Canadian Apology, or How the West Apologizes

April 30, 2012

The post-2009 era is really tragic, but it can show you the true meanings and the true colors of many things. For instance, many didn’t know how the Western countries apologize, but now you can see how Canada, the US or Europe apologize to you for their shameful behaviors. As we said before, the US and the West not only refused to help the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and now instead of apologizing for their shameful behaviors, they impose more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, threaten the Iranian people with war in the name of nuclear issues, support the savage Arabs who tell joke about Iran, and stupidly try to prove that the West is enemy of the ordinary Iranians, but is friend of Mullahs, Islamists, and Arabs. It’s the true meaning of the Western Apology. But if you still can’t believe what you see, Canada can show you the true meaning of Western apology. As we said before, some high rank Mullah embezzlers, including Khavari and Amir Khosravi, fled to Canada in 2011 and lived there in luxury, and it brought shame on Canada as a whole. But do you know how Canada’s regime and Stephen Farter (Harper) apologized for this scandal? Let’s guess: (1) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘Oh, we are sorry that these Mullah embezzlers, Khavari and AmirKhosravi, could live in Canada and were citizens of Canada. But now, we don’t allow these Mullah embezzlers to live here and we will deport them’? No, it’s too naive to think that it was the Canadian answer. Why are you so naive? (2) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘Oh, we are sorry that thousands of high rank Mullahs, Mullah crooks, and Mullah embezzlers live in Canada. We are sorry that someone like Bouzari, or members of Larijani’s clan, Khamenei’s clan, Rafsanjani’s clan, etc live in Canada and invest their embezzled money, i.e. the Iranian people’s money, in Canada’? No, never. It’s too naive to think that it was the Canadian reaction. Why are you so naive? (3) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘ We try to answer the serious questions about our ridiculous policy towards Iran . We are sorry that we hurt the ordinary Iranians’? No. Why are you so naive? (4) Did the Canadian media/ politicians say: ‘ Canada has become a safe heaven for the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers , and it’s a great shame. We apologize to Iranians’? No, never. Why are you so naive? The Canadian media/ politicians just try to obey Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). In the recent days, the media reported: “the Visa Section at the Embassy of Canada in Iran (Tehran) is closed and services have been transferred to the Embassy of Canada in Turkey. If you are in Iran and want to submit a temporary visa (student visa) you must now apply through the visa office in Ankara. CIC officials declared; ‘Shifting visa services from one visa office to another is not uncommon [!] It’s just an efficient way for saving more money”. In fact, Canada, like the US, tries to punish the ordinary Iranians, including the Iranian students. And that’s why Iranians say: “Only Mullahs, crooks, thieves, good sheep, and idiots can go to Canada without any problem. Canada should be proud of itself, because it has become the home of crooks and embezzlers “. It’s really shameful.


The post-2009 era can show you many grim realities about the West and the global village. It can show you what the West and the Western media says about the global village and the freedom and democracy is bullshit. “Forget all that bullshit and look at what Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and Stephen Farter (Harper) do”, Iranians say. “Breivik and Le Pen are not exception, and many Westerners, including the Western politicians, are like them. They are a bunch of racists and chauvinists who are really selfish and hypocrite. What they say about the global village or the world peace is bullshit. They use visa as a tool for recruiting the good sheep and the good mercenaries. They just care about their own animal interests. The West aided the Mullahs in killing or torturing the ordinary Iranians, because they love the Mullahs and Islamists. They use sanctions as a tool for deceiving the naive Westerners, and for winning some concessions from the Mullahs. Who care about the freedom and democracy and the human values?”, many Iranians say. And unfortunately, it’s hard to say it’s wrong. “Canada and Stephen Farter (Harper) are exactly like Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and the US. Stephen Farter (Harper) punishes Iranian students and the ordinary Iranians with new restrictions, and make love with the Mullah embezzlers and the Mullah Mafia in Canada. And Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) imposes more sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, and make love with the Mullah terrorists, the Mullah state TV, and the Mullah killers and rapists in the US. It’s the true face of the Wes, many Iranians add. “The Embassy of Canada in Iran and their shameful behaviors towards Iranians, were a shame. They thought they could insult Iranians and could treat Iranians like animals, and you don’t have right to protest against their shameful behaviors, because you don’t have any right in their stupid system. You should be a good sheep or a good idiot, otherwise, you don’t have even a little chance of getting their f-u-c-k-ing visa“, the angry Iranian say. It’s a great tragedy. Think about it. You can understand the angry Iranians, if you try to put yourself in their place. The Western embassies in Iran are just a center for making love and making secret deals with the Mullahs, and their behavior towards the ordinary Iranians is really shameful. We have already written about this issue, specially in “The Story of Western Countries & Iranian Baboons” (check Archive). As we said before, Iranians had wait 4 to 8 years in the long stupid queue for immigration to Canada, and could not transfer even $100 to Canada, but at the same time, the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers could get their immigration visa very easily, and could transfer millions or billions of the embezzled money to Canada. It’s really shameful, but as some angry Iranians say: “Canada and other Western countries not only don’t answer any question about their shameful behaviors and their ridiculous hypocrisy, but they call the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons Irans elite, and then make love with these ‘Iran’s elite’, i.e. Mullahs, Islamists, mercenaries, crooks, thieves, killers, rapists, terrorists, etc. Apparently, the Canadian Visa and Immigration system is really like other western visa and immigration systems that just attract crooks, thieves, sheep, and mercenaries“. You can ask yourself: “why the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers can go to Canada and live there, while the ordinary Iranians should be the victim of the stupid Western sanctions against Iran?” This question and its answer can show you many things.


“We have seen some Swiss people who clearly said: ‘our banks and our politicians love crooks and thieves, and it’s a great shame’. In fact, many Swiss people know that their county makes love with crooks and thieves, but unfortunately, we can’t see any Canadian who knows that Canada has become the home of crooks and thieves”, some wise Iranians say. I hope the ordinary Canadians can see the truth. Canada and Canadians had good reputations, and many Iranians and non-Iranians thought that Canada is not like Europe and has less racists and less chauvinists than Europe. Many thought that Canada needs immigrants, and the wise immigrants can have a real home in Canada, and it’s a win-win situation. But unfortunately, Canada has become the safe heaven for the Mullahs, crooks and thieves, and it’s really shameful. Iranians knew that London is the home of the Mullahs and the Islamists, or LA, California, is the home of the Iranian Monarchists and the dead zombies, but they thought Canada is different. “We don’t know whether Britons know that London is the Mullahs’ beloved city, the UK is the main supporter and creator of the Mullahs, and many Iranians hate the UK and don’t want to go to the UK, but apparently the British politicians and other western politicians are aware of this issue, and that’s why they try to sow the seeds of hate in Iranians’ hearts. They need the Mullahs and the Iranian mercenaries to exploit and destroy Iran, but they don’t need the wise Iranians who protest against them and can create problems for them. The western politician love mercenaries, and hate the wise people”, some Iranians say. It’s a tragic fact, but the tragedy of Iranian expats is really more tragic. “The West only allows the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries to leave Iran, and that’s why many Iranian expats are good sheep and don’t protest against anything. The West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians to leave Iran, and they should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran), that has been created by the Western puppets. In the past 100 years, Iranians have always been victims of the West and the Western puppets (the Mullahs and Pahlavi) in Iran. It’s the Western way of silencing Iranians and their voices: The Western puppet (Mullahs/ Pahlavists) silence the voice of Iranians inside Iran with the help of Iranian baboons and the Western companies/ media, and the West silences the voice of the Iranian expats with the help of the Western visa and immigration systems“, some wise Iranians say. You can ask yourself : “Why the Iranian expats don’t protest against Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama)? Why they don’t protest against the Canadian authorities who have accepted the Mullahs, their families, and their stolen money in Canada?” And the answer is clear. Some wise guys say: “because the majority of Iranian expats are stupid, Khayemal (ass-kisser) and charlatan. They are good sheep, and that’s why they could get visa. Otherwise, the West didn’t allow them to go to the West”. Of course, fortunately, many young Iranians are not like the older generations of Iranians, who were good sheep or good mercenaries. The wise young Iranians say: “We don’t sell our souls, our humanity, and the human values and principles for a visa. We will spit on their visa, if getting visa is equal to being mercenary, living like sheep, selling yourself, kissing ass, remaining silent, etc. The wise people can’t bear living in Iran under the Mullah regime; living in Iran under the Mullah regime is equal to pain, suffering, suppression, suffocation, and committing suicide, but it doesn’t mean that we are like the older generations of Iranians who sold, and still sell, themselves only for a visa or for a fistful of dollar. The West is like the Mullahs who sowed the seeds of hate. But the seeds of hate will change many things, and those who sow the seeds of hate will pay a very high price for their shameful behaviors”.


“The Western politicians allow Mullahs, Basijis, crooks, mercenaries and charlatans, and some one like Bouzari or Khavari, to go to the West, and it’s good for their the anti-immigration policy. They love war and hatred, so they should not allow the wise people, including the wise Iranians, to go to the West. Their people should see only the stupid Islamists and other stupid and sick people as immigrants, and in this way the seeds of future conflicts will be sown. In fact, the Western politicians try to help the anti-immigration groups, the racists and the chauvinists in the West indirectly. If they allow the wise people to immigrate to the West, and ban the sick and stupid people from getting visa, the ordinary westerners don’t hate the immigrants and immigration, and the world can be a better place to live, but it’s what the Western politicians don’t like it”, some wise guys say. It can be a good analyze. Do you think it’s purely accidental that many Mullah embezzlers, Islamists, high rank Mullahs, and Iranian mercenaries live in the West, but the West not only doesn’t deport these jerks to Iran, i.e. the pure hell that they have created for Iranians, but the West imposes more sanctions and more restrictions on the ordinary Iranians, i.e. the main victims of the Mullahs and the Western Hypocrisy; Do you really think it’s purely accidental? It’s so obvious that the West had to aid the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, instead of aiding the Mullahs in killing Iranians; it’s so obvious that instead of hardening attitude toward the wise Iranians who hate the Mullahs and the Islamists, the West had to facilitate many things, including immigration, for the wise Iranians, and didn’t have to allow the Mullahs, the Islamists and the Iranian baboons to go to the West; but why the West moved in the opposite direction? “Why the West doesn’t allow the wise Iranians and the independent Iranians to leave here, and only the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries can leave here?”, some ask. And the wise guys answer: “Because the West just loves good sheep or good slaves. They need the Iranian mercenaries and those who sell their souls for a fistful of dollar or a visa. They don’t need the wise people who protest against their shameful behavior“. It’s really tragic. Some adds: “In the best case, they call immigrants ‘skilled workers’ that means ‘skilled slaves’. But why? The right to live where you want, is a universal human right. They say that you should live where you were born or where your parents live, but It’s the logic of the slaveholders, who said: ‘you are a slave, because you were born slave, and your parents were slave’. In the slave trade market, they sold and bought slaves because they were strong or skilled workers, and now in the immigration trade market, they sell and buy immigrants because they are skilled workers or good embezzlers. Is it the global village, or is it the global slave market and the new global slave trade?”. It’s a good question. “The West should know that the younger generations of Iranian intellectuals, are not stupid or mercenary, like the older generation of the Iranian (fake) intellects. Today’s Iranian journalists and other Iranian mercenaries that the West call them ‘Iranian intellectuals’ are dead rats. Now, the people spit on them and shit on them”, some wise guys say. “When you live in Iran as an ordinary Iranian, not as a mercenary, a crook, or an Islamist, you are faced with many horrible problems. You can’t publicly protest against anything; you can’t write or publish anything; you can’t speak your minds or express yourself; you can’t have any media; you can’t have access to the normal internet, like other parts of the world; you can’t buy anything form the outside world; you can’t go to the outside world; you can’t transfer money to the outside world; you can’t have access to many tools, many facilities, many services, many software, many books, and many other things; you live in pure hell, but do think you should sell yourself for a visa or for money?“, the wise Iranians ask, and add: “your answer shows who you are”. Some wise guys say: “Iranians are victims of the stupid West, the Iranian expats, and the stupid lefts. But if the Iranian people want to go to the West and become as stupid as the current Iranian expats, it’s better that they stay here”. And some add: “The Fascist, the Nazi, the savage cowboys, the slave holders, the Ku Klux Klan, the racists, the chauvinists, the religious fanatics, and other western jerks still live in the West. They just wear new masks”. I hope the wise people in all around the world can see the real problems of today’s world, and try to solve them before it’s too late.

Kurt Godel: a great Genius, a weird Personality

April 28, 2012

Great men and their life can show us many things about human history and human life. Kurt Godel (1906- 1978), who has often been called the greatest logician of all times, was a great Mathematician/ logician, but he was a great man with a weird personality in a weird era (two world wars and the cold war). Godel, whose incompleteness theorems were hailed as the most important mathematical discovery of all times, or of the previous hundred years, died of starvation. In fact, the greatest logician of all times, had a weird life, a weird death, and many illusions about himself and his world. When some read about life of the great men, including Godel and Newton, they ask: “a great genius is equal to a great lunatic and paranoiac, isn’t it?”, but they often forget that all people, including great men, suffer from their own illusions and their own problems. Great men are unique, like other people. They can be emotional at times but that’s just part of their personality. The theories of personality type can show us some good things about people’s personality. For instance, they tell us that some are extrovert and some are introvert, but these theories are so incomplete, and often forget that each person is really unique. The experts say: “The theory of personality types, as it stand today, based on the research of Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers contends that: Personality has 4 dimensions 1- Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I) 2- Sensing (S) or iNtuitive (N) 3- Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) 4- Judging (J) or Perceiving (P). And the possible combinations of these 4 dimensions form 16 different Personality Types, like INTJ, INTP, ESFP, ENTJ, etc. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a test that can show your personality type”. Some say: “Godel was a weird INTP. INTPs seek clarity in everything. They are the ‘absent-minded professors’, who value knowledge above all else. Their minds are constantly working to generate new theories, or to prove or disprove existing theories. They approach problems and theories with enthusiasm and skepticism, ignoring existing rules and opinions and defining their own approach to the resolution. The INTP is usually very independent, unconventional, and original. The INTP is at his best when he can work on his theories alone and independently. When given an environment which supports his creative genius and possible eccentricity, the INTP can accomplish truly remarkable things. These are the pioneers of new thoughts in our society “. (for more information about personality types and MBTI you can check here ). Of course, the theories of personality type are so incomplete and can’t show us many things. Maybe there are some incompleteness theorems about humans and the human life. Godel and his life is a good example of ‘Incompleteness’ in humans and human life. Godel’s incompleteness theorems in logic and mathematics were great works, while Godel and his life can be like “incompleteness theorems” about the human life. Godel can show us that all people, including great men, are unique, and have their own special talents and their own problems and illusions. Let’s take a look at Godel’s life, including his special personality and his weird death [1]:


In 1931, Godel proved fundamental results about axiomatic systems, showing in any axiomatic mathematical system there are propositions that cannot be proved or disproved within the axioms of the system. In particular the consistency of the axioms cannot be proved. This ended a hundred years of attempts to establish axioms which would put the whole of mathematics on an axiomatic basis. Godel, who was master at logic and finding inconsistency, became a U.S. citizen in 1948, but the story of his citizenship was funny. Godel believed he had found an inconsistency in the US Constitution [!] His friends, including Einstein, urged him to become a US citizen, and Godel took the matter of citizenship with great solemnity, preparing for the exam by making a close study of the US Constitution. On the eve of the hearing, he called Morgenstern, one of the founders of game theory, in an agitated state, saying he had found an ‘inconsistency’ in the Constitution, one that could allow a dictatorship to arise [!]. Morgenstern was amused, but he realized that Godel was serious and urged him not to mention it to the judge, fearing that it would jeopardize Godels citizenship bid [!]. On the short drive to Trenton the next day, with Morgenstern serving as chauffeur, Einstein tried to distract Godel with jokes. When they arrived at the courthouse, the judge was impressed by Godels eminent witnesses, and he invited the trio into his chambers. After some small talk, he said to Godel, ‘Up to now you have held German citizenship’. No, Godel corrected, Austrian. ‘In any case, it was under an evil dictatorship,’ the judge continued. ‘Fortunately thats not possible in America’. ‘On the contrary, I can prove it is possible!’ Godel exclaimed, and he began describing the constitutional loophole he had descried. But the judge told the examinee that ‘he neednt go into that,’ and Einstein and Morgenstern succeeded in quieting him down. A few months later, Godel took his oath of citizenship. Godel was born in 1906 in Brno, Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic). His father was manager of a textile factory. Godel had quite a happy childhood. He was very devoted to his mother but seemed rather timid and troubled when his mother was not in the home. He had rheumatic fever when he was six years old, but after he recovered, when he was eight years old he began to read medical books about the illness he had suffered from, and learnt that a weak heart was a possible complication. Although there is no evidence that he did have a weak heart, Kurt became convinced that he did, and concern for his health became an everyday worry for him. Kurt was a inquisitive child -his parents and brother gave him the nickname ‘Mr. Why?’. He became a Czechoslovak citizen at age 12 when the Austro-Hungarian empire was broken up, and an Austrian citizen at age 23. Godel entered the University of Vienna in 1923, and joined his brother Rudolf. He participated in the Vienna Circle, and when he took part in a seminar run by Moritz Schlick which studied Bertrand Russell’s book ‘Introduction to mathematical philosophy’ he became interested in mathematical logic. Godel’s father died in 1929, but he had a successful business and his family were left financially secure. After the death of her husband, Godel’s mother purchased a large flat in Vienna and both her sons lived in it with her. Godel published his most important work in 1931 at age of 25, when he worked at Vienna University. The 1933 was the year that Hitler came to power. At first this had no effect on Godel’s life in Vienna; he had little interest in politics. In 1934, Godel gave a series of lectures at Princeton. However, Godel suffered a nervous breakdown as he arrived back in Europe and telephoned his brother Rudolf from Paris to say he was ill. He was treated by a psychiatrist and spent several months in a sanatorium recovering from depression. Despite the health problems, Godel’s research was progressing well and he proved important results on the consistency of the axiom of choice with the other axioms of set theory in 1935. Godel’s friend, Schlick, whose seminar had aroused Godel’s interest in logic, was murdered by a Nazi student in 1936, and Godel was much affected and had another breakdown. He visited Göttingen in the summer of 1938, lecturing there on his set theory research. He finally married Adele Porkert in the autumn of 1938. She was six years older than Godel and had been married before and both his parents, but particularly his father, objected to the idea that they marry. She was not the first girl that Godel’s parents had objected to, the first he had met around the time he went to university was 10 years older than him


“In 1938, Austria had became part of Germany but Godel was not much interested and carried on his life much as normal. He visited Princeton for the second time, spending the first term of session 1938-39 at the Institute for Advanced Study. But he was forced to return to Austria. He had to become paid lecturers after Austria country became part of Germany, but Godel did not and his application made in 1939 was given an unenthusiastic response. It seems that he was thought to be Jewish, but in fact this was entirely wrong, although he did have many Jewish friends. Others also mistook him for a Jew, and he was once attacked by a gang of youths, believing him to be a Jew, while out walking with his wife in Vienna. When the war started Godel feared that he might be conscripted into the German army. Of course he was also convinced that he was in far too poor health to serve in the army, but if he could be mistaken for a Jew he might be mistaken for a healthy man. He was not prepared to risk this, and after lengthy negotiation to obtain a U.S. visa he was fortunate to be able to return to the US, although he had to travel via Russia and Japan to do so. His wife accompanied him. In 1940, Godel arrived in the US. One of Godel’s closest friends at Princeton was Einstein. Albert Einstein came to America in 1933. He spent the last 22 years of his life in Princeton, New Jersey, where he had been recruited as the star member of the Institute for Advanced Study. His daily routine began with a leisurely walk from his house, at 115 Mercer Street, to his office at the institute. He was by then one of the most famous and, with his distinctive/ lunatic appearance -the whirl of pillow-combed hair, the baggy pants held up by suspenders -most recognizable people in the world. A decade after arriving in Princeton, Einstein acquired a walking companion, a much younger man who, next to the rumpled Einstein, cut a dapper figure in a white linen suit and matching fedora. The two would talk animatedly in German on their morning amble to the institute and again, later in the day, on their way homeward. The man in the suit may not have been recognized by many townspeople, but Einstein addressed him as a peer, someone who had single-handedly launched a conceptual revolution. Godel was solemn, solitary, and pessimistic. Einstein, a passionate amateur violinist, loved Beethoven and Mozart. Godels taste ran in another direction: his favorite movie was Walt Disneys ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Although Einsteins private life was very complicated, outwardly he was jolly and at home in the world (Einstein’s two marriages had been failures; a daughter born out of wedlock seems to have disappeared from history; of his two sons one was schizophrenic, the other estranged. Some saw Einstein as a irresponsible, selfish, or indifferent person in his family life). Godel, by contrast, had a calm private life and a special social life. Although other members of the institute found the gloomy logician baffling and unapproachable, Einstein told people that he went to his office ‘just to have the privilege of walking home with Godel’‘. A friend said: ‘Godel was the only one of our colleagues who walked and talked on equal terms with Einstein’. United by a shared sense of intellectual isolation, they found solace in their companionship. ‘They didnt want to speak to anybody else,’ another member of the institute said. ‘They only wanted to speak to each other’. People wondered what they spoke about. Politics was presumably one theme. Physics was no doubt another. Godel was an ordinary member of the Institute for Advanced Study from 1940 to 1946, then he was a permanent member until 1953. He held a chair at Princeton from 1953 until his death, holding a contract which explicitly stated that he had no lecturing duties. Goldstein says: ‘At that time, Princeton was great [, not like today, that the Mullah terrorists work there). The bright orange Princeton community phonebook had many great names, including Godel and Einstein [not like today that you can find the name of Mullah terrorists and Mullah Mafia there]. It was like opening up the local phonebook and finding Spinoza or Newton‘. Goldstein adds: ‘I once found the philosopher Richard Rorty standing in a bit of a daze in Davidsons food market [, and I was shocked. But] he told me in hushed tones that hed just seen Godel in the frozen food aisle [and he was shocked, too]’. [And now, you can find the Mullah terrorists there, and that’s why you will be shocked]. For the rest of his life he rarely left Princeton, which he came to find ‘ten times more congenial’ than his once beloved Vienna”.


