Western Hypocrisy, Racism and Chauvinism

This year, 2012, has become an important year, mainly because the young Iranians and non-Iranians who were pro-West and pro-US can see the Western Hypocrisy and the main problems of the West. In the recent months, many shameful comments from the stupid Westerners were sent to us or published in the Western mass media. It’s a bitter truth and a tragic fact that many Westerners are racists and chauvinists. They clearly say that there is no difference between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people, and they deliberately use ‘Iran’ for refereeing to the Mullahs and Iran’s regime. We didn’t want to write about the stupid Westerners, specially those racists and chauvinists who send us shameful comments; we waited some months; But unfortunately the majority of people comments (about Iran) in the Western mass media are stupid or shameful, and those who put these shameful comments are racists, chauvinists, or stupid lefts who follow their media like sheep. It’s really embarrassing and disappointing. Now, I think the people in all around the world should know how the stupid westerners, who are racists and chauvinists, try to show the true colors of the West to the Iranians. We have already written about the Western Hypocrisy and how the West betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in the 2009-2011 period (check Archive). The West not only refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, but aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and now instead of apologizing to the Iranian people, the Western jerks impose more sanctions on them. The old readers of this website know when we say “Western jerks”, “stupid Westerners”, “Iranian jerks”, “stupid Iranians”, etc it means “special groups of Westerners/ Iranians/ etc”. We have never said all Americans, all Europeans, all Iranians, etc are stupid, wise, or any thing else. But the Western mass media and the Western jerks don’t stop using ‘Iran’ for refereeing to Iran’s regime. Some Iranian comments in the Western media really saddens us, specially when they say: “ Stop keep saying Iran. You should use Mullahs or Iran’s regime, not Iran … Use Mullahs or the regime of Iran instead of keep saying Iran“. From now on, sometimes we will use the West or the US for referring to the politicians and other jerks in the West. It’s not “tit for tat”, but it’s what the ordinary Iranians have started to do, and the outside world should know how the general mood in Iran is changing, and how the Western hypocrisy and the Western shameful behaviors are changing many things. We still believe that many good people live in the West and the whole world, but unfortunately, most of them are silent, and it’s very disappointing. The good people that are silent and indifferent, only help the bad people. Unfortunately, the fake intellectuals and the stupid people have the upper hand in the West, and many ordinary people follow them like sheep. I don’t know the rate of stupid, racist, or chauvinist people in the West, but the people comments in the Western mass media and the comments that are sent to us, show that many Westerners are racist and hypocrite. They sent us comments like this: “You seem to generalize all Americans as stupid, dope addict, alcoholics, without depth [!]. This a racist comment [!!]. Your Gov’t [!!] is threatening to wipe Israel/US off the map [!!]. Why would any free sane country want such fanatics to get an atomic bomb? If you want change start by changing your attitude [!!]. As far as sanctions on Iran it’s very simple stop promoting terrorism, threatening to blow up Israel/US [!!] Stop your quest for nuclear weapons or everyone will suffer the consequences [!!!]“, can you see the depth of hypocrisy and stupidity of these American jerks? They tell stupid lies (You seem to generalize all Americans !), while they themselves clearly generalize all Iranians and say: “every Iranian will suffer the consequences” ! They think other people are as stupid as themselves. If we and other Iranians were like them, we would say: “All Americans should be punished, because the American jerks betrayed Iranians in 2009 and aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, and created a tragedy that was bigger than 9/11. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is worse than Bin Laden, and what he did in 2009, is worse than 9/11. So, all Americans are killers and terrorists. They are like Bin Laden supporters, and all Americans should be punished”. But Iranians are not like the stupid Americans that their shameful comments just show us that they don’t care about the truth, and they live like selfish animals, with ridiculous double standards. But a world that is full of stupid sheep and indifferent animals is like today’s world. It can’t be a better world.


