Iran Election Boycott and Western Media

Yesterday, when the ordinary Iranians had boycotted the Mullah election, and the streets and the polling stations were deserted, we didn’t think about “sham election”, ‘bankrupt regime, “bankrupt opposition”, or what many Iranians said: “the successful boycott was a slap in the face for Mullahs”. But we thought of the Hypocrite West and the political prostitutes and the worthless mercenaries in the West, who call themselves “journalist”, “politician”, ‘analyst”, etc. I specially thought about what Greenslade, who works for the Guardian, had said about the Mullah propaganda machine. In 2011, Greenslade said that he has received an email from the Mullah TV (Press TV) that says: “Dear Sir, would you like to broadcast on our impartial Mullah TV network?” He published the email, that part of it is interesting: “Dear Sir, … Press TV is a 24-hour English-language universal news network. It carries news analysis, documentary talk shows … The channel is available in most parts of the world via 14 satellites, as well as cable and internet … Our research team has shortlisted new analysts and journalists, including you, to be added to our database for potential future interviews. The 25-minute interviews will be via satellite link and will take place in our studios in Hanger lane (Ealing) in your preferred time. The transportation from and to your place will be provided and a 50 GBP complementary fee will be paid as well [!]. Our phone interviews are generally much shorter (5 to 10 minutes) … I wonder if you could give me your mobile number and personal email address. Sara A., Assistant Producer”. In fact, the Mullahs pay at least 50 GBP or about $100 to the political prostitutes, for a 5 to 25 minute interview and for defending the Mullahs in the media. Greenslade added: “What the email does not say is that Press TV is funded by the Mullahs, and is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). It also fails to mention that its programs are monitored and regulated by the Mullahs and that the Constitution of the regime mandates that ‘all broadcasting must exclusively be government-operated“. Yesterday, I thought about all Western mercenaries who are paid by the Mullahs and say big shameful lies. Yesterday, I saw a Canadian bastard, who gave Press TV an interview, and it reminds me of 2009. In 2009, we asked ourselves: “Why a worthless Canadian mercenary can live in Calgary, can repeats the Mullah bullshit? Why a Canada bastard can repeat the American Baboon (the CIA-agent) bullshits without shame, and can live in luxury in Canada because he is paid by the Mullahs, but the ordinary Iranians should be victim of the Western sanctions? Why Canada should be the land of jerks and assholes, and the Mullah embezzlers and the Mullah crooks and the Mullah thieves can go there and can live in luxury there? Why a Canadian jerk can live in the free world, but we should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran)?” But now in 2012, we all can see many basic and fundamental problems in the West. Now in 2012, many know that Western media, Western journalists, Western values, Western intellectuals, etc have many serious problems. Yesterday, CNN’s Ivan Watson reported [from Tehran, Iran]: “All foreign journalists being BUSSED by authorities to polling stations. No alternative. This is the 1st election I’ve covered anywhere in the world where authorities ordered reporters on buses to cover vote“. (Of course, Ivan Watson’s report for CNN was a stupid report. His report, with title “Iran votes in first nationwide poll since 2009 protests”, was full of stupid things). In fact, many foreign journalists were so stupid yesterday. The Mullahs used Goebbels’s tactics and said: “The American and European reporters and journalists are astonished by the high level of public participation at the polling stations [!!] … The western reporters are so shocked by people’s high turnout [!!] that are rejecting Iranian reporters’ call for interview”. Yesterday, many foreign journalists were like stupid sheep, but of course they were not shocked by people’s turnout, because they were bussed by the Mullahs and were shepherded on the mandatory ‘press bus’ in Tehran. But Yesterday, you could understand that many Western journalists are like the stupid sheep or the worthless mercenaries. Let’s talk about it more.


