Canadian Apology, or How the West Apologizes

The post-2009 era is really tragic, but it can show you the true meanings and the true colors of many things. For instance, many didn’t know how the Western countries apologize, but now you can see how Canada, the US or Europe apologize to you for their shameful behaviors. As we said before, the US and the West not only refused to help the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and now instead of apologizing for their shameful behaviors, they impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, threaten the Iranian people with war in the name of nuclear issues, support the savage Arabs who tell joke about Iran, and stupidly try to prove that the West is enemy of the ordinary Iranians, but is friend of Mullahs, Islamists, and Arabs. It’s the true meaning of the Western Apology. But if you still can’t believe what you see, Canada can show you the true meaning of Western apology. As we said before, some high rank Mullah embezzlers, including Khavari and Amir Khosravi, fled to Canada in 2011 and lived there in luxury, and it brought shame on Canada as a whole. But do you know how Canada’s regime and Stephen Farter (Harper) apologized for this scandal? Let’s guess: (1) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘Oh, we are sorry that these Mullah embezzlers, Khavari and AmirKhosravi, could live in Canada and were citizens of Canada. But now, we don’t allow these Mullah embezzlers to live here and we will deport them’? No, it’s too naive to think that it was the Canadian answer. Why are you so naive? (2) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘Oh, we are sorry that thousands of high rank Mullahs, Mullah crooks, and Mullah embezzlers live in Canada. We are sorry that someone like Bouzari, or members of Larijani’s clan, Khamenei’s clan, Rafsanjani’s clan, etc live in Canada and invest their embezzled money, i.e. the Iranian people’s money, in Canada’? No, never. It’s too naive to think that it was the Canadian reaction. Why are you so naive? (3) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘ We try to answer the serious questions about our ridiculous policy towards Iran . We are sorry that we hurt the ordinary Iranians’? No. Why are you so naive? (4) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘ Canada has become a safe heaven for the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers , and it’s a great shame. We apologize to Iranians’? No, never. Why are you so naive? The Canadian media/ politicians just try to obey Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). In the recent days, the media reported: “the Visa Section at the Embassy of Canada in Iran (Tehran) is closed and services have been transferred to the Embassy of Canada in Turkey. If you are in Iran and want to submit a temporary visa (student visa) you must now apply through the visa office in Ankara. CIC officials declared; ‘Shifting visa services from one visa office to another is not uncommon [!] It’s just an efficient way for saving more money”. In fact, Canada, like the US, tries to punish the ordinary Iranians, including the Iranian students. And that’s why Iranians say: “Only Mullahs, crooks, thieves, good sheep, and idiots can go to Canada without any problem. Canada should be proud of itself, because it has become the home of crooks and embezzlers “. It’s really shameful.


The post-2009 era can show you many grim realities about the West and the global village. It can show you what the West and the Western media says about the global village and the freedom and democracy is bullshit. “Forget all that bullshit and look at what Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and Stephen Farter (Harper) do”, Iranians say. “Breivik and Le Pen are not exception, and many Westerners, including the Western politicians, are like them. They are a bunch of racists and chauvinists who are really selfish and hypocrite. What they say about the global village or the world peace is bullshit. They use visa as a tool for recruiting the good sheep and the good mercenaries. They just care about their own animal interests. The West aided the Mullahs in killing or torturing the ordinary Iranians, because they love the Mullahs and Islamists. They use sanctions as a tool for deceiving the naive Westerners, and for winning some concessions from the Mullahs. Who care about the freedom and democracy and the human values?”, many Iranians say. And unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s wrong. “Canada and Stephen Farter (Harper) are exactly like Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and the US. Stephen Farter (Harper) punishes Iranian students and the ordinary Iranians with new restrictions, and make love with the Mullah embezzlers and the Mullah Mafia in Canada. And Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) imposes more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, and make love with the Mullah terrorists, the Mullah state TV, and the Mullah killers and rapists in the US. It’s the true face of the Wes, many Iranians add. “The Embassy of Canada in Iran and their shameful behaviors towards Iranians, were a shame. They thought they could insult Iranians and could treat Iranians like animals, and you don’t have right to protest against their shameful behaviors, because you don’t have any right in their stupid system. You should be a good sheep or a good idiot, otherwise, you don’t have even a little chance of getting their f-u-c-k-ing visa“, the angry Iranian say. It’s a great tragedy. Think about it. You can understand the angry Iranians, if you try to put yourself in their place. The Western embassies in Iran are just a center for making love and making secret deals with the Mullahs, and their behavior towards the ordinary Iranians is really shameful. We have already written about this issue, specially in “The Story of Western Countries & Iranian Baboons” (check Archive). As we said before, Iranians had wait 4 to 8 years in the long stupid queue for immigration to Canada, and could not transfer even $100 to Canada, but at the same time, the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers could get their immigration visa very easily, and could transfer millions or billions of the embezzled money to Canada. It’s really shameful, but as some angry Iranians say: “Canada and other Western countries not only don’t answer any question about their shameful behaviors and their ridiculous hypocrisy, but they call the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons Irans elite, and then make love with these ‘Iran’s elite’, i.e. Mullahs, Islamists, mercenaries, crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, terrorists, etc. Apparently, the Canadian Visa and Immigration system is really like other western visa and immigration systems that just attract crooks, thieves, sheep, and mercenaries“. You can ask yourself: “why the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers can go to Canada and live there, while the ordinary Iranians should be the victim of the stupid Western sanctions against Iran?” This question and its answer can show you many things.


