Ashura Traitors and Gesture of Democracy

In the recent Mullah election, the great losers were the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists, especially the Ashura traitors. “Mohammad Khatami betrayed election boycott. Khatami, the head of Islamist-Reformists, cast a vote in the Mullah election. He was seen at a polling station in Damavand. Khatami betrayed the people”, the Iranian media reported. The coward stupid Khatami had already showed his true colors, and more than 90% of Iranians hated him, at least since 2011. And what Khatami did on March 2, 2012, was the final nail in his coffin, and now he has dumped into the trash can of history. On March 2, 2012, more than 99% of Iranians, even his friends and his supporters, shitted and spited on Khatami, and he officially was sent to the trash can of history. But the reactions of Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries, who kiss Khatami’s ass and the Mullahs’ ass and any other ass for money, were so funny. The Ashura traitors, that we have already written about them (check Archive), still manage the opposition media, and that’s why the majority of Iranians have boycotted the opposition media. The Ashura traitors are the main responsible of our horrible conditions in Iran. They are the main responsible of all threats and all disasters in the past three years and in the future. The Ashura traitors who betrayed the people in 2009, are worthless mercenaries who have betrayed the people and their movements since 1999. The Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries like Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, Abdi, Navabi, Ganji, AmirArjmand, AmirAhmadi and other jerks pretend that they are pro-democracy, or even some of them pretend that they are intellectual! In the recent days, they desperately try to save the dead Khatami, but they can’t succeed, because the people have become aware. For the record, lets take a look at what they say in these days. It can be useful for all people in all around the world. The Ashura traitors used their old excuses. For eight years, form 1997 to 2005, they had used these stupid excuses, like “Khatami knows behind the scenes”, “Khatami knows an important secret”, “We should trust Khatami; he is a wise man”, etc, But since 2003 many people have understood that these stupid excuses are bullshit. In 2010, the vast majority of Iranians said: “Khatami is a coward baboon, and his allies are stupid traitors”. And in 2011, when Khatami and his friends tried to encourage the people to participate in the Mullah election, the people only shitted and spited on them (check Archive). In these days, the best excuse of the Ashura traitor is democratic gesture. They say: “Khatami is a free man. He can vote, and he can do whatever he wants to do. You should respect the freedom and democracy. Participation in the Mullah election was not a sin”. The Ashura traitors don’t know that their stupid excuses belong to 1997, when they could fool the innocent youth. But now, those innocent youth have become wise men, and some of them will be the first generation of real intellectuals and global intellectuals in Iran. They know “the enemies of the open society” and the old excuses. They are tolerant, but they know “why they should not tolerate the intolerant and the enemies of freedom and tolerance“. They say: “Who has said that you can defend the Fascists, the Nazis, and the enemies of freedom, in the name of freedom? Who has said you are free to defend the savage Mullahs who are worse than Hitler and Goebbels? Who has said that you are free to defend tyranny and savagery? etc”. The baby baboons think they still can fool the people with democratic gesture. But the young Iranian intellectuals know that those who give money to betray the people and the human values, are worse than the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. Even the ordinary people know this. In the recent weeks, a group of political prisoners wrote an open letter and said: “Those who betray the people, those who participate in the Mullah election, and those who try to justify the tyranny and the Mullah regime, are worse than the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. When Iran becomes a free country in the near future, we can forgive the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs, but we never forgive the traitors who betrayed the people“. It’s a clear sign of the people wisdom.

