Reality and Fantasy

The problem of “Reality and Fantasy”, is one of the unsolved philosophical problems. The dictionaries define ‘illusion” as “false impression of reality’, and ‘reality’ as ‘what actually happens or is true, not what is imagined or thought’. But how you can understand what is reality, what is true, and what is illusion? It’s a very complex issue. Sometimes, some can see or hear something that you can’t. And sometimes some ask you: “Did you hear that noise, or was it my imagination?”; it’s a common reality check, because sometimes our brains use or produce imagination. The scientists and psychologists say that memories can sometimes be pure fantasy, rather than actual recollections. And in the recent years, many scientists have written about an important fact: “Our brain and body can work with imaginations, instead of realities”. For instance, you can imagine that you are jogging, and your body reacts to it, sometimes in a way that you are really jogging. It’s the power of human brain, and many love it and truly praise it, but it can also be very dangerous. When you are depressed and have a pessimistic view of your life and your conditions, your body reacts to it, and thinks it’s real, and it can be extremely damaging to your health. In fact, as the scientist say, human brain can’t understand the distinction between fantasy and reality, and that’s why depression and pessimism can create serious health problems. But this issue, i.e. the distinction between fantasy and reality, has been a main philosophical problem since the ancient time. The first mathematicians and philosophers, including Pythagoras and Aristotle, could not understand whether numbers are real or fantasy, or a sacred thing. Even today’s mathematicians and philosophers are not sure about the mathematical objects, “the truth”, “the reality”, etc. Before the great Karl Popper, many know nothing about the differences between the shamans and the scientists, but now many know that there is some important differences between the shamans and the scientists. The scientists love and use ‘reality check’ and ‘experiment’, and hate illusions. But the shamans love illusions and fantasy, and are frightened of ‘reality check’ and ‘experiment’. The shamans just care about fancy and living in a fantasy world, and in this way they try to fool the ignorant and stupid people. But the scientists talk about the reality, and try to solve the real problems. Of course, we don’t know many things, and it’s a grim reality, but we try to know them, and it’s part of our evolutionary development. The problem of “Reality and Fantasy” is a complex philosophical issue, but it is not just a philosophical problem, or a useless problem as some say. In our everyday life, from our private life to our social life, we are forced to deal with this issue, and this complex issue can cause many serious problems. For instance, many use their imagination when they are judging somebody or something. Even two close friends or two members of one family can be victim of their illusions about each other. We all have heard or said: “He was under illusion that she loved him. She was under illusion that he is her close friend. He had illusions about his close friends. She had illusions about her physical attractions. He had illusions about his family. He had illusions about his beloved son/ daughter, etc”. We all can suffer from illusions, and unfortunately, many people hate to shatter their own illusions. It can cause many serious problems, and that’s why the wise people say: “It is really important to get regular reality checks from those we love and trust, and also from those we think they are not trustworthy or good people“. In fact, we should not forget that we can be wrong, and we can see what we want to see, instead of seeing the truth or the reality; and we should not forget that sometimes sick or jealous people, including sick politicians and sick media, try to create an illusion about our old friends. Some think that optimistic illusions are always good, but those who suffer from the illusion that they are masters of others or they are better than other humans, are more dangerous than those who suffer from the illusion that they cannot solve their problems. In fact, all illusions, pessimistic or optimistic, can cause many serious problems.