“Godel believed in ghosts; he refused to go out when certain distinguished mathematicians were in town, apparently out of concern that they might try to kill him. ‘Every chaos is a wrong appearance,’ he insisted, his lifes first axiom. The great mathematician would wear warm, winter clothing in the middle of summer. In the middle of winter, Godel would leave all of the windows open in his home because he believed that conspirators were trying to assassinate him with poison gas. He was a somewhat sickly man and was prescribed specific diets and medical regimens by doctors, but Godel would often ignore his doctors’ advice or even do the opposite of what his prescription indicated. Amongst his delusions was the belief that unknown villains were trying to kill him by poisoning his food, and it would turn out to be fatal for the great logician. Godel said that he found Princeton ‘ten times more congenial’ than his once beloved Vienna, and it says much about his feelings towards Austria that he refused membership of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna, then later when he was elected to honorary membership he again refused the honor. He also refused to accept the highest National Medal for scientific and artistic achievement that Austria offered him. He certainly felt bitter at his own treatment but equally so about that of his family. Godel’s mother and brother Rudolf had remained in Vienna. After the war between the Austrians and the Czechs, his mother received one tenth of the value for her villa in Brno. It was an injustice which infuriated Godel. After Einsteins death in 1955, at the age of 76, Godel became ever more withdrawn. He preferred to conduct all conversations by telephone, even if his interlocutor was a few feet distant. When he especially wanted to avoid someone, he would schedule a rendezvous at a precise time and place, and then make sure he was somewhere far away. In 1975, he refused to go to Washington to meet Gerald Ford at the White House, despite the offer of a chauffeur for him and his wife. Concerns with his health became increasingly worrying to Godel as the years went by. Godel’s brother, who was a medical doctor, said: ‘My brother had a very individual and fixed opinion about everything and could hardly be convinced otherwise. Unfortunately he believed all his life that he was always right not only in mathematics but also in medicine, so he was a very difficult patient for doctors. After severe bleeding from a duodenal ulcer, for the rest of his life he kept to an extremely strict diet which caused him slowly to lose weight ‘. Godel was generally worried about his health and did not travel or lecture widely in later years. But Godel’s works in logic were great, and ended a hundred years of attempts to establish axioms which would put the whole of mathematics on an axiomatic basis. Godel’s results were a landmark in 20th-century mathematics, showing that mathematics is not a finished object, as had been believed. It also implies that a computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions. Godel invented an ingenious scheme that allowed the formulas in it to engage in a sort of double speak. A formula that said something about numbers could also, in this scheme, be interpreted as saying something about other formulas and how they were logically related to one another. In fact, as Godel showed, a numerical formula could even be made to say something about itself. Godel produced a formula that, while ostensibly saying something about numbers, also says, ‘I am not provable’. In fact, it says that inside the logical system, it is neither provable nor disprovable. The system, then, is incomplete. The conclusion -that no logical system can capture all the truths of mathematics- is known as the first incompleteness theorem. Godel also proved that no logical system for mathematics could, by its own devices, be shown to be free from inconsistency, a result known as the second incompleteness theorem. Godel believed that mathematical abstractions were every bit as real as tables and chairs, a view that others had come to regard as laughably naive. Both Godel and Einstein insisted that the world is independent of our minds, yet rationally organized and open to human understanding. But Godel suffered from his own personal illusions and paranoia. Adele, Godel’s wife, was a great support to him and she did much to ease the tensions which troubled him. However she herself began to suffer health problems, having two strokes and a major operation. In fact, shortly before Godel’s death, his wife had become extremely ill and was consequently incapacitated in a hospital bed. Not only was this a cause of deep sorrow for Godel, it also meant that his wife could no longer cook for him. Due to his paranoia this meant that Godel refused to eat any food at all. Some say that he loved his wife a lot, and he was dependent on her, and he didn’t want to be alive after her. ‘To those of us who believe in physics,’ he wrote to the widow of a friend who had recently died, ‘the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, if a stubborn one’. Finally, looking like (in the words of a friend) ‘a living corpse,’ he was taken to the Princeton Hospital. There, two weeks later, on January 14, 1978, he succumbed to self-starvation. According to his death certificate, the cause of death was ‘malnutrition and inanition’ brought on by ‘personality disturbance’. Godel died sitting in a chair in his hospital room at Princeton. He had no children.

[1] You can find many articles and books about Godel and his life in the internet. “Incompleteness: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Godel”, by Rebecca Goldstein is one the good books about Godel and his life.

Our Life and Stars’ Life and Death

April 26, 2012

When many things are annoying or disappointing, like these years and these days, the science and scientific discoveries, specially discoveries about the universe and the space, can change our mood, and can create a good mood. When you think about the space and the universe, and about billions of galaxies and billions of stars in each galaxy, you can see that we and our planet are just a very very small part of this universe, or “parallel universes” or the Multiverse, and our problems and our small world are really stupider and smaller than what we think. Thinking about the space, the universe, the Multiverse, the life, the starts, or stars’ life and death can be useful, because it really broadens our horizons, and can opens up new horizons, and can show us that we should not take our problems, our small world, our property, or our illusions serious. When you think about the space, the universe, and the real big problems, you can forget daily life and small problems, including your own problems and all human problems. The news about habitable planets or “Super Earth” is always interesting. Recently, the media reported: “A potentially habitable alien planet -one that scientists say is the best candidate yet to harbor water, and possibly even life, on its surface- has been found around a nearby star. The planet is located in the habitable zone of its host star, which is a narrow region where temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist on the planet’s surface. The researchers estimate that the planet, called GJ 667Cc, is at least 4.5 times as massive as Earth, which makes it a so-called super-Earth. It takes roughly 28 days to make one orbital lap around its parent star, which is located a mere 22 light-years away from Earth, in the constellation Scorpius (the Scorpion). This is basically our next-door neighbor. There are only about 100 stars closer to us than this one”. As we said before, When the scientists talk about the universe, they talk about real things. They talk about the cosmic threats and serious threats that could destroy the humans, the life, and the earth, and it’s different from what the idiots or the religious fanatics say about the End of Times. The scientists talk about “Stars’ Life and Death”, and the natural death or the accidental death of the Sun and the Earth, and what they say is real, not illusion. Now, the humans know that if they want to avoid the fate of dinosaurs, they should try to find new habitable planets and some alternative to the earth. When you know about starts’ life and death, and how our Solar system was born, you can see that our sun and our planet are not unique. What the scientist say about stars and stars’ life and death is very interesting. They say: “Stars, in many ways, are just like people. They are born. They take shape. They go through a turbulent youth, and then they live out their lives in a predictable pattern. And Someday they rapidly decline and die. The Sun is just a star, and like any other star, the Sun is mortal. But how the Sun and the Earth were born? We can look out into space and see new stars being born right now. An enormous, lumpy cloud of cold gas and dust is turning into new stars. The gas is mostly hydrogen; the dust is something like the giant rocks or the dust in a desert storm. Astronomers aren’t in complete agreement on where the clouds themselves come from, but it’s likely that the gas and dust have more than one source. There is the pristine hydrogen gas synthesized in the creation of the universe, during the Big Bang. There is the gas and dust that our galaxy has pilfered from its satellite galaxies, such as the ‘Magellanic stream,’ a streamer of gas ripped out of the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud. And there is the gas and dust from previous generations of stars. When stars die, they blow much of their material back into space, where it can form other stars. Stars in the Galaxy are the ultimate recycling machines: They use gas and dust over and over again. When the massive lump of cold dust and gas which became our Sun collapsed, the nuclear forces began to come into play. The weight of all that dust and gas produced great pressure and density at the center, and the friction of the infalling particles released heat. When the temperature in the core reached several million degrees, the hydrogen atoms started to fuse together, forming helium atoms. This released energy, the pressure increased, more atoms fused together, more energy was released, and so on. A chain reaction started that will go on for billions of years. The outward pressure created by this nuclear fusion counterbalanced the inward pressure of gravity, and when the two canceled each other out, the natal lump of dust and gas stopped collapsing. This process took about 100 million years. The Sun was born“. The experts also add: “Although the embryonic Sun slurped up most of the gas and dust from the lump, some crumbs were left over. As this extra material spun around the center, the centrifugal force prevented it from falling into the center. Instead, it flattened into a whirling disc. Astronomers have seen such discs around many young stars. Within these discs, blobs of material clump together into the smallish bodies we call planets, asteroids, and comets. And it this way the earth and other planets were born. The gas, the dust, the rocks, and the elements that you can find them in the Earth and in the whole universe are part of the dead stars and a result of the supernovae explosions and other type of stars’ death. In fact, Oxygen, carbon, iron, and all other elements in our body and our planet, have come from nebulae, supernovae explosions, and the dead stars“, Have you ever asked yourself or your teachers about the origins of the elements that we can find them in the Earth, and where did Iron, carbon, gold and other elements come from?


The story of Stars’ Life and Death, and the origin and the fate of our universe can be very interesting for all humans, and that’s why Stephen Hawking’s popular books, specially “A Brief History of Time” (1988) were as successful as Madonna’s songs. Thinking and reading about these issues can also help us to forget the problems of our shitty era. The experts say: “Each star represents a nearly endless battle between the forces of gravity and heat. Gravity causes the material of the star to press inward toward its center, raising the density and temperature of the gas (and causing nuclear reactions which release energy), until gravity is balanced by the outward pressure of the superheated gas. The balance, called hydrostatic equilibrium, is maintained as long as the star has fuel to burn. During the major part of their lives, most stars will create their energy by the process of hydrogen fusion -the process of fusing two hydrogen atoms to create one helium atom. Energy is created because a helium atom weighs slightly less than the two hydrogen atoms. Our sun is currently in this stage of converting hydrogen to helium. After about 10 billion years, a normal star (like our sun) has converted approximately 10% of its hydrogen to helium. Although this might seem as though it could still undergo hydrogen fusion for another 90 billion years, this is not the case. There are immense pressures at the core of stars, and it is only because of these pressures that the fusion can occur. Outside of the range of pressures there is still mostly hydrogen, but it cannot be used because the pressures are not high enough to initiate fusion. The helium core begins to contract, and the outer layers expand and cool, glowing redder. The star is now called a Red Giant. At this point, helium fusion begins. The star was previously unable to fuse the helium; however, now that the core has contracted, the added pressure is enough to fuse helium into heavier elements. Simultaneously, hydrogen fusion also occurs at this point in a shell around the helium core, for pressures there have also increased enough for hydrogen to fuse. Life expectancy from here on is about 100 million years. After this time, the red giant is made of mostly carbon. The next fusion process would be to fuse the carbon into iron. The problem in most of stars is that there is not enough pressure in the core to do this. Because the outward pressure of energy is no longer maintained, the core collapses and sends a shockwave outwards, and the star’s outer layers are cast off in a planetary nebula, with the resulting core becoming a white dwarf. The core is made almost of pure carbon (like coal), and glows white because it still possesses a lot of left-over heat. It now also possess much less mass because it has shed its outer layers, and any planets it has would move to much farther orbits or be completely ejected from the system, if they had not been engulfed by the star in the expanded red giant phase. The white dwarf is destined to drift in space for millennia as it slowly cools. Most have an approximate size of the Earth (8,000 km diameter), and has a density such that a matchbox’s worth would weigh about as much as an elephant. It has a maximum weight of 1.4 solar masses. As it cools, it will grow dimmer, and will eventually become a black dwarf – a frozen lump of carbon floating though space”. It’s like the fate of our sun, but a star with a mass much greater than that of the Sun will form, live, and die more quickly than our sun. The reason for this is greater mass is equal to more gravity, greater pressures and a faster fusion rate. The experts say: “After about 10 to 15 million years (versus over 10 billions for a main sequence star), a Supergiant’s core has turned to carbon and has swollen into a Red Supergiant. The reason it glows red is that since its outer layers have expanded, it has a much greater volume to heat, yet is only producing the same amount of energy. Thus, it is naturally cooler, and glows red. The difference at this point between a supergiant and a main sequence star is that a supergiant has the pressures needed to fuse carbon into iron. However, this fusion process takes energy, rather than gives it. So, as energy is lost, the star no longer possesses the balance between outward pressure and gravity pushing in. As a result, gravity wins out, and the core collapses in a violent explosion called a Supernova. The path here is also divided as to what the final outcome of the star will be. If the star is less than about nine (but more than 1.4) solar masses, the core will collapse into a Neutron Star – a star made entirely of neutrons. If the star possesses more mass, it will continue to collapse into a Black Hole – a point of theoretically infinite density that possesses such a strong gravitational pull that not even light can escape its pull”.


The experts add: “Exploding violently and rapidly as a Supernova, creating even heavier elements, and spewing much of the stellar material into space, is what many Supergiant stars did, and maybe still do, for us and our universe during their short life. In other cases, a star’s death was slower; instead of an explosion, elements from the star’s interior zones rose to the surface and were then lost to space when the outer layers blew off. The end results were similar: the space between the stars was enriched with heavy elements, many of which condensed to form small solid grains. The processes of the birth and death of stars occurred over and over again, with each successive generation of stars starting off with a greater quantity of heavy elements than the previous
. One way to compare stars is to make a graph of their brightness vs. temperature. Such a graph (like the one seen in above picture) is called a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, or simply an H-R diagram. The classes are (from hottest to coolest) O, B, A, F, G, K, M, and each is subdivided into 10 subclasses, numbered 0 to 9. Our Sun is a G2 star. If you study the H-R diagram, you will see a pattern. The line down the middle is called the Main Sequence. The detailed studies show that about 90% of stars are Main Sequence, 9% are white dwarfs, and 1% are giants. The Main Sequence represents the major portion of a stars lifetime (its adulthood), when its burning hydrogen (H) into helium (He). The defining characteristic of each star is its mass. Mass determines what size, temperature and spectral class it will be on the Main Sequence. It also determines how much fuel it has, how long it will live, and what kind of death it will have. G stars, like our sun, have a lifetime about 10 billion years, while K stars can have a lifetime more than 100 billion years. M stars and Red dwarfs, that are the only active type of dwarf (other types are brown, white, and black), range between 1/3 and 1/12 the sun’s mass, and shine only 1/100 to 1/1,000,000 as brightly. Red dwarfs, because of their small size, undergo fusion much less quickly than a solar mass star. Therefore, they use up their supply of hydrogen much less quickly than a main sequence star, and can live for more than 100 trillion years !. When they die, they simply wink out of existence, for they do not have enough pressure to fuse helium. Thus, they simply grow dimmer and cooler as they float through the void of space”. It’s very interesting that Red dwarfs can live for more than 100,000 billions years, while our Universe is just 14 billion years. Maybe, our universe can live for more than 100,000 billions years, while our Sun only can live for 5 billion year. If we can find some habitable planets near Red dwarfs, they are good alternatives. Just imagine a world that can live for more than 100,000 billions years, and the humans that can live for more than 1 million years, not just 100 years. But do you think it would be a better world? and could we be happier and more satisfied? with the stupid politicians and the sick bastards, the world would be as shitty as today! Even if each group of humans can have their own planet, the politicians and the sick people can attack other planets. So, we should try to get rid of the politicians and the sick people, and it’s possible. We should try to find a cure for “shortsightedness” and “narrow-mindedness” disease, and we should try to find a cure for “repeating history” disease. It’s possible, if the humans can find a way for transferring the knowledge, the wisdom, and the human legacies through their genes, and if the humans could inherit “cultural evolution” and “human legacy” from their parents. It’s not impossible, and we would write more about it later. The experts say: “In the 14 billion years since the Universe began, not a single M class star has run out of fuel. Our Sun, at 4.5 billion years old, is only about halfway through its main sequence life. But the largest stars, live only a million years or so. When such large stars exhaust all the fuel in their cores, they explode in a supernova, temporarily shining billions of times brighter than normal stars. Every now and then, the scientists observe a supernova that is a great cosmic event”. Since the ancient time, when the people look at the night sky they think about many real and unreal things. Our ancestors were so ignorant and didn’t know the true meaning of what they saw, and just felt lonely, insecure, or fear and tried to fool themselves and calm themselves by stupid illusions and talking nonsense about the universe and the life. But now, when we look at the sky, or at the real photos of Earth, like Cassini’s photo of Earth in 2005, we still have almost the same feelings, and many really feel lonely, insecure, or fear, but at least the wise people don’t talk nonsense about the universe and the life. They think about the real solutions for real problems, and try to forget small and stupid problems of this shitty life and this shitty world.


Cosmologists believe that the universe was created about 14.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang. So, our universe is young, because some starts can live for more than 100,000 billions years. Looking at the night sky, or the real photos of Earth, and thinking about the space, the universe, and other starts and other intelligent beings can calm you or can scare you. I think if you are pessimistic, it can scare you, and if you are optimistic, it can calm you and can make you happy. But being pessimistic about the universe, or other intelligent beings doesn’t seem reasonable. There are many many unknown things that we should know them in the future, and I think most of them will make us happier. Why not? 2000 years ago, the people thought that the earth is center of the world, and the earth or their race is the most important things in the whole world, but these stupid illusions were not equal to happiness. Now, we know that our galaxy has billions of starts and our sun is just one of them, and there are billions of galaxies in the universe and our galaxy is just one of them, and maybe there are many other universe like our universe, but these facts don’t sadden us. We are really happier than our ancestors, who lived with shamans, brutal dictators, slaveholders, barbarians, and the majority of ultra-stupid people, and suffered form many wars, many diseases, many illusions, and many disasters that we don’t suffer form them now. We live in a more real world, and we have more real solutions for our problems, and we are really happier and wiser than our ancestors. So, the future generations could be happier and wiser than us. I wish I could live in the future, in 1 million years or 10 millions year later, or at least in 10 thousands years later. The future will be better than today, as this shitty world is better than 200 years ago or 10,000 years ago. I wish that I could live in a modern world without any border and any political division. I wish I could live in a world with more wise people. I wish I could live in a modern world that the people could live where they want to live, not where they were born or where the politicians want. I wish I could live in a world that the people could live with those who have a lot in common with them, not with those who are called “countrymen”, but often you have almost nothing in common with them. I wish I could live in a world without politicians and without the majority who live like sheep. I’m sure that these dreams are not impossible dreams, and one day the humans will realize them . In the past centuries, many people wanted to live in a world like our today’s world, i.e. a world without slavery, savagery, periodic wars, epidemic diseases, horrible discrimination, etc, but at that time many said that these dreams are impossible dreams; for instance, they said: “slaves should always be slave, because their parents are slaves”. Anyway, I think one day, the humans will live in other planets, and will find other intelligent beings. The experts say: “A super-Earth is an extra-solar planet with a mass higher than Earth’s. Planets above 10 Earth masses are termed giant planets. The first super-Earths were discovered around a pulsar in 1992. The first super-Earth around a normal star was discovered by a team in 2005. And in 2007, two new super-Earths were discovered on the edge of the habitable zone around a star where liquid water may be possible on the surface”. As you see, it’s jut the beginning of a long road, and in the future, maybe 1000 years or 10,000 years later, the humans could find many habitable planets and could go there and live there. But now we just can see the first signs of a possible future. In December 2011, the media reported: “NASA’s Kepler Mission has discovered the first super-Earth orbiting in the habitable zone of a star similar to the Sun. Researchers have discovered what could be a large, rocky planet with a surface temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius, comparable to a comfortable spring day on Earth. The host star lies about 600 light-years away from us toward the constellations of Lyra and Cygnus. The star, a G5 star, has a mass and a radius only slightly smaller than that of our Sun, a G2 star. As a result, the host star is about 25% less luminous than the Sun. The planet orbits the G5 star with an orbital period of 290 days, compared to 365 days for Earth, at a distance about 15% closer to its star than Earth from the Sun. This results in the planet’s balmy temperature. It orbits in the middle of the star’s habitable zone, where liquid water is expected to be able to exist on the surface of the planet. Liquid water is necessary for life as we know it, and this new planet might well be not only habitable, perhaps even inhabited”. And recently, the media reported: “Using the Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers has confirmed that GJ 1214b, an extroplanet orbiting a red dwarf star 40 light years from Earth, is basically a big hot watery cauldron covered in a thick, steamy atmosphere. A huge fraction of GJ 1214b’s mass is made up of water”. The human dreams can create a better world and a better future. The future will be better than today and this shitty world, and it’s not just a stupid baseless optimism. It’s what the human history and the world history show us.

French Election and Neo-Fascism

April 24, 2012

Marine Le Pen calls herself the ‘voice of the people’. Le Pen, putting the accent on patriotism, deplores what she says is France’s loss of sovereignty to the EU and to globalization, and what she claims are real dangers hidden within France’s Muslim community. ‘The Muslims are advancing in the neighborhoods. They are putting pressure on the population. They are recruiting young boys’ to train for jihad, she said. Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight. She also refuses to be categorized as extreme right, saying that her party is populist. ‘No, we are not xenophobes. We are passionately francophile,’ she said. Le Pen believes the system is not left-right but with forces who support globalization and Europeanization“, and it’s what you can read it in a report with the headline: “AP Interview: Le Pen defends anti-Islam fight”. When the atheists or the wise people talk about the Muslim fanatics or the religious fanatics and their threats, you can understand them, but when the Christian fanatics or the Jewish fanatics talk about this issue, you only can laugh at them and their hypocrisy and their stupidity. Islamophobia is like Christianophobia or Jewryophobia, Bin Laden is like Breivik (Norwegian terrorist), and the Muslim fanatics are as dangerous as the Christian fanatics and the Jewish fanatics. Of course, some believe that the racist people and the Christian fanatics in the West are more dangerous than the Muslim fanatics, because they have created two world wars that killed 100 million people, and because they created the Holocausts and the Bosnian massacre, that killed millions of ordinary people. In the 1930s, Europe suffered from the anti-Semitism and Jewryophobia, and now Islamophobia has become the new anti-Semitism for the current generation of European racists. It’s really dangerous. Le Pen’s words are like Breivik’s words, and it’s really important. In the Sunday election, about 6.5 million of French people (18%) voted for Marine Le Pen. It’s sadly funny that in the German elections of 1930 the Nazi polled almost 6.5 million votes (about 18 percent !), too. “The lessons we learned from the Nazis are long forgotten. Sadly, we are no longer allowed to learn the lessons taught by the Nazis”, some wise Westerners say. Unfortunately, the 2010s is like the 1930s. The economic crisis, the public discontent, the public ignorance, the racism, and what is called ‘Neo-fascism’, that is becoming much more respectable in Europe“, just remind you of the 1930s. Fascists in Italy and Germany and other countries had different names, but they were almost alike. The Fascists hated the Socialists, the Jews, the foreign people, and the foreign culture, and even used violence to suppress the the socialists, the Jews and others, and it led to a great disaster. The Fascists were nationalist and just cared about a special race and a special nationality, and that’s why they were called “racist” or “chauvinist”. And now the Neo-Fascists hate the Socialists, the foreign people, immigration, the Muslims, and other cultures. In fact, the Neo-Fascists are nationalist and just care about a special race and a special nationality, and that’s why they should be called “racist” or “chauvinist”. Some groups of the Fascists and the Neo-Fascists are religious fanatics and just care about a special belief. But we should not forget that the Holocaust was a result of the European racism and the European Fanaticism. It’s really shameful that many praise both Breivik and Marine Le Pen, but no one writes a good thing about these two neo-fascists. A British media, The UK Indymedia, reported: “The Daily Mail, has published an article (on 20 April 2012) openly supporting French Fascist candidate Marine Le Pen. In an article that appeared beside a photo of child-killing mass-murderer Anders Breivik, they wrote: ‘the only responsible vote in France is a vote for Marine Le Pen’. The UK’s Daily Mail, the newspaper that famously supported Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (aka the Blackshirts) in the 1930s, now support French Fascist Marine Le Pen. Marine’s father, the convicted racist and alleged torturer, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has visited Britain as a guest of both BNP chairman Nick Griffin and of Griffin’s openly Nazi predecessor John Tyndall”. Unfortunately, ignorance and hypocrisy are among the main problems in Europe. Some say: “In Europe, the populist parties, which are usually dubbed the extreme right, perform much better than predicted, mainly because voters are ashamed of telling the pollsters they are voting for the extreme right [i.e. the racists and the chauvinists], but cast their ballots for them nonetheless”.


