First of all, you should know that Canada is the land of contradictions. For instance, you should talk about multiculturalism, while French Canada still hates English Canada; and you should talk about “Canadian values”, while you are making love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah killers who freely live in Canada. You should know that you have many Orwellian concepts of the Canadian kind, and “Protest” is one of them. In today’s Canada, protest often means fun, s-e-x, kiss, drug use, etc. If you want to say: “We want to have fun or s-e-x”, you can say: “We want to protest”. In Canada, you should love the Orwellian concepts. You should censor the news, and should not cover the serious problems and the wise protesters, and you should boycott or censor those websites who try to write about the wise protesters or the serious problems. But you should call it “Freedom and Democracy”. You should use “Divide and Rule” tactic. English Canada should hate French Canada, and vice versa, and you should not allow Canadians to unite or become aware. You should try to rewrite your history. When some say: “During Quebec’s Quiet Revolution in the 1960s, education reforms led to assurances of cheap tuition for all in the province”, you should say: “Quebec’s Quiet Revolution and its reforms were stupid. Bill 78 is the best thing and the most modern thing in Quebec history”. You should love brainless and topless protesters, because they can ridicule the whole protesters. You should use prostitutes as protesters, and it not only ridicules the whole protest, but the naive girls and boys follow the professional faggots and prostitutes like sheep, and then you can laugh at all protesters.


You should not have any serious protest in Canada, because the serious protests are very dangerous. You should teach kids, newcomers, or students how to protest in Canada, and Vancouver riot and that Vancouver kiss, should be a role model from them. Your media and your mercenaries should try to write an unwritten law called “How to Protest in Canada”. This law says that Nudity as protest is not just a tactic in Canada. This law should clearly add: “Canadians are stupid. So, we are forced to use nudity to attract attention to public protest. This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed [!!]“. In fact, you and your unwritten law should declare that Canadians are brainless and they only care about s-e-x and the topless activists. If some ask you: “Do our protest is about ‘the right to be naked in public’ or about Bill 78 and the tyranny and corruption in Canada?” You should say: “Bill 78 is against the right to be naked in public, and that’s why we protest against it”. You should always think other people are as stupid as you. You should say: “In Canada, many kids and students just want to have s-e-x or fun; who care about serious protests and serious problems” And those who say: “ these demonstrations are about the growing gap between the rich and the rest of society, and this is why the protests have spread“, should be boycotted. They are dangerous. In the streets of Montreal, those who wear nothing but their underwear, the dope smokers, the brainless faggots and those who care about sex, drugs, and violence a lot, should be seen as the brains and the modern protesters.


Your media should censor the news. The world should know nothing about the ugly scenes, like that ugly scene in Victoriaville, Quebec on May 4, when many people were injured by the riot police, and a young protester lost an eye. Your protest organizers should think the kids and the students are the sheep people. They should encourage students to be topless or wear body paint, but full-frontal nudity should not be tolerated, and the Montreal police should arrest the naked protesters. You should not forget that Canada is the land of contradictions. You should declare that public nakedness is illegal in Canada, and it can encourage the stupid kids to protest against this low, not Bill 78. Of course, those who wear nothing but their underwear, should be tolerated, because they can ridicule the whole protesters. If some said: “To date, some 3,000 protesters have been arrested, and many others sustaining serious, and even life-threatening physical injuries at the hands of the Canadian police”, you should boycott them. And if some Canadians said: “I’m a Canadian. The queen bitch from Hell can die. Im an activist and I find the Canadian government and its system corrupt and psychopathic” or “Charest and Harper, you phoney bastards, go to hell. Canada is corrupted”, you should pretend that they are not Canadians, or they hate Canada. You know that “the rest of the world is watching Canada, sometimes with scorn and sometimes with sympathy”, but you should censor and boycott those people, specially Iranians, that have sympathy with the wise protesters, not with the stupid naked protesters, who are your beloved protesters. The wise topless girls are as dangerous as other wise people, and that’s why you should only care about the stupid kids, the brainless topless protesters, and those who can’t understand the difference between a serious protest and a stupid street party.


Your media should declare: “it’s forbidden to walk naked in the streets of Montreal, and almost all Canadian cities. But the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring is a protest against this reactionary law, not Bill 78”. You should think the people’s brain is in their ass. You should not allow the current movement to became an intelligent movement or a serious movement. The horny kids and students who just want to have sex or fun, and those idiots whose brain is full of shit should be your beloved protesters. Your media should only care about them. If some said: “The current Canadian protests is the Biggest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History”, you should boycott them, and you should declare: “The Canadian people in Quebec are just exercising their rights to go ‘topfree’. They are not protesting against tyranny or Bill 78, but it’s a movement of ‘topfree equality’, which promotes equal rights for women to have no clothing above and below the waist”. You should think your people are so stupid, and their brain is in their ass. The Mullahs should be your close friends, and you should try to learn from them. You should try to use the Mullah tactics and the Mullah bills, and you can call it “Bill 78, a modern Canadian law”. Don’t worry, the people’s brain is in their ass. You should also try to learn from the Iranian faggots and the Iranian baboons, specially those who call themselves “intellectual” or journalist. If they see such situation and such protesters in Iran, they would call all Iranians “stupid”, “reactionary”, “backward”, “pseudo-modern”, etc, but when they see such stupid situation and protesters in Canada, they close their dirty mouth, or even they praise these stupid Canadians. So, you should see the wise ass and the dumb ass as the wise people, and you should see the wise guys as reactionary, traditionalist, or


You should try to convert the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring into a stupid shallow movement, that is full of the blue-eyed blonde and the red-head drug users who just care about s-e-x and violence. It’s a protest of the Canadian kind. You should censor or boycott those who say: “the Canadian Spring can clearly show the world that today’s Iranians are really wiser and more modern than today’s Canadians. In 2009, millions of modern Iranians protested against tyranny and Islamists. They risked their life, and tens of thousands of them were killed and tortured by the Islamists and by help of the West. They were the modern people and modern protesters, not the drug addicts, the faggots, and the idiots whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. The world should learn from Iranians, as some learned from them in 2011”. The messengers and those who tell the truth are dangerous. Canada is the land of immigrants, but the new immigrants should be a bunch of idiots or coward bastards who just kiss your ass and don’t ask any question. Those who ask serious questions and those who talk about serious problems are dangerous. Those who ask serious questions, and those who protests against your shameful behaviors should not be able to get your immigration visa or any other visa, or you should expel them from Canada. The wise people, specially the wise immigrants are so dangerous. Your corrupt system and your mafia style government, should make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah crooks, and should hate the wise immigrants, because the wise immigrants can change many things, for instance, they can convert the Canadian Spring into a serious movement. So, the wise people should be forced to live like prisoners in a big prison. You should only care about the slaves, or those idiots whose brain is in their shitty ass or between their legs.


You should know that the Canadian protesters don’t just lose clothes, but they also lose their supporters in Canada. And that’s why you should care about the brainless naked protesters a lot. They can destroy the Maple Spring or the Canadian Spring, as they destroyed the OWS movement. The idiots who just want to have fun, and those who just care about s-e-x and violence, can destroy any serious movement, and that’s why they should be your beloved protesters. Those who say: “Montreal people are sick of mafia and mafia style government. Corruption in government cant be stopped since the judges, the lawyers and the system all are corrupted”, are dangerous protesters and should be silenced. The people who don’t want to live like sheep, should be forced to live like slaves or prisoners. The educated people should work like slaves, and should not be able to use their brains. And those who don’t want to live like sheep or slaves, should be forced to live like prisoners. You and your media should censor them and boycott them, and your stupid visa system should not grant them visa, or should expel them. The wise Iranians and non-Iranians who ask serious questions should live like prisoners, and should not be able to leave their big prisons. In your unwritten laws, specially in “The unwritten manual: How to immigrate to Canada, the US, and the West”, you should clearly declare that those who ask serious questions, those who protest, and those who don’t kiss your ass can’t get visa; and only the crooks, the sheep, the Khayemal (ass-kissers), the fanatics, the killers, the rapists, the charlatans, etc can get your visa. God bless the sheep and those idiots whose brain is in their ass or between their legs. They can create a protest or a system of the Canadian kind. They should be your beloved people and your beloved immigrants. Other people should live like slaves or prisoners. Now, you are ready to become a typical Canadian policy-maker. I congratulate you.

Iranians are angry at the West, but Why ?

May 28, 2012

In these days, when the West desperately tries to make a deal with the Mullah regime, and when the West continues to ignore the Iranian people, and support the Iranian baboons and some one like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), that more than 99% of Iranians hate him, it’s not bad to write about an important question: Why Iranians are changing their views about the West. “Iranians are angry at the West, but Why?”, some ask us and other Iranians. If you check our articles in this website, you can see part of the answer. You also can see the tone of our articles has changed gradually; and it’s like what has happened in the Iranian society. The Iranian people are changing their tone and their views about the West, and we just reflect this important change in our articles. The West has become so shameless, and now even the dumbest people can see the true face of the West. Now, many Iranians are thinking about the secrets of the 2009 coup, and why the West betrayed Iranians. We should reflect this important change in our articles. The West should know when they continue to betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, and when they refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement, Iranians will change their views and their tones more and more, and they will start to think about serious problems or hidden facts. Iranians will never forget the Western betrayals. The West should know that many Iranians are not stupid and blind, like Mr. Stupid (Chomsky) or the Iranian expats who kiss the West’s ass and sell their souls for a visa or a fistful of dollar. What you read here, in this website, is part of the voices of Iranians inside Iran. They have no media and no voice, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. The Western media, Iranian baboons and Iranian mercenaries censor the voices of Iranians inside Iran, and try to pretend that Iranian expats are representative of Iranians inside Iran, but the majority of Iranian expats, who live in the West, are so stupid. Compared to them, cows seem like Albert Einstein. The West and the World should be aware of this undeniable fact. The West and the World should know that many Iranians are not stupid, and if they are silent or if their voices are censored, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. In this website you can see why Iranians are angry at the West, that is hypocrite, stupid, narrow-minded, and short-sighted. It’s really shameful that the Western betrayals, the Western hypocrisy, or the serious problems that have been created by the West, are forced us to write about the ugly sides of many things. We preferred not to write about these annoying things, but it’s the stupid West that prefers to hurt and betray Iranians. We and many other Iranians were silent during the past years, and many Iranians are still silent, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t see the truth or they are stupid. Many wise Iranians are watching the West and what the Western bastards and their Iranian mercenaries do, and the Western jerks should know it. “We are watching you, and we will not forget your betrayals, and we will not allow you to do whatever you want to do. The 2010s is not like 1970s. Today’s Iranians, that at least are as wise as their Western counterparts, will not allow the stupid West and the Western puppets to play with Iran and Iranians any longer”, the wise Iranians say. This website, and writing in this website, showed us many things about many problems in the West, including freedom of press, freedom of expression, censorship, intellectual mercenaries, idiocy, racism, fascism, democracy, laws and the rule of law, and many other things in the West. “In this shitty world, knowing the truth is always very disappointing and very depressing“, the wise guys say, and it’s not wrong. But we think “knowing the truth is better than deceiving yourself and living in a stupid fantasy world”. Sometimes, the people can’t deceive themselves any longer, and they see that ‘the king is naked’, and it’s when real changes and fundamental changes begin. In today’s Iran, many can’t deceive themselves any longer, and many can see the true face of the West, and that’s why they have started to say: ‘the West is naked’. They spit and shit on the West and the Western puppets, and it’s the beginning of a real change in Iran, and maybe in the whole world. I hope the ordinary people in the West and the whole world can see the truth. We are angry at the West, but we still believe that many Westerners are not like their politicians. The ordinary people in the West are like their counterparts in Iran and other parts of the world. We know that it’s hard to find the real voices of the Western people in the mass media or even in the Web. Their media censor the voice of their wise people, and their search engines hide the people voices, and many wise people don’t have any website. Many Iranians know that the Western pseudo-intellectuals, like Chomsky, are so stupid, or are stooges of their politicians, but unfortunately, many naive Westerners can’t see the true colors of their intellectuals and their media. It’s a big tragedy. But we still believe in what we wrote in “About” page of this website. We still believe the good people in all around the world can change many things, if they become aware and if they try to help each others. But if you ask why we express our anger and the people’s anger in this website, and what’s the use of expressing anger, your answer is what Hedayat (1903- 1951), the real Iranian intellectual, wrote about the Pearl Cannon. In 1947, in a letter to his friend (Shahid-Nuraei), Hedayat write: “I want to write something that is like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I cant publish it, but its not important. At least they cant tell themselves he was stupid; he was a good donkey [good sheep]“. Sometimes, our articles or what Iranians say seem like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on the West and their Iranian mercenaries. Maybe, it’s not very helpful, but at least it can show the world that many Iranians are not blind or stupid. Unfortunately, many people and many intellectuals live like sheep in the West. They are the Sheeple. But the world should know that many Iranians (inside Iran) are not among the Sheeple or the sheep people.


The West is stupid, hypocrite and shameless. When Western countries talk about their national interests, they clearly say: Iran (not the Mullahs) should not have any serious technology and any modern weapon. We should fuck Iranians, because it’s in our national interests !’. But It’s the logic of animals. And do you know what happen If Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Indians, and other nations think in this way, like Westerners? Recently, many write about the nuclear talks in Baghdad, but they don’t say how shameless and how stupid the West is. “The Western package calls on Tehran to halt the production of 20 percent enriched uranium, and in exchange, the West offered spare parts for civilian airliners that are under sanctions [!!!]”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Even the stupid Mullahs know that the West is so shameless; the Mullah officials said: “Giving up 20 percent enrichment levels in return for plane spare parts is a joke“. Yah, it’s really a joke. Of course, the Mullahs don’t talk about a greater joke. Apparently, the motherfucker West has promised the Mullahs that the West doesn’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, and the Mullahs can kill and torture Iranians with the help of the West, like what they did in 2009. The stupid West thinks that Iranians are stupid, but it’s the West that is so stupid and brainless. The West thinks they can use our pain and suffering in Iran to win some concessions from the Mullahs, but the 2010s is not like 1970s. Now, Iranians are at least as modern as their Western counterparts. In the post-2009 era, the stupid West showed Iranians who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and a free and strong Iran. The wise Iranians don’t hurry to write about the true face of the West, the secrets of the 1979 revolution, the secrets of the 2009 coup, or the secrets of the West’s love affair with the Mullahs. But when the stupid West and their Iranian mercenaries insist on being jerk, Iranians are forced to change their friendly tone, and they start to think, talk, or write about “those things that are better left unsaid”. The stupid West knows that many things are better left unsaid. But they don’t know when they insist on using their old dirty tricks, Iranians can’t remain silent, and can’t use a friendly tone any longer. Recently, Reza Pofyooyz (Reza Pahlavi) tries to play the role of the Mullahs in the 1970s, and the stupid West tries to support him. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, on May 25, 2012, titled “I principally oppose nuclear energy for Iran [!!]”, he repeated the Mullahs’ words in the late-1970s. As we said before, the Pahlavi regime, that was pro-West, started its serious nuclear program in 1974, and many wise analysts believe thats why the West tried to change Irans regime. But do you know what the Mullahs said about the nuclear issue in the 1970s? In the late-1970s, the Mullahs repeated the West’s words and what the West had dictated to them. The Mullahs said: ‘Why Iran needs a nuclear program, while Iran has oil and gas resources? Nuclear energy is harmful and dangerous. It’s is not clean; it’s expensive, and it doesn’t solve our problems. Iran and Iranians don’t need nuclear energy and nuclear program”. Can you believe it? It’s exactly what the Mullahs said in the late 1970s, and it’s exactly what Reza Pofyooyz repeats it now. It’s so funny. But as the wise Iranians say: “In the 1970s, many Iranians were stupid and support the Mullahs and their bullshits, and that’s why the Mullahs could destroy Iran, and could stop Iran’s nuclear program in the 1980s and 1990s, and served the West’s interests. But now many things have changed. Reza Pofyooyz (Reza Pahlavi) is a stupid mercenary, that even little kids laugh at him and spit on him in Iran. Reza Pofyooyz tries to kiss his western employers’ ass, like what the Mullahs and the Islamists did in the 1970s, but he is so stupid and doesn’t know that many things have changed in Iran. Reza Pofyooyz and many other Iranian expats are so stupid and still live in the 1970s – when many Iranians were illiterate and the number of the university educated Iranians was so small. But now, many things have changed in Iran, and even the Western experts confess that ‘the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran is higher than all Asian countries and many European countries’. Now, the Western puppets, including the Mullahs and the Monarchists, are bankrupt in Iran. The 2009 coup and the Western betrayals could show Iranians many things. And now, many Iranians not only support the nuclear program, but they support the nuclear weapons, too. And it’s a direct result of the Western betrayals. And if the West refused to apologize to Iranians, and continued to support the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, almost all Iranians would be sure that the West is the number one enemy of a free and strong Iran. Iranians will topple the Mullah regime, but today’s Iranians know that Iran should have nuclear weapons, because only the nuclear weapons can stop the greedy West and other evil forces. In this shitty world, that the stupid West and other evil forces still rule the world with the law of the jungle, and when they don’t care about us and our rights, only the nuclear weapons can stop them and can prevent war. If the small Jewish state needs nuclear weapons, because it has many enemies, Iran certainly needs more nuclear weapons, because Iran has more enemies, more than the Jewish state“. If the West had not betrayed Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, we and many other Iranians could ignore what these wise Iranians say, but the post-2009 era showed that the West still loves the logic of animals. “The West clearly says: we should fuck you, because it’s in our national interests !! They love the rule of the jungle, and that’s why Iran needs nuclear weapons”, the wise Iranians add. The West is so stupid; they just show Iranians the true colors of the Western media, the Western intellectuals, and many other things in the West. For instance, recently, the German jerks try to support Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi), that 99% of Iranians hate him. It’s really funny that Germany tries to support the Iranian Monarchists, who are a stupid version of German Nazis, and 99% of Iranians hate them. Apparently, Germany is still as stupid as 1939 or 1979. The German state media, Deutsche Welle, that no one cares about it in Iran, just wastes the German people’s money. They are like the BBC, the VOA, Radio Farda, and other stupid Western media that Iranians only spit on them. I don’t know whether the German people are aware of this issue or not, but I hope they warn their stupid politicians about what they do. “German faggots, American faggots, and British faggots support Iranian faggots and prostitutes, but who care about faggots and prostitutes”, many Iranians say. But as we said before, the Mullahs and the Mullah media are not the main problem of Iranians, but the West and the Western media, that sometimes are worse than the Mullah media, are the main problem. The Iranian prostitutes who kiss the West’s ass are not important; it’s their employer, the West, that is the important problem. Many things are really disappointing in this shitty world, but I still believe many good people live in this shitty world. The bad guys try to disappoint us, and today’s world is really a shitty world, but I hope the good people and the wise people can help each others and can change many things. The West has become so shameless, but they should know that Iranians are watching them, and the Western betrayals just disgrace and discredit the West more and more. Iranians are angry at the West, and many Iranians express their anger, and talk about their pain and suffering, but even if Iranians were silent, it doesn’t mean that they are stupid or they don’t exist. The tone of our articles has changed, and it can change more, because the West has become so shameless. Unfortunately, the West tries to show Iranians that the West is the number one enemy of the modern Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. If you try to put yourself in the place of the Iranian people, you can easily understand them, their anger, and their pain and suffering. You also can understand why the tone of our articles has changed. Unfortunately, the bad guys are very active, and we only can see the ugly side of the West in these months. I hope the good people don’t remain silent and inactive.

Canadian Spring: Protests in Quebec, Canada

May 25, 2012

“The biggest demonstrations in Montreal and other Canadian cities marked 100 days of Quebec student strikes and mass protests against tuition fee-hikes. But now, they are also protesting against draconian public order laws introduced by the Quebec provincial parliament a week ago. On May 16, soon after her appointment, the new minister of Education and Premier Charest announced their plan to introduce Bill 78, a shameful law that was passed on May 18. Bill 78 restricts assembly, picket and protest rights on campuses and throughout Quebec. Bill 78 declares illegal all demonstrations of over 50 people [!!], organized for any purpose and at any location in Quebec, unless the dates, times, starting point, and routes of those locations and also the duration of the venue and the means of transportation that will be used by participants have been submitted to and approved by Quebec police [!!!!] It is then possible, at the police authority’s discretion, to modify the location and date of the protest if it judges that the protest would pose a serious threat to the order and security of the public [!!!] According to the provisions of the bill, any infraction against its prohibitions require offenders to pay fines, which are paid for each day of infraction”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. Bill 78 is a great historical shame for Canada. “Cant believe that a democratic government can adopt such a law”, many say. “The stupid Canadian Police declared the protest to be illegal. Apparently, they have learned it from their Mullah friends. When thousands of Mullah killers and Mullah thieves live in Canada, but no one says nothing, it’s so obvious that Canada should suffer from Bill 78“, the wise Iranians say. Bill 78 and mass protests in Quebec can be called “Canadian Shame”, “Canadian Spring”, or “Quebec Spring”, but “Canadian Spring” is more meaningful, because Bill 78 is like a Mullah Bill, and is a great historical shame. Stephen Farter (Harper) and his stupid counterparts in Quebec, and those Canadian idiots who support these bastards, should be proud of themselves. They are like the Mullahs, and can convert Canada into a Mullah Land.


