Nowruz, 13 Bedar, and April Fools’ Day

March 31, 2012

The 13-Bedar or “Sizdah Bedar” that means the Thirteenth [Day] out of doors is the last day of Nowruz holidays. We have already written about ’13 Bedar’, its history and its traditions . The 13-Bedar often coincides with the first day of April, which is known as April Fools Day in the West. In fact, the Iranian “13 Bedar” and Dorogh Sizdah (The lie of Thirteen), that is the oldest prank-tradition in the world, is the root of April Fools Day in the West. Since the ancient times, Iranians have believed that laughter and joy are coming from the angels of Goodness and the bad thoughts are coming from the Devil, Ahriman, and the joyful ceremonies will cleanse all bad thoughts. They celebrated Sizdah Bedar and many other ancient ceremonies, and thought in this way they helped the Goodness prevail over the earth in the struggle against the Evil. The “Sizdah Bedar” and its traditions can show you the true image of Iran, as one of the main cradles of civilization in the world. In the recent decades, the Western media always told big shameful lies about Iran, Iranians and the main supporters the Mullahs. They didn’t say that the Mullahs are the main enemy of the Iranian culture and the Iranian ancient traditions, and the West has been the main supporter of the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran. But in 2009, and in the past two years, the wise people in all around the world could see the truth. In 1979, many Iranians were stupid and ignorant, and they helped the West, but we should not forget that in the 1900s, i.e. 80 years before 1979 and when the number of ignorant people in Iran and the world was larger than 1979, Iranians fought against the Mullahs and the Monarchists, and the ordinary people killed a high rank Mullah and a grand Ayatollah who was the main enemy of freedom and democracy, and expelled King. In the recent years, all wise people can see that the main problem of Iran is the traitors and mercenaries, not the people. So, this year lets write some 13 Bedar news about the main problem. The 13 Bedar News, like the 13 Bedar News in the last year , are part of the oldest prank-tradition in the world.


As we said before, recently the American jerks in the American media cared about Reza Papeh (Reza the idiot). In his recent interview with the American media (Radio Farda) Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi), who is a 50+ idiot, said that he has had no job in his life and he still gets money from his mommy! As you know his mommy and daddy are brutal dictators who stole more than $60 billion from Iran. The people reporters say: “In the 13 Bedar, Reza Papeh’s (Reza Pahlavi) office declared that he wants to find a job for himself and he will stop getting money from his mommy. Reza Papeh has said: ‘I know that it’s really shameful that you get money from your mommy at the age of 50, and it’s really embarrassing that you have no job and no profession in your life. So, I decide to become a cab driver. I think I have a good IQ and I can become a good cab driver, of course after special trainings. In the future I want to become Iran’s driver, so I start my job as a cab driver, and I hope I can become a good driver. I hope the US officials choose me as Iran’s driver in the future. I have a special message for my mommy: ‘Mommy, please stop supporting me. I want to become a real man at the age of 50’. It should be added that after this brilliant message, tens of Reza Papeh’s supporters in LA, California, said that Reza Papeh’s message is a new beginning for Iran and the whole world”. In Sizdah Bedar, the people media also added: “Before releasing his message, Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) asked his mommy: ‘Mommy, can I become King?’, and his mommy said: “Maybe. I give you money, and you spend it on the journalists, and I hope they can aid you in becoming king’. Reza Papeh: ‘But mommy, they get our money but they often defend the Mullahs and other people. I don’t like it’. Mommy: ‘the journalists are paid by the Mullahs and others, too. But when you become king, they only will kiss your ass. Don’t worry’. Reza Papeh: ‘Mommy, I want to become a cab driver, and I think the people would love this idea and they aid me in becoming their king. In this way, we don’t need to pay the journalists’. Mommy: ‘Oh, my little retard, I mean, my little reza, I don’t know If I die, who would give you money. I wish the US makes you king before my death. Otherwise, you will be a cab driver until your death'”.


In the 13 Bedar, the people reporters also reported: “The wife of Mehdi Yahyanejad, known as Mr. Balatarin, officially apologized to Iranians for what she called “the shameful behavior of my husband, that now I should call him my ex-husband, because I want to divorce him”. She added: “Many think that my husband has got a lot of money from Reza Papeh (Reza Pahlavi) and other Monarchists, but it’s wrong. He just got about $350,000 from Reza Papeh, and compared to the money he got from the Mullahs and the Americans in 2009, it’s really nothing”. When the reporters asked her how much money Mr. Balatarin has got for his mercenary jobs, she said: “I can’t tell you the exact amount. All I could say is that a poor Basji has become a millionaire, and you all know who paid him, and how he and his friends betrayed the people and their movement. I only can apologize to you, all Iranians, and I hope the people can forgive me, and I promise that I will be the first Iranian who sues Mr. Balatarin for betraying the people. The stupid mercenaries like my husband have no shame. They are ‘Human Stain’. I’m very sorry”. The people reporters also added: “Mehdi Yahyanejak’s wife asked Nikahang Kosar’s wife to tell the truth about his husband. And Nikahang Kosar’s wife made a short speech and left the room quickly. She said: ‘I’m very sorry that my husband, Kosar, is an Islamist crook who lives by betraying the people. I want to divorce him, and you should know that he has got about $200,000 form the Mullahs, about $250,000 form the Monarchists and Reza Papeh’s office, and about $50,000 form the Americans. I’m very sorry that I was the wife of a political prostitute. Please forgive me'”.


Some media had a special 13 Bedar news. They said: “In the Sizdah Bedar, Masoud Behnoud’s son, Ebrahim Nabavi’s daughters, Akbar Ganji’s daughter, Khatami’s son and Abbas Abdi’s daughter published a joint statement. They said: ‘We all very sorry that our fathers are mercenaries. We know what we ate in the past two years were the people’s blood. We apologize to all Iranians. We know that our fathers have become symbols of traitors and mercenaries, and the people hate them very much, but we are not like our fathers, and we hate them as well. The people should know when Masoud Behnoud bought a new house for his son, he rejected it and clearly said: ‘Oh, dad, I don’t want to live in this house that you bought it by the mercenary money. How can I live in this bloody house, when every inch of it reminds me of the martyrs, their blood, and the people you betrayed them. How can you eat the people’s blood, dad? You always want to live in luxury by betraying the people and the principles. I’m sorry that I’m the son of a lifelong mercenary. You are a lifelong mercenary, man. Be proud of yourself”. And the last words of Abbas Abdi’s daughter to his father were: ‘Daddy, shame on you. You still work for the Mullah Gestapo but pretend that you care about freedom and democracy. You tell big shameful lies about the martyrs, the people movement, the election boycott, or what the people want and many other things, because you want to live in luxury at any price. You know that if Iran becomes a free country, the people don’t care about you and your friends, and you would be tried for your betrayals in the past 30 years. I asked you to apologize to Iranians, and I thought the people would forgive you, but you just are telling more big shameful lies, and prove that you deserve no mercy. Now, not only the people, but even your daughter can’t forgive you. You are a stupid mercenary, daddy'”.


In “13 Bedar”, almost all cities in Iran look empty and unpopulated. This year, the people celebrate Nowruz and “13 Bedar” while they talk about War, new Sanctions, air pollution, the Western Hypocrisy, traitors and mercenaries, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), etc. Now, many people say that the West is the number one enemy of Iran and freedom and democracy, and the West and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) only want to destroy Iran by the help of their Iranian puppets, i.e. the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and other Iranian baboons. If 2012 had been like 1979, and about 70% of Iranians had been illiterate and lived in the rural areas, the West would have been succeed in implementing their evil plans, but 2012 is not like 1979. Now, the young Iranians (75% of Iranians are -35, and 85% of Iranians are -45) are modern and educated, at least as much as their western counterparts. About 75% of Iranians live in the urban areas, and more than 20 millions of Iranians are university-educated people. In the past 33 years, Iran has changed a lot, and it looks like 300 years, not 33 years, because now the majority of Iranians are anti-Islamists and modern, and the number of religious fanatics, stupid lefts, and their supporters in the US is much more than Iran, and it’s a very important and meaningful change. The main resource of today’s Iran is not its oil and gas resources, that is the number one in the world, but it’s “human resources”. Some say: “the wise and modern Iranians will convert Iran into a modern country, on a level of Germany and UK”, and some add: “if the West proves that it’s so hypocrite, Iranians will restore the Greater Persia, by uniting the occupied parts of Persia and by establishing the United States of Persia“. Unfortunately, many Westerners still are racist or chauvinist, like their savage ancestors in the Slavery Age and the Colonialism Age. As we said before, Persia was a great country before the 19 century, when the UK and Russia occupied many parts of it. But unfortunately, instead of thinking about all humans and the whole world, many stupid Westerners still live in the 19 century. They still are racist and chauvinist. But now, the racist and chauvinist people only prove that they are uncultured people on the wrong side of history.


The ancient Iranian traditions can show you the real image of Iran. But unfortunately, the bad people in the West still live like their savage ancestors who told the biggest shameful lies and did the most shameful works. Unfortunately, many Westerners still are racist and chauvinist, and unfortunately, they have the upper hand in the West, and with the help of the fake intellectuals, they still betray the freedom and democracy and other human values and human legacies in all around the world. It’s really shameful and embarrassing. The stupid people don’t read history, and only repeat history. Unfortunately, the number of stupid people in the US and Europe is not small, and it’s very dangerous and very disappointing. I hope the wise people and the good people in the US and Europe don’t close their eyes, and can see the main problems before it’s too late. It’s really embarrassing that today’s top intellectuals in the US and Europe are stupid jerks who defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of independence or fighting against imperialism. These fake intellectuals don’t fight against imperialism, but they strengthen imperialism by defending the enemies of freedom and democracy. They pretend that they defend independence, but all wise people know that in the absence of freedom and democracy, there is no independence, or independence is very dangerous like Stalin’s independence or Hitler’s independence. In fact, those who defend the tyranny and the brutal dictators in the name of independence, not only are the main enemies of freedom and democracy, but they are enemies of true independence. You can ask yourself: “Why you can’t find any known intellectual or known figure in the West who protests against both the brutal dictators and the greedy capitalists/ imperialists? Is it purely accidental that the stupid jerks like Chomsky, that defend the tyranny and the brutal dictators, are symbols of ‘anti-Capitalism’ and ‘anti-Imperialism’? Is it purely accidental that the wise people who know the main problems, and protest against the tyranny, the brutal dictators, the anti-freedom forces and the bad people in the US and all around the world are boycotted and almost all of them are unknown or isolated? Is it purely accidental that the Western mass media only care about the stupid lefts and some one like Chomsky and introduce them as ‘intellectual’ or alternative”? Think about it. It’s one of the main problems in the West, more important than TSA and many other problems. We would write more about it later. But “13 Bedar” or April Fools Day is a good day for thinking about fools, and who is who is this shitty world.

Shahnameh and ancient Iranian Legends

March 30, 2012

The Shahnameh is one of the definite classics of the world. It’s a collection of ancient Iranian legends, and tells the story of ancient Persia, since the first human being on the earth. The Shahnameh is the masterpiece of Ferdowsi (935?- 1020?), the great Persian poet who worked for 30 years to finish his masterpiece. The Shahnameh, that is the Persian national epic, is a collection of ancient Iranian legends about Iran and mankind. The Shahnameh recounts the history of Iran, beginning with the creation of the world and the introduction of the arts of civilization (fire, cooking, law, etc), and ends with the Arab invasion. The Shahnameh, a poem of nearly 60,000 couplets, is the story of Iran’s glorious past. It’s divided into three successive parts: the mythical, heroic, and historical ages. In fact, the Shahnameh and ancient Iranian legends can show us many things about Iran’s history and ancient Iranian traditions, including Nowruz. The experts say: “The Shahnameh has about 60 stories, 1000 chapters, and 60,000 rhyming couplets, making it more than three times the length of Homer’s Iliad”. In Ferdowsi’s era Arabic language was the main language of science and literature, but Ferdowsi used only Persian in his masterpiece. As Ferdowsi said he wanted to revived Persian language and Persian identity by his work. And it’s the main difference between Iran and Egypt. After the Arab invasion, Iranians kept their own identity (i.e. culture, including language, traditions, etc), but Egyptians lost their identity. The earliest and perhaps most reliable account of Ferdowsi’s life comes from Nezami, a 12th-century poet who visited Tus, 100 year after Ferdowsi’s death, to collect information about Ferdowsi’s life. The experts say: “Nezami, who himself is a great Iranian poet, worked as Ferdowsi’s biographer. Nezami tells us that Ferdowsi based his work on the Middle Persian work, the Khvatay-Namak (also written Khodai-Nama), a history of the kings of Persia complied under orders of Sassanian king Khosrow. The Khvatay-namak was based on information gathered from Zoroastrian clergymen and the accounts in the Avesta. A possible predecessor to the Khvatay-Namak could be the Chihrdad, one of the destroyed books of the Avesta (known to us because of its listing and description in the Middle Persian texts). The text was said to have been a history of humankind from the beginning down to the revelation of Zarathushtra. According to Diodorus (Library of History), Greek author Ctesias (5th century BCE) who wrote a history of Persia called Persica, consulted a Persian book he called Basilikai Diphterai meaning ‘Royal Records’ which has been royal stories from the past. Ctesias, was a Greek physician in the service of Artaxerxes II (404-359 BCE). Ctesias’ books are now lost, but are known to us through other Classical Greek authors: Photius, Athenaeus, Plutarch and Diodorus. Diodorus writes: ‘Now Ctesias says that from the Basilikai Diphterai, in which the Persians in accordance with a certain law of theirs kept an account of their ancient affairs, he carefully investigated the facts about each king, and when he had composed his history he published it to the Greeks’. We don’t know why almost all ancient books about Persia are now lost”. Some experts believe that the enemies of Persia, from the Greeks to the Arabs, destroyed almost all books about the ancient Persia, because they were jealous and wanted to change human history, so they destroyed almost all Persian books. It’s like what the modern dictators do in their Animal Farms. Orwell in ‘1984’ tells how the evil men have “Ministry of Truth”, and how they try to destroy the books and change history. In fact, the enemies of Persia had their own “Ministry of Truth” and thought they could change history by burning books and distorting the facts. “Thousand years ago during Ferdowsis lifetime, books were written and reproduced by hand, making book production labor-intensive and expensive. Adding illustrations increased the expense. A simple basic manuscript copy could cost as much as a horse -often an entire stable and sometimes the farm. Books therefore were not written for public consumption. But books were written for the history and the nobles”, the experts say. So, the bad people tried to destroy libraries and manuscript copies, and in this way they tried to change history. Do you know what was the first work of Alexander when he occupied Persia? He burnt the great libraries of Persepolis and other Iranian cities. And it’s exactly like what the Arabs did in Persia, 1000 years after Alexander. A manuscript of the Shahnameh, written in the poets own hand is not known to exist, as well. But the oral traditions in Persia and the works of other Persian writers in the past 1000 years, saved ancient Iranian legends. According to Nezami, Ferdowsi was a Dehqan (farmer/ landowner), deriving a comfortable income from his estates. He had only one child, and he wanted to keep the Persian identity safe. The Shahnameh and its ancient stories can show you many things, for instance, why Iran, the land of Aryans, and its ancient legends are the root of many legends in the Jewish culture and the Christian culture, and why today’s Iranians call the Mullahs “Zahak” and believe that the Iranian baboons, from the Mullahs to the Monarchists, are Ahriman’s puppets. So, Lets take a look at the mythical age in the Shahnameh [1][2]: (below picture is Ferdowsi’s tomb in Mashhad [Tus], Iran).


