Gunter Grass and Freedom of Speech in the West

April 10, 2012

Compared to our horrible situation in Iran under the Mullah regime, the West is a free land, and that’s why many Iranians call the West “the free world”, but it doesn’t mean that the West is really free and has no problem. The shameful attacks on Gunter Grass and his recent poem can show us a serious problem. In fact, Gunter Grass, like Assang and Wikileaks, or like Heinrich Heine in the 19 century, showed a serious problem.The German author Heinrich Heine (1797- 1856) had warned that burning books would end in burning humans, but most of the German people attacked him, and didn’t care about him before the 1950s. In the 1930s, in order to cleanse the minds of people and society many books were fed to the flames in Germany and Austria. Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine, that was like today’s Western propaganda machine, censored Heinrich Heine’s works and attacked his liberal ideas. And now the Jewish fanatics and their Western supporters attack Gunter Grass and ‘what must be said’. In 2009, the young Iranians, who were pro-West and pro-US, could show the true face of the West, and now in 2012, when the Western Hypocrisy has reached to its peak, many can see “the tragedy of Freedom in the West”. Some say: “When Evolution reaches its peak, it’s going backwards”, but if you read history, you can see that the freedom and democracy has never reached its peak in the West. In fact, it’s the Western Hypocrisy that has reached to its peak in the West. Gunter Grass’s story just shows us that ‘Censorship and Self-censorship still is a serious problem in the West’. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the idiots say. But it’s so obvious that the West has many serious problems. Gunter Grass, 84, clearly talks about his self-censorship and his fear of stupid labels. All Iranians know how the Mullahs and the brutal dictators label the ordinary people as “anti-Islam”, “anti-Religion”, “anti-Regime”, etc and then arrest, torture, or kill them. It’s what all brutal dictators in all Animal Farms have done it. The tragedy of Freedom in Iran under the Mullah regime, is like the tragedy of Freedom in the USSR or the Nazi Germany. In fact, all enemies of the freedom and the open society love “burning books”, “breaking pens”, “shooting the messenger”, etc. They are frightened of public awareness and telling the truth. But “why the Jewish fanatics and their American and European supporters attack Gunter Grass for telling the truth?”, many ask. You can ask yourself: “why the people like Gunter Grass should remain silent, while the Jewish fanatics and other fanatics and racists can clearly talk about war and violence, like the Nazi? Are the 15 million Jews more powerful than the 7000 million non-Jews?” It’s so obvious that the Jews are a very small minority in the World and have no real power. But why the West disgraces and discredits itself only for defending the Jewish fanatics? It’s a good question. When Goebbels and the Nazi brunt more than 20,000 volumes of offensive books in Germany in 1933, many didn’t know that burning books would end in burning humans. And now many don’t know that “betraying Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran” would end in ‘betraying all humans and all human values”.


Gunter Grass is like Heinrich Heine (1797- 1856), but today’s Germans are not like the old Germans. In the 19th century, many Germans hated Heinrich Heine. Some say: “In his own time, Heine was known for his liberal opinions and for his satirical attacks on German nationalism. His writings and controversial activities brought him into disfavor in Germany. He had hoped to obtain a position as a professor of German literature, but his political ideas brought him into the disfavor of the established German governments”. Of course, today’s Germans praise both Gunter Grass and Heinrich Heine, but the Jewish fanatics and their Western supporters play the role of the German chauvinists and the Nazi racists. We all should read history, otherwise we just repeat history. There are many similarities between the Jewish fanatics and the Nazi Germans. We would write more about it later, but now it should be said that censorship in the US and Europe has a long history, and the great tragedy of Nazism, Fascism, or what happened in the past centuries is just part of it. Some wise Westerners say: “Before the 19th century, the books and the press in most of Europe were frequently subject to strict censorship. Although government-instituted censorship were abandoned in most western countries during the 20th century, but librarians still censor a wide range of books in libraries, under the pretext of protecting readers from morally destructive and offensive literature. One of the most stunning examples, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884 UK, 1885 US), was first banned in 1885 in Massachusetts. According Arthur Schlesinger, the author of Censorship – 500 Years of Conflict, Twain’s book was still in jeopardy of censorship in 1984. Western human rights defenders often ignore our shameful past. The lack of criticism of European censorship, gives perpetrating governments, such as China’s regime or Iran’s regime a welcome opportunity to accuse Western countries of one-sided criticism. In the US, the libel law and other laws serve as the law of censorship. The courts became the new controllers in the US and the West. Libel laws were often subject to broad
, allowing for continued restraint, harassment, and persecution of artists, journalists and others that challenged the concepts of national security, blasphemy and obscenity“. Recently, some Iranian political activists in the US said: “We thought the journalists are free in the US, but unfortunately, the journalists can’t be free even in the US”. It’s really shameful. In 2012 and 2009, many Western media, Western journalists, and Western polling organizations clearly showed that they are not free and independent. But it doesn’t mean that the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the idiots say. The Inquisition of the Catholic Church and the Inquisition of the the Mullah regime are alike, and it’s what the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals don’t understand it, or pretend ignorance about it. You can’t compare the West with Iran under the Mullah regime. In the West, you are not killed or tortured because of speaking your minds. The libel law and other stupid laws in the West are really shameful, but fortunately, the brave people and the wise people in the West can speak their minds, and are not frightened of stupid and pitiful threats.