Some comments that are sent to us, like many people comments in the western mass media, are so shameful, but they are informative. For instance, a stupid Westerner wrote: “Since when is it the west’s obligation to aid pro-democratic movements? Did we ever say, ‘If the Iranian people start a protest; we’ll help them.; The answer? No. We never betrayed Iran, because we were never allies“. Can you believe it? It just confirms what many Iranians say in these days: “The American principles and the Western values are: Hypocrisy, Savagery, Shamelessness, Lie, Animal interests, etc. The freedom, democracy and human rights are meaningless words for the US and the West. We know that it’s the west’s obligation to aid the savage dictators, as the West aided the savage Mullahs in killing Iranians. Now, we don’t have any delusion about the West. It was the west’s obligation to sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and surveillance, and it was the west’s obligation to publish fake polls and support the Mullah Mafia and Iranian baboons financially and politically. It was the West’s obligation to aid the Mullahs in killing Iranians. The West is so shameless and hypocrite, but now almost all Iranians know that the West is like a shortsighted animal who even can’t see its own long term interests. Iranians know that the West is the main supporter of the Mullahs, and the number one enemy of Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran. The West is still as savage and uncivilized as the past”. Another American wrote us: “The oppression of the people of Iran by the government of Iran is not our problem“. It’s very shameful and very meaningful. Unfortunately, many selfish or racist Americans think in this way. And that’s why some wise but angry Iranians say : “Americans are really jerk and hypocrite. They don’t care about human rights, democracy or freedom. These values and other human values are meaningless for Americans. They are animals in human’s clothing. ‘Inha Bishtar az-in Nemifahmand va Sho-ur Nadarand. Az Yek Mosht Gav Cheroon Vahshi che Entezari darid?” (They can’t understand more than this, and they have no understanding of humanity and human civilization. What can you expect from a bunch of savage cow boys?) They don’t have a long history of civilization like Iranians. Their history of Civilization is a 500 years-old history, while our history of Civilization is a 15,000 years-old history. So, they are like a stupid upstart or a worthless parvenu. They still are as stupid as their savage ancestors who lived like animals. We should teach them Civilization and Humanity and other human values“. Of course, as you know, what happened in 2009 was not “the oppression of the people of Iran by the government of Iran”, but it was “the oppression of the people of Iran by the Mullahs and their Western supporters who aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians”. Do you think these American jerks deserve better life or better government in the US? Don’t they really deserve Bush, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other corrupt politicians? It’s really shameful that the stupid Americans can live in the free world, but the wise Iranians should be victims of the Western puppets (the Mullahs) and the Western Hypocrisy. Fortunately, many Iranians know the truth, and that’s why many say: “Those who love the Mullahs are the ones who benefit from wars or cheap oil“, and we all know who are these bastards. But many Westerns are stupid and follow the fake intellectuals or mass media like sheep. They wrote us: “We, in the West, hate the Mullahs more than Iranians inside Iran [!!!] “. It’s a good joke, and it can show you the depth of stupidity of many Westerners. Many Iranians say: “The West never hated the Mullahs. If the West or the US had hated the Mullahs, they would have helped the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and they would not have aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in 2009″, and it’s really true.


“Please don’t judge all of Britain by the hypocrisy of politics or the fact Assad’s wife is British”, a Briton wrote us. We never said all Britons are like their politicians, and it’s so obvious that the ordinary Britons are like the ordinary people in all around the world. But there are many serious questions about the ordinary people in Britain, Canada, USA, etc. Why they don’t protest against imposing sanctions on all Iranians? Why they don’t protest against their politicians/ media/ companies/etc that aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians? Why they don’t protests against their mass media that always use ‘Iran’ for referring to the Mullahs? Assad’s wife and the wives of some high rank Mullahs are British, and the British politicians help Assad and the Mullahs, and many high rank Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, Iranian baboons, and Syrian thieves and crooks live in the UK, and it’s a great shame for the UK. But Iranians don’t say that the world should impose sanctions on the UK and all Britons, because of the British politicians, while the western jerks say that they impose sanctions on Iranians, because of the Mullahs ! I hope all good people can understand this important difference. Many Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, and their families live in Canada and USA, and the Mullah state TV and Mullah Mafia still are active inside the US, while the ordinary Iranians are victims of the stupid sanctions, but why no one protest against these shameful matters ? If Iranians were like the stupid Westerners they would say that the world should impose sanctions on all Americans and all Canadians, because of their politicians. The American jerks, specially the American religious fanatics and the American politicians, are like the old imperialists, the Mullahs and Bin Laden, but shall the world impose sanctions on all Americans? It’s a very important question. According to the Western logic, all Americans, all Britons, all Canadians, etc deserve punishment and sanction and all of them are responsible for the shameful behaviors of their politicians, and all of them should suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the articles or the people comments in the Western media, show that not only many people in the US and Europe are ignorant or stupid, but many