“Shahnameh begins with the story of the first man, Keyumars, who also became the first king in the world. His grandson Hushang, son of Siyamak, discovered fire and established the Sadeh Feast in its honor. Keyumars first sat upon the throne of Persia, and was master of the world. Men and beasts from all parts of the earth came to do him homage and receive laws at his hands, and his glory was like to the sun. But when Ahriman, the Evil, saw how Keyumars’s honor was increased, waxed envious, and bade his son, a mighty Deev (devil /monster), gather together an army to go out against Keyumars and his beloved son Siyamak and destroy them utterly. The Serosch (Soroush), the angel who defended men from the snares of the Deevs (devils /monsters), and who each night flied seven times around the earth, learned this and appeared like a Peri and warned Keyumars. So when Siyamak set forth at the head of his warriors to meet the army of Ahriman, he knew that he was contending against a Deev, but the Deev was mightier than he, and overcame him, and crushed him under his hands. When Keyumars heard the news of mourning, he was bowed to the ground. For a year did he weep without ceasing, and his army and the beasts and the birds wept with him. Sorrow reigned in the land, and all the world was darkened until the Serosch bade the Shah (king) lift his head and think on vengeance. And Keyumars obeyed, and commanded Hushang, the son of Siyamak , ‘Take the lead of the army, and march against the Deevs’. Now there were in the host Peris; also tigers, lions, wolves, and other fierce creatures, and when the black Deev heard their roaring he trembled for very fear. Neither could he hold himself against them, and Hushang routed him utterly. Then when Keyumars saw that his beloved son was revenged he laid him down to die, and Hushang reigned in his stead. Now Husheng was a wise man and just, and the heavens revolved over his throne. Justice did he spread over the land. He first gave to men fire, and showed them how to draw it from out the stone; and he taught them how they might lead the rivers, that they should water the land and make it fertile; and he bade them till and reap. And he divided the beasts and paired them and gave them names. And when he passed to a brighter life he left the world empty of a throne of power. But Tahmures, his son, was not unworthy of his sire. He too opened the eyes of men, and they learned to spin and to weave; and he reigned over the land long and mightily. But of him also were the Deevs right envious, and sought to destroy him. Yet Tahumers overcame the Deevs and cast them to earth. Then some craved mercy at his hands, and sware how they would show him an art if he would spare them, and Tahmures listened to their voice. And they taught him the art of writing, and thus from the evil Deevs came a boon upon mankind. “When Tahmures had sat upon the golden throne for the space of thirty years he passed away, but his works endured; and Jamshid, his son, whose heart was filled with the counsels of his father, came after him”. (below pix are Kaweh and his army’s flag known as “Derafsh Kawiani”).


Jamshid reigned over the land seven hundred years girt with might, and Deevs, birds, and Peris obeyed him. And the world was happier for his sake, and death was unknown among men, neither did they wot of pain or sorrow. And he first parcelled out men into classes; priests, warriors, artificers, and husbandmen did he name them. And the year also he divided into periods. And by aid of the people and the Deevs he raised mighty works, and the first Persepolis was built by him, and was called Takht-e-Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid). When these things were accomplished, men flocked from all corners of the earth around his throne to do him homage and pour gifts before his face. Jamshid prepared a feast for the New Year, and bade them keep it, and called it Nowruz. Jamshid’s power increased, and the world was at peace and the people were happy. Then it came about that the heart of Jamshid was uplifted in pride, and he forgot whence came his weal and the source of his blessings. He named himself God, and sent forth his image to be worshipped. But when he had spoken thus, the Mubads (the clergymen) and the wise men, hung their heads in sorrow, and no man knew how he should answer the Shah. And God withdrew his hand from Jamshid, and the nobles rose up against him, and removed their warriors from his court, and Ahriman had power over the land. Ahriman (the Evil) visited the deserts of Arabia disguised as a noble. In the deserts of Arabia, Ahriman found Zahak, the son of the main tribal chief, and tempted him that he should depart from the paths of virtue. The young Zahak swore into the Deev that he would obey him in all things. Then Ahriman bade him slay his father. Zahak killed his father and became chief. Then Ahriman took upon himself the form of a youth, and craved that he might serve Zahak as cook. Zahak granted his request, and the keys of the kitchen were given unto him. Hitherto men had been nourished with herbs, but Ahriman prepared flesh for Zahak. The flesh gave Zahak courage and strength like to that of a wolf, and he commanded that his cook should be brought before him and ask a boon at his hands. And the cook said: ‘If the King take pleasure in his servant, grant that he may kiss his shoulders’. Zahak granted the request, and Ahriman kissed him on his shoulders. And when he had done so, the ground opened beneath his feet and covered the cook, so that all men present were amazed thereat. But from his kiss sprang hissing serpents, venomous and black. Zahak tried to kill the snakes, but as often as the snakes were cut down did they grow again, and in vain the wise men and physicians cast about for a remedy. Then Ahriman came once again disguised as a learned man, and was led before Zahak, and he said: ‘This ill cannot be healed, neither can the serpents be uprooted. Prepare food for them, therefore, that they may be fed, and give them for nourishment the brains of men, for perchance this may destroy them’. Then the customs of good men were forgotten, and the desires of the wicked were accomplished” (The contemporary history is really like the story of Jamshid, Ahriman, Zahak, and Kaveh) .


“Persians heard that in the deserts of Arabia there reigned a man who was mighty and terrible to his foes. Then the nobles who had withdrawn from Jamshid, because he had rebelled against God, turned to Zahak and besought him that he would be their ruler, and they proclaimed him Shah. And the army of Persia and Zahak marched against Jamshid, and he fled before their face. So the beloved of Ahriman, Zahak the Serpent, sat upon the throne of Iran, the kingdom of Light. And he continued to pile evil upon evil till the measure thereof was full to overflowing, and all the land cried out against him. But Zahak and his councilors, the Deevs (monsters), shut ear unto this cry, and the Shah reigned thus for the space of a thousand years, and vice stalked in daylight, but virtue was hidden. And despair filled all hearts, for it was as though mankind must perish to still the appetite of those snakes sprung from Evil, for daily were two men slaughtered to satisfy their desire. Zahak had no mercy upon any man. Darkness was spread over the land because of his wickedness. Ormuzd (god) saw it and was moved with compassion for his people, and he declared they should no longer suffer for the sin of Jamshid. And he caused a grandson to be born to Jamshid, and his parents called him Fereydun. Now it befell that when he was born, Zahak dreamed he beheld a youth slender like to a cypress, and he came towards him bearing a cow-headed mace, and with it he struck Zahak to the ground. Then the tyrant awoke and trembled, and called for his Mubads, that they should interpret to him this dream. They said: ‘There will arise one named Fereydun, who shall inherit your throne and reverse your fortunes, and strike you down with a cow-headed mace’. Zahak bade the world be scoured for Fereydun. The mother of Fereydun feared lest the Shah should destroy the child if he learned that he was sprung from Jamshid’s race (it’s like the story of Moses, isn’t it?). So she hid him in the thick forest where dwelt the wondrous cow Purmaieh, whose hairs were like unto the plumes of a peacock for beauty. And she prayed the guardian of Purmaieh to have a care of her son, and for three years he was reared in the wood, and Purmaieh was his nurse. But when the time was accomplished the mother knew that news of Purmaieh had reached the ears of Zahak, and she feared he would find her son. Therefore she took him to a pious hermit who dwelt on the Mount Alborz. Zahak demanded of his people that they should certify that he had ever been to them a just and noble king. And the nobles obeyed for very fear. But while they swore they heard the cry of one who demanded justice. Zahak commanded that he should be brought in, and the man stood before the assembly of the nobles. The man said: ‘I am Kaweh, a blacksmith and I sue for justice, and it is against you, O King, that I cry out. Seventeen fair sons have I called mine, yet only one remained to me, for that his brethren were slain to still the hunger of your serpents, and now they have taken from me this last child also. I pray you spare him unto me’. Zahak feared Kaweh’s wrath and he granted him the life of his son and sought to win him with soft words. Zahak prayed him that he would also sign the testimony that Zahak was a just and noble king”.


“But Kaweh (that was not like Khatami and other Iranian baboons) cried, ‘No, you wicked and ignoble man, ally of Deevs (monsters), I will not lend my hand unto this lie,’ and he seized the declaration and tore it. And when he had done so he strode forth from the palace, and all the nobles were astonished, so that none dared uplift a finger to restrain him. Then Kaweh went to the market-place and related to the people all that which he had seen, and recalled to them the evil deeds of Zahak and the wrongs they had suffered at his hands. And he provoked them to shake off the yoke of Ahriman. And taking off the leathern apron wherewith blacksmiths cover their knees when they strike with the hammer, he raised it aloft upon the point of a lance and cried: ‘Be this our banner to march forth and seek out Fereydun and he could deliver us from out the hands of the Serpent-King’. The people set up a shout of joy and gathered themselves round Kaweh, and he led them out of the city. They marched thus for many days unto the palace of Fereydun. They found Fereydun and, then they set forth towards the West to seek out Zahak. First they came to Baghdad, and from there they turned their faces towards the city which is now called Jerusalem, for here stood the palace that Zahak had built. When they entered the city all the people welcomed them, for the people hated Zahak. They slew the Deevs that held the palace. When Zahak returned from his search after Fereydun and learned that he was seated upon his throne, he encompassed the city with his host. But Fereydun and the army of Kaweh marched against him, and the desires of the people went with them. The army of Kaveh defeated Zahak’s army, and Fereydun raised his cow-headed mace (the only tool that could kill Zahak, and Fereydun had it, and that’s why the army of Kaweh tried to find Fereydun) to slay the Serpent-King. But the Serosch swooped down, and cried: ‘Not so, strike not, for Zahak’s hour is not yet come’ Then the Serosch bade Fereydun bind the usurper and carry him far from the haunts of men, and there fasten him to a rock. And Fereydun did as he was bidden, and led forth Zahak to the Mount Demawend. And he bound him to the rock with mighty chains and nails driven into his hands, and left him to perish in agony. Then five hundred years did Fereydun rule the world, and might and virtue increased in the land, and all his days he did that which was good. He ordered the world like to a paradise, he planted the cypress and the rose where the wild herb had sprouted. Fereydun had three sons Salm, Tur, and Iraj. But finally Fereydun’s two eldest sons feel greed and envy toward their innocent younger brother and, thinking their father favors him, they murder him. The murdered prince’s son (Manuchehr ) avenges the murder, and all are immersed in the cycle of murder and revenge. And it’s the end of the mythical age in the Shahnameh”.

It should be added that almost two-thirds of the Shahnameh is devoted to the heroic age, extending from Manuchehr’s reign until the conquest of Alexander (Sekandar). In the historical age, you can read the story of Alexander and Ardashir I, founder of the Sassanid Empire, and the fall of the Sassanids and the Arab conquest of Persia are narrated romantically. It’s interesting to know that Ferdowsi has one main message in the Shahnameh, and he says since the world is transient, and since everyone is merely a passerby, one is wise to avoid cruelty, lying, and other evils. And the wise humans should strive for justice, honor, truth, and other human values.

For further information:

[1] MIT Classics : The full stories of the Shahnameh . It’s English translation of the Shahnameh by Helen Zimmern (1846 – 1934).
[2] Zoroastrian Heritage: A good website about the Shahnameh, and the ancient Persia

Syrian Brutal Dictator and His British Wife

March 29, 2012

More than 10,000 people have been killed since the uprising against Bastard Assad began a year ago in Syria, but do you know which countries aided Assad in killing Syrians? and do you know the main supporter of Assad and his brutal dictatorship? Unfortunately, many think the answer is Russia or China, but it’s quite wrong. The Syrian dictators wife that is a British bitch, can show you the answer. You can ask yourself: Do the British bastards try to control their puppet regime in Syria by using the wife of the brutal dictator ? And you can find your answer in the British media’s reports. Recently the British media reported: “According to a cache of what appear to be emails sent and received by Bashar Assad and his [British] wife, a British citizen who is the father of Assad’s wife, Asma, used a private email channel to the Syrian dictator to offer advice on how the regime should spin its suppression of the uprising, including how best to rebut graphic video footage appearing to show the torture of children by Syrian forces. The British citizen (Fawas Akhras) offered the Syrian dictator detailed political and media handling advice. The emails were intercepted by members of a Syrian opposition group between June 2011 and February 2012. The revelation that Akhras has taken such an active role helping the Syrian dictator will create embarrassment for the UK. The string of emails between Assad and his British father in law over a nine-month period appear to show that the Britons helped Assad through his British family. Akhras urged Assad to launch an English language Syrian state news network ‘to enable us to address the world of our case in their own language and mentality’. He told Assad it was ‘an extremely important project to be considered at the highest level’. The Guardian asked Akhras if he wanted to comment on the emails and his apparent role giving strategic advice to his son-in-law, [the Syrian dictator]. But Akhras said he was busy”. Can you believe it ? In these days, even the British media confess that the British bastards give strategic advice to the Syrian dictator through his British wife. As we said before, the British companies and other European and American companies aid Assad in killing Syrians (check Archive) and it’s so obvious who is the main supporter of the Syrian dictator. It’s so funny that after one year and when 10,000 people were killed in Syria, the jerks in the EU do what they had to do at least one years ago. “the EU has barred Assad’s wife, mother, sister and sister-in-law from traveling in the EU and has frozen their bank accounts and other assets”. But the British bastards are funnier, because the media added: “William Hague, the UK foreign secretary, confirmed that Assad’s wife would be able to visit the UK and her family who still live in London. She still can travel to Britain, though not to the rest of the EU. Assad’s assets held in the UK would be frozen, but Assad’s wife would not be able to sell her London home or have access to rental income“. It’s a good joke. It’s so obvious which countries are the main supporter of the Syrian brutal dictator. But unfortunately, the Syrian expats are so stupid and you can’t find any article or any cartoon about Western/ British supporters of Assad in the internet. The Syrian people who live in Syria are victims of the Western hypocrisy and the Syrian bastards who live in the West. We all should think about a serious issue: “Why almost all people who go to the West and live there become mercenary or very conservative? Why almost all people who go to the West and live there don’t protest against the Western jerks who support the brutal dictators?”


