Will of God, Miracles, and Mahnaz Afshar !

“The majority of Americans still believe in the will of God and miracles. Their motto still is: ‘In God is our trust'”, the American media report. But those who don’t believe in miracles, including the young Iranians, can see the will of God and many great miracles by taking a look at the celebs. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar, one of the most famous Iranian celebrities and female film starts , who has many fans in Iran, can show you the will of God and the great miracle. Of course, almost all celebs can show us many miracles, including miracles of god, miracles of money, miracles of media, miracles of stupidity, miracles of brainwashing, miracles of kissing ass, etc.

When the media published the first pictures of Mahnaz Afshar and her mother, many could not understand whether what they see is a miracle of God or a miracle of Photoshop. Mahnaz Afshar’s fans thought Mahnaz Afshar’s mother should look like Marilyn Monroe, or Googoosh, a famous Iranian celebrity, but “they were ignorant and didn’t know that it’s the will of God and the miracle of the genes that determine who should be Mahnaz Afshar or who should be Mr. shit or Lady Gaga”, as some say.


Mahnaz Afshar’s fans didn’t know that she has her own dark sides, and thought “being Mahnaz Afshar” is not a matter of luck. “In fact, sometimes genes play funny games and create miracle. But some thinks it’s the will of God, some thinks it’s chance, and some thinks it’s a miracle of money and genetic engineering”, some say. They add: “Some celebrities are as honest as Mahnaz Afshar and show their dark sides, but others think ‘they have come out of Elephant’s ass’. They are like the racists and the Monarchists who think that there is a ‘greatness’ gene or a ‘master’ gene that they have it, but others have ‘slave’ gene or ‘inferiority’ gene and should be slave of them”.


The second pictures of Mahnaz Afshar and her mother forced the unbelievers to seriously think about the will of God and miracles. Mahnaz Afshar, herself, has said: “Ask Mr. Creator why he created me like Mrs Googoosh”. It shows that Mahnaz Afshar is not like the ultra-stupid people – specially the Monarchists, the rich kids, the stupid celebs, the racist Westerners, and the stupid kids of mercenaries and ass kissers – who think their good luck is not luck, or it’s not a miracle of kissing ass, but it’s merit, something like a merit scholarship from God.


Almost all humans have a special talent, and should try to fulfill their potential. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar is very photogenic, or some celebs are musical genius. Of course, some are good ass-kissers, good sheep, good thieves, and good mercenaries, like the Iranian Monarchists, but it’s not a special talent. It’s just a shame. As the wise people say: “we all can be a miracle, but sometimes we focus on a talent or potential that we don’t have it, and it leads to great tragedies like Lady Gaga’s tragedy. So, If you have a special talent, just try to focus on your own special talent, and don’t be so greedy”. And don’t forget that only a few people are like Reza Pahlavi and have no special talent. But other men have at least one special talent, and many special talents are much more important than “being very photogenic”.


Most of today’s celebrities in the West and the whole world are really disasters, but the people who are very photogenic still can become “Model” or “Film Star”, and it’s not bad. As you know, some people, including Mahnaz Afshar, are very photogenic with or without the Islamic veil (Hejab). But some say: “The people who are very photogenic, often have small brains, and it’s the ‘Divine Justice’. You can be a blond or a brain, but not both ! and it’s the will of God !” Of course, you can be a blond, a brain, or something in between, if you don’t have a tendency to see the issues in black and white. But if you are a Mullah or a Monarchist, you only can be ugly and brainless. There is no exception.


Mahnaz Afshar’s mother is an ordinary mother like many other mothers in the world. Iranians and many other people in all around world love their mothers, not because they are photogenic or musical genius, but because they are good mothers. Each person has a special talent, and some are good mothers or good fathers. But the wise funny guys say: “Please stop producing children at any price. Be responsible. And don’t forget that only some couples have good luck and can produce a very photogenic child. In fact, only a few couples are as lucky as Mahnaz Afshar’s parents; and many others just create a horrible disaster for themselves and their children”.


The good mothers, who are responsible and care about their children a lot, are really like angels, even when they are not very photogenic. The good and responsible mothers and what they do are really miracles. They are “believable miracles”. But if you think you want to live your own life, or you just want to fulfill your own human potentials, or you are irresponsible, idiot, hypocrite, or selfish, please don’t produce any child. The bad parents are like the devil or the Iranian Monarchists, and their children can become great criminals, great disasters, or would suffer from horrible mental disorders.

P.S. We want to joke with the famous celebrities, and for the first time I decide to choose an Iranian celebrity. It’s just joke and satire, for thinking about some serious issues, and I hope the celebrities and their fans don’t take it seriously.

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