French Election and Neo-Fascism

Marine Le Pen calls herself the ‘voice of the people’. Le Pen, putting the accent on patriotism, deplores what she says is France’s loss of sovereignty to the EU and to globalization, and what she claims are real dangers hidden within France’s Muslim community. ‘The Muslims are advancing in the neighborhoods. They are putting pressure on the population. They are recruiting young boys’ to train for jihad, she said. Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight. She also refuses to be categorized as extreme right, saying that her party is populist. ‘No, we are not xenophobes. We are passionately francophile,’ she said. Le Pen believes the system is not left-right but with forces who support globalization and Europeanization“, and it’s what you can read it in a report with the headline: “AP Interview: Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight”. When the atheists or the wise people talk about the Muslim fanatics or the religious fanatics and their threats, you can understand them, but when the Christian fanatics or the Jewish fanatics talk about this issue, you only can laugh at them and their hypocrisy and their stupidity. Islamophobia is like Christianophobia or Jewryophobia, Bin Laden is like Breivik (Norwegian terrorist), and the Muslim fanatics are as dangerous as the Christian fanatics and the Jewish fanatics. Of course, some believe that the racist people and the Christian fanatics in the West are more dangerous than the Muslim fanatics, because they have created two world wars that killed 100 million people, and because they created the Holocausts and the Bosnian massacre, that killed millions of ordinary people. In the 1930s, Europe suffered from the anti-Semitism and Jewryophobia, and now Islamophobia has become the new anti-Semitism for the current generation of European racists. It’s really dangerous. Le Pen’s words are like Breivik’s words, and it’s really important. In the Sunday election, about 6.5 million of French people (18%) voted for Marine Le Pen. It’s sadly funny that in the German elections of 1930 the Nazi polled almost 6.5 million votes (about 18 percent !), too. “The lessons we learned from the Nazis are long forgotten. Sadly, we are no longer allowed to learn the lessons taught by the Nazis”, some wise Westerners say. Unfortunately, the 2010s is like the 1930s. The economic crisis, the public discontent, the public ignorance, the racism, and what is called ‘Neo-fascism’, that is becoming much more respectable in Europe“, just remind you of the 1930s. Fascists in Italy and Germany and other countries had different names, but they were almost alike. The Fascists hated the Socialists, the Jews, the foreign people, and the foreign culture, and even used violence to suppress the the socialists, the Jews and others, and it led to a great disaster. The Fascists were nationalist and just cared about a special race and a special nationality, and that’s why they were called “racist” or “chauvinist”. And now the Neo-Fascists hate the Socialists, the foreign people, immigration, the Muslims, and other cultures. In fact, the Neo-Fascists are nationalist and just care about a special race and a special nationality, and that’s why they should be called “racist” or “chauvinist”. Some groups of the Fascists and the Neo-Fascists are religious fanatics and just care about a special belief. But we should not forget that the Holocaust was a result of the European racism and the European Fanaticism. It’s really shameful that many praise both Breivik and Marine Le Pen, but no one writes a good thing about these two neo-fascists. A British media, The UK Indymedia, reported: “The Daily Mail, has published an article (on 20 April 2012) openly supporting French Fascist candidate Marine Le Pen. In an article that appeared beside a photo of child-killing mass-murderer Anders Breivik, they wrote: ‘the only responsible vote in France is a vote for Marine Le Pen’. The UK’s Daily Mail, the newspaper that famously supported Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (aka the Blackshirts) in the 1930s, now support French Fascist Marine Le Pen. Marine’s father, the convicted racist and alleged torturer, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has visited Britain as a guest of both BNP chairman Nick Griffin and of Griffin’s openly Nazi predecessor John Tyndall”. Unfortunately, ignorance and hypocrisy are among the main problems in Europe. Some say: “In Europe, the populist parties, which are usually dubbed the extreme right, perform much better than predicted, mainly because voters are ashamed of telling the pollsters they are voting for the extreme right [i.e. the racists and the chauvinists], but cast their ballots for them nonetheless”.