“What we see in these days is the ugly side of Quebec, Canada, and the West as a whole. When they made love with the Mullah terrorists and the Mullah embezzlers in Canada, it was so obvious that sooner or later they would learn from their Mullah friends, and pass Bill 78″, some say. In these days, our internet speed in Iran is so horrible, and the western media, specially the Canadian media censor Canadian Spring’s news. “The Canadian media should be ashamed for not providing better coverage“, some Canadians say. The media reported: “Bill 78 imposes severe restrictions on protests, making it illegal for protesters to gather without having given police eight hours’ notice and securing a permit”, and many Iranians said: “A permit to protest ? In Canada ? You’ve got to be fucking kidding“, and some Iranians added: “A permit to protest ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada“. They also said: “Bill 78 can show us the Canadian progress. When the Mullah embezzlers go to Canada, and the Canadian jerks even refuse to apologize to Iranians, it’s so obvious that the Canadian politicians should pass Bill 78, and should prove that they are like their Mullah friends”. Of course, the Canadian people have tried to learn from Iranians, too. “After Bill 78 was passed, people in central Montreal neighborhoods have appeared on their balconies and in front of their houses to defiantly bang pots and pans in a clanging protest every night at 8 PM“, the media reported. It sounds like Iran in 2009, when Iranians regularly went to their rooftops and protested. It’s good that the people try to learn from each others. “In February 2012, Jean Charest’s Quebec Liberal Party announced plans to increase Quebec university fees by 75% over a period of five years. Beginning February 13, 2012, students associated with one of Quebec’s student Unions went on strike to opposing tuition increases. The city of Montreal saw this week the 30th protest march of Quebec students against tuition fee increases since it began more than three months ago. Thousands of students still boycott or are blocked altogether from attending college and university classes. A deal reached between Quebec Liberal Party representatives and student representatives was rejected by striking students on 10 May“, the media reported. It’s good that the ordinary Canadians are not so stupid. The Western politicians try to buy mercenaries and introduce them as hero or representative of people. It’s their tactic in Iran, Canada, the US, etc. In Iran, the Western jerks think they can introduce the Mullahs or a stupid bastard like Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi), that 99% of Iranians hate him, as representative of people, but Iranians only spit and shit on Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and his Western supporters. I hope Canadians can learn from Iranians.


“Several of the protesters were wearing masks, which is against the law in the city [!], as Montreal had just passed a bylaw making wearing masks during any protest illegal [!!]. At least one person was arrested for wearing a mask“, the media reported. It’s really shameful, and it reminds you of the brutal dictators. “Wearing masks during protests is illegal ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, some Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the Canadian politicians seem like the brutal dictators. Of course, many Canadians are not so stupid and their media can’t deceive them. Many have condemned the law for “violating fundamental freedoms of association, assembly, and expression”. They know that “it’s a terrible act of mass repression. The Canadian media reported: “Police declared the weekend protests to be illegal [!]“. It’s a good joke. “Apparently, the Canadian bastards -i.e. Canadian police, Canadian politicians and Canadian media- think they can use laws as a tool of repression. But the wise people don’t care about the stupid laws. If a law was a threat to fundamental rights, freedom of expression, freedom of association, it’s like the fascists laws and the Mullahs laws, that means, it’s crap and bullshit and you should not care about it”, the wise Iranians say. Many truly say that education and university education should be free, “education isn’t a business. It builds our future and our society”, they say. But why politicians see public education as a threat? Some wise guys say: “Higher education is a threat to politicians and the rich, for the simple reason that it increases competition. The aristocracy hate educated people. When you offer higher education to all citizens, you can have lots of talented and competent individuals. But the corporate world see it as a threat. If people have the legal and scientific ability to challenge their autocratic decisions – on issues such as Canadian tar sand pollution, global warming, lobbyists, big corporations, etc- that’s a big problem. So by denying or restricting education to people, they try to limit the production of scientific professionals; and only the children of plutocrats should be allowed to develop such skills. That’s why they want to dismantle public education systems, everywhere from the US and Canada to Britain. Remember, the plantation owners made it a crime to teach a slave to read or write. That’s the basic mentality here“. It’s not a bad analysis. All dictators and all jerks, from the Mullahs to the Western politicians, hate public education and the educated people.


The Canadian media and Western media use the Mullah tactics. They show pictures of naked or half-naked protesters in Quebec, and then laugh at them and try to pretend that all protesters are as stupid as these idiots. Unfortunately, many stupid Canadian protesters just want to have fun. They are like that stupid Canadian girl who has said, “This protest was one of the most jovial I’ve taken part in [!!]”. They disgrace and discredit all protesters, and the corporate media make use of their stupidities. “‘Im drunk! Ive been on a patio all evening!’ a female protester told police, in an exchange caught on the live broadcast of Concordia University Television. It reminds Iranians of the Mullah tactics, when they said that Iranian protesters are agents of Zionists and Western imperialists (aka Estekbar Jahani)”, some say. Of course, many Canadian protesters are stupid and want to have fun, and what their media say about them is not quite wrong, but 99% of Iranian protesters were independent and didn’t want to have fun. They were brave and risked their life. “When you see many stupid Canadian protesters who just want to have fun, you can understand why Iranians are much more modern, wiser, and braver than Canadians. The 2011 and 2012 can clearly show us that Iranians are really wiser than their Western counterparts”, the wise Iranians say, and it’s not wrong. Iranians are victims of the Western politicians and their puppets, but sooner or later, the Western jerks and their puppets -including the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and the Mercenaries – will be sent to hell. The Western politicians are so stupid and opportunist. “Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois opposes any legislated crackdown on the protests and has been wearing the red square of the protest movement [!]. ‘The premier is the first person responsible for the mess we’re in,’ Marois said Thursday. The pro-independence Parti Quebecois (PQ) could gain power in an election expected later this year or next”, the media reported. It’s really shameful that PQ and its politicians, who are racists and very stupid, try to support the protesters in Canada, but it’s not the whole story. The corporate media and almost all politicians in Canada are so shameless. They say: “The protesters want to win some concessions from Premier Jean Charest. But it’s illegal [!!!] … Parti Québécois opposition leader Pauline Marois has embraced the students unpopular cause [!!!]” It’s really shameful that both sides in this Canadian farce have no shame and tell big shameful lies. “The stupid separatist Quebecers are racist people who still care about the French-English hostilities. When you see PQs, you think you see the fascists. Quebec still suffers from ‘Heydary-Nemati’ fights (stupid tribal fights) and nudity doesn’t mean modernity or real progress. Idiots, nude or with Hijab, are idiots”, some say.


The Canadian farce, aka Canadian Spring, is really laughable, because all evil forces, including Russia and Mullahs, try to be part of this stupid farce. “Russia has now joined many civil liberty groups [!!!] which protest against the way the police is handling demonstrations in Canada as well as in Chicago during the NATO summit”, the media reported. Some say: “It’s just remind you of Kettle and Pot”, but it’s worse than it. The Russian farce or Putin-Medvedev farce was really one of the biggest farce in the human history, that just proved that Russia and the Russian people are one of the dumbest nations in the world. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the Canadian farce and the shameful events in Canada is not important. Recently, one of the Canadian officials has said: “It was told about 50 times to people to leave the protest since it was illegal [!!!!] and that we were going to get out their and disperse the people and make some arrests and people still remain on site”. The Canadian jerks think their people should obey them like sheep. “Protest is illegal ? in Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, Iranians say. It’s really shameful that the Canadian jerks (politicians) try to copy Mullah behaviors. “Instead of saying: ‘Welcome to Canada’, they should say: ‘Welcome to China. Tiamanmen Square’ or ‘Welcome to Iran under the Mullah regime'”, Iranians add. “When the Mullah killers and the Mullah embezzlers can go to Canada, and the wise Iranians should be victim of the stupid sanctions, Canada will look like Iran under the Mullah regime, in the near future”, the wise guys say. Some Canadians know the truth. “Canada has turned to the right with Harper and his Conservatives. Harper has fucked Canada”, they say. “The chants were mostly directed at Premier Jean Charest and the police rather than the tuition hikes that first prompted the nightly marches”, the media reported. It’s good that many Canadians are not so stupid, and at least can see the important problems. “Bill 78 also places restrictions upon the right of education employees to strike. Bill 78 was drafted by members of the Quebec Liberal Party. Shame on them”, some Canadians say.


“It’s a political crisis in Canada, with the mass arrest of hundreds of demonstrators amid a backlash against draconian emergency laws. More than 500 people were arrested in a demonstration in Montreal on Wednesday night as protesters defied Bill 78. According to the provisions of the bill, any infraction against its prohibitions require offenders to pay fines, which are paid for each day of infraction. The new Quebec emergency law says that any individual protester found guilty of the cancellation of classes would be liable to a fine of $1,000 to $5,000. If the offense is committed by a senior officer or representative of a student group or federation, the fine could be as much as $35,000. Therefore, the student association or federation could face a fine as high as $125,000″, the media reported. It’s really shameful. “Canada has become a new Mullah land. Shame on Canada”, some say, and some Canadians add: “All of a sudden you just smelled tear gas and could see smoke, and people were running”, and it can remind you of 2009 and the Iranian protests. Of course, tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the Mullahs and their Western supporters, while no one has been killed or tortured in Canada yet. It’s a very important difference that you should not forget it. ‘But if Canada continues to grant visa to the Islamists and the Basiji thugs, and create problems for the ordinary Iranians, sooner or later, thousands of naked Canadian protesters would be raped in prisons’, funny guys say. Bill 78 can show us that if Canadians remain silent and inactive, and if they don’t protest against Stephen Farter (Harper) and those Canadian jerks who make love with the Mullah killers and the Mullah embezzlers, sooner or later Canada will look like Iran under the Mullah regime. “Quebec still has the lowest tuition fees in Canada. But services here are supposed to be cheap, because our tax rate is very high. In addition, Bill 78 is a very shameful law”, some Canadian protesters say. Stephen Farter (Harper) is like Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), and both are friend of the Mullahs, and enemy of the ordinary Iranians who are anti-Mullahs and anti-Islamists. “And it’s funny that both of these jerks have created many serious problems for their own people. In fact, those who betrayed Iranians, sooner or later will betrayed their own people, too. The stupid Westerners who don’t care about Iranians, should know that sooner or later they will be victim of their motherf-u-c-k-er politicians. It’s like the story of the Plague”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about Albert Camus’ The Plague (check Archive).


“Some Canadian protesters use molotov cocktails, and police responded by firing rubber bullets and using tear gas and noise bombs against the protesters”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. “tear gas, bullets, and noise bombs ? In Canada ? Fuck you Canada”, Iranians say. “Bill 78 is just another great shame in the history of Canada and Quebec, that is already full of many shameful things. Financial corruption in Canada, and among their politicians, is an old problem. If you read Canada’s history, you can see the Canadian politicians are crooks and thieves who have always embezzled their people money, and that’s why these jerks love the Mullah embezzlers and make love with the Mullah crooks and the Mullah thieves“, some Iranians say. “The Quebec government took steps Saturday to defend Bill 78 by taking out full page ads in the local newspapers. The headline read, ‘For the sake of democracy and citizenship [!!!!]'”, the media reported. It’s sadly funny that the Canadian jerks are as shameless as their Mullah friends. “The sham is over, and the truth is out. But more dangerously, if people are denied a peaceful means to have their grievances addressed via protesting then once all other options have been exhausted its time for violence and armed rebellion“, some Canadians say. It’s not wrong, but it’s so dangerous. Violence is not solution. Canada and the West have many stupid and shameless politicians, who make love with the Mullah terrorists and the Mullah embezzlers, but they are dangerous for their own people too. Stephen Farter (Harper) and other Canadian jerks who love the Mullah embezzlers, love Bill 78, too. The Canadian farce in 2012, is a result of the Canadian farce in 2009 and 2011, when the Canadian jerks betrayed Iranians and made love with the Mullahs, and now, instead of apologizing to Iranians, they impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians. “Iranians cursed Canada, and Bill 78 is a result of that curse“, funny Iranians say. They also add: “Canadian Spring and Bill 78 is a historical shame that proves those who betrayed Iranians, will betray their own people, too”. It’s sadly funny that Canada and Bill 78 look like the Mullahs and Mullah bills. It’s really shameful. But it can show us those who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, sooner or later will betray their own people and other nations, too.

How to become Modern, like Western Countries

May 24, 2012

In these days, when the West desperately try to make a deal with the Mullahs, but as the wise guys say: “the stupid West is in deep shit, because no one can deny Iran’s rights and no one can make a deal with a bankrupt regime”, it’s not bad to use satire as a tool to write about today’s world, and its funny foolishness. In these years, many people and many countries want to become modern. If you and your country are among them and want to be as modern as Western countries, aka the modern world, you should forget the Western empty words and the Western empty gestures. If you want to become much more modern than anything else in the world, and if your country want to become the most modern country in the world, you should read the West’s history and you should see the true face of the West. But If you hate reading history, you can take a look at the following key lessons that have been extracted from the history.

If you want to become modern, like Western countries:

– You should create two world wars and should kill more than 100 million people. You should nuke other people and you should kill millions of Jews, Blacks, and other people because of their race, their color, their religion, and their difference. You should create Fascism , Nazism, Colonialism, Imperialism, and other types of Neo-Barbarism, and you should be proud of yourself.

– You should be so stupid, and you should think that you can betray the freedom and democracy in Iran, and you can aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, but the world and Iranians will allow you to deny Iranians’ rights and you can make a deal with the regime of killers and rapists. You should be so stupid, and you should not be able to see when you didn’t care about the freedom and democracy in Iran and when you betrayed Iranians, it’s so obvious that the Iranian people spit on you, and they not only defend the nuclear program, but they will defend the nuclear weapons, because they have become aware of your true colors. You should be so stupid, and should think other people are as stupid as you.

– You should have a shameful history that is full of savagery, war, hatred, violence, and foolishness. But you should not try to hide your history, and instead, you should replace your history with the history of other nations, specially Iranians, who were much more modern and much more civilized than you. You should pretend that your shameful history is their history, and their glorious history is your history. Don’t forget to tell big shameful lies. It’s the key to success

– You should try to kill other people, exploit other nations, and destroy other countries, and you should call it “Modernism”. If some told you that it’s not “Modernism”, but it’s “Neo-Barbarism”, you should try to silence them. How dare they accuse you of lying. All people should know that killing other people, exploiting other nations, and destroying other countries is the most modern thing in the world. It’s part of your history, from 16th century to 20th century, and if you were not proud of it, do you want to be proud of your dark ages and the Middle Age?

– You should be master at hypocrisy and telling big shameful lies. For instance, you should not allow the world to know why you toppled the Shah’s regime in Iran, and why you loved the Mullahs. In 1974, the Shah and Iran’s regime, that was pro-West, wanted to have nuclear program, and that’s why you tried to change Iran’s regime. In the late-1970s, the Mullahs repeated your words and said “Why Iran should have nuclear program, while Iran has oil and gas resources “. But the would should not be aware of these undeniable facts. The world should not know that the Mullahs were your beloved puppets who could destroy Iran and could make you happy, and that’s why you loved and supported the Mullahs.

– You should have a shameful history that is full of the greatest Slave holders, the greatest human monsters, the greatest racists, the Holocaust creators, the greatest murderers/ terrorists, etc, but you should accuse other nations of being savage. You should have no shame, otherwise the people will understand how savage you are. The people should not know when you ate each other and when you lived like barbarians, other nations, specially Iranians, had a great empire and a great civilization.

– You should try to pretend that you loved useful technologies or human values, and that’s why you have become modern. But only guns and weapons have been your beloved technology, and you could exploit other nations by your ‘modern’ weapons and by the law of the jungle. Your modern weapons should be the only modern things you have. And your thoughts and your views should belong to the Stone Age. You modernity should be based on two things: the modern weapons and the law of the jungle.

– You should love hypocrisy, pretending ignorance, and double standard. You should be able to tell the biggest possible lies. Your stupid views and your reactionary thoughts should belong to the Stone Age, you should live like animals, and with the logic of animals, specially the law of the jungle, but you should pretend that it’s the true meaning of modernity and modernism.

– You should think other people and other nations are your slaves, because you are “chosen people”, that means, because God has loved you, and has f-u-c-ked you that has transferred his Master gene to you.

– You should love war and violence. You should love waging wars and hurting other people. No one and nothing should stop you, except the nuclear weapons. You should declare that other nations should not have nuclear weapons, because if they have nukes, you can’t wage wars against them. If they have nukes, you could not have the upper hand, and you can’t kill other people and exploit other nations.

– You should have a group of puppet pseudo-intellectuals that defend tyranny, the brutal dictators, and the stupidest things in the name of fighting against you ! You should call these stupid bastards “intellectuals” and your media should treat them as intellectual leaders. The wise people and the real intellectuals should not be able to criticize you and your policy. You and your media should silence them. Only the pseudo-intellectuals and the stupid lefts should criticize you. Don’t forget that your enemy should be so stupid and so weak. Those idiots who defend tyranny, the brutal dictators, and the stupidest things in the name of fighting against you, are your beloved enemy.

– You should have a stupid visa and immigration system, that a bunch of racists and chauvinists should manage it. You should only grant visa to the mercenaries, the baboons, and the sheep. Those people who ask you why your system is so stupid and why you pretend you care about the global village -while you are racist and chauvinist-, are dangerous creatures and should be silenced. You should only care about the sheep people, who don’t ask any question.


– You should censor the voices of ordinary people, specially Iranians, and instead, you should support the sheep, the baboons and the worthless mercenaries financially and politically. Those idiots who kiss your ass and you can buy them by money or visa, can aid you in destroying other countries and exploiting other nations. Some one like Ganji, Behnoud, Pahlavi, Mr. Balatarin, and other Chalquz (bird shit) are little shits, but they can aid you in controlling the sheep, and also in silencing and censoring the people’s voices

– You should not allow the people to live in peace with each other. You should not allow your people to become friend of other people. Your people should always hate other people and immigrants. The Mullahs, Islamists, crooks, thieves, embezzlers, Khayemals (ass-kissers), and other worthless jerks should be your beloved immigrants, and you should not allow your people to see the wise people. In this way, you always can enjoy war, hatred, and violence.

– You should pretend that you are enemy of the brutal dictators, specially the Mullahs, while you support them by any means, and you aid them in killing their modern people. The brutal dictators are your best friends, and you should support them directly and indirectly, but your media and your media whores should pretend that you are enemy of the brutal dictators.

– Your people should live like sheep. They should not be able to see the truth. You should aid the brutal dictators, specially the Mullahs, in killing their modern people, and you should allow the Mullah TV, the Mullah terrorists, and the Mullah agents and the Mullah Mafia to go to your country and make love with you, while you have imposed your stupid sanctions on the ordinary people. But your people should live like sheep and should not see the truth. Your stupid lefts and your
pseudo-intellectuals (like Chomsky) should fool your people.

– You should talk about law and the rule of law, while you only believe in the law of the jungle and the principle that the strong creatures should fuck the weak creatures. You should not allow others to become stronger than you. You should fuck other people by any means, specially war and violence, in the name of international laws that is a synonym for the law of the jungle.

– You should help and support the Arabs and the Islamist people, and you should aid the Islamist dictators in killing their non-Islamist people. But you should pretend that you are enemy of Islamists. And instead of apologizing to the non-Islamist people for your betrayals, you should impose more sanctions on them, while you are making love with the Mullahs and the Islamists. It’s a modern kind of charlatanism and hypocrisy, and if you want to become modern, you should know it well. You should love the Mullahs, the Islamist crooks and the Islamist killers, but you should pretend that you are enemy of them.

– You should support the Mullahs and aid them in killing Iranians and in destroying Iran, because Iran should not be a strong country. You should not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, because if they have nukes, they will not allow you to rule the world by the law of the jungle, and you can’t wage wars against Iranians, who are much more modern than you and their history is more glorious than yours. You should love both the Pahlavi regime and the Mullah regime in Iran, because they are your puppet regimes. And you should clearly say that Iran’s regime is not important to you, and Iran, even a free and democratic Iran, should not have nukes.

– You should know that democracy or human rights is just an excuse to fool the naive people. You should hate democracy or human rights. You should only love money and power. Your media, from your BBC to your VOA, should work with the Mullahs, the Islamists, and other reactionary groups, including the Monarchists and the Terrorists. You should aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing the people, and you should aid the baboons and mercenaries in silencing the people, but you should pretend that you care about the people and their rights.