The Ashura traitors are not ignorant people, and what they did was not an accidental mistake. The Ashura traitors are stupid bastards who earn money by betraying the people and justifying the tyranny and the savagery. They know what they do. They are stupid, but they are not ignorant and what they do is not an accidental mistake. They know that in a free and democratic Iran, when all people can be free to express themselves, they should die, because no one would care about them. They ask themselves: “How we can tell big lies, how we can repeat our bullshits, and how we can fool the people, when the people can be free and the real intellectuals can talk and write freely?” So, they desperately try to keep the Mullah regime and the tyranny safe. Do you know why the Ashura traitors don’t protests against the Iranian Monarchists and Reza Pahalvi and don’t write anything against them? Do you know why some of the Ashura traitos, like Ganji and Behnoud, have praised Reza Pahalvi? It’s a good and important question. And the answer is clear. The Ashura traitors and worthless mercenaries always defend tyranny and the brutal tyrants. Their beloved system is “Dictatorship”, either religious dictatorship (like the Mullah regime) or secular dictatorship (like the Pahlavi regime), because they only can be alive in a closed society, not in an open society with free people and free intellectuals. Of course, their western masters, and those who pay them to betray the people, love the dictatorship, too. They still think a brutal dictatorship in Iran is in their national interests. Unfortunately, many ordinary people in the West think in this way, too. It’s really so tragic. We would write more about it later, but now, it should be said that many people in Iran know that why the West supports the worthless Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian baboons, financially and politically. Many know why the West just allows mercenaries and baboons to leave Iran, and why the independent people and thinkers should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran). As we said before, the Western media only work with the Iranian baboons, and it has a funny story. For instance, as we said before, the Washington Post had an interview with Abbas Abdi in 2011 (check Archive) and he told big shameful lies. He said: “In 2009, only about 40 to 50 people were killed”. But in the recent days, during a Mullah debate, Mottahari, a Basiji thug, revealed that only on June 20, 2009, the day after Khamenei’s speech in support of Mr. shit, about 60 people were killed by the security forces, then added that the actual number was higher even though he intentionally mentioned the lower number. It’s very important. You should know that in the recent days, Abbas Abdi works with the BBC Persian to save the dead Khatami. But those who work for the VOA or Radio Farda are worse than those who work with the BBC. The stupid VOA works with members of Savak, the Palavi Gestapo, and members of the Mullah Gestapo. On March 2, 2012, they had invited Hooshang AmirAhmadi, a political prostitute who works for the Mullahs. Hooshang AmirAhmadi that is a close friend of Mr. shit, tried to defend Khatami! and had a funny fight with Babak Dad, a close friend of Khatami that was angry at him. We have already written about Hooshang AmirAhmadi (check Archive). He is a good example of a worthless mercenary who tries to eat from both the manger (Akhor) and the nosebag (Tubreh). In the VOA farce, that the Mullah TV showed part of it, AmirAhmadi repeated his old excuse: ” We, [Khamati and I], are free to defend the Mullahs. We, [Khamati and I], are free to vote for the Mullahs. It’s one of our human rights”. And funny Iranians said: “Yah, you are free to defend Bin Laden, Hitler, Mussolini, Fascists, Nazis, etc, but you still can live in the US, can travel to Iran and can embezzle the people money”. A stupid jerk like AmirAhmadi has become somebody only because the VOA has cared about him since the mid-1990s, when he started to work as a lobbyist/ apologist for the Mullahs. Unfortunately, the US and the West only care about the mercenaries, and it’s like “the Story of Western Countries and Iranian Baboons” (check Archive). All the Mullah’s men are Iranian baboons, and most of them are double agents who eat from both the manger (Akhor) and the nosebag (Tubreh), that means, they get money from both the Mullahs and the Hypocrite West, and work for both of them.


In these days, some ask: “Why Khatami hammered the final nail in his coffin?” The answer is not very clear. It has many reasons, not just one reason. As all Iranians know, the main reason is: “Khatami is a coward and spineless baboon”. But there are some other reasons, and you can find one of them in the Telegraph’s article on March 2, 2012, where the British bastards in the Telegraph said: Exiled Crown Prince [Reza Pahlavi] campaigns to bring Arab Spring to Iran [!!]. The story of Khatami, Reza Pahlavi, and Khamenei is a funny story. As we said before, Dumb and Dumber: Khatami and Pahlavi are dead bastards, and are the best possible opposition leaders for Khamenei. In fact, Khamenei and his dogs really want to have an opposition like the Khatamists and the Pahlavists. When the oppositions leaders are the Dumb and Dumber, Khamenei can be sure that the people hate the opposition, as they hate him and his regime, so he can save his regime from the imminent fall. In the recent months, many Iranians truly say that the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi are stooge of the Mullahs. In fact, many stupid Monarchists directly work for the Mullahs, and the rest works for the Mullah interests. The Mullahs know that the people hate the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi, so they try to pretend that the main enemy of the Mullah regime is the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi, and if the people want to topple the Mullahs and their religious tyranny, then the people should accept the Monarchists and their secular tyranny as the alternative. In fact, the Mullahs want to disappoint and discourage the people, and the Iranian Monarchists are the best tool for them. “If the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi were the alternative, the people would not think about revolution or regime change, and they would prefer to reform the system”, the Mullahs and the reformists believe. When Khatami and the Khatamists understood that they are so disgraced and discredited in Iran, they tried to join Khamenei and other Mullahs, and all of them tried to boost the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi up. The story of, the main Iranian baboons’ website can tell the truth. In 2011, some asked: “Why that was a website for the Mullahs and Islamists in 2009 and 2010, and betrayed the people and the people movement at that time, suddenly has become a website for the Monarchists and the Rajavists in 2011?“. In fact, since 2011, the Mullah mercenaries, the Basiji thugs, and the Islamists in Balatarin have tried to boost the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi up. But why? It’s a good question. Why a Basiji chalquz (bird shit) like Mr. Balatarin and his website should work with the Monarchists and the Rajavists ? Why the Islamist-Reformist and the Basiji members of Balatarin try to boost the Pahlavists and the Rajavists? Some say: “Because the Monarchists and other jerks pay Mr. Balatarin, and he can earn good money by betraying the people, specially when the people have boycotted”. It can be true. But it’s not the whole story. Some wise Iranians say: “ has contact with the Mullahs and the Mullah Gestapo, and they want to boost Reza Pahlavi up. It’s their evil plan for disappointing the people. The Mullahs pay Mr. Balatarin to disappoint and discourage the people. They know that the people hate Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists, and they think finally the frustrated people would be forced to support Khatami and the Islamist-Reformists as the lesser evil“. It’s not a bad analysis, and can be true. But the traitors and their masters don’t know that Iranians inside Iran, that the majority of them are 35-, want to get rid of both the secular tyranny (Monarchy) and the religious tyranny (Mullah regime), and they hate both the Mullahs and the Monarchists. The Iranian jerks who live outside Iran, specially the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and the Marxists, are dead zombies and no one care about them in Iran. But as we said before, the main problem and the urgent need in Iran is “alternative media” and “alternative groups”.