Some stupidly think the Fascist, the neo-Fascists, the Nazi or other bad people clearly declare that they are bad, or they looks like human monsters! These people don’t know that Mussolini (1883- 1945), the great Italian Fascist, was a writer and journalist. Mussolini wrote many essays about literature, some stories, some books and one novel in the 1900s and the 1910s. Mussolini loved Plato and Nietzsche. At first, he was a socialist, then became a nationalist, and then a right-wing Fascist. In 1919, he said: ‘Socialism as a doctrine is already dead’. He introduced Fascism, and Fascism supported nationalist sentiments such as a strong unity, in the hopes of raising Italy up to the levels of its great Roman past. In the 1921 elections, the Italian government brought the Fascist party into an electoral coalition, and 35 Fascists, including Mussolini, were elected to parliament. The Italians believed Mussolini would abandon his violent tactics once he entered parliament. But Mussolini and his National Fascist (NF) party changed many things after the March on Rome, in which about 25,000 black-shirted Fascists staged demonstrations throughout the capital. Mussolini was invited to join a coalition government, and after just 2 years Fascism became a dictatorship. If the Europeans forget history, they would repeat history. The neo-Fascist hate the Socialists, mainly because they talk about the globalization and Europeanization. The neo-Fascists pretend that all their enemies are socialists, and all socialists are “Marxists”, and that’s why they call all their enemies “Marxist”. The Socialist groups have many problems and have their own stupidities, but as some say: “All enemies of Fascism are not Socialists, and all Socialists are not like Marxists or Communists, because all Christians are not like the Christian fanatics, and all Jews are not like all the Jewish fanatics, and all Europeans are not like the European racists/ terrorists and some one like Breivik”. The neo-Fascists look like ordinary Europeans. It’s naive to think that the fascists or neo-fascists should look like human monsters, or should say: “Oh, yah, we are evil; we are racist”. Recently, the media reported: “Le Pan says she is tolerant, and it is Islam that is intolerant. But she is like her father. If you look at the values her party defends, it is a system at once authoritarian and rejecting of others, rejecting the difference“. In August 2011, some media reported: “Jean-Marie Le Pen said that the everybody exaggerated the nature of the Holocaust, then some pictures of him doing the ‘Hail Hitler’ routine in front of a neo-Nazi flag were released to the media. Then after the Norwegian terrorist attacks, Jean-Marie Le Pen said in his radio broadcast that the naive left-leaning Norwegian government and the Norwegian population itself were more of a problem than the massacre itself which he referred to as ‘an accident’. Five days after this incident finally Marine Le Pen is defending her fathers words and letting the world know who the real leader of the French FN is”. The Fascists gained widespread support as a result of public ignorance, and because from 1919 to 1922 Italy was torn by social and political strife, inflation, and economic crisis. And now, the populist parties and other nationalist European groups, or “Neo-Fascism” try to make use of the same weak points. Some say: “The mainstream parties do not have realistic solutions to our problems. So, gradually voters move to the hard line parties“, but why the European people should be so stupid and should not learn from history? “Ignorance, fear, provincialism and racialism besides the usual self-serving things are alive and kicking in France, and all Europe”, some Westerners say. And it’s really shameful. If you don’t read history, you just repeat history. The French election and its results are important: Registered voters: 46 million; Votes cast / turnout: 36.5 million; Valid votes: 98% ! (35.9 million). Hollande: 10.2 million (28.5%); Sarkozy: 9.7 million (27%); Le Pen: 6.5 million (18%); Mélenchon: 4 million votes (11%); Bayrou: 3.2 million (9%); Eva Joly: 0.8 million (2%); Dupont-Aignan: 0.6 million (1.5%); Poutou: 0.4 million (1%); Arthaud: 0.2 million; and Cheminade: 0.1 million. “As the great loser of a national referendum on him, Sarkozy needs more than a miracle for retaining the presidency in the second round”, many say. But those 6.5 million people who voted for Le Pen are more important than other things. We should not forget that in the German elections of 1930 the Nazi polled almost 6.5 million votes (about 18% !), and then the Nazi Party took all advantage of the economic crisis and the deepening depression from 1930 to 1932. And in the elections of 1932, the Nazi party polled 13.7 million votes and won 230 of the total of 670 seats (34%). In fact, the Nazi Party won control of the German legislature after a democratic election in 1932. But in 1933 Hitler suspended the constitution, abolished the presidency and other political parties, and declared himself Germanys Führer (dictator/ leader). And now, in the 2010s, the neo-fascists dream of repeating history. Those who repeat Breivik’s words, are like those stupid Europeans who say: “Europe must remain white and Christian”, and those who clearly praise the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Breivik. It’s a serious threat.


