Iran Tour Guide: American Ambassadors of Truth

In the recent weeks, some stupid westerners sent us stupid and shameful comments. In addition, we have read many stupid and shameful comments in the Western mass media, and it just proves that many people in the West are stupid racists. We would write about these shameful comments in the near future, but here, I want to write about the good people and some good comments from the wise Americans. In these days, that is full of stupidity and hypocrisy, the world and Iranians should know that the good people still live in this shitty world. Recently, an American tourist linked to us and some other websites about the ‘real’ Iran and travel to Iran, and from there I found a good post about the real Iran [1]. In 2011, an American couple went to Iran. They introduce themselves as: “Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott. They are the husband-and-wife digital storytelling and photography team behind Uncornered Market. They travel deep and off-beat, aiming to connect the world through people, food and adventure. Five years and 70 countries later, they are still going…and still married”. About three months ago, they wrote a good post, “Iran: A Poem to the People “, that shows all of us the good people still exist in this shitty world! She writes: “My heart sank as I watched the news from Iran this morning, scenes of the British Embassy being charged by an angry mob in Tehran. It saddens me -angers me, really- that narrow groups like this who define the worlds perception of Iran and these Iranian people are in reality such a small percentage of the countrys population. My experience tells me they are the outliers, yet circumstances conspire to convince us on the outside to see them as the norm. I thought back to all the people we met across Iran, from families in small mountain villages to shopkeepers on the busy streets of Tehran, virtually all of them welcoming us Americans -the supposed enemy- almost always with open arms and quite often bearing gifts. I remembered our conversations with Iranian people of all ages who longed for engagement -not only with us, but with the rest of the world. I felt like yet another door closed on them today“. We have already written about the secret relations between the Mullahs and the UK. I hope the good people can see the truth and can see why Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other Western jerks desperately try to close more doors to the ordinary Iranians. They have converted Iran into a big prison, with the help of the Mullahs, who are their beloved puppets. She adds: “One face and smile in particular -that of a woman I met on the train from Iran to Turkey- flashed so many times in my mind today. Amidst a series of conversations about all things ordinary life, she asked me to go home and tell people about the real Iran, in other words about the Iranians wed met. Along our train journey, she wrote me this note and shared one of her favorite poems, one written by the American poet Collin McCarty. The poem, her sentiments all seem so appropriate today. I hope that in sharing this story and continuing to write about our experiences in Iran, in some small way I can help fulfill her wish”.


The poem that the wise Iranian wrote for the American couple is very interesting: “To sweety Audrey, I am writing in the train for a new friend who is very beautiful and kind. Kind with Iran and with Iranian people and she understands them. Thanks for this. This poem is a description of our people:

Things might look a little cloudy now,
but theyll get better soon.
Just remember that its true.

It takes rain to make rainbows,
Lemons to make lemonade,
And sometimes it takes difficulties
To make us stronger and better people.

The sun will shine again soonyoull see.

I wish to see you again in Iran in my home, Simin”.


Such a great and meaningful poem. And such a wise Iranian woman. It can show you why we say Iran has many wise and modern people. The comments under the nice post are interesting, too: “I love that you are sharing these experiences with people, showing them the real lives of people and not the images we see on TV. Ive seen a couple of series on Iran now and love getting to know the real people … Travel has taught me one important thing that maybe I always knew before I left Canada – we are all essentially the same. That everyone on the earth wants love, peace, happiness, security and family. Polemic views that establish Iran as an American enemy is the work of propaganda, its the power mongers that need people to feel afraid, suspicious; so sad. On the bright, bright side, its articles like this that I hope people find and realize the lesson, people are not their government. They are just people … You are both ambassadors of truth, both in sharing their stories with us and ours with them. Thank you for showing us a little bit of the ‘real’ Iranian people. Ive been looking forward to reading your posts about your visit … I feel sorry for the ordinary people of Iran who are being overlooked due to the actions of [the stupid West,] their government and renegade extremists. Lovely, beautiful country, with such rich history and culture … What a touching and incredible story. Sometimes I feel such anger both at the media and at people who buy it sells; its so refreshing to hear lovely and incredible stories coming from Iran. Cant wait to visit”. It’s really true that American couple are “ambassadors of truth”. In fact, all good people who can see the truth and tell the truth, are “ambassadors of truth”. This shitty world really needs many “ambassadors of truth”. In answering to the comments, the wise American couple adds: “With Iran, its particularly heartbreaking as the image of Iranians portrayed in the news is such the opposite of what we experienced … people are people and share many more similarities than differences. I just wish more people would recognize this … everywhere in the world its the outliers who make the news and steal the limelight. Watching the news about Iran now is even more painful and emotional than ever I keep hearing the rhetoric flying back and forth and think of the ordinary Iranian people we met during our trip. Thank you for understanding why these posts and photos are so important to us. I do hope that by just showing the reality instead of drama, people find the similarities and connections of our shared humanity … we are all just people trying to live the best we can. This is universal”. It’s really true.