Yesterday, the ordinary people saw that the streets and the polling stations were empty. No crowds, but the Mullah TV and some Western journalists who were bussed by the Mullahs to several polling stations told big shameful lies, and followed Goebbels’s advices. Unfortunately, many Western journalists are like sheep. The Mullahs play with them easily, and sometimes pay them easily. During the protests and the crackdowns, Western journalists don’t go to Iran and don’t cover Iran news, but when the Mullahs have a comedy show, they go to Iran and cover the Mullah Farce. What it means ?! You can ask yourself: “Are Western journalists sheep? why they allow the Mullah to play with them and treat them like the stupid sheep? Why they allow themselves to be bussed by the Mullahs? Why they work as part of the Mullah propaganda machine?” The Wall Street Journal correspondent Bill Spindle was among foreign journalists loaded onto buses, taken to three busy polling stations, “and warned not to visit others on their own“, he himself said. Unfortunately, the number of free and independent Western journalists, who tell the truth, is very small. Bill Spindle had a stupid report, and only covered what the Mullahs had allowed him, i.e. he only covered the Basiji thugs. The only reasonable thing that he said was: “Foreign journalists covering the elections were limited in where they could go or to whom they could speak. Dozens of foreign journalists were loaded onto buses on Friday morning, delivered to three voting stations and warned not to visit others on their own“. But why Western journalists don’t protest and don’t stop reporting and covering the Basiji thugs? Why they go to Iran to be Mullah puppet? It’s a very important question. They work with the evil force and cover Goebbels-styled lies. It’s very shameful. Yesterday, most of Western journalists in Tehran were either sheep or mercenary. Those who gave the Mullah TV interviews, like the shameless journalists from Italy, Japan, France, etc were worthless mercenaries. Those who didn’t say that they were bussed by the Mullahs and were not allowed to cover the truth, were really mercenary. A Western journalist, who wanted to remain unknown, said: “This morning they said that we were bused to about ten polling stations. But we were bused to three polling stations. Clearly they were afraid we’d see empty polling stations. Finally they said we had to go back to the hotel, and that we weren’t allowed to go to any other polling stations. When I got back to the hotel tonight, there was a note under the door telling us that our authorizations to work here will expire on March 4 and that we should not overstay our permissions“. Yesterday, the people reporters, in all around Iran, said: “‘Khalvatte’ [It’s deserted]”. Many video clips have been posted online that show totally deserted polling stations around Iran. As the people reporters and the people analysts said: “the maximum number of participants in the Mullah election show is about 5 million”. In fact, 5 million is the best possible case, but do you know the number of the eligible voters in Iran? The number of eligible voters is 48 million. So, the turnout is about 10%, but the Mullah propaganda machine claimed the turnout is above 60% ! As you know, the Mullahs are followers of Goebbels. They don’t like small lies. For instance, they don’t say a small lie like this: “the turnout is about 20%”, or even a bigger lie like this: “the turnout is about 30%”. They only tell the biggest possible lies. They say the turnout is above 60%! Yesterday, a Mullah media, Tabnak, reported: “the turnout is about 30%”, but today they deleted their report! Some stupid bastards say that the Mullahs and Mr. shit are supported by rural voters. But we have not forgotten that the vast majority of rural voters had supported the reformist candidates in 1997, 1999, 2001. In fact, even in ‘Kureh Dahat’ (the small remote village), the people hate the Mullahs as much as they hate the Monarchists . Those who live in the rural areas in Iran are really wiser and more open-minded than the majority of the Iranian exapts who live in the West. In today’s Iran, the vast majority of Iranians hate the Mullahs as much as they hate the Monarchists, Reza Pahlavi, and other Iranian jerks who live outside Iran. The vast majority of Iranians believe that both the Mullahs and the Monarchists are two sides of the same coin. And it’s really true. The people reporters truly say: “Almost all polling satiations were empty, and only about 200 to 300 polling stations, that were covered by TV camera, were not among deserted polling stations. But more than 30,000 polling stations, that the Mullah TV didn’t show them, were deserted polling stations”. But Western media and Western journalists, who were bussed, controlled, or even paid by the Mullahs, didn’t cover such important facts.