– You should only care about the nuclear issue, not democracy, human rights, or other things. You should only support a puppet dictator and a puppet regime in Iran, and should aid them in silencing Iranians. Only when your puppet regimes in Iran want to become independent or want to have nuclear program, you should try to topple them. Iran should not be a strong and free country, and your puppets and your mercenaries, from the Mullahs to the Monarchists, should kill and silence the ordinary Iranians, because Iranians are not stupid and they will not allow you to exploit them and their oils, and they will not allow you to rule the world with the law of the jungle.

– You should not allow the world to see your true face. The world should not know that you love the law of the jungle. But if the people, specially Iranians, knew the truth and started to spit on you and your dirty face, you should censor their voice and you should silence them. You should not allow other people and other nations to become aware. The world should be full of the stupid sheep, who think you and the Mullahs are enemy of each other.

You should not forget that only in the world of the sheep and the stupid animals, you can pretend that you are modern. God bless the sheep and the animals.

The Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep, 2

May 21, 2012

In Tehran, Arya and his friends continue to discuss about the modern sheep. Minu: “The Western media just care about that stupid singer, while many Iranians spit on the Mullahs, the Islamists, the West, the Iranian expats, the Iranian sheep, the Iranian mercenaries, and other jerks. Its’ really funny” Shabnam: “They care about him, because he is so stupid. They don’t care about the wise people. Many people whose names and whose thoughts are like us live in Iran, but the West doesn’t care about them, because they not so stupid” Negin: “But many people still are stupid” Arya: “Yah, many Iranians still are stupid, but many Westerners are stupid, too. Some idiots think that all people in the West are intellectuals, while the number of stupid or ignorant people in the West is more than Iran. The rate and number of racists, chauvinists, religious fanatics, modern sheep, and other idiots in the West is really more than Iran. What happened in 2011, from the UK riots to the OWS movement, clearly showed it” Minu: “The Western media say all Iranians are like Mullahs or Bin Laden. They are so shameless. If we were like them, we would say that all Westerners are like Breivik or Fascists”. Shabnam: “Many Westerners are like Breivik. But almost all Iranians hate Mullahs and Bin Laden, who are stupid Arabs. The Western jerks just love big shameful lies” Negin: “I didn’t say that all Westerners are wise people. I just say the number of stupid people in both Iran and the West is large” Arya: “Yah, but you should not forget that Iranians have no freedom, no voice, and no media. They live under a medieval tyranny, while Westerners at least enjoy basic freedoms. Iranians and Westerner don’t have equal conditions, but even under these horrible conditions, Iranians are not stupider than Westerners. It’s very very important” Negin: “Yah, it’s true. I know that the West and their shameless media tell big lies about Iran and the West. But why Iranians can’t topple the Mullahs and can’t solve their horrible problems in Iran?” Minu: “Because the Mullahs are just part of the problem. The West, that supports the Mullahs and Iranian baboons, is the main problem. Did you forget 2009 and the past three years?” Shabnam: “When people have no media and no organization, and when the West and the Iranian baboons who live in the West, censor people’s voices and don’t allow them to have any media, any alternative or any organization, it’s so obvious that the people should wait for proper time” Arya: “In the post-2009 era, the West showed who is the number one enemy of freedom and democracy in Iran. The stupid Westerners still can’t see the truth, because some one like stupid Chomsky is their top intellectual. When many Westerners love a stupid bastard like Chomsky who defends the Mullahs, the tyranny and the savage dictators, it just shows how stupid the Westerners are, and how difficult and complicated Iran’s situation is. It’s really tragic that we live in a shitty world that some one like Chomsky or Lada Gaga is its top celebrities, and the Westerners care about them a lot. It’s really tragic that many stupid people, and many racists and chauvinists live in the West … Oh, talking about these issues make me sad and angry. It also reminds me of some nightmares and some stories about Canada … let’s talk about them at the end of our meeting. Now, I don’t feel good” Minu: “Let’s change our moods. I love Hedayat’s Pearl Canon. Let’s read part of it: ‘We had our own civilization, wealth, freedom, welfare, and we didn’t think that poverty is honor. The Arabs took it all away from us just to give us poverty, dead-worshiping, begging and how you should wipe your ass and how you should go to bathroom. Their Jewish god is vengeful, and full of hate, and just order to kill and plunder the people. And before he ends the universe he will send his Messiah to kill everyone who denies him and make a blood bath’. It’s really funny that Hedayat criticized all religious fanatics, not just Muslim fanatics” Shabnam: “Yah, it’s very important. It’s what the modern sheep don’t talk about it. In the Pearl Canon, Hedayat also says: ‘A true believer is the one that in the hope of erotic illusions, s-e-x, and food in that world (i.e. afterlife and Heaven), he lives in poverty and misery in this world, and provides the clergymen with his donations, s-e-x, and food; and the clergymen (make use of his stupidity and) enjoy luxuries, sex and food in this world ! But instead of thinking of good things and philosophy and making art … clergies try all day long to find a new way to fool the masses’. It’s about all religious fanatics. But the modern sheep just repeat this part of the Pearl Canon: ‘Every where the Lizard-eater Arabs conquered they brought death and destruction, and infected people of that area with Idiocy, fanaticism, hypocrisy, spying, poverty, kissing ass, thievery and Mullah’s ass-licking !‘. They also don’t talk about other Hedayat’s works, specially his letters. The wise people hate both Mullah’s ass-licking and the West’s ass-licking” Negin: “In Haji Agha, Hedayat wrote: ‘In order for the people to be kept in line, they must be kept hungry, needy, illiterate, and superstitious. If the grocer’s child becomes literate, he not only will criticize my speech, but he will also utter words that neither you nor I will understand’ And …” Arya: “And it’s an answer to your question. It’s what both the Mullahs and the West have done to Iran”. Minu: “It’s what both the British bastards and the Arabs love it. They forced the people to accept their bullshits by a broad sword. As Hedayat said, the Arab crap was ‘a disgusting mixture of paradoxical ideas of other nations’, but as we saw in the recent years, the Western crap is still a disgusting mixture of hypocrisy, double standard, and paradoxical ideas”.


Arya: “In the past centuries, the West was so stupid and so shameless, and created many problems for other nations, including Iranians. What the modern sheep or the Western media say about their glorious past is bullshit. It’s Qompoz (bluff). They ‘Qompoz Dar-mikonand’ (they are bluffing). When Westerners went to America or other parts of the world, they went there as religious fanatics who thought they should kill other people and should occupy other lands, because it’s their divine mission, and it’s what God asks them. What they did was exactly like what the Arabs did in the 7th to 11th centuries. And it’s what Hedayat tried to say it in the Pearl Canon” Minu: “but the Modern sheep are blind and can’t see the truth” Arya: “Of course, it doesn’t meant that Iranians and other nations didn’t have any problem. In a letter to Shahid-Nuraei, Hedayat wrote: ‘Hazhir has written a letter, that shows he is worse than that stupid Kashi Mullah (Khashani). They want to flog those who drink, and in Ramadan everyone who eats something would be fined and imprisoned. It’s our progress. I guess we will be forced to wear Mullah’s cloth [Arab’s cloth] and follow lizard and locust [like Arabs], too. It’s an answer for those young educated politicians who said: Iran will not go backward; it’s impossible; our transition [from tradition to modernity] is irreversible, and Iranians have high intelligence. Apparently, Iranians’ intelligence has gone into their ass‘. At that time, many educated people were stupid and thought they can trust politicians like Hazhir or Hoveyda who had been educated at the Western universities. Only a few people, including Hedayat, could see the truth. After Hedayat’s death, many horrible tragedies, from the 1953 coup to the Pahlavi tyranny and the 1979 revolution, proved that Iranians’ intelligence had gone into their ass”. Shabnam: “Unfortunately, all educated people are not wise people. Many educated people are among the modern sheep” Minu: “Yah, in Hedayat’s era, Iran had about 20 thousands university-educated people, but just dozens of them were really wise or intellectual”. Arya: “This rate can be a universal rate. The 20 thousands university-educated people is equal to only a dozen real intellectuals, not more. But when a country has 20 millions university-educated people, it means that thousands of real intellectuals and hundreds of thousands of wise people live there”. Negin: “And the rest are the ordinary people. But who are the modern sheep?” Minu: “The modern sheep are those who pretend they are modern people, while they just follow ‘fashion’ like sheep” Shabnam: “Of course, some people like Behnoud are modern pigs. Behnoud and other bastards who defend the Basiji thugs in the name of ‘Reform’ are modern pigs. They defended Basiji thugs like Khazali or Motahari, but it’s funny that Motahari has recently said: The women wear (in public) trousers, and coats that don’t cover their knees. It’s so tragic !! The situation of Hijab (Islamic veil) in Iran is tragic!”. Arya: “Behnoud and other Iranian baboons are worthless mercenaries. We should ask why the West support these bastards? The West is the main problem. When crooks, thieves, idiots and mercenaries go to Canada, USA, and Europe, but the wise Iranians can’t leave the big prison (Iran), Behnoud or other jerks can eat extra shit. It’s so funny that it’s an old problem. In a letter, Hedayat wrote: ‘Only the kids of spies, thieves, and crooks can go to Europe … Every good thing is for spies, thieves, ass-kissers’. It’s very funny and important” Muni: “Yah. It’s an old wound” Shabnam: “In fact, what the West did in 2009 was not an accidental mistake. If it was an accidental mistake, they would apologize to Iranians. They have always supported tyranny and brutal dictators in Iran. When I think about 2009, I see a nightmare that annoys me a lot. I see a big sea that is full of blood. It looks like a huge pool with spectators, but the spectators are the sheep. Iranians are floating in the sea of blood, and a group of Iranian baboons and Western monkeys aid the Mullahs in killing the people. The Western Monkeys make love with Iranian baboons, and the spectators cheer and clap as the Western monkeys jump up and down. The people are dying in the see of blood, but no one care about them. Suddenly the people start to spit on the face of all monkeys and all sheep. The people spit, spit and spit, until when the color of water changes from red to white” Minu: “In these days, nightmares are like daymares. I don’t know what I see is nightmare or daymare. I see a jungle of sheep. Everything is sheep. The media, the media whores, the politicians, the Westerners, and everything is sheep. It’s the world of sheep. I don’t know it’s nightmare or daymare”


Arya: “We all have our nightmares. In these days, I see Iman. I see his face when he was killed in 2009. I see Iman, when he was applying for immigration to Canada. I see him, when he was happy, and talked about Canada a lot. I see him in 2009, when he used to say: ‘When Hedayat wanted to say that he didn’t have fear of politicians, Mullahs and other jerks, he used a funny Iranian Proverb: Kasi ke az Khoda-ye Joon Dade Natarse, az Bande Koon Dade Nemitarse (Those who have no fear of God who gives life, don’t have any fear of his men, who give ass [i.e. are f-a-g-ot])’. I see Iman, when he didn’t know the true face of the West, specially the Canadian monkeys. Iman knew the truth, only when he was floating in his own blood. I see Rajab, that Basiji thug who killed Iman in 2009. When Rajab shot at Iman, and came to beat him to death, Iman looked at his eyes and said: ‘I wanted to go to Canada. I have waited for 8 years, and now I will get my visa soon. I don’t want to die here. I want to die in Canada. I don’t want to die in this shitty land”. Rajab, the savage Basiji thug, just laughed. Rajab, the Basiji killer, had applied for immigration to Canada, too. Of course, Rajab had applied six months ago, not 8 years ago, and the Canadian monkeys wanted to grant him a visa within the next months. Rajab said to himself: ‘I don’t torture him physically. I just say to him that I have applied for going to Canada, too. I would torture him mentally’. Rajab told Iman: “I have applied for Canada visa, too. I have applied in 2008, and I will go there sooner than you”. Iman was shocked, he could not believe what he heard. Rajab added: “I have embezzled the people money. I know Canadians well. They sell immigration and if you have enough money, you can buy it, even if you are a Basiji thug, like me. Canadians are not your friends. They are our friends. They love money, only money. Obama is our friend, too. The poor people, who cares about you? The West just loves money. You, the poor people are so stupid”. Iman sadly laughed and closed his eyes. Some say that Iman’s last words was sadly funny. He just repeated: ‘F-u-c-k you Canada. Motherf-u-c-ker Canada’. Now, Rajab lives in Canada, but Iman is under the cold soil of the Mullah land. When Iman had to wait about 8 years for going to Canada, Khavari, Amir Khosravi, Larjani, Bouzari, the greatest thieves of Iran history, and tens of thousands of Mullah embezzlers and Basiji thugs went to Canada easily, and made love with the Canadian monkeys there. Iman died, and didn’t hear these news. If he had heard one of these shitty news, he would have killed himself” Minu: “The story of Western Hypocrisy, specially the story of Canada and the Mullahs is very tragic. Sometimes, I think only the sheep and the animals live in the West” Shabnam: “I used to love Canada. But now, sometimes I hate Canada, and sometimes I can’t bear here and living here. I don’t know what is this paradox” Minu: “It’s some sort of Goh-Gijeh ! (shitty confusion). You are not alone, I suffer from it, too. When I see many stupid Westerners, the Western hypocrisy, Western betrayals, their stupid visa/ immigration systems and their shameful behavior towards Iranians, I want to stay here, and when I see tyranny and suffocation, many stupid things and many stupid people here, I badly want to go. It’s like what Arya told me some years ago”. Arya: “We are not alone. Many Iranians suffer from the same thing”. Minu: “Canada and the US have disappointed many of us. Iranians used to love the US or Canada, but now, when they sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, and when the people can see their true colors, who can like the US or Canada?” Shabnam: “the sheep, crooks, thieves, charlatans, Mullahs, killers, rapists, and terrorists”. Minu: “And it reminds me of the poor Iman’s last words: F-u-c-k you Canada” Negin: “I think I know Iman. Is he real or unreal?” Shabnam: “Who knows. Sometimes, I think even we ourselves are unreal. We can be part of a fictional story” Minu: “Who knows. These days many things are like nightmares and daymares. Sometimes, it’s hard to say what is real and what is unreal”. Arya: “And it’s like what you called it Goh-Gijeh. But almost all humans suffer from it”

Its the second and last part of “The Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep”. You can find the first part here

The Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep

May 19, 2012

In these days, it’s hard to know which rumor or news is real and which is unreal. You see many stupid things and think they are unreal, but they are real. It’s really tragic. In fact, a big picture of these days is a collection of real and unreal things. And that’s why the fictional stories are the best tool to talk about these days. These fictional stories are not literary stories; they are just a collection of fantasies, nightmares, and true stories about these days and Iranians’ pain and suffering. Anyway, the media recently tried to create a stupid wave, and wanted to make a stupid Iranian singer a hero. They called him ‘the Salman Rushdie of music’, the Iranian baboons compared him with Hedayat, and the Mullahs, that no one cares about them in Iran, tried to treat him like Rushdie. It was a very stupid farce. Sadeq Hedayat (1903 -1951) was a real intellectual who could see the main problems of his own time, but now many Iranian expats, that are so stupid, try to imitate him. Hedayat was a true intellectual and a great satirist, and we would write more about him later. But now, let’s read “the Story of Sadeq Hedayat and Modern Sheep”, that is a fictional story about these days. Here is the first part (the second part will be published soon):

In Tehran, the weather is so shitty. It’s hot and dusty, even in the coffee shop that Arya and his friends like it. “The motherf-u-c-k-er Arabs love Tokkmi things (shitty things) from Tokhmi weather (shitty weather) and dust storms to the Mullahs and the Islamists. But they export their beloved Tokhmit things to others. First the Mullahs, and now their f-u-c-k-ing dust storms”, Arya says. “It’s their non-Oil export. They have nothing except dust and dirt to export to other nations”, Negin adds. “The main elements of the Arab world are: dust, dirt, locust, lizard, camel, shit, piss, and animal instincts. They make their life, their thoughts and their values with these things”, Minu says. And Shabnam adds: “The stupid Arabs are like the stupid Iranian expats. Have you heard about that stupid Iranian rapper?” Minu: “Yah, but I don’t know why Westerners think his stupid song is a special thing. Iranians inside Iran say better and funnier things about the Mullahs and the Islamists. His stupid song was a weaker version of what the people say. But in his interviews with the Western media, he ate extra shit and showed that he is a little Chalquz (bird shit)” Negin: “Yah, but the British media called him ‘the Salman Rushdie of music’, and the British Mullahs called him an apostate”. Arya: “who is this little shit?” Shabnam: “This jerk is Shahin Najafi, a Germany-based Iranian singer. Here is his song, read it. It’s just like what the people say about the Islamists. But in his interviews, he has said: ‘I criticize Iranian society in the song !!’ Apparently, the little Chalquz loves eating extra shit”. When Arya is reading the song’s lyrics, Minu say: “He is one of the Iranian Chalquz who live in the West. They still live in the 1970s or in the Stone Age. The little Chalquz has said: ‘I didn’t think I would upset the Mullahs [!!] I just want to criticize Iranians !’ Arya: “Really? this little shit want to criticize society?! Motherfucker bastard” Negin: “The Iranian expats are very stupid. They are backward Iranians who still live in the past decades. These jerks, plus Iranian mercenaries and pseudo-intellectuals desperately try to imitate the poor Sadeq Hedayat” Arya: “Yah, ‘een Harumzadeha hamishe 100 saal Aghaband’ (these bastards always live in the past, in 100 years ago). The poor Hedayat killed himself because of these stupid bastards. This stupid singer remind me of a story that Katiraei wrote in his book about Hedayat. One day, a rich kid who was a modern sheep -that means he was so stupid, just loved ‘Ada Atfar’ (empty stupid gestures), and followed fashion like sheep- went and asked Hedayat: “I want to write a book and criticize our stupid society. Can you choose a name for my book?” And Hedayat said: ‘Yah, your book’s name should be: ‘How I became a faggot !” Shabnam: “Haha. that book was better than this song!” Minu: “Hedayat lived when 90% of Iranians were illiterate, and 99% of educated Iranians were like that stupid kid. They were the modern sheep who just followed the West or the Communism like sheep”. Arya: “Yah, they were like the illiterate Iranians who followed the Mullahs or religion like sheep. In fact, both groups were sheep, and only their shepherds were different” Minu: “And that’s why Hedayat was really alone. Most of his friends were among the modern sheep” Arya: “Yah, they could not think independently and could not see the main problems. They just loved ‘Ada Atfar'”. Negin: “But many still love ‘Ada Atfar'” Arya: “Yah, but now the majority of Iranians inside Iran are young, educated, and modern, while the modern sheep can’t see the differences between our time and Hedayat’s time. They just try to imitate Hedayat. They can’s see the main problems, including the Western hypocrisy, Western betrayals, the Iranian mercenaries, etc. The modern sheep just eat extra-shit. They say: ‘We criticize Iranian society!‘, while they themselves are stupider than most of Iranians inside Iran”. Minu: “You should tell them: ‘Hey you jerks, when you are stupider than many Iranians, and when you are a Pahlavist or when you still kiss the West’s ass and don’t protest against the Western jerks who aided the Mullahs in suppressing the modern Iranians, you are like a stupid sheep who eats his own shit and says: ‘Wow, such a modern food’!” Shabnam: “Thousands of wise people, who should be called ‘new Hedayat’ or real intellectuals live in today’s Iran. They know the main problems, and don’t need to imitate Hedayat. They are original, wise, and honest, and don’t follow anything like sheep” Arya: “Yah, thousands of real intellectuals who are wiser than Hedayat, and don’t have his weak points, live in today’s Iran. Hedayat was a wise man who criticized the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and the sheep, and that’s why both the Pahlavi regime and the Mullah regime hated him. Hedayat was a man of his own time, and criticized the main problems of his own time, with open eyes and open mind. Hedayat was a exception in his own time, when every idiot or bastard was called ‘Intellectual’. At that time, the most important problem was the people. And public ignorance, the illiterate Iranians, the Iranian sheep, and the lack of real intellectuals were serious problems. But now many things have changed”. Negin: “Yah, now those who imitate Hedayat, and most of them are either Monarchist or Mercenary, just make a fool of themselves” Minu: “If the poor Hedayat was alive and saw his enemies defend or imitate him, he would kill himself agin!”