The Syrian dictators wife and her father are British bastards who are stooge of politicians. But the number of Syrians or Arabs who write about this matter or the hypocrisy of the West in Syria is very very small. But why? It’s a good question. If you search the internet, you can find a few articles about the hypocrisy of the West in Syria, but most of these articles are written by wise Western people ! It’s really shameful that most of the Syrian bastards who live in the West don’t reflect the Syrian voices, while some media report that Syrians inside Syria are very angry at the West. Anyway, the Wise people in all around the world can see how the hypocrisy of the West and the stupidity of the stupid lefts, who defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism, create great disasters. In fact, the stupid lefts aid the Western politicians in supporting the brutal dictators. They say nothing about the relations between the West and Assad. But now many know the truth. The media added: “Mrs Assad grew up as the daughter of a British cardiologist in Acton. She attended a Church of England school in west London. An investment banker in the City before marrying and emigrating aged 25, Mrs Assad has worked to maintain the regimes dwindling links with the outside world. Her father, a Harley Street cardiologist, has been a key figure in liaison between the Syrian and British governments. He is the founder and co-chairman of the British-Syrian Society, set up in 2003 to ‘strengthen relations at all levels’ between the two countries. Until this year, the British ambassador to Damascus, Simon Collis, was a patron of the society. Its directors include former ambassadors and other prominent British figures. Assad met his wife, who was born and educated in London, while he was studying opthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital, Marylebone, before he became [dictator]. Mrs Assad’s father helped arrange Assads placement at the hospital. Some of the leaked emails reveal how the Syrian dictators wife went shopping and spent lavishly while protests and violence was going on Aleppo, Hama, Damascus and Daraa“. Last year, when the wise people asked: “Assad thugs are attacking urban areas with heavy weapons. The international community has to act quickly, this massacre must be stopped”, the Syrian dictator’s wife spent the people’s money in London and Paris, and her British father and other British figures aided Assad in killing Syrians. It’s so shameful that the UK still supports the brutal dictators, from the Mullahs to Assad, and London still is the home of the brutal dictators’ supporters and the home of crooks and thieves. Thousands of high rank Mullahs and their families live in London, but London is the home of all Islamists and all brutal dictators. The British media reported: “The Syrian billionaire and the Syrian millionaire, who live in London, support the Assad regime. They have their own groups, like the British Syrian Society that work with Assad and his British family. They compared the Syrian regime’s crackdown in Homs to last year’s London riots”. These bastards are apologists who pretend that Assad is a reformist, not a brutal dictator. They pretend that 10,000 people who were killed in Syria were not humans, and living in Syria is like living in the free world. But the stupid lefts support these jerks and their brutal dictators, and pretend that the West is the enemy of these brutal dictators, while the exact opposite of it is true. The leftist intellects and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, support the brutal dictators and their thugs, but do you think it’s just an accidental mistake? Do you think it’s purely accidental that the stupid rights and the stupid lefts in the West both support the brutal dictators? We would write more about this important issue later.

Best Evidence for the End of Times

March 27, 2012

“Borat parody mistakenly played for Kazakh gold medalist. Kazakhstan sharpshooter Mariya Dmitrienko stood with her hand on her heart and a gold medal around her neck expecting to hear her country’s national anthem at an international shooting championship in Kuwait Friday. Instead, the sound system blared the parody anthem from the movie ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’. ‘Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course Turkmenistan’s,’ the lyrics said [1]. Dmitrienko had a thin smile and remained steady during the ceremony. Kazakhstan was deeply offended when Sasha Baron Cohen’s ‘Borat’ film hit theaters in 2006. Cohen, a British actor, plays a Kazakh journalist who travels to the US. The ‘anthem’ played in Kuwait was downloaded from the internet as Kazakhstan national anthem. The Kazakhstan Sports and Physical Culture Agency filed an official protest with Kuwait organizers”, the media reported in the recent days. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand the difference between real and unreal things. Some say: “Shouldnt she, the gold medalist, at least have taken her hand off her heart ?!” But what she did is less funnier than what the religious fanatics do, specially about the end of times. The Christian fanatics who live in the US and Europe are the stupidest religious fanatics, and they always talk about the End of Times and its evidence. But do you know their best evidence?

One of their Best Evidence for the End of Times is “Global Warming”, and their Best evidence for “Global Warming” is an undeniable fact.


They also believe another Best Evidence for the End of Times is “Modern Sins”.


They believe the other Best Evidence for the End of Times is “The Old Sins” in new clothing.


One of their key Best Evidence for the End of Times is “Modern Technology” that changes the nature and the natural things.


They also believe another Best Evidence for the End of Times is “Modern Human, its curiosity, and its greediness”.


God bless Kazakh gold medalist, who just can’t understand the difference between two national anthems.

[1] Full lyrics of Borat’s Kazakhstan national anthem (that is a satirical anthem to the tune of US national anthem; And actually it makes a mockery of the US national anthem, not Kazakhstan’s): “Kazakhstan greatest country in the world, All other countries are run by little girls / Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium, Other countries have inferior potassium / Kazakhstan greatest country in the world, All other countries are the home of the gays / Kazakhstan home of Tinshein swimming pool, Its length thirty meter and width six meter / Filtration system a marvel to behold, It remove 80 percent of human solid waste / Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place, From Plains of Tarashek to Northern fence of Jew town / Kazakhstan friend of all except Uzbekistan [!], They very nosey people with bone in their brain / Kazakhstan industry best in world, We invented toffee and trouser belt / Kazakhstans prostitutes cleanest in the region, Except of course for Turkmenistans / Come grasp the mighty p-e-n-i-s of our leader, From junction with the testes to tip of its face”

Iranian Mercenaries, Celebrities, and Intellectuals

March 25, 2012

In these days, the wise people in all around the world can learn many things from the story of today’s Iran, specially from Iranian mercenaries and Iranian fake intellectuals. In the recent years, especially after 2009, many ask about the root of main problems in Iran. Many ask: “Why since 18th century, from Shah Sultan Hussein’s era, Persia’s decline began and Persia lost most of its power and credit? Why the savage Tatars could build a country (Russia) for themselves and then could attack Persia and occupied many parts of Persia? Why the British bastards and other European bad guys, who were frightened to death of the Persian Empire and the Ottomans – and that’s why they tried to find a new passage to India via sea that led to the accidental discovery of America – could gained the upper hand in the world, and created the dark ages of Slavery and Colonialism ?” These questions are important questions, not only for Iranians, but for all nations and all people who care about a better world. Many books could be written for answering these questions, but here I want to write a little about an important factor: traitors and mercenaries. In the past 150 years, even before the 1900s Constitutional Revolution in Iran, those who were called “intellectuals” have tried to answer these questions, but most of their answers were so stupid and led to horrible solutions. But why? In the 19th century, a few Iranian students (rich kids) started to go to Europe, and when they returned to Iran they were called “intellectual”. In fact, each donkey that was literate, or had gone to Europe, or had a university-degree was called “intellectual”, and that’s why most of Iranian intellectuals were so stupid. In fact, those who didn’t know the world, history, human legacy, other intellectuals, etc were, in the best case, like the majority of today’s Iranians, but at that time they were called “intellectual”. Indeed, they were fake intellectuals. As the old Iranians say, they just had one eye in the city of the blind people. When the 99% were illiterate and ignorant, even a literate donkey could be called “intellectual”. So, in the past 150 years, most of Iranian intellectuals were so stupid and what they said was bullshit. Unfortunately, with the exception of few real Iranian intellectuals, others were mercenary, not intellectual. They got money form the Iranian and non-Iranian bad people, and told big shameful lies in the name of intellectualism. The Iranian mercenaries that called themselves “journalist”, “libertarian”, “writer”, “historian”, etc misled and misinformed the people, and their last betrayal was in 2009, when they betrayed the people and their anti-Mullah movement. But now, many things have changed, and the younger generations of Iranians (i.e. more than 75% of 75 million Iranians inside Iran), that thousands of them are real intellectuals, know the true colors of the old Iranians, and want to answer the old unanswered questions. In the past 300 years, the Iranian rulers and Iranian celebrities, specially those who were called “Intellectual”, were traitors and mercenaries who sold or destroyed Iran and betrayed freedom and democracy, but now the majority of Iranians know the true colors of Iranian mercenaries. The worthless mercenaries can be students of Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and other universities that some think they are prestigious universities. But Iranians know that the true colors of these stupid universities that work with stupid mercenaries and Iranian baboons, and we have already written about them (check Archive). Recently, an Iranian jerk, “Abbas Millani”, has started to defend Pahlavi and the Monarchists, but he is a worthless jerk like the worthless Basiji thug that has made a Basiji film about the 2009 coup (“Golden Collars”). Of course, the Basiji film showed the true colors of some actors like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii, who were part of this film, and the stupid Millani will show the true colors of many Iranian mercenaries in the near future. The public backlash to the Basiji film was strong and meaningful, and now the worthless mercenaries like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii are so disgraced. The people spit on them and shit on their empty heads, and it’s a good sign for a better future. It can show you that young Iranians can solve the old problems in Iran and the whole world.


Compared to the worthless mercenaries like Amin Hayaii and Merillah Zareii, the prostitutes seem like saints and angels. Of course, people like Merillah Zareii, that played some roles in Asghar Farhadi’s films, – and from now on Asghar Farhadi should boycott her, otherwise the people boycott Farhadi and call him “Asghar Khayemal” (ass-kisser)- are stupid political prostitutes, and no one knows them as “intellectual”. But they are part of the main problem in Iran. In the recent weeks, the Iranian people heard about an old actor, Davood Rashidi, 80+, who works with the Mullah Gestapo. He had gone to Geneva and had tried to defend the Mullahs and the human rights situation in Iran! The people reporters said that the Mullah Gestapo had a meeting with him and two filmmakers in Hotel Homa, and asked them to go to Geneva and defend the Mullahs. The two filmmakers (Entezami and Pour-Ahmad) rejected it, but Rashidi not only accepted it, but encouraged others to accept it. The public backlash against Davood Rashidi and other jerks who work with the Mullah Gestapo, was like the public backlash against Khatami, and it’s a clear sign of progress in Iran. In today’s Iran, the main problem is the Iranian traitors and mercenaries, not the people. If Iranians can get rid of the worthless mercenaries, then Iran will be a free and strong country in the near future. The story of Davood Rashidi was important, because it can show you many things about the relations between the Iranian dictators and the Iranian mercenaries. When the Mullahs and their mercenaries saw the strong reactions to Rashidi, they desperately tried to save him. Masoud Behnoud, the head of worthless journalists, and his team had a report about Rashidi and tried to save him. In their stupid report, Davood Rashidi’s daughter confirmed Hotel Homa’s meeting and Geneva’s trip, but she added that his stupid father doesn’t work for the Mullah Gestapo and he jut wanted to defend Iran’s people and Iran’s government [!!] in Geneva. Masoud Behnoud’s team and their report about Rashidi can show you many things, including who work for who, and who try to save the worthless mercenaries who work with the Mullah Gestapo. The Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries like Masoud Behnoud, Abbas Abdi, Ebrahim Nabavi, Akbar Ganji, Mr. Balatarin, and other jerks who live outside Iran but live by betraying the Iranians inside Iran, often pretend that they are ‘intellectual’, while they are stupid mercenaries. They are the main problem of today’s Iran, not the people, or even the Mullahs. The worthless mercenaries and the fake intellectuals have created many disasters in Iran, form the failure of the 1950’s Oil Nationalization movement and the 1979 Islamic Revolution to the failure of the Reform movement in the 1997-2005 period and the Green movement in 2009. But now, the good news is that most of Iranian mercenaries and the fake intellectuals are dead and no one cares about them in Iran. It’s a very good news. Now, as you can see in the below picture, a worthless mercenary like Davood Rashidi (the jerk with white head) is as worthless as the savage Basiji thugs who made the Basiji film, “Golden Collars”, and you can see them in the below picture. In fact, the savage Basiji thugs and the Iranian mercenaries are two sides of the same coin, and now the people know it. It’s really a good news for Iran, and if all people in all around the world can see the true colors of their celebrities and their fake intellectuals, then we certainly would have a better world in the near future.


The Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals often use an excuse for justifying themselves. Since 150 years ago, they always say that the ordinary Iranians are illiterate and fanatic, and the majority of Iranians live in the rural areas, so those who are literate and educated, and are in minority, can live by betraying the ignorant and stupid people. This ridiculous and laughable excuse is exactly what the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals have used it since 150 years ago. It’s funny to know that even in these days, when more than 85% of Iranians are educated, and more than 20 million Iranians are university-educated, and more than 75% of Iranians live in the urban areas, and there is no difference between Iranians and Westerners, the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals still use their old excuse. It’s true that the majority of people were illiterate and stupid in the past, but who has said that you can live by betraying the ignorant and stupid people. Who has said that you are free to deceive the ignorant and stupid people. 200 years or 100 years ago, the rate of literate and educated people in Iran was about 1%, but do you know the rate of literate and educated people in Europe and the West at that time? The Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals pretend that this rate is 80% or 60% !, but it’s a big shameful lie, and the rate was about 10% to 25%. But did the elite and the educated people in Europe betray their stupid and ignorant people, like what the Iranian mercenaries and fake intellectuals did? No, they tried to guide their stupid and ignorant people towards a better life and a better world. They didn’t say: “Because the majority of the people are stupid and ignorant, we can betray them and we can earn money by telling big shameful lies and by betraying our country and our people”. And it’s the main difference between Iran and Europe in the past 300 years. In 1979, about 70% of Iranians lived in the rural areas and about 60% to 75% of Iranians were illiterate, but if the Iranian elite were not stupid and Khayemal (ass-kisser), they could prevent from the 1979 Islamic revolution. But unfortunately, the majority of the Iranian elite were stupid bastards who just loved money and mercenary job. These stupid bastards that still manage the Iranian media and work for the American and British media, and call themselves “intellectual”, have been the main problem of Iran, not the people. These stupid bastards don’t know, or pretend ignorance, that for instance, more than 60 million people in the US still think that the sun orbits the earth and the earth is flat (that is a clear sign of horrible stupidity and ignorance in the US). The stupid bastards claim that the Americans can enjoy the freedom and democracy because most of Americans are wise and intellectual !! , while even the ordinary Americans know how laughable this stupid claim is. The stupid bastards and worthless mercenaries like Nikahang Kosar, Hooshang AmirAhmadi, Mashould Behnoud, Akbar Ganji, Ebrahim Nabavi, and other jerks say, for instance: “why 2000 to 4000 people went and saw the scene of execution of a serial killer in Tehran? It’s a clear sign of stupidity and ignorance in Iran; so, the Iranians don’t deserve to have freedom and democracy”. Of courser, these jerks don’t say when 60 million people in the US still think that the sun orbits the earth and the earth is flat, or when 10,000 Americans follow a Mormon priest who had 80 wives and lived like the savage people (check Archive), it means that, according to their own logic, the Americans don’t deserve to have freedom and democracy. In fact, the Iranians jerks pretend that only if the majority of Iranians become intellectual, they deserve to have freedom and democracy ! It’s a good joke. If the majority of Iranians, or the majority of other people in all around the world, become intellectual then today’s shitty world becomes Paradise ! Anyway, the Iranian jerks just use this sort of shameful excuse to justify their own shameful behavior. They get money for betraying Iranians inside Iran, and they need an excuse to justify themselves, so they pretend that Iranians are stupider than Westerns, while it’s a big shameful lie.