The story of Western media and their stupid or worthless journalists is a funny story. As some independent journalists said, many Western journalists can’t get visa, maybe because the Mullahs think they can be dangerous. Yesterday, among those who could get visa, many were Iranian expats (Iranian-Americans, etc), who are coward jerks or worthless mercenaries. Some of them are frightened to death of the Mullahs, and I don’t know why they go to Iran, and others just get money and tell any big shameful lie whiteout shame. In 2009, we learned that most of Western journalists and Iranian exapt journalists only tell big lies and try to play with public opinion. There is not no doubt that the Western politicians and their policymakers are aware of the truth. The media only try to deceive public opinion. Some funny Iranians say: “Those who are aware of the color of Khamenei’s underwear, are not ignorant people. They just pretending ignorance, or as Iranians say, what they do is ‘Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan‘ -a funny Persian term that means ‘pretending Ignorance’ or ‘pretend that you are a donkey and can’t see the truth and the facts’. Only the ordinary people who are unaware of the truth, are brainwashed by the media”. Yesterday, the Western media seemed stupid or charlatan. The Financial Times had an awful report with an awful title, “Iran Parliamentary Polls See High Turnout”. It can show you the true colors of the British media. The opening paragraph of their article was: “Millions of Iranians voted to elect a new parliament” !! Of course, the British bastards had added: “millions out of the 50 millions eligible voters could still be a low percentage!” The Christian Science Monitor’s Scott Peterson had a stupid report from Tehran. The only true thing he said was: “People come one by one and there is no crowd. Most people who do vote are old people and very religious women with chadors“. He also added: “Despite the state figures, there was also widespread anecdotal evidence that an opposition boycott kept many reform-minded voters at home”. Of course, it’s wrong. Because the people boycotted the election, not the opposition. The bankrupt opposition groups only followed the people. The Iranian opposition groups are stupid and opportunist groups that the people only shit on them, and on one cares about them in Iran. As we said before, the 2011 or Feb 14 (2012) was a clear sign of the bankruptcy of the Iranian opposition. The Iranians inside Iran only hate the opposition, from the coward idiot Khatami to the stupid jerk Reza Pahlavi. But the Western media say nothing about this important issue, and prefer ‘Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan’ (pretending ignorance). Yesterday, the Huffington Post, the NBC, The CBS, the ABC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, and many other western media had weak, stupid, or dreadful report about Iran election. CBS News had a dreadful report with a dreadful title : “Big turnout expected for Iran elections [!!]”. The Guardian -that recently has launched its Iran-Blog, while in 2011 these shameless jerks didn’t cover the Iranian protests- had a weak report with the title: “Iran conducts ‘grossly unfair’ election amid sanctions and threat of war”. Of course, they confirmed that: “Foreign media were largely not allowed into Iran to cover the elections and those in the country could not operate freely“. Reuters had a weak report, too. They only confirmed that: “Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on leaving the office to report, film or take pictures in Tehran“. Jason Rezaian, the Iranian correspondent of Global Post, wrote: “Visiting foreign journalists covering Iran election in Tehran have all been sent back to their hotels & told to stay put”. Some Western journalists had very dreadful reports. Max Fisher from the Atlantic said: “We in the West often take Iranian elections as a farce, and it’s true that the country is not a democracy, but it does have some modest democratic features [!!!]. Elected legislatures have actual powers (though not many), reformist parties are represented [!!!]”. What this jerk has said is “Dorugh Shakh-dar” (lies that have horn; big shameful lies). And we should not forget that yesterday, The Atlantic magazine had another stupid report, that was an interview with Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). In the Mullah election day, Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) said: As president of the United States, I dont bluff. [I will attack Iran]. And funny Iranians say: “Yah, you just eat shit. You just eat extra shit. If you want to attack here in the name of nuclear issue, you will go to hell, the little monkey”. We would write more about what Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) has said. But it’s not the important news of these days. The important news is about the Iranian Monarchists’ Conference in Washington. Apparently, the Iranian Monarchists who are puppet of bad guys in the US want to hold a conference in Washington . Can you believe it ?! It’s funny to know that today, the Telegraph had a funny ridiculous report about Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists. The British bastards in the Telegraph and other British media just show their true colors more and more. But they should know that Iranians hate the British Bastards as much as they hate the Mullahs, the Monarchists, Khamenei, and Reza Pahlavi. In these days, the bad guys in the West just assure us of their true colors. If the US tries to support the Iranian Monarchists, it would convert 2012 into 1953. It creates deep hate towards the West. The Iranian Monarchists’ conference in Washington would be a ‘Declaring War against the ordinary Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran’. And all Iranians inside Iran, including us, will treat the American jerks and the British bastards like a worthless pig and an enemy after that. It’s our last warning to the hypocrite west. We would write more about these important but shameful news later.

[ – ] P.S. If you want to find any of the above-mentioned reports in the Western media, you can google the title or the author’s name of each report. In this way, you can find them very easily

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