French Election: Quantity vs Quality

April 22, 2012

The 2012 is the election year, and after Russia and its stupid and shameful election, now France decides about its ruler. “More than anything else, this French election campaign is a referendum on the man currently in charge”, the media reported. The first round of the 2012 French presidential election took place on 22 April 2012, and the first results show that a second round run-off is necessary, that will be held on 6 May 2012. With about 80% of votes counted late Sunday, Hollande had about 28% support, followed by Sarkozy at about 26%. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen had about 20% of this early vote, Jean-Luc Melenchon had about 12% and Francois Bayrou had about 9%. “It was a record for France’s Front National (that some call them ‘the French Nazi’) beating the previous best in 2002 when Le Pen’s father won 17% of votes”, the media reported. “National Front vote is a national disgrace for France”, some say. “This election is a battle between the lunatic lefts and the lunatic rights; all of them are corrupt politicians. The people don’t trust Nicolas Sarkozy any more. But they don’t trust almost all other candidates, too”, some French people said. The mass media reported: “Sunday’s turnout was 81%, with more than 12.5 million votes cast, according to the Interior Ministry. That marks a drop from 2007, when 84% of the nation’s voters went to the polls” But they said nothing about the number of while ballots. Some French had said that many people want to protest against all candidates and want to cast white ballot. The next days will show us the truth. The media added: “Hollande is now aiming to become France’s first left-wing leader since Francois Mitterrand left office in 1995. But he was just one of five leftists in Sunday’s race. Speaking to international reporters Friday, Melenchon – who wants to tax the ultra-rich at 100 percent – called international finance ‘parasitic’. He criticized U.S. hegemony and military might, looking instead to communist China for partnership. On the other side of the spectrum, the campaign fear-mongering has a different focus: France’s No. 2 religion. Far right candidate Marine Le Pen rails against the ‘Islamization’ of France and made a stink about the widespread availability of Halal meat and Muslims praying on sidewalks for lack of mosque space. The rhetoric horrifies many voters and stigmatizes France’s estimated 5 million Muslims -Western Europe’s largest Muslim population. Le Pen -and many of her voters- link Islam with immigration. And Sarkozy has followed Le Pen’s lead”. Some say: “One fifth of French voters voted for the far right and the racist, and one fifth of French voters voted for a stupid clown who had showed his true colors in the past first years. That is the real story of the results”. They also add: “some believe that the far right has support because of years of mass immigration, threats of Islamic extremism and multicultural policies. But it reminds us of the Norwegian terrorist, Breivik, and what he says. It’s very dangerous”. I agree that Le Pen’s polling figures should be a wake up call for Europe.


The French election system is very different from the Mullah system and also the American system. Some say: “In order to qualify for the first ballot for President, a candidate must collect the signatures of at least 500 elected representatives among a total of more than 47,000, that are politicians, and can be mayors, general councillors, regional councillors, deputies, senators, members of the European Parliament elected in France. Frances broadcast watchdog, CSA, imposes strict rules on coverage. Once the official list of candidates is published, this year on March 20, all contenders must receive equal airtime but not necessarily at the same time of day. During the month before the run-off, known as the official presidential campaign, contenders must be afforded completely equal coverage, which tends to help smaller candidates. The (2012) official campaign began on April 9. Candidates receive a 153,000 state contribution at the start of their campaign. Individual contributions are strictly limited to 4,600 euros per person. Overall campaign spending must not exceed around 16.8 million euros per candidate in round one and 22.5 million euros in round two. The state covers all official campaign expenses on the TV and radio, as well as official posters and printed manifestos. Candidates who win less than five per cent of the vote are only reimbursed up to around 800,000 euros. Those who win more than five per cent can receive up to ten times that amount. The two finalists can be reimbursed up to 10.7 million euros each”. In fact, the French have tried to solve the problem of “big moneys and politics”, but they have failed. Many Americans and many stupid lefts in the US want something like the French system, but if they open their eyes, they can see that politics and politicians still are stupid, corrupt, and charlatan in France. In fact, it’s the world of politics and the representative system that have many fundamental problems. The number of candidates or the French system, that doesn’t have many serious problems that you can see them in the American system, don’t solve the fundamental problems. The Americans can think about the French system, and can compare it with what they want or what the American lefts want. It can show them the differences between the real solutions and the stupid solutions.


The joke and humor is part of the French election. The media reported: “Mark Twain had said: ‘France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes ” And the story of Sarkozy (SarkHorny) and his relation with former supermodel Carla Bruni, remind many of Mark Twain’s remarks. Hollande’s spokesman joked: ‘Summer time has one main advantage: it’s an hour less of Nicolas Sarkozy!’ And one of Sarkozy’s favourite jokes is to mock Socialist candidate François Hollande’s proposal to take the word ‘race’ out of the French constitution. ‘Why not take unemployed out too, to get rid of unemployment?’ Sarkozy said. Some joke with the name of François Hollande, that reminds many of Netherlands. “Hollande is a Dutch puppet. He is not French, even his name shows the truth”, some said. ‘Le Pen is half-demented; she may be rather limited in her humor as well as her imagination’, Mélenchon said. And Le Pen answered: “In front of the cameras Mélenchon will hurl threats and insults but in reality he’s charming, affable, almost a little boy“. Mélenchon also added: ‘Our battle is a cultural battle,’ and calling French ‘the language of the heart’ and English ‘the language of accounting'”. It reminds you of the historic disputes between the French and Britons, and this fact that he French-American relation is like the French-English relation. Many French people still care about anti-US shits or pro-US shits. Some say: “The French prefer an anti-US candidate, but why? Conan O’Brien joked: ‘You know why the French don’t want to bomb Saddam Hussein? Because he hates America, he loves mistresses and wears a beret. He IS French, people’. McCain had said: ‘You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn’t have the face for it’. And Jay Leno said : ‘I don’t know why people are surprised that France won’t help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn’t help us get the Germans out of France’. It’s part of the old French-English hostility”. The French election had two main candidates: François Hollande, the candidate of the Socialist Party, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the candidate of the Union for a Popular Movement. Some say: “Sarkozy, that is known as a pro-US candidate, was consistently second in opinion polls throughout the campaign, behind François Hollande, who is known as one of the anti-US candidates”. I hope the French say goodbye to Sarkozy, not because he is pro-US, but because this stupid clown is the enemy of the open internet and many other good things. Sarkozy is also one of the Western jerks who aided the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement.