“We have seen some Swiss people who clearly said: ‘our banks and our politicians love crooks and thieves, and it’s a great shame’. In fact, many Swiss people know that their county makes love with crooks and thieves, but unfortunately, we can’t see any Canadian who knows that Canada has become the home of crooks and thieves”, some wise Iranians say. I hope the ordinary Canadians can see the truth. Canada and Canadians had good reputations, and many Iranians and non-Iranians thought that Canada is not like Europe and has less racists and less chauvinists than Europe. Many thought that Canada needs immigrants, and the wise immigrants can have a real home in Canada, and it’s a win-win situation. But unfortunately, Canada has become the safe heaven for the Mullahs, crooks and thieves, and it’s really shameful. Iranians knew that London is the home of the Mullahs and the Islamists, or LA, California, is the home of the Iranian Monarchists and the dead zombies, but they thought Canada is different. “We don’t know whether Britons know that London is the Mullahs’ beloved city, the UK is the main supporter and creator of the Mullahs, and many Iranians hate the UK and don’t want to go to the UK, but apparently the British politicians and other western politicians are aware of this issue, and that’s why they try to sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts. They need the Mullahs and the Iranian mercenaries to exploit and destroy Iran, but they don’t need the wise Iranians who protest against them and can create problems for them. The western politician love mercenaries, and hate the wise people”, some Iranians say. It’s a tragic fact, but the tragedy of Iranian expats is really more tragic. “The West only allows the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries to leave Iran, and that’s why many Iranian expats are good sheep and don’t protest against anything. The West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran, and they should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran), that has been created by the Western puppets. In the past 100 years, Iranians have always been victims of the West and the Western puppets (the Mullahs and Pahlavi) in Iran. It’s the Western way of silencing Iranians and their voices: The Western puppet (Mullahs/ Pahlavists) silence the voice of Iranians inside Iran with the help of Iranian baboons and the Western companies/ media, and the West silences the voice of the Iranian expats with the help of the Western visa and immigration systems“, some wise Iranians say. You can ask yourself : “Why the Iranian expats don’t protest against Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama)? Why they don’t protest against the Canadian authorities who have accepted the Mullahs, their families, and their stolen money in Canada?” And the answer is clear. Some wise guys say: “because the majority of Iranian expats are stupid, Khayemal (ass-kisser) and charlatan. They are good sheep, and that’s why they could get visa. Otherwise, the West didn’t allow them to go to the West”. Of course, fortunately, many young Iranians are not like the older generations of Iranians, who were good sheep or good mercenaries. The wise young Iranians say: “We don’t sell our souls, our humanity, and the human values and principles for a visa. We will spit on their visa, if getting visa is equal to being mercenary, living like sheep, selling yourself, kissing ass, remaining silent, etc. The wise people can’t bear living in Iran under the Mullah regime; living in Iran under the Mullah regime is equal to pain, suffering, suppression, suffocation, and committing suicide, but it doesn’t mean that we are like the older generations of Iranians who sold, and still sell, themselves only for a visa or for a fistful of dollar. The West is like the Mullahs who sowed the seeds of hate. But the seeds of hate will change many things, and those who sow the seeds of hate will pay a very high price for their shameful behaviors”.