The psychologists say that we should not be pessimistic about our life, our family, our friends, our future, and many other things. They say, if we open our eyes and try to listen carefully, instead of seeing or hearing what we want to see or hear, it can shatter our illusions about others, including our family and our friends, and it can lead to better life and happy life. In fact, being optimistic can be useful, but it doesn’t mean you can be racist or you should congratulate yourself from morning to night. There are many dangerous illusions, but two illusions are very dangerous: -being pessimistic about your life, your family and your close friends -being optimistic about politicians, media, charlatans, clergymen, crooks and thieves. The bad people, specially the politicians and the media, try to make use of our illusions. Many politicians believe that “creating an illusion of being honest, compassionate, and generous is important to gaining and maintaining power“. And we all can see how the media and the politicians try to create an illusion of unsafety, or how political warfare fosters the illusion of an active system full of excitement and competition. The illusions can be dangerous for both the private life and the social life, but the problem of “Reality and Fantasy” and the distinction between fantasy and reality is a very important political and social issue. For instance, when the media show you a picture, do think it’s real or unreal? When the media, politicians, or intellects show you something or talk about something, is it real or unreal? and do you accept it or not? The human history and our personal experiences can show all of us that we should have serious doubts about the politicians and the media, but unfortunately, many people use their imagination when they are watching TV or reading newspapers. They read or hear false news and false analysis, and accept them as reality. They accept many things as reality, without thinking about it or without doing their own research. And it can lead to many serious problems, including brainwashing. The media builds an imaginary picture of the world and other humans, and those who accept it, are ready to accept any bullshit, because they tell themselves: “Oh, yah, they’re figments of my imagination”. We all should be very skeptical about the politicians, the media, and their intentions, but unfortunately, many people prefer to live in a pure fantasy world, and that’s why the politicians and other bad people can play with us, the ordinary people. Many people can’t understand the distinction between “real and surreal”, but many can learn what is pure fantasy and what is not. We can learn so much from our own researches, and from history and from other people in the same situation, and it’s helped us to see the realities. Many are willing to take responsibility for their life, to accept that we create our own reality, but it doesn’t mean that we should forget the bad people, their roles, their crimes and their betrayals. The politicians and the fake intellects often say to the people: “After all, you create your own reality”. But they don’t talk about the people power; they just want to blame the people for their own living or working conditions, that are created by the politicians, the greedy rich and other bad people. It’s a very dirty trick. It’s like what the slaveholders said to the poor slaves. It’s a very dangerous illusion. Of course, some illusions are not very serious. For instance, when it’s said : “she/ he had illusions about her/ his physical attractions”, it’s not an important illusion, and many have this illusion. But when it’s said: “Nobody had any illusion about Mr. president and his intentions, and his explanation would be easily accepted“, it’s a very important illusion and can lead to great disasters. The problem of “Reality and Fantasy” is a very complex issue, and the politicians and the fake intellects try to make use of this complexity, and try to fool the people. But if we use our brains, they can’t succeed. It’s hard, but it’s possible.


I believe that each person lives in his own fantasy world, and what he sees is not the reality, but it’s an interpretation of reality in his fantasy world, i.e. in his brain, and that’s why sometimes the people have different interpretation of one reality. Here, I don’t want to write about this issue, but it’s so obvious that many people in all around world seem to live in a fantasy world, and many can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. For instance, many people in the West still have horrible illusions about their media, their fake intellects, and their politicians. These Westerners are like the Iranian people in the pre-2009 era. The Iranians used to have fantasies about the West, the Western media, the Western intellectuals, the Western politicians, the Iranian mercenaries, the Iranian fake intellectuals, the Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, Iranian journalists, etc. They lived in a fantasy world of their own, and thought that the Iranian fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons, specially the Iranian journalists and the Ashura traitors, are on the people side, and the West, that support these bastards financially and politically, care about the freedom and democracy in Iran. But in 2009, and in the post-2009 era, the Iranian people have heard and seen perhaps the most shocking news, and then they have tried to shatter their illusions. But we should not forget that shattering illusions is very painful and annoying, and many hate to shatter their illusions. It’s really hard to face with the realities of the world. The people often prefer not to face the reality of their media, their fake intellects, their politicians, and many other things of this shitty world. But in 2009, and in the past three years, the Iranian people felt compelled to face reality, and they became a pioneer in facing with the realities of the world. Now, the majority of Iranian people live with the harsh realities of the western hypocrisy and the western fake intellectuals. Now, the Iranian people live with the harsh realities of the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian fake intellects. It’s really painful, but it’s very important. Sometimes you are forced to face with the reality, and it’s necessary for having a better life and a better world. We should not forget that the great tragedy of 2009 and the failure of the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, was a result of the people’s illusions. Of course, the failure of the OWS movement and other movements in the West and other parts of the world, were a direct result of the people’s illusions, too, but their situation was not as horrible as Iranians’, and they could not learn anything from history or their own mistakes. It seems right that the people always face reality too late, but the Iranian people finally faced with the reality. It’s very important, because the people in the West and many other parts of the world still live in a fantasy world, and can’t face with the reality. They don’t know the true face of their fake intellectuals and the true colors of the stupid lefts. The mass media and the fake intellectuals still can manipulate them, and they can’t shatter their illusions. But if all people in all around the world can open their eyes, they can learn many things from Iranians. The year 2009 and the past three years reflect the realities of today’s world. It shows all of us the grim truth of reality. Yes, it can shock you to learn or discover that the Western intellectuals (Chomsky and many others) are like the Western media and both tell big lies, and help their politicians. You can be shocked to see that the war between the Mullahs and the West is a fake war. But it’s better to face with harsh realities, before it’s too late. Otherwise, life will teach you its grim realities, and it can have very painful and disastrous effects on your life. The fantasy and illusions in the social life can lead to great disasters. The Germans and Italians in the 1920s and the 1930s lived in a fantasy world of their own, and we all know how it led to a great global disaster. We should try to see the harsh realities of the bad old days, before it’s too late. Some people want to indulge in fantasies about the glories of their country or their race, and it can cause great disasters. Sometimes, “fantasy” or “an idea or belief that is based only on imagination, not on real facts”, is not very dangerous or doesn’t has any big effect on the world or the social life. But sometimes some national or local illusions and fantasies can lead to great global disasters, like what happened in the 1930s.

