Syrian Brutal Dictator and His British Wife

More than 10,000 people have been killed since the uprising against Bastard Assad began a year ago in Syria, but do you know which countries aided Assad in killing Syrians? and do you know the main supporter of Assad and his brutal dictatorship? Unfortunately, many think the answer is Russia or China, but it’s quite wrong. The Syrian dictators wife that is a British bitch, can show you the answer. You can ask yourself: Do the British bastards try to control their puppet regime in Syria by using the wife of the brutal dictator ? And you can find your answer in the British media’s reports. Recently the British media reported: “According to a cache of what appear to be emails sent and received by Bashar Assad and his [British] wife, a British citizen who is the father of Assad’s wife, Asma, used a private email channel to the Syrian dictator to offer advice on how the regime should spin its suppression of the uprising, including how best to rebut graphic video footage appearing to show the torture of children by Syrian forces. The British citizen (Fawas Akhras) offered the Syrian dictator detailed political and media handling advice. The emails were intercepted by members of a Syrian opposition group between June 2011 and February 2012. The revelation that Akhras has taken such an active role helping the Syrian dictator will create embarrassment for the UK. The string of emails between Assad and his British father in law over a nine-month period appear to show that the Britons helped Assad through his British family. Akhras urged Assad to launch an English language Syrian state news network ‘to enable us to address the world of our case in their own language and mentality’. He told Assad it was ‘an extremely important project to be considered at the highest level’. The Guardian asked Akhras if he wanted to comment on the emails and his apparent role giving strategic advice to his son-in-law, [the Syrian dictator]. But Akhras said he was busy”. Can you believe it ? In these days, even the British media confess that the British bastards give strategic advice to the Syrian dictator through his British wife. As we said before, the British companies and other European and American companies aid Assad in killing Syrians (check Archive) and it’s so obvious who is the main supporter of the Syrian dictator. It’s so funny that after one year and when 10,000 people were killed in Syria, the jerks in the EU do what they had to do at least one years ago. “the EU has barred Assad’s wife, mother, sister and sister-in-law from traveling in the EU and has frozen their bank accounts and other assets”. But the British bastards are funnier, because the media added: “William Hague, the UK foreign secretary, confirmed that Assad’s wife would be able to visit the UK and her family who still live in London. She still can travel to Britain, though not to the rest of the EU. Assad’s assets held in the UK would be frozen, but Assad’s wife would not be able to sell her London home or have access to rental income“. It’s a good joke. It’s so obvious which countries are the main supporter of the Syrian brutal dictator. But unfortunately, the Syrian expats are so stupid and you can’t find any article or any cartoon about Western/ British supporters of Assad in the internet. The Syrian people who live in Syria are victims of the Western hypocrisy and the Syrian bastards who live in the West. We all should think about a serious issue: “Why almost all people who go to the West and live there become mercenary or very conservative? Why almost all people who go to the West and live there don’t protest against the Western jerks who support the brutal dictators?”


The Syrian dictators wife and her father are British bastards who are stooge of politicians. But the number of Syrians or Arabs who write about this matter or the hypocrisy of the West in Syria is very very small. But why? It’s a good question. If you search the internet, you can find a few articles about the hypocrisy of the West in Syria, but most of these articles are written by wise Western people ! It’s really shameful that most of the Syrian bastards who live in the West don’t reflect the Syrian voices, while some media report that Syrians inside Syria are very angry at the West. Anyway, the Wise people in all around the world can see how the hypocrisy of the West and the stupidity of the stupid lefts, who defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism, create great disasters. In fact, the stupid lefts aid the Western politicians in supporting the brutal dictators. They say nothing about the relations between the West and Assad. But now many know the truth. The media added: “Mrs Assad grew up as the daughter of a British cardiologist in Acton. She attended a Church of England school in west London. An investment banker in the City before marrying and emigrating aged 25, Mrs Assad has worked to maintain the regimes dwindling links with the outside world. Her father, a Harley Street cardiologist, has been a key figure in liaison between the Syrian and British governments. He is the founder and co-chairman of the British-Syrian Society, set up in 2003 to ‘strengthen relations at all levels’ between the two countries. Until this year, the British ambassador to Damascus, Simon Collis, was a patron of the society. Its directors include former ambassadors and other prominent British figures. Assad met his wife, who was born and educated in London, while he was studying opthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital, Marylebone, before he became [dictator]. Mrs Assad’s father helped arrange Assads placement at the hospital. Some of the leaked emails reveal how the Syrian dictators wife went shopping and spent lavishly while protests and violence was going on Aleppo, Hama, Damascus and Daraa“. Last year, when the wise people asked: “Assad thugs are attacking urban areas with heavy weapons. The international community has to act quickly, this massacre must be stopped”, the Syrian dictator’s wife spent the people’s money in London and Paris, and her British father and other British figures aided Assad in killing Syrians. It’s so shameful that the UK still supports the brutal dictators, from the Mullahs to Assad, and London still is the home of the brutal dictators’ supporters and the home of crooks and thieves. Thousands of high rank Mullahs and their families live in London, but London is the home of all Islamists and all brutal dictators. The British media reported: “The Syrian billionaire and the Syrian millionaire, who live in London, support the Assad regime. They have their own groups, like the British Syrian Society that work with Assad and his British family. They compared the Syrian regime’s crackdown in Homs to last year’s London riots”. These bastards are apologists who pretend that Assad is a reformist, not a brutal dictator. They pretend that 10,000 people who were killed in Syria were not humans, and living in Syria is like living in the free world. But the stupid lefts support these jerks and their brutal dictators, and pretend that the West is the enemy of these brutal dictators, while the exact opposite of it is true. The leftist intellects and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, support the brutal dictators and their thugs, but do you think it’s just an accidental mistake? Do you think it’s purely accidental that the stupid rights and the stupid lefts in the West both support the brutal dictators? We would write more about this important issue later.

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