Some stupidly think the Fascist, the neo-Fascists, the Nazi or other bad people clearly declare that they are bad, or they looks like human monsters! These people don’t know that Mussolini (1883- 1945), the great Italian Fascist, was a writer and journalist. Mussolini wrote many essays about literature, some stories, some books and one novel in the 1900s and the 1910s. Mussolini loved Plato and Nietzsche. At first, he was a socialist, then became a nationalist, and then a right-wing Fascist. In 1919, he said: ‘Socialism as a doctrine is already dead’. He introduced Fascism, and Fascism supported nationalist sentiments such as a strong unity, in the hopes of raising Italy up to the levels of its great Roman past. In the 1921 elections, the Italian government brought the Fascist party into an electoral coalition, and 35 Fascists, including Mussolini, were elected to parliament. The Italians believed Mussolini would abandon his violent tactics once he entered parliament. But Mussolini and his National Fascist (NF) party changed many things after the March on Rome, in which about 25,000 black-shirted Fascists staged demonstrations throughout the capital. Mussolini was invited to join a coalition government, and after just 2 years Fascism became a dictatorship. If the Europeans forget history, they would repeat history. The neo-Fascist hate the Socialists, mainly because they talk about the globalization and Europeanization. The neo-Fascists pretend that all their enemies are socialists, and all socialists are “Marxists”, and that’s why they call all their enemies “Marxist”. The Socialist groups have many problems and have their own stupidities, but as some say: “All enemies of Fascism are not Socialists, and all Socialists are not like Marxists or Communists, because all Christians are not like the Christian fanatics, and all Jews are not like all the Jewish fanatics, and all Europeans are not like the European racists/ terrorists and some one like Breivik”. The neo-Fascists look like ordinary Europeans. It’s naive to think that the fascists or neo-fascists should look like human monsters, or should say: “Oh, yah, we are evil; we are racist”. Recently, the media reported: “Le Pan says she is tolerant, and it is Islam that is intolerant. But she is like her father. If you look at the values her party defends, it is a system at once authoritarian and rejecting of others, rejecting the difference“. In August 2011, some media reported: “Jean-Marie Le Pen said that the everybody exaggerated the nature of the Holocaust, then some pictures of him doing the ‘Hail Hitler’ routine in front of a neo-Nazi flag were released to the media. Then after the Norwegian terrorist attacks, Jean-Marie Le Pen said in his radio broadcast that the naive left-leaning Norwegian government and the Norwegian population itself were more of a problem than the massacre itself which he referred to as ‘an accident’. Five days after this incident finally Marine Le Pen is defending her fathers words and letting the world know who the real leader of the French FN is”. The Fascists gained widespread support as a result of public ignorance, and because from 1919 to 1922 Italy was torn by social and political strife, inflation, and economic crisis. And now, the populist parties and other nationalist European groups, or “Neo-Fascism” try to make use of the same weak points. Some say: “The mainstream parties do not have realistic solutions to our problems. So, gradually voters move to the hard line parties“, but why the European people should be so stupid and should not learn from history? “Ignorance, fear, provincialism and racialism besides the usual self-serving things are alive and kicking in France, and all Europe”, some Westerners say. And it’s really shameful. If you don’t read history, you just repeat history. The French election and its results are important: Registered voters: 46 million; Votes cast / turnout: 36.5 million; Valid votes: 98% ! (35.9 million). Hollande: 10.2 million (28.5%); Sarkozy: 9.7 million (27%); Le Pen: 6.5 million (18%); Mélenchon: 4 million votes (11%); Bayrou: 3.2 million (9%); Eva Joly: 0.8 million (2%); Dupont-Aignan: 0.6 million (1.5%); Poutou: 0.4 million (1%); Arthaud: 0.2 million; and Cheminade: 0.1 million. “As the great loser of a national referendum on him, Sarkozy needs more than a miracle for retaining the presidency in the second round”, many say. But those 6.5 million people who voted for Le Pen are more important than other things. We should not forget that in the German elections of 1930 the Nazi polled almost 6.5 million votes (about 18% !), and then the Nazi Party took all advantage of the economic crisis and the deepening depression from 1930 to 1932. And in the elections of 1932, the Nazi party polled 13.7 million votes and won 230 of the total of 670 seats (34%). In fact, the Nazi Party won control of the German legislature after a democratic election in 1932. But in 1933 Hitler suspended the constitution, abolished the presidency and other political parties, and declared himself Germanys Führer (dictator/ leader). And now, in the 2010s, the neo-fascists dream of repeating history. Those who repeat Breivik’s words, are like those stupid Europeans who say: “Europe must remain white and Christian”, and those who clearly praise the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Breivik. It’s a serious threat.


The Italian NF (National Fascist), the French NF (National Front), and the anti-immigrant groups in Europe are so alike. Mussolini said: “The Fascist accepts and loves life; he rejects and despises suicide as cowardly. Life as he understands it means duty, elevation, conquest; life must be lofty and full, it must be lived for oneself but above all for others, both near bye and far off, present and future. Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy. We declare war on socialism, because it has opposed nationalism. When dealing with such a race as Slavic -inferior and barbarian- we must not pursue the carrot, but the stick policy. We should not be afraid of new victims. I would say we can easily sacrifice 500,000 barbaric Slavs for 50,000 Italians“. We should not forget that Fascism is strongly associated with right-wing fanaticism, racism, totalitarianism, and violence. The Fascists love the tactic or the idea of “a Nation in Crisis”. Fascists claim that the nation has entered a dangerous age of weakness and decline. Fascists may assert the need to take drastic action against a nation’s ‘inner’ enemies. They hate immigration, mainly because they want to purify their nation. In fact, the fascists strongly oppose immigration in order to maintain the purity or the greatness of the nation. But we should not forget that in Nazi Germany, the nationalists tried to ‘purify’ the nation, and it led to a great disaster, i.e. killing millions of Jews and other minority groups. Recently, stupid statements against Romanian immigrants made by one of the the Greater Romania Partys members, Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of Mussolini, remind some of Mussolini, the Fascists and Le Pen. In her campaign, Le Pen has said: “Muslims praying in the streets is like the Nazi occupation of France. Many talk a lot about World War II, and if its about occupation, then we could also talk about it, because that is occupation of territory”. In sadly funny that in the 1930s, the Europeans were anti-Jews, and now in the 2010s, they are anti-Muslims. Marine Le Pen’s words are like Breivik’s words, but many Western media say nothing about this similarity, and it’s very dangerous. Some media reported: “In his court, Breivik said his victims, mostly teenagers, were not innocent but legitimate targets because they were representatives of a ‘multiculturalist’ regime that is deconstructing Norway’s national identity by allowing immigration “. You can ask yourself: “If Europeans should hate all Muslims, for fear of the Muslim terrorist, then all people in all around the world should hate all Europeans, for fear of the Christian fanatics, the European Fascists or the European terrorists, but is it right? and why the media says nothing about this issue? Why they don’t say that Marine Le Pen votes are like votes for Breivik?” Of course, a few wise Westerns talk about these matters indirectly. For instance, some Western media published an article that said: “Breivik’s ideology is all too familiar: that’s our big problem. Breivik’s ideology may be difficult to listen to, but not because it is incoherent. Precisely the opposite: it is too familiar. This is a problem for all of us, right or left [in the West]. I wish I lived in a world where I didn’t have to hear gross generalizations about Islam and creeping sharia, and where people didn’t feel their own culture to be ‘swamped’. That far-right extremists stalk Europe during a recession is not novel; that this tragedy should erupt in the richest country in the world is a shock”. It’s really true. When you see that Marine Le Pen’s campaign was a Breivik-style jihad; She repeated Mussolini’s words or Breivik’s words, and about 18% of the French people voted in favor of her, it’s really a great shock. It’s really dangerous. The neo-Fascism is a serious threat, and Breivik and Le Pen are only the tip of the iceberg. Some wise guys say: “A few European journalists say that Anders Breivik is a terrorist, and we should treat him like one. But no one says that Marine Le Pen is like Breivik. Europeans and Americans don’t treat Breivik like Bin Laden, or don’t treat Le Pen like the stupid Arabs. Anders Breivik is a ‘European Terrorist’ and a ‘Christian Terrorist’, but they don’t call him a European Terrorist, or even terrorist. They don’t say that the European fanatics and the Christian fanatics are very dangerous. But if Breivik’s name was ‘Al-Breivik’ they would call him a ‘Muslim terrorist’, and would say that all Muslims are like Al-Breivik“. Think about it. It’s very important. We would write more about it later.

French Election: Quantity vs Quality

April 22, 2012

The 2012 is the election year, and after Russia and its stupid and shameful election, now France decides about its ruler. “More than anything else, this French election campaign is a referendum on the man currently in charge”, the media reported. The first round of the 2012 French presidential election took place on 22 April 2012, and the first results show that a second round run-off is necessary, that will be held on 6 May 2012. With about 80% of votes counted late Sunday, Hollande had about 28% support, followed by Sarkozy at about 26%. Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen had about 20% of this early vote, Jean-Luc Melenchon had about 12% and Francois Bayrou had about 9%. “It was a record for France’s Front National (that some call them ‘the French Nazi’) beating the previous best in 2002 when Le Pen’s father won 17% of votes”, the media reported. “National Front vote is a national disgrace for France”, some say. “This election is a battle between the lunatic lefts and the lunatic rights; all of them are corrupt politicians. The people don’t trust Nicolas Sarkozy any more. But they don’t trust almost all other candidates, too”, some French people said. The mass media reported: “Sunday’s turnout was 81%, with more than 12.5 million votes cast, according to the Interior Ministry. That marks a drop from 2007, when 84% of the nation’s voters went to the polls” But they said nothing about the number of while ballots. Some French had said that many people want to protest against all candidates and want to cast white ballot. The next days will show us the truth. The media added: “Hollande is now aiming to become France’s first left-wing leader since Francois Mitterrand left office in 1995. But he was just one of five leftists in Sunday’s race. Speaking to international reporters Friday, Melenchon – who wants to tax the ultra-rich at 100 percent – called international finance ‘parasitic’. He criticized U.S. hegemony and military might, looking instead to communist China for partnership. On the other side of the spectrum, the campaign fear-mongering has a different focus: France’s No. 2 religion. Far right candidate Marine Le Pen rails against the ‘Islamization’ of France and made a stink about the widespread availability of Halal meat and Muslims praying on sidewalks for lack of mosque space. The rhetoric horrifies many voters and stigmatizes France’s estimated 5 million Muslims -Western Europe’s largest Muslim population. Le Pen -and many of her voters- link Islam with immigration. And Sarkozy has followed Le Pen’s lead”. Some say: “One fifth of French voters voted for the far right and the racist, and one fifth of French voters voted for a stupid clown who had showed his true colors in the past first years. That is the real story of the results”. They also add: “some believe that the far right has support because of years of mass immigration, threats of Islamic extremism and multicultural policies. But it reminds us of the Norwegian terrorist, Breivik, and what he says. It’s very dangerous”. I agree that Le Pen’s polling figures should be a wake up call for Europe.


The French election system is very different from the Mullah system and also the American system. Some say: “In order to qualify for the first ballot for President, a candidate must collect the signatures of at least 500 elected representatives among a total of more than 47,000, that are politicians, and can be mayors, general councillors, regional councillors, deputies, senators, members of the European Parliament elected in France. Frances broadcast watchdog, CSA, imposes strict rules on coverage. Once the official list of candidates is published, this year on March 20, all contenders must receive equal airtime but not necessarily at the same time of day. During the month before the run-off, known as the official presidential campaign, contenders must be afforded completely equal coverage, which tends to help smaller candidates. The (2012) official campaign began on April 9. Candidates receive a 153,000 state contribution at the start of their campaign. Individual contributions are strictly limited to 4,600 euros per person. Overall campaign spending must not exceed around 16.8 million euros per candidate in round one and 22.5 million euros in round two. The state covers all official campaign expenses on the TV and radio, as well as official posters and printed manifestos. Candidates who win less than five per cent of the vote are only reimbursed up to around 800,000 euros. Those who win more than five per cent can receive up to ten times that amount. The two finalists can be reimbursed up to 10.7 million euros each”. In fact, the French have tried to solve the problem of “big moneys and politics”, but they have failed. Many Americans and many stupid lefts in the US want something like the French system, but if they open their eyes, they can see that politics and politicians still are stupid, corrupt, and charlatan in France. In fact, it’s the world of politics and the representative system that have many fundamental problems. The number of candidates or the French system, that doesn’t have many serious problems that you can see them in the American system, don’t solve the fundamental problems. The Americans can think about the French system, and can compare it with what they want or what the American lefts want. It can show them the differences between the real solutions and the stupid solutions.


The joke and humor is part of the French election. The media reported: “Mark Twain had said: ‘France has neither winter nor summer nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks it is a fine country. France has usually been governed by prostitutes ” And the story of Sarkozy (SarkHorny) and his relation with former supermodel Carla Bruni, remind many of Mark Twain’s remarks. Hollande’s spokesman joked: ‘Summer time has one main advantage: it’s an hour less of Nicolas Sarkozy!’ And one of Sarkozy’s favourite jokes is to mock Socialist candidate François Hollande’s proposal to take the word ‘race’ out of the French constitution. ‘Why not take unemployed out too, to get rid of unemployment?’ Sarkozy said. Some joke with the name of François Hollande, that reminds many of Netherlands. “Hollande is a Dutch puppet. He is not French, even his name shows the truth”, some said. ‘Le Pen is half-demented; she may be rather limited in her humor as well as her imagination’, Mélenchon said. And Le Pen answered: “In front of the cameras Mélenchon will hurl threats and insults but in reality he’s charming, affable, almost a little boy“. Mélenchon also added: ‘Our battle is a cultural battle,’ and calling French ‘the language of the heart’ and English ‘the language of accounting'”. It reminds you of the historic disputes between the French and Britons, and this fact that he French-American relation is like the French-English relation. Many French people still care about anti-US shits or pro-US shits. Some say: “The French prefer an anti-US candidate, but why? Conan O’Brien joked: ‘You know why the French don’t want to bomb Saddam Hussein? Because he hates America, he loves mistresses and wears a beret. He IS French, people’. McCain had said: ‘You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn’t have the face for it’. And Jay Leno said : ‘I don’t know why people are surprised that France won’t help us get Saddam out of Iraq. After all, France wouldn’t help us get the Germans out of France’. It’s part of the old French-English hostility”. The French election had two main candidates: François Hollande, the candidate of the Socialist Party, and Nicolas Sarkozy, the candidate of the Union for a Popular Movement. Some say: “Sarkozy, that is known as a pro-US candidate, was consistently second in opinion polls throughout the campaign, behind François Hollande, who is known as one of the anti-US candidates”. I hope the French say goodbye to Sarkozy, not because he is pro-US, but because this stupid clown is the enemy of the open internet and many other good things. Sarkozy is also one of the Western jerks who aided the Mullahs in suppressing Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement.


The media added: “There are at the moment 10 candidates. After the first round of voting on April 22, eight candidates will be eliminated. (Maybe,) They are: (1)Nathalie Arthaud, a teacher of economics and management in a secondary school, is the candidate of Workers’ Struggle. A Trotskyist, she has described herself as the ‘only communist candidate’ in the election. (2)Eva Joly is the candidate of Europe Écologie -The Greens. She is also the first foreign-born person to stand for the French presidency; born in Norway, she is a naturalized French citizen. She focused her campaign not only on the environment but also on social issues, describing herself as the representative of the ‘reasonable’ or ‘realistic’ left, and on denouncing discrimination against minorities. (3)Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the candidate of the Left Front, which includes in particular the French Communist Party and the Left Party. A former French teacher, he was noted for his eloquent style and oratory, but also for his argumentative relationship with journalists, and occasional rude jokes; he notably described Marine Le Pen as ‘half-demented’. He proposed raising the minimum wage to 1,700. On tax, he has proposed a progressive taxation, with higher taxes on the wealthy and a 100% tax rate beyond an income of 360,000. He said healthcare costs would be fully reimbursed by the state, and the right to die would be recognized. The right to abortion would be secured through inclusion in the Constitution. (4)Philippe Poutou, a worker in a car factory, is the candidate of the New Anticapitalist Party, succeeding Olivier Besancenot. Like Nathalie Arthaud, his message was that improvements in workers’ rights would come through workers’ struggles and demands rather than through the ballot box (5)Jacques Cheminade is the candidate of his Solidarity and Progress movement, the French branch of the LaRouche movement. He is described as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the press. (6)Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, described as an “anti-euro souverainist”, is the candidate of Arise the Republic, a party he founded in 2008. He has advocated leaving the euro zone. He has described himself as a Gaullist (7)François Bayrou is the candidate of the Democratic Movement, which he founded in 2007. He obtained 18.5% of the vote in 2007, finishing third. (8)Marine Le Pen is the candidate of the National Front, succeeding her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was a candidate in five presidential elections. [Many think she and her father are racist and chauvinist, but] she attempted to provide a different image of the party, avoiding the xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements previously made by Jean-Marie Le Pen. She held the third place in opinion polls for much of the campaign !”.


The French election can show us one thing: “the number and the quantity of candidates is not important. The important factor is the quality of candidates. You can have ten different candidates, but all of them can show low and poor quality”. It’s so obvious that the quantity of candidates is not important. In Iran, you can have a dozen Basiji or Islamist candidates, but all of them are the same shit. In the USSR, in the Nazi Germany, or in the Fascist Italy, you could have many state candidates, too; but they were the same shit. Some say: “The Nazi, the Fascist, the Basiji, the Zionist, the Marxist, the Pahlavist, the Monarchist and other shits can show you one thing: There is no difference between a good Nazi and a bad Nazi, or between a good Basiji or bad Basiji, or between a good Pahlavist or a bad Pahlavist. The shit is shit; its color, its nickname or its gesture is not important“. It’s very important. Some say: “The French election can show us that the majority of politicians, in France and all around the world, are abnormal. Some of them are racist, chauvinist, or capitalist, and some of them are Communist, Marxist, or Trotskyist”. Now, the French should choose between Hollande and Sarkozy. Some say: “Hollande tries to be Mr. Nice Guy. He wants to tax high-income earners at 75 percent and reconsider a hard-won European fiscal treaty. He says it’s too focused on cost-cutting and hurts ordinary folks. Hollande pretends to be Thatcher in London, and Mitterrand in Paris”. Many people, including us, don’t know Hollande, but it’s so obvious that Sarkozy is a great evil and a great bastard. I hope one day the people can get rid of this political game, the game of “Lesser evil vs. Great evil”. It’s a very stupid game. In the French election, Marine Le Pen, Frances far-Right candidate, and her voters need more attention. She reminds many of Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist. Some say: “Votes for Marine Le Pen are like votes for Breivik”. And some add: “Her father reached the second round run-off in 2002 with almost 17 per cent of the vote. But the twice-divorced mother of three, initially campaigned on an anti-euro, protectionist economic program aimed at the young and disillusioned workers. It’s like what the Nazi did in the 1930s. Her thoughts and her ideas are like Breivik’s. But it’s not only France, the far right or the racist is reaching higher levels of interest in most western countries”. The rightwing media said: “In present circumstances, the only responsible vote in France next Sunday is a vote for Marine Le Pen”. Le Pen’s votes should be a wake up call.

Iranian Monarchists, Germany and USA

April 21, 2012

The post-2009 era, i.e. these years and these days, is very important in Iran history. In the post-2009 era, you can see many historic events that can be important lessons to all wise people in all around the world. I hope writing about these historic news/ events can be useful for today and future generations. We and the future generations should try to learn form these historic events, and should never forget them, and it’s necessary for having a better world and a better future. Unfortunately, after the British media (the BBC, the Telegraph, etc) and the American media (the VOA, Radio Farda, the Washington Post, etc), now Germany and the German media have started to care about the Iranian Monarchists, the most reactionary Iranians. Apparently, in the post-2009 era, the Western jerks don’t want to allow Iranians to see the West as a friend. I don’t know why the Western bastards want all Iranians to see the true face of the West, and end their friendship with the West (If you know the answer, please let us know). On April 19, 2012, the Deutsche Welle had an interview with “Reza Pofyooz” (Reza Pahlavi), and asked him about “the leadership”, “Iranian opposition” and “National Congress” ! Fortunately, Persian language is full of funny and meaningful terms that can describe many things well. Now, many Iranians say: “the German Pofyooz, the British Pofyooz, and the American Pofyooz desperately try to make ‘Reza Pofyooz’ (Reza Pahlavi) another Khomeini”. Pofyooz is a Persian slang term that means ‘Bi-Kareh, Bi-Sefat, PastFetrat, Razl, Papeh, Cholman, etc’ (idler, mean, asshole, jerk, villain, scoundrel, idiot, etc ), and “Pofyooz” is the best nickname for Reza Pahlavi and his supporters. (It’s funny to know that “Pof-Yooz” term has two section: Pof that means ‘Puff”, and in fact “Puff” in English has a Persian root; And Yooz means “Cheetah”. Indeed, Pofyooz is “puff of Yooz” or “Cheetah puff”; we would write more about it later). We have already written about the Iranian Monarchists, aka the Iranian Pofyooz, and have warned the Western countries and those who try to care about these stupid bastards (check Archive). We have already warned them that caring about the Iranian Monarchists is equal to Declaring war against Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and Iranians inside Iran will treat them like a disgusting enemy. Those stupid countries who desperately try to care about the Iranian Monarchists in the 21st century, just show their true face, and all humans can see the depth of their hypocrisy and their stupidity. Unfortunately, Germany was the first country that cared about “Reza Pofyooz” (Reza Pahlavi) in 2009 and 2010, but at that time, the Iranians who were busy with, or angry at, the US and the American hypocrisy, didn’t care about the stupid Germans and their shameful behaviors. But now many things have changed. I don’t know whether the ordinary Germans are aware of the shameful behaviors of their government and their media or not, but I hope they start to protest. The ordinary Germans should know how their politicians and their media waste their money and disgrace and discredit Germany as a whole.

The wisdom or foolishness is really independent of nationality. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian expats that live in Germany are very stupid. More than 100,000 Iranians live in Germany, but most of them are stupid lefts, opportunists, idiots, and a-s-s-holes who are master at kissing ass and living like sheep. They are like Iranians who live in the US, Canada, the UK, France, etc. The tragic story of Iranian expats is really like “the Story of Western countries and Iranian baboons” (check Archive). Compared to Iranians inside Iran that the majority of them are young and modern, the majority of Iranian expats who live in the West, seem like stupid cows. Of course, funny Iranians believe: “Compared to the Iranian expats, cows seem like Albert Einstein. So, you should not compared Iranian expats with cows, because it’s insulting to cows“. Unfortunately, the West only cares about the Iranian baboons, the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian Khayemal (ass-kissers), and that’s why the number of wise Iranian expats is small. In 2009 and 2010, the Iranian expats didn’t protest against Obama, USA, France, UK, Germany, Western companies, Western media, and other Western jerks who helped and supported the Mullahs. For instance, France and Sarkozy released a Mullah terrorist in 2009, and Iranians inside Iran were very angry at France, but even one Iranian exapt in France didn’t protest against this shameful deal. And in 2011, some high rank Mullah embezzlers fled to Canada, but we could not see any rally or any protest against Stephen Farter (Harper) and the Canadian government. The Iranian exapts live in the past, and are so stupid. If the Iranians inside Iran were like the Iranian expats, we certainly could be sure that Iran can’t be a modern and free country within the next 300 years. But Iranians inside Iran are not like these bastards. The majority of Iranian inside Iran are at least as wise as their Western counterparts. Now, funny Iranians ask: “Why the German Pofyooz, the British Pofyooz, and the American Pofyooz stupidly try to care about ‘Reza Pofyooz’ (Reza Pahlavi)? Do they try to make him another Khomeini? Do they stupidly think we live in 1978, and the BBC can fool Iranians? No, brothers. You just disgrace yourself. The BBC, the VOA, the Deutsche Welle and other Western media are dead for Iranians. Today’s Iranians just piss on the grave of the BBC, the VOA, the Deutsche Welle and other Western media”. And it’s not wrong. Many can see it in Iran. On April 9, 2012, the Washington Post had a report about “Reza Pofyooz”, with the title “Exiled son of shah of Iran calls on Israel to aid opposition, not bomb nuclear program sites”, and their stupid report was one of the first reports about the Iranian Monarchists in the major American media. Some say: “Iranians should strongly react to these Western Pofyooz and their shameful behaviors. They should know that Iranians are watching them, and are ready to shit and piss on them“. In fact, the US and Europe should know that 2012 is not like 1925, 1941, 1953, or 1979, when they could impose their puppets on the stupid Iranians. Now, the younger generations of Iranians are among the wisest people in today’s world, and they know Animal Farm and Western Hypocrisy better than other nations.