The media added: “There are at the moment 10 candidates. After the first round of voting on April 22, eight candidates will be eliminated. (Maybe,) They are: (1)Nathalie Arthaud, a teacher of economics and management in a secondary school, is the candidate of Workers’ Struggle. A Trotskyist, she has described herself as the ‘only communist candidate’ in the election. (2)Eva Joly is the candidate of Europe Écologie -The Greens. She is also the first foreign-born person to stand for the French presidency; born in Norway, she is a naturalized French citizen. She focused her campaign not only on the environment but also on social issues, describing herself as the representative of the ‘reasonable’ or ‘realistic’ left, and on denouncing discrimination against minorities. (3)Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the candidate of the Left Front, which includes in particular the French Communist Party and the Left Party. A former French teacher, he was noted for his eloquent style and oratory, but also for his argumentative relationship with journalists, and occasional rude jokes; he notably described Marine Le Pen as ‘half-demented’. He proposed raising the minimum wage to 1,700. On tax, he has proposed a progressive taxation, with higher taxes on the wealthy and a 100% tax rate beyond an income of 360,000. He said healthcare costs would be fully reimbursed by the state, and the right to die would be recognized. The right to abortion would be secured through inclusion in the Constitution. (4)Philippe Poutou, a worker in a car factory, is the candidate of the New Anticapitalist Party, succeeding Olivier Besancenot. Like Nathalie Arthaud, his message was that improvements in workers’ rights would come through workers’ struggles and demands rather than through the ballot box (5)Jacques Cheminade is the candidate of his Solidarity and Progress movement, the French branch of the LaRouche movement. He is described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the press. (6)Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, described as an “anti-euro souverainist”, is the candidate of Arise the Republic, a party he founded in 2008. He has advocated leaving the euro zone. He has described himself as a Gaullist (7)François Bayrou is the candidate of the Democratic Movement, which he founded in 2007. He obtained 18.5% of the vote in 2007, finishing third. (8)Marine Le Pen is the candidate of the National Front, succeeding her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was a candidate in five presidential elections. [Many think she and her father are racist and chauvinist, but] she attempted to provide a different image of the party, avoiding the xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements previously made by Jean-Marie Le Pen. She held the third place in opinion polls for much of the campaign !”.


The French election can show us one thing: “the number and the quantity of candidates is not important. The important factor is the quality of candidates. You can have ten different candidates, but all of them can show low and poor quality”. It’s so obvious that the quantity of candidates is not important. In Iran, you can have a dozen Basiji or Islamist candidates, but all of them are the same shit. In the USSR, in the Nazi Germany, or in the Fascist Italy, you could have many state candidates, too; but they were the same shit. Some say: “The Nazi, the Fascist, the Basiji, the Zionist, the Marxist, the Pahlavist, the Monarchist and other shits can show you one thing: There is no difference between a good Nazi and a bad Nazi, or between a good Basiji or bad Basiji, or between a good Pahlavist or a bad Pahlavist. The shit is shit; its color, its nickname or its gesture is not important“. It’s very important. Some say: “The French election can show us that the majority of politicians, in France and all around the world, are abnormal. Some of them are racist, chauvinist, or capitalist, and some of them are Communist, Marxist, or Trotskyist”. Now, the French should choose between Hollande and Sarkozy. Some say: “Hollande tries to be Mr. Nice Guy. He wants to tax high-income earners at 75 percent and reconsider a hard-won European fiscal treaty. He says it’s too focused on cost-cutting and hurts ordinary folks. Hollande pretends to be Thatcher in London, and Mitterrand in Paris”. Many people, including us, don’t know Hollande, but it’s so obvious that Sarkozy is a great evil and a great bastard. I hope one day the people can get rid of this political game, the game of “Lesser evil vs. Great evil”. It’s a very stupid game. In the French election, Marine Le Pen, Frances far-Right candidate, and her voters need more attention. She reminds many of Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist. Some say: “Votes for Marine Le Pen are like votes for Breivik”. And some add: “Her father reached the second round run-off in 2002 with almost 17 per cent of the vote. But the twice-divorced mother of three, initially campaigned on an anti-euro, protectionist economic program aimed at the young and disillusioned workers. It’s like what the Nazi did in the 1930s. Her thoughts and her ideas are like Breivik’s. But it’s not only France, the far right or the racist is reaching higher levels of interest in most western countries”. The rightwing media said: “In present circumstances, the only responsible vote in France next Sunday is a vote for Marine Le Pen”. Le Pen’s votes should be a wake up call.