Iranian Mercenaries, Celebrities, and Intellectuals

In these days, the wise people in all around the world can learn many things from the story of today’s Iran, specially from Iranian mercenaries and Iranian fake intellectuals. In the recent years, especially after 2009, many ask about the root of main problems in Iran. Many ask: “Why since 18th century, from Shah Sultan Hussein’s era, Persia’s decline began and Persia lost most of its power and credit? Why the savage Tatars could build a country (Russia) for themselves and then could attack Persia and occupied many parts of Persia? Why the British bastards and other European bad guys, who were frightened to death of the Persian Empire and the Ottomans – and that’s why they tried to find a new passage to India via sea that led to the accidental discovery of America – could gained the upper hand in the world, and created the dark ages of Slavery and Colonialism ?” These questions are important questions, not only for Iranians, but for all nations and all people who care about a better world. Many books could be written for answering these questions, but here I want to write a little about an important factor: traitors and mercenaries. In the past 150 years, even before the 1900s Constitutional Revolution in Iran, those who were called “intellectuals” have tried to answer these questions, but most of their answers were so stupid and led to horrible solutions. But why? In the 19th century, a few Iranian students (rich kids) started to go to Europe, and when they returned to Iran they were called “intellectual”. In fact, each donkey that was literate, or had gone to Europe, or had a university-degree was called “intellectual”, and that’s why most of Iranian intellectuals were so stupid. In fact, those who didn’t know the world, history, human legacy, other intellectuals, etc were, in the best case, like the majority of today’s Iranians, but at that time they were called “intellectual”. Indeed, they were fake intellectuals. As the old Iranians say, they just had one eye in the city of the blind people. When the 99% were illiterate and ignorant, even a literate donkey could be called “intellectual”. So, in the past 150 years, most of Iranian intellectuals were so stupid and what they said was bullshit. Unfortunately, with the exception of few real Iranian intellectuals, others were mercenary, not intellectual. They got money form the Iranian and non-Iranian bad people, and told big shameful lies in the name of intellectualism. The Iranian mercenaries that called themselves “journalist”, “libertarian”, “writer”, “historian”, etc misled and misinformed the people, and their last betrayal was in 2009, when they betrayed the people and their anti-Mullah movement. But now, many things have changed, and the younger generations of Iranians (i.e. more than 75% of 75 million Iranians inside Iran), that thousands of them are real intellectuals, know the true colors of the old Iranians, and want to answer the old unanswered questions. In the past 300 years, the Iranian rulers and Iranian celebrities, specially those who were called “Intellectual”, were traitors and mercenaries who sold or destroyed Iran and betrayed freedom and democracy, but now the majority of Iranians know the true colors of Iranian mercenaries. The worthless mercenaries can be students of Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and other universities that some think they are prestigious universities. But Iranians know that the true colors of these stupid universities that work with stupid mercenaries and Iranian baboons, and we have already written about them (check Archive). Recently, an Iranian jerk, “Abbas Millani”, has started to defend Pahlavi and the Monarchists, but he is a worthless jerk like the worthless Basiji thug that has made a Basiji film about the 2009 coup (“Golden Collars”). Of course, the Basiji film showed the true colors of some actors like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii, who were part of this film, and the stupid Millani will show the true colors of many Iranian mercenaries in the near future. The public backlash to the Basiji film was strong and meaningful, and now the worthless mercenaries like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii are so disgraced. The people spit on them and shit on their empty heads, and it’s a good sign for a better future. It can show you that young Iranians can solve the old problems in Iran and the whole world.