All Iranian jerks, from Nikahang Kosar, Mr. Balatarin, and Masoud Behnoud to Davood Rashidi, Amin Hayaii and Merilla Zareie deserve to be tried for their shameful behaviors. They deserve to wear dog collar, and the people will make a proper dog collar for each of these worthless mercenaries in the near future. In the recent days, Nikahang Kosar, a stupid Islamist who fled to Canada in the early 2000s, kissed Reza Palhavi’s ass and showed his true colors. His story can show you many things, for instance why Green movement failed, or why only the Iranian mercenaries can leave the big prison (Iran) and how they earn good money by betraying the people. His story is: “Recently, some funny Iranians searched Nikahang Kosar’s blog and found that in 2006 he believed the Iranian Monarchists are like the Mullahs, and Parviz Sabeti works for Reza Pahlavi. They published this evidence, that just recommended that Nikahang Kosar is mercenary and has got money to change his view about Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchists, but Kosar’s reaction showed his true color and proved that he is a worthless mercenary like other Iranian baboons. Kosar said: ‘What I said in 2006 was wrong, because now (in 2012) I asked Reza Pahlavi’s office about his relation with Parviz Sabeti, and they told me that I was wrong. So, what I said in 2006 was wrong”. And funny Iranians said to Kosar: “Hey you, the jerk, you can ask Khamenei’s office about the 2009 coup and about killing and raping the people, and they would tell you that nothing happened in 2009, and what the people say is wrong. Khamenei’s office will tell you what the people saw in the streets, and all undeniable facts, are lie. In 1940s, you could ask Hitler’s office about the Holocaust and his crimes against humanity, and they would have told you that the Holocaust is a big lie and Hitler is an innocent saint. You, the stupid jerk, just show us your true color. Your excuses, and also your second interview with Reza Pahlavi, show us that you are a worthless mercenary. Now, all people know that you are paid for betraying the people”. It’s what many ordinary Iranians say. In fact, what you can hear in Iran is very interesting. Many people add: “We know that some one like Nikahang Kosar or Mr. Balatarin are stupid, hypocrite, and
Islamist, who earn good money by betraying the people. The ex-Basiji jerks, like Mr. Balatarin or Kosar, are mercenaries and political prostitutes who sell everything easily. They get money from the Mullahs, Monarchists, or the West, and betray the Iranians inside Iran, but what they eat is dirtier than Dog’s meat, and in the near future they would be tried for betraying the people. They are worse than the Basiji thugs”. It’s good that finally the majority of Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of their celebrities, their journalists and their fake intellectuals. We should not forget that many Americans and Europeans still don’t know the true colors of their fake intellectuals (specially the stupid lefts and some one like Chomsky) and their shameless media, and that’s why many believe that today’s Iranians are wiser and more modern than their counterparts in the West. As we said before, the urgent need in today’s Iran is “alternative media and alternative groups”. The wise Iranian expats that live in the free world should know that if they remained inactive or indifferent, they are not better than the Iranian baboons. Now, some Iranians inside Iran say: “It’s good that some wise Iranian expats have started to put good comments in the Western mass media. Keep putting more and more comments in the Western mass media, but it’s not enough. The wise Iranian expats, who live in the free world, should build at least one alternative to, the main website of Iranian baboons. It’s an urgent need“. It’s true and important. If the Iranians inside Iran can have a media, that reflects their real voices, many things will change and all Iranian jerks, from the Mullahs and the Monarchists to the Iranian mercenaries and the fake intellectuals will go to hell in the near future. This idea can also be useful for all people in all around the world. If the wise people in the US and the West and other countries can have a strong media, they can inform and organize the people and it can change many things in the West and the whole world. We all should boycott and get rid of all mercenaries and all fake intellectuals in all around the world. It’s necessary for having a better world.

American Nowruz Messages, 2012

March 23, 2012

In these days, the American authorities sent “Nowruz Message” to Iranians, but their stupid messages were a clear sign of hypocrisy and shamelessness. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) had two messages for Iranians, and both were so shameful. His first message was sent by U.S. government funded media – Radio Farda and VOA. In these days, U.S. government funded media, Radio Farda and VOA, show you many things, including the US policy towards the Mullahs and other Iranian jerks, and why Iranians inside Iran should hate the US and the American media. If you want to understand how Obama and the US betrayed the anti-Mullahs movement and the freedom and democracy in Iran, you can take a look at what U.S. government funded media -Radio Farda and VOA- did and still do. In the recent days, Jamshid Chalangi that worked for VOA, confessed that the Mullah Mafia controls VOA. What Jamshid Chalangi confessed was not a new thing, and many people already knew it, but Chalangi was the first ex-member of VOA that talked about “behind the scene” in VOA. Chalangi said the management consultants and those serve as consultants to VOA Farsi’s director, are consultants to the Mullahs. They work for the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. Chalangi also added when he talked about this issue, and asked VOA Farsi’s director about this matter, he was expelled from VOA. Of course, many Iranians believe that Chalangi himself is a stupid bastard, because only when he was expelled from VOA, he started to talk about VOA’s true colors. But what Chalangi said can show you why Iranians hate Obama and the American media. Almost all Iranians know that VOA (Voice of America) has become VOM (Voice of Mullahs/ Voice of Monarchists) after Obama’s presidency. As we said before, VOA lost most of its Iranian audiences after 2009 coup. And now, VOA just wastes the American people’s money. The story of Radio Farda, another U.S. government funded media for Iran, is more shameful. In the recent days, Radio Farda published the result of a stupid poll in their website, and said that Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) is the most popular figure in Iran, because Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes ! The American jerks in Radio Farda, whose IQ is less than monkeys’ IQ, said that the total number of votes in their stupid poll is 12,024 and Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes. It’s not joke, it’s exactly what the American jerks officially declared it. The number of Iranians inside Iran is more than 75 million people, and the number of Iranians in all around the world is more than 80 million, but the American jerks claim that “4,028 votes” for Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) means he is popular ! In fact, it just show you that U.S. government funded media are so stupid and brainless. They are bankrupt in Iran, and the people hate them. Funny Iranians say: “Hitler or Bin laden both has more than 4,028 supporters in USA. So, Hitler and Bin Laden are so popular in USA !, and it’s the logic of American media”. It’s funny to know that if many Iranians, including us, had done a poll in their small websites, the total number of votes would have been more than 12,000 votes. The American people should know how the American jerks in Radio Farda and VOA waste their tax money, and how their government disgraces and discredits the US as a whole. The American jerks in Radio Farda officially said that Reza Pofyooz (Reza Pahlavi) had 4,028 votes, and it clearly show you the number of Reza Pofyooz’s supporters. Of course, funny Iranians say: “Most of these 4,028 votes are fake votes, and only 28 votes are real. In this stupid poll, each person could vote more than one time, but even these stupid tricks could not create more than 4,028 votes for Reza Pofyooz. It’s just a big shame for the American jerks in U.S. government funded media”. It can be true, but there is no doubt that U.S. government funded media are bankrupt media, and no one cares about them in Iran. They just waste the American people’s money, and the Americans should be aware of this shameful fact. The American jerks in Radio Farda and VOA defend the Iranians jerks, including the Mullahs and the Monarchists, and that’s why the Iranian people hate U.S. government funded media. But what Radio Farda and VOA do has an important side effect: ‘In the near future, almost all Iranians will hate the US as a whole’ . The massage that U.S. government funded media send to Iranians is so shameful and so stupid. They clearly declare that the US is the land of stupid bastards and stupid jerks, and Iranians should hate the US and Americans. It’s so shameful. The ordinary Americans should know it. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), who is the worst US president ever, disgraces and discredits the US as a whole, and if the Americans remain silent, the anti-Islamist and pro-US people in Iran, will hate the US as a whole. What U.S. government funded media and Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) do is the exact meaning of “Betraying the freedom and democracy”. We have already warned the West and the US about the Iranian opposition . We have already written many articles about the Iranian Monarchists (aka The Iranian Pofyooz), who are like the Mullahs and the Fascists. We have already written about what will happen if all Iranians understand that the West is so hypocrite. But instead of apologizing to Iranians for betraying their anti-Mullah movement, the US and U.S. government funded media, that are like the Mullah media, try to prove that all Americans are jerks and assholes, and the US is the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran and all around the world. It’s so shameful.


The Western politicians are so shameless. They love “Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan” (pretending ignorance) and think Iranians inside Iran are as ignorant as Americans and Europeans. In his Nowruz message, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) says: “The Iranian people are denied the basic freedom to access the information that they want. The regime monitors computers and cell phones for the sole purpose of protecting its own power. Technologies that should empower citizens are being used to repress them“. But Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) doesn’t say “who empower the Mullahs to repress the people”. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) pretends ignorance that the American companies and the British companies sold the Mullahs the tools of suppression in 2009, and tens of thousands of Iranians were killed and tortured by the help of Americans and Europeans. Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is really worse than Bin Laden, and what Obama did in 2009 is worse than what Bin Laden did in 2001 (9/11) . Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is so stupid, and thinks that the Mullahs can help him, and Iranians allow him to make a good deal with the savage Mullahs. In the recent weeks, Khamenei praised Obama, that was a clear sing of some secret deals, and it led to some stupid changes in the stupid US sanctions. In his Nowruz massage, Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) adds: “Because of the actions of the Iranian regime, an electronic curtain has fallen around Iran – a barrier that stops the free flow of information and ideas into the country, and denies the rest of the world the benefit of interacting with the Iranian people, who have so much to offer. I want the Iranian people to know that America seeks a dialogue [with the Mullahs]. Let me say again that if the Iranian government [the Mullahs] pursues a responsible path, it will be welcomed once more among the community of nations, and the Iranian people will have greater opportunities to prosper”. The great American jerk (Obama) thinks that Iranians are as stupid as Americans and don’t know who helped the Mullahs to create an electronic curtain, or who aided them in converting Iran into a big prison. The great American jerk (Obama) thinks that Iranians are as ignorant as Americans, and allow him to make a deal with the savage Mullahs. Iranians will never forgive and forget Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama), but other American politicians should know that they still have one option: “Apologize to Iranians for betraying them, before it’s too late”. But they should know that in the near future, Iranians even will not accept the Americans’ apology. Now, some Iranians say: “The hypocritical West couldn’t give a damn about the rights of Iranians. They want a weak Iran, and the mullahs do that job perfectly – the only one problem is nuclear bombs. Without the mullahs, dragging Iran back to the stone age, we would be a regional power, and then a global power on a level of Germany or France within a few decades. The US and Europe don’t want this Persian challenger to their bullying of the region. They don’t want regime change in Iran. They just want to keep Iran weak and not powerful like we historically always have been. They see Iran as a petrol station. They want a puppet and weak regime in Iran, like the Mullah regime or the Pahlavi regime. The Mullahs are continually destroying this country – it’s economy, culture and so on – leaving it a weak shell of what it could be. But Iranians will soon revolt against these stinking murdering mullahs and the hypocritical west, and will punish the stinking Monarchists and Mullahs and their western supporters, and build up a strong and free Iran that can properly stand up for itself, unlike these mullahs and their western bank accounts, where they store the billions that they steal from the Iranian people”. It’s a very important message to the West. It’s what I read it in the Western mass media, as Iranian comments. It shows that many Iranians know the main problems. They ask the West not to see Iran as a petrol station. In fact, Iran is a country with a great ancient culture and with a young educated population, and in the near future, Iran will be a global power on a level of Germany, UK, or France. The West should accept this inevitable change and should stop staying on the wrong side of history. They should know that those who betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullahs, and those who support the reactionary Iranians, and those who refuse to apologize to Iranians for betraying them, will pay a very high price for their shameful behaviors. In the recent days, Khamenei confessed (in Mashhad): “The US and the West don’t care about the human rights in Iran (if they had cared, they would not have aided me in killing and suppressing the people). The US and the West don’t care about nuclear bombs, as well. If they had cared about nuclear bombs, [the Islamists and Taliban’s supporters in Pakistan would not have had nuclear bombs]. They just want us to obey their orders. If we were ready to obey them, as some countries in the region, they would not have any hostility toward us”. It’s a good confession. The US and the West have always supported the dictatorship in Iran. They just want a puppet regime in Iran, and that’s why they aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, and that’s why they care about the dead zombies and hated figures like Reza Pofyooz and Iranian Monarchists. But today’s Iran with more than 20 million university-educated people and more than 50 million young and modern boys and girls, has just one inevitable future: “Iran at least will be a global power on a level of Germany, UK, or France”. The puppet regimes and the worthless mercenaries in Iran, from the Mullahs to the Monarchists, are dead in today’s Iran. The West should apologize to Iranians before it’s too late, otherwise Iranians never forgive them. In the recent days, Stephen Harper, the Canadian PM, that some call him “Stephen Farter“, sent a Norwuz massage to Iranians, but he didn’t apologize to Iranians. “Stephen Farter“, the Canadian stupid bastard, allowed the Mullahs and the Mullah embezzlers to go to Canada, while the ordinary Iranians are victims of the stupid sanctions. What happened in 2011, and the story of Khavari and other Mullah embezzlers in Canada was very very shameful, but Stephen Farter, the Canadian jerk, still refuses to apologize to Iranians, and it just disgraces and discredits Canada as a whole. Many wise Canadians hate Stephen Farter, but they are silent and inactive. Canada owes Iranians an apology, but Stephen Farter is a jerk like Mr. Stupid Monkey. Anyway, we have already written about what Iranians expect from the West. I hope the West apologizes to Iranians before it’s too late. The shortest possible Nowruz message to the West is: “Instead of showing your true colors more and more, just apologize to Iranians inside Iran for betraying them and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009-2011. Maybe, Iranians can forgive you”.