“The Western politicians allow Mullahs, Basijis, crooks, mercenaries and charlatans, and some one like Bouzari or Khavari, to go to the West, and it’s good for their the anti-immigration policy. They love war and hatred, so they should not allow the wise people, including the wise Iranians, to go to the West. Their people should see only the stupid Islamists and other stupid and sick people as immigrants, and in this way the seeds of future conflicts will be sown. In fact, the Western politicians try to help the anti-immigration groups, the racists and the chauvinists in the West indirectly. If they allow the wise people to immigrate to the West, and ban the sick and stupid people from getting visa, the ordinary westerners don’t hate the immigrants and immigration, and the world can be a better place to live, but it’s what the Western politicians don’t like it”, some wise guys say. It can be a good analyze. Do you think it’s purely accidental that many Mullah embezzlers, Islamists, high rank Mullahs, and Iranian mercenaries live in the West, but the West not only doesn’t deport these jerks to Iran, i.e. the pure hell that they have created for Iranians, but the West imposes more sanctions and more restrictions on the ordinary Iranians, i.e. the main victims of the Mullahs and the Western Hypocrisy; Do you really think it’s purely accidental? It’s so obvious that the West had to aid the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, instead of aiding the Mullahs in killing Iranians; it’s so obvious that instead of hardening attitude toward the wise Iranians who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists, the West had to facilitate many things, including immigration, for the wise Iranians, and didn’t have to allow the Mullahs, the Islamists and the Iranian baboons to go to the West; but why the West moved in the opposite direction? “Why the West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians and the independent Iranians to leave here, and only the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries can leave here?”, some ask. And the wise guys answer: “Because the West just loves good sheep or good slaves. They need the Iranian mercenaries and those who sell their souls for a fistful of dollar or a visa. They don’t need the wise people who protest against their shameful behavior“. It’s really tragic. Some adds: “In the best case, they call immigrants ‘skilled workers’ that means ‘skilled slaves’. But why? The right to live where you want, is a universal human right. They say that you should live where you were born or where your parents live, but It’s the logic of the slaveholders, who said: ‘you are a slave, because you were born slave, and your parents were slave’. In the slave trade market, they sold and bought slaves because they were strong or skilled workers, and now in the immigration trade market, they sell and buy immigrants because they are skilled workers or good embezzlers. Is it the global village, or is it the global slave market and the new global slave trade?”. It’s a good question. “The West should know that the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals, are not stupid or mercenary, like the older generation of the Iranian (fake) intellects. Today’s Iranian journalists and other Iranian mercenaries that the West call them ‘Iranian intellectuals’ are dead rats. Now, the people spit on them and shit on them”, some wise guys say. “When you live in Iran as an ordinary Iranian, not as a mercenary, a crook, or an Islamist, you are faced with many horrible problems. You can’t publicly protest against anything; you can’t write or publish anything; you can’t speak your minds or express yourself; you can’t have any media; you can’t have access to the normal internet, like other parts of the world; you can’t buy anything form the outside world; you can’t go to the outside world; you can’t transfer money to the outside world; you can’t have access to many tools, many facilities, many services, many software, many books, and many other things; you live in pure hell, but do think you should sell yourself for a visa or for money?“, the wise Iranians ask, and add: “your answer shows who you are”. Some wise guys say: “Iranians are victims of the stupid West, the Iranian expats, and the stupid lefts. But if the Iranian people want to go to the West and become as stupid as the current Iranian expats, it’s better that they stay here”. And some add: “The Fascist, the Nazi, the savage cowboys, the slave holders, the Ku Klux Klan, the racists, the chauvinists, the religious fanatics, and other western jerks still live in the West. They just wear new masks”. I hope the wise people in all around the world can see the real problems of today’s world, and try to solve them before it’s too late.

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