Compared to the worthless mercenaries like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii, the prostitutes seem like saints and angels. Of course, people like Merillah Zareii, that played some roles in Asghar Farhadi’s films, – and from now on Asghar Farhadi should boycott her, otherwise the people boycott Farhadi and call him “Asghar Khayemal” (ass-kisser)- are stupid political prostitutes, and no one knows them as “intellectual”. But they are part of the main problem in Iran. In the recent weeks, the Iranian people heard about an old actor, Davood Rashidi, 80+, who works with the Mullah Gestapo. He had gone to Geneva and had tried to defend the Mullahs and the human rights situation in Iran! The people reporters said that the Mullah Gestapo had a meeting with him and two filmmakers in Hotel Homa, and asked them to go to Geneva and defend the Mullahs. The two filmmakers (Entezami and Pour-Ahmad) rejected it, but Rashidi not only accepted it, but encouraged others to accept it. The public backlash against Davood Rashidi and other jerks who work with the Mullah Gestapo, was like the public backlash against Khatami, and it’s a clear sign of progress in Iran. In today’s Iran, the main problem is the Iranian traitors and mercenaries, not the people. If Iranians can get rid of the worthless mercenaries, then Iran will be a free and strong country in the near future. The story of Davood Rashidi was important, because it can show you many things about the relations between the Iranian dictators and the Iranian mercenaries. When the Mullahs and their mercenaries saw the strong reactions to Rashidi, they desperately tried to save him. Masoud Behnoud, the head of worthless journalists, and his team had a report about Rashidi and tried to save him. In their stupid report, Davood Rashidi’s daughter confirmed Hotel Homa’s meeting and Geneva’s trip, but she added that his stupid father doesn’t work for the Mullah Gestapo and he jut wanted to defend Iran’s people and Iran’s government [!!] in Geneva. Masoud Behnoud’s team and their report about Rashidi can show you many things, including who work for who, and who try to save the worthless mercenaries who work with the Mullah Gestapo. The Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries like Masoud Behnoud, Abbas Abdi, Ebrahim Nabavi, Akbar Ganji, Mr. Balatarin, and other jerks who live outside Iran but live by betraying the Iranians inside Iran, often pretend that they are ‘intellectual’, while they are stupid mercenaries. They are the main problem of today’s Iran, not the people, or even the Mullahs. The worthless mercenaries and the fake intellectuals have created many disasters in Iran, form the failure of the 1950’s Oil Nationalization movement and the 1979 Islamic Revolution to the failure of the Reform movement in the 1997-2005 period and the Green movement in 2009. But now, the good news is that most of Iranian mercenaries and the fake intellectuals are dead and no one cares about them in Iran. It’s a very good news. Now, as you can see in the below picture, a worthless mercenary like Davood Rashidi (the jerk with white head) is as worthless as the savage Basiji thugs who made the Basiji film, “Golden Collars”, and you can see them in the below picture. In fact, the savage Basiji thugs and the Iranian mercenaries are two sides of the same coin, and now the people know it. It’s really a good news for Iran, and if all people in all around the world can see the true colors of their celebrities and their fake intellectuals, then we certainly would have a better world in the near future.


The Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals often use an excuse for justifying themselves. Since 150 years ago, they always say that the ordinary Iranians are illiterate and fanatic, and the majority of Iranians live in the rural areas, so those who are literate and educated, and are in minority, can live by betraying the ignorant and stupid people. This ridiculous and laughable excuse is exactly what the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals have used it since 150 years ago. It’s funny to know that even in these days, when more than 85% of Iranians are educated, and more than 20 million Iranians are university-educated, and more than 75% of Iranians live in the urban areas, and there is no difference between Iranians and Westerners, the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals still use their old excuse. It’s true that the majority of people were illiterate and stupid in the past, but who has said that you can live by betraying the ignorant and stupid people. Who has said that you are free to deceive the ignorant and stupid people. 200 years or 100 years ago, the rate of literate and educated people in Iran was about 1%, but do you know the rate of literate and educated people in Europe and the West at that time? The Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals pretend that this rate is 80% or 60% !, but it’s a big shameful lie, and the rate was about 10% to 25%. But did the elite and the educated people in Europe betray their stupid and ignorant people, like what the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals did? No, they tried to guide their stupid and ignorant people towards a better life and a better world. They didn’t say: “Because the majority of the people are stupid and ignorant, we can betray them and we can earn money by telling big shameful lies and by betraying our country and our people”. And it’s the main difference between Iran and Europe in the past 300 years. In 1979, about 70% of Iranians lived in the rural areas and about 60% to 75% of Iranians were illiterate, but if the Iranian elite were not stupid and Khayemal (ass-kisser), they could prevent from the 1979 Islamic revolution. But unfortunately, the majority of the Iranian elite were stupid bastards who just loved money and mercenary job. These stupid bastards that still manage the Iranian media and work for the American and British media, and call themselves “intellectual”, have been the main problem of Iran, not the people. These stupid bastards don’t know, or pretend ignorance, that for instance, more than 60 million people in the US still think that the sun orbits the earth and the earth is flat (that is a clear sign of horrible stupidity and ignorance in the US). The stupid bastards claim that the Americans can enjoy the freedom and democracy because most of Americans are wise and intellectual !! , while even the ordinary Americans know how laughable this stupid claim is. The stupid bastards and worthless mercenaries like Nikahang Kosar, Hooshang AmirAhmadi, Mashould Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Ebrahim Nabavi, and other jerks say, for instance: “why 2000 to 4000 people went and saw the scene of execution of a serial killer in Tehran? It’s a clear sign of stupidity and ignorance in Iran; so, the Iranians don’t deserve to have freedom and democracy”. Of courser, these jerks don’t say when 60 million people in the US still think that the sun orbits the earth and the earth is flat, or when 10,000 Americans follow a Mormon priest who had 80 wives and lived like the savage people (check Archive), it means that, according to their own logic, the Americans don’t deserve to have freedom and democracy. In fact, the Iranians jerks pretend that only if the majority of Iranians become intellectual, they deserve to have freedom and democracy ! It’s a good joke. If the majority of Iranians, or the majority of other people in all around the world, become intellectual then today’s shitty world becomes Paradise ! Anyway, the Iranian jerks just use this sort of shameful excuse to justify their own shameful behavior. They get money for betraying Iranians inside Iran, and they need an excuse to justify themselves, so they pretend that Iranians are stupider than Westerns, while it’s a big shameful lie.