In London, a group of journalists discuss about the stupid Iranian singer. Smith says: “Listen to what I wrote: ‘An Iranian rapper has become ‘the Salman Rushdie of music’ after clerics in the Islamic republic issued fatwas calling him an apostate, which is considered punishable by death under their Sharia law. Shahin Najafi told us: ‘I criticize Iranian society in the song’. His song has divided opinions in the country. It broke taboos“. What do you think?” John, an Iran’s expert, says: “Who breaks taboos? this idiot ?! Do you think this idiot can be a hero for today’s Iranians? Now, all Iranians are breaking taboos, and we just should try to control them!” Adams, another Iran’s expert, adds: “I’m agreed with John. He knows Iran well. I think no one cares about this singer in Iran. What do the wise Iranians say about him?” Sarah: “Unfortunately, Iranians are not as stupid as the 1970s. They know who betrayed them in 2009. Many things have changed in Iran. They say: ‘this little shit (the singer) is an opportunist. The Iranian expats still live in the 1970s or in 100 years ago’. Oh, Is it good that we say he is a new Sadeq Hedayat?” John: “It’s stupid. In Hedayat’s era, the number of Iranians who had a university degree was about 20 thousands, and 99% of them were idiot. Only Hedayat and a few others could think independently. But now many things have changed”. Adams: “Yah, now the number of Iranians who have university degree is about 20 millions, and thousands of them are wiser and better than Hedayat”. Smith: “The Iranian expat are stupid and spineless. We can manipulate them with a visa or a fistful of dollar. We should claim that they are representative of Iranians inside Iran. We should pretend that many Iranians still care about us and our agents. We and our agents should create wave and should divide opinions in Iran” John: “But when Iranians only laugh at us, and when they don’t care about us and our agents, we should change our policy” Sarah: “Yah, but do you have any new plan?” John: “No. But we should not forget Golshifteh Farahani’s farce. She wanted to imitate that Egyptian girl, but Iranians are modern, like us, and just said, OK, you can be naked, it’s none of our business. Iranians laugh at us and stupid tactics. They even know that many Britons are so conservative, and Iranians are really more liberal and more open-minded than many Britons”. Sarah: “It’s not solution. Do you have any solution? Otherwise, we should follow our employers, and we will publish Smith’s article”. Adams: “We should change our tactics in Iran. Now, Iranians know our tactics. We should change our old tactics. John and I are writing a book about this issue” Smith: “OK. We publish this article and wait for your book”. Next day, almost all British media, including the the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Economist, published an article that was like Smith’s article. John read the Iranian reactions, and told Adams: “In both the Pahlavi regime and the Mullah regime, we could manage Iranians. We gave them a transition from monarchy to theocracy, and they accepted it, because they were so stupid. But now many things have changed. Have you read ‘The Pearl Cannon’ that is Hedayat’s last satire?” Adams: “Yah” John: “In the past, only a few Iranians read it. But now, many Iranians love it, and many even write better things. Iran has changed” Adams: “Yah” John: “Before writing the Pearl Cannon, Hedayat said: ‘I want to write something that is like a spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them. Maybe, I can’t publish it, but it’s not important. At least they can’t tell themselves ‘he was a good donkey [good sheep]’. But now, almost all Iranians spit on the Mullahs and the Islamists, from morning to night, and Iran is full of spit [Akh-o-Tof] on them” Adams: “Yah. But in ‘the Pearl Cannon’, Hedayat criticized not only the Mullahs and the Arabs, but the Monarchists, the Europeans, the Americans, and others. He was dangerous”. John: “Yah, but now, many Iranians are wiser than Hedayat” Adams: “Yah, they shit on Khatami, Behnoud, Reza Pahlavi, etc. The sheep don’t follow their shepherds. It’s so dangerous. We should find a solution. Otherwise, Britons will learn from Iranians. It’s dangerous. I have encouraged some Iranian expats to establish ‘The Center of Iranian Bloggers’ in London. I hope we could manage Iranians, and our agents can control them, before it’s too late”.


In Los Angeles, the Iranian Monarchists and the Iranian baboons discuss about the stupid signer. Shahram: “I think we should say this singer is a new Sadeq Hedayat”. Bahram: “Are you idiot? Hedayat was an
anti-Monarchist. He hated Pahlavi. He was so dangerous. Forget him”. Feri: “But our men have already said that he is a new Heyadat, and he is an intellectual” Reza: “It’s not bad. Iranians inside Iran are stupid and they will accept what we say. In the 1970s, they accepted what the Mullahs and Khomeini said, and now they will accept what we say. Don’t worry. The people are stupid and no one read Hedayat’s books” Feri: “When we don’t read any book, how can the poor people read any book? Iranians inside Iran are stupider than us. Our IQ is higher than them. They are sheep and we are their shepherd” Shahram: “Do you know what Iranians inside Iran say about this singer and our support of him” Bahram: “Iranians inside Iran don’t care about him. What they say just show that they are not stupid. For instance, a girl, Minu, has said to him and all Iranian expats: ‘You are idiot. You should make a song about the stupid Obama, who aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. You should make a song about the Iranian jerks, specially the Iranian traitors and their Western supporters who betrayed the people’. And another girl, Shabnam has said ‘ You should make a song about Reza Pahlavi and shit on him and his Western supporters. You should make a song about the Western Hypocrisy and how the West betrayed Iranians’. And a boy has said: ‘Why don’t you make a song about the BBC, the VOA, and the Western media and their shameful behavior, or about the stupid Iranian expats who still live like sheep?’ Another boy has added: ‘Your fear for your visa, or your fear of your employers don’t allow you to tell the truth or care about the important things. Shame on you, the Iranian expats’. I don’t think the people are stupid” Feri: “So, you say we are stupid, not the people?” Shahram: “We don’t know Iranians inside Iran. But here, we can see many Americans who are like sheep. They respect us and treat us well. So, we can think many Iranians are like sheep, too” Reza: “Iranians are so stupid. But I want to know what they say about us and about Hedayat and other things. The shepherd should know his sheep. Bahram, can you tell us more about Iranians inside Iran? What they say about us?” Bahram: “It can make you angry or sad. Forget it” Reza: “No, we want to know the truth. Please” Bahran: “They call the Iranians Monarchists ‘The Iranian Pofyooz’. They hate us as much as they hate the Mullahs. And about Hedayat, they know that we have asked the American officials to close his official website ( Some Iranians published what Jahangir Hedayat, Hedayat’s nephew, said in 2010: ‘The US shut down Sadeq Hedayat’s official website. It’s so ridiculous. Why Americans impose sanctions on Iranian people and Iranian intellectuals, including Hedayat? Why the Americans shut down a non-political and literary website, the official website of Hedayat, who has died 60 years ago? The American companies are so shameless and don’t care about our protests. Is Sadeq Hedayat related to nuclear issue ?!’ The people hate us and our American supporters. Some Iranians wrote: ‘The Iranian Monarchists and other reactionary Iranians hate Sadeq Hedayat, and their American and European supporters shutdown Hedayat’s website and try to silence the voices of real intellectuals. But they should know that thousands of real intellectuals, who are wiser than Hedayat live in today’s Iran. A country with 20 million university-educated people just can shit on the rotten fossils in LA, California to ‘. Shahram: “The people insult us, and they don’t deserve democracy. We should listen to what our American employers or our Mullah friends say. We should fuck these ungrateful people” Feri: “Yah, the people should go to hell. We just love money and power. Who care about the people”. Reza: ” We just want to know what the people say. But it doesn’t meant that the people are important. We should just obey Americans’ orders. They give us money, and we should obey them” Bahram: “It’s true. But we can use better tactics and better tricks. If we think the people are as stupid as our fellows in LA, we just make a fool of ourselves” Shahram: “If we knew better tactics, we could save our power in 1979” Feri: “Don’t lose hope, man. The people are so stupid. We can restore the Monarchy, and the people are forced to kiss our ass. Our American supporters make us ruler”. Reza: “We should not lose our hope. The people laugh at us, but it’s not important. This singer is like other Iranian expats. He is one of us, and we should try to make him a hero. We should say that the people are stupid, and this singer and us are their leaders or their intellectuals” Bahram: “We really need a miracle, and God should help us. In Iran, even little kids laugh at us”. Feri: “Don’t worry man. God and USA help us”.

Hope for Iranians, Warning to Western Godfathers

May 17, 2012

“In comparison to countries surveyed in the World Values Survey, Iranian society’s potential for liberal democracy was found to be higher than that of many others -including Arab countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Jordan, and Asian countries such as South Korea, India and Thailand. In comparison to countries surveyed In the European Social Survey, Iran was found to have higher tendencies toward liberal democracy than Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia or Romania. Iranian society is characterized by strong support for pro-liberal values such as a belief in the importance of self-direction and benevolence. For example, 94% of the respondents identified with the sentence ‘freedom to choose what he does is important to him,’ and 71% of the respondents identified with the sentence ‘being tolerant toward all kinds of people and groups is important to him’. We also discovered an abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in the country. When such a gap exists, there should be a strong tendency for the country’s level of democracy to adjust in accordance with the society’s potential. Our findings demonstrate that Iranian society as a whole is characterized by a pro-liberal value structure that is deeply at odds with the fundamentalist regime. This presents considerable potential for the fundamental changes in Iran. We are amazed by how ready the Iranian people are”. It’s part of a survey titled ‘Can Iran Turn Into a Liberal Democracy?’ published this week by a group of Jewish experts, and reported by the Western media, including the Wall Street Journal. This survey is not like the old big lies that the West used to say about Iran and Iranians. “The survey can show the world part of Iran’s real image. Of course, the survey didn’t tell the whole truth. Iranian society’s potential for liberal democracy and Iranians’ tolerance is really higher than what you can see in the US, the Jewish state, or many European countries. The rate and number of religious fanatics and racist people in Iran is really less than the US, the Jewish state, and many other countries. The survey didn’t tell the whole truth, but it’s good that it told at least part of the truth. Today’s Iranians are at least as wise as and as modern as their Western counterparts”, the wise Iranians say. In these days, when the stupid dust storm are killing us in Iran, many think about this abnormally large gap and why it has been created. The funny Iranians say: “The Arab things and Arab shits, from the Mullahs to dust storms, always have been imposed on Iranians”. But the Mullahs and the Arabic dust storms are killing Iranians, because the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries, and their main employer (i.e. the West), try to silence people’s voices and don’t allow the people to have any serious media and any serious group. The Mullah regime is their beloved regime, and they try to prevent fundamental changes in Iran. But can they ignore Iranians and the abnormally large gap that is like a huge bomb? We have already written about Iranian society’s potential, Iran’s human resources, and this fact that sooner or later, with or without revolution, Iran will be a modern and democratic country (check Archive). It’s an inevitable change, and those who desperately try to prevent it, are blind bastards on the wrong side of history.

The Western countries and the Western politicians who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and now instead of apologizing to Iranians, impose more sanctions on them and sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts, are on the wrong side of history. They can’t continue to support the abnormally large gap between the societal potential for liberal democracy in Iran and the actual level of democracy in Iran. It’s impossible. They just disgrace and discredit themselves, and Iranians will never forget them and their betrayals. What the West did in 2009, specially betraying the anti-Mullah movement and aiding the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, is a great historical shame. But what the Western Godfathers and their Iranian mercenaries do now, is the greatest possible shame. The West refuses to apologize to Iranians, tries to ignore Iranians, and tries to make a deal with a bankrupt and hated regime in Iran. But are they able to support dictatorship in today’s Iran? Are they able to ignore Iranians and that abnormally large gap? It’s so obvious when such a gap exists, sooner or later the country’s level of democracy will adjust in accordance with the society’s potential. Apparently, the West knows that they can’t continue to ignore undeniable facts, and that’s why some western media recently said: “public-opinion surveys in Iran have been few and were usually tainted by being carried out by the [western] organizations with ties to the Mullah regime“. It’s good that they confess to the truth. We have already written about the true colors of the Western polling organizations, and it’s good that some Western media have started to tell the truth. Some Western media also added: “the range of candidates on offer to Iran’s voters was as though the contest between Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were the whole of American politics”. The wise Iranians say: “Iranians inside Iran should not be disappointed. The West can’t make a deal with a bankrupt regime. They are not able to ignore the 75 million Iranians. The Iranians’ wisdom, form their election boycott to ‘shitting on the Iranian mercenaries and the Ashura traitors’, is very important and the world can’t ignore it. Sooner or later, the west will be forced to apologize to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement. The West can’t ignore the Iranian people. The West can’t justify its shameful deals with a bankrupt regime. Sooner or later, the West will be forced to stop supporting the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian baboons, from Mashoud Behnoud and Khatami to Reza Pahalvi and Mr. Balatarin. The Western hypocrisy is so disgusting, and Iranians will never forget it, but maybe they can forgive it. “Forgive it, but don’t forget it”, can be Iranians’ motto. Sooner or later, the West will be forced to stop supporting the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Mojahed, and the intellectual mercenaries that more than 90% of Iranians hate them all. Sooner or later, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and the Mullahs will go to hell, and Iran will be a modern and democratic country”.


“The Western media speak about ‘the lack of correlation, or the abnormally large gap, between the actual absence of democracy in Iran and the democratic beliefs of most of its citizens‘, but they don’t say who created this large gap and who supported it? They say nothing about the relation between the West and that abnormally large gap”, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about the secrets of the 2009 coup, how the West betrayed the Iranians and aided the Mullahs, and why Iranians believe: “Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is really worse than Bin Laden. In 2009, he aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians, and it’s really worse than the 9/11” (check Archive). The wise Iranians say: “Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and the Western Godfathers prefer not to see ‘the abnormally large gap‘. But they will be forced to see it soon. They try to make a good deal with the Mullahs, and they still support the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries financially or politically. But the Iranian people, their wisdom, and their democratic beliefs are determining factors, not the West and its mercenaries”. Some ask us and other Iranians: “Are you anti-West or anti-US? Are you leftists? Why you call Obama Mr. Stupid Monkey?” It’s really stupid. In the pre-2009 era, tens of millions of Iranians, including us, were pro-West and pro-US. But in 2009 and in the post-2009 era, when the West betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, many things changed in Iran. We and many other Iranians are just anti-Hypocrisy and anti-Charlatanism. We are not anti-West or anti-US, and as Iranians say: “your betrayals and your stupidities force us to change our views and our attitudes”. In fact, the Western hypocrisy and the Western stupidity force liberal or pro-West Iranians to change their tones or their views. Up until when the West and the US support the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons, up until when the West and the US betray the Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and up until when the West and the US refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement, we and many other Iranians will be angry at the West and the US, and will express our anger directly. “Sooner or later, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) would go to hell, like the stupid Sarkozy, but the Western Godfathers still ask stupid questions -like this: ‘Would Iranian democrats be willing to stop their nuclear program? Or would they see this as an issue of national pride?’- and still say stupid things -like this: ‘An understanding of these points is crucial to any decision-making process regarding Iran [!!!!]‘. Do they want to prove that the West is the enemy of a free Iran?”, some Iranians say. Some questions and comments in the Western mass media, can remind you of what the Iranian baboons said about the Western Godfathers. In the pre-2009 era, some asked: “Iranian journalists (Iranian baboons) talk about a Big Brother and an important secret force behind the scenes. In the private meetings or in the universities, when there is no reporter or camera, they talk about a Big Brother who controls everything and decides about Iran’s regime, Iran’s future, Iran’s freedom and democracy, how we should live in Iran, and many other things. They say we can’t change anything in Iran, if this Big Brother rejects change. But who is this Big Brother? It’s so obvious that this Big Brother can’t be the Mullahs, the Islamists, or the Basiji thugs who killed and tortured tens of thousands of the people. They are not hidden forces. We already knew them. But who is this hidden Big Brother that doesn’t allow Iran to become a free and strong country?” In the pre-2009 era, many could not answer this kind of questions, and the wise people preferred to think that the Iranian baboons try to disappoint the people’s hope by formulating ‘conspiracy theory’. But In the post-2009 era, many things changed.

“When the West, including the CIA agents, the Western mass media, the Western polling organizations, the Western alternative media, the Western lefts, the Western rights, the Western companies, the Western journalists, the Western intellectuals, etc showed their true colors in 2009, many could see who support the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran. Now, many know if the hidden Big Brother was a real thing, it’s the West“, some wise Iranians say. It’s really funny that Iranian Baboons saw the West, i.e. their employer, as a Godfather, a Big Brother, or a Bogeyman. Some stupid Western figures say: “Only under special conditions we can allow the secular, wise, democrat, anti-Mullah, and anti-Islamist Iranians to enjoy the freedom and democracy in Iran. Do they want to be independent? Do they want to have nuclear program? Do they want to have a powerful and strong country? Do they want to become a global power?”, and then add: “An understanding of these points is crucial to any decision-making process regarding Iran [!!!!]“. It just reminds you of the Godfather movie. “Do these bastards think they are godfathers of the world ? Do those idiots think they can deny Iran’s rights or Iranians’ rights, or they can ignore Iranian society’s potential for liberal democracy?”, the wise Iranians ask. We have already written about the nuclear issue and Iran’s rights (check Archive). “The Western Godfathers and all Westerners should know that Iranians can be a good friend for the West and other nations. But if you need a mercenary or a slave, not a friend, and if you ask Iranians to be your slaves or your puppets, then Iranians can’t be your friend; they just could be your enemy, and they will send you to hell”, the wise Iranians say. Iranians are anti-Islamist, wise, and modern, at least as much as their Western counterparts. Those stupid Westerners who ask: “Are Iranians prepared to act upon their desire for freedom and democracy and challenge the regime?” just love “Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan” (pretending ignorance; pretend that you are donkey and can’t see the truth). In 2009, and in the past three years, Iranians challenged the regime, but the West was so stupid and hypocrite. The West not only refused to help the anti-Mullah movement, but the West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians. As the wise Iranians say: “If the West insists on standing on the wrong side of history, they should know that they just dig their own grave. No one and nothing can change Iranian society’s potential for democracy . The West and the Western Godfathers should ask themselves: ‘Are the Western countries prepared to act upon their desire for their own long term interests and apologize to Iranians for their shameful behaviors?‘. We say to the West: ‘Apologize to Iranians. Stop betraying Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran. Listen to the Iranian people’s voices and What Iranians Expect from the West . Stop being stupid bastard, idiots. And it’s a final warning to the West and its Godfathers”. These days look like the darkest nights, but the wise guys say: “the night before dawn is always the darkest“.

Kim Ki-duk and Eastern Films

May 14, 2012

The cinema is a global language, and all humans can understand the good Eastern or Western films, because we all are human, and our life, our problems, and our challenges are alike. In the East, Japan, India, and Iran have an old or well-known cinema, but in the recent two decades, some counties like South Korea have had some good filmmakers, and Kim Ki-duk (1960-now) is one of them. Kim Ki-duk is a good South Korean filmmaker that has some good films. In Iran and other parts of the world, many only know the South Korean adult films or its shitty TV series, but Kim Ki-duk has some good films, and at least one of his films can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. In this shitty world, that many still are prisoners of the basic needs and the animal needs, the humans still seek “Inner Peace”. And Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003) is a movie about “Inner Peace”, “Buddhism”, and the human life. I give this movie 7/10. The story is about the life of a Buddhist monk as he passes through the seasons of his life, from childhood to old age. The Mullah TV has shown this film, in about 85 min, but the movie’s runtime is about 105 min. The film is very poetic and very quiet, but the idiots in the Mullah TV had censored the scenes that were related to the relation between the girl and the young Buddhist. “Spring, …” is a quiet film, and takes a look at life as a whole, while other Kim Ki-duk’s films are R-rated or X-rated movies about special problems. Many think Kim Ki-duk’s films are like other stupid Chinese or South Korean adult films, but Kim Ki-duk is a good filmmaker. At least, two of Kim Ki-duk’s films, “3-Iron (Bin-jip) (2004)” and “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003)”, that I watched them, were good films. In 2004, he received Best Director awards at two different film festivals, for two different films. At the Berlin International Film Festival , he was awarded for Samaritan Girl (2004), and at the Venice Film Festival he won for 3-Iron (Bin-jip) (2004). “Spring, …” is a quiet film with beautiful scenes. In first season, the Spring, we see a very young Buddhist living with his master on a small floating monastery, drifting on a lake in the serene forested mountains of Korea. It’s a very beautiful valley and a good place for shooting a movie. All the film is happening in this small valley, and in the five seasons (of the human life). We never leave the valley that surrounds the lake, we never know what year is currently going on outside of the forest, but we see how a young boy grows and becomes an old man. Many things are symbolic, and are related to the Buddhism’s philosophy. For instance, the doors have no walls, so they have just symbolic meaning. But the people treat the doors as they have walls, and open and close them like the normal doors, and only when the young Buddhist want to live like an ordinary boy, he ignores the rules. The beauty of the scenes is really amazing. I think the main part of the pleasure of seeing this film belongs to its beautiful scenes, its cinematography, and its music. And it’s what many Iranian filmmakers don’t care about it. In this film, the beauty of nature is being maximized by the art of the camera. The music is great, specially what you hear at the end of the Summer and at the end of the movie. It’s really good. It can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. Of course, this film is not so deep, and what it says about many problems or the roots of problems is stupid, but many in all the world like this film, because it’s about the human life and part of the human problems in all around the world. You can watch it, enjoy its beauty, and forget this shitty world, at least for two hours.