Happy Nowruz, The Iranian New Year

March 19, 2012

It’s hard to believe that one year passed, and I am writing about Nowruz and New Year again. But that’s life, and life is really short. This year, let’s write about the ancient Iranian legends that can be useful for today’s world. As scholars say, Nowruz is the most ancient New Year celebration in the world, and it’s attributed to Jamshid. Since the first Nowruz in Jamshid era, in more than 15,000 years ago, billions of people have died, but we just know the story of the savage tyrants and the people who fought against them. The ancient Iranian legends tell us that Jamshid was so popular, and the people were happy in his era, and by aid of the people he raised mighty works, and the first Persepolis was built by him, known as Tukht-e-Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid). Jamshid also prepared a feast for the new year and called it Nowruz. But other parts of Jamshid’s story is more interesting. The Iranian myths add: “After 1000 years, when Jamshid’s power increased, he forgot the source of his power, and became a dictator. He named himself God. The wise men could not accept it, and God withdrew his hand from Jamshid, and the nobles rose up against him, and removed their warriors from his court, and Ahriman (the Evil) had power over the land. Ahriman (the Evil) visited the deserts of Arabia and tempted Zahak, who was an ambitious young man. Ahriman kissed him on his shoulders, and from his kiss two big snakes grow, but as often as the snakes were cut down they grow again. These snakes only ate a special food: the brains of men. When Persians heard about the powerful Zahak, the nobles, who had withdrawn from Jamshid, turned to Zahak, and the armies of Persia and Zahak marched against Jamshid, and he fled before their face. So the beloved of Ahriman, Zahak the Serpent, sat upon the throne of Iran, the kingdom of Light”. It’s really like the story of the recent decades, isn’t it ? In the recent years, many people think about the story of Jamshid and Zahak, and also about the story of Zahak and Kaveh.


The ancient motto of Iranians is: “Good Thoughts, Good words, Good Deeds”, and it can show you how the ancient Iranians thought and lived. The ancient Iranian legends say: “Zahak, that was a brutal dictator, continued to pile evil upon evil till the measure thereof was full to overflowing, and all the land cried out against him. But Zahak and his councilors, the Deevs (devils/ monsters), shut ear unto this cry. Zahak reigned about thousand years, and vice stalked in daylight, but virtue was hidden. Despair filled all hearts, for it was as though mankind must perish to still sprung from Evil, for daily were two men slaughtered to satisfy Zahak’s snakes. Zahak had no mercy upon any man. Darkness was spread over the land because of his wickedness. But one day, Zahak demanded of his people that they should certify that he had ever been to them a just and noble king. And many obeyed for very fear. But an ordinary man stood before the assembly of the nobles and said: ‘I am Kaweh, a blacksmith and I sue for justice”. Kaweh asked Zahak to release his son. Zahak granted him the life of his son, but ask him that he should sign the testimony that Zahak was a just and noble king“. But Kaweh, that was not like Khatami and other Iranian baboons, cried, ‘No, you wicked and ignoble man, ally of Deevs (monsters), I will not lend my hand unto this lie,’ and he seized the declaration and tore it. “Then Kaweh went to the market-place and related to the people all that which he had seen, and recalled to them the evil deeds of Zahak and the wrongs they had suffered at his hands. And he provoked them to shake off the yoke of Ahriman”, the Iranian legends add. The ancient story of “Zahak and Kaveh” is very important and informative, and we would write more about it later. But now I should say that in these days, when “Haji Firuz”, Nowruz’s herald with black-painted face and a red garb on, declares that Nowruz is in the air, many people think about today’s Zahak and the need for new Kaveh. Today’s Iran has many Kaveh.


The famous Iranian scholars have written about Nowruz and the Iranian legends that belong to the mythical ages. For instance, Abu Rayhan Biruni of the 10th century CE, says that Nowruz marks the first day when the universe started its motion. Biruni writes: “Aryans believed that Norouz is the first day of Time when the heavens began to revolve. In Nowruz-nameh, Omar Khayam writes: “When the Creator ordered permanence to end for the whole creation to enjoy solar radiation and benefits, the sun left the zero point of Aries, the heaven began to turn it, and light and darkness were separated, giving rise to day and night. This was the beginning of history of this world. Then after one thousand four hundred and sixty one years the sun reached Aries exactly on the same day and time … When this date was discovered, in order to venerate the sun, the Iranians, knowing that not everyone could discern that day marked it as the day of feast and proclaimed it to the world at large to keep in mind and celebrate”. In fact, Nowruz is as old as the oldest Iranian myths. Nowruz is older than the legend of “Zahak and Kaveh”!, but Nowruz reminds many of “Kaveh” and his characteristics. “Kaveh Ahangar” (Kaveh, the blacksmith) was an ordinary man, who had only one special characteristic: “Kaveh was not Khayemal (ass-kisser)”. In fact, Kaveh was not like Khatami, the Ashura traitors and other Iranian baboons who kissed Zahak’s ass or signed Zahak’s testimony. The bad guys try to disappoint the people, but many know that today’s Iran has many Kaveh. In these days, the people care about Nowruz and its traditions, but they are not deeply happy. They want to get rid of today’s Zahak. They think about the story of “Kaveh and Zahak”, and Nowruz and its legends remind Iranians of the ancient problems and the ancient solutions.


“Sabzeh” (sprouts) is the main symbol of Nowruz, and growing “Sabzeh” (sprouts) is as old as Nowruz. In these days, some ask about the roots of “Haft Sinn” (Nowruz table/ spread) and other Nowruz traditions. Many scholars believe that the root of “Haft Sinn” is the Iranian tradition of Sofreh (that literally means spread) that we have already written about it. The Iranian experts say: “In our culture we had, and still have, a lot of Sofreh (spread). The Sofreh for the occasion of Nowruz was known as ‘Sofreh Nowruz’ (the Noruz spread). It later gained the name of Haft Sinn”. Some ask about “fish” and the history of fish in Iran. The experts say: “Fish was sacred in Persian culture. Fish is the symbol of Nahid, the Persian deity of water. Nahid has many symbols, of which fish and pomegranate are the most recurrent. Even traditional Persian bowls have the image of fish painted or carved on them and this image can be found in our ancient and native handicrafts. In Iran, almost all the lakes and the Qanats (a water management system developed by Iranians) were full of fish”. As we said before, Nowruz is celebrated in all countries that were part of Persia before the 19th century, when the UK and Russia attacked Persia and occupied parts of it. In fact, Nowruz is celebrated in Greater Persia, i.e. Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kashmir, and many parts of Pakistan. Nowruz is also celebrated by Kurds in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Unfortunately, in the recent days Turkey banned Kurds from celebrating Nowruz in the public places. They even killed some Kurds. It’s so shameful. Apparently, the Turkish politicians still are as stupid as the Ottoman Turks, who were the enemy of Iran and the Iranian traditions. Kurds in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria are Iranians who just want to be free to enjoy their own culture and their own traditions. In Iran, flowers and plants are symbols of Nowruz and new year, but apparently many idiots and bad people are like the Mullahs, and don’t want to see that the ordinary people are happy and care about the beauty and Nowruz.


The politicians in almost all countries are stupid bastards. But some of them are savage bastards who kill the people, only because the people want to have their own traditions and their own life styles. The stupid bastards in Turkey only prove that they still are as uncultured as Ottoman Turks, and their gesture of democracy is bullshit. Unfortunately, many ordinary people in Turkey are ignorant or Islamists, and that’s why many believe that Turkey is less developed than Iran. In fact, only in the past 100 years Turkey was a little more developed than Iran. The Mullahs and what they did to Iran in the past 33 years is a good example of an old Iranian sayings: “the enemy can be the good fortune, if god wills”. Now, Iranians hate all Islamists and just care about the global matters, and also the beauty of their own ancient culture that is the root of the Western culture. Now, the people are not as happy as the past years, but they know their main problems. After 2009 coup, many things changed in Iran. In these days, you can see that Nowruz shopping and Nowruz atmosphere are not like the past. This year, like the past two years, in Tehran Bazaar, Tajrish street market, and almost all malls and shopping centers you can see that the number of the people is very smaller than the past, and there is a big difference between the present and the past: “The vast majority of people don’t laugh now “. What you can see in their eyes is sorrow, anger, wait, pain, a little hope, etc, but not joy and happiness. When you compare this year with, for example, 2007 or even 2008, you can see the big difference better. The people still care about Nowruz a lot, but they don’t laugh in the public places. They are angry at the traitors and mercenaries who help today’s Zahak. They hate those who work for Zahak and other evil forces. In these days, a bunch of worthless mercenaries and stupid baboons like Nikahang Kosar and Davood Rashidi showed their true colors, and again proved that the main problem of today’s Iran is not the people, but it’s the Iranian baboons and Ashura traitors, who should be called “Political Prostitutes”. The people hate some one like Nikahang Kosar or Davood Rashidi, and we would write more about them later.


All Iranians buy one special snack for Nowruz: Ajil. Unfortunately, the price of Ajil has gone up so badly, but the people can’t ignore Ajil, and Nowruz without Ajil is meaningless for Iranians. Ajil is an assortment of nuts (pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, etc), roasted chickpeas and seeds such as pumpkin, and other dried fruits such as apricots and figs. The roasted nuts and seeds may simply be salted, and it’s very tasty. During Nowruz holidays, and in Nowruz visitations, the people eat Ajil, fresh fruit, sweets, tea, sherbet, etc. I recommend you all to test Ajil. It can be an international snack. Anyway, this year, Saal Tahvil (literally means “delivering the year”) that is the precise moment when the New Year occurs, is Tuesday March 20, 2012, 08:44:27 AM. Some ask why March 20? This year (2012) is a leap year and February had 29 days (instead of 28 days), so March 20, not March 21, is the day of the Persian New year. (This new year in Iran [1391] is a leap year, too [Esfand has 30 days]; so the next year will started at March 21). In the last moments of this year, I hope the people and the army of new Kavehs can organize themselves, and can send the worthless mercenaries, who kiss Zahak’s ass, to hell. Iranians and other nations should not be disappointed, because even Zahak and the Deevs (monsters) were sent to hell by the Kaveh’s army. Today, Iran is full of young Kaveh. The army of new Kavehs in Iran will send Zahak and all Deevs -i.e. the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and their Western supporters- to hell in the near future. Zahak and the Deevs have tried to disgraced Iran, but the world should know that Joy is the essence of Iranian culture, and this is why Iranians have so many occasions for joy, and so many festivals in Persian culture. Iran has been, in fact, the land of festivals, since the ancient time. The army of new Kavehs in Iran will send Zahak and all Deevs to hell in the near future, and the world can see the real image of Great Persia again.

Happy Nowruz, Happy New Year.

Iranian Nowruz: New Year in Iran and the West

March 17, 2012

The best time for celebrating a new year is “Spring” and the spring equinox, that is the time of renewal and rebirth of the nature. The ancient Iranians were wise enough to choose the first day of spring and the spring equinox as the first day of their new year. The Iranian New Year or Nowruz, that is celebrated from March 21st (the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere) to April 1st, is one of the oldest ceremony of the world. The history of ancient Persia tells that the ancient Nowruz belongs to the mythical age, i.e. more than 15,000 years ago. It’s funny to know that Nowruz is secular and irreligious, while Christmas and the new year in the West and the Christian world is totally religious, and is connected to Jesus Christ birthday (that actually is Mithra’s date of birth). We have already written about Iranian ancient Nowruz, its history and its traditions . But thinking about Nowruz and its ancient traditions can show you many things. For instance, “Haft Sinn” (Nowruz Table) in Nowruz is like “Christmas tree” in Christmas.


Nowruz and its ancient traditions are still alive in Iran. In the month (Esfand) leading up to Nowruz, households purchase new clothes, spring-clean the home, and make preparations for “Haft Sinn”, that literally means Seven ‘S’. “Haji Firuz”, Nowruz’s characteristic herald with black-painted face and a red garb on, declares that Nowruz is in the air. And it’s very similar to Santa Clause, isn’t it? The people go shopping and buy many things, including Ajil, fruits, Sabzeh and goldfish. The Nowruz Shopping ends before the “Sal Tahvil” moment, or when the new year begins. As we said before, last year (1390) started at 2:41a.m. of Monday, 21st March 2011, and this year (1391), the ‘Sal Tahvil’ moment is 8:44 a.m. of Tuesday 21st March 2012 (Iran time zone is GMT+3:30). The new year moment is not fixed in Iran, because the exact time of vernal equinox is not fixed. As a convention, each year you should add about 6 hours to the previous “Sal Tahvil” time. So the next year (1392) will begin at about 15:30 p.m. in Iran.


The theme of renewal is an important aspect of the customs surrounding Nowruz – personal renewal, a renewal of the home, etc. “Haft Sinn”, the Nowruz table or the Nowruz spread, has the theme of renewal and life, too. “Haft Sinn”, that has a significance to Nowruz in the way a Christmas tree has to Christmas, contains seven items whose names begin with “S” in Persian alphabet, and its main items symbolize the renewal and rebirth of the nature, specially “Sabzeh” (sprouts) and “Sonbol” (hyacinth). Other important items of “Haft Sinn” are a source of fire (candles), a bowl of water with gold fish, a bunch of flowers, fruits specially apple, and colored eggs that symbolize the main elements of the nature. A mirror, a poetry book or a holy book, and Aajil are other items of “Haft Sinn” and have their own meanings, but nowadays no one cares about the meaning of Haft Sinn’s items. It’s just a cool ancient tradition and the people like it. The main items of “Haft Sinn” are more than the seven items that begin with “S”, and some of these non-S items, like colored eggs, candle, Ajil, water and goldfish, are more important and older than the S-items.


In Persian, ‘Now‘ means new and ‘ruz‘ means day. So, Nowruz means “New Day” (some scholars say “new” in English language has a Persian root [‘Now’]). Nowruz is very old, and belongs to the mythical age, before the last ice age. Zoroastrians call Nowruz, Jamshedi Nowruz, attributing the origins of the festival to legendary Iranian King Jamshid, who was the grandson of Hushang, who himself was the grandson of Keyumars, the first man and the first king of the world . Zoroastrians believe that Nowruz is much more older than their own religion, Zoroastrianism, that is an Iranian religion and the first monolithic religion in the world. In fact, even in Zoroaster’s time, i.e. 4000 years ago, Nowruz was an ancient tradition ! Anyway, “Sabzeh” and growing it for Nowruz is very old, as well. About ten days before Nowruz, households start to grow sprouted grains, primarily wheat, but also barley, lentils, and other vegetable seeds. It’s called “Sabzeh”, and is the symbol of Nowruz and the new year in Iran. Some people buy Sabzeh, but many grow it. “Sabzeh”, Sonbol, and other flowers are the main elements of Nowruz and “Haft Sinn” since the ancient time in Iran.