In the recent days, the CNN reported: “The CNN/ORC International Poll released Wednesday showed 81% [of Americans] view ‘Iran’ as a very serious or moderate threat to the U.S. Three quarters of Americans said North Korea represents a similar threat. But most Americans did not view Russia the same way, with a majority saying the country is just a slight threat to the U.S. or no threat at all [!]” It’s really shameful. I don’t know whether 81% of Americans are sheep and live like sheep or not. We knew the true colors of the Western polling organizations in 2009, and it’s so obvious that their polls can be big lies. But now, Iranians ask: “The Americans are really idiot, or the American media are liar and bastard?” How can we answer this question? You can’t see the true face of a nation through the media or the internet. Many wise people don’t have any website, and the mass media don’t care about them or censor their voices. I don’t know whether the rate of the wise Americans is 10%, 20%, or more, but unfortunately, we can’t hear the voice of the wise Americans in the Western mass media and the internet. The CNN also added: “‘Iran is a country that is -does not behave according to international rules, is engaged in spreading terrorism, in destabilizing countries in that part of the world, and a country that operates on that basis becomes extremely dangerous if it obtains a nuclear weapon,’ Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said last March at a press conference”. It’s really shameful that these bastards -that aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and now deliberating use ‘Iran’ for referring to the Mullahs- can rule the US. As we said before, sometime it’s necessary to publish what the angry Iranians say about these shameful behaviors. We are really sorry that instead of talking about better world and better life, we should hear or publish the voice of the stupid Westerners and the Iranian reactions to them, but unfortunately, it’s a grim reality of this shitty world. You can’t live in a pure fantasy world. When the shameless mass media and the shameless politicians in the West do whatever they want to do, and no one protests against them, publishing the voice of angry Iranians at least can be a warning signal to the West and the Western politicians. Now, some angry Iranians say: “USA is a country that supports the Mullahs and all brutal dictators in all around the world. USA is a country that does not behave according to international rules and human laws, and is engaged in spreading terrorism, dictatorship, racism, Zionism, Islamism, Monarchism, and in destabilizing countries in all around the world, and a country that operates on that basis becomes extremely dangerous if it has a nuclear weapon. It’s really funny that the US has no shame. They support the Mullahs, the Arab fanatics, the Muslim fanatics, the Jewish fanatics, the Monarchists, and many brutal dictators, and then they talk about freedom, democracy, and human rights”.

I really don’t know why the stupid US and the stupid West insist on proving this fact that the US and the West are enemy of Iran and Iranians, but are friend of the Mullahs and Islamists. In the recent days, some stupid Arab politicians told a joke about some Iranian Islands, and some stupid American officials and some shameless American lefts supported these bastards. I think even the wise Arabs know who is who in the Persian Gulf. The wise Arabs are like other normal people in all around the world, but the stupid Arabs are sick people who remind you of a grim reality: “many stupid and racist people still live in this shitty world”. The younger generations of Iranians care about the whole world, and hate racism and chauvinism, but they have no illusion about the racists, chauvinists, and sick people, and don’t allow them to do whatever they want to do. The stupid Arabs (not wise Arabs) are really sick people, and that’s why they are still known as “Arab Malakh-khor” or “Arab Susmar-Khor” (the Arabs who eat lizard/ grasshopper). Unfortunately, it’s a grim reality than the sick Arabs are enemy of Iran and Iranians. They are stupid vultures who think when Iranians hate Iran’s regime (the Mullahs) it means that the Arabs and other enemies of “Iran” can destroy Iran again. But many Iranians say: “This time many things have changed. The stupid Arab politicians in the UAE and Saudi are like their savage ancestors, who ate lizard and grasshopper and lived within piss and shit of their camels in the uninhabitable deserts of Arabia. And those who support these Arabs are stupider than them, and deserve to be f-u-c-ked by Bin Laden“. When you see the stupid Arabs, you can understand why Bin Laden and other sick Arabs were full of hatred. The stupid Arabs and the Mullahs, who are Arabs or pro-Arabs, are uncultured people who suffer from a congenital inferiority complex and have an old hatred of the Iranian culture and Iranian civilization. The Mullahs are friends of Arabs, and enemy of Iranians. Before the Mullah regime, who knew Dubai, the UAE and other Arab states? Before the 20th century, when the UK occupied parts of Iran, the UAE and many other small states of the Persian Gulf were part of Iran. Just after World War 2, when the UK converted the occupied parts of Iran into small states, because they had oil, the small Arab states of Persian Gulf were born. The young Iranians hate the Mullahs, and care about the whole world, not a special country, even Iran, but it doesn’t mean that they can allow the sick Arabs and the stupid West to aid the Mullahs in destroying Iran. Today’s Iranians know the history, and know that the Mullahs are puppets of whom and work for the interests of whom. Many Iranians know why the US supports the Mullahs. They say: “We know why the US loves the Mullahs. It’s not just about the oil, but they need the Mullahs to sell their weapons to the stupid Arab states and others“. The race or nationality is really unimportant, and that’s why the stupid Arabs (not wise Arabs), the Mullahs, the Iranian Monarchists, the Iranian mercenaries and their Western supporters are so alike, and all of them are enemy of Iran, Iranians, and freedom and democracy in Iran. Unfortunately, many still don’t know why the West betrayed the Iranian anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and who helped the Western politicians to betray the anti-Mullah movement in Iran? It’s so obvious that the West just wanted, and still wants, to win some big concessions form the Mullahs. But who aided the West and the Western politicians in supporting the Mullahs and implementing their evil plans? It’s an important question. The mercenaries, the fake intellectuals, and the stupid lefts, that some of them support the sick Arabs without shame and we would write more about them later, showed their true colors in 2009. But they didn’t know that they can’t fool the people for ever. Now, the Iranian people know their true face and their betrayals. They are Iranian, American, European, etc but their nationality is not important. They still try to fool the people, and for instance, they say: “Iranians just have two options. They must choose between two options (two great evils): The Mullah regime and the Monarchy”, but Iranians laugh heartily and make fun of them. They desperately try to discourage and disappoint the people, but even a little kid knows how laughable their stupid claims are. They tell many funny jokes, like these ones: “The Mullahs care about Iran and Iranians”, “the West cares about the freedom and democracy in Iran”, “the Monarchists don’t hate freedom and democracy”, and “the Mullahs and the West are enemy of each others”. But as funny Iranians say: “sometimes, even the dead chickens can laugh at some jokes”.

Swiss Referendum and a World without Politicians

April 19, 2012

In March 2012, Switzerland voted in a series of referenda, some on the federal level, and others on a cantonal or local level. The media reported: “Some of the key questions of these referendums were (the referendum results are in parenthesis) : – LONGER HOLIDAYS: (Rejected by about 66%) Federal level vote on whether to extend annual holiday entitlements from four weeks currently to six weeks. Union Travail Suisse had put up the proposal as it found that a third of employees were suffering from stress at work, and that two extra weeks of holidays could remedy the problem. Travail Suisse collected 125,000 signatures two years ago to demand a referendum on this issue. It expressed disappointment at the result, but said it was proud it had raised the issue of workers’ anxiety. Swiss Justice Minister said this plan did not answer the question of ‘who will do the job of those who are on vacation?’ Posters in public places warning that more holidays would mean fewer jobs – HOLIDAY HOMES: (Accepted by about 51%) Federal level vote on whether to limit the construction of second homes in communes to 20 percent. The issue is particularly pertinent for ski resorts, many of which have seen a building boom. But proponents say such building frenzies ‘disfigures the landscape’ and lead to unaffordable homes for locals -FIXED BOOK PRICE: (Rejected by 58%): Federal level vote on the Fixed Book Price (FBP) that is a form of resale price maintenance applied to books. It commonly takes the form of an agreement between publishers and booksellers which set the prices at which books were to be sold to the public. It’s in force in about half the EU – GAMBLING REVENUES: (Accepted by about 87%) Federal level vote on whether to allocate all lottery and gambling revenues to public use such as in cultural, social or sports activities – PROTEST RESTRICTIONS and increased fines: (Approved !!) Geneva canton vote on whether to impose tougher restrictions on demonstrations. The proposed amendments see fines of up to 100,000 francs on anyone who demonstrates without permission [!!] and who does not abide by agreed conditions – PROSTITUTION GARAGES: (Approved) Zurich city vote on whether to build dedicated garages where prostitutes can ply their trade, in a proposal aimed at moving streetwalkers away from residential zones. The site would be open from 7 pm to 5 am and would have an alley where prostitutes and clients can cruise along and garages where they can carry out their transactions!”. In today’s world, Switzerland has become a synonym for Referendum and Direct democracy. Many Swiss laws result from referenda. Some say: “The important difference between the Swiss system and the ‘indirect’ democracy of Britain is that citizens are entitled to put almost every law decided by their representatives to a general vote – if they want. For this to happen, members of the public need to gather 50,000 signatures (approximately one per cent of the electorate) within 100 days of the publication of a new law. In fact, in Switzerland the elected lawmakers know that their work will be seriously checked by the public”. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Switzerland is a direct democracy, or the Swiss people are happy with their system and their politicians. The Swiss people have many problems with their politicians. But at least the Swiss people can change or reject some of their stupid laws in a way that many other nations cannot. The Iranians, Syrians, Libyans, etc even can’t have a referendum for getting rid of a brutal dictatorship, and tens of thousands of people should be killed and tortured because of asking for a referendum. In Iran, and many other countries, even asking for a referendum is a serious crime ! The Chinese, Russians, Greeks, and many other nations can’t get rid of their corrupt system and their corrupt politicians, as well. Even the Americans and Europeans are not free from corrupt politicians, corrupt media, and corrupt corporations and can’t ask for real change. Unfortunately, many don’t think about the real solutions, for example, about “a World without Politicians”. We have already written about politics, power, conflicts, and a world without politicians . The number one enemy of “real Democracy” is politicians. The shameless politicians say: “Democracy is not about mob rule”, and the funny people answer: “Yah, Democracy is about jerk rule, politicians rule”.


Almost all politicians are like a British politician, Chris Patten, who said: “I think referendums are awful. I think referendums are fundamentally anti-democratic in our system”. The politicians hate referendums and direct democracy, mainly because they hate democracy and the people power. They know that if the people become aware and want to change the world, the politicians should go to hell. They try to pretend that ‘politics’ and ‘politicians’ are equal to “order” and “peace”. But in the real world, ‘politics’ and ‘politicians’ are equal to “war”, “exploitation”, “corruption”, “lie”, “hypocrisy”, etc. In the human society, managing and resolving the conflicts is the main issue, not the power and the dirty politics. Why do we need the politicians who always betray the people? We only need a group of experts to manage and resolve the global and local conflicts. We dont need politicians, who are corrupt, mean, hypocrite, and so stupid. In the age of the Internet and the digital world, we dont need any representative, and we all can be representative of ourselves. Why do we need a representative, while we ourselves can vote and can participate in making collective decisions? In fact, “Direct Democracy” can solve many problems. We just need a group of scientists and experts to manage and resolve the global and local conflicts. They can be psychologists, historians, or sociologists, not politicians. Yes, a World without Politicians seems like a very long-term goal, but the Swiss direct democracy, with certain modifications, can be a good short-term solution. Unfortunately, in many countries, including many Western countries, a referendum must be initiated by parliament. In the West, many referendums are non-binding. But Referendums can be either binding or non-binding. A non-binding referendum is merely consultative or advisory, and it is left to the government or legislature, i.e. the politicians, to interpret the results of a non-binding referendum and it may even choose to ignore them!. It’s really shameful, and reminds many of some stupid Arab stats that don’t have any parliament, and just have a consultative parliament. The situation in the West is not good. Some say: “National referendums in the Netherlands are not possible by law. However, from 2002 until 2005, there was a Temporary Referendum Law in place, which allowed for non-binding referendums. A referendum in 2005 was the first national referendum in the Netherlands in 200 years !, and it was the result of an initiative proposal by an Iranian-Dutch parliamentarian Farah Karimi ! The Norwegian Constitution does not mention referendums at all, and as such, referendums are not a part of Norwegian political practice. The Constitution of Sweden provides for referendums. But just 6 referendums have been held in Sweden: the first was about alcohol prohibition in 1922, and the most recent was about euro membership in 2003. All have been non-binding, consultative referendums. In the UK, although Acts of Parliament may permit referendums to take place, but almost all British referendums are non-binding referendums. In the UK, major referendums are rare. In Australia, a bill must first be passed by houses of Parliament, and is then submitted to a referendum. Referendums are rare in Canada and only three have ever occurred at the federal level. A referendum can occur at the provincial level. The 1980 and 1995 referendums on the secession of Québec are notable cases. In 2011, British Columbia held a referendum against a newly imposed HST tax, and became the first province to overturn the HST taxes. In the US, there is no provision for the holding of referendums at the federal level in the US; indeed, there is no national electorate of any kind. The US constitution does not provide for referendums at the federal level. A constitutional amendment would be required to allow it. However, the constitutions of 24 states (principally in the West) and many local and city governments provide for referendums and citizen’s initiatives. In the US the term referendum is often reserved for a direct vote initiated by a legislature while a vote originating in a petition of citizens is referred to as an ‘initiative’, ‘ballot measure’ or ‘proposition’“. It’s really tragic that even in the West the people don’t know their main problems, and don’t care about their powers and their rights, or don’t ask for their rights. Instead of the stupid OWS movement, with unclear demands and goals, they can have a movement for serious issues like “direct democracy”, and they can ask the people to “Stop living like Sheep”, “Stop repeating history”, etc.


The people should know and use their power, and should not give it to a small group. Only ignorant or stupid people who live like sheep, need a shepherd and can’t decide about their life. In the past, the rate and the number of illiterate and ignorant people was so large, and that’s why many philosophers and thinkers thought that the humans need shepherd and the human society needs politicians. Of course, even the ancient philosophers and thinkers knew that politicians become corrupt, and cause great disasters. And that’s why Plato and others thought that the main issue is “Who should rule?” And they answered: the wisest, the best or the philosopher-kings. They thought politicians should be philosopher-kings, and in this way ‘political power is like divine power’, and
“philosopher-kings” can be good shepherds and good dictators. Plato and other ancient thinkers were stupid and defended dictators, dictatorship, and politicians. In the recent centuries, many thinkers were just a little wiser than Plato. They said: “‘The wisest should rule, but the wisest in his wisdom can find that not he but the best should rule, and the best in his goodness can decide that the majority or the representative of the majority should rule”. But you can’t blame Plato and other old thinkers, because at their time, when 99%, 90% or 80% of the people were illiterate and ignorant, “representative system” or even a good dictatorship could be a good solution. In fact, when the ordinary people are so stupid and ignorant, they are like sheep and need a shepherd. But now, when 99% , 90% or 80% of the people in many parts of the world are literate, the situation is not like the past centuries. The younger generations in all around the world are not as stupid and ignorant as their ancestors. And the young thinkers can start to think about “a World without politicians”, or at least about “Direct Democracy” or “Swiss Direct Democracy for all people”. Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712- 1778) was a Swiss (Genevan) thinker that some think the Swiss System is based on his works. But Rousseau, like Plato, Hegel and others, thought political power is good, and the main issue is that we should get this power into the best hands. In fact, almost all thinkers thought, and still think, the main problem is: Who should dictate? the capitalists, the workers, the philosopher-kings, the Church, the religious leaders, the democrats, the kings, the majority, etc?. But the main issue is not who should rule, or who should dictate. The main issue is how we should resolve our conflicts and how we can make collective decisions. When we talk about “a World without politicians”, it doesn’t meant that the majority should rule, or the experts should rule. In the age of information and the internet, we all, not special groups or politicians, should participate in making collective decisions about our life, our community and our world, and we don’t need politicians. The type of government in the past and present time is clear. Karl Popper said: “We can distinguish two main types of government. The first type consists of governments of which we can get rid without bloodshed -for example, by way of general elections. The second type consists of governments which the ruled cannot get rid of except by way of a successful revolution. I suggest the term democracy as a short-hand label for a government of the first type, and the term tyranny or dictatorship for the second“. It’s the best brief description of the type of government. And as many thinkers said, it’s so obvious that “even a bad policy in a democracy is preferable to the submission to a tyranny, however wise or benevolent”. The wisest thinkers talked about “an institutional control of the rulers and the politicians, and of an institutional balancing of their powers“. They said: “there can be no absolute and unrestrained political power”. But in the 21st century, we can say: “there can be no political power. We don’t need politicians”. The Swiss democracy for all people, can be the first step for having a better world. Of course, it doesn’t mean the Swiss people don’t have any problem, or the Swiss history or the Swiss system is good or glorious. The Swiss system is just better than other current systems. In 1765, Rousseau took refuge in Britain with David Hume, because his assertion in “the Social Contract” that true followers of Jesus would not make good citizens could be equal to a death sentence in Geneva. The Swiss fanatics wanted to kill him. Some say: “Even in the 19th century, Switzerland was politically split between fanatics and liberals. In 1847, the tensions culminated in a civil war. In 1848, they had their first referendum, but for several decades after 1848, the fanatics and the Radicals enjoyed political hegemony in Switzerland. In 1891, the government finally conceded and placed before the people an amendment introducing the partial constitutional initiative”. They also add: “In about 150 years with more than 250 proposed changes to the constitution, about 10 times the majority of the Swiss electorate did vote yes while a majority of cantons said no (In Switzerland, both a majority of the total Swiss electorate as well as a majority of the cantons [federal states] should accept the new federal constitution) -and in these cases the majority was always very small (about 51% vs. 49%). There has been an increase in referendums in Switzerland towards the end of the 20th century, partly because of an increase in laws ‘produced’ by the parliament, and also less willingness of Switzerland’s political parties to compromise”


Switzerland is not utopia, and the Swiss people have many problems, but at least they don’t have many problems that Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Americans, Europeans, and many other nations have. In today’s world, referendums are used by politicians to avoid making difficult or controversial decisions, but referendums and direct democracy can be a useful tool for getting rid of the politicians during a gradual process. Of course, for having a world without politicians, or even for enjoying direct democracy, we need many wise and educated people. The number of ignorant or stupid people should decrease. The children need to learn how they can think independently. They should understand how to reason. They need to learn how they can avoid living like sheep. In today’s world, many politicians are stupider than the children, but it doesn’t mean that today’s generations are wise. For having a better world, we don’t need politicians or mass media. But we need many people who don’t live like sheep. We need Khar Fahm sazi (a funny Persian term that means: the process of becoming aware, until when even a donkey can understand the problem). The world history shows us that before any serious change in the society, the vast majority of the people, including the dumbest people, should understand the necessity of the change, and should ask for change, that means for each and every serious change you need Khar Fahm sazi, and it takes a long time, mainly because politicians try to resist the change, and try to create many problems. But in “a world without politicians”, these bastards can’t create further problems. It’s so obvious that “a world without politicians” will not be a perfect world, and Khar Fahm sazi still takes time and has its own problems, but at least the number of problems decreases. It’s like comparing the Slavery age with our age, or comparing the Swiss system with the Mullah system. The Swiss system has many problems, but it’s much more better than the Mullah system (and many other systems). Some say: “Swiss voters can demand a binding referendum at federal, cantonal and municipal level. It is not the government’s choice whether or when a referendum is held, but it is a legal procedure regulated by the Swiss constitution. In Switzerland, the most important -but a relatively few- issues are decided by the people, important matters by parliament, and the least important but very numerous issues by the government. Any federal law, any change to Swiss law, and almost everything may be subject to referendum if at least 50,000 people or eight cantons have petitioned to do so within 100 days. It’s called Facultative referendum. In many cases, the mere threat of a facultative referendum is enough to make the parliament adjust a law. In Obligatory referendum, constitutional amendments are proposed by the parliament or by the cantons or by citizens’ initiatives. Citizen’s initiatives at the federal level need to collect 100,000 valid signatures within 18 months, and must not contradict international laws or treaties. Often, parliament elaborates a counter-proposal to an initiative, leading to a multiple-choice referendum. Very few such initiatives pass the vote. The politicians and the media can brainwash the people, and citizens’ initiatives are usually not passed”. In fact, the Swiss system has many problems, but it’s better than other systems. Public ignorance is still a big problem in Switzerland. They still reject or accept weird or stupid things, like approving the bill on “PROTEST RESTRICTIONS”, or rejecting the bill on joining in the UN. The Swiss Xenophobia, and people’s fear and hatred of foreign people and foreign things is a big serious problem in Switzerland. But the Swiss system can raise a good question: “Why we should let a small group of stupid politicians decide about our life and our rights? Parliament and representative system is better than the tyranny and the reactionary systems, including the Communist system and the religious system, but today’s world shows us that this system has many problems”. The wise people warn: “Do not let these 1000 people or these 2000 people decide about your life“, and it’s very important. It’s so obvious that instead of typical parliament and representative system, we can have, for instance, “people assembly” and “people parliament” in the cyberspace. Some wise guys say: “Who has lined up against the open internet? Those who want division in the world: The Politicians on all sides west and east. They don’t want people to communicate with one another. They don’t want information to travel. They don’t want to be exposed. Availability of information gives greater freedom and power to make the decisions that people actually want to make“. The open internet can help us to have a better world, and a world without politicians. The media, the mercenaries and the fake intellectuals, who sleep with the politicians, try to pretend that the people still need (elective) shepherd. But the sheep need shepherd. The humans don’t need politicians. The wise people should try to raise public awareness. The people have the real power, and they should not transfer their powers to a small group called Politicians. The political power is equal to corruption, and those who have unlimited powers are the most corrupt people. They are the brutal dictators. “Politics in America has often been equal to ‘organized money’. Big Money from a narrow and self-interested elite group of donors distorts democracy and produces tyranny or disaster. The special interests and lobbyists can offer a politician multi-million dollars in cash. It’s the logic of power”, some wise Americans say. The lobbyists have become a serious problem, mainly because we give our powers to the politicians. We, the ordinary people, have the real power and we should try to use our rights and our powers.