East Asia (China), like Southern Asia (India) and West Asia (Persia), has a rich culture and an ancient civilization, and cinema can show it to you. “Spring, Summer, …” can show you that the humans in all around the world are like each other. Iran’s culture and Iranian mysticism have many similarities with East Asia’. Since the ancient time, the Chinese were familiar with Persia and its rich culture, and vice versa. So, Iranians can understand many things in East Asia (except their foods and eating Cockroaches !), but other nations can understand the Eastern Asians, as well, because all of us are human. “Spring, …” is a symbolic movie that all humans can understand its main subject. It gives all humans some sort of good feelings, because many things in this film is beautiful, simple, and about the main human problems. Of course, the film has many stupid things. In the Summer, a girl that has an unspecified illness is brought to the Buddhist master by her mother. The young isolated Buddhist is s-e-x-ually attracted to the young girl, that is quite normal, but the film tries to say “s-e-x = corruption and murder”. The old monk says: “Lust awakens the desire to possess. And that awakens the intent to murder”. The old monk says the girl should go. Unable to live without her, the boy leaves the monastery and follows the girl. They get married, she cheats on him, and he kills her. It’s a stupid cliché. Who says that if you had s-e-x, you would become a killer? In this way, all humans were serial killers! But the truth is, if you were a stupid isolated man like the isolated monks, you would become a psycho and a killer. But despite all stupid things in the film, it’s not a bad film, and can give you some sort of “Inner Peace”. The beautiful nature, the beautiful music, and the simplicity can tell you many things. Kim Ki-duk said of the film: “I intended to portray the joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure of our lives through four seasons and through the life of a monk who lives in a temple surrounded only by nature. The floating temple was used to show the speed in which life can change, the way that one can wake up and find that East has become West and West has become East, that irony of life“. In fact, in the recent decades, the West tries to become like the East, and the East tries to become like the West. What you can see in Iran, India, China, Japan, South Korea, etc, can show you that the Eastern people want to become like the westerners. But at the same time, what you can see in the US and Europe, and how much they care about Buddhism, Inner Peace, etc can show you that the Western people want to become like the easterners, too. Some think it’s a bad thing, but I think it’s a good thing. The people in all around the world are human, and can learn from each other and can try to solve their problems with the help of each other. It’s a very good thing. It’s part of a good globalization.


“Spring, Summer, …” can force you to think about the life and the main problems in human life. You can see it as a film about “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”, and about the unsatisfied needs, the higher needs, the human needs, and the animal needs. It’s a film about the human stupidities and the tragedy of life. The five seasons can show you the speed of your aging process. These seasons are seasons of human life. The first Spring is full of stupid mistakes or stupid dreams. The Summer is full of naivety, animal needs, stupid dreams, stupid mistakes, etc. The Fall is full of regret, anger, etc. And the Winter is when you can gain wisdom, before it’s too late. Finally, returning to “Spring”, the cycle is completed: you have a stupid boy that has become a wise old man, but … In the film, the new master lives in the monastery with the abandoned baby, now his apprentice. The boy is shown to repeating the old mistakes, echoing his predecessor. History repeats itself. It’s a bitter truth, but humans can try to find a solution for it. It’s a solvable problem (I would write about it later). In this film, the old monk and his lifestyle is a cliché, a stupid cliché, but the way he accepts his death and kills himself is interesting. He seals his ears, eyes, nose and mouth with paper, and commits suicide at his death’s time. Since the ancient time, the humans dream about this sort of death. They didn’t want to die like animals. When you see how animals die, specially how elephants die, it reminds you of human death, and it has created many philosophical questions about death, life, afterlife, and many other things since the ancient time. Recently, I saw a documentary film about elephants’ death, that was very interesting. The elephants’ natural death is so tragic, like the humans’ death. And perhaps that’s why some ancient Indians talked about afterlife for both humans and animals. You should see elephants’ natural death, and only after that you can understand ancient Indians, and also why the wise people defend animals’ rights. “Kim ki-duk was accused of hurting animals in his films. He said it’s part of East Asia’s traditions, but many Koreans protested against him, and he made this film for answering them. Kim ki-duk himself appears as the man in the Winter season, to show that he and his films are not only about s-e-x and violence”, some say. The Mullah TV showed “Spring, …”, but they didn’t show other Kim ki-duk’s films, because as funny Iranians say: “When the stupid Mullahs censored these films, nothing remained”. But they are not bad films. At least “3-Iron” that I saw it, is not a bad film. 3-Iron’s plot revolves around the relationship between a young drifter and an abused housewife. The film is notable for the lack of dialogue between its characters. In fact, “Spring, …” and “3-Iron” have a few dialogue. The dialogue in “Spring, Summer, …” is rare and stupid, but the scenes and the music tell you many things. And in “3-Iron”, the characters are depressed or silent. In fact, many Eastern Asians are not talkative, unlike many Iranians who are talkative. Maybe, that’s why they have many depressed people there. I don’t know why many Easter Asians are shy or silent. Is it a genetic issue or a cultural issue? Anyway, recently I watched a good Japanese movie in the state TV, Castaway on the Moon (2009) , and I liked it. I have not watched the original version that its runtime is 115min. The Mullah TV show it in about 105min, but it was acceptable. At first, it seemed like a stupid film and a stupid version of “Cast Away (2000)” (By Zemeckis and Tom Hanks) that I loved it, but after a while it became a good film about a depressed boy and a depressed girl in Japan. The girl who takes close-up shots of the moon and has not left her apartment in years, spies the cast away boy on the island, and it changes their lives. This movie is about Hope, depression, modern life, modern youths in the modern world, etc. And again, it can show you how similar are humans in all around the world, and how tragic the life is in all around the world.


Iranians and non-Iranians can understand the Eastern cinema or the Western cinema, because the cinema is a global language. We all are human, and our life and our problems are alike. What is called “the cultural difference” is really a marginal thing. Even two siblings have their own differences. When you think about the East, you can’t stop thinking about the story of Iran, Japan, China, and South Korea in the past 150 years. Iran and Japan started their modernism at the same time, while China and South Korea were behind them. But the West and the story of Colonialism, and and the story of Oil, changed many things. In 1970s, Iran tried to be as successful as Japan, while China and South Korea were less developed than Iran. When Iran had the car industry in 1960s and 1970s, South Korea had nothing, except a military dictatorship. But the West didn’t allow Iran to become a powerful country, and when the new Western puppets (Mullahs) were destroying Iran, South Korea started its rapid modernism. Today’s South Korea can show you how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. In fact, if the West and the Western puppets, specially the Mullahs, had not destroyed Iran and its image, at least Iran would have been like today’s South Korea. If you want to know how the Mullahs destroyed Iran, you can compare Iran and South Korea in the 2010s and in the 1970s. Today’s conditions in South Korea and its global position, is the minimum that Iranians could have it now. The culture, the contemporary history, the problems, etc in Iran and South Korea are almost alike. So, you can look at South Korea, and see how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. Of course, the human resources, the human development and many other things that are related to the people, not the regimes, have their own natural state in Iran, Korea, and Japan, and today’s Iranians are at least as modern as and as wise as their counterparts in Japan and Korea. But if you want to see how the Mullahs destroyed Iran and its position, you can see it in this simple fact that today the South Koreans can travel to 130 countries without visa, but Iranians … . I hope Iranians and all other nations can get rid of the brutal dictatorship and can realize their potential. It’s good for the whole world. Anyway, Kim Ki-duk’s page in has many interesting things about Kim ki-duk and South Korea. They say: “Kim ki-duk’s family moved to Seoul when he was 9, and there he attended agricultural training school before dropping out at age 17 to take up work in factories. From age 20 to 25 he served in the marines, where he is said to have fit in well. Afterwards he spent two years at a church for the visually impaired with the thought of becoming a preacher. Then in 1990, scraping up all the money he had to buy a plane ticket, he traveled to Paris where he spent two years selling his paintings (a lifelong hobby) on the street. Kim says he went to the movie theater for the first time in his life at this time” I don’t know it’s a joke, or it’s a true thing, but if it’s true, it again could show you how the Mullahs destroyed Iran. It also can be a good lesson for all of us: “Don’t worry about the past or the wasted times. Just start to realize your potential. It’s not late, just stand up and follow your dreams”. They add: “Kim is a rare case of a director who has won accolades and found box-office success overseas, but has largely failed to connect with Korean critics or audiences. In terms of his influences, his aesthetics, the stories he tells, and his local and international reception, Kim Ki-duk seems to inhabit a world all his own. A major shift occurred in Kim’s career with his ninth, ‘Spring, …’. Although he continued to focus on marginalized elements of society, his work took on a more consciously spiritual aspect, downplaying violence. Kim’s softer style played well with foreign audiences. ‘Spring, …’ and ‘3-Iron’ were strong successes in Europe and North America”. Apparently, many Koreans hate Kim ki-duk, and it’s a typical problem in all Eastern nations. I don’t know whether Kim Ki-duk is a Khayemal (ass-kisser) or not. But if he is not a Khayemal like Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), South Koreans should stop being stupid. Kim ki-duk is free to make his own movies, and if he is not a Khayemal or charlatan like Abbas Khayemal (Kiarostami), he deserves the international attention. I hope one day in the near future, all people in all around the world, can get rid of the brutal dictatorship, can enjoy the freedom and democracy, and can express themselves. That day, many people can show their talents and can realize their potential. And that day the world will become a better world, and all humans will have a better world.

European Terrorist and European Hypocrisy

May 12, 2012

In the recent weeks, the Western media covered Breivik’s court, but as the people media reported, “No words like barbaric, outrage, terror are heard in their reports. They even don’t call him European Terrorist”. Breivik’s court provides an opportunity for thinking about the European problems, including the European hypocrisy and the European terrorists. The wise people say: “Is it the right way to give a terrorist a stage to the world? Your answer can be yes or no, but it should be the same for Breivik, Bin Laden, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (architect of the 9/11). You can’t give a stage to the world to Breivik, but kill Bin Laden in his house, or torture Muslim terrorists in secret prisons“. And some Europeans add: “Terrorist murder is terrorist murder, and we need to treat it that way –even when the killer looks like us. Mass murderer enjoying the oxygen of publicity for his vile ideas. His trial should not be reported. But “the Western media covered Breivik’s court, treated him like a hero, while they relocated the prospective trial of the alleged architect of the 9/11, from federal court in Manhattan to a military tribunal at Guantánamo. What you call this?”, some wise guys add. “In today’s world, one nation hate Islamists and Muslim fanatics more than other nations, and it’s Iranians, because they are the main victims of these bastards. Iranians don’t defend Islamists under any condition”, Iranians say. But does it mean that Iranians can defend hypocrisy and double standard, or they can support the Christian and Jewish fanatics or the European fascists? No. The wise Iranians say: “The religious fanatic is religious fanatic. The terrorist is terrorist, and the European terrorists are the most dangerous terrorists. Who have killed 100 million people in two world wars? The Europeans. Who have treated immigrants and foreign people, specially blacks and Jews, like slaves and animals, and have killed millions of them? The Europeans. The Mullahs and Islamists just try to copy what the European and Christian fanatics did in the Middle Age. The savage Mullahs threaten the Iranian people, including the Iranian singers, writers, artists, dancers, strippers, thinkers, intellectuals, and protesters with death and violence, because the Mullahs desperately try to repeat history and copy what the Christian fanatics did in the European Middle Age. Who can forget the Inquisition, or burning and torturing apostates and sinners in Europe?“. The ridiculous double standards in the West is really shameful. The wise people say: “Why give Breivik a platform? Why put the families through detailed descriptions of how he shot everyone? The ridiculous double standard about the terrorists is really unacceptable. The jerks like Sarkozy, Marine Le Pen and neo-fascists, talk about the Muslim threats because of the Muslim terrorists, but if we should hate all Muslims, for fear of the Muslim terrorists, then all people should hate all Europeans and all Christians, for fear of the Christian terrorists and the European neo-Barbarism, i.e. Fascism and Nazism“. The ridiculous double standards only could fool naive people, but unfortunately, the number of the naive people is not small in today’s world. They don’t use their brains, and just follow the media like sheep. It’s too native to think that the fascists, the racists, or the dictators clearly say: “Oh, yah, we are evil”. They are like Breivik, who said in his court: ‘I’m not a racist. I’m an anti-racist [!!]. I was fighting against anti-European racism carried out by the Norwegian media and the Marxists’. Unfortunately, many people can’t see that “Islamophobia has become the new anti-Semitism for the current generation of European racists“. Some truly say: “The wise people know that all religious fanatics are dangerous creatures. They know that a Christian or Jewish fanatic is as dangerous as a Muslim fanatic. They know what the Islamists do is just a weaker version of what the Christian fanatics did in the European Middle Age. The Nazi, the Fascist, and those who killed tens of millions of people in two world wars were Europeans and Christians. Those who loved the slave trade and killed and tortured millions of black slaves were Westerners and Christians. The Ku Klux Klan and those who lynched the poor blacks, were Americans and Christians. Those who created the Holocaust and killed millions of Jews were Europeans and Christians. But why the Western media and the Western jerks only talk about the Muslim fanatics, and try to create a hate or a fear of all Muslims and all Middle Easterners?” It’s an important question, and Breivik’s court can show us many things about the ridiculous European double standards.


The media reported: “Breivik spent two hours (on Friday April 20, 2012) giving a bullet-by-bullet account of what he refers to as his ‘operation’ on the island of Utoya. In 90 minutes of uninterrupted testimony, the European terrorist described the island massacre from the moment he tricked his way on to the ferry over, dressed as a policeman, to when he was finally arrested. He told of how some of the children he killed were so paralysed with fear that he had time to reload his rifle before shooting them. He recalled teenagers ‘playing dead’ (pretends that they are dead) and he slowly approached before shooting them at close range. Relatives of those he had killed hugged each other. On the west side of the island, he said he came across a group ‘hiding, pressing themselves against the cliff face’. With nowhere to run, he was able to shoot them too. Another gang had clustered near an escarpment beneath ‘Lovers Path’. Spotting them, he murdered five, claiming his youngest victim, Sharidyn, who had just celebrated her 14th birthday. Breivik remembered campers ‘screaming and begging for their lives’. One boy saw him coming and shouted ‘Please, mate’. Breivik shot him regardless: ‘I shot everyone there’. He repeatedly recalled taking what he called ‘follow-up’ shots to ensure that those on the ground were really dead. He also referred to using a building on the island as a ‘forward operational base’. It was to there that, in one of the most tragic twists, he had persuaded his first victim to help him carry a bag containing extra rounds of ammunition. Trond Berntsen, 51, one of the island’s security officials, had met Breivik off the ferry. Utoya’s head of security, Monica Elisabeth Bosei, had been told by Breivik that he needed to her help to sail to the island because he was a police officer who had come to reassure campers in the wake of the Oslo bombing he had carried out barely an hour earlier. He was dressed in police uniform, and Bosei believed him. As Breivik put it: ‘She bought it’. Within five minutes of Breivik setting foot on the island, both the security officals were lying dead between the pier and the so-called information building. Breivik has never expressed remorse for the attacks, saying those he killed on Utoya were not ‘innocent, non-political children’ but ‘young people who worked to actively uphold multicultural values [!]’, and, as such, ‘legitimate targets’. His plan was to kill all 564 people on the island, he had said on Thursday, though he thought most would drown trying to flee his bullets: ‘The main goal was to use the water as a mass destruction method,’ he said. ‘It’s hard to swim if you have death anxiety’. But he said on Friday that he had deliberately spared those who looked the youngest, recalling at one point how he encountered ‘a small boy … crying hard’. Breivik said: ‘I don’t know if he is paralyzed, he is just standing there, crying. And he looks very small, very vulnerable, I thought he can’t possibly be 16 years old, so I said ‘fine, just relax, things will work out’. He turned around and carried on his killing spree”. It’s really shameful that they think Bin Laden, Muslim terrorists, Breivik and European terrorists are equal, but some of them are more equal ! “It’s not bad that all terrorists have a court like Breivik’s court, but you can’t kill one terrorist and accuse all his countrymen and all Muslims of fanaticism and terrorism, while you make love with another terrorist and defend his supporters and the European racism and the European terrorism. It just proves that you are a stupid bastard, a worthless jerk, and a dumb hypocrite”, some wise guys say. I don’t know why you can find only a few article or artistic works about both Breivik and Le Pen (or other European Fascists). It’s really funny that only some wise Norwegians have created a few cartoons/ photos about both Breivik and Marine Le Pen. But do you think if Breivik and Len Pen were non-Europeans, how many cheap works you could find about them?!


The media added: “Hearing a helicopter overhead, Breivik said he considered killing himself. ‘I thought, ‘do I really want to survive this? I will be the most hated person in Norway and every day for the rest of my life will be a nightmare’. But what stopped him pulling the trigger was the thought of the 1801-page manifesto he had spent 5 years compiling in an attempt to make Norway wake up to what he sees as the ‘systematic deconstruction of the Norwegian and European culture’ from
. ‘I thought about the compendium, thought, you are obliged to fight and if you are unable to fulfill a mission you should let yourself be arrested and fight for your cause through the judicial procedure or prison‘. This case is very simple, said Breivik. ‘I’m not a psychiatric case and I am sane … it’s very important to see the difference between political extremism and lunacy in a clinical sense’. Questioned by his own lawyers how he was able to carry out the attacks, he described a ‘meditation’ technique he had developed which mixed ‘Christian prayer’ and Samurai practices. He added: ‘First of all, if you are going to be capable of executing such a bloody and horrendous operation you need to work on your mind, your psyche for years. We have seen from military traditions you cannot send an unprepared person into war‘. Asked how he was able to talk about the atrocities in such an impassive manner, Breivik said he had learnt to rely on ‘technical, de-emotionalised language’. He added: ‘People say, he must be a monster, he cannot be from this planet, he must have no emotions and empathy left, but this has to do with preparing and training‘”. The Western media cover Breivik’s court and Breivik’s bullshits, and let him to fulfill his mission, as he said in his court, and it’s really unbelievable. Of course, a few Europeans protested against this ridiculous double standard, and said: “This guy is a terrorist and whatever his motivations were for his actions, the language used in the media is in stark contrast with the language used if this guy was a Muslim. No words like barbaric, outrage, terror etc are to be heard in reports“. It’s really true. And that’s why some wise Iranians say: “The West and Western media have no shame. They try to create a fake fear of Iranians, while Bin Laden and other Islamist terrorist are Arabs and hate Iranians. The Mullahs only hurt, kill, and torture Iranians, and the West aids the Mullahs in killing Iranians. The Mullahs are friend of the Arabs and the West, but are enemy of Iranians. Some Western jerks say that Iranians should feel shame, because of the Mullahs. But according to this logic, Europeans and Americans not only should feel a great shame because of the Nazi, the Fascist, the Imperialist, the Colonialists, the Ku Klux Klan, the slaveholders, the Serb monsters, the Holocaust creators, the Western politicians, etc, but they should killed themselves because the greatest human monsters, including Hitler, Mussolini, Goebbels, Franko, etc, were Europeans“. The wise guys truly say: “The Norwegian court is normal, but the whole issue is about a great hypocrisy and a great ridiculous double standard. Just compare the removal of Breivik’s handcuffs in the court, with the way they treat the Muslim terrorist in their prisons “. It’s really true. Breivik said he combated his fear of death through Christian prayer. Breivik described himself as a ‘militant Christian‘ who believed in the afterlife. But the Western media don’t use words like barbaric, outrage, terror, etc about him, the Europeans, and the Christians. It’s really important and meaningful. These Western hypocrites are those jerks who aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and now instead of apologizing to Iranians, impose more sanctions on them! These hypocritical evils are as stupid as Breivik who says: “Japan and Korea are the ‘ideal Western states !’ for cultural conservatives and nationalists“. But Breivik seems like an honest evil. He told Oslo court: “There are only two just and fair outcomes in my case: Acquittal or capital punishment”. As you know, an honest evil is less dangerous than a hypocritical evil.