The flowers and plants are ancient symbols of Nowruz, and these items are the best symbols for the New Year in the world. Some group of Aryans in Europe (specially in Germany) still have a special ceremony in 21st March, for the beginning of spring, that is the last remaining of Nowruz traditions in Europe. As we said before, the Aryans who immigrated from Iran, that means “the land of Aryans”, to Europe had Aryan Culture and were familiar with Nowruz and other Iranian traditions, and that’s why you can see many similarities between the Iranian traditions and the Western (Christian) traditions. Anyway, the special meal in the first day of Nowruz is “Sabzi Polo” (rice and herbs) that Iranians eat it with their family and friends on the first day of Nowruz. Iranians eat “Sabzi Polo” with fish, that some call it “”Sabzi Polo Mahi” (Sabzi Polo with fish). In fact, rice with green herbs served with either fish or “Kuku Sabzi” (vegetable cutlet/ green herbs cutlet) that is very tasty and delicious.


Among all Persian ancient ceremonies, Nowruz is the older one. Nowruz has always been the most important festival for Iranians, and the people try to be happy in Nowruz that is the most joyful Iranian ceremony, and the season for travel and receiving guests. Of course, many love travel, but not receiving guests. Spring cleaning the home that is called Khaneh (home or house) Tekani (shake-up) has a special meaning: “The home is also ready to receive guests during the customary Nowruz visitations”. But in the recent years, many don’t like Nowruz visitations and receiving guests, that sometimes becomes very boring and very annoying. They prefer to pretend that they want to travel and are not in their home ! It’s a stupid trick for avoiding boring and annoying traditions. In fact, the relatives that don’t see each other during a year, or don’t like each other at all, visit each other in Nowruz, only because it’s a tradition, and that’s why many hate this sort of visitation. Some say: “Nowruz visitations need a revolution. It would be better if only the people who really like each other visit each other in Nowruz”. It’s not wrong. It’s what the younger generations of Iranians try to do it in the recent years.


Nowruz reminds us that we are getting old quickly, and our life and our time pass very quickly. Nowruz reminds us that life is short and we should not waste our life by the routine jobs. Nowruz reminds us that we don’t have enough time and we should use our time and our life better. Nowruz reminds us that many things in this shitty world are really worthless and stupid, and we should try to care about what make us really and permanently happy. Nowruz reminds us that there are many existential issues and many unsolved issues in this shitty world, and the life is so meaningless if we just care about the low level needs (the animal needs). Nowruz reminds us of many things, that
unfortunately, most of them are tragic facts. But we should not forget that Nowruz’s joys and sorrows tell us that we should live our own life and we should try to fulfill some of our human potential before it’s too late. I wish you a happy life, a joyful time, and a happy new year.

Nowruz 2012 and Air Pollution

March 15, 2012

In these days, instead of talking about the new (Persian) year and Nowruz, the people talk about the horrible air pollution in Iran. Nowruz 2012 is the first Nowruz in Iran’s modern history that almost all major cities of Iran suffer from horrible dust pollution. Heavy dust storms hit the western, southern and central provinces of Iran including Khuzestan, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Isfahan, Azarbaijan, Tehran, etc. The stupid dust pollution is so horrible, and most of Iranian people are dying now ! The people not only should have a dusty Nowruz, but they can’t breath and they are dying in this fucking situation. As we said before, the Iranians clean their house for Nowruz, and the traditional “Nowruz Cleaning” (Khaneh Tekani) is one of the ancient traditions in Iran. But now, the poor people should have dust and dust pollution in Nowruz, and can’t clean their houses. The people are really dying, and breathing is so hard. The motherf-u-c-k-er Mullahs are the main responsible for this disaster. The main source of these dust storms is Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but if Iran’s regime was a strong and responsible regime, they would have solved the problem. In the recent days, schools were closed in Lorestan, Khuzestan, Azerbaijan, and Kurdistan. The situation in Isfahan, Fars, Tehran, Ilam, Kermanshah, and other provinces is critical, too.


In the recent weeks, the dust storm also reached Tehran and the air pollution in Tehran reached a dangerous level. Today, the air quality in Tehran is so horrible. Since 2005, after Mr. Shit’s presidency by election fraud, the dust storm and the dust pollution became a serious problem in Iran. In fact, before 2005, we didn’t have dust pollution in Tehran and other major cities of Iran, but now, almost all major cities in Iran suffer from horrible dust pollution. The heavy dust storms significantly reduced visibility and in almost all major cities in Iran, and the amount of floating dust particles in the air is 4 to 10 times higher than the standard level. The situation in Khuzestan and Kurdistan is worst than other parts, and the air quality in these areas is about 10 times worse than the standard level. The dust storms make breathing very difficult for people. In fact, we are dying in the big prison (Iran), and the ancient Nowruz is a dusty and dirty Nowruz now. “TRAVELLERS flying into Tehran were recently denied their usual view of the sprawling metropolis and its majestic mountain backdrop. Instead they found themselves staring into a thick brown haze. Somewhere down in the murk a lot of old people and asthmatics were dying”, the media reported. Tehran has long been notorious for pollution, particularly during dry winters of still air. But it’s the first time that we have dust pollution and air pollution crisis in Nowruz.


The air quality in almost all major cities of Iran, including Tehran, a mega city with 14 million residents, has recently been worse, for longer, than ever before. In fact, Iran in the Mullahs era has the world record in air pollution. The people say: “The Mullahs always say that they are determined to reduce Tehran’s pollution and the dust pollution, but it’s what they say every winter, and nothing gets done. We are dying and the Mullahs just embezzle our oil money, steal our natural resources, and kill our people. The Mullahs, that are uneducated and corrupt bastards, could not manage the crisis of dust storms, because they are only master at embezzling the people money, killing the people, and making secret deals with the West. Recently, some Mullah media said: “We are sorry that the governments negligence has made breathing difficult for people in almost all parts of the country, but it’s just a dirty trick for calming the angry people. The air pollution crisis and the dust storms tragedy just has become worse and worse since 2005, and now even in Nowruz, that always come with fresh air, we have a horrible air pollution crisis in almost all major cities of Iran.


Some experts say: “The dust storms descend on Iran from the deserts and dried-up ponds of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Many ponds which were once located in the arid and desert regions stretching from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq have gone dry over the years”. It’s funny to know that in Saddam’s era, Iraq didn’t have this level of heavy dust storms (below picture), and at least Iranians didn’t feel it. But after the US invasion, heavy dust storms began. Iranians say: “what kind of shit they eat in Iraq? (what are they doing in Iraq?). We don’t know what they do in Iraq that create heavy dust storms, but the bastards in Iraq and Saudi Arabia should solve the problem. The Arabs love dust and dust storms since the ancient time, and they have lived within piss and shit of their camels and the dust of their empty deserts, but Iranians hate dust and dust storms and can’t bear it”. You can see the dust storms in the US, Australia, China, and other parts of the world (above picture), but it’s a local problem there and they try to control it, while the current dust storms in Iran are not local storms inside Iran. The stupid Arabs have created it. They don’t respect the international conventions and don’t care about the environment. They are exactly like the Mullahs.


Both the Mullahs and the Arabs destroy the environment and create horrible environmental disasters. Unfortunately, the current situation is so tragic, and even in Nowruz the people can’t breath, and can’t have fresh air, and can’t clean their house. For thousands of years, Nowruz was equal to fresh air, clean house, clean weather, etc, but now Nowruz is equal to heavy dust storms, dying from dust pollution, or horrible headaches that is a result of horrible air pollution. The savage Mullahs and the savage Islamists in Iran, that are the last remaining of the uncultured Arabs in Iran, just are proving that they are the worst occupiers in Iran’s history. They are worst than the Mongols, because they not only kill, rape, and torture the people and plunder the national resources, but they destroy the environment and don’t allow the people to have at least a fresh air in Nowruz. Now, the people curse all traitors and mercenaries who betrayed the people in the 2009-2011 period. They should curse the bastards. The people should curse the Ashura traitors, the Iranian baboons, and the worthless mercenaries, from the Khatamists to the Pahlavists, who are the main responsible for the current situation in Iran. In the near future, all of them will be tried for betraying the people. Shame on them all.

ChaharShanbe Suri (Festival of Fire)

March 14, 2012

The last Wednesday of the Persian year is ChaharShanbe Suri, the ancient “Festival of Fire”. Unfortunately, like other key Persian terms, ChaharShanbe Suri, that literally means Wednesday Feast, doesn’t have a unique spelling in English. ChaharShanbe, Charshanbe, 4Shanbe, Chaharshanbeh, Charshanbeh or 4Shanbeh means “Wednesday”, and Suri, Soori, Souri, or Sori means “Feast”. In fact, these two words don’t have a unique spelling in English and it’s so stupid. I hope after the Mullahs, Persian terms can have a unique spelling in English, at least the key Persian terms, including the ancient Iranian Festivals. Anyway, ChaharShanbe Suri, or the ancient Festival of Fire in Iran, dating back to 4000 years ago since the early Zoroastrian era, which is still celebrated the night before the last Wednesday of the year.


As we said before, the ancient ChaharShanbe Suri is the root of Halloween. Before Islam, ChaharShanbe Suri was known as “Night of Souls” and “Night of Fravasis” in Iran. The ancient traditions of ChaharShanbe Suri can show you why ChaharShanbe Suri is the root of Halloween. One of these ancient traditions is “Banging spoons (Qashoq Zani)”. The people bang spoons against plates or bowls, both for entertainment and as a means of beating out the evil spirits. The people disguise themselves, each with a spoon and a plate, go to the doors of their neighbors’ houses and bang the spoons against the plates. In response the householder puts a small gift -a fruit, some nuts, etc – on each plate. This tradition that is still alive in the rural areas in Iran, was a symbol of ChaharShanbe Suri in the past. But the Islamists could destroy it in the urban areas, and now, only “Bush-igniting” is the symbol of ChaharShanbe Suri.


Bush-igniting is the principal ceremony of the night, since the ancient time. While the flames flicker in the dusk men, women, and children jump over them, singing “let your ruddiness be mine, my paleness yours”. The Mullahs say that this ceremony is non-Islamic, because the Zoroastrians, i.e. the ancient Iranians, were the first people in the world that had Festival of Fire. The Mullahs are the main enemy of Iranians and the Iranian traditions, but the stupid West and their shameless media pretend that the Mullahs are representative of Iranians! For the first years after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 the Mullahs prohibited celebration of ChaharShanbe Suri declaring it a relic of fire worship, but the people persisted in lighting the fires, and the Mullahs could not succeed. Now, the Mullahs still say that ChaharShanbe Suri is non-Islamic, but the people shit on the Mullahs and don’t care about their bullshits. ChaharShanbe Suri has become “the day of fight against the Mullahs and their Arab traditions”.


Some scholars say that “Suri” means “Red” and “ChaharShanbe Suri” means “Red Wednesday”. There are many writers, from Biruni (11th century) to the first modern European tourists in the 17th century, that have written about the traditions and history of ChaharShanbe Suri. “Smashing the pot (Kuze-Shekani)”, Fortune telling (Fal) and Fortune hearing (Fal-goosh), Burning rue seeds (esfand) , Dropping the sash (Shal- Andazi), “Untying” one’s luck (Bakht-Goshaei), in addition to eating special foods (Aash) and special snacks (Ajil), and music and dance are among the ancient traditions of ChaharShanbe Suri. The Mullah regime and their thugs desperately try to fight against the ancient Persian traditions, but the people don’t care about the Mullahs. ChaharShanbe Suri is the only day in today’s Iran that the people, boys and girls, dance in the streets and public places, and the Mullah thugs often daren’t attack or arrest the people.


ChaharShanbe Suri’s traditions are among the ancient traditions. The pots were smashed after the jumping over fire, because it was said that smashing a pot transfers misfortune from the people of the house to the pot. Burning rue seeds (esfand), that is still a widespread practice in most regions of Great Persia, was considered a necessary precaution against the evil eye and malevolent spirits, devils, and genies. And since the ancient time, women who believe their luck to be “tied” because they are still unmarried, have no children, or are ill-treated by their husbands, performed a wide range of rituals on the eve of ChaharShanbe Suri. But in the recent decade, Chaharshanbe Suri has become a special night that the people fight against the Mullahs and the Islamic regime with using firecrackers. Now, in Chaharshanbe Suri, the cities look like the battle field, and the sound of explosion never stop. The combination of explosions and ambulance sirens is so weird in Chaharshanbe Suri. The people who prefer to be traditionalist have their own private parties or try to have fun in the traditional way, without explosion and firecracker.


In the recent decade, ChaharShanbe Suri and its ceremony is not normal and is not like the past decades and the past centuries, but it’s a special day of fight against the Mullahs and their laws, by using firecrackers. The traditions of ChaharShanbe Suri don’t have any religious meaning for today’s Iranians. The people just want to have fun, and the ancient traditions become secular. It’s like what you can see in other parts of the modern world. The Mullahs and fanatics, who are enemies of joy and happiness, are enemies of the ancient Persian traditions, including ChaharShanbe Suri. They love war, hatred, and violence, not love, peace, and happiness. Iranians had more than 40 joyful festivals in each year, and were among the happiest nations in the world, but after Islam, the uncultured Arabs tried to annihilate the Iranian culture. But Iranians kept the main parts of their ancient culture safe, and now after 1400 years, they want to say goodbye to the last remaining of the uncultured Arabs (i.e. the Mullahs and the Islamists) in Iran.

You can find more information about the history and the tradition of ChaharShanbe Suri, in our previous post about Iranian ancient Fire Festival .

Tragic Jokes: Inglorious Bastards, Iranian version

March 12, 2012

In this year and these days, that are the last days of the Persian year, Iranians are watching a tragicomedy that its name is like Quentin Tarantino’s film, but its content is different from Inglorious Bastards (2009). The Iranian version of Inglorious Bastards is a collection of true stories that are like tragic jokes. Most of these true stories are about the Inglorious Bastards who are among the stupidest bastards in the world history. Let’s take a look at the Iranian version of of Inglorious Bastards, and some of the tragic jokes of this year:

– The western politicians pretend that they are enemy of the Mullahs, while we all know that they didn’t support the anti-Mullah movement in Iran, and they aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians. Thousands of high rank Mullahs and their families, including the Mullah embezzlers, live in the US, the UK, Canada, and other western countries who are ‘enemy” of the Mullahs.

– Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) that is the worst US president ever, pretends that he wants to solve the nuclear issue. But Iranians know that he just wants to destroy Iran with the help of the Mullahs. They say: “If Obama had wanted to solve the nuclear issue, he would have helped the Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009, and he would not have aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians”.