Hajj Hussein Obama and Mullahs: A Love Story

April 18, 2012

In these days, Iranians can see many tragicomic and laughable things, and one of the best ways for talking about these laughable issues, is writing a short story about it. What you read here, is a fictional story about these days. Sometimes a fictional story can show us more truths, more and better than the true stories. So, lets read a fictional story, “Hajj Hussein Obama and Mullahs: A Love story”, that is based on some true stories:

In the White House, the US president is listening to Robert, one of his advisors. Robert: “Mr. president, our secret talks with the Mullahs are great. They are really so eager to help us in the November election (2012 election). They love you, and praise you a lot. Our Mullah friends and our Basiji brothers in Iran love you, and call you Hajj Hussein‘. In Iran, when the Mullahs and the Basiji want to express their appreciation for your help, they call you ‘Hajji’. The high rank Basjis are called ‘Hajji’. So, they think you are like a high rank Basiji, and they love you as their commander. Oh, can I call you Hajj Hussein, too, Mr. President?” Hajj Hussein: “No problem” Robert: “Ok. Hajj Hussein, the Mullahs are very grateful. They just ask us to aid them in silencing Iranians”. Hajj Hussein: “But we have already aided them in killing and torturing the Iranians, and our companies sold them the tools of suppression and all they asked for. And now, some Chinese and Jewish companies sell our tools of suppression to them, isn’t it enough?” Robert: “They really appreciate your efforts and your help. They are so grateful for all your help. But they just need more tools of suppression and surveillance, and just ask us not to stop aiding them in silencing Iranians. It’s in our national interests, too. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranians know the truth. They know we have betrayed them. They know the truth, and they are a threat for our national security” Hajj Hussein: “A threat for our national security? come on man. You should repeat this kind of bullshits only in frond of our people and the press, not here, in frond of me. Oh, are our Mullah friends and our Basiji brothers really ready to aid me? I want to be sure about it” Robert: “Mr. president, you can be sure that our Mullah friends are so eager to help you. We should not worry about the 2012 election” Hajj Hussein: “Do our Mullah friends want any special thing?” Robert: No. They just want to be free to kill and torture the Iranians” Hajj Hussein: “I can guarantee that we have no problem with this issue” Robert: “OK. They also want more Green Cards for the high rank Mullahs and their families, specially for the Mullah embezzlers and the Mullah terrorists. They are really happy that you allowed a Mullah terrorist to work for the Princeton University. They think it’s a very hopeful sign. They also are very happy that you allowed the Mullah state TV to be here in Washington . They know that it’s very important, and they are very grateful for all your help. And that’s why they repeatedly tell me: ‘We love Hajj Hussein’. They just ask for more facilities for the Mullah TV in Washington” Hajj Hussein: “OK, no problem at all. The Mullah TV still can work here in Washington, without any problem. We only want to hurt the Iranian people, not the Mullahs. Our Mullah friends can have more admissions from our universities. Our Mullah friends and our Basiji brothers can go to Europe, Canada, and also the US without any problem. Our sanctions only should hurt the ordinary Iranians, not our Mullah friends and our Islamist brothers in Iran. That Mullah in the Princeton University is like those Mullahs in the Harvard University, and many other Mullahs in the US. I love them all. They are like the lefts, and they really try to help us” Robert: “Of course, the left and someone like Chomsky can fool many people, but our Mullah friends …” Hajj Hussein: “Yah, the lefts are more powerful, they helped us and our Mullah friends a lot in 2009. The Mullahs are not as powerful as the left, but they can be useful, too. I love both the left and the Mullah” Robert: “But the Iranian people are angry at us. They hate both the Mullahs and the left, and now they’ve started hating us. It can be dangerous. They know we aided the Mullahs in killing them. They know our sanctions only hurt them, not our Mullah friends. It can be dangerous” Hajj Hussein: “No, it’s not dangerous. Who care about Iranians? Our media know their job well. Don’t worry. No one will hear the voice of Iranians inside Iran. Just call our Islamist friends in Iran, and ask them what they need for silencing the Iranian people, and also for aiding me in winning the election. I just want to be sure that they have all they need” Robert: “OK. I check it with our Islamist friends in Tehran”


In Tehran, a high rank Mullah, known as Hajji, is talking with Robert on the phone. Hajji: “Mr. Robert, I’m sorry that this phone line is a bit broken, you know, we had a rainy day. And for answering to your questions, I should say that we were very impressed by Hajj Hussein’s attention. We are really grateful for all his help. The VOA and Radio Farda (RF) have become our media, and it’s very good. We are grateful for what the VOA and RF have done in the past three years. We are very happy that the VOA and RF work with our agents or our best friends, specially the Iranian Monarchists. We are very happy that the VOA and RF have lost much of their audience in Iran, and we are very grateful that you don’t care about the waste of your people’s money. The VOA and RF and their policies towards Iran are very useful for keeping the Islamist regime safe. They have expelled our enemies from the VOA and RF, and we are grateful for it. We are really grateful that you have started to care about the Iranian Monarchists, who are our best friends. When your media claim that they are our opposition, while our people and all humans hate them, it helps us a lot. I’m very happy that your media know how they should support us. They know that we should not have any real or serious opposition. You are great, and we are very grateful” Robert: “Thanks Hajji. What do you think about the Iranian opposition media in the US? Are you happy with the way they work?” Hajji: “Oh, yah. They have helped us a lot. I’m very grateful that you support them financially or politically. Now, our people don’t care about the opposition media, and I’m very happy that you don’t allow Iranians to develop any alternative to our beloved opposition media. It’s good that has become the home of the Islamist, the Pahlavist and Rajavists. It’s what we had asked for it. But if and other media can talk more about Khatami, Khazali, Behnoud, Nourizad, and other Basiji agents, we would be very grateful” Robert: “Who is this Khazali? Is he that Basiji terrorist that your people call him ‘Baby Godzilla’?” Hajji: “Yah, ‘Mehdi Godzilla’ is one of our old agents, since the time of Chain Murders” Robert: “And who are these Behnoud and Nourizad?” Hajji: “Behnoud is a veteran journalist that works for us, since 1978. And Nourizad is a Basiji thug that tries to help Khatami, Behnoud and other agents” Robert:” OK, just send me the full list of your agents that you want us to work with them in the VOA, RF, and other American media and the Iranian opposition media. Just write a brief description and a brief biography for each agent” Hajji: “OK. Of course, we don’t have any problem with the Iranian opposition media, and they listen to our orders, but if you can emphasizes the importance of some issues, it would be better” Robert: “OK. Do you have any other request?” Hajji: “No. my Basiji brothers have already talked with you about the surveillance tools, the sanctions, our TV in Washington, our agents in the US, and other things. So, there is not any other serious issue. But I’m worry about the Iranian people and the American people and their reactions. Can Hajj Hussein control the Americans?” Robert: “Don’t worry about the Americans. We and Hajj Hussein know how we should control our people. Our people listen to us and our media. They are good sheep. They are not like your people” Hajji: “OK. We and our Basiji brothers believe that ‘Hajj Hussein’ is a real Basiji. Please send our special message to Mr. President: Hajj Hussein Obama, we love you. Your Basiji brothers and your Mullah friends really love you, Hajj Hussein


Now, in the White House, Robert is reporting to Hajj Hussein: “Mr. President, the Mullahs were very grateful. They clearly told me that ‘Hajj Hussein is a real Basiji. We love Hajj Hussein’, and I think they try to show their appreciation of all your help. They love you” Hajj Hussein: “OK. You can tell them that I love them, too. I love the Mullahs, or as they say: ‘Hajj Hussein loves the Mullahs and the Basiji‘. Oh, what did our Mullah friends say about their needs?” Robert: “They just asked for some help about the Iranian opposition media and the Iranian journalists, and I can handle it” Hajj Hussein: “OK. Are they aware of our policy towards the Iranian media?” Robert: “Yah, they are very grateful for your help and what the VOA, Radia Farda and the Iranian opposition media do. They know that we don’t allow any Iranian to develop any alternative to the current Iranian opposition media, and they are really grateful. They know that our media and the Iranian opposition media have become the voice of Mullahs and Mercenaries, not the voice of the people, and they are very grateful” Hajj Hussein: “What do our Mullah friends think about our new sanctions? Are they really happy?” Robert: “Oh, yah, they are really happy and grateful. They know that our sanctions only hurt their people. They love our sanctions, and our sanctions make them billionaire. Our Basiji friends even ask for more sanctions. They really want more sanctions” Hajj Hussein: “Really? I can give them more sanctions” Robert: “But I don’t think it’s a good idea. While we make love with the Mullahs, the world and the people can see the depth of our hypocrisy” Hajj Hussein: “Don’t worry. The world is like the US, the home of the good sheep. If the world, the Americans and other people had wanted to see our true colors and the depth of our hypocrisy, they would have seen it in 2009” Robert: “But even our Mullah friends worry about the American people and public opinion” Hajj Hussein: “You should tell them that the American people are good sheep, and our media and our intellects can control the people. Our media and our intellects can play the role of ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ very well. We can control our Sheeple. Our people are not like their people” Robert: “Yah, It’s exactly what I told them. But, to be honest, I worry about the people, too. What would happen if the people can see the truth?” Hajj Hussein: “Don’t worry. No one in the US can see the truth. If they had wanted to see the truth, they would have seen it in 2009. And who cares about Iranians? Oh, do our Mullah friends really love my political rhetoric and my threats? What do they think about my policy towards Syria?” Robert: “They really love you and your policies. They believe that empty words and hollow threats are a godsend for them. They love your political rhetoric, and praise your policy towards Syria” Hajj Hussein: “So, they know politics. It’s good. Oh, what do the Iranian people say in the recent days?” Robert: “They know that we only care about the 2012 election. They are angry. They say our Syrian policy is another shameful sign of … But I can’t repeat their words” Hajj Hussein: “OK. Is everything ready for the nuclear talks and the nuclear deal”. Robert: “Don’t worry, sir. The secret talks, the secret plans, the secret relations, and everything are OK. We should not worry about the 2012 election. The sheep would love their shepherd”


In Tehran, and in the Basij headquarters, the high rank Basiji thugs are very happy, and as Iranians say: “there is a wedding in their ass”. The Hajji say: “God bless Hajj Hussein Obama. Everything’s going fine. The sanctions, the threats, the talks, and the deals are great. We all should pray for Hajj Hussein and his success. If Hajj Hussein hadn’t supported us in 2009, now the people would have toppled us, or we would have been forced to give some big concessions to the people. But Hajj Hussein saved us. Just imagine if Hajj Hussein had put pressure on us in 2009, when the people had asked for help, or if he had imposed today’s sanctions and restrictions in 2009, what would have happened to us and our regime. God bless you, Hajj Hussein” The Hajji’s close friend, known as Hajj Abbas, says: “Yah, Hajj Hussein is really our best friend, even better than Reagan and Bush who helped us in the 1980s, in the Iran-Contra. Hajj Hussein is a real angel, and our Master (Khamenei) should aid him in winning the 2012 election” The Hajji: “Oh, yah, Iranians hate Hajj Hussein Obama and laugh at him, but we love him. So, we should support Hajj Hussein as much as possible. He is our best friend. Hajj Abbas, do you know what the people say about Obama?” Hajj Abbas: “Yah, the Iranian people really hate him. They say that Hajj Hussein showed them many things, the true colors of many things” The Hajji: “Do you think we should change our policy, or we still can play with public opinion and we still can pretend that the US and Hajj Hussein are our enemy?” Hajj Abbas: “The people have become aware, and it’s hard to fool them again. I have heard that the people say: ‘Hajj Hussein is worse than Khatami and other baboons. He thinks Iranians are like Americans, who are the good sheep. But can the Americans forget and forgive Bin Laden? and can the Jews forgive and forget Hitler? No. Iranians will never forget and forgive Hajj Hussein Obama‘. I think we can’t use Khatami, Behnoud, Kosar, Mehdi Godzilla, and other Islamist agents any longer. The people know their true faces, and they can’t fool the people any longer. We need new agents and new plans” The Hajji: “How can we fool the people again?” Hajj Abbas: “I don’t know. Thinking about this issue make me depressed” The Hajji: “Come on man, don’t get depressed about it. Let’s talk about good things, like raping people, killing people, embezzling money, or the US sanctions that have made us billionaire. How much money you have earned in these months? The black market is great, and I have earned good money” Hajj Abbas: “Yah, god bless Hajj Hussein. I have earned good money, too. Hajj Hussein is a real Basiji. Let me see, Iranians hated us, while they loved the US, but now Hajj Hussein forces Iranians to hate the US, and we should change our Mullah model. We can think about Saudi model. Of course, our leftist friends love our Mullah model, not Saudi model, but we are forced to think about Saudi model: The rulers love the US and the US loves them, but the ordinary people hate the US, and the US doesn’t care about the people. It’s a good model” The Hajji: “Yah, the Saudi model is a good model. But Iranians are not like the Saudi people, and it’s our main problem. The Saudi people love Islamists, while Iranians hate Islamists. And the world thinks we are enemy of the US. How can the US and our leftist friends justify this paradox and their behaviors towards Iranians?” Hajj Abbas: “I don’t know. We should try to justify this paradox, too. And it gives me a headache. I have a headache now” The Hajji: “Oh, no, let’s enjoy our life, and f-u-c-k the people who give us a bad headache” Hajj Abbas: “Yah, f-u-ck Iran and Iranians. Long live Arabs. God bless Hajj Hussein” The Hajji: “Yah, Iran and the ordinary Iranians hate him, but his Arab and Islamist brothers love him. We love you, Hajj Hussein Obama”

Reality and Fantasy

April 16, 2012

The problem of “Reality and Fantasy”, is one of the unsolved philosophical problems. The dictionaries define ‘illusion” as “false impression of reality’, and ‘reality’ as ‘what actually happens or is true, not what is imagined or thought’. But how you can understand what is reality, what is true, and what is illusion? It’s a very complex issue. Sometimes, some can see or hear something that you can’t. And sometimes some ask you: “Did you hear that noise, or was it my imagination?”; it’s a common reality check, because sometimes our brains use or produce imagination. The scientists and psychologists say that memories can sometimes be pure fantasy, rather than actual recollections. And in the recent years, many scientists have written about an important fact: “Our brain and body can work with imaginations, instead of realities”. For instance, you can imagine that you are jogging, and your body reacts to it, sometimes in a way that you are really jogging. It’s the power of human brain, and many love it and truly praise it, but it can also be very dangerous. When you are depressed and have a pessimistic view of your life and your conditions, your body reacts to it, and thinks it’s real, and it can be extremely damaging to your health. In fact, as the scientist say, human brain can’t understand the distinction between fantasy and reality, and that’s why depression and pessimism can create serious health problems. But this issue, i.e. the distinction between fantasy and reality, has been a main philosophical problem since the ancient time. The first mathematicians and philosophers, including Pythagoras and Aristotle, could not understand whether numbers are real or fantasy, or a sacred thing. Even today’s mathematicians and philosophers are not sure about the mathematical objects, “the truth”, “the reality”, etc. Before the great Karl Popper, many know nothing about the differences between the shamans and the scientists, but now many know that there is some important differences between the shamans and the scientists. The scientists love and use ‘reality check’ and ‘experiment’, and hate illusions. But the shamans love illusions and fantasy, and are frightened of ‘reality check’ and ‘experiment’. The shamans just care about fancy and living in a fantasy world, and in this way they try to fool the ignorant and stupid people. But the scientists talk about the reality, and try to solve the real problems. Of course, we don’t know many things, and it’s a grim reality, but we try to know them, and it’s part of our evolutionary development. The problem of “Reality and Fantasy” is a complex philosophical issue, but it is not just a philosophical problem, or a useless problem as some say. In our everyday life, from our private life to our social life, we are forced to deal with this issue, and this complex issue can cause many serious problems. For instance, many use their imagination when they are judging somebody or something. Even two close friends or two members of one family can be victim of their illusions about each other. We all have heard or said: “He was under illusion that she loved him. She was under illusion that he is her close friend. He had illusions about his close friends. She had illusions about her physical attractions. He had illusions about his family. He had illusions about his beloved son/ daughter, etc”. We all can suffer from illusions, and unfortunately, many people hate to shatter their own illusions. It can cause many serious problems, and that’s why the wise people say: “It is really important to get regular reality checks from those we love and trust, and also from those we think they are not trustworthy or good people“. In fact, we should not forget that we can be wrong, and we can see what we want to see, instead of seeing the truth or the reality; and we should not forget that sometimes sick or jealous people, including sick politicians and sick media, try to create an illusion about our old friends. Some think that optimistic illusions are always good, but those who suffer from the illusion that they are masters of others or they are better than other humans, are more dangerous than those who suffer from the illusion that they cannot solve their problems. In fact, all illusions, pessimistic or optimistic, can cause many serious problems.

The psychologists say that we should not be pessimistic about our life, our family, our friends, our future, and many other things. They say, if we open our eyes and try to listen carefully, instead of seeing or hearing what we want to see or hear, it can shatter our illusions about others, including our family and our friends, and it can lead to better life and happy life. In fact, being optimistic can be useful, but it doesn’t mean you can be racist or you should congratulate yourself from morning to night. There are many dangerous illusions, but two illusions are very dangerous: -being pessimistic about your life, your family and your close friends -being optimistic about politicians, media, charlatans, clergymen, crooks and thieves. The bad people, specially the politicians and the media, try to make use of our illusions. Many politicians believe that “creating an illusion of being honest, compassionate, and generous is important to gaining and maintaining power“. And we all can see how the media and the politicians try to create an illusion of unsafety, or how political warfare fosters the illusion of an active system full of excitement and competition. The illusions can be dangerous for both the private life and the social life, but the problem of “Reality and Fantasy” and the distinction between fantasy and reality is a very important political and social issue. For instance, when the media show you a picture, do think it’s real or unreal? When the media, politicians, or intellects show you something or talk about something, is it real or unreal? and do you accept it or not? The human history and our personal experiences can show all of us that we should have serious doubts about the politicians and the media, but unfortunately, many people use their imagination when they are watching TV or reading newspapers. They read or hear false news and false analysis, and accept them as reality. They accept many things as reality, without thinking about it or without doing their own research. And it can lead to many serious problems, including brainwashing. The media builds an imaginary picture of the world and other humans, and those who accept it, are ready to accept any bullshit, because they tell themselves: “Oh, yah, they’re figments of my imagination”. We all should be very skeptical about the politicians, the media, and their intentions, but unfortunately, many people prefer to live in a pure fantasy world, and that’s why the politicians and other bad people can play with us, the ordinary people. Many people can’t understand the distinction between “real and surreal”, but many can learn what is pure fantasy and what is not. We can learn so much from our own researches, and from history and from other people in the same situation, and it’s helped us to see the realities. Many are willing to take responsibility for their life, to accept that we create our own reality, but it doesn’t mean that we should forget the bad people, their roles, their crimes and their betrayals. The politicians and the fake intellects often say to the people: “After all, you create your own reality”. But they don’t talk about the people power; they just want to blame the people for their own living or working conditions, that are created by the politicians, the greedy rich and other bad people. It’s a very dirty trick. It’s like what the slaveholders said to the poor slaves. It’s a very dangerous illusion. Of course, some illusions are not very serious. For instance, when it’s said : “she/ he had illusions about her/ his physical attractions”, it’s not an important illusion, and many have this illusion. But when it’s said: “Nobody had any illusion about Mr. president and his intentions, and his explanation would be easily accepted“, it’s a very important illusion and can lead to great disasters. The problem of “Reality and Fantasy” is a very complex issue, and the politicians and the fake intellects try to make use of this complexity, and try to fool the people. But if we use our brains, they can’t succeed. It’s hard, but it’s possible.


I believe that each person lives in his own fantasy world, and what he sees is not the reality, but it’s an interpretation of reality in his fantasy world, i.e. in his brain, and that’s why sometimes the people have different interpretation of one reality. Here, I don’t want to write about this issue, but it’s so obvious that many people in all around world seem to live in a fantasy world, and many can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. For instance, many people in the West still have horrible illusions about their media, their fake intellects, and their politicians. These Westerners are like the Iranian people in the pre-2009 era. The Iranians used to have fantasies about the West, the Western media, the Western intellectuals, the Western politicians, the Iranian mercenaries, the Iranian fake intellectuals, the Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, Iranian journalists, etc. They lived in a fantasy world of their own, and thought that the Iranian fake intellectuals and the Iranian baboons, specially the Iranian journalists and the Ashura traitors, are on the people side, and the West, that support these bastards financially and politically, care about the freedom and democracy in Iran. But in 2009, and in the post-2009 era, the Iranian people have heard and seen perhaps the most shocking news, and then they have tried to shatter their illusions. But we should not forget that shattering illusions is very painful and annoying, and many hate to shatter their illusions. It’s really hard to face with the realities of the world. The people often prefer not to face the reality of their media, their fake intellects, their politicians, and many other things of this shitty world. But in 2009, and in the past three years, the Iranian people felt compelled to face reality, and they became a pioneer in facing with the realities of the world. Now, the majority of Iranian people live with the harsh realities of the western hypocrisy and the western fake intellectuals. Now, the Iranian people live with the harsh realities of the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian fake intellects. It’s really painful, but it’s very important. Sometimes you are forced to face with the reality, and it’s necessary for having a better life and a better world. We should not forget that the great tragedy of 2009 and the failure of the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, was a result of the people’s illusions. Of course, the failure of the OWS movement and other movements in the West and other parts of the world, were a direct result of the people’s illusions, too, but their situation was not as horrible as Iranians’, and they could not learn anything from history or their own mistakes. It seems right that the people always face reality too late, but the Iranian people finally faced with the reality. It’s very important, because the people in the West and many other parts of the world still live in a fantasy world, and can’t face with the reality. They don’t know the true face of their fake intellectuals and the true colors of the stupid lefts. The mass media and the fake intellectuals still can manipulate them, and they can’t shatter their illusions. But if all people in all around the world can open their eyes, they can learn many things from Iranians. The year 2009 and the past three years reflect the realities of today’s world. It shows all of us the grim truth of reality. Yes, it can shock you to learn or discover that the Western intellectuals (Chomsky and many others) are like the Western media and both tell big lies, and help their politicians. You can be shocked to see that the war between the Mullahs and the West is a fake war. But it’s better to face with harsh realities, before it’s too late. Otherwise, life will teach you its grim realities, and it can have very painful and disastrous effects on your life. The fantasy and illusions in the social life can lead to great disasters. The Germans and Italians in the 1920s and the 1930s lived in a fantasy world of their own, and we all know how it led to a great global disaster. We should try to see the harsh realities of the bad old days, before it’s too late. Some people want to indulge in fantasies about the glories of their country or their race, and it can cause great disasters. Sometimes, “fantasy” or “an idea or belief that is based only on imagination, not on real facts”, is not very dangerous or doesn’t has any big effect on the world or the social life. But sometimes some national or local illusions and fantasies can lead to great global disasters, like what happened in the 1930s.