The media also added: “Breivik tells of how he tricked people -asking them ‘where is the terrorist?’ Some believed him and came closer. Then he shot them. He added: ‘I shot off duty guard first. Then ‘mother Utoya’. Shot them several times. Started to hear shouting around me. Then shot voluntary labor youth nearby. People running all directions. I followed largest stream towards cafeteria … There was one person he had just come out of a tent, like he’d been listening his iPod and I went up to him very quietly and I just shot him in the head. All the people had then fled. In Lovers’ Path, some had stopped running and just lay down. I went up to them and shot them all in the head … I shouted ‘You are going to die today, Marxists!’ at the tent site … I decided to go into building to kill as many people as possible. I can not remember what happened in the cafe. I remember seeing blood. I start firing towards people by the piano. Shoot 4-5 persons. Shoot first in head, then follow up with more shots afterwards. I see that some of them are just paralyzed; they are unable to run … It’s something that has never been shown on TV … One person try to attack me with his hands. I push him away with one hand and shoot with the other”. It’s what the Western media covered it, and are proud of it !! The media also added: “Breivik said: ‘When I took the weapon in my hand, it was like 100 voices in my head saying ‘don’t do it, don’t do it’. I’ve always had a good relationship to my mother, I guess i’ve had a good relationship with all of my family'”. Apparently, they try to pretend that Breivik is a human, but Bin Laden who was friendlier and wiser than Breivik, is an animal ! Of course, even Breivik loves Bin Laden. The media reported: “Breivik said: ‘the most successful revolutionary org in the world today is Al Qaeda for linking martyrdom to their operations, they embrace death. I think the big problem for militant nationalists in Europe is that there have been very few role models since world war two [!!]. If a sofa general is to borrow tradition from al-Qaida and doesn’t dare to do it himself but asks others to do it he wouldn’t have any credibility”. The Western media have no shame and cover Breivik’s bullshits without talking about their ridiculous double standards and how they treated non-European terrorists. “Apparently they try make a role model of Breivik !”, funny guys say. Of course, many Europeans are not stupid. They say: “Breivik is a right-wing European terrorist, who clearly believed in the standard right-wing media comments section … Where the only business tolerated by the Bishops was Christianity? So, I’m Western and Christian, and I don’t like this culture. What sort of barrier shall we erect between us? … Breivik’s trial is a good opportunity to reflect on a deep cultural weakness within European culture of which he is only a good example. Where does this paranoid thinking come from? I believe this it deeply embedded in Christian culture and perhaps come from the need to look for people to blame for the death of Christ which of course has taken the form of targeting the Jews for nearly two thousand years … This insane man wants his show trial and has got it. But Instead of treating him like a terrorist we should have treated the terrorists like him, haul them before a public court and let them face criminal charges“. It’s true, but as some wise Iranians say: “the West is hypocrite and stupid, and it’s the main problem. Those Western jerks who talk nonsense about Iran and Iranians, because of the Mullahs, should be ashamed of themselves, not only because the West aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, but because the greatest human monsters were Europeans and the greatest human tragedies have been created by Europeans in the European soil . Have you forgotten the Nazis and the Fascists? Have you forgotten the Holocaust? The sick Europeans have always created such a great tragedy of humanity. In the 1990s, the savage Serbs created the Bosni tragedy, the Srebrenica massacres, and killed tens of thousands people because of their race. We don’t talk about the Middle Age or the dark ages, or when Europeans ate each others like animals, but Iranians had a great Civilization; we talk about the 20th century. It’s so obvious that if a nation should be ashamed of its history and its human monsters, it’s Europeans, not Iranians. Those Western bastards who impose sanctions on Iranians because of the Mullahs, are really worse than Breivik. They aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians; they aided the Mullahs in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran; they make love with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in the US, Canada, and Europe, but they impose sanctions on Iranians who hate the Mullahs. And they have a very stupid joke that is really laughable: they pretend that they are enemy of the Mullahs!”. Think about it. The European Hypocrisy and the Western Hypocrisy is really one of the most ridiculous things in the World history.

Western Hypocrisy & our Pain and Suffering in Iran

May 10, 2012

In these days, when the internet in Iran is very very slow and censored, some media, including the Mullah state TV, report that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank praise the Mullahs and their Subsidies Cut Plan, known as “Rideman Plan” (shitting plan). The Western hypocrisy has really reached its peak. “The US and the EU and their puppets, including the IMF and the World Bank, openly and secretly make love with the Mullahs, but at the same time, the Western jerks impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians“, many Iranians say. In these days, the Mullahs want to implement the second phase of their Subsidies Cut Plan (Rideman Plan), and it’s really funny, because the Mullahs deliberately try to increase the price of basic foods and basic needs, and try to serve Obama’s interests. In fact, Obama needs to pretend that his stupid sanctions are working, and the Mullahs aid him. If you can open your mind, you can see many things in this farce. Rideman Plan has already raised the price of basic needs 400%, and it’s independent of the Western sanctions. A Mullah has said: ‘Before Mr. shit, and since the first human on Earth, the maximum price of meat was 40,000 Rials, but in the recent years, Mr. shit has raised the price of meat to 250,000 Rials’. You can ask yourself, why the Mullahs officially declare that they want to implement the second phase of Rideman Plan at this time, when their Rideman Plan only strengthens the Western sanctions ?! Some say: “The Mullahs know that their new Rideman Plan can lead to a riot, but they are sure of their secret deals with the US, and they are sure that they can kill many Iranians, and the West not only closes its dirty eyes, but the West would aid them in killing Iranians”. And some add: “The Mullahs want to implement their Rideman Plan, because the IMF and the World Bank love it and praise it. Of course, before 2006, the Mullahs said the IMF and the World Bank are Zionist and Imperialist organizations !, and their plans are Zionist and imperialist plans !, but now they implement the Zionist plans and help the Imperialist sanctions !! The Mullahs’ mission is simple: Destroying Iran and serving the interests of their Western masters”. What is happening in these days is really funny and important. The IMF and the World banks praise the Mullahs, but the SWIFT and other Western puppets impose sanctions on Iranians. “Apparently, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is sure that the Westerners are really stupid and ignorant, and can’s see the truth, because their media whores and pseudo-intellectuals can brainwash their people and can play with their people well“, some wise Iranians say. It’s really tragic that many people live like sheep in the West. The current farce can show many things, including the depth of hypocrisy and stupidity of the American lefts and the Europeans lefts. Now, some wise Iranians can see an important fact: the stupid lefts in the West are stooges of politicians . “If you were the US, how do you support your beloved dictators in Iran and Saudi Arabia? The US can show you that you need at least two groups; and you should avoid at least two groups. You need a group like FoxNews that defend Saudi’s dictator and attack Iran’s dictator; and you need a group like Chomsky and the leftist media that defend Iran’s dictator and attack Saudi’s dictator. These two puppet groups can aid you in supporting your beloved dictators, and no one can guess that both groups work for you. But you should avoid at least two groups; a group that defend both dictators in Iran and Suadi, and a group that attack both dictators in Iran and Saudi; because the former are idiots that reveal your secrets, and the latter are wise people that you should silence them; and that’s why the Western media ignore or silence the members of this group”, some wise Iranian say.

You can ask yourself: “Why the Western media only care about some one like Chomsky and other leftist bastards who support the tyranny and the savage dictators, including the Mullahs, and why the the Western media introduce these idiots as ‘intellectual’ or ‘alternative’?“. It’s an important question. Some wise Iranians say: “because they are pseudo-intellectuals, and most of them are stooges of the Western politicians. They are intellectual mercenaries who support imperialism in the name of fighting against imperialism“. In these days, the Mullahs say they want to implement the new Rideman Plan, while they officially declare that prices of basic needs have already increased 150%, in the past two months. Some Mullahs say: ‘the new Rideman Plan can lead to a riot. If this plan continues, then even our [few] supporters will protest, and it’s so dangerous‘. It reminds you of a Persian proverb: ‘The soup is so salty that even the cook can’t deny it’. But many people say: ‘the Mullahs are sure that the West makes deal with them, and that’s why they not only don’t have any fear of the Western sanctions, but they want to implement their new Rideman Plan that can lead to a riot”. Those who are familiar with the anatomy of revolution, know that economic crisis and economic plans like Ridemal Plan are detonators of Revolution, but why the Mullahs love these detonators? Some high rank Mullahs say: “Our brothers in the US and the EU, specially Hajj Hussein Obama, really love us and help us. We don’t have any fear of revolution, because we can kill all Iranians, and the West not only says nothing, but they will aid us in killing Iranians. The Western media, the Western politicians, and the Western lefts are our close friends. They proved it in 2009. We can do whatever we want to do, and they just help us and support us”. It’s so obvious that Iranians are victims of the West and the Western puppets (Mullahs/ Mercenaries/ Monarchists/ Lefts/ Pseudo-intellectuals/ etc). It’s so obvious that in the Iranian struggle for freedom and democracy, the Mullahs are just one of the obstacles, and of course they are not the main obstacle. “The post-2009 era showed us that the Mullahs are not the main obstacle, but the Western countries and the stooges of the West that support the Mullahs by any means, are the main obstacle. But sooner or later, Iranians will defeat the Western puppets and their Western supporters. The Iranian people have become aware, and they know who is behind the Mullahs and who is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “The post-2009 era showed that today’s Iranians are not so stupid. Just look at today’s world and see how stupid other nations are. Iranians are not like the stupid Arabs who still love the Islamists, or like the stupid Russians who still love their Animal Farm, or like the stupid Westerners who still care about their pseudo-intellectuals and their media”. There is no doubt that Iranians are victims of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western puppets, but unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans can’t see the truth, and just follow their politicians like sheep. “It’s really shameful that Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other Western politicians think their people are like sheep. In the recent days, and in the last months of the election year, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) talks about gays and gays’ rights, because he thinks he can fool the Sheeple in the election year”, wise guys say. It’s really a tragic fact.


“The internet in Iran is very very slow, and the tragedy of freedom, people’s rights, corruption and economic crises is really unbearable, but when you hear about the Western hypocrisy, for instance about IMF and the World Bank’s love affair with the Mullahs, or when you see the Mullah TV still airs its programs from Washington and London, you just want to express your love and your thanks to the motherf-u-c-k-er West !”, cool Iranians say. In the recent days, the IMF and the World Bank praised the Mullahs again, but many stupid Westerners still can’t see the truth. The wise Iranians say: “Many westerners are really stupid and ignorant. They can’t see that the Western politicians, the Western media, or the Western companies aided the Mullahs in killing, torturing, and silencing Iranians in 2009. They don’t know why the majority of Western leftists defended the Mullah regime in 2009, and why they support Obama’s love affairs with the Mullahs. They don’t know that the majority of the Western left are pseudo intellectuals and media whores. They are like the stupid sheep. They and their media whores and pseudo-intellectuals cause many problems for us, and our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of what they do”. It’s really true that our problems and our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of Western hypocrisy and Western stupidity. “Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran have many enemies, and the Mullah is just one of them. The Western countries, the western media, the Western left, the Western intellectuals, the Western racists and chauvinists, the Arabs, the Zionists, the Iranian mercenaries, the Iranian expats that most of them are very stupid and very reactionary, and many other evil forces try to create serious problems for us, and they are eager to torture us. They are worse than the Mullahs, and we are forced to fight against all of these evil forces. We don’t have just one enemy, and the Mullahs are not our main enemy”, the wise Iranians say. It’s a bitter truth that you can feel it in Iran. The savage Mullahs are just a small part of our problems in Iran. The Western politicians, the Western media, and the Western intellectuals who support the Mullahs or tell big lies about Iran and Iranians are really worse than the Mullahs. Those western jerks who say: “Iran has no rights. Iran is a poor and crappy nation and Iranians have not right”, are animals that the world knows them and their true face, but the Western left and the Western intellectuals who defend the Mullahs without shame, are popular in the West. “How narrow minded the leftist figures are, and how ignorant they are toward crimes done by the Islamic regime in Iran. These leftists are nothing by a bunch of hypocrites who just betray the ordinary people and the oppressed nations“, many Iranians say.

“The world doesn’t know that the leftist, smug, ignorant, stupid, over-paid academics, journalists, government officials, and self-declared ‘experts’ are evil forces. The world doesn’t know about ‘Western Hypocrisy and Tragedy of Internet in Iran’ (check Archive). The world doesn’t know ‘How the West Apologizes’ (check Archive). The world doesn’t know that the West makes love with the Mullahs, but imposes sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who are anti-Mullahs. It’s really tragic. We are really victims of the Western Hypocrisy and the Western Ignorance”, some Iranians add. The tragedy of the Iranian expats and the Iranian mercenaries who live in the West, and the story of Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, James Petras, and almost all leftist figures in the West, who showed us their true colors in the post-2009 era, are just parts of a bigger problem. When you live in Iran and suffer from the people’s pain and suffering, you can’t remain silent about many things, including the Iranian mercenaries and the Western leftist media whores and pseudo-intellectuals, mainly because you can see a bigger problem. You can see that the West loves mercenaries and the sheep, and hates the wise people. You can see that the West only support the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons. You can see that the West only grant visa to the Mullahs, crooks, and the stupid sheep, and if any person protests or wants to remain free, independent, or open-minded, s/he can’t get Western visa and can’t leave the big prison (Iran). You can see how the West supports the intellectual mercenaries who try to distort the facts and hide the truth. “When only the stupid sheep and the charlatans and the Islamists can leave Iran, who can reflect the people’s voices, who can talk bout the truth, and who can help the Iranians inside Iran? When the West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran, stooges and mercenaries gain the upper hand, for instance the shithole of with its 1000 members, who are mercenaries or sick and ultra-stupid Iranian expats, becomes the main website of the Iranian opposition; and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahalvi) and Khatami and other hated baboons, that 90% of Iranians hate them, desperately try to fool the people, and the West stupidly supports the Iranian baboons financially and politically“, the wise Iranians say. We have already written about these issues, but unfortunately, many still know nothing about the Western Hypocrisy, the Western pseudo-intellectuals, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have caused many serious problems for us in Iran. The wise Iranians say: “Our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of Western Hypocrisy and Western betrayals. Chomsky and those leftist figures who pretend ignorance about the West’s love affairs with the Mullahs, and don’t want to see, for instance, the IMF and World bank’s love affairs with the Mullahs, are not ignorant people. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and our pains and sufferings are caused by them. The Mullahs are not the main problem. They are a herd of stupid wolves that everybody knows them well. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, that their number is not small, are the main problem “. It’s really hard to say it’s wrong.


“The Western politicians and the Western far-rights are the wolves, while the Western intellectuals and the Western lefts are the wolves in sheep’s clothing“, some say. Many Iranians, including us, can’t forget how the wolves in sheep’s clothing defended the savage Mullahs, and betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in 2009. Our pain and suffering in Iran forces us not to forget their betrayals. But it’s not the whole story. They are so shameless and not only refuse to apologize to us for their betrayals, but they betray Iranians more and more, and that’s why we should write more about the old wounds of 2009, and how the wolves in sheep’s clothing support the so-called imperialism in the name of fighting against imperialism. It’s really tragic that the Western jerks who defend the savage Mullahs should live in the free world, but the wise Iranians should live in Iran and should be victims of the savage Mullahs and their Western supporters. Those who want to know the truth, can learn many things from the 2009 and its tragedies. World Socialist Web Site ( published a shameful article on 15 June 2009 (written by a stupid jerk called ‘Barry Grey’) that said: “Ahmadinejad has defeated Mousavi by a 30 percent margin, but the imperialist media proclaimed the election a fraud [!]. They try to give the impression that Tehran has been placed under martial law, with droves of black-clad police roaming the city and beating oppositionists [!!!] But for anyone with a serious knowledge of Iranian society and politics, the decisive victory of Ahmadinejad could not have come as a surprise [!!!] Mousavi opposes Ahmadinejads populist subsidies to the urban poor and the peasantry [!!!] The imperialist media attack two regime deemed by Washington to be an obstacle to US imperialist interests- Ahmadinejad in Iran, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela”. Oh, even rereading these bullshits and big lies can make you sick. But these motherfu-k-c-er lairs who tell big lies should live in the free world, while the wise Iranians that these stupid bastards should wax their shoes, should live under tyranny because of these jerks. The wise Iranians say: “Even a little kid knows that Mousavi was like a social-democrat and Ahmadinejad was a far-right fascist, but the western lefts, who are intellectual whores, love telling big shameful lies. Of course, the blatant hypocrisy and inconsistency of Leftists on Iran was particularly acute during the Arab Spring, or the uprisings in some Arab states in 2011. Suddenly all of the criticisms Leftists hurled against Iranian protesters, who were anti-Islamists, became virtues of the Arab uprisings and the Islamist Arabs, especially in Tunisia and Egypt”. It’s really true. The 2011 revealed many secrets of 2009.

If you don’t condemn the Mullah state violence, you are promoting Western imperialism“, the wise guys say, and it’s really true. “Those jerks, including Chomsky, who support the Mullahs and their brutal dictatorship in Iran are supporting Western imperialism. Any anti-war position on Iran must include opposition to the Mullah state-repression against Iranians“, the wise guys say, but the pseudo intellectuals love pretending ignorance. “What were the consequences of the majority of North American leftists taking a position in support of the Mullah regime and its savagery in 2009?”, the wise guys ask. And we all know the answer. “The left just love tyranny and the brutal dictators. The western left-wing intellectuals have always viewed other people as second-class people; as slaves; as pawns in a conflict against the imperialism . But we are all human, we all have the same rights. There are certain members of the left, like Kinzer [a real motherf-u-c-k-er], that think human rights are only for white people, and other people should suffer from tyranny and savagery, because they deserve it. They pretend ignorance that Iranian dictators in past 100 years, from Pahlavi to Mullahs, have been stooges of the West, and the young and modern Iranians (i.e. the majority of Iranians) who are at least as wise as their western counterparts should suffer from tyranny, because the West is hypocrite and aids the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. They believe those who are born slave, because their parents were slave, should remain slave. They clearly say: ‘The Iranian people should have the freedom to choose their own dictator [!] They deserve their dictator, and the West only should support their dictator, and should aid their dictator in killing them‘. These jerks love and defend Mullahs, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and other brutal dictators who hate human rights. They are stupid utilitarian. They are animals in human clothing. They and their stupid supporters deserve their corrupt politicians. But unfortunately many don’t know them the their true face. Many don’t know that the left always looks for way to excuse brutal regimes as long as they pretend that they are opposed to the imperialism. And many don’t know that the stupid lefts support the imperialism by defending the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism! Recently, Chomsky has said: ‘The only way the rulers (i.e. our employers !) can overcome is by control of opinions and attitudes‘. In fact, the leftist pseudo-intellectuals know their job well. And our pain and suffering in Iran is a direct result of their hypocrisy and their betrayals”, some wise Iranians say. Think about it. It can show you many things.

Greek Election: No to Politicians, Yes to Fascists?

May 8, 2012

“A parliamentary election for the Greek legislature was held on 6 May, 2012. The Greek Election was a massive protest vote against EU-dictated austerity. Voters went out of their way to ‘punish’ mainstream parties widely blamed for years of fiscal mismanagement. ‘How can we vote for parties to be part of the solution when they got us in this mess in the first place?’ ask many Greeks. ‘We’ve been completely destroyed. Our country is in ruins’. The results show a sharp decline in support for mainstream parties”, the media reported. It’s really good that the Geek people said ‘No’ to their corrupt and stupid politicians. But it’s not the whole story. The media also added: “The far-right Golden Dawn party, known as Neo-Nazis or ultra-nationalists, who poured into the streets holding blazing torches, captured 7% of the vote – enough to place about 20 deputies in the 300-seat house for the first time since the collapse of military rule in 1974. The leader of this extreme-right and anti-immigrant party on course for shock success in Greece’s general elections has lashed out ‘traitors’ responsible for the country’s financial crisis and said his party was ushering in a ‘revolution’. Golden Dawn and its supporters have been blamed for a recent spike in inner-city street attacks against mostly Asian immigrants“, the media reported. It’s really shameful that thugs, fascists, and new-Nazi groups in Europe are getting more popular. “Yes, politicians are worse than thugs and bully boys, but ‘no to politicians’ should not become ‘yes to fascists’ or ‘yes to thugs’. It’s what politicians want. The European people should not be stupid. Rage and despair never yet built a better society. It just creates great disasters”, some wise Iranians say. “Golden Dawn graffiti calls for ‘a new Holocaust to clear the filth from the country’. Greece is following France and Netherlands where extreme right wing parties are getting more and more popular”, the media reported. It’s really shameful and dangerous.


The idiots of Golden Dawn really look like “thugs” and “bully boys” or as Iranians say: “Arazel; Laat” ! It’s really shameful that some Greek have voted for them. The media reported: “Golden Dawn’s leader, Michaloliakos said: ‘No one should fear me if they are a good Greek citizen [!] If they are traitors -I don’t know [!!]’. Flanked by two muscly aides [!], he later told a news conference: ‘Those who betray this country -it’s time for them to be afraid. We are coming [!]‘”. It’s really shameful. The Greek No to politicians could be a real victory for the people, but their votes for the stupid parties and the thugs is a great shame. “A total of 32 parties participated in the election, including: ‘Cant Pay, Wont Pay’ Movement [!], National Resistance Movement (KEAN), Front of the Greek Anti-Capitalist Left (ANTARSYA), and Pirate Party. The Greek parliament has 300 seats. 250 seats will be distributed (among political parties) on the basis of proportional representation, with a threshold of 3% for entry into parliament. The other 50 seats will be awarded to the leading party. Parliamentary majority is achieved by a party or coalition that command at least one half plus one (151 out of 300) of total seats. Votes cast for parties that fall short of the 3% threshold, are treated like blank and invalid votes”, the media reported. The Greek system is a little bit weird, but it’s interesting to know that a party, National Hope, was prohibited from participating as it was a Monarchist party. “It’s good that the Greek know the true colors of the Monarchists, but why did they vote for a gang of thugs? It’s really shameful”, some say. “The Greek Neo-Nazi party’s supporters, routinely seen intimidating immigrants in run-down parts of the capital, wear black shirts, and its emblems resemble Nazi insignia“, the media report. “The Greek people have voted for the thugs, because they can beat and hit the politicians!; but after a while, they will beat and hit the people, as well”, some joke.