are racist, chauvinist, or in the best case nationalist. It’s really disappointing. Some Iranians, including us, ask: “Why such ignorant and stupid people, and such racist and chauvinist people should live in the free world, but we are forced to live in the big prison (Iran)? Why many open-minded and liberal people are not free and should live under the medieval tyranny, but the racist, chauvinist, stupid, or hypocritical people are free and can live in the free world ?” Think about it. John Anderson had a good article in the CNN on February 20, 2012 , with the title “How an Iranian film unites us all” (you can google it). He wrote: “Much of the reason that ‘A Separation’ has made such an impact in the West -a virtual sweep of the critics’ prizes, a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations, including a virtually unheard of nod for a non-US screenplay –is that it isn’t a foreign film at all … ‘A Separation’ drives home the oft-ignored fact that Iran is full of educated, sophisticated and cultured people who don’t agree with their government… It can find a mirror in an American political system in which politicians are willing to mouth any absurdity to appeal to a noisy, marginalized and in many cases fundamentalist minority, whose inclinations toward freedom, intellect, diversity and reason don’t place them all that far from the Mullahs. Frankly, you don’t want either group to have a nuke. But that makes ‘A Separation’ something of a dangerous movie, at least among those for whom division among peoples spells political profit”. It’s really true. It’s the best thing that we heard from Americans in 2012. Unfortunately, while many racist, chauvinist, or nationalist people in the US and Europe just show their true colors by talking nonsense, the vast majority of the wise and good people are silent or indifferent. But those for whom division among peoples spells political profit are enemy of the ordinary people in all around the world. They try not to allow us to have a better world. The American neo cons, the Christian fanatics in the US and Europe, the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics are exactly like the Mullahs and we all don’t want either group to have a nuke. But it’s not the whole story. The nationalists and the chauvinists in the West clearly say that Iran and Iranians are their enemy, not the Mullahs. They clearly say that a free and democratic Iran is a threat for their national interests, i.e. the animal interests. They write many shameful articles in the Western media, and clearly say that if they can make a good deal with the savage Mullahs, it’s the best case for them. It’s really shameful. They are blind idiots, and even can’t see their own long term interests. They are like the slaveholders or the Ku Klux Klan.


Some wise Iranians say: “when the Christian fanatics, the American neo cons, the Zionists, the Jewish fanatics, the Muslim fanatics and Taliban’s creators (in Pakistan), and the fanatics and Communists in Russia, China and North Korea, and other idiots have a lot of nukes, only the Mullahs should not have nuke?! The selfish, stupid, racist and chauvinist Westerners clearly say that they don’t have problem with the Mullahs, but they have problem with Iran as a whole. They clearly say: “The freedom and democracy in Iran is not in our interests [!!]. A free and democratic Iran can be a threat for our national interests in the Persian Golf. Even if Iran was a free and democratic country, we would not allow them to have [a free, strong and independent country and] a nuclear program. We would bomb there“. Can you believe it? These shameless animals clearly say that a brutal dictatorship and a puppet regime in Iran, like the Mullah regime or the Pahlavi regime, is in their national interests! They desperately try not to allow Iran to become a free, strong, democratic, and independent country. The people comments in the Western mass media can show you the true colors of many people in the West. For instance, you can read the comments below an article in the CNN that is about the current bullshits and the current war game . It can give you headache, but it can show you the depth of stupidity of the stupid sheep and the indifferent animals in the West. As we said before, Zakaria is a jerk and his relations with the Mullahs is so disgusting and many Iranians hate him, but Zakaria and his stupid article is not important, just read the comments below his article. In fact, the people comments show you the true colors of the West. They say: “The Iranian military could not sustain a war with the US more than a day or two [!] The war would guarantee Obama reelection [!!], so I suppose that we must have it [!] … the government of Iran endangers the US and the world, that is our problem and we cannot wait for the people of Iran to fix it [!!]” Can you believe it? The stupid bastards in the US are selfish and racist people. Bin Laden said: “the government of USA endangers the Muslim world, that is our problem and we cannot wait for the people of USA to fix it” So, according to American logic, Bin Laden was right to punish the selfish Americans who live like animals, wasn’t he ?! . Of course, Americans “didn’t wait for Iranians to fix it”, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians! The logic of American bastards is really awful, and their double standards are so laughable. They say: “Religious fanatics with nukes is very dangerous …”, but if the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics had nukes or if the Christian fanatics in the US had nukes, it’s very good ! Some Western jerks say: “Ayatollah Khamenei is not Khomenei and is not so radical [!!!] [He just kills Iranians, but he is our friend. We should aid him in killing Iranians, as we did in 2009. It’s in our national interests !]” Of course, all Americans and all Westerners are not stupid. Some of them say: “Religious fanatics with nukes? I believe you are describing I-s-r-a-e-l [and USA], not Iran … Pakistan is also a Islamic regime that has hosted Bin Laden and supported the Taliban and other Islamist terrorists that the Mullahs hate them, because they are Wahhabi/Sallafi, but the Mullahs are Shia. Pakistan has nukes, while the number of Islamist terrorists in Pakistan is much more than Iran”. The hypocrisy of the West is the number one in the whole world.