All Iranian jerks, from Nikahang Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and Masoud Behnoud to Davood Rashidi, Amin Hayaii and Merilla Zareie deserve to be tried for their shameful behaviors. They deserve to wear dog collar, and the people will make a proper dog collar for each of these worthless mercenaries in the near future. In the recent days, Nikahang Kosar, a stupid Islamist who fled to Canada in the early 2000s, kissed Reza Palhavi’s ass and showed his true colors. His story can show you many things, for instance why Green movement failed, or why only the Iranian mercenaries can leave the big prison (Iran) and how they earn good money by betraying the people. His story is: “Recently, some funny Iranians searched Nikahang Kosar’s blog and found that in 2006 he believed the Iranian Monarchists are like the Mullahs, and Parviz Sabeti works for Reza Pahlavi. They published this evidence, that just recommended that Nikahang Kosar is mercenary and has got money to change his view about Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchists, but Kosar’s reaction showed his true color and proved that he is a worthless mercenary like other Iranian baboons. Kosar said: ‘What I said in 2006 was wrong, because now (in 2012) I asked Reza Pahlavi’s office about his relation with Parviz Sabeti, and they told me that I was wrong. So, what I said in 2006 was wrong”. And funny Iranians said to Kosar: “Hey you, the jerk, you can ask Khamenei’s office about the 2009 coup and about killing and raping the people, and they would tell you that nothing happened in 2009, and what the people say is wrong. Khamenei’s office will tell you what the people saw in the streets, and all undeniable facts, are lie. In 1940s, you could ask Hitler’s office about the Holocaust and his crimes against humanity, and they would have told you that the Holocaust is a big lie and Hitler is an innocent saint. You, the stupid jerk, just show us your true color. Your excuses, and also your second interview with Reza Pahlavi, show us that you are a worthless mercenary. Now, all people know that you are paid for betraying the people”. It’s what many ordinary Iranians say. In fact, what you can hear in Iran is very interesting. Many people add: “We know that some one like Nikahang Kosar or Mr. Balatarin are stupid, hypocrite, and
Islamist, who earn good money by betraying the people. The ex-Basiji jerks, like Mr. Balatarin or Kosar, are mercenaries and political prostitutes who sell everything easily. They get money from the Mullahs, Monarchists, or the West, and betray the Iranians inside Iran, but what they eat is dirtier than Dog’s meat, and in the near future they would be tried for betraying the people. They are worse than the Basiji thugs”. It’s good that finally the majority of Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of their celebrities, their journalists and their fake intellectuals. We should not forget that many Americans and Europeans still don’t know the true colors of their fake intellectuals (specially the stupid lefts and some one like Chomsky) and their shameless media, and that’s why many believe that today’s Iranians are wiser and more modern than their counterparts in the West. As we said before, the urgent need in today’s Iran is “alternative media and alternative groups”. The wise Iranian expats that live in the free world should know that if they remained inactive or indifferent, they are not better than the Iranian baboons. Now, some Iranians inside Iran say: “It’s good that some wise Iranian expats have started to put good comments in the Western mass media. Keep putting more and more comments in the Western mass media, but it’s not enough. The wise Iranian expats, who live in the free world, should build at least one alternative to, the main website of Iranian baboons. It’s an urgent need“. It’s true and important. If the Iranians inside Iran can have a media, that reflects their real voices, many things will change and all Iranian jerks, from the Mullahs and the Monarchists to the Iranian mercenaries and the fake intellectuals will go to hell in the near future. This idea can also be useful for all people in all around the world. If the wise people in the US and the West and other countries can have a strong media, they can inform and organize the people and it can change many things in the West and the whole world. We all should boycott and get rid of all mercenaries and all fake intellectuals in all around the world. It’s necessary for having a better world.

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