Iranian Monarchists, Germany and USA

April 21, 2012

The post-2009 era, i.e. these years and these days, is very important in Iran history. In the post-2009 era, you can see many historic events that can be important lessons to all wise people in all around the world. I hope writing about these historic news/ events can be useful for today and future generations. We and the future generations should try to learn form these historic events, and should never forget them, and it’s necessary for having a better world and a better future. Unfortunately, after the British media (the BBC, the Telegraph, etc) and the American media (the VOA, Radio Farda, the Washington Post, etc), now Germany and the German media have started to care about the Iranian Monarchists, the most reactionary Iranians. Apparently, in the post-2009 era, the Western jerks don’t want to allow Iranians to see the West as a friend. I don’t know why the Western bastards want all Iranians to see the true face of the West, and end their friendship with the West (If you know the answer, please let us know). On April 19, 2012, the Deutsche Welle had an interview with “Reza Pofyooz” (Reza Pahlavi), and asked him about “the leadership”, “Iranian opposition” and “National Congress” ! Fortunately, Persian language is full of funny and meaningful terms that can describe many things well. Now, many Iranians say: “the German Pofyooz, the British Pofyooz, and the American Pofyooz desperately try to make ‘Reza Pofyooz’ (Reza Pahlavi) another Khomeini”. Pofyooz is a Persian slang term that means ‘Bi-Kareh, Bi-Sefat, PastFetrat, Razl, Papeh, Cholman, etc’ (idler, mean, asshole, jerk, villain, scoundrel, idiot, etc ), and “Pofyooz” is the best nickname for Reza Pahlavi and his supporters. (It’s funny to know that “Pof-Yooz” term has two section: Pof that means ‘Puff”, and in fact “Puff” in English has a Persian root; And Yooz means “Cheetah”. Indeed, Pofyooz is “puff of Yooz” or “Cheetah puff”; we would write more about it later). We have already written about the Iranian Monarchists, aka the Iranian Pofyooz, and have warned the Western countries and those who try to care about these stupid bastards (check Archive). We have already warned them that caring about the Iranian Monarchists is equal to Declaring war against Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and Iranians inside Iran will treat them like a disgusting enemy. Those stupid countries who desperately try to care about the Iranian Monarchists in the 21st century, just show their true face, and all humans can see the depth of their hypocrisy and their stupidity. Unfortunately, Germany was the first country that cared about “Reza Pofyooz” (Reza Pahlavi) in 2009 and 2010, but at that time, the Iranians who were busy with, or angry at, the US and the American hypocrisy, didn’t care about the stupid Germans and their shameful behaviors. But now many things have changed. I don’t know whether the ordinary Germans are aware of the shameful behaviors of their government and their media or not, but I hope they start to protest. The ordinary Germans should know how their politicians and their media waste their money and disgrace and discredit Germany as a whole.