The Ashura traitors, like Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, Khatami, Kosar, Nabavi, Abdi, Ganji, and other Iranian baboons and Iranian expats, who earn money by betraying the people, are the main responsible for the current situation in Iran and all threats and all disasters. They have betrayed the people movement at least since 1997, and their betrayals in 2009 were the among the biggest betrayals in Iran’s history. Any possible war, and any possible classic revolution or violence in Iran has one main responsible: The Ashura traitors and those who betrayed the people in 2009. The Ashura traitors that said: “General strike, sit-down strike, or remaining in the streets, is bad and is equal to revolution, and is not our solution“, are the main responsible for the current and future disasters in Iran, and the history will never forgive them. The democratic gestures could fool the people in the past 15 years, but now, the people know the true colors of the fake intellectuals, and democratic gestures can not fool them any more. The younger generations of the Iranian intellectuals know what is freedom and what is democracy, and who is the enemy of freedom, democracy, and open society. As the great Popper said, for the sake of freedom, democracy, and tolerance, we should not tolerate the intolerance. It’s what the human history and the reason teach us. Those who have read the world history don’t repeat history, and don’t repeat the old big mistakes over and over. We and many other Iranians inside Iran know the Mullahs, their mercenaries, and their tactics. The Iranian mercenaries and their gesture of democracy is the funniest double standard in the world. It’s like the Mullah double standard, that we have already written about it (check Archive). The crocodile tears and the tragic jokes about defending the savage Mullahs who kill, rape, and torture the ordinary people and anyone who says anything about freedom and democracy, is just a sing of stupidity and betrayal. All Iranians are aware of the old Iranian saying: “Wolf’s repentance is Death”. In 2012, many Iranians know the wolfs in sheep’s clothing. The Nazi intellectuals, like Martin Heidegger (1889 -1976), who defended the Nazism and Hitler, were like Goebbles, but the journalists and the mercenaries who worked for Hitler and kissed Hitler’s ass with democratic gestures, and tried to brainwash the people, were worse than Goebbles and Hitler. If they had not helped Hitler, he would have gone to hell before 1939, and millions of the people were not killed in WW II. Anyway, now, some ask: “Why the wise Iranians who live in the free world don’t build some good website for the ordinary people in Iran who have no media and no voice? Why they don’t build some alternative to, and don’t send it to the trash can of history?” The Iranians inside Iran hate Iranian baboons, and have boycotted them, but the recently some stupid American media said that U.S. government funded Radio Farda and VOA, UK government funded BBC Persian, the Iranian baboon social media outlet Balatarin, are popular in Iran !! How shameless these American lairs are. If the people can have a strong media -at least some alternative for the Iranian baboon social media Balatarin – Iran will become a free country soon. The Ashura traitors are worse than the German ass-kissers who kissed Hitler’s ass in the 1930s. And the wise Iranian expats who live in the free world but don’t try to build a free and strong people media for Iranians inside Iran, are not better than the Ashura traitors. Sooner or later, the younger generations of Iranians, who are 75% of Iran’s population, will have their own leaders, their own groups, and their own media, and the older generations of Iranians, who are 50+, will go to hell for ever. Sooner or later, the younger generations of Iranians will get rid of the current bankrupt opposition, and Iran will have new opposition groups, new media, new intellectuals, etc. Now, some wise Iranians say to the outside world: “If you aid the young Iranians in getting rid of the Mullah regime, you would be on the right side of history and what you do is in your own interests, too. But if you betray the freedom, democracy and the younger generations of Iranians, you would be on the wrong side of history, and you will pay the high price of your betrayals”.

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