US Progress: from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga

April 14, 2012

“When a country goes forwards many call it ‘progress’, but sometimes when a country goes backwards it’s called ‘progress’, too. In fact, progress has two kinds: forward and backward”. And it’s what the media and the fake intellects tell us. If you don’t know which kind of progress the US has had in the recent decades, you are like us and many others, including many ordinary Americans. But for understanding the US progress, you can read the US history and think about the US politics and the US presidents from FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) to Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), the worst US president ever. But if you hate politics, you still can understand the true meaning of the US progress. You can think about the US celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga. It can show you the real kind of US progress:

In the 1950s and 1960s, Marilyn Monroe was the most famous US celebrity. She was the symbol of American beauty and American utopia. Monroe’s beauty, from her hot body to her lovely face, can be a metaphor for understanding the real kind of US progress. Some say: “If you want to understand why and how a country that was known as ‘the land of the free and the home of the freedom-fighters’ has become ‘the land of hypocrisy and the home of the Hypocrites’, you can think about this metaphor”.


In the recent years, Lady Gaga has become the most famous US celebrity, and the symbol of American beauty and American utopia. In fact, the American media tell us that Lady Gaga is a new Monroe or Madonna, and it can be a metaphor for the American progress. It can show us whether the US and the Americans have gone forwards or backwards. And it can show us why the people are changing their minds about the US. In the early 20th century, many nations, including Iranians, thought that the US is “the land of democracy and the home of the libertarian”, but now how the people think about the US and its president, Mr. Stupid Monkey?


Comparing Marilyn Monroe or Madonna with Lady Gaga and other bloody US celebrities is just a metaphor for understanding the real kind of US progress in the recent decades. Some say: “If you think about this metaphor, you can understand why Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), the worst US president ever, or Bush should be the US president in the recent years. You can also understand why the US and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) didn’t support the anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and instead, aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran”. In fact, Lady Gaga can show you many things.


The celebrities in each society can show us many things about the people who live in that society. Some say: “when the Mullahs were so popular in Iran and the people cared about them a lot, many Iranian people were stupid and had many serious problems. And now, when in the US, someone like Lady Gaga is so popular and many people care about her a lot, you can easily understand that many American people are stupid and have many serious problems”. Of course, many Americans don’t care about some one like Lady Gaga. But the rate and the number of Lady Gaga’s fans in the US is very very larger than the number of Mullahs’ fans and Islamists’ fans in Iran, and it’s very important.


The wise people don’t care about who is beautiful or who is ugly. It’s so obvious that beautiful or ugly body/ face is not selective, and the people are not responsible for their genes. It’s so obvious that the people have the right to change what has been imposed on them by the nature. For instance, Michael Jackson had the right to change his look, but some say: “Jackson said the nose job helped him breathe better, while he took the whole nose off for the holes to get fresh air. He was a good example of extremism in the makeup industry. And now others want to follow him. But at least Jackson was a genius and had some great talents. He was a great dancer, while the girl who thinks she is a new Madonna …”.


All people can become celebrity, including those who are very photogenic, or have beautiful body or good voice. But it’s so obvious that the beautiful minds, beautiful thoughts, beautiful arts, beautiful ideas, etc are much more important than beautiful body and being Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. But some ask: “why the bloody idiots can become celebrities in a human society? Why the sick people and those who love violence, masochism, sadomasochism, drug use, etc, should become celebrities?” They also add: “In each society the celebs can show us whether the people are sick or not. Those who care about ‘s-e-x and violence’ a lot, are animals, not humans. They are psycho, and need treatment”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong.


Some focus on a talent or potential that they dont have it, and it leads to disaster. Some can be good singers, or are musical genius, but are not very photogenic, “but why lots of makeup and slutty clothes should create a cheap coke whore and an attention junky? Why those who need mental help should be an inspiration to the young men and women across America?”, some ask. They also add: “If a gross whore becomes so popular, and If shitting on stage makes headlines and more publicity, isn’t it a clear sing that the people are sick ?” Of course, many Americans hate these kind of celebrities, and see them as attention junky, tacky and those who try too hard for attention. But the US media care about Lady Gaga a lot, and it can show you the real kind of the US progress in the recent decades.

You can ask yourself: “If Lady Gaga had been an Iranian and many Iranian people care about her a lot, what the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian fake intellectuals would have said about Iran and Iranians ?!” The answer can show many things.

It’s our second article about the celebs, the first one was about an Iranian celebrity, and you can find it here .