They have some other posts about Iran and their trips. I took a look at some of them, and they were not bad. Apparently, as they say, in the recent years, the non-Iranians can not get Iran’s visa very easily. They can’t travel to Iran alone or independently. They need a sponsor. It’s what we have heard form others, too. Recently, some tourists from Poland told us that they had the same problem. The Mullah TV confirmed this problem, too. Apparently, the Mullahs and their Western supporters have converted Iran into a real big prison, that no one can leave it and no one can enter it easily. The politicians and the bad people in the West and Iran want to hide the reality. They desperately try to hide the real Iran. “Converting Iran into a real big prison” is an evil plan that is formulated by both the Mullahs and the West. But fortunately, Iran is not a small country, and no one can close all its doors. The American tourists and others still can go to Iran, of course not easily. And the internet and the ambassadors of truth don’t allow the bad people to succeed. The American couple write how they get Iran’s visa: “The Iranian government requires that all American tourists travel with a private guide or group tour. Your Iranian guide will be specially authorized to guide American citizens [!!] and should be aware of any relevant Iranian government regulations. If you happen to be independent travelers like us, dont be deterred by this requirement. We experienced both a group tour and a private guide in Iran. In both circumstances, we still had ample time to explore, walk the streets and browse the bazaars (markets) on our own. We made connections with ordinary people, we ate street food and we were even fortunate enough to accept a couple invitations to peoples homes … The tour company you work with will help you with the paperwork you need for your visa … Although Iran doesnt have an official embassy in Washington, DC, there is an Iranian ‘interest section’ at the Pakistan Embassy [!!] that handles Iranian visa requests … Or, if youre traveling like us, you can pick up your visa at an Iranian consulate abroad. We collected our Iranian tourist visa in Istanbul, Turkey. The process was relatively easy and painless … [In Iran, the Iranian people] often went over the top in welcoming us – everything from cordial greetings, to smiles, hugs, gifts and invitations to homes -especially when our guide was out of sight. We joke that its the closest weve felt to being rock stars [!]”. They also add: “Our fascination with Iran began many years ago when … we watched a presentation given by a couple fresh off a trip around Iran. What struck us were the stories they shared of the people and hospitality they encountered, and the fact that those stories stood in such stark contrast to the images we were used to seeing on the news. Not to mention that their photos of Persian architecture were like nothing wed ever seen before”. The bad guys in the West don’t want to allow the ordinary people to see the real Iran, and their puppets in Iran help them a lot.


The good people in Iran, the West, and all around the world should be aware of the truth, and should aid others in becoming aware. If the ordinary people became aware, then the bad guys in the West can not fool the people and can not brainwash the ordinary people by telling big shameful lies. The war, hatred, and violence are gifts that the bad people make for all of us. Those who love war, hatred, and violence are stupid animals who still live in the past and the dark ages. Unfortunately, the religious fanatics, that are the majority of the bad guys, have the upper hands in the Western mass media and the western political scenes. The Christian fanatics and the Jewish fanatics are worse than the Mullahs, and have the upper hand in the US. I hope the good people in the US can see this big problem. The bad people in the US and the West are fanatic, racist, and chauvinist. They clearly say that they have problem with Iran and Iranians as a whole. They say nothing about the important differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people. They say nothing about the outliers. Unfortunately, the outliers in Iran and the US pretend that they are in majority. It’s so shameful and so tragic. The American couple wrote some other informative things. They wrote: “We encountered only one incident in three weeks where a uniformed guy with a gun followed us for a bit through a market and asked to see our passports. Our Iranian guide yelled at him and told him that he had no right to ask for our papers. The guard backed down and left us alone, but our guide insisted on calling him an ‘uneducated donkey’ as we walked away. As unsettling as the episode was at first, it eventually made us laugh and left us with a good story … We walked the streets and engaged with local people. It all felt very safe and normal; we were never concerned for our personal safety“. It can show you many things about the differences between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime, and how Iranians bravely fight against the regime thugs. What the American couple wrote about the Western sanctions are informative too: “Iranian banks are also subject to international sanctions. So although Iran is full of banks and ATM machines, you wont be able to get money out at any of them with your ATM card … Iranian carpets are also subject to U.S. sanctions as well. So if your heart is set on a Persian carpet, you may want to find a shop that has a presence or partner in Dubai [!!!]”. It’s very tragic. In fact, the Western bad guys and their beloved puppets (the savage Islamists) created Dubai, and allowed a stupid small desert like Dubai become somebody for itself. It’s a small part of a great plot against Iran, since 33 years ago. Anyway, what the Americans write about the Iranian foods are funny too: “Id love to go there [Iran] sometime and Enjoy and eat some tasty food … I plan on doing some serious eating while there [in Iran]”. It’s funny that many love Iranian foods, specially Aash and other herbal foods in Iran. After the Mullahs, the world would hear more about the nice and tasty Iranian foods and the ancient Aryan culture in Iran.

[1] I want to thank the American tourist who linked to us and others who have written about the real Iran. And I want to thank all good people in all around the world, including the American couple, who tell the truth and are ambassadors of truth.

P.S. the above pix are pix of the American couple in Iran. You can find more pix in their website.

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