The wisdom or foolishness is really independent of nationality. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian expats that live in Germany are very stupid. More than 100,000 Iranians live in Germany, but most of them are stupid lefts, opportunists, idiots, and a-s-s-holes who are master at kissing ass and living like sheep. They are like Iranians who live in the US, Canada, the UK, France, etc. The tragic story of Iranian expats is really like “the Story of Western countries and Iranian baboons” (check Archive). Compared to Iranians inside Iran that the majority of them are young and modern, the majority of Iranian expats who live in the West, seem like stupid cows. Of course, funny Iranians believe: “Compared to the Iranian expats, cows seem like Albert Einstein. So, you should not compared Iranian expats with cows, because it’s insulting to cows“. Unfortunately, the West only cares about the Iranian baboons, the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian Khayemal (ass-kissers), and that’s why the number of wise Iranian expats is small. In 2009 and 2010, the Iranian expats didn’t protest against Obama, USA, France, UK, Germany, Western companies, Western media, and other Western jerks who helped and supported the Mullahs. For instance, France and Sarkozy released a Mullah terrorist in 2009, and Iranians inside Iran were very angry at France, but even one Iranian exapt in France didn’t protest against this shameful deal. And in 2011, some high rank Mullah embezzlers fled to Canada, but we could not see any rally or any protest against Stephen Farter (Harper) and the Canadian government. The Iranian exapts live in the past, and are so stupid. If the Iranians inside Iran were like the Iranian expats, we certainly could be sure that Iran can’t be a modern and free country within the next 300 years. But Iranians inside Iran are not like these bastards. The majority of Iranian inside Iran are at least as wise as their Western counterparts. Now, funny Iranians ask: “Why the German Pofyooz, the British Pofyooz, and the American Pofyooz stupidly try to care about ‘Reza Pofyooz’ (Reza Pahlavi)? Do they try to make him another Khomeini? Do they stupidly think we live in 1978, and the BBC can fool Iranians? No, brothers. You just disgrace yourself. The BBC, the VOA, the Deutsche Welle and other Western media are dead for Iranians. Today’s Iranians just piss on the grave of the BBC, the VOA, the Deutsche Welle and other Western media”. And it’s not wrong. Many can see it in Iran. On April 9, 2012, the Washington Post had a report about “Reza Pofyooz”, with the title “Exiled son of shah of Iran calls on Israel to aid opposition, not bomb nuclear program sites”, and their stupid report was one of the first reports about the Iranian Monarchists in the major American media. Some say: “Iranians should strongly react to these Western Pofyooz and their shameful behaviors. They should know that Iranians are watching them, and are ready to shit and piss on them“. In fact, the US and Europe should know that 2012 is not like 1925, 1941, 1953, or 1979, when they could impose their puppets on the stupid Iranians. Now, the younger generations of Iranians are among the wisest people in today’s world, and they know Animal Farm and Western Hypocrisy better than other nations.


In the recent days, the CNN reported: “The CNN/ORC International Poll released Wednesday showed 81% [of Americans] view ‘Iran’ as a very serious or moderate threat to the U.S. Three quarters of Americans said North Korea represents a similar threat. But most Americans did not view Russia the same way, with a majority saying the country is just a slight threat to the U.S. or no threat at all [!]” It’s really shameful. I don’t know whether 81% of Americans are sheep and live like sheep or not. We knew the true colors of the Western polling organizations in 2009, and it’s so obvious that their polls can be big lies. But now, Iranians ask: “The Americans are really idiot, or the American media are liar and bastard?” How can we answer this question? You can’t see the true face of a nation through the media or the internet. Many wise people don’t have any website, and the mass media don’t care about them or censor their voices. I don’t know whether the rate of the wise Americans is 10%, 20%, or more, but unfortunately, we can’t hear the voice of the wise Americans in the Western mass media and the internet. The CNN also added: “‘Iran is a country that is -does not behave according to international rules, is engaged in spreading terrorism, in destabilizing countries in that part of the world, and a country that operates on that basis becomes extremely dangerous if it obtains a nuclear weapon,’ Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said last March at a press conference”. It’s really shameful that these bastards -that aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and now deliberating use ‘Iran’ for referring to the Mullahs- can rule the US. As we said before, sometime it’s necessary to publish what the angry Iranians say about these shameful behaviors. We are really sorry that instead of talking about better world and better life, we should hear or publish the voice of the stupid Westerners and the Iranian reactions to them, but unfortunately, it’s a grim reality of this shitty world. You can’t live in a pure fantasy world. When the shameless mass media and the shameless politicians in the West do whatever they want to do, and no one protests against them, publishing the voice of angry Iranians at least can be a warning signal to the West and the Western politicians. Now, some angry Iranians say: “USA is a country that supports the Mullahs and all brutal dictators in all around the world. USA is a country that does not behave according to international rules and human laws, and is engaged in spreading terrorism, dictatorship, racism, Zionism, Islamism, Monarchism, and in destabilizing countries in all around the world, and a country that operates on that basis becomes extremely dangerous if it has a nuclear weapon. It’s really funny that the US has no shame. They support the Mullahs, the Arab fanatics, the Muslim fanatics, the Jewish fanatics, the Monarchists, and many brutal dictators, and then they talk about freedom, democracy, and human rights”.