Many people prefer to escape from reality into fantasy, and it can be understandable. Life is full of existential issues and grim realities, and almost all people want to escapes from their day-mare realities. When many things in this shitty world and this shitty life are grim realities and bitter truths, it’s so obvious that the people always want to escape from reality into fantasy. It’s really understandable. But some always live in a fantasy world, or drugs and other dangerous things are used as an escape from reality, and it has many disastrous results. When a person or a nation lose touch with reality, it’s the start of a great disaster. Sometimes, you can’t understand what you see is a nightmare or a grim reality, and sometimes your life is full of day-mares and nightmares, but losing touch with reality and living in a pure fantasy world can’t change anything, and can be very dangerous. For instance, when the dictators or the governments lose touch with reality, it can lead to revolution, riots, massacre, human tragedy, economic crisis, etc. And when an unhappy and unsatisfied man loses touch with reality, it can lead to homicide, rape, etc. We all have our private dreams, fantasies and secrets, and many people live in a fantasy world with dreams of financial and social success, and many people live in a fantasy world with dreams of better world and better life, and it can be very useful and very helpful. It’s part of our powers, as humans. But it doesn’t mean that you can escape from reality into fantasy by any means and at any price. When a society escapes from reality into fantasy, in a way that it loses touch with reality, it can lead to great disasters, like what happened in the 1930s. Unfortunately, many Westerners can’t understand that what the politicians, the fake intellects, and the media say are propaganda or pure fantasy. Many are under an illusion of freedom and democracy, and can’t see the main problems. They can’t see the reality, because it’s a shocking discovery for them. In fact, the reality is the most shocking things they have heard. They live in their own Matrix. They often tell the truth tellers and the messengers: “You say the most shocking things”. They just reject what they hear, and don’t try to think about it. They are completely divorced from reality, and it creates the illusion that everything is under control. They accept fantasy as reality, and it’s very dangerous. Of course, dreams and hopes are not fantasy, and a dream may one day become a reality, but fantasy is something that will probably never happen. The reality is that it’s hard to find the distinction between dream and fantasy, and the distinction between reality and fantasy. It’s a grim reality. But we can always tell ourselves: “It’s time for a reality check. Do I see what I want to see, or the reality?” Many things need a regular reality check, because human brain loves to indulge in fantasy and imagination. Sometimes it’s necessary to shout at ourselves to bring us back to reality. Sometimes, what we think about others is wrong. In fact, we have to accept this reality that we always can be wrong. Many people hate to shatter their own illusions, but the great men hate to live in a pure fantasy world, that is full of illusions and unreal things. They just care about the truth, and they always are ready to change their views. And the wise people try to live like the great men. Every now and then, they tell themselves: “This picture no longer accurately reflects the reality of X or Y. It’s time for a reality check. Maybe, I should be ready to shatter my illusions“.

US Progress: from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga

April 14, 2012

“When a country goes forwards many call it ‘progress’, but sometimes when a country goes backwards it’s called ‘progress’, too. In fact, progress has two kinds: forward and backward”. And it’s what the media and the fake intellects tell us. If you don’t know which kind of progress the US has had in the recent decades, you are like us and many others, including many ordinary Americans. But for understanding the US progress, you can read the US history and think about the US politics and the US presidents from FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) to Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), the worst US president ever. But if you hate politics, you still can understand the true meaning of the US progress. You can think about the US celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Lady Gaga. It can show you the real kind of US progress:

In the 1950s and 1960s, Marilyn Monroe was the most famous US celebrity. She was the symbol of American beauty and American utopia. Monroe’s beauty, from her hot body to her lovely face, can be a metaphor for understanding the real kind of US progress. Some say: “If you want to understand why and how a country that was known as ‘the land of the free and the home of the freedom-fighters’ has become ‘the land of hypocrisy and the home of the Hypocrites’, you can think about this metaphor”.


In the recent years, Lady Gaga has become the most famous US celebrity, and the symbol of American beauty and American utopia. In fact, the American media tell us that Lady Gaga is a new Monroe or Madonna, and it can be a metaphor for the American progress. It can show us whether the US and the Americans have gone forwards or backwards. And it can show us why the people are changing their minds about the US. In the early 20th century, many nations, including Iranians, thought that the US is “the land of democracy and the home of the libertarian”, but now how the people think about the US and its president, Mr. Stupid Monkey?


Comparing Marilyn Monroe or Madonna with Lady Gaga and other bloody US celebrities is just a metaphor for understanding the real kind of US progress in the recent decades. Some say: “If you think about this metaphor, you can understand why Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), the worst US president ever, or Bush should be the US president in the recent years. You can also understand why the US and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) didn’t support the anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and instead, aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians and suppressing the anti-Mullah movement in Iran”. In fact, Lady Gaga can show you many things.


The celebrities in each society can show us many things about the people who live in that society. Some say: “when the Mullahs were so popular in Iran and the people cared about them a lot, many Iranian people were stupid and had many serious problems. And now, when in the US, someone like Lady Gaga is so popular and many people care about her a lot, you can easily understand that many American people are stupid and have many serious problems”. Of course, many Americans don’t care about some one like Lady Gaga. But the rate and the number of Lady Gaga’s fans in the US is very very larger than the number of Mullahs’ fans and Islamists’ fans in Iran, and it’s very important.


The wise people don’t care about who is beautiful or who is ugly. It’s so obvious that beautiful or ugly body/ face is not selective, and the people are not responsible for their genes. It’s so obvious that the people have the right to change what has been imposed on them by the nature. For instance, Michael Jackson had the right to change his look, but some say: “Jackson said the nose job helped him breathe better, while he took the whole nose off for the holes to get fresh air. He was a good example of extremism in the makeup industry. And now others want to follow him. But at least Jackson was a genius and had some great talents. He was a great dancer, while the girl who thinks she is a new Madonna …”.


All people can become celebrity, including those who are very photogenic, or have beautiful body or good voice. But it’s so obvious that the beautiful minds, beautiful thoughts, beautiful arts, beautiful ideas, etc are much more important than beautiful body and being Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. But some ask: “why the bloody idiots can become celebrities in a human society? Why the sick people and those who love violence, masochism, sadomasochism, drug use, etc, should become celebrities?” They also add: “In each society the celebs can show us whether the people are sick or not. Those who care about ‘s-e-x and violence’ a lot, are animals, not humans. They are psycho, and need treatment”. It’s hard to say it’s wrong.


Some focus on a talent or potential that they dont have it, and it leads to disaster. Some can be good singers, or are musical genius, but are not very photogenic, “but why lots of makeup and slutty clothes should create a cheap coke whore and an attention junky? Why those who need mental help should be an inspiration to the young men and women across America?”, some ask. They also add: “If a gross whore becomes so popular, and If shitting on stage makes headlines and more publicity, isn’t it a clear sing that the people are sick ?” Of course, many Americans hate these kind of celebrities, and see them as attention junky, tacky and those who try too hard for attention. But the US media care about Lady Gaga a lot, and it can show you the real kind of the US progress in the recent decades.

You can ask yourself: “If Lady Gaga had been an Iranian and many Iranian people care about her a lot, what the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian fake intellectuals would have said about Iran and Iranians ?!” The answer can show many things.

It’s our second article about the celebs, the first one was about an Iranian celebrity, and you can find it here .

The Nazi, The Jewish fanatics, and Gunter Grass

April 11, 2012

“The Israeli governments declared Gunter Grass persona non grata. This is a [ridiculous] form of state censorship against an author”, the media reported. It’s really shameful. It’s a great embarrassment for the West that defends the Jewish fanatics. The Zionists and the Jewish fanatics are so stupid and just show their true colors. The Jewish fanatics reminds Iranians of the Mullahs, but if you read history, you can see that the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics are exactly like the Nazi. They clearly talk about war and the right of a first strike against “Iran”. They deliberately use “Iran” for referring to the Mullahs. They talk about war and violence, and ‘preventive’ war without shame. If you want to know why the Jewish fanatics are exactly like the Nazi, you should read Goebbels’s works. Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Ministry that took control of all forms of communication in Germany -from newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, to art, music, movies, and radio- had some important articles about the Jews, that can show us the Nazi policy towards the Jews and also the similarities between the Jewish fanatics and the Nazi. In The Jews are Guilty! , in 1941, when all Jews in Germany had recently been required to wear the yellow star in public, and the Holocaust was beginning, Goebbels wrote: “We think everyone else as is good natured as we are. The French threatened to dismember the Reich during the winter of 1939/40, saying that we and our families would have to stand in lines before their field kitchens to get something warm to eat. Our army defeated France in six weeks, after which we saw German soldiers giving bread and sausages to hungry French women and children, and gasoline to refugees from Paris to enable them to return home as soon as possible, there to spread at least some of their hatred against the Reich. That’s how we Germans are. Our national virtue is our national weakness. We do not want to change all that much, and as long as our world-famed good nature does no great harm, why should we? Klopstock gave us some good advice, however: dont be too good natured, since our enemies are not noble enough to overlook our mistakes If this advice applies anywhere, it apples to our relations with the Jews. Carelessness here is not only a weakness, it is disregard of duty and a crime against the security of the state. The Jews long for one thing: to reward our foolishness with bloodshed and terror. It must never come to that. One of the most effective defenses is an unforgiving, cold hardness against the destroyers of our people, against the instigators of the war, against those who would benefit if we lose, and therefore also against the victims, if we win“. Can you believe it? Isn’t it exactly like what the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics say about Iran? They talk about ‘preventive war’ like the Nazi. They deliberately use “Iran” for referring to the Mullahs, and then stupidly talk about “the security of the Jewish state”, and “cold hardness against the destroyers of our people, against the instigators of the war”. The Zionists are really like the Nazi, and both love war and violence. Goebbels added: “Therefore, we must say again and yet again: 1. The Jews are our destruction. They started this war and direct it. They want to destroy the German Reich and our people. This plan must be blocked. 2. There are no distinctions between Jews. Each Jew is a sworn enemy of the German people. If he does not make his hostility plain, it is only from cowardice and slyness, not because he loves us. 3. The Jews are to blame for each German soldier who falls in this war … 4.If someone wears the Jewish star, he is an enemy of the people. Anyone who deals with him is the same as a Jew and must be treated accordingly … 5. The Jews enjoy the protection of our enemies. That is all the proof we need to show how harmful they are for our people. 6. The Jews are the enemy’s agents among us. He who stands by them aids the enemy. 7. The Jews have no right to claim equality with us. If they wish to speak on the streets, in lines outside shops or in public transportation, they should be ignored … 8. If the Jews appeal to your sentimentality, realize that they are hoping for your forgetfulness, and let them know that you see through them and hold them in contempt. 9. A decent enemy will deserve our generosity after we have won. The Jew however is not a decent enemy, though he tries to seem so. 10. The Jews are responsible for the war. The treatment they receive from us is hardly unjust. They have deserved it all … The security of the state requires that of us all“. Can you believe it? Goebbels’s words and tactics are like the Jewish fanatics’, aren’t they? There are many similarities between the Nazi and Jewish fanatics. They both talk about the security of the state and the national security, and try to justify their shameful behaviors in this way.


Goebbels added: “The Jews wanted war, and now they have it. But the Fuhrer’s prophecy of 30 January 1939 to the German Reichstag is also being fulfilled: If international finance Jewry should succeed in plunging the world into war once again, the result will be not the Bolshevization of the world and thereby the victory of the Jews, but rather the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe. We are seeing the fulfillment of the prophecy. The Jews are receiving a penalty that is certainly hard, but more than deserved. World Jewry erred in adding up the forces available to it for this war, and now is gradually experiencing the destruction that it planned for us, and would have carried out without a second thought if it had possessed the ability. It is perishing according its own law: ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. Every Jew is our enemy in this historic struggle, regardless of whether he vegetates in a Polish ghetto or carries on his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg or blows the trumpets of war in New York or Washington. All Jews by virtue of their birth and their race are part of an international conspiracy against National Socialist Germany. They want its defeat and annihilation … As the Jews first appeared several weeks ago on the streets of Berlin graced with their Jewish star, the initial reaction of the citizens of the Reich capital was surprise. Only a few knew that there were still so many Jews in Berlin. Everyone suddenly found someone in the neighborhood who seemed like a harmless fellow citizen, who perhaps complained or criticized a bit more than normal, and whom no one had thought to be a Jew. He had concealed himself, mimicked his surroundings, adopting the color of the background, adjusted to the environment, in order to wait for the proper moment. Who among us had any idea that the enemy was beside him, that a silent or clever auditor was attending to conversations on the street, in the subway, or in the lines outside cigarette shops? There are Jews one cannot recognize by external signs. These are the most dangerous … The Jewish lackeys actually should wear the Jewish star themselves. [They say] : the Jews are after all human beings too. We never denied that, just as we never denied the humanity of murders, child rapists, thieves and pimps, though we never felt the need to parade down the Kurfürstendamm with them … One suddenly has the impression that the Berlin Jewish population consists only of little babies whose childish helplessness might move us, or else fragile old ladies. The Jews send out the pitiable. They may confuse some harmless souls for a while, but not us. We know exactly what the situation is. For their sake alone we must win the war. If we lose it, these
harmless-looking Jewish chaps would suddenly become raging wolves. They would attack our women and children to carry out revenge. There are enough examples in history. That is what they did in Bessarabia and the Baltic states when Bolshevism marched in, even though neither the people nor their governments had done anything to them. There is no turning back in our battle against the Jews -even if we wanted to, which we do not. The Jews must be removed from the German community, for they endanger our national unity. That is an elementary principle of racial, national, and social hygiene”. Think about what Goebbels said, it can show you many things about today’s world. Goebbels added: “They will never give us rest. If they could, they would drive one nation after another into war against us. Who cares about their difficulties, they who only want to force the world to accept their bloody financial domination? The Jews are a parasitic race that feeds like a foul fungus on the cultures of healthy but ignorant peoples. There is only one effective measure: cut them out“. And it’s exactly like what the Jewish fanatics talk about other nations. Goebbels added: “How stupid and thoughtless are the arguments of the backward friends of the Jews in the face of a problem that has occupied mankind for millennia! How they would gape if they could ever see their dear Jews in power! But that would be too late. That is why it is the duty of a national leadership to take all necessary measures to keep such a thing from happening” Can you believe it? Isn’t it what the Jewish fanatics say? Now, you can understand why many believe: “The Nazi and the Jewish fanatics are two sides of the same coin”. Goebbels added: “When Mr. Bramsig or Mrs. Knöterich feel pity for an old woman wearing the Jewish star, they should also remember that a distant nephew of this old woman by the name of Nathan Kaufmann sits in New York and has prepared a plan by which all Germans under the age of 60 will be sterilized. They should recall that a son of her distant uncle is a warmonger named Baruch or Morgenthau or Untermayer who stands behind Mr. Roosevelt, driving him to war, and that if they succeed, a fine but ignorant U.S. soldier may one day shoot dead the only son of Mr. Bramsig or Mrs. Knöterich. It will all be for the benefit of Jewry, to which this old woman also belongs, no matter how fragile and pitiable she may seem. If we Germans have a fateful flaw in our national character, it is forgetfulness. This failing speaks well of our human decency and generosity, but not always for our political wisdom or intelligence”.


In The War and the Jews , in 1943, Goebbels wrote: “The naive people cannot or will not see that this war is a war of the Jewish race and its subject people against Western culture and civilization. Everything that we Germans and Europeans, defenders of the principle of a moral world order, hold dear is at risk … It is clear that if during this war we show the least weakening of our determination to resolve the Jewish Question, the result will be the gravest danger to our people and Reich and all of Europe. Jewry wanted this war … They organize the enemy’s war economy and encourage plans to exterminate and destroy the Axis powers … In the National Socialist Reich, they see a power that resists their drive for world domination both militarily and intellectually. That explains their rage and deep hatred. Do not think that the Old Testament tirades of their newspapers and radio are merely political propaganda. They would carry it all out to the letter, should they have the opportunity. Our state’s security requires that we take whatever measures seem necessary to protect the German community from their threat. That leads to some difficult decisions, but they are unavoidable if we are to deal with the threat. This war is a racial war. The Jews started it and they direct it. Their goal to destroy and exterminate our people. We are the only force standing between Jewry and world domination“. Can you believe it? Isn’t it exactly like what the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics say? Goebbels added: “If the Axis powers lose the war in Europe, no power on earth could save Europe from the Jewish-Bolshevist flood. It may seem surprising that such a small minority possesses such great power and is such a deadly danger. But it is so. International Jewry uses certain criminal methods to gain world domination that are not evident to uneducated nations. The same is true in private life. The Jews do not enjoy economic success because they are more intelligent than non-Jews, but rather because they follow a different moral code. They attempt to conceal their methods for as long as possible, until it is too late for the affected nation to defend itself. Then it takes a revolution to dislodge them. We know how difficult and tiresome that is. We constantly hear news that anti-Semitism is increasing in enemy nations. The charges being made against the Jews are the same ones that were made here. Anti-Semitism in enemy nations is not the result of anti-Semitic propaganda, since Jewry fights that strongly. In the Soviet Union, it receives the death penalty. Jewry does all it can to oppose anti-Semitism. The word Jew itself, for example, is hardly to be found in the otherwise so talkative English and USA newspapers, not to mention the Bolshevist press. Still, anti-Jewish attitudes are growing among the enemy public. This is an entirely natural reaction to the Jewish danger on the part of the affected peoples … None of the Fuhrer’s prophetic words has come so inevitably true as his prediction that if Jewry succeeded in provoking a second world war, the result would be not the destruction of the Aryan race, but rather the wiping out of the Jewish race … The Jews will have to answer for their countless crimes against the happiness and peace of mankind, and one day the whole world will give them the penalty that they are suffering today in Germany. We speak without resentment. The time is too grave to spin naive plans of revenge. This is a world problem of the first order that can be solved by the present generation, and must be solved by them. Sentimental considerations have no part here. We see Jewry as the embodiment of a general world decline. Either we will break this danger, or the peoples of the world will break under it … When dealing with the Jews there are only two choices: to surrender to them or to fight them. We have chosen the latter. As our enemy attacks without mercy, so do we. The future will prove who is right”. Can you believe it? It’s so obvious that the logic of the Nazi is exactly like the logic of the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics, isn’t it?


Goebbels added: “Opposition to the Jews, not friendship with them, is growing around the world. We are convinced that at the end of the war, Jewry will face a humanity that fully understands the Jewish Question. Recently a leading London newspaper, which is wholly under Jewish control, printed an article that wondered at the alarming increase in anti-Semitism. It received many letters in response, and had to admit that only a tiny percentage took the Jewish side … Things are not much different in the US … One has to grant that extraordinarily clever tactics are being used, and that it takes some intelligence or sound instincts to see behind the Jewish facade. But here, too, the jug carries water until it breaks. International Jewry’s attack on the culture and moral order of the world is cleverly concealed, but not cleverly enough so that it cannot be seen through … We know that they hate us from the depths of their souls. We take pleasure in their hatred. There is nothing that they would not do to us if they had the power. We cannot therefore give them even the slightest bit of power. More than that, it is our duty to tell the world of their nature and their depravity. We must again and again prove their sick role in beginning and carry on this war. We must attack them incessantly, accuse them without pity of the crimes of which they are guilty, until the nations begin to wake up. That may take a long time, but it is worth it. We are dealing with the most dangerous enemy that ever threatened the life, freedom, and dignity of humanity. There can be no mercy. We have pity only for the countless millions of our own people and those of other European nations who will be given over to the hate and destructive will of this devilish race if we become weak and give up the battle. Those Philistines who today are so eager to protect the Jews would be their first victims” Can you believe it? What Goebbels said is exactly like what the Jewish fanatics say, isn’t it? Some funny guys say: ” “Goebbels said ‘Philistines’ or ‘Palestine’ ?!!”. Goebbels added: “The Jews laughed in Germany too when they first saw us. They are not laughing any longer. They chose to wage war against us. But that war is turning against them. When they planned a war to totally destroy the German nation, they signed their own death warrant. Here, too, world history will be the world court”. What Goebbels wrote need no extra explanation. We all should think about it. It can show us many things. In the recent days, the American jerks in The New York Times had a very stupid and shameful report about “the Terroristic aggression of Iran“. The American jerks deliberately used “Iran” for refereeing to the Mullahs, and the shameful title of their article was accompanied by using shameful terms like “The growing Persian Terrorism” or “Iran is replacing Al Qaeda” , and it just shows that the American jerks in the American mass media are like Goebbels. They are those bastards who didn’t cover the Iranian protests or told big lies about the Iranian protests. Goebbels and the Nazi used “Jews” for refereeing to the Jewish fanatics and said there is no good Jews, and all Jews are like the bad Jews. Of course, the American jerks who betray the ordinary Iranians and support the Jewish fanatics are worse than the Nazi. They are those bastards who betrayed Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians. And now instead of apologizing to Iranians for betraying the anti-Mullah movement, they impose more sanctions on Iranians, and talk about preventive war and the right of a first strike against “Iran” ! There is no exaggeration to say that ‘they are exactly like Goebbels’, because their logic is Goebbels’s logic and their words are Goebbels’s words. I hope the world can see how history tries to repeat itself.

Gunter Grass and Freedom of Speech in the West

April 10, 2012

Compared to our horrible situation in Iran under the Mullah regime, the West is a free land, and that’s why many Iranians call the West “the free world”, but it doesn’t mean that the West is really free and has no problem. The shameful attacks on Gunter Grass and his recent poem can show us a serious problem. In fact, Gunter Grass, like Assang and Wikileaks, or like Heinrich Heine in the 19 century, showed a serious problem.The German author Heinrich Heine (1797- 1856) had warned that burning books would end in burning humans, but most of the German people attacked him, and didn’t care about him before the 1950s. In the 1930s, in order to cleanse the minds of people and society many books were fed to the flames in Germany and Austria. Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine, that was like today’s Western propaganda machine, censored Heinrich Heine’s works and attacked his liberal ideas. And now the Jewish fanatics and their Western supporters attack Gunter Grass and ‘what must be said’. In 2009, the young Iranians, who were pro-West and pro-US, could show the true face of the West, and now in 2012, when the Western Hypocrisy has reached to its peak, many can see “the tragedy of Freedom in the West”. Some say: “When Evolution reaches its peak, it’s going backwards”, but if you read history, you can see that the freedom and democracy has never reached its peak in the West. In fact, it’s the Western Hypocrisy that has reached to its peak in the West. Gunter Grass’s story just shows us that ‘Censorship and Self-censorship still is a serious problem in the West’. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the idiots say. But it’s so obvious that the West has many serious problems. Gunter Grass, 84, clearly talks about his self-censorship and his fear of stupid labels. All Iranians know how the Mullahs and the brutal dictators label the ordinary people as “anti-Islam”, “anti-Religion”, “anti-Regime”, etc and then arrest, torture, or kill them. It’s what all brutal dictators in all Animal Farms have done it. The tragedy of Freedom in Iran under the Mullah regime, is like the tragedy of Freedom in the USSR or the Nazi Germany. In fact, all enemies of the freedom and the open society love “burning books”, “breaking pens”, “shooting the messenger”, etc. They are frightened of public awareness and telling the truth. But “why the Jewish fanatics and their American and European supporters attack Gunter Grass for telling the truth?”, many ask. You can ask yourself: “why the people like Gunter Grass should remain silent, while the Jewish fanatics and other fanatics and racists can clearly talk about war and violence, like the Nazi? Are the 15 million Jews more powerful than the 7000 million non-Jews?” It’s so obvious that the Jews are a very small minority in the World and have no real power. But why the West disgraces and discredits itself only for defending the Jewish fanatics? It’s a good question. When Goebbels and the Nazi brunt more than 20,000 volumes of offensive books in Germany in 1933, many didn’t know that burning books would end in burning humans. And now many don’t know that “betraying Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran” would end in ‘betraying all humans and all human values”.