It’s really good that they ban the Monarchist parties, and they don’t support the major parties, PASOK and New Democracy. “Conservative New Democracy and Socialist PASOK, who have dominated Greece for decades, were holding less than 35 percent of the vote. That would mean they might only scrape the 151-seat threshold needed for even the most fragile majority in parliament. New Democracy was polling just 19 percent and PASOK a humiliating 13.5 percent with the Left Coalition (SYRIZA) on 16”, the media report. They also added: “On 21 April, PASOK’s Venizelos said that ‘parliament cannot become a reception space for the followers of Nazism and fascism‘. In response, some Golden Dawn supporters were reported to have thrown bottles and other objects at him”. Some ask: “Why they don’t ban Neo-Nazi and Fascist parties? Why they vote for a neo-Nazi party?” Maybe, we can find the answer in what some Greek politicians said: “This Election was a complete collapse of the party system as we have known it, which opens up new concerns about Greece’s ability to govern itself”. Some say: “Why politicians and their media whores are happy that the people support the thugs and the fascists? because they can claim that the people are stupid and still need politicians. If the people proved that they are stupid and ignorant, they would show that they still need representatives and politicians to decide on behalf of them. And it’s what the politicians want“. Some Greek say: “The idiots of Golden Dawn and their leader described Golden Dawn as opposing the ‘so-called Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution ! The group rejects fascists and neo-Nazi labels, but their logo looks like a swastika and they had mandated the use of ‘Nazi salute’ in the past years. Unfortunately, parts of the Greek police and the security force support them”. Unfortunately, Fascism and Neo-Fascism is a serious threat in the whole Europe. The stupid people in Europe, that their number is not small, can repeat history and its great disasters, if other Europeans remain naive or indifferent.


Some Iranians say: “Even the Greeks and their little kids, that exactly look like the Iranian little kids, know that they should ban the Monarchists and their stupid parties; It’s good; but they should not forget the fascists who are as dangerous as the monarchists”. And some add: “In Greece, politicians are bankrupt now. But the Greek people should think about the real solutions, instead of supporting the thugs and the idiots. Several analysts said the unprecedented fragmentation of the vote could bode weeks of instability and force another election. Where are the Greek thinkers who should show some good solutions to their people?”. Some funny guys say: “A real solution for Greece is: Seizing the property of all politicians, who have created this crisis; and taxing the rich (millionaires, billionaires, and politicians) at 90%”. The former is a very stronger version of what FDR and the US did in the 1930s, but Greek and other countries need real solutions, and should get rid of their politicians who always create horrible crises. A feasible solution, and not a long-term solution like Direct Democracy and “a world without politicians” that we have already written about it, can be a system like the Swiss system. The people should be to able to put every law decided by their representatives to a general vote -if they want. It could prevent from many stupid decisions that led to the current crises. As we said before about the Swiss Referendum, the elected lawmakers should know that their work will be seriously checked by the public, and the people should be able to reject every low decided by their representatives . Greek needs real solutions, not voting for thugs and idiots. Some Greek say: “My vote were a protest vote because they cut my pension … I live in a basement but pay the same (property) tax as someone who lives in a penthouse … I don’t think that voting for a small party will make us go bankrupt. We already are”. Yah, voting for a small party is not bad, but voting for thugs and fascists is really stupid and dangerous. It’s not solution, it just worsens the situation.

Sarkozy Got Lost

May 7, 2012

“French singer Tum Sally insists upon paying a vibrant tribute to Sarkozy by immortalizing his infamous slur aimed at an old farmer who had the impudence of refusing to shake his hand: Get Lost, You Jerk. And yesterday the French sent this message to Clown Sakozy: Get Lost, You Jerk“, some people media reported. They also added: “Sarko hid in a bar to escape from hundreds of angry protesters who booed him during an election campaign in Frances southwest Basque country. Shouting ‘Sarko, president of the rich’ and ‘Sarkozy, get lost‘ the protesters stopped him on Thursday. And on the election day, the people tweet: ‘What are we saying to Sarkozy? Get lost; We are sick of his face, of even hearing about him’. And now, Clown Sarkozy has got lost”. It’s funny. “The French people has dumped Clown Sarkozy into the trash can of history, and this little shit who made love with the Mullahs in 2009, and aided them in killing Iranians, has got screwed now. In 2010, the French youths chanted: ‘Sarkozy, youre screwed‘. They also repeated what their Iranian counterparts said: ‘Get lost, you stupid bastard’, and now the stupid bastard has really got lost and screwed”, some Iranians say. The 52% of French people proved that they are not stupid. “Some pointed to the poster of Sarkozy, and said: ‘We voted to get rid of that man. We have to sweep him and the Front National away. The tone of his campaign has been shocking. We feel almost ashamed that 6.5 million people in France voted for the Front National‘”, the media reported. It’s a sign of wisdom. But I really don’t know why 48% of the French voters voted for this stupid clown, Sarkozy. Anyway, now France and the whole world has got rid of a stupid jerk. “After 35 years in politics and 10 years at the top of government, he would now withdraw forever from public life. Lots of people believe France is rid of Sarko forever”, some wise French say. “Clown Sarko, who showed us his true colors in 2009, should withdraw forever from public/ political life, because the best job for him is ‘a clown in a small circus'”, some funny Iranians say.


Clown Sarko went to Hell, and it’s good. But is Hollande really an acceptable alternative? “The French people had to choose between the two clowns. Hollande and Sarkozy are two sides of the same coin”, some French said. They also add: “Half the time you find yourself voting against one candidate, rather than really for the other. We are fed up with voting against someone”. It’s really true. Voting against one candidate, and choosing the lesser evil, is really stupid. Yes, it’s good that the French people can get rid of their ruler, without war or violence, but it’s not enough. “Hollande’s manifesto is based on scrapping Sarkozy’s tax-breaks for the rich and putting up taxes for high earners to finance what he deems essential spending, including the creation of 60,000 posts in France’s under-performing school system”, the media report. Taxing the real rich, not high earners, is not a bad idea. Some cool guys say: “1% to 10% of the people are millionaire, and earn more than two or three million dollars a year. They should pay tax, and others should not pay tax. When a millionaire or a billionaire pay 75% tax, he is still a millionaire or a billionaire, but his tax is equal to the tax of 100 to 100,000 ordinary people. They should pay tax, because their money don’t make them happy; their money just corrupt them and make problems for others. It’s what Maslow hierarchy of needs can show us, too. So, Millionaires and Billionaires should pay tax, not only because they create many serious problems for other people, but because it’s better for themselves”. It seems like joke, but it’s not like jokes that politicians tell us. Politicians and their beloved millionaires and billionaires steal the people’s money and create the economic crises, and then we, the ordinary people, should pay the price of their crises and their greediness“. It’s a joke that we all live with it. Some funny guys add: “Never trust politicians. They are like Sarko, and their commitments are like Sarko’s commitment in his stupid marriage. Sarko grabs people’s boobs, while he is a married man. You should never trust those greedy idiots who marry to models and millionaires, but always grab people’s boobs and f-u-c-k the ordinary people. They are called charlatan or politician, and Sarkozy is one of them”.


“Grabbing people’s boobs can be so cool, but not when you are a married politician, and not when you are a married man who always talk about commitment with his supermodel wife !”, some cool guys add. They also add: “Just imagine that man who refused to shake clown’s hand at the agricultural fair are parading his first public date with Carla Bruni at Disneyland weeks after a high-profile divorce“. The story of that man is funny. “In 2008, Sarkozy offered his hand to a man who said: ‘Don’t touch me, you make me sick’. In reply, Sarkozy said, without dropping his smile: ‘Get lost, dumb ass’. Sarkozy also had a heated exchange with fishermen during protests against rising fuel costs. He challenged a fisherman who had insulted him, ‘Come down and say that,’ ! At that time, Hollande said Sarkozy was not behaving like a head of state and called on him to improve his behavior. ‘One should not get into a brawl…One does not call down a fisherman to explain what he said, one does not get into a fight with someone who does not want to shake your hand,’ [!]”, the media reported. The French debate and the French election remind many Iranians of 2009. “For almost three hours on Wednesday night, Sarkozy, and sometimes Hollande, made a fool of himself. Sarkozy said: ‘This isn’t a contest for little jokes .. you are a petit calomniateur (little liar)’. And Hollande said: ‘Don’t confuse your person with France itself … With you it is simple, it is never your fault … you are always happy with what you do. French people are less so’. Many French people would probably dance in the street to hear that Sarkozy had been hit by a bus [!]”, some French people said. “But If France had been like Iran under the Mullah regime, the result of the French election would be like this: Sarkozy 95%, Hollande 5%. And when the people would protest, tens of thousands of them would be killed and tortured, while the Western media would report: ‘Sarkozy was really popular, and he is the real winner. The workers and the poor people love Sarkozy, and 95% can’t be unreal’. And the Western lefts would add: “The US and imperialists hate Sarkozy, and that’s why they try to pretend this result is not the real result”. And it’s not joke, because what happened to us in 2009 was really worst than it. At least 48% of their people support Sarkozy, but just less than 10% of our people support Mr. shit and the Mullahs”, some funny Iranians say. “What’s politician going to do for me? They don’t know anything about people like me. They don’t live in the same world. Politicians live on another planet”, some French say. It’s really true. Politicians are like parasites – useful for themselves and useless or harmful for others. But unfortunately, many people still care about them, and it’s one of the main problems of this shitty world.

Britons, Arabs, and Iranians

May 5, 2012

Yesterday, the Economist published a very shameful article about Iranians and Arabs, but it just reminds you of an old Iranian saying: “Your enemy can create a good opportunity for you, if god wills”. Sometimes, the sick people try to create war, hatred, or violence, but they just disgrace themselves, and show you their true colors and their hidden plans. “This shameful article can show us many things about the true colors of the UK and the US, and their plans for the Middle East and the Persian Gulf”, many say. Those who have open minds and want to see the truth, can see many things in the Economist’s article, “Persians v Arabs: the same old sneers” [1] The wise Iranians say: “Do you want to see the true colors of the British bastards and their ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics in the Middle East? You should read the Economist’s shameful article. It can show you how Britain, that occupied parts of Iran in the 19th century, tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf for the first time in the history“. Let’s take a look at the Economist’s shameful article, that has been written by the British bastards who are really sick people. The British bastards say: “From satirical verses about ‘locust-eaters’ out of the parched wastes of Arabia to periodic efforts to ‘purify’ the Persian language of Arabic accretions, assertions of cultural superiority have masked a deep historical resentment”. The British bastards want to make use of “this forgotten historical resentment”, but Iranians call ‘the stupid Arabs, specially the Arab politicians, who are stooges of the UK and the US’, not all Arabs and the wise Arabs, “locust-eaters”. Iranians say: “The wise young Arabs are like their counterparts in Iran and all around the world. Iranians are not racist, and just have problem with the stupid Arabs and their Western masters. The Arab politicians are the locust-eaters, while the British politicians are the shit-eaters, who always eat extra shit !” The British bastards add: “the Persian Gulf which Arabs, naturally [!!!], prefer to call the A…b Gulf”. It’s a stupid joke. For thousands years, Arabs have always used the real name of the Persian Gulf, and the British bastards were the first jerks who desperately tried to changed the historical name of the Persian Gulf, and some stupid Arabs in Egypt and Arabia followed them like sheep. The British bastards add: “Irans last shah [regained] these [occupied] Islands in 1971, as Britain abandoned its former [occupations] in the Persian Gulf. and the UAE was being set up (was born)” It’s a good confession. In fact, Britain occupied parts of Iran, and then created the small Arab states of Persian Gulf in the occupied parts of Iran, because they had oil. “The British bastards are sick idiots, and think we still live in the Colonialism Age. But their old ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics are stupid and useless now; They just show the younger generations their true colors, and it’s really good”, many Iranians say. They also add: “For the first time in the history, the British bastards tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf, that even the Arabs called it ‘Persian Gulf’ for thousands years. Arabs of Arabia (Saudi) were a small population that didn’t live near the Persian Gulf, and all today’s Arab states of the Persian Gulf were parts of Persia. The UK occupied parts of Iran in the 19th century, and then ‘their agents, aka Lawrence Of Arabia‘, moved some racist Arabs to these occupied parts and used ‘divide and rule’ tactics. In about 70 years ago, the British bastards started to change the historical name of the Persian Gulf, because they wanted to exploit both Iranians and Arabs and their oil with ‘divide and rule’ tactics. There is no doubt that the Mullahs are ‘Arab stooges of the UK’ who love destroying Iran and Iranians, and their mission is like the mission of the Arab dictators. They should oppress their people and should serve the interests of their Western masters”. I hope all wise guys in all around the world can see the truth.


The British bastards add: “Iranian nationalists responded joyfully. Anti-Arab gags dominated comedy programs on state radio, while astonishment was expressed in parliament and in the newspapers at the cheek of the ‘little sheikhs’ to the south, their confected country barely four decades old, daring to address the heirs of Cyrus the Great. If the people of Irans southernmost province all blew at once across the Persian Gulf, one wag remarked, ‘the wind would carry the Emirates away'”. There is no doubt that most of crises in the Middle East are British-American made crises, and the stooges of the UK and the US, from the Mullahs to Arabs and Zionists, just obey their masters. “The Arab dictators are stooges of the UK and the US, and they try to change the name of the Persian Gulf, or talk nonsense about the Islands of the Persian Gulf, because their Western masters want this. But there is no doubt that If the 75 million people of Iran blew or even fart at once across the Persian Gulf, ‘the wind would carry the Emirates and their British masters away’“, many Iranians say. They also add: “The stupid Arabs are like the Mullahs, but many Arabs know who is who in the Persian Gulf, and one day, all occupied parts of Persia will become part of Persia again. The British bastards can be sure of this. But the occupied parts of Iran, including the small Arab states of the Persian Gulf, will become part of Iran without any war or violence. They are like the lost children who will find their mother and their motherland again. The British bastards are not friend of Arabs. For seeing a small part of the truth, from the Arab life to the British policy in the 19th century, you can watch David Lean’s Lawrence Of Arabia (1962) movie; of course you should ignore the British propaganda and their blatant lies in this movie”. The British bastards talk about “Cyrus eyeballs the locust-eaters (Arabs)”, but these sick Britons know that the Cyrus the Great was not racist, and he wrote the first charter of Human Rights in the world. The angry Iranians say: “Cyrus the Great defended the rights of the Jews, and many other suppressed minorities. In fact, when the savage Britons and the savage British tribes were eating each others, Iranians were writing the first charter of Human Rights. Plato and many Greek thinkers who defended the slavery and the racism, called Cyrus ‘the philosopher-king’ and respected him a lot”. It’s really funny that the Iranian reaction to the Economist’s article is not “hatred towards Arabs”, as the British bastards want. And It can show you the depth of Iranians’ wisdom in today’s Iran. “The past three years clearly proved that the younger generations of Iranians are at least as wise as their Western counterparts, and the future of Iran will be as glorious as its glorious past in the ancient Persia and the Persian Empire”, the wise Iranians say. “The Persian-Arab conflicts is like the French-English hostilities, but did Iranians try to encourage the French people to say: ‘The true name of England is the French-Land‘?, or did Iranian say that the French should naturally prefer to call England ‘the French-land’ ?!! No, Iranians were not as stupid as and as shameless as the British bastards”, some Iranians say. They also add: “The old Iranians didn’t say that ‘the name of England should be the French-Land‘ and didn’t use the name of the French-Land, instead of England, in their maps, books, search engines, etc. But if the British bastards insist on being jerk, we would call England ‘the French-Land’ !, and we would try to support the separatist groups in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, etc. Of course, Iranians have a funny old saying: ‘Don’t dig well for throwing others into it, because the first person who falls into that well will be yourself, not others’. And now the British bastards can see separatism in Scotland, and sooner or later, Scotland would separate from the UK”. It’s a good funny fact. Now, the UK is a victim of its own dirty tricks, including “Divide and Rule”. It’s really funny.


“The UK occupied southern parts of Persia in the 19th century. The UK aided Russia in occupying Northern Iran in the 19th century. The UK separate Afghanistan and Pakistan from Iran in the 19 century. The UK revived the Mullahs and the Mullah schools in the 19th century. The UK made Reza Kachal (Reza, the bald) king. The UK tried to change the name of the Persian Gulf. The UK converted the occupied parts of Iran into small Arab states. The UK tried to make use of ‘old wounds’ for its own animal interests. The UK aided the US and the Mullahs in creating the Islamic revolution in Iran. The UK aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran. And the UK did many other shameful things in the past 200 years, and that’s why Iranians hate the UK. But one day, in the near future, the British bastards and their Iranian mercenaries, will pay the price of their shameful behaviors”, many Iranians say. They also add: “The Mullahs and the Iranian baboons are stooges of the US and the UK. Many Iranian mercenaries, from Qajars and Mullahs to Masoud Behnoud and Taghizadeh kissed the British ass. But the age of the British puppets in Iran has reached its end. The Mullahs and some one like Masoud Behnoud, that the people shit on them now, are the last generation of the British puppets in Iran. The British bastards should apologize to Iranians, Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Argentineans, and many other nations for their shameful behaviors, otherwise, we and the world will not forgive them”. I hope the younger generations of Britons can understand the victims of British bastards, and can see the truth. The wise and open-minded Britons are not like the British bastards, as the British great men were not like the British bastards. The UK had great men like Newton and Darwin, who are among the greatest men in the world history. Newton and Darwin and other great men, including the great men of Persia, don’t belong to one nation and one country. They are part of the human legacy. The great Persian poet said: ‘Human beings are members of a whole – In creation of one essence and soul; If one member is afflicted with pain – Other members uneasy will remain; If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain”. And Sadi said this, when the Europe experienced its dark ages. I hope the good guys can see the truth, and the bad guys can see that the younger generations of Iranians are not stupid, and know the truth. They say: “We know that the Mullahs serve the interests of the West, and thats why they love the Mullahs. A regime that suppresses and silences its young and modern people and play the role of a fake enemy or a pseudo-enemy for the West, is a godsend for the West. They love the Mullahs, not only because they always need a fake enemy to justify their shameful policies, but because they want to plunder the Iranian oil and the Arab oil, and they want to sell their weapons to the stupid Arabs, and they want to have a permanent crisis over the Jewish state (because it accelerates the arrival of the End of Times), and they want to have a never-ending battle and crisis in the Middle East (until when we have oil), and they want not to allow Iran to revive its glorious past and become a great and strong country again, and they know that the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, hate Iran and Iranians, and they know that the young and modern Iranians are able to make Iran a world power like Germany or France, and they want not to allow it happens. Thats why they love the Mullahs, and they aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. But the UK, the US, and the West just sow the seeds of hate, and it’s really stupid and ridiculous. They just dig their own grave, because they are on the wrong side of history”. I hope all good people can see the truth, and can help each others in building a better world.

[1] The address of the Economist’s article is
[h-t-t-p://] (Of course, whiteout dashes, because I don’t want to link to these sick idiots and their sick website).