The West has many serious problems, and the most important problem is that many Westerners don’t know both the stupid rights and the stupid lefts are the great evil. They can see that the stupid rights, from the religious fanatics and the capitalists to the racists and the chauvinists, defend the enemies of the freedom and democracy in the West, but they can’t see that the stupid lefts, specially the Marxists and the fake intellectuals who defend the tyranny and the dictators in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism, are enemies of the freedom and democracy in the whole world. It’s so obvious that those who defend the tyranny and the savage dictators in Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Russia, and other parts of the world, are the main enemy of a better world. The fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts only pretend that they are progressive, but they defend the reactionary forces and the brutal dictators without shame. The stupid lefts and fake intellectuals, form Chomsky to Zizek, are wolfs in sheep’s clothing. They clearly showed their true colors in the past three years. The stupid lefts try to pretend that the situation in Iran and the West is alike. They are like the Mullahs, and try to use Gunter Grass’s story and other shameful things in the West as a tool for telling big lies. There is no doubt that the West has many serious problems. Recently, some media reported: “NSA can and regularly does spy on Americans’ communications. And when the NSA hesitates to spy directly on US communications, it gets Canada to do the job“. Or some media added: “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that exercises authority over the safety and security of the traveling public in the US, has employed many Behavior Detection Officers, or ‘BDOs,’ who are officers whose primary responsibility is to observe the behavior of passengers [!] TSA agents believe to have the legal authority from Congress to strip search every air traveler. During the pat-down, some agents touch the a-n-u-s, s-e-x-u-al organ, buttocks, or breast of the ordinary people. TSA agents are accused of having mistreated passengers, having s-e-x-u-ally harassed passengers, touching the genitals of women and children, having stolen from passengers, etc”. The situation in Europe is not better than the US. Recently, some media reported: “In March 2012, about 8000 websites, including Google and Facebook, were blocked by the Danish child p-o-r-n-o-graphy (CP) filter. When the customers of the affected ISPs made Google searches or accessed their Facebook pages, they were met by the STOP page for the Danish CP filter. Almost all mainstream ISPs in Denmark receive a list of domains to be blocked from the Danish police. In March 2012, the Danish police even refused to confirm that Google and Facebook were affected by the block, but this is known from the complaints received by the customer service department of some ISPs”. Or some media added: “European Parliament Blocks Copyright Reform With 113% Voter Turnout [!]. There are 24 seats in the committee, and one was absent. So, there should have been 23 votes at the most. But we just counted 12 votes for reform and 14 against. Thats 26. This rather embarrassing issue was pointed out to the committee, the fact that there were three votes too many, and that these three votes determined the outcome. When this was done, along with formally requesting a re-vote, that re-vote on the points in question was denied [!]”. It’s really shameful, and the angry Europeans say: “There were more votes than voters. Change the stars on your flag to swastika or ‘hammer and sickle’ please!“. But it doesn’t mean the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the stupid lefts say. The situation in Iran under the Mullah regime is really like the European dark ages, and the Mullah laws are like the medieval laws.


The corporate media aid the bad people in controlling and brainwashing the people. And unfortunately, many Western mass media are corporate media. The Jews are a very tiny minority in the US, less than 2%, but the Jewish fanatics can control many things in the US, mainly only because the corrupt politicians and the Christian fanatics support them. It’s so obvious that the racists and the selfish people in the West don’t care about the Jews. The Christians, specially the Christian fanatics, think the Jews have killed Jesus Christ. The Norwegian terrorist, who killed more than 80 youths in 2011, was a Christian fanatic who hated the Jews and the Muslim, and unfortunately, many Christian fanatics in the West are like him. Unfortunately, the number of the Christian fanatics in the US and Europe is not small, but why the US and Europe care about the Jewish fanatics and the Jewish state a lot? Some say: “If you know the religious fanatics, you know the answer. The religious fanatics, specially the Christian fanatics, just aid other fanatics in accelerating the arrival of the End of Time. Almost all religious fanatics see Jerusalem as the land of Armageddon, and believe that the world should be full of corruption and disaster before the End of Time, and that’s why they try to support the Jewish fanatics and wars and violence”. Unfortunately, Gunter Grass’s story and many other shameful events just show us that the religious fanatics still have the upper hand in the West. It’s really shameful. But the religious fanatics are just part of the problem. Some say: “The other part of the problem are those bastards who are known as ‘imperialists’, ‘capitalists’, ‘colonialists’, ‘slaveholders’, ‘greedy rich’, etc. They love war and violence, and they support the Jewish fanatics and the brutal dictators, not because they care about the End of Time and these bullshits, but because they want to exploit others and try to sell their weapons”. After 2009 and the Western betrayals, Iranians could see that the West has many serious problems, but many Iranians still prefer not to talk about “the Freedom of speech in the West”, mainly because it reminds them of an old Iranian says: “Har-che Begandad Namakash Mizanand, Vay Be-Roozi ke Begandad Namak” (“Everything that goes rotten can be salted, But it’s a great pity when you see even ‘Salt’ goes rotten [or ‘it’s a great pity when you only have rotten Salt’]). The freedom in Iran is really rotten, and reading about the rotten Western freedom can be very disappointing. Of course, the West has many serious problems, but it’s not like Iran under the Mullah regime, and what the stupid lefts say is bullshit. It should not be forgotten. The West and this shitty world have many serious problems that the good people should try to solve them. I hope the good people at least try to see the main problems of today’s world, and try to say no to all reactionary forces who love or defend the tyranny, the savagery, the lie, the hypocrisy, the deception, the censorship, and other evil things.