The Italian NF (National Fascist), the French NF (National Front), and the anti-immigrant groups in Europe are so alike. Mussolini said: “The Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly. Life as he understands it means duty, elevation, conquest; life must be lofty and full, it must be lived for oneself but above all for others, both near bye and far off, present and future. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy. We declare war on socialism, because it has opposed nationalism. When dealing with such a race as Slavic -inferior and barbarian- we must not pursue the carrot, but the stick policy. We should not be afraid of new victims. I would say we can easily sacrifice 500,000 barbaric Slavs for 50,000 Italians“. We should not forget that Fascism is strongly associated with right-wing fanaticism, racism, totalitarianism, and violence. The Fascists love the tactic or the idea of “a Nation in Crisis”. Fascists claim that the nation has entered a dangerous age of weakness and decline. Fascists may assert the need to take drastic action against a nation’s ‘inner’ enemies. They hate immigration, mainly because they want to purify their nation. In fact, the fascists strongly oppose immigration in order to maintain the purity or the greatness of the nation. But we should not forget that in Nazi Germany, the nationalists tried to ‘purify’ the nation, and it led to a great disaster, i.e. killing millions of Jews and other minority groups. Recently, stupid statements against Romanian immigrants made by one of the the Greater Romania Partys members, Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of Mussolini, remind some of Mussolini, the Fascists and Le Pen. In her campaign, Le Pen has said: “Muslims praying in the streets is like the Nazi occupation of France. Many talk a lot about World War II, and if its about occupation, then we could also talk about it, because that is occupation of territory”. In sadly funny that in the 1930s, the Europeans were anti-Jews, and now in the 2010s, they are anti-Muslims. Marine Le Pen’s words are like Breivik’s words, but many Western media say nothing about this similarity, and it’s very dangerous. Some media reported: “In his court, Breivik said his victims, mostly teenagers, were not innocent but legitimate targets because they were representatives of a ‘multiculturalist’ regime that is deconstructing Norway’s national identity by allowing immigration “. You can ask yourself: “If Europeans should hate all Muslims, for fear of the Muslim terrorist, then all people in all around the world should hate all Europeans, for fear of the Christian fanatics, the European Fascists or the European terrorists, but is it right? and why the media says nothing about this issue? Why they don’t say that Marine Le Pen votes are like votes for Breivik?” Of course, a few wise Westerns talk about these matters indirectly. For instance, some Western media published an article that said: “Breivik’s ideology is all too familiar: that’s our big problem. Breivik’s ideology may be difficult to listen to, but not because it is incoherent. Precisely the opposite: it is too familiar. This is a problem for all of us, right or left [in the West]. I wish I lived in a world where I didn’t have to hear gross generalizations about Islam and creeping sharia, and where people didn’t feel their own culture to be ‘swamped’. That far-right extremists stalk Europe during a recession is not novel; that this tragedy should erupt in the richest country in the world is a shock”. It’s really true. When you see that Marine Le Pen’s campaign was a Breivik-style jihad; She repeated Mussolini’s words or Breivik’s words, and about 18% of the French people voted in favor of her, it’s really a great shock. It’s really dangerous. The neo-Fascism is a serious threat, and Breivik and Le Pen are only the tip of the iceberg. Some wise guys say: “A few European journalists say that Anders Breivik is a terrorist, and we should treat him like one. But no one says that Marine Le Pen is like Breivik. Europeans and Americans don’t treat Breivik like Bin Laden, or don’t treat Le Pen like the stupid Arabs. Anders Breivik is a ‘European Terrorist’ and a ‘Christian Terrorist’, but they don’t call him a European Terrorist, or even terrorist. They don’t say that the European fanatics and the Christian fanatics are very dangerous. But if Breivik’s name was ‘Al-Breivik’ they would call him a ‘Muslim terrorist’, and would say that all Muslims are like Al-Breivik“. Think about it. It’s very important. We would write more about it later.

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