Lifelong Mercenaries and Masoud Behnoud

May 3, 2012

In these days, the Ashura traitors and those who betrayed the Iranian people and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, desperately try to fool the people again, but this time the people only spit on them. The people media reports: “Recently, Masoud Behnoud, his pupils, and his Basiji friends ask the people to participate in the Mullah election and save the bankrupt Mullah regime. They know that the US and the West can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime. The West and their puppets are in deep shit, because both the Mullah regime and the Iranian mercenaries are bankrupt, and the people hate them and shit on them”. The Ashura traitors and their today’s bankruptcy in Iran is important, because it can show us an old wound and also a solution for today’s problems. As you know, the media whores and “intellectual mercenaries”, in all around the world, sleep with politicians and aided them in controlling the people. They just work for their employers, i.e. the politicians and men of power, and don’t care about the people or the truth. In Iran, the media whores and “intellectual mercenaries” have been a serious problem since at least 100 years ago. The Iranian media whores and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals not only sleep with the Iranian politicians, but many of them work for the Western politicians, too. The Western politicians, specially the British bastards, have been the employer of many Iranian mercenaries in the past 200 years, and they have had a main role in destroying Iran and supporting the brutal dictatorship in Iran. The story of Ashura traitors is part of the story of “Iranian mercenaries” and “Lifelong mercenaries”. As you know, some people are “lifelong activists”, and some are “lifelong mercenaries”. Some say: “lifelong mercenaries are like old whores and lifelong whores, who have no shame and no humanity”, but compared to the lifelong mercenaries, old whores seem like saints and angels. For knowing them better, let’s have a case study. There are many stories about those Iranian bastards who are accused of being “lifelong mercenary”. But for a case study, I choose Masoud Behnoud, because he is one of the main Ashura traitors that many believe: ‘he is the head of Iranian journalist mafia and he works for both the Mullahs and the British bastards’. Let’s take a look at his life, and then you can decide whether he deserves to be called “lifelong mercenary” or not. It’s not waste of time, because as the wise guys say: “We can learn from the great men, and also from the great jerks and the great idiots”. How a man become a pseudo-intellectual or a media whore? It’s a complicated issue. Behnoud himself has said: “Since my childhood, I loved wearing glasses. I didn’t need glasses, but I used false glasses because I thought wearing glasses is a way of impersonating intellectuals. I used false glasses [in my whole life], while my eyes didn’t have any problem”. Of course, Behnoud has not said that he loved other ways of impersonating pseudo-intellectuals, specially doing drugs. Recently, a book has been published in the US that is about Parviz Sabeti’s recollections. As we said before, Parviz Sabeti is a human monster and a key figure of Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo), but those who read his book say that Sabeti has said a few interesting facts about Pahlavi, and also about political figures, including Masoud Behnoud and Masoud Rajavi. Indeed, Sabeti’s recollections can be like Bin Laden’s recollections or Hitler’s recollections, and can show us a few true things. Sabeti has said: “Masoud Rajavi’s brother, Kazem, was our agent. I recruited him in Switzerland, and he worked for us, and that’s why I saved Rajavi’s life. More than 50 members of MKO/ PMOI group, including Rajavi, were sentenced to death in 1975, but I saved some of them from death, because they or their relatives were our agents … And about Masoud Behnoud, I think he attacks Savak, because some accuse him of working for Savak. And some accuse him of working for Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo), because he and Colonel Seifoddin Assar, a high rank member of Savak, were close friends and did drugs and used drugs with each other [!]” It’s really funny. Some say: “When Masoud Behnoud started using drugs with Colonel Assar and other Savaki agents, he was a young twenty-something uneducated journalist who spied on Ahmad Shamlou and other intellects. He had become close friends of Shamlou and other intellects, and used drugs with them, and at the same time was spying on them”. I don’t know what they say is true or not, but it’s not wrong that many Iranian journalists and Iranian pseudo-intellectuals were, and still are, drug users and drug addicts who meet with, or use drug with the politicians and the secret police. It’s really shameful, but it’s not a secret thing. It’s what they themselves have talked about it. Masoud Behnoud has said that he met with Saeed Emami and other high rank members of Mullah Gestapo, and it’s not a hidden fact. But it’s not the whole story.


Many ask: “Why Masoud Behnoud who used drugs with high rank members of Savak (the Pahlavi Gestapo) and kissed Pahlavi’s ass, suddenly betrayed Pahlavi in 1978, and started to sleep with, or use drugs with the Mullahs and the Islamists ?” The answer is not very clear. Some say: “Because his British employers had asked him”. But you can’t be sure about it. Behnoud himself has said that he worked with Ayatollah Beheshti, who was a high rank Mullah that, as Ebrahim Yazdi said, had contacts with the US and secretly went to the US in 1978. As we said before, it’s one of the known Secrets of Islamic Revolution. Yazdi has said: “Ayatollah Beheshti went to the US six months before the revolution. Beheshit went to Washington and New York secretly and stayed there for a month … After the revolution, when the students occupied the American embassy, they got hold of documents concerning Beheshtis negotiations with U.S. authorities, but Khomeini prevented them from making the documents public”. Behnoud, himself, has said: In 1979, when the journalists wanted to break their strike, I said to Ayatollah Beheshti: ‘Its better that [our leader] Khomeini commands us to break the strike; it strengthens his position’. And when Bakhtiar, the then PM who had granted the (unconditional) freedom of press, heard about it, he told me: ‘I wish you, the journalists, were your own master, but unfortunately you want to be slave of a new Agha Balasar (a new Big Brother)’. There are many rumors about Behnoud and his friends, but lets ignore them and just think about the undeniable facts. “After the revolution, Behnoud had contacts with the Mullah Gestapo. For instance, he played in their films, but the first thing about his relation with the Mullah Gestapo was said by Faraj Sarkouhi , who was Behnoud’s colleague in ‘Adineh’ magazine. Sarkouhi was kidnapped by the Mullah Gestapo in 1996, and all Iranian adults know his story. At that time, many thought that he is a new victim of “Chain Murders“, a series of murders from 1988 to 1998, that in which the Mullah Gestapo killed hundreds of Iranian writers, political activists, and dissidents outside and inside Iran. But after some months it was clear that Sarkouhi is alive (in a secret prison), and finally after 2 years he was released from the Mullah prison and fled from Iran. After leaving Iran, one of the first things that Sarkouhi said was about Masoud Behnoud. He said he has seen that ‘Masoud Behnoud works for the Mullah Gestapo and meets with members of the Mullah Gestapo’. And after that Masoud Behnoud was forced to confess: ‘Yah, I met with them; But I was forced to work with them. For instance, I met with Saeed Emami in Hotel Laleh, because they forced me to meet with him'”, some say. What they say is not fictional story. It’s a historic fact, and it’s a good question if you ask: “Why one of the first things that Sarkouhi said was about Behnoud and his relation with the Mullah Gestapo?” Anyway, they also add: “Saeed Emami was a key figure of the Mullah Gestapo and a key figure in “Chain Murders“, who finally was killed in a secret prison like the spy movies. Saeed Emami was Parviz Sabeti’s counterpart. Saeed Emami had a key role in silencing, killing, and torturing many Iranians. Emami had made a TV series, known as ‘Hoviat’ (identity), that was a collection of false-confessions of tortured political prisoners . Emami and the Mullah Gestapo published ‘Hoviat’ programs as a series of books, but do you know who published these books? Saead Emami’s close friend, member of Mullah Gestapo, part of ‘Hoviat’ project, and the publisher of ‘Hoviat’ books, was Mehdi Khazali that many Iranians call him ‘baby Godzilla’, because his father is one of the most savage and most stupid Mullahs in the Mullah regime”. It’s really funny, but a funnier fact is what you can see in the recent days. Now, Masoud Behnoud clearly praises Mehdi Khazali and his plan for participating in the Mullah election. Funny Iranians say: “If Behnoud praised Saeed Emami, their old friend, it would be better. In the pre-2009 era, when you asked why Behnoud worked with Saeed Emami, his friends said because he lived in Tehran and they forced him. But now, he lives in London and make loves with Khazali and the Mullah Gestpao! Behnoud thinks that the people have a short memory, and he always can use his old excuse: ‘Oh, at that time, I was wrong, but now I know the truth and I have changed my mind’. But he doesn’t know what people call that professional whore who used to say: ‘Oh, that case was an accidental case. I’m not whore, and each case is just an accidental case’. But we didn’t know why every two hours such accident occur to her !” Some wise Iranians say: “Larijani aired ‘Hoviat’ program and false confessions of tortured writers like Sirjani and Golshiri; And Khazali published ‘Hovyat’ books. About 12 years ago, the poor Golshiri wanted to sue his torturers, including Larijani and Khazali; but he didn’t know that 12 years later Behnoud and Islamist-Reformists would praise Khazali, Larijani, and Motahari”. They also add: “The Iranian people know the baby Godzilla, Khazali, who is friend of Saeed Emami, and his ‘Hayyan Publications’ published transcripts of the Hoviat series. The people spit on him, but the media whores try to make him hero! Behnoud knows that Khazali and Motahari are Khamenei’s dogs, but he works with them, because he is one of them. The baby Godzilla (Khazali) clearly says that he is a Basiji and he loves the Mullah regime. Khazali, who is Saeed Emami’s friend, clearly says that he wants to save the Mullah regime, and the people spit on him and shit on him, but do you know who care about the baby Godzilla? The BBC, the VOA, Masoud Behnoud,,, and the Islamist-Reformist. They care about the baby Godzilla, and clearly prove who is the real supporter of the Mullah regime and the real enemy of the people and the freedom and democracy in Iran “. In fact, the baby Godzilla and his supporters can show us many things, and can remind us of many things, including “Chain Murders” and “All Mullah’s men” and “Lifelong Mercenaries”.


“In the recent days, Behnoud defends the baby Godzilla, Khazali, and Ali Motahari, who is a savage Basiji fanatic. It just shows the depth of ‘Daryoozegi’ (pathetic misery) and “bankruptcy” of the Ashura traitors. But Behnoud works for the BBC and other media that the West supports them financially. And it’s the important issue”, many say. And some add: “Behnoud has loved ‘creating a false impression of reality’ since his childhood. He and his friends are worthless jerks, and the people know their true face, but who still support these bastards financially and politically? Who support Masoud Behnoud, RoozOnline, the shithole of, and other Iranian baboons’ websites financially and politically?“. It’s a good question. “Both the Mullahs and the West support Behnoud and his websites financially. The BBC Persian loves him, and he is their main commentator. His pupils are called ‘journalist’, and have polluted everywhere. They are media whores who create stupid waves, and try to fool the people, and unfortunately, in 2009 they could succeed in destroying the people movement. But now many things have changed. The people know the true face of Behnoud and his pupils, while the US and the UK still support these bastards”. It’s a good question if you ask yourself: “Why the West supports the Ashura traitors and the Iranian baboons?” Some also ask: “Behnoud and the Ashura traitors openly defend Khamenei’s dogs and Saeed Emami’s friends, but why they try to show us the depth of their bankruptcy? Their path, from Khatami to Khazali, just shows the depth of their bankruptcy, but why they insist on showing their pathetic misery?” And some answer: “Because their employers are as stupid as themselves. Obama and other Western baboons want to make deal with a bankrupt regime, and their Iranian mercenaries try to set the scene for this stupid farce. But they don’t know that the Mullah regime is dead for Iranians, and the West only disgraces and discredits itself more and more”. Funny Iranians say: “How stupid the Ashura traitors and their Western employers are. When the people shit on Khatami and don’t care about him, they try to make Khazali, Pahlavi or Motahari hero. In fact, they try to make Stalin and Khamenei hero ! How smart they are ! What they do is a clear sing of their bankruptcy and the end of the game”. Yah, they are really stupid, and as funny guys say: “They suffer from both foolishness and ‘inferiority complex’. For instance, Khazali’s website has a funny name: ‘Dr’ !! And his Basiji friends and media whores call him ‘Doctor’. They say: ‘Doctor eats this eat … Doctor Khaz eats that shit’. They love to call him ‘Doctor’, ‘Ama een Buzineh Dampezesh ham nist” (while this stupid baboon even is not a vet). He is like Dr. Kordan and Dr shit. Khazali is a Basiji as he himself says, and only the VOA, the BBC and the media whores care about him. They try to pretend that the people care about the Mullah regime and its dogs. They know that the US and the West can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime“. We would write more about it later, but If you want to know Masoud Behnoud and the Ashura traitors better, you should read their works. We have already written about them (check Archive). Masoud Behnoud was the first Ashura traitor who wrote his shameful article one day after the Ashura Massacre. Masoud Behound wrote in Roozonline (1388/10/7): “I’m worried. I’m really worried. Iran doesn’t need another revolution. The people should go back to their homes. We know how we could fight for our values, so please listen to us. We are not traitors, we will not betray the people blood, but its not the proper time for protesting. Please go back to your homes. Protesting in the streets is not our solution“. This shameful article, known as “I’m worried”, has become a historic document. Some funny Iranians say: “Recently, Behnoud has said (in the BBC Persian): ‘I live in London, and the West wants to bomb Iran. So, why I should worry?’ Yah, why he should worry? He is just worried about his beloved Mullah regime. He receives his mercenary money and lives in luxury by betraying the people; So, why he should worry about Iran, Iranians, and the freedom and democracy? He only worry about what his employers want, not about the people and their pain and suffering. He knows that there is good money in betraying the people, and he can make money from people blood and their pain and suffering”. Two years after the Ashura Massacre, Masoud Behnoud wrote in Roozonline (1390/8/22): “If the world leaders listen to the voices of Iranians inside Iran and the voices of the victims [of the savage Mullahs], it would be very dangerous. What happened in 2009, was ‘Mojadeleh’ (dispute or argument, not massacre or coup). We should advise the Mullahs -who are very disappointed and frightened, and think their regime would fall soon- to do the right things, i.e. they should try to keep order and security [!] and also try to be a little kinder to Iranians. Now, the world thinks that the Islamic regime is a brutal dictatorship and its very dangerous. We should tell the world that the Mullah regime isnt a brutal dictatorship, and the regime should let the people to have a little more freedom“. It’s Masoud Behnoud’s great confession, that we have already written about it. And it’s the main plan of the Ashura traitors and their western employers. In fact, the US and the West are in deep shit and can’t justify their shameful deals with a bankrupt regime, and their Iranian mercenaries try to help them. We would write more about it later, but some always try to help the politicians, specially the Western politicians, and specially when they are in deep shit or need help. What you call them, “lifelong helper” or “lifelong mercenary” or “lifelong activist” or “lifelong intellectual” or “lifelong whore” or “lifelong hero” ?

USA and Mullahs: a stupid Love Affair

May 1, 2012

In these days, the Los Angeles Times reported that U.S. officials have said: “if the Mullah regime agree to close and widespread inspection of its nuclear facilities by international inspectors, the U.S. might agree to let the Mullahs continue enriching uranium to the five-percent level”. Apparently, what you read in the fictional story of “Hajj Hussein Obama and Mullahs: A Love Story” (check Archive) was not really fictional ! The disgusting story of “Obama and Mullahs” has become a very stupid farce. The LA Times published the report on April 28, 2012 , and added: “The Obama administration might support letting the Mullahs continue enriching uranium up to 5% purity if they agree to other U.N. restrictions. Such a deal would face formidable obstacles. US officials hope a new negotiating stance [!], backed by punishing economic sanctions [!], could help end the crisis [!!] The US began [non-secret] talks with the Mullahs on April 14 in Istanbul, and the next Talks are scheduled to resume in Baghdad on May 23. At least publicly, the administration had denied suggestions that it would consider approving any Mullah enrichment effort. But recently, some officials had hinted they might be willing to reevaluate that position, although with numerous caveats. A senior administration official said that if the Mullahs fulfills U.S. and other world powers’ demands for strict enforcement of U.N. monitoring and safeguards, ‘there can be a discussion’ of allowing low-level domestic enrichment, ‘and maybe we can get there, potentially’. Public support for the program is widespread in Iran, and the prospects of giving up all enrichment has become a nationalist taboo in Iran”. The American media/ politicians are like the Mullahs. They are master at “Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan” (“pretending ignorance”; pretending that you are a donkey and can’t understand sth). Obama and Americans change their stupid policy and accept the first Mullah suggestions, but they pretend that it’s a new negotiating stance, backed by punishing economic sanctions !!!, that could help end their fake crisis !! Funny Iranians say: “These motherf-u-c-k-er Americans are donkeys, or think their people are donkeys ?! But even the sheep and the donkeys know that these shameless Americans want to accept the Mullah suggestions, and want to make a good deal with the Mullahs. The economic sanctions and torturing the ordinary Iranians just are part of their stupid game for fooling the ultra-stupid people in the West. These motherf-u-c-k-er Americans aided the Mullahs in the killing and torturing the Iranians in 2009, and now they try to torture the ordinary Iranians because they want to say; ‘Oh, yah, our sanctions worked well, and that’s why we accept the Mullah suggestions !!’ These stupid Americans make a fool of themselves, but are Westerners really fooled by this stupid game and these stupid gestures?” This stupid deal is not a special or important thing, because “enriching uranium” is one of the basic rights of Iran or any other country. Even in 2003 they could end this fake crisis over the nuclear issue. Of course, as you know and as the LA times said, some stupid Americans and some Zionists and some stupid racists think that “Iran” and “Iranians” (not “the Mullahs”) don’t have any right and should be slave. We have already written about these stupid bastards and the Western Hypocrisy, the Western Racism, and the Western Chauvinism . The sick Westerners clearly say: “Even if Iran was a free and democratic country, we would not allow them to have a nuclear program. We would bomb there”, and that’s why the angry Iranians answer: “Oh, yah, show your true colors, idiots. But Iran, even under the Mullah regime, not only should have nuclear problem, but should have nuke, and should nuke you bastards”. Only a few wise Westerners say: “the fundamentalist minority [in the West], whose inclinations toward freedom, intellect, diversity and reason dont place them all that far from the Mullahs [love war and hate Iran]. Frankly, you dont want either group to have a nuke”. And the wise Iranians answer: “Yah, we dont want either group to have a nuke. But when all idiots and all bastards in the world have nuke, and when the West didn’t care about the freedom, democracy, and human rights in Iran, even the Mullahs should have nuke. When the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) betrayed us and the freedom and democracy in Iran, many things changed. And now, we know their true face, and we know that Iran, even under the Mullah regime, should have nuke”. Yah, those who sow the seeds of hate, should know that “you reap what you sow“.


The West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and Iranians never forget it, but it’s not the whole story. The main issue is: “Why the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians? Why the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) love the Mullahs and aided them in suppressing the anti-Mullah movement?” It’s what Iranians ask themselves, and we all should ask ourselves. “The Mullahs serve the interests of the US and the West, and that’s why they love the Mullahs. A regime that suppresses and silences its young and modern people and play the role of a fake enemy or a pseudo-enemy for the West, is a godsend for the West. They love the Mullahs, not only because they always need a fake or weak enemy, but because they want to plunder the Iranian oil and the Arab’s oil, and they want to sell their weapons to the stupid Arabs, and they want to have a permanent crisis over the Jewish state (because it accelerates the arrival of the End of Times), and they want to have a never-ending battle and crisis in the Middle East (until when we have oil), and they want not to allow Iran to revive its glorious past and become a great and strong country again, and they know that the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, hate Iran and Iranians, and they know that the young and modern Iranians are able to make Iran a world power like Germany or France, and they want not to allow it happens. That’s why they love the Mullahs, and they aid the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians”, wise Iranians say. It’s so obvious that the Iranian people saw the true face of the West in the past three years, and they don’t allow the US and the West to betray them again. They know that the nuclear issue and its stupid crisis is a farce. Even many Westerners know it, and that’s why they say: “This farce has gone long enough. Iran should not have to give up its soul for what is its inherent right under the NPT“. Even the dumbest people know what the Western politicians say is bullshit. The people say: “Now, both sides talk about inherent rights under the NPT, and it’s so obvious that no one can deny Iran’s inherent rights, but the stupid Western media say: ‘The U.S. and the EU have imposed harsh sanctions on Iran’s oil exports and financial institutions to make the Mullah negotiators more flexible in the nuclear talks !!’ . It’s a good joke and their stupid gestures are so funny”. The media report: “the Mullahs warily welcome U.S. flexibility”, and the Mullahs try to pretend that it’s a big deal that the US respects Iran’s inherent rights under the NPT. Of course, some say: “The Mullah secret talks with the US is not about the nuclear issue. The Mullahs are ready to ignore Iran’s inherent rights under the NPT, but they know that no one accepts it in Iran. The Mullahs just want to be free to kill, torture, and suppress Iranians, and the West has no problem with it, of course the Western bastards know that they can’t declare it officially. Both sides are great evils and don’t care about the human values or the human rights or Iran’s rights or any other right. They just want to be sure that they can destroy and plunder Iran and its resources, and the whole Middle East, without any problem”. Of course, as some wise guys say, “we should not forget that war game is still part of this stupid farce. Both the Mullahs and the West are eager to destroy Iran, but they just fear that they can’t manage their stupid war game. Any war game has disastrous effects on both sides. But it’s so funny that even their secret deals can have disastrous effects on both sides. Both sides are really in deep shit, and can’t justify their stupid policy and their shameful deals“. The wise guys say: “Now, they just torture the ordinary Iranians by the stupid sanctions, and try to pretend that this stupid farce is a real fight between real enemies. But many know the truth, and they also know that the final great loser is not the Iranian people, but it’s the West that discredits and dishonors itself”. They also add: “Now, all people in all around the whole can understand why the Iranian people should hate Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and the US politicians, and unfortunately, the US as a whole”. In these days, when the US tries to make a good deal with the Mullahs, the Ashura traitors and the Iranian mercenaries, like Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Yazdi, Ganji, baby Godzila, and other worthless jerks who are paid by the West and the Mullahs, desperately try to implement other parts of the US-Mullah evil plan. They stupidly try to fool the Iranian people again, while they just make a fool of themselves, and the people -even the little kids- only laugh at them and spit on them. It’s really funny, and we would write more about this funny but stupid farce later.