American Nowruz Messages, 2012

In these days, the American authorities sent “Nowruz Message” to Iranians, but their stupid messages were a clear sign of hypocrisy and shamelessness. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) had two messages for Iranians, and both were so shameful. His first message was sent by U.S. government funded media – Radio Farda and VOA. In these days, U.S. government funded media, Radio Farda and VOA, show you many things, including the US policy towards the Mullahs and other Iranian jerks, and why Iranians inside Iran should hate the US and the American media. If you want to understand how Obama and the US betrayed the anti-Mullahs movement and the freedom and democracy in Iran, you can take a look at what U.S. government funded media -Radio Farda and VOA- did and still do. In the recent days, Jamshid Chalangi that worked for VOA, confessed that the Mullah Mafia controls VOA. What Jamshid Chalangi confessed was not a new thing, and many people already knew it, but Chalangi was the first ex-member of VOA that talked about “behind the scene” in VOA. Chalangi said the management consultants and those serve as consultants to VOA Farsi’s director, are consultants to the Mullahs. They work for the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. Chalangi also added when he talked about this issue, and asked VOA Farsi’s director about this matter, he was expelled from VOA. Of course, many Iranians believe that Chalangi himself is a stupid bastard, because only when he was expelled from VOA, he started to talk about VOA’s true colors. But what Chalangi said can show you why Iranians hate Obama and the American media. Almost all Iranians know that VOA (Voice of America) has become VOM (Voice of Mullahs/ Voice of Monarchists) after Obama’s presidency. As we said before, VOA lost most of its Iranian audiences after 2009 coup. And now, VOA just wastes the American people’s money. The story of Radio Farda, another U.S. government funded media for Iran, is more shameful. In the recent days, Radio Farda published the result of a stupid poll in their website, and said that Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) is the most popular figure in Iran, because Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes ! The American jerks in Radio Farda, whose IQ is less than monkeys’ IQ, said that the total number of votes in their stupid poll is 12,024 and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes. It’s not joke, it’s exactly what the American jerks officially declared it. The number of Iranians inside Iran is more than 75 million people, and the number of Iranians in all around the world is more than 80 million, but the American jerks claim that “4,028 votes” for Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) means he is popular ! In fact, it just show you that U.S. government funded media are so stupid and brainless. They are bankrupt in Iran, and the people hate them. Funny Iranians say: “Hitler or Bin laden both has more than 4,028 supporters in USA. So, Hitler and Bin Laden are so popular in USA !, and it’s the logic of American media”. It’s funny to know that if many Iranians, including us, had done a poll in their small websites, the total number of votes would have been more than 12,000 votes. The American people should know how the American jerks in Radio Farda and VOA waste their tax money, and how their government disgraces and discredits the US as a whole. The American jerks in Radio Farda officially said that Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes, and it clearly show you the number of Reza Pofyooz’s supporters. Of course, funny Iranians say: “Most of these 4,028 votes are fake votes, and only 28 votes are real. In this stupid poll, each person could vote more than one time, but even these stupid tricks could not create more than 4,028 votes for Reza Pofyooz. It’s just a big shame for the American jerks in U.S. government funded media”. It can be true, but there is no doubt that U.S. government funded media are bankrupt media, and no one cares about them in Iran. They just waste the American people’s money, and the Americans should be aware of this shameful fact. The American jerks in Radio Farda and VOA defend the Iranians jerks, including the Mullahs and the Monarchists, and that’s why the Iranian people hate U.S. government funded media. But what Radio Farda and VOA do has an important side effect: ‘In the near future, almost all Iranians will hate the US as a whole’ . The massage that U.S. government funded media send to Iranians is so shameful and so stupid. They clearly declare that the US is the land of stupid bastards and stupid jerks, and Iranians should hate the US and Americans. It’s so shameful. The ordinary Americans should know it. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), who is the worst US president ever, disgraces and discredits the US as a whole, and if the Americans remain silent, the anti-Islamist and pro-US people in Iran, will hate the US as a whole. What U.S. government funded media and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) do is the exact meaning of “Betraying the freedom and democracy”. We have already warned the West and the US about the Iranian opposition . We have already written many articles about the Iranian Monarchists (aka The Iranian Pofyooz), who are like the Mullahs and the Fascists. We have already written about what will happen if all Iranians understand that the West is so hypocrite. But instead of apologizing to Iranians for betraying their anti-Mullah movement, the US and U.S. government funded media, that are like the Mullah media, try to prove that all Americans are jerks and assholes, and the US is the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and all around the world. It’s so shameful.