– The European bastards pretend that they are not racists or chauvinists. But they deliberately use “Iran” for refereeing to the Mullahs. When Iranians ask them: “Stop keep saying Iran. You should use Mullahs or Iran’s regime, instead of keep saying Iran“, they say: “No, the Mullahs are representative of Iranians. But If instead of using the European politicians, you use Europe for referring to them, you are racists. You, Iranians, are racists or chauvinists”. The European bastards, who still live in the Colonialism Age like their savage ancestors, love telling shameful jokes.

– Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) impose new sanctions on the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullahs, while the Mullah state TV, the Mullah mercenaries, and many high rank Mullahs and their families still live and work in the US.

– The Ashura Traitors, who are paid to betray Iranians and freedom and democracy in Iran, still manage the Iranian opposition media, like,, and the Green websites, and the West still support them financially or politically. The western mass media still pretend that they are representative of Iranians inside Iran, while the ordinary people hate them and don’t care about them, who are the main responsible for the current tragic situation in Iran.

– The Islamist-Reformists, that are wolfs in sheep’s clothing, still defend the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. They are really worst than the Mullahs. They defend and justify the tyranny and the savagery in the name of freedom and democracy, but the Mullahs clearly say that they don’t care about freedom and democracy.

– The Ashura Traitors didn’t allow the people to win some concessions from the Mullahs in 2009, and clearly said that the effective non-violent protests, like general strike or staying in the streets, and also the street protests are bad and harmful and Iranians should return to their homes. But recently they called for a new demonstration, and thought the people would care about them.

– Mr. Stupid Donkey (Chomsky) and the stupid left defend the savage dictators, from Gaddafi and Assad to the Mullahs, Hezbollah and Chavez, but the stupid Americans call them “intellectual”. These Americans and their beloved intellectuals defend the savage dictators, but they have a stupid movement called “OWS” and thought they deserve to live in a better world.

– The Pahlavists and the Iranian Monarchists live in LA, California, that means the stupid Iranian Monarchists, who are about 600 thousands, live in the land of republicans and the first republic system of the world. The Iranian Monarchists live in the land of republicans, but defend the Monarchy !

– The Iranian baboons who are stupid mercenaries say: “Iranians don’t deserve to have freedom and democracy, because they hate us (ie. the Islamists, the terrorists, the Monarchists, the mercenaries, and other jerks). But Americans deserve to live in the free world, because 60 millions of Americans still think that the Sun orbits the earth, and the earth is flat. And because some American priests have 80 wives, and some Americans officials still pray for rain, and about 90 million Americans are religious fanatics”.

– The Khatamists still love Khatami, who is worst than Shah Sultan Hossein (1668? – 1726), the stupidest and the weakest king of Persia. Khatami’s stupidities and betrayals in the past 15 years are worst than Shah Sultan Hossein’s, but the Khatamists love both Shah Sultan Hossein and Khatami, because they pretended that they are pacifist, but they and their mistakes destroyed Iran by horrible wars and dreadful violence. The Khatamists who live by betraying the people, are not like Fascists or Nazis, but they are like the worthless mercenaries who helped the Fascists and the Nazis to boost up.

– Shah Sultan Hussein was replaced by Mahmoud Afghan, and Khatami was replaced by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Mahmoud Afghan destroyed Iran and killed tens of thousands of Iranians, but Shah Sultan Hussein loved him and called him “my dear son”. Now Khatami loves the new Mahmoud Afghan and his leader, who destroyed Iran, and killed, raped and tortured tens of thousands of Iranians. Khatami still calls Khamenei “my dear leader”, and the Islamic regime “my beloved regime”.


– The British Bastards, that Iranians call them “Mullah Makers”, pretend that they are enemy of the Mullahs, but in the 2009-2011 period they clearly and repeatedly said that “Death to dictator” chants in Iran mean “death to Mr. shit”, not “death to Khamenei”. They also said nothing about this undeniable fact that Iranians clearly chanted against Khamenei. The British mass media still work with the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors, and thousands of high rank Mullahs and their families still live in the UK.

– The Zionists and the fanatic Jews think 15 millions Jews should rule the world. They think the 7,000 millions non-Jews people in the world should be slave of 15 millions Jews. They think the Jewish state, that is smaller than a city like Tehran (Tehran’s population is about 14 million, while the Jewish state’s population is about 8 million), is a superpower.

– The Mullahs said: “We should implement the subsidies cut plan, because the prices in Iran are 4 to 10 times less than the prices in the West. If we implement the subsidies cut plan in Iran, the old problems of the public transports and other public facilities, like health care, insurance, etc would have been resolved”. But as you know, the incomes in Iran are 4 to 10 times less than the incomes in the West, and the subsidies cut plan not only didn’t solve the old problems of the public transports and other public facilities, like health care, insurance, but it created new problems. Now, the majority of Iranians live around the poverty line

– The Iranian Monarchists who are the dumbest Iranians in the world have a main supporter: USA that has the first republic and anti-Monarchy system in the world. The funny Iranians say: “If the American jerks love the Monarchy, why they have a republic system? We recommend them that they change their system, and appoint George Bush as the first American King in the US. Today’s USA has more Monarchists than today’s Iran”.

– The American bastards support the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the terrorist (MKO/ PMOI) and other reactionary Iranian groups, because they still think that Iran should not be free and democratic, and a free and independent Iran is not in their national interests. They support the dictatorship in Iran, and believe the religious tyranny (like the Mullah regime) or the secular tyranny (like the Pahlavi regime) are the best regimes, of course not for Iranians, but for the American bastards.

– The Zionists and the fanatic Jews have horrible delusions about themselves, and think the US really cares about them because the 15 millions Jews are more important and more powerful than the 7,000 millions non-Jews people in the world. They pretend ignorance that the Jews are a very very small minority in the World, and the US fanatics only play with them, and use them as a tool for accelerating the arrival of the End of the times

– The Western bastards always support the Iranian dictators. If an Iranian puppet dictator tries to be independent, they topple him and replace him with another dictator. It’s what they did in 1925 and 1979. They also defend the Iranian savage dictators by any means. It’s what they did in 1953 and 2009. They have just one goal: “Iran should not be a free and democratic country”. They know that “democracy in Iran and other countries leads to independence”, and it’s not acceptable for them, who still live like their savage ancestors in the Colonialism Age.

– The Zionists and the fanatic Jews pretend ignorance that the Europeans and Americans and their fanatics have killed millions of Jews since 1000 years ago. Some Iranians say: “Who created the Holocaust? Who thought the Jews should be punished because they have killed Jesus Christ? Who forced the Jews to live in the dirty ghettos, imposed segregation on them, and killed millions of them in the past centuries? Who want to annihilate the Jews? The nation who has supported the Jews since 3000 years ago, or the nations who have killed and tortured millions of Jews in the past 1000 years and think the Jews have killed Jesus Christ?”

– The Mullahs and Mr. shit had many economic miracles. In the recent years, the interest rate decreased to less than 10%, but the inflation rate increased to more than 50%. It created the widespread corruption and the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history. But the American bastards and their media said: “Iranians love Mr. shit and the Mullahs, because they are not like us. They love the inflation rate of 50% and those who have created the economic crisis”.

– The Mullahs state TV and some non-Iranian media reported: “The depression and the suicide are very serious problems in the World. Do you know which group of people and which group of professionals have the highest rate of suicide? The shrinks (the psychologists)”.

Iran Tour Guide: American Ambassadors of Truth

March 10, 2012

In the recent weeks, some stupid westerners sent us stupid and shameful comments. In addition, we have read many stupid and shameful comments in the Western mass media, and it just proves that many people in the West are stupid racists. We would write about these shameful comments in the near future, but here, I want to write about the good people and some good comments from the wise Americans. In these days, that is full of stupidity and hypocrisy, the world and Iranians should know that the good people still live in this shitty world. Recently, an American tourist linked to us and some other websites about the ‘real’ Iran and travel to Iran, and from there I found a good post about the real Iran [1]. In 2011, an American couple went to Iran. They introduce themselves as: “Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott. They are the husband-and-wife digital storytelling and photography team behind Uncornered Market. They travel deep and off-beat, aiming to connect the world through people, food and adventure. Five years and 70 countries later, they are still going…and still married”. About three months ago, they wrote a good post, “Iran: A Poem to the People “, that shows all of us the good people still exist in this shitty world! She writes: “My heart sank as I watched the news from Iran this morning, scenes of the British Embassy being charged by an angry mob in Tehran. It saddens me -angers me, really- that narrow groups like this who define the worlds perception of Iran and these Iranian people are in reality such a small percentage of the countrys population. My experience tells me they are the outliers, yet circumstances conspire to convince us on the outside to see them as the norm. I thought back to all the people we met across Iran, from families in small mountain villages to shopkeepers on the busy streets of Tehran, virtually all of them welcoming us Americans -the supposed enemy- almost always with open arms and quite often bearing gifts. I remembered our conversations with Iranian people of all ages who longed for engagement -not only with us, but with the rest of the world. I felt like yet another door closed on them today“. We have already written about the secret relations between the Mullahs and the UK. I hope the good people can see the truth and can see why Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) and other Western jerks desperately try to close more doors to the ordinary Iranians. They have converted Iran into a big prison, with the help of the Mullahs, who are their beloved puppets. She adds: “One face and smile in particular -that of a woman I met on the train from Iran to Turkey- flashed so many times in my mind today. Amidst a series of conversations about all things ordinary life, she asked me to go home and tell people about the real Iran, in other words about the Iranians wed met. Along our train journey, she wrote me this note and shared one of her favorite poems, one written by the American poet Collin McCarty. The poem, her sentiments all seem so appropriate today. I hope that in sharing this story and continuing to write about our experiences in Iran, in some small way I can help fulfill her wish”.


The poem that the wise Iranian wrote for the American couple is very interesting: “To sweety Audrey, I am writing in the train for a new friend who is very beautiful and kind. Kind with Iran and with Iranian people and she understands them. Thanks for this. This poem is a description of our people:

Things might look a little cloudy now,
but theyll get better soon.
Just remember that its true.

It takes rain to make rainbows,
Lemons to make lemonade,
And sometimes it takes difficulties
To make us stronger and better people.

The sun will shine again soonyoull see.

I wish to see you again in Iran in my home, Simin”.


Such a great and meaningful poem. And such a wise Iranian woman. It can show you why we say Iran has many wise and modern people. The comments under the nice post are interesting, too: “I love that you are sharing these experiences with people, showing them the real lives of people and not the images we see on TV. Ive seen a couple of series on Iran now and love getting to know the real people … Travel has taught me one important thing that maybe I always knew before I left Canada – we are all essentially the same. That everyone on the earth wants love, peace, happiness, security and family. Polemic views that establish Iran as an American enemy is the work of propaganda, its the power mongers that need people to feel afraid, suspicious; so sad. On the bright, bright side, its articles like this that I hope people find and realize the lesson, people are not their government. They are just people … You are both ambassadors of truth, both in sharing their stories with us and ours with them. Thank you for showing us a little bit of the ‘real’ Iranian people. Ive been looking forward to reading your posts about your visit … I feel sorry for the ordinary people of Iran who are being overlooked due to the actions of [the stupid West,] their government and renegade extremists. Lovely, beautiful country, with such rich history and culture … What a touching and incredible story. Sometimes I feel such anger both at the media and at people who buy it sells; its so refreshing to hear lovely and incredible stories coming from Iran. Cant wait to visit”. It’s really true that American couple are “ambassadors of truth”. In fact, all good people who can see the truth and tell the truth, are “ambassadors of truth”. This shitty world really needs many “ambassadors of truth”. In answering to the comments, the wise American couple adds: “With Iran, its particularly heartbreaking as the image of Iranians portrayed in the news is such the opposite of what we experienced … people are people and share many more similarities than differences. I just wish more people would recognize this … everywhere in the world its the outliers who make the news and steal the limelight. Watching the news about Iran now is even more painful and emotional than ever I keep hearing the rhetoric flying back and forth and think of the ordinary Iranian people we met during our trip. Thank you for understanding why these posts and photos are so important to us. I do hope that by just showing the reality instead of drama, people find the similarities and connections of our shared humanity … we are all just people trying to live the best we can. This is universal”. It’s really true.


They have some other posts about Iran and their trips. I took a look at some of them, and they were not bad. Apparently, as they say, in the recent years, the non-Iranians can not get Iran’s visa very easily. They can’t travel to Iran alone or independently. They need a sponsor. It’s what we have heard form others, too. Recently, some tourists from Poland told us that they had the same problem. The Mullah TV confirmed this problem, too. Apparently, the Mullahs and their Western supporters have converted Iran into a real big prison, that no one can leave it and no one can enter it easily. The politicians and the bad people in the West and Iran want to hide the reality. They desperately try to hide the real Iran. “Converting Iran into a real big prison” is an evil plan that is formulated by both the Mullahs and the West. But fortunately, Iran is not a small country, and no one can close all its doors. The American tourists and others still can go to Iran, of course not easily. And the internet and the ambassadors of truth don’t allow the bad people to succeed. The American couple write how they get Iran’s visa: “The Iranian government requires that all American tourists travel with a private guide or group tour. Your Iranian guide will be specially authorized to guide American citizens [!!] and should be aware of any relevant Iranian government regulations. If you happen to be independent travelers like us, dont be deterred by this requirement. We experienced both a group tour and a private guide in Iran. In both circumstances, we still had ample time to explore, walk the streets and browse the bazaars (markets) on our own. We made connections with ordinary people, we ate street food and we were even fortunate enough to accept a couple invitations to peoples homes … The tour company you work with will help you with the paperwork you need for your visa … Although Iran doesnt have an official embassy in Washington, DC, there is an Iranian ‘interest section’ at the Pakistan Embassy [!!] that handles Iranian visa requests … Or, if youre traveling like us, you can pick up your visa at an Iranian consulate abroad. We collected our Iranian tourist visa in Istanbul, Turkey. The process was relatively easy and painless … [In Iran, the Iranian people] often went over the top in welcoming us – everything from cordial greetings, to smiles, hugs, gifts and invitations to homes -especially when our guide was out of sight. We joke that its the closest weve felt to being rock stars [!]”. They also add: “Our fascination with Iran began many years ago when … we watched a presentation given by a couple fresh off a trip around Iran. What struck us were the stories they shared of the people and hospitality they encountered, and the fact that those stories stood in such stark contrast to the images we were used to seeing on the news. Not to mention that their photos of Persian architecture were like nothing wed ever seen before”. The bad guys in the West don’t want to allow the ordinary people to see the real Iran, and their puppets in Iran help them a lot.


