Nowruz 2012 and Air Pollution

In these days, instead of talking about the new (Persian) year and Nowruz, the people talk about the horrible air pollution in Iran. Nowruz 2012 is the first Nowruz in Iran’s modern history that almost all major cities of Iran suffer from horrible dust pollution. Heavy dust storms hit the western, southern and central provinces of Iran including Khuzestan, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Azarbaijan, Tehran, etc. The stupid dust pollution is so horrible, and most of Iranian people are dying now ! The people not only should have a dusty Nowruz, but they can’t breath and they are dying in this fucking situation. As we said before, the Iranians clean their house for Nowruz, and the traditional “Nowruz Cleaning” (Khaneh Tekani) is one of the ancient traditions in Iran. But now, the poor people should have dust and dust pollution in Nowruz, and can’t clean their houses. The people are really dying, and breathing is so hard. The motherf-u-c-k-er Mullahs are the main responsible for this disaster. The main source of these dust storms is Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but if Iran’s regime was a strong and responsible regime, they would have solved the problem. In the recent days, schools were closed in Lorestan, Khuzestan, Azerbaijan, and Kurdistan. The situation in Isfahan, Fars, Tehran, Ilam, Kermanshah, and other provinces is critical, too.


In the recent weeks, the dust storm also reached Tehran and the air pollution in Tehran reached a dangerous level. Today, the air quality in Tehran is so horrible. Since 2005, after Mr. Shit’s presidency by election fraud, the dust storm and the dust pollution became a serious problem in Iran. In fact, before 2005, we didn’t have dust pollution in Tehran and other major cities of Iran, but now, almost all major cities in Iran suffer from horrible dust pollution. The heavy dust storms significantly reduced visibility and in almost all major cities in Iran, and the amount of floating dust particles in the air is 4 to 10 times higher than the standard level. The situation in Khuzestan and Kurdistan is worst than other parts, and the air quality in these areas is about 10 times worse than the standard level. The dust storms make breathing very difficult for people. In fact, we are dying in the big prison (Iran), and the ancient Nowruz is a dusty and dirty Nowruz now. “TRAVELLERS flying into Tehran were recently denied their usual view of the sprawling metropolis and its majestic mountain backdrop. Instead they found themselves staring into a thick brown haze. Somewhere down in the murk a lot of old people and asthmatics were dying”, the media reported. Tehran has long been notorious for pollution, particularly during dry winters of still air. But it’s the first time that we have dust pollution and air pollution crisis in Nowruz.


The air quality in almost all major cities of Iran, including Tehran, a mega city with 14 million residents, has recently been worse, for longer, than ever before. In fact, Iran in the Mullahs era has the world record in air pollution. The people say: “The Mullahs always say that they are determined to reduce Tehran’s pollution and the dust pollution, but it’s what they say every winter, and nothing gets done. We are dying and the Mullahs just embezzle our oil money, steal our natural resources, and kill our people. The Mullahs, that are uneducated and corrupt bastards, could not manage the crisis of dust storms, because they are only master at embezzling the people money, killing the people, and making secret deals with the West. Recently, some Mullah media said: “We are sorry that the governments negligence has made breathing difficult for people in almost all parts of the country, but it’s just a dirty trick for calming the angry people. The air pollution crisis and the dust storms tragedy just has become worse and worse since 2005, and now even in Nowruz, that always come with fresh air, we have a horrible air pollution crisis in almost all major cities of Iran.


Some experts say: “The dust storms descend on Iran from the deserts and dried-up ponds of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Many ponds which were once located in the arid and desert regions stretching from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq have gone dry over the years”. It’s funny to know that in Saddam’s era, Iraq didn’t have this level of heavy dust storms (below picture), and at least Iranians didn’t feel it. But after the US invasion, heavy dust storms began. Iranians say: “what kind of shit they eat in Iraq? (what are they doing in Iraq?). We don’t know what they do in Iraq that create heavy dust storms, but the bastards in Iraq and Saudi Arabia should solve the problem. The Arabs love dust and dust storms since the ancient time, and they have lived within piss and shit of their camels and the dust of their empty deserts, but Iranians hate dust and dust storms and can’t bear it”. You can see the dust storms in the US, Australia, China, and other parts of the world (above picture), but it’s a local problem there and they try to control it, while the current dust storms in Iran are not local storms inside Iran. The stupid Arabs have created it. They don’t respect the international conventions and don’t care about the environment. They are exactly like the Mullahs.


Both the Mullahs and the Arabs destroy the environment and create horrible environmental disasters. Unfortunately, the current situation is so tragic, and even in Nowruz the people can’t breath, and can’t have fresh air, and can’t clean their house. For thousands of years, Nowruz was equal to fresh air, clean house, clean weather, etc, but now Nowruz is equal to heavy dust storms, dying from dust pollution, or horrible headaches that is a result of horrible air pollution. The savage Mullahs and the savage Islamists in Iran, that are the last remaining of the uncultured Arabs in Iran, just are proving that they are the worst occupiers in Iran’s history. They are worst than the Mongols, because they not only kill, rape, and torture the people and plunder the national resources, but they destroy the environment and don’t allow the people to have at least a fresh air in Nowruz. Now, the people curse all traitors and mercenaries who betrayed the people in the 2009-2011 period. They should curse the bastards. The people should curse the Ashura traitors, the Iranian baboons, and the worthless mercenaries, from the Khatamists to the Pahlavists, who are the main responsible for the current situation in Iran. In the near future, all of them will be tried for betraying the people. Shame on them all.

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