I really don’t know why the stupid US and the stupid West insist on proving this fact that the US and the West are enemy of Iran and Iranians, but are friend of the Mullahs and Islamists. In the recent days, some stupid Arab politicians told a joke about some Iranian Islands, and some stupid American officials and some shameless American lefts supported these bastards. I think even the wise Arabs know who is who in the Persian Gulf. The wise Arabs are like other normal people in all around the world, but the stupid Arabs are sick people who remind you of a grim reality: “many stupid and racist people still live in this shitty world”. The younger generations of Iranians care about the whole world, and hate racism and chauvinism, but they have no illusion about the racists, chauvinists, and sick people, and don’t allow them to do whatever they want to do. The stupid Arabs (not wise Arabs) are really sick people, and that’s why they are still known as “Arab Malakh-khor” or “Arab Susmar-Khor” (the Arabs who eat lizard/ grasshopper). Unfortunately, it’s a grim reality than the sick Arabs are enemy of Iran and Iranians. They are stupid vultures who think when Iranians hate Iran’s regime (the Mullahs) it means that the Arabs and other enemies of “Iran” can destroy Iran again. But many Iranians say: “This time many things have changed. The stupid Arab politicians in the UAE and Saudi are like their savage ancestors, who ate lizard and grasshopper and lived within piss and shit of their camels in the uninhabitable deserts of Arabia. And those who support these Arabs are stupider than them, and deserve to be f-u-c-ked by Bin Laden“. When you see the stupid Arabs, you can understand why Bin Laden and other sick Arabs were full of hatred. The stupid Arabs and the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, are uncultured people who suffer from a congenital inferiority complex and have an old hatred of the Iranian culture and Iranian civilization. The Mullahs are friends of Arabs, and enemy of Iranians. Before the Mullah regime, who knew Dubai, the UAE and other Arab states? Before the 20th century, when the UK occupied parts of Iran, the UAE and many other small states of the Persian Gulf were part of Iran. Just after World War 2, when the UK converted the occupied parts of Iran into small states, because they had oil, the small Arab states of Persian Gulf were born. The young Iranians hate the Mullahs, and care about the whole world, not a special country, even Iran, but it doesn’t mean that they can allow the sick Arabs and the stupid West to aid the Mullahs in destroying Iran. Today’s Iranians know the history, and know that the Mullahs are puppets of whom and work for the interests of whom. Many Iranians know why the US supports the Mullahs. They say: “We know why the US loves the Mullahs. It’s not just about the oil, but they need the Mullahs to sell their weapons to the stupid Arab states and others“. The race or nationality is really unimportant, and that’s why the stupid Arabs (not wise Arabs), the Mullahs, the Iranian Monarchists, the Iranian mercenaries and their Western supporters are so alike, and all of them are enemy of Iran, Iranians, and freedom and democracy in Iran. Unfortunately, many still don’t know why the West betrayed the Iranian anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and who helped the Western politicians to betray the anti-Mullah movement in Iran? It’s so obvious that the West just wanted, and still wants, to win some big concessions form the Mullahs. But who aided the West and the Western politicians in supporting the Mullahs and implementing their evil plans? It’s an important question. The mercenaries, the fake intellectuals, and the stupid lefts, that some of them support the sick Arabs without shame and we would write more about them later, showed their true colors in 2009. But they didn’t know that they can’t fool the people for ever. Now, the Iranian people know their true face and their betrayals. They are Iranian, American, European, etc but their nationality is not important. They still try to fool the people, and for instance, they say: “Iranians just have two options. They must choose between two options (two great evils): The Mullah regime and the Monarchy”, but Iranians laugh heartily and make fun of them. They desperately try to discourage and disappoint the people, but even a little kid knows how laughable their stupid claims are. They tell many funny jokes, like these ones: “The Mullahs care about Iran and Iranians”, “the West cares about the freedom and democracy in Iran”, “the Monarchists don’t hate freedom and democracy”, and “the Mullahs and the West are enemy of each others”. But as funny Iranians say: “sometimes, even the dead chickens can laugh at some jokes”.