Gunter Grass is like Heinrich Heine (1797- 1856), but today’s Germans are not like the old Germans. In the 19th century, many Germans hated Heinrich Heine. Some say: “In his own time, Heine was known for his liberal opinions and for his satirical attacks on German nationalism. His writings and controversial activities brought him into disfavor in Germany. He had hoped to obtain a position as a professor of German literature, but his political ideas brought him into the disfavor of the established German governments”. Of course, today’s Germans praise both Gunter Grass and Heinrich Heine, but the Jewish fanatics and their Western supporters play the role of the German chauvinists and the Nazi racists. We all should read history, otherwise we just repeat history. There are many similarities between the Jewish fanatics and the Nazi Germans. We would write more about it later, but now it should be said that censorship in the US and Europe has a long history, and the great tragedy of Nazism, Fascism, or what happened in the past centuries is just part of it. Some wise Westerners say: “Before the 19th century, the books and the press in most of Europe were frequently subject to strict censorship. Although government-instituted censorship were abandoned in most western countries during the 20th century, but librarians still censor a wide range of books in libraries, under the pretext of protecting readers from morally destructive and offensive literature. One of the most stunning examples, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884 UK, 1885 US), was first banned in 1885 in Massachusetts. According Arthur Schlesinger, the author of Censorship – 500 Years of Conflict, Twain’s book was still in jeopardy of censorship in 1984. Western human rights defenders often ignore our shameful past. The lack of criticism of European censorship, gives perpetrating governments, such as China’s regime or Iran’s regime a welcome opportunity to accuse Western countries of one-sided criticism. In the US, the libel law and other laws serve as the law of censorship. The courts became the new controllers in the US and the West. Libel laws were often subject to broad
, allowing for continued restraint, harassment, and persecution of artists, journalists and others that challenged the concepts of national security, blasphemy and obscenity“. Recently, some Iranian political activists in the US said: “We thought the journalists are free in the US, but unfortunately, the journalists can’t be free even in the US”. It’s really shameful. In 2012 and 2009, many Western media, Western journalists, and Western polling organizations clearly showed that they are not free and independent. But it doesn’t mean that the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the idiots say. The Inquisition of the Catholic Church and the Inquisition of the the Mullah regime are alike, and it’s what the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals don’t understand it, or pretend ignorance about it. You can’t compare the West with Iran under the Mullah regime. In the West, you are not killed or tortured because of speaking your minds. The libel law and other stupid laws in the West are really shameful, but fortunately, the brave people and the wise people in the West can speak their minds, and are not frightened of stupid and pitiful threats.


The West has many serious problems, and the most important problem is that many Westerners don’t know both the stupid rights and the stupid lefts are the great evil. They can see that the stupid rights, from the religious fanatics and the capitalists to the racists and the chauvinists, defend the enemies of the freedom and democracy in the West, but they can’t see that the stupid lefts, specially the Marxists and the fake intellectuals who defend the tyranny and the dictators in the name of independence and fighting against imperialism, are enemies of the freedom and democracy in the whole world. It’s so obvious that those who defend the tyranny and the savage dictators in Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Russia, and other parts of the world, are the main enemy of a better world. The fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts only pretend that they are progressive, but they defend the reactionary forces and the brutal dictators without shame. The stupid lefts and fake intellectuals, form Chomsky to Zizek, are wolfs in sheep’s clothing. They clearly showed their true colors in the past three years. The stupid lefts try to pretend that the situation in Iran and the West is alike. They are like the Mullahs, and try to use Gunter Grass’s story and other shameful things in the West as a tool for telling big lies. There is no doubt that the West has many serious problems. Recently, some media reported: “NSA can and regularly does spy on Americans’ communications. And when the NSA hesitates to spy directly on US communications, it gets Canada to do the job“. Or some media added: “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that exercises authority over the safety and security of the traveling public in the US, has employed many Behavior Detection Officers, or ‘BDOs,’ who are officers whose primary responsibility is to observe the behavior of passengers [!] TSA agents believe to have the legal authority from Congress to strip search every air traveler. During the pat-down, some agents touch the a-n-u-s, s-e-x-u-al organ, buttocks, or breast of the ordinary people. TSA agents are accused of having mistreated passengers, having s-e-x-u-ally harassed passengers, touching the genitals of women and children, having stolen from passengers, etc”. The situation in Europe is not better than the US. Recently, some media reported: “In March 2012, about 8000 websites, including Google and Facebook, were blocked by the Danish child p-o-r-n-o-graphy (CP) filter. When the customers of the affected ISPs made Google searches or accessed their Facebook pages, they were met by the STOP page for the Danish CP filter. Almost all mainstream ISPs in Denmark receive a list of domains to be blocked from the Danish police. In March 2012, the Danish police even refused to confirm that Google and Facebook were affected by the block, but this is known from the complaints received by the customer service department of some ISPs”. Or some media added: “European Parliament Blocks Copyright Reform With 113% Voter Turnout [!]. There are 24 seats in the committee, and one was absent. So, there should have been 23 votes at the most. But we just counted 12 votes for reform and 14 against. Thats 26. This rather embarrassing issue was pointed out to the committee, the fact that there were three votes too many, and that these three votes determined the outcome. When this was done, along with formally requesting a re-vote, that re-vote on the points in question was denied [!]”. It’s really shameful, and the angry Europeans say: “There were more votes than voters. Change the stars on your flag to swastika or ‘hammer and sickle’ please!“. But it doesn’t mean the West is like Iran under the Mullah regime, as the stupid lefts say. The situation in Iran under the Mullah regime is really like the European dark ages, and the Mullah laws are like the medieval laws.


The corporate media aid the bad people in controlling and brainwashing the people. And unfortunately, many Western mass media are corporate media. The Jews are a very tiny minority in the US, less than 2%, but the Jewish fanatics can control many things in the US, mainly only because the corrupt politicians and the Christian fanatics support them. It’s so obvious that the racists and the selfish people in the West don’t care about the Jews. The Christians, specially the Christian fanatics, think the Jews have killed Jesus Christ. The Norwegian terrorist, who killed more than 80 youths in 2011, was a Christian fanatic who hated the Jews and the Muslim, and unfortunately, many Christian fanatics in the West are like him. Unfortunately, the number of the Christian fanatics in the US and Europe is not small, but why the US and Europe care about the Jewish fanatics and the Jewish state a lot? Some say: “If you know the religious fanatics, you know the answer. The religious fanatics, specially the Christian fanatics, just aid other fanatics in accelerating the arrival of the End of Time. Almost all religious fanatics see Jerusalem as the land of Armageddon, and believe that the world should be full of corruption and disaster before the End of Time, and that’s why they try to support the Jewish fanatics and wars and violence”. Unfortunately, Gunter Grass’s story and many other shameful events just show us that the religious fanatics still have the upper hand in the West. It’s really shameful. But the religious fanatics are just part of the problem. Some say: “The other part of the problem are those bastards who are known as ‘imperialists’, ‘capitalists’, ‘colonialists’, ‘slaveholders’, ‘greedy rich’, etc. They love war and violence, and they support the Jewish fanatics and the brutal dictators, not because they care about the End of Time and these bullshits, but because they want to exploit others and try to sell their weapons”. After 2009 and the Western betrayals, Iranians could see that the West has many serious problems, but many Iranians still prefer not to talk about “the Freedom of speech in the West”, mainly because it reminds them of an old Iranian says: “Har-che Begandad Namakash Mizanand, Vay Be-Roozi ke Begandad Namak” (“Everything that goes rotten can be salted, But it’s a great pity when you see even ‘Salt’ goes rotten [or ‘it’s a great pity when you only have rotten Salt’]). The freedom in Iran is really rotten, and reading about the rotten Western freedom can be very disappointing. Of course, the West has many serious problems, but it’s not like Iran under the Mullah regime, and what the stupid lefts say is bullshit. It should not be forgotten. The West and this shitty world have many serious problems that the good people should try to solve them. I hope the good people at least try to see the main problems of today’s world, and try to say no to all reactionary forces who love or defend the tyranny, the savagery, the lie, the hypocrisy, the deception, the censorship, and other evil things.

Obama sent another secret Letter to Khamenei

April 8, 2012

The secret relations between Obama and the Mullahs is one of the darkest episode of the US history. The US-Mullah secret relation in the past three years, that was supported by the stupid lefts, is a great scandal, bigger than the Watergate or the Iran-Contra scandal. In 2009. Obama aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing tens of thousand of Iranians, and it’s a great tragedy bigger than 9/11. In the recent days, the Washington Post had a week report about Obama’s new letter to Khamenei and reported: “Obama has signaled [the Mullahs] that the US would accept a [Mullah] civilian nuclear program if Khamenei can back up his recent public claim that his nation ‘will never pursue nuclear weapons’. This message was sent through Turkish Prime Minister, Erdogan, who visited Khamenei last week. A few days before traveling to Iran, Erdogan had held a two-hour meeting with Obama in Seoul, in which they discussed what Erdogan would tell [the Mullahs] about the nuclear issue and Syria. Erdogan was accompanied, both in the meeting with Obama and on the trip to Iran, by Hakan Fidan, the chief of Turkeys intelligence service. Fidan is said to have close relations with Qassem Suleimani, the head of Mullahs Quds Force and Khameneis closest adviser on security issues [, and It’s funny to know that the US and the West already knew him as a great terrorist!]”. It’s Obama’s sixth letter to Khamenei. Some media, including and the Mullah media, added: “Obama sent a secret message to Khamenei expressing a willingness to accept an Mullah civilian nuclear program, and his message had six points: 1- the Mullahs must come to the talks and show they are open to a ‘compromise deal’ 2- Obama still can use a back-channel US-Mullah dialogue. Washington was satisfied with the secret talks that has been conducting with the Mullahs. Russia and China are agreed to go along with this position if Khamenei found it acceptable 3- Any deal would require a commitment from Khamenei to freeze all aspects of his nuclear program 4- Obama asked Erdogan to convey a personal message from him to Khamenei: Obama was favorably impressed with the Khameneis comments (green signals) in his recent speeches 5- The Mullahs must change the hostile anti-US tone of their speeches and publications. In place of antipathy, Obama would deeply appreciate a series of helpful comments coming from the Mullahs and their media, especially if they highlighted an improved Mullah attitude towards the US as a result of his administrations polices [!!] [and it’s what Mr. shit and the Mullahs do it well !]. The Mullahs should know that the US president is ready to pursue policies agreed between him and Khamenei in the course of their secret dialogue 6- Erdogan also was asked to explain the US policy on Iran and its nuclear program, also on the Syrian crisis”. The US-Mullah secret relation in the past three years showed the pro-US Iranians many things, and now in 2012, the 50 million young Iranians who were pro-US, can see the true colors of the US. “Don’t Americans know how Iranians think about the US-Mullah relations? The US-Mullah relations is as acceptable as the US-Bin Laden relations, that means it’s only acceptable for dead Zombies and stupid Monkeys”, many say in these days. But the US politicians are so stupid and desperately try to make a deal with the Mullahs. I don’t know how the US politicians, with this level of IQ, can fool the Americans. It’s a great tragicomedy. In these days, the stupid US politicians and the Mullahs send many green signals to each other. Rafsanjani and one of his men in the US, Mousavian, that is a high rank Mullah terrorist and as we said before, now he lives in the US and works for the Princeton University, have sent many green signals. We would write more about Mousavian, the Mullah terrorist at the Princeton University, and his recent activities, that is a great embarrassment for the US. But Rafsanjani and Mousavian, and the secret talks between the Mullahs and the US are just part of the current farce. In the recent days, some people media reported: “The online publication of an interview with the U.S. State Department’s Persian spokesman by a Mullah website, Alef, is something that has never happened in the past 33 years. The Alef website had a report, that according to some Mullahs, ‘in this report, a U.S. intelligence officer had opportunity to respond to questions from the Basiji and the Mullahs (i.e. the killers of Iranians)’. On April 3, the Mullah website, Alef -which has ties to Tavakoli, a high rank member of Larijani clan, who are known as the British puppets- called on its Basiji readers to send in questions for its upcoming interview with the US State Department’s Persian-language spokesman, Alan Eyre. But finally, several hours after it went up, Alef removed the webpage advertising the conversation with the US official”. Now, many Iranians say: “Obama is really the American Bin Laden. He is really ‘Obama Bin Laden’. He is worst than Bush, because Bush was a frank and honest idiot, but Obama is a hypocritical stupid bastard. Bush and Obama both were evil, but Bush was a frank evil that many knew his true colors, while Obama is a hypocritical evil that some idiots still think he is not evil”.


‘Obama Bin Laden’ is a great evil, not because he is black, socialist, or non-American, as some stupid American racists say. ‘Obama Bin Laden’ is a great evil because he not only betrayed the ordinary Americans and didn’t solve any serious problem in the US, but he betrayed the great anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and he aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. We have already written about the tragic story of the American Bin Laden (Obama) and the Iranian 9/11 (2009) and how the American Bin Laden supported the Mullahs and aided them in killing and torturing tens of thousands of Iranians (check Archive). The American Bin Laden (Obama) is worse than the dead Bin Laden, because the dead Bin Laden was honest, but the American Bin Laden (Obama) is hypocrite and pretends that he cares about the freedom and democracy, while he is the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and other parts of the world. The American Bin Laden (Obama), also known as Mr. Stupid Monkey, has no shame and clearly says that he doesn’t care about Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and he just wants to make a good deal with the Mullahs. I don’t know why some Americans are so stupid or pretend ignorance about Obama and what he does. I don’t talk about the American jerks who are racist and selfish and clearly say that they don’t care about non-Americans and what happen to non-Americans, including Iranians. These Americans, that unfortunately their number is not small, live like animals and deserve everything they get from their corrupt politicians. These Americans deserve their sick and corrupt system, and the greedy rich and the corrupt politicians should screw them, because they are like their politicians, and don’t deserve better. But unfortunately, many Americans who are not like their politicians and their mass media, follow the fake intellectuals and the stupid lefts. They stupidly think everyone that hates Obama, should love Bush or the Republicans, and vice versa. They love choosing between two great evils, even when Obama clearly proved that the Democrats and the Republicans are two sides of the same coin. It’s really shameful. The 2012 election is one of most shameful election in the US history, because both parties and their candidates seem like the great evil, but the people are silent and inactive. I hope the wise Americans stop supporting one of the great evils, and instead support a third candidate, a third party, and a real alternative. Instead of the stupid OWS movement, they can have a movement for getting rid of the two great evils and all corrupt politicians. We have already written about the politics, the people power, and a world without politicians. They can have a movement for “direct democracy” and a world without politicians. They can have a movement for “boycotting the election that its candidates are great evils”. They can have many acceptable movements for “real change”, but unfortunately they just waste their time by stupid things such as the OWS movement. The politicians love the ignorant people and those who follow the media, the fake intellectuals, and the politicians like sheep. But If the people want ‘real change’, they should be wise and think independently of the mass media and the fake intellectuals. Of course, all Americans are not stupid and ignorant, some of them say: “We and Iranians have figured out what a complete and utter buffoon this moron in the White House is”, but they don’t organize themselves. Some stupid Mullahs say: “Obamas Love Letter to Khamenei is a clear sign Of U.S. failure“, but Obama’s Love Letters to Khamenei, and his secret relations with the Mullahs is a clear sign of the American Hypocrisy and shows the world the true colors of the US. The selfish and racist Americans who don’t care about non-Americans and what happen to them, should know that Stalin and Hitler killed and suppressed many non-Russians and non-Germans, but first and foremost they were a great disaster for their own people.

Will of God, Miracles, and Mahnaz Afshar !

April 6, 2012

“The majority of Americans still believe in the will of God and miracles. Their motto still is: ‘In God is our trust'”, the American media report. But those who don’t believe in miracles, including the young Iranians, can see the will of God and many great miracles by taking a look at the celebs. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar, one of the most famous Iranian celebrities and female film starts , who has many fans in Iran, can show you the will of God and the great miracle. Of course, almost all celebs can show us many miracles, including miracles of god, miracles of money, miracles of media, miracles of stupidity, miracles of brainwashing, miracles of kissing ass, etc.

When the media published the first pictures of Mahnaz Afshar and her mother, many could not understand whether what they see is a miracle of God or a miracle of Photoshop. Mahnaz Afshar’s fans thought Mahnaz Afshar’s mother should look like Marilyn Monroe, or Googoosh, a famous Iranian celebrity, but “they were ignorant and didn’t know that it’s the will of God and the miracle of the genes that determine who should be Mahnaz Afshar or who should be Mr. shit or Lady Gaga”, as some say.


Mahnaz Afshar’s fans didn’t know that she has her own dark sides, and thought “being Mahnaz Afshar” is not a matter of luck. “In fact, sometimes genes play funny games and create miracle. But some thinks it’s the will of God, some thinks it’s chance, and some thinks it’s a miracle of money and genetic engineering”, some say. They add: “Some celebrities are as honest as Mahnaz Afshar and show their dark sides, but others think ‘they have come out of Elephant’s ass’. They are like the racists and the Monarchists who think that there is a ‘greatness’ gene or a ‘master’ gene that they have it, but others have ‘slave’ gene or ‘inferiority’ gene and should be slave of them”.


The second pictures of Mahnaz Afshar and her mother forced the unbelievers to seriously think about the will of God and miracles. Mahnaz Afshar, herself, has said: “Ask Mr. Creator why he created me like Mrs Googoosh”. It shows that Mahnaz Afshar is not like the ultra-stupid people – specially the Monarchists, the rich kids, the stupid celebs, the racist Westerners, and the stupid kids of mercenaries and ass kissers – who think their good luck is not luck, or it’s not a miracle of kissing ass, but it’s merit, something like a merit scholarship from God.


Almost all humans have a special talent, and should try to fulfill their potential. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar is very photogenic, or some celebs are musical genius. Of course, some are good ass-kissers, good sheep, good thieves, and good mercenaries, like the Iranian Monarchists, but it’s not a special talent. It’s just a shame. As the wise people say: “we all can be a miracle, but sometimes we focus on a talent or potential that we don’t have it, and it leads to great tragedies like Lady Gaga’s tragedy. So, If you have a special talent, just try to focus on your own special talent, and don’t be so greedy”. And don’t forget that only a few people are like Reza Pahlavi and have no special talent. But other men have at least one special talent, and many special talents are much more important than “being very photogenic”.


Most of today’s celebrities in the West and the whole world are really disasters, but the people who are very photogenic still can become “Model” or “Film Star”, and it’s not bad. As you know, some people, including Mahnaz Afshar, are very photogenic with or without the Islamic veil (Hejab). But some say: “The people who are very photogenic, often have small brains, and it’s the ‘Divine Justice’. You can be a blond or a brain, but not both ! and it’s the will of God !” Of course, you can be a blond, a brain, or something in between, if you don’t have a tendency to see the issues in black and white. But if you are a Mullah or a Monarchist, you only can be ugly and brainless. There is no exception.


Mahnaz Afshar’s mother is an ordinary mother like many other mothers in the world. Iranians and many other people in all around world love their mothers, not because they are photogenic or musical genius, but because they are good mothers. Each person has a special talent, and some are good mothers or good fathers. But the wise funny guys say: “Please stop producing children at any price. Be responsible. And don’t forget that only some couples have good luck and can produce a very photogenic child. In fact, only a few couples are as lucky as Mahnaz Afshar’s parents; and many others just create a horrible disaster for themselves and their children”.


The good mothers, who are responsible and care about their children a lot, are really like angels, even when they are not very photogenic. The good and responsible mothers and what they do are really miracles. They are “believable miracles”. But if you think you want to live your own life, or you just want to fulfill your own human potentials, or you are irresponsible, idiot, hypocrite, or selfish, please don’t produce any child. The bad parents are like the devil or the Iranian Monarchists, and their children can become great criminals, great disasters, or would suffer from horrible mental disorders.

P.S. We want to joke with the famous celebrities, and for the first time I decide to choose an Iranian celebrity. It’s just joke and satire, for thinking about some serious issues, and I hope the celebrities and their fans don’t take it seriously.

Gunter Grass Poem and Western hypocrisy

April 5, 2012

“Gunter Grass, the prominent German author and 1999 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, criticized ‘western hypocrisy’ over Israel’s nuclear program and said ‘it endangers the already fragile world peace’. His poem specifically criticizes Israel’s “claim to the right of a first strike” against Iran. Grasss poem What Must Be Said was first published on Wednesday in the Suddeutsche Zeitung”, the media reported yesterday. We didn’t want to write about Gunter Grass poem, but after the shameful reactions to his poem by the racists and the fanatics, I thought I should write. The Western racists and the Western fanatics have no shame, and deliberately use Iran for refereeing to the Mullahs and Irans regime. The Jewish fanatics, that are pigs in man’s clothing, deliberately use Iran for refereeing to the Mullahs, and clearly talk about attack to Iran. They have no shame. There is not doubt that the Jewish fanatics in the Jewish state and the American Christian fanatics are the number one threat to world peace. Who can deny this? The Jewish fanatics think that 15 million Jews should be master of 7000 million non-Jews, because God loves Jews !! And the American Christian fanatics support the Jewish fanatics, because they want to accelerate the arrival of the End of Time. The Jewish fanatics are really bigots, racists, and hypocrites. They disgrace all Jews. The Christian fanatics in the US and Europe, and the Muslim fanatics in the Muslim world are like the Jewish fanatics, and all of them are the main threat to world peace, but unfortunately, they still manage and control the world, by managing the mass media and the politicians. The reactions to Gunter Grass poem are really shameful. But what had he written? He had just written about the Western Hypocrisy and “What must be said”. Grass wrote: “What is this right to ‘preventive war’? The nuclear power Israel endangers an already fragile world peace, and it must be said before it’s too late”. And it’s really true. The Jewish fanatics who talk about attack to Iran, just show their true colors. They are like the Nazi. They love war, like the Nazi bastards. “But a tiny state that is smaller than an Iranian city, is not a threat for Iranians, it just digs its own grave”, many Iranians say. Now, lets take a look at excerpts of Gunter Grass poem [1].


What must be said

Why have I been silent, silent for so long?,
Our generals have gamed it out,
Confident the west will survive.
We people have not even been considered.

What is this right to preventive war?
Why have I so far avoided to identify Israel by its name?,
Israel and its ever increasing nuclear arsenal,
Beyond reproach, Uncontrolled, uninspected.

We all know these things
Yet we all remain silent, fearful of being labeled:
As we provide to Israel the means to deliver annihilation.
I say what must be said.
Why did I wait to say it until now?
And write these words with the last of my ink?
Declaring that Israel threatens world peace?
Because it is true and it must be said,
Tomorrow will be too late.
It must be said. I wont be silent
Ive had enough of the hypocrisy;
Please shed the silence with me,
The consequences are all too predictable.
Its time to demand free and permanent control
of both Israels nuclear arsenal
and Irans nuclear facilities
enforced with international supervision.