“What has happened since 2009, clearly shows that the West is the number one enemy of a free and strong Iran. They just want a weak and puppet regime in Iran, and that’s why they always support the brutal dictators in Iran”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Iran’s nuclear program started already during the rule of the Shah (in 1974), and we think that’s why the West tried to topple the Shah. In fact, the West and their policy-makers don’t want a free and strong Iran. They always want a weak puppet regime in Iran. In these days, they talk about ‘War with Iran’, not ‘War with the Mullahs’. And it’s very meaningful. They clearly talk about ‘making deal with the Mullahs’. Obama, Clinton, and almost all American journalists and intellects talk about ‘making deal with the Mullahs’. It’s so funny that when these jerks talk about war with the Mullahs, they clearly say it’s a war for the nuclear issue, or for making a deal with the Mullahs. In fact, it’s a war for destroying Iran, not for the freedom and democracy and for freeing the Iranians. It’s so obvious that they don’t care about the freedom and democracy in Iran, and that’s why the Western idiots clearly say: ‘We must not make war for the human rights [or the freedom and democracy] in Iran, but we must make war for the nuclear issue in Iran [!!]‘ It’s very important, and of course, has very important results”. The 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 are very important years in Iran’s history. They show the true colors of the West. And that’s why the wise Iranians say: “What happened in 2009, and also in 2012, only prove that Iran, even under the Mullah regime, should have nukes. When the Christian fanatics (in the US) and the Jew fanatics (in the Jewish state), the Muslim fanatics (in Pakistan), and the stupid Communists have nukes, why the Mullahs should not have nukes? Some idiots say that the Mullah nukes are dangerous for Iran’s people, but is bullshit because: (1) nukes didn’t save USSR (2) 2009 showed us that the West don’t care about the freedom, democracy and human rights, and even nuclear issues, in Iran. If they had wanted to help Iranians or solve the main problems, they would have supported the anti-Mullah movement in 2009. But we all know what happened in 2009. The stupid West not only didn’t care about Iranians, but aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians. So, Iran, even under the Mullah regime, should have nukes. The 2009 showed us that the West don’t have any problem with the Mullahs, but they have problem with a free and democratic Iran. In fact, they want to destroy Iran, but nukes will stop them. The hypocrisy of the West only show Iranians and other nations that they should be strong and should be able to stop the greedy West”. It’s hard to say that it’s wrong. Unfortunately, many still pretend ignorance that Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and USA supported the Mullahs in the 2009-2011 period and aided them in killing Iranians. And that’s why Iranians say: “These Westerners are stupid chauvinists, like their savage ancestors. They still think that the freedom, democracy, or progress in other countries is a threat for them. They still live in the Slavery Age and the Colonialism Age. But they only disgrace themselves. The stupid nationalists/ chauvinists who desperately try to exploit other countries and other people in the name of ‘National Interest’, are animals in human clothing”. Unfortunately, the bad people are very active, and clearly declare that the West want to make a good deal with the Mullahs. They clearly support the reactionary Iranians, form the Mullahs to the Monarchists and Rajavists. And that’s why many Iranians say: “the West is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran“. What the West, its politicians, its journalists, its media, and its fake intellects do is very shameful and dangerous. It creates an inevitable deep hate towards the West. It proves that the West is hypocrite and deserves no attention and no respect. I hope the good people in the West don’t remain silent, indifferent, and inactive.

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