The Western politicians are so shameless. They love “Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan” (pretending ignorance) and think Iranians inside Iran are as ignorant as Americans and Europeans. In his Nowruz message, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) says: “The Iranian people are denied the basic freedom to access the information that they want. The regime monitors computers and cell phones for the sole purpose of protecting its own power. Technologies that should empower citizens are being used to repress them“. But Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) doesn’t say “who empower the Mullahs to repress the people”. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) pretends ignorance that the American companies and the British companies sold the Mullahs the tools of suppression in 2009, and tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the help of Americans and Europeans. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is really worse than Bin Laden, and what Obama did in 2009 is worse than what Bin Laden did in 2001 (9/11) . Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is so stupid, and thinks that the Mullahs can help him, and Iranians allow him to make a good deal with the savage Mullahs. In the recent weeks, Khamenei praised Obama, that was a clear sing of some secret deals, and it led to some stupid changes in the stupid US sanctions. In his Nowruz massage, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) adds: “Because of the actions of the Iranian regime, an electronic curtain has fallen around Iran – a barrier that stops the free flow of information and ideas into the country, and denies the rest of the world the benefit of interacting with the Iranian people, who have so much to offer. I want the Iranian people to know that America seeks a dialogue [with the Mullahs]. Let me say again that if the Iranian government [the Mullahs] pursues a responsible path, it will be welcomed once more among the community of nations, and the Iranian people will have greater opportunities to prosper”. The great American jerk (Obama) thinks that Iranians are as stupid as Americans and don’t know who helped the Mullahs to create an electronic curtain, or who aided them in converting Iran into a big prison. The great American jerk (Obama) thinks that Iranians are as ignorant as Americans, and allow him to make a deal with the savage Mullahs. Iranians will never forgive and forget Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), but other American politicians should know that they still have one option: “Apologize to Iranians for betraying them, before it’s too late”. But they should know that in the near future, Iranians even will not accept the Americans’ apology. Now, some Iranians say: “The hypocritical West couldn’t give a damn about the rights of Iranians. They want a weak Iran, and the mullahs do that job perfectly – the only one problem is nuclear bombs. Without the mullahs, dragging Iran back to the stone age, we would be a regional power, and then a global power on a level of Germany or France within a few decades. The US and Europe don’t want this Persian challenger to their bullying of the region. They don’t want regime change in Iran. They just want to keep Iran weak and not powerful like we historically always have been. They see Iran as a petrol station. They want a puppet and weak regime in Iran, like the Mullah regime or the Pahlavi regime. The Mullahs are continually destroying this country – it’s economy, culture and so on – leaving it a weak shell of what it could be. But Iranians will soon revolt against these stinking murdering mullahs and the hypocritical west, and will punish the stinking Monarchists and Mullahs and their western supporters, and build up a strong and free Iran that can properly stand up for itself, unlike these mullahs and their western bank accounts, where they store the billions that they steal from the Iranian people”. It’s a very important message to the West. It’s what I read it in the Western mass media, as Iranian comments. It shows that many Iranians know the main problems. They ask the West not to see Iran as a petrol station. In fact, Iran is a country with a great ancient culture and with a young educated population, and in the near future, Iran will be a global power on a level of Germany, UK, or France. The West should accept this inevitable change and should stop staying on the wrong side of history. They should know that those who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullahs, and those who support the reactionary Iranians, and those who refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying them, will pay a very high price for their shameful behaviors. In the recent days, Khamenei confessed (in Mashhad): “The US and the West don’t care about the human rights in Iran (if they had cared, they would not have aided me in killing and suppressing the people). The US and the West don’t care about nuclear bombs, as well. If they had cared about nuclear bombs, [the Islamists and Taliban’s supporters in Pakistan would not have had nuclear bombs]. They just want us to obey their orders. If we were ready to obey them, as some countries in the region, they would not have any hostility toward us”. It’s a good confession. The US and the West have always supported the dictatorship in Iran. They just want a puppet regime in Iran, and that’s why they aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, and that’s why they care about the dead zombies and hated figures like Reza Pofyooz and Iranian Monarchists. But today’s Iran with more than 20 million university-educated people and more than 50 million young and modern boys and girls, has just one inevitable future: “Iran at least will be a global power on a level of Germany, UK, or France”. The puppet regimes and the worthless mercenaries in Iran, from the Mullahs to the Monarchists, are dead in today’s Iran. The West should apologize to Iranians before it’s too late, otherwise Iranians never forgive them. In the recent days, Stephen Harper, the Canadian PM, that some call him “Stephen Farter“, sent a Norwuz massage to Iranians, but he didn’t apologize to Iranians. “Stephen Farter“, the Canadian stupid bastard, allowed the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers to go to Canada, while the ordinary Iranians are victims of the stupid sanctions. What happened in 2011, and the story of Khavari and other Mullah embezzlers in Canada was very very shameful, but Stephen Farter, the Canadian jerk, still refuses to apologize to Iranians, and it just disgraces and discredits Canada as a whole. Many wise Canadians hate Stephen Farter, but they are silent and inactive. Canada owes Iranians an apology, but Stephen Farter is a jerk like Mr. Stupid Monkey. Anyway, we have already written about what Iranians expect from the West. I hope the West apologizes to Iranians before it’s too late. The shortest possible Nowruz message to the West is: “Instead of showing your true colors more and more, just apologize to Iranians inside Iran for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009-2011. Maybe, Iranians can forgive you”.

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