Its the only way, in a land convulsed with insanity,
Israelis, Palestinians, everybody, will survive.
And we too, will survive

We have already written about the Zionists, the Mullahs, and the religious fanatics . As we said before, “the religious fanatics love war and the End of Times. They try to wage World War III. The western mass media help the religious fanatics a lot. Recently, they try to pretend that Jews and Iranians are enemy of each other. But its a very big shameful lie. The Christians and the Jews, the Europeans and the Jews, and the Arabs and the Jews have many historic problems with each other, but Iranians not only dont have any historic problem with the Jews, but Iranians are the only nation in the world that have supported the Jews since thousands years ago. The double standards in the US and Europe is so ridiculous. They hate the Jews and think the Jews killed Jesus Christ, but they pretend that they love Jews !! On the other hand, they pretend that Iranians, who are the only nation in the world who have defended the Jews since the ancient time, are enemy of Jews. Many Americans and Europeans are enemy of Jews and hate Jews, and have Pedar Koshtegi (Killing Father, a funny Persian slang that means deep hate) toward the Jews. They have a long history of hatred and war with Jews, exactly like the Arabs who also have a long history of hatred and war with Jews, but Persians and Jews are old friends. Persians have helped Jews (and many other suppressed minorities) a lot. The first nation in the world that talked about Human Rights, and respected Human Rights and ‘minority rights’, was Persians, but the world should know that even the Iranian Jews say: ‘Any Attack to Iran in the name of the nuclear issues, would be the equivalent of 1,000 9/11s for all Iranians. All Jews should know that any attack on their ancient supporters, i.e. Persians, will be the greatest possible mistake in the Jewish History. It’s equal to the end of the Jewish state”. In the near future, we would write about the Iranians and the Jews, but it’s so obvious that those who think the Jews have killed Jesus Christ, and those who have Pedar Koshtegi (deep hates) toward the Jews, are not friends of the Jews, but they are the main enemy of the Jews. They are stupid bastards who showed us their true colors in the 2009-2011 period, when they not only refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians; and now instead of apologizing to Iranians, they impose more sanctions on Iranians. They are the main enemy of freedom, democracy, justice, and other human values in the world. They are a serious threat to world peace.

[1] You can find two versions of Gunter Grass poem translation here (I liked the second translation in the user comments’ section).

Western Hypocrisy, Racism and Chauvinism

April 4, 2012

This year, 2012, has become an important year, mainly because the young Iranians and non-Iranians who were pro-West and pro-US can see the Western Hypocrisy and the main problems of the West. In the recent months, many shameful comments from the stupid Westerners were sent to us or published in the Western mass media. It’s a bitter truth and a tragic fact that many Westerners are racists and chauvinists. They clearly say that there is no difference between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people, and they deliberately use ‘Iran’ for refereeing to the Mullahs and Iran’s regime. We didn’t want to write about the stupid Westerners, specially those racists and chauvinists who send us shameful comments; we waited some months; But unfortunately the majority of people comments (about Iran) in the Western mass media are stupid or shameful, and those who put these shameful comments are racists, chauvinists, or stupid lefts who follow their media like sheep. It’s really embarrassing and disappointing. Now, I think the people in all around the world should know how the stupid westerners, who are racists and chauvinists, try to show the true colors of the West to the Iranians. We have already written about the Western Hypocrisy and how the West betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in the 2009-2011 period (check Archive). The West not only refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement, but aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and now instead of apologizing to the Iranian people, the Western jerks impose more sanctions on them. The old readers of this website know when we say “Western jerks”, “stupid Westerners”, “Iranian jerks”, “stupid Iranians”, etc it means “special groups of Westerners/ Iranians/ etc”. We have never said all Americans, all Europeans, all Iranians, etc are stupid, wise, or any thing else. But the Western mass media and the Western jerks don’t stop using ‘Iran’ for refereeing to Iran’s regime. Some Iranian comments in the Western media really saddens us, specially when they say: “ Stop keep saying Iran. You should use Mullahs or Iran’s regime, not Iran … Use Mullahs or the regime of Iran instead of keep saying Iran“. From now on, sometimes we will use the West or the US for referring to the politicians and other jerks in the West. It’s not “tit for tat”, but it’s what the ordinary Iranians have started to do, and the outside world should know how the general mood in Iran is changing, and how the Western hypocrisy and the Western shameful behaviors are changing many things. We still believe that many good people live in the West and the whole world, but unfortunately, most of them are silent, and it’s very disappointing. The good people that are silent and indifferent, only help the bad people. Unfortunately, the fake intellectuals and the stupid people have the upper hand in the West, and many ordinary people follow them like sheep. I don’t know the rate of stupid, racist, or chauvinist people in the West, but the people comments in the Western mass media and the comments that are sent to us, show that many Westerners are racist and hypocrite. They sent us comments like this: “You seem to generalize all Americans as stupid, dope addict, alcoholics, without depth [!]. This a racist comment [!!]. Your Gov’t [!!] is threatening to wipe Israel/US off the map [!!]. Why would any free sane country want such fanatics to get an atomic bomb? If you want change start by changing your attitude [!!]. As far as sanctions on Iran it’s very simple stop promoting terrorism, threatening to blow up Israel/US [!!] Stop your quest for nuclear weapons or everyone will suffer the consequences [!!!]“, can you see the depth of hypocrisy and stupidity of these American jerks? They tell stupid lies (You seem to generalize all Americans !), while they themselves clearly generalize all Iranians and say: “every Iranian will suffer the consequences” ! They think other people are as stupid as themselves. If we and other Iranians were like them, we would say: “All Americans should be punished, because the American jerks betrayed Iranians in 2009 and aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians, and created a tragedy that was bigger than 9/11. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is worse than Bin Laden, and what he did in 2009, is worse than 9/11. So, all Americans are killers and terrorists. They are like Bin Laden supporters, and all Americans should be punished”. But Iranians are not like the stupid Americans that their shameful comments just show us that they don’t care about the truth, and they live like selfish animals, with ridiculous double standards. But a world that is full of stupid sheep and indifferent animals is like today’s world. It can’t be a better world.


Some comments that are sent to us, like many people comments in the western mass media, are so shameful, but they are informative. For instance, a stupid Westerner wrote: “Since when is it the west’s obligation to aid pro-democratic movements? Did we ever say, ‘If the Iranian people start a protest; we’ll help them.; The answer? No. We never betrayed Iran, because we were never allies“. Can you believe it? It just confirms what many Iranians say in these days: “The American principles and the Western values are: Hypocrisy, Savagery, Shamelessness, Lie, Animal interests, etc. The freedom, democracy and human rights are meaningless words for the US and the West. We know that it’s the west’s obligation to aid the savage dictators, as the West aided the savage Mullahs in killing Iranians. Now, we don’t have any delusion about the West. It was the west’s obligation to sell the Mullahs the tools of suppression and surveillance, and it was the west’s obligation to publish fake polls and support the Mullah Mafia and Iranian baboons financially and politically. It was the West’s obligation to aid the Mullahs in killing Iranians. The West is so shameless and hypocrite, but now almost all Iranians know that the West is like a shortsighted animal who even can’t see its own long term interests. Iranians know that the West is the main supporter of the Mullahs, and the number one enemy of Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran. The West is still as savage and uncivilized as the past”. Another American wrote us: “The oppression of the people of Iran by the government of Iran is not our problem“. It’s very shameful and very meaningful. Unfortunately, many selfish or racist Americans think in this way. And that’s why some wise but angry Iranians say : “Americans are really jerk and hypocrite. They don’t care about human rights, democracy or freedom. These values and other human values are meaningless for Americans. They are animals in human’s clothing. ‘Inha Bishtar az-in Nemifahmand va Sho-ur Nadarand. Az Yek Mosht Gav Cheroon Vahshi che Entezari darid?” (They can’t understand more than this, and they have no understanding of humanity and human civilization. What can you expect from a bunch of savage cow boys?) They don’t have a long history of civilization like Iranians. Their history of Civilization is a 500 years-old history, while our history of Civilization is a 15,000 years-old history. So, they are like a stupid upstart or a worthless parvenu. They still are as stupid as their savage ancestors who lived like animals. We should teach them Civilization and Humanity and other human values“. Of course, as you know, what happened in 2009 was not “the oppression of the people of Iran by the government of Iran”, but it was “the oppression of the people of Iran by the Mullahs and their Western supporters who aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians”. Do you think these American jerks deserve better life or better government in the US? Don’t they really deserve Bush, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other corrupt politicians? It’s really shameful that the stupid Americans can live in the free world, but the wise Iranians should be victims of the Western puppets (the Mullahs) and the Western Hypocrisy. Fortunately, many Iranians know the truth, and that’s why many say: “Those who love the Mullahs are the ones who benefit from wars or cheap oil“, and we all know who are these bastards. But many Westerns are stupid and follow the fake intellectuals or mass media like sheep. They wrote us: “We, in the West, hate the Mullahs more than Iranians inside Iran [!!!] “. It’s a good joke, and it can show you the depth of stupidity of many Westerners. Many Iranians say: “The West never hated the Mullahs. If the West or the US had hated the Mullahs, they would have helped the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and they would not have aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and the anti-Mullah movement in 2009″, and it’s really true.


“Please don’t judge all of Britain by the hypocrisy of politics or the fact Assad’s wife is British”, a Briton wrote us. We never said all Britons are like their politicians, and it’s so obvious that the ordinary Britons are like the ordinary people in all around the world. But there are many serious questions about the ordinary people in Britain, Canada, USA, etc. Why they don’t protest against imposing sanctions on all Iranians? Why they don’t protest against their politicians/ media/ companies/etc that aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians? Why they don’t protests against their mass media that always use ‘Iran’ for referring to the Mullahs? Assad’s wife and the wives of some high rank Mullahs are British, and the British politicians help Assad and the Mullahs, and many high rank Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, Iranian baboons, and Syrian thieves and crooks live in the UK, and it’s a great shame for the UK. But Iranians don’t say that the world should impose sanctions on the UK and all Britons, because of the British politicians, while the western jerks say that they impose sanctions on Iranians, because of the Mullahs ! I hope all good people can understand this important difference. Many Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, and their families live in Canada and USA, and the Mullah state TV and Mullah Mafia still are active inside the US, while the ordinary Iranians are victims of the stupid sanctions, but why no one protest against these shameful matters ? If Iranians were like the stupid Westerners they would say that the world should impose sanctions on all Americans and all Canadians, because of their politicians. The American jerks, specially the American religious fanatics and the American politicians, are like the old imperialists, the Mullahs and Bin Laden, but shall the world impose sanctions on all Americans? It’s a very important question. According to the Western logic, all Americans, all Britons, all Canadians, etc deserve punishment and sanction and all of them are responsible for the shameful behaviors of their politicians, and all of them should suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the articles or the people comments in the Western media, show that not only many people in the US and Europe are ignorant or stupid, but many are racist, chauvinist, or in the best case nationalist. It’s really disappointing. Some Iranians, including us, ask: “Why such ignorant and stupid people, and such racist and chauvinist people should live in the free world, but we are forced to live in the big prison (Iran)? Why many open-minded and liberal people are not free and should live under the medieval tyranny, but the racist, chauvinist, stupid, or hypocritical people are free and can live in the free world ?” Think about it. John Anderson had a good article in the CNN on February 20, 2012 , with the title “How an Iranian film unites us all” (you can google it). He wrote: “Much of the reason that ‘A Separation’ has made such an impact in the West -a virtual sweep of the critics’ prizes, a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations, including a virtually unheard of nod for a non-US screenplay –is that it isn’t a foreign film at all … ‘A Separation’ drives home the oft-ignored fact that Iran is full of educated, sophisticated and cultured people who don’t agree with their government… It can find a mirror in an American political system in which politicians are willing to mouth any absurdity to appeal to a noisy, marginalized and in many cases fundamentalist minority, whose inclinations toward freedom, intellect, diversity and reason don’t place them all that far from the Mullahs. Frankly, you don’t want either group to have a nuke. But that makes ‘A Separation’ something of a dangerous movie, at least among those for whom division among peoples spells political profit”. It’s really true. It’s the best thing that we heard from Americans in 2012. Unfortunately, while many racist, chauvinist, or nationalist people in the US and Europe just show their true colors by talking nonsense, the vast majority of the wise and good people are silent or indifferent. But those for whom division among peoples spells political profit are enemy of the ordinary people in all around the world. They try not to allow us to have a better world. The American neo cons, the Christian fanatics in the US and Europe, the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics are exactly like the Mullahs and we all don’t want either group to have a nuke. But it’s not the whole story. The nationalists and the chauvinists in the West clearly say that Iran and Iranians are their enemy, not the Mullahs. They clearly say that a free and democratic Iran is a threat for their national interests, i.e. the animal interests. They write many shameful articles in the Western media, and clearly say that if they can make a good deal with the savage Mullahs, it’s the best case for them. It’s really shameful. They are blind idiots, and even can’t see their own long term interests. They are like the slaveholders or the Ku Klux Klan.


Some wise Iranians say: “when the Christian fanatics, the American neo cons, the Zionists, the Jewish fanatics, the Muslim fanatics and Taliban’s creators (in Pakistan), and the fanatics and Communists in Russia, China and North Korea, and other idiots have a lot of nukes, only the Mullahs should not have nuke?! The selfish, stupid, racist and chauvinist Westerners clearly say that they don’t have problem with the Mullahs, but they have problem with Iran as a whole. They clearly say: “The freedom and democracy in Iran is not in our interests [!!]. A free and democratic Iran can be a threat for our national interests in the Persian Golf. Even if Iran was a free and democratic country, we would not allow them to have [a free, strong and independent country and] a nuclear program. We would bomb there“. Can you believe it? These shameless animals clearly say that a brutal dictatorship and a puppet regime in Iran, like the Mullah regime or the Pahlavi regime, is in their national interests! They desperately try not to allow Iran to become a free, strong, democratic, and independent country. The people comments in the Western mass media can show you the true colors of many people in the West. For instance, you can read the comments below an article in the CNN that is about the current bullshits and the current war game . It can give you headache, but it can show you the depth of stupidity of the stupid sheep and the indifferent animals in the West. As we said before, Zakaria is a jerk and his relations with the Mullahs is so disgusting and many Iranians hate him, but Zakaria and his stupid article is not important, just read the comments below his article. In fact, the people comments show you the true colors of the West. They say: “The Iranian military could not sustain a war with the US more than a day or two [!] The war would guarantee Obama reelection [!!], so I suppose that we must have it [!] … the government of Iran endangers the US and the world, that is our problem and we cannot wait for the people of Iran to fix it [!!]” Can you believe it? The stupid bastards in the US are selfish and racist people. Bin Laden said: “the government of USA endangers the Muslim world, that is our problem and we cannot wait for the people of USA to fix it” So, according to American logic, Bin Laden was right to punish the selfish Americans who live like animals, wasn’t he ?! . Of course, Americans “didn’t wait for Iranians to fix it”, but they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians! The logic of American bastards is really awful, and their double standards are so laughable. They say: “Religious fanatics with nukes is very dangerous …”, but if the Zionists and the Jewish fanatics had nukes or if the Christian fanatics in the US had nukes, it’s very good ! Some Western jerks say: “Ayatollah Khamenei is not Khomenei and is not so radical [!!!] [He just kills Iranians, but he is our friend. We should aid him in killing Iranians, as we did in 2009. It’s in our national interests !]” Of course, all Americans and all Westerners are not stupid. Some of them say: “Religious fanatics with nukes? I believe you are describing I-s-r-a-e-l [and USA], not Iran … Pakistan is also a Islamic regime that has hosted Bin Laden and supported the Taliban and other Islamist terrorists that the Mullahs hate them, because they are Wahhabi/Sallafi, but the Mullahs are Shia. Pakistan has nukes, while the number of Islamist terrorists in Pakistan is much more than Iran”. The hypocrisy of the West is the number one in the whole world.


“What has happened since 2009, clearly shows that the West is the number one enemy of a free and strong Iran. They just want a weak and puppet regime in Iran, and that’s why they always support the brutal dictators in Iran”, the wise Iranians say. They also add: “Iran’s nuclear program started already during the rule of the Shah (in 1974), and we think that’s why the West tried to topple the Shah. In fact, the West and their policy-makers don’t want a free and strong Iran. They always want a weak puppet regime in Iran. In these days, they talk about ‘War with Iran’, not ‘War with the Mullahs’. And it’s very meaningful. They clearly talk about ‘making deal with the Mullahs’. Obama, Clinton, and almost all American journalists and intellects talk about ‘making deal with the Mullahs’. It’s so funny that when these jerks talk about war with the Mullahs, they clearly say it’s a war for the nuclear issue, or for making a deal with the Mullahs. In fact, it’s a war for destroying Iran, not for the freedom and democracy and for freeing the Iranians. It’s so obvious that they don’t care about the freedom and democracy in Iran, and that’s why the Western idiots clearly say: ‘We must not make war for the human rights [or the freedom and democracy] in Iran, but we must make war for the nuclear issue in Iran [!!]‘ It’s very important, and of course, has very important results”. The 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 are very important years in Iran’s history. They show the true colors of the West. And that’s why the wise Iranians say: “What happened in 2009, and also in 2012, only prove that Iran, even under the Mullah regime, should have nukes. When the Christian fanatics (in the US) and the Jew fanatics (in the Jewish state), the Muslim fanatics (in Pakistan), and the stupid Communists have nukes, why the Mullahs should not have nukes? Some idiots say that the Mullah nukes are dangerous for Iran’s people, but is bullshit because: (1) nukes didn’t save USSR (2) 2009 showed us that the West don’t care about the freedom, democracy and human rights, and even nuclear issues, in Iran. If they had wanted to help Iranians or solve the main problems, they would have supported the anti-Mullah movement in 2009. But we all know what happened in 2009. The stupid West not only didn’t care about Iranians, but aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians. So, Iran, even under the Mullah regime, should have nukes. The 2009 showed us that the West don’t have any problem with the Mullahs, but they have problem with a free and democratic Iran. In fact, they want to destroy Iran, but nukes will stop them. The hypocrisy of the West only show Iranians and other nations that they should be strong and should be able to stop the greedy West”. It’s hard to say that it’s wrong. Unfortunately, many still pretend ignorance that Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and USA supported the Mullahs in the 2009-2011 period and aided them in killing Iranians. And that’s why Iranians say: “These Westerners are stupid chauvinists, like their savage ancestors. They still think that the freedom, democracy, or progress in other countries is a threat for them. They still live in the Slavery Age and the Colonialism Age. But they only disgrace themselves. The stupid nationalists/ chauvinists who desperately try to exploit other countries and other people in the name of ‘National Interest’, are animals in human clothing”. Unfortunately, the bad people are very active, and clearly declare that the West want to make a good deal with the Mullahs. They clearly support the reactionary Iranians, form the Mullahs to the Monarchists and Rajavists. And that’s why many Iranians say: “the West is the number one enemy of the freedom, democracy, and progress in Iran“. What the West, its politicians, its journalists, its media, and its fake intellects do is very shameful and dangerous. It creates an inevitable deep hate towards the West. It proves that the West is hypocrite and deserves no attention and no respect. I hope the good people in the West don’t remain silent, indifferent, and inactive.

Germany stops Selling “Torture Drugs” to Mullahs !

April 3, 2012

“Germany halted the export of 5,000 bottles of sodium thiopental, known as ‘Truth Serum’ or “Torture Drug”, to Iran”, the media reported yesterday. If you can read between the lines, you can see why many Iranians believe that the Western countries are the main supporter and the close friend of the savage Mullahs. In 2009, tens of thousands of the ordinary Iranians were killed and tortured by the help of Western countries, and now many can see the truth. The Deutsche Welle reported: “German customs officials said on April 2 that they have halted a shipment to Iran of a drug that is used as a confession taking tool on prisoners. Thiopental can be used on prisoners who are not willingly providing information. The Mullahs are known for their usage of chemicals to take [false] confessions from political prisoners. After the 2009 uprising following [the 2009 coup], protesters who were arrested and their families, publicly complained about the usage of various substances for taking [false] confessions“. If you can read between the lines, you know the true meanings of Deutsche Welle’s confession. In 2009, many said that the savage Mullahs use “torture drugs” and “truth serums”, and now, by reading between the lines, you can see the truth. Some wise Iranian say: “When in 2012 the German bastards confess that they halted the export of 5,000 bottles of sodium thiopental, it means that in 2009 and in the past two years, they sold tens of thousands of bottles of ‘Torture drugs’ to the Mullahs”. Some media reported: “Thiopental is used by secret polices as a ‘Truth Serum’ to weaken the resolve of the subject and make them more compliant to pressure. Thiopental is one of barbiturates, and the barbiturates as a class decrease higher cortical brain functioning. As some interrogators say, ‘thinking and analyzing should be stopped, and suppression of the higher cortical functions may lead to submission‘. The drug tends to make subjects chatty and cooperative with interrogators”. Now, even the stupidest people know what happened in 2009, when the West refused to help the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and instead, the West aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. Iranians and many others know that in the 1980s Germany and other European countries sold Saddam, the Iraqi brutal dictator, the chemical weapons. But what happened in 2009 and 2012, is more important than what happened in the 1980s. The wise Iranians say: “What the stupid West and the shameless westerners do in 2012, only show all of us the true meaning of what they did in 2009. Why the stupid West refuses to apologize to Iranians for betraying their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and instead impose new sanctions on Iranians? Because, as the ancient Iranians said: ‘Nish Aghrab na-az rahe Kinn ast, Eghtezaye Tabiatash een ast’ (The scorpion bite [and hurt others and exploit others], but not because they are your enemy, but because they have a natural instinct for biting [hurting others and exploiting others])”. I hope the good people in the West and all around the world can open their eyes and can see the truth.


The stupid West and the shameless jerks in the West could impose today’s sanctions and today’s restrictions in 2009, when the ordinary Iranians asked them to put pressure on the Mullahs. But the West and its shameless jerks not only refused to put pressure on the Mullahs in 2009 (when Iranians asked for help), but instead they aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians. And that’s why many wise Iranians say: “You should be too stupid to believe that the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) are the enemy of the Mullahs. The stupid West and its shameless jerks are friend of the Mullahs, but are the enemy of a free and strong Iran and also the ordinary Iranians who fight for freedom and democracy. And that’s why the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) refuse to apologize to the ordinary Iranians, and impose sanction on the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. That’s why the high rank Mullahs, the Mullah embezzlers, the Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian baboons still can go to the West and can live there in luxury, but the ordinary Iranians and the wise and independent Iranians are victims of the stupid sanctions and should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran). This year, 2012, is a very important year, because it can show all of us the true colors of the West and also the secrets of the 2009 Coup”. Yesterday, the media also added: “ Sodium thiopental and pentobarbital are used in the US to perform execution by lethal injection. The states that have lethal injection employ the three-drug combination that was created in the 1970s: First, sodium thiopental to put the inmate to sleep. Then two other drugs: pancuronium bromide, which paralyzes muscles, and potassium chloride, which stops the heart. But Ohio and Washington state use just one drug to carry out executions: a single, extra-large dose of sodium thiopental. The concept of lethal injection was first proposed in 1888, by a New York doctor who praised it as being cheaper than hanging [!!]“. Is it what they called it “ethical principles” in the West ?! Some German jerks say “we stop selling Torture Drugs in 2012, and it’s very important”, because “it’s not about money, but ethical principles”. It’s a good joke. Apparently, what the German jerks and other American and European jerks did in 2009, was not important, because it was about money, not ethical principles ! They aided the Mullahs in killing and torturing Iranians, and now they are proud of themselves, because they pretend that they want to stop selling the tools of torture and surveillance to the Mullahs! Some Iranians say: “it’s the true meaning of ‘culture, civilization, human rights, ethical principles, etc’ in the West. The West had two options: (1) apologizing to Iranians for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement (2) showing the younger generations of Iranians the true colors of the West and the depth of hypocrisy and stupidity in the West. But what you can expect from them, when their top intellectual is a jerk like Chomsky who defends the savage tyrants, and when their top reformist is a jerk like Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). The West has become a great farce, that some see it as a great tragicomedy“.