Woman’s Day: Modern Human vs. Modern Sheep

The 8th March is a good time to think about differences between modern human and modern sheep. Unfortunately, some think that Modernity is equal to n-u-d-i-ty. But the basic needs in the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, including s-e-x, are low level needs and those who care about them a lot, are not modern people, but are modern sheep. If you see “Modernity” as “Not being sheep; Not being ultra-stupid”, you can see that there are many differences between the modern people and the modern sheep. There are many high level needs or human needs above the animal needs in the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, and there are many female protesters who care about the high level needs. These female protesters are modern people, with or without clothes.


Modernity, or being modern, is not a clear concept. The dictionaries define ‘Modern” as: “belonging to the present time or most recent time; modern art, music, literature, etc uses styles that have been recently developed and are very different from traditional styles”. The thinkers and the historians have different definitions for Modernity. But all of them talk about “conflicts between tradition and modernity”, “traditional society vs. modern society”, etc. So, generally speaking, you are a modern human, when you don’t follow the traditions and other things like sheep. In fact, you are a modern human, if you don’t live in the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid; and if you are not prisoner of tradition, fashion, basic needs, and other stupid things. Otherwise, you are a modern sheep, not a modern human.


The modern Iranian women use their brain, and don’t follow the traditions like sheep. They are really brave and modern. In 2009, millions of Iranian women were in the streets, and thousands of them were killed, raped, or tortured, because they bravely fought for freedom, democracy, and human rights. Of course, some stupid westerners think that only those people who are n-u-d-e, topless, etc, are modern people. But those idiots in the West who follow fashion, and want to be n-u-d-e, topless, etc. only because it’s in fashion, are modern sheep, because they follow fashion like the stupid sheep.


If n-u-d-i-t-y or toplessness meant “Being Modern”, then the animals would be the most modern creatures in the world. In fact, “to be topless, or not to be topless”, is not the main issue, but “to be brainless, or not to be brainless”, is very important. On the other hand, the right to choosing your clothes, or the right to decide about your own body and your own life, is a basic right that no one can deny it. Denying the basic rights leads to tyranny and suffocation. It’s what the Iranian people know it very well, better than any other nation in today’s world. The Iranian men and women fight for their basic rights.


The Iranian women protest against tyranny, medieval laws, discrimination and suppression. They risk their lives and fight bravely against the brutal regime and the savage Islamists. But unfortunately, many stupid American or European women, specially those who were part of the OWS movement, disgrace the women protesters in all around the world. The OWS movement and some of its stupid women, who only wanted to have fun, created a stupid movement, not a modern movement. They were modern sheep, not modern people.


The OWS movement, with unclear goals and unclear demands, was so stupid, mainly because its top spiritual leaders were the stupid lefts and some one Chomsky, and a lot of its supporters loved Communism, Theocracy, and other reactionary systems. The OWS movement was not a progressive movement, and its n-u-d-e or its topless women were stupid, not modern. The Iranian women and their courage can show the world the true meaning of modernity and modern people.


Here, I should defend the modern Iranian women, because no one talks about them, and the Western mass media tells big shameful lies about them. But it’s so obvious that many brave women in all around the world fight against discrimination and other stupid things. The topless protesters, the Slutwalk protesters, and many others who protests against the modern slavery, discrimination, and other old or modern problems are modern people. It’s so obvious that n-u-d-i-ty or toplessness is not equal to stupidity. Being sheep and following fashion like sheep is equal to stupidity. Those who follow fashion like sheep, are modern sheep, not the wise topless protesters.


The modern sheep and the old sheep are both sheep. They don’t use their brain, and just follow fashion or tradition like sheep. The idiots who think clothing is a sign of stupidity or modernity, are brainless people. Many young Iranian women are more modern than their counterparts in the West, not because of their clothing, but because they use their brains more. Of course, many people in Iran, the West, and other countries are modern sheep, not modern people. They are modern sheep in modern people’ clothing, and it’s one of the main problem of today’s world.

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