Many people prefer to escape from reality into fantasy, and it can be understandable. Life is full of existential issues and grim realities, and almost all people want to escapes from their day-mare realities. When many things in this shitty world and this shitty life are grim realities and bitter truths, it’s so obvious that the people always want to escape from reality into fantasy. It’s really understandable. But some always live in a fantasy world, or drugs and other dangerous things are used as an escape from reality, and it has many disastrous results. When a person or a nation lose touch with reality, it’s the start of a great disaster. Sometimes, you can’t understand what you see is a nightmare or a grim reality, and sometimes your life is full of day-mares and nightmares, but losing touch with reality and living in a pure fantasy world can’t change anything, and can be very dangerous. For instance, when the dictators or the governments lose touch with reality, it can lead to revolution, riots, massacre, human tragedy, economic crisis, etc. And when an unhappy and unsatisfied man loses touch with reality, it can lead to homicide, rape, etc. We all have our private dreams, fantasies and secrets, and many people live in a fantasy world with dreams of financial and social success, and many people live in a fantasy world with dreams of better world and better life, and it can be very useful and very helpful. It’s part of our powers, as humans. But it doesn’t mean that you can escape from reality into fantasy by any means and at any price. When a society escapes from reality into fantasy, in a way that it loses touch with reality, it can lead to great disasters, like what happened in the 1930s. Unfortunately, many Westerners can’t understand that what the politicians, the fake intellects, and the media say are propaganda or pure fantasy. Many are under an illusion of freedom and democracy, and can’t see the main problems. They can’t see the reality, because it’s a shocking discovery for them. In fact, the reality is the most shocking things they have heard. They live in their own Matrix. They often tell the truth tellers and the messengers: “You say the most shocking things”. They just reject what they hear, and don’t try to think about it. They are completely divorced from reality, and it creates the illusion that everything is under control. They accept fantasy as reality, and it’s very dangerous. Of course, dreams and hopes are not fantasy, and a dream may one day become a reality, but fantasy is something that will probably never happen. The reality is that it’s hard to find the distinction between dream and fantasy, and the distinction between reality and fantasy. It’s a grim reality. But we can always tell ourselves: “It’s time for a reality check. Do I see what I want to see, or the reality?” Many things need a regular reality check, because human brain loves to indulge in fantasy and imagination. Sometimes it’s necessary to shout at ourselves to bring us back to reality. Sometimes, what we think about others is wrong. In fact, we have to accept this reality that we always can be wrong. Many people hate to shatter their own illusions, but the great men hate to live in a pure fantasy world, that is full of illusions and unreal things. They just care about the truth, and they always are ready to change their views. And the wise people try to live like the great men. Every now and then, they tell themselves: “This picture no longer accurately reflects the reality of X or Y. It’s time for a reality check. Maybe, I should be ready to shatter my illusions“.

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