The good people in Iran, the West, and all around the world should be aware of the truth, and should aid others in becoming aware. If the ordinary people became aware, then the bad guys in the West can not fool the people and can not brainwash the ordinary people by telling big shameful lies. The war, hatred, and violence are gifts that the bad people make for all of us. Those who love war, hatred, and violence are stupid animals who still live in the past and the dark ages. Unfortunately, the religious fanatics, that are the majority of the bad guys, have the upper hands in the Western mass media and the western political scenes. The Christian fanatics and the Jewish fanatics are worse than the Mullahs, and have the upper hand in the US. I hope the good people in the US can see this big problem. The bad people in the US and the West are fanatic, racist, and chauvinist. They clearly say that they have problem with Iran and Iranians as a whole. They say nothing about the important differences between Iran’s regime and Iran’s people. They say nothing about the outliers. Unfortunately, the outliers in Iran and the US pretend that they are in majority. It’s so shameful and so tragic. The American couple wrote some other informative things. They wrote: “We encountered only one incident in three weeks where a uniformed guy with a gun followed us for a bit through a market and asked to see our passports. Our Iranian guide yelled at him and told him that he had no right to ask for our papers. The guard backed down and left us alone, but our guide insisted on calling him an ‘uneducated donkey’ as we walked away. As unsettling as the episode was at first, it eventually made us laugh and left us with a good story … We walked the streets and engaged with local people. It all felt very safe and normal; we were never concerned for our personal safety“. It can show you many things about the differences between Iran’s people and Iran’s regime, and how Iranians bravely fight against the regime thugs. What the American couple wrote about the Western sanctions are informative too: “Iranian banks are also subject to international sanctions. So although Iran is full of banks and ATM machines, you wont be able to get money out at any of them with your ATM card … Iranian carpets are also subject to U.S. sanctions as well. So if your heart is set on a Persian carpet, you may want to find a shop that has a presence or partner in Dubai [!!!]”. It’s very tragic. In fact, the Western bad guys and their beloved puppets (the savage Islamists) created Dubai, and allowed a stupid small desert like Dubai become somebody for itself. It’s a small part of a great plot against Iran, since 33 years ago. Anyway, what the Americans write about the Iranian foods are funny too: “Id love to go there [Iran] sometime and Enjoy and eat some tasty food … I plan on doing some serious eating while there [in Iran]”. It’s funny that many love Iranian foods, specially Aash and other herbal foods in Iran. After the Mullahs, the world would hear more about the nice and tasty Iranian foods and the ancient Aryan culture in Iran.

[1] I want to thank the American tourist who linked to us and others who have written about the real Iran. And I want to thank all good people in all around the world, including the American couple, who tell the truth and are ambassadors of truth.

P.S. the above pix are pix of the American couple in Iran. You can find more pix in their website.

Woman’s Day: Modern Human vs. Modern Sheep

March 9, 2012

The 8th March is a good time to think about differences between modern human and modern sheep. Unfortunately, some think that Modernity is equal to n-u-d-i-ty. But the basic needs in the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, including s-e-x, are low level needs and those who care about them a lot, are not modern people, but are modern sheep. If you see “Modernity” as “Not being sheep; Not being ultra-stupid”, you can see that there are many differences between the modern people and the modern sheep. There are many high level needs or human needs above the animal needs in the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid, and there are many female protesters who care about the high level needs. These female protesters are modern people, with or without clothes.


Modernity, or being modern, is not a clear concept. The dictionaries define ‘Modern” as: “belonging to the present time or most recent time; modern art, music, literature, etc uses styles that have been recently developed and are very different from traditional styles”. The thinkers and the historians have different definitions for Modernity. But all of them talk about “conflicts between tradition and modernity”, “traditional society vs. modern society”, etc. So, generally speaking, you are a modern human, when you don’t follow the traditions and other things like sheep. In fact, you are a modern human, if you don’t live in the bottom of the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid; and if you are not prisoner of tradition, fashion, basic needs, and other stupid things. Otherwise, you are a modern sheep, not a modern human.


The modern Iranian women use their brain, and don’t follow the traditions like sheep. They are really brave and modern. In 2009, millions of Iranian women were in the streets, and thousands of them were killed, raped, or tortured, because they bravely fought for freedom, democracy, and human rights. Of course, some stupid westerners think that only those people who are n-u-d-e, topless, etc, are modern people. But those idiots in the West who follow fashion, and want to be n-u-d-e, topless, etc. only because it’s in fashion, are modern sheep, because they follow fashion like the stupid sheep.


If n-u-d-i-t-y or toplessness meant “Being Modern”, then the animals would be the most modern creatures in the world. In fact, “to be topless, or not to be topless”, is not the main issue, but “to be brainless, or not to be brainless”, is very important. On the other hand, the right to choosing your clothes, or the right to decide about your own body and your own life, is a basic right that no one can deny it. Denying the basic rights leads to tyranny and suffocation. It’s what the Iranian people know it very well, better than any other nation in today’s world. The Iranian men and women fight for their basic rights.


The Iranian women protest against tyranny, medieval laws, discrimination and suppression. They risk their lives and fight bravely against the brutal regime and the savage Islamists. But unfortunately, many stupid American or European women, specially those who were part of the OWS movement, disgrace the women protesters in all around the world. The OWS movement and some of its stupid women, who only wanted to have fun, created a stupid movement, not a modern movement. They were modern sheep, not modern people.


The OWS movement, with unclear goals and unclear demands, was so stupid, mainly because its top spiritual leaders were the stupid lefts and some one Chomsky, and a lot of its supporters loved Communism, Theocracy, and other reactionary systems. The OWS movement was not a progressive movement, and its n-u-d-e or its topless women were stupid, not modern. The Iranian women and their courage can show the world the true meaning of modernity and modern people.


Here, I should defend the modern Iranian women, because no one talks about them, and the Western mass media tells big shameful lies about them. But it’s so obvious that many brave women in all around the world fight against discrimination and other stupid things. The topless protesters, the Slutwalk protesters, and many others who protests against the modern slavery, discrimination, and other old or modern problems are modern people. It’s so obvious that n-u-d-i-ty or toplessness is not equal to stupidity. Being sheep and following fashion like sheep is equal to stupidity. Those who follow fashion like sheep, are modern sheep, not the wise topless protesters.


The modern sheep and the old sheep are both sheep. They don’t use their brain, and just follow fashion or tradition like sheep. The idiots who think clothing is a sign of stupidity or modernity, are brainless people. Many young Iranian women are more modern than their counterparts in the West, not because of their clothing, but because they use their brains more. Of course, many people in Iran, the West, and other countries are modern sheep, not modern people. They are modern sheep in modern people’ clothing, and it’s one of the main problem of today’s world.

Iranian Monarchists and Hypocrite West

March 7, 2012

In these days, the news are so stupid and can disgrace the West as a whole, and can incite deep hatred towards the West in Iran. We have already written about the results of the current shameful behaviors and what will happen if “the West” becomes “the Hypocrite West” for Iranians inside Iran. In the recent days, the first serious signs of a new shameful plot against the freedom and democracy in Iran, specially a report about Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists in the Telegraph on March 2, 2012, that is the first clear article about the Iranian Monarchists in the Western mass media, only prove that the West is so stupid, so shameless, and so hypocrite. The shameless British bastards in the Telegraph said: “Reza Pahlavi, the son and heir to the last Shah, wants to revive the opposition [!!] by uniting critics of the regime behind a common platform [!!!]. ‘We propose a national congress [!!!] that clearly sets out our proposals for changing the regime’, he said. He sees Fridays elections for the Iranian Majlis, or parliament, as an opportunity [!!!!]“. It’s a funny confession. It’s funny that even his western supporters confess that Reza Pahlavi is a “parasite” and a worthless opportunist. In these days, many funny Iranians say Reza Pahlavi = Reza ‘Parasite’ !. In fact, Reza Pahlavi is a little parasite who desperately try to hijack the people actions and the people movement. Funny Iranians call the Iranian Monarchists and their stupid leader “Avizun, Moft-Khor, Zigil” that means: “Sponger, Hanger-on, Wart, Leech, etc”. But what the British bastards in the Telegraph wrote about the Iranian parasites were so shameful and so meaningful. It’s part of a dangerous plot against the freedom and democracy in Iran. The British bastards in the Telegraph said: “Exiled Crown Prince [Reza Pahlavi] campaigns to bring Arab Spring to Iran [!!]”. The British bastards are master at “Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan” (pretending ignorance). They pretend ignorance of Arab Spring and Iran Spring. They know that Iran Spring was 1979, when the people toppled Reza Pahlavi’s father, but they prefer to pretend ignorance, because in 1979, during the Iran Spring, the British Bastards and their BBC hated Reza Pahlavi’s father who wanted not to remain a British poppet. The stupid Arab Spring in 2011, is like the Iran Spring in 1979, and the exiled Iranian shit is the son of the toppled Iranian dictator. It’s so obvious that the Iranians movement in 2009, is much more modern that the stupid Arab Spring and almost all other American and European movements in 2011. The Iranians who were anti-Islamists and anti-Mullahs, created a great modern movement in 2009, that the Arab states will not experience it within the next 50 years. Maybe after 50 years or 100 years, the Arab states can have a modern anti-Islamist movement like the Iranian movement in 2009. But we all have not forgotten that the Hypocrite West, from the British bastards to the American jerks, betrayed the anti-Mullah movement in Iran. As we said before, they not only refused to help the modern Iranians, but they (the Western companies) aided the Mullahs in killing the modern Iranians (check Archive). It was a great betrayal that Iranians never forget it. But if the Hypocrite West wants to support the little parasite, Reza Pahlavi that should be called Reza ‘Parasite’, they only would assure Iranians inside Iran that the West is the first and main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran, and what the West did in 2009, was not accidental, and was not a mistake without being planned or intended, but it was a great plot against Iranians and the freedom and democracy in Iran, and it was planned or intended.


Reza Pahlavi is Reza ‘Parasite’, and no one cares about him in Iran. But it doesn’t mean that Iranians can allow the Hypocrite West to defend the tyranny and the enemies of freedom and democracy in Iran. The Hypocrite West and the bad guys in the West should open their blind eyes, their deaf ears, and their empty heads, and see what Iranians inside Iran say and want. The vast majority of Iranians inside Iran hate the Iranian Monarchists and Reza Parasite as much as they hate the Mullahs and the Islamists. Many Iranians clearly say: “Who cares about Reza Parasite in Iran. Everyone knows that this little piece of shit and his followers, i.e. the Iranian Monarchists, mainly operating from the USA, with the help of some neoconservatives and Zionist groups. Everyone hates these reactionary Iranian fascists who live in USA. Compared to them, the Iranians who live in the rural areas in today’s Iran seem like intellectuals (about 20% of Iranians live in the rural areas). It’s so obvious that if US and UK try to push Monarchy on the Iranian people, they will only get back the hate of Iranians, the hate Iranians had for US and UK all during the Shah’s time. What happened in 1979, specially the Hostage Crisis, was a direct result of that deep hatred. Do Americans want to repeat history? Why USA should be so stupid and should always defend tyranny and brutal tyrants in Iran?” It’s a good question. The bad guys in the US and Europe are blind and stupid. They can’t see the undeniable facts. The Iranian opposition is bankrupt. What happened in 2011 and on Feb 14, 2012, clearly proved that the Iranian opposition, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists and the Pahlavists, are bankrupt groups, and have no supporter in Iran. In 2011, Khatami and the Islamist-Reformists desperately tried to fool the people, and tried to encourage the people to participate in the Mullah elections (check Archive), but the people shitted on them. They called for some stupid rally and demonstration, but the people spited on them, and only 100 to 200 people cared about them. The stupid Monarchists and Pahlavists called for rally and demonstration, too. But even 10 people didn’t care about them in Iran. The kingdom of the Iranian parasites is LA, California, and no one cares these stupid parasites in Iran. It’s so obvious that the people boycotted the 2012 election, not the opposition. The bankrupt opposition groups only followed the people. They are parasite, leech, and hanger-on, and just try to play with some stupid politicians in the West. The Iranian opposition groups are hated groups that the people only shit on them, and on one cares about them in Iran. The Iranians inside Iran only hate the opposition, from the coward idiot Khatami to the stupid jerk Reza Pahlavi. But the Western media say nothing about this important matter, and prefer Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan (pretending ignorance). We should not forget that Iranians inside Iran have no media and no voice, and everybody betrays them, but the Hypocrite West, the Mullahs, and their mercenaries can’t deceive the people, and that’s why many believe that today’s Iranians really are wiser than other nations. Unfortunately, both the American right and the American left have many political prostitutes, and both groups support tyranny and savage tyrants. Oliver Stone’s son, Sean Stone, who recently was in Tehran, is a political prostitute, but he is just like many American reporters, American polling organizations, American mass media, or American alternative media who showed us their true colors in 2009. Unfortunately, the US and the West make love with the Iranian mercenaries, but torture the ordinary Iranians. Such a great wisdom, and such a great farsightedness! The Hypocrite West should be proud of itself. In the 21st century, they still try to defend the tyranny in Iran. It’s so shameful. Some funny Iranians say: “Khatami and Pahlavi are worthless jerks. Of course, compared to Reza Pahlavi, Khatami seems like Albert Einstein. But it doesn’t mean that Khatami is not shit. Because compared to Reza Pahlavi, even a cow seems like Albert Einstein“. Apparently, in these days, you can say compared to the Hypocrite West or Obama, even a caw seems like Albert Einstein.


In the recent days, some Iranian media talked about the Iranian Monarchists’ Conference in Washington. If it was true, it would be the greatest possible sign of hypocrisy and stupidity in the US. The Iranian Monarchists’ Conference in Washington , that they want to call it “National Congress” !!, would be a very shameful event for the US and Americans who pretend they are republican. It would be ‘a declaring war against freedom and democracy’. We warn all Iranian political activists in Washington, from Sazegara and Vahedi to the stupid ex-students, about any contact with the Iranian Monarchists. It would be a political suicide, and all Iranians inside Iran, including us, would treat them like political prostitutes and worthless mercenaries. The stupid Iranian activists in the US, who claim they are pro-democracy, should warn the US officials and should boycott their puppets (Monarchists, Mullahs, etc); otherwise their fate will be worse than Khatami’s fate and Gaddafi’s fate. It’s the first and last warning to the stupid Iranian activists in the US. As we said before, when Iran becomes a free country in the near future, maybe the people can forgive the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs, but they never forgive the traitors who betrayed the people in the name of freedom and democracy. The younger generations of Iranians, that are in majority in Iran (75% of Iranians are 35-, and 85% of Iranians are 45-) know the enemies of the open society and the old excuses. They are tolerant, but they know why they should not tolerate the intolerant and the enemies of freedom and tolerance. They know that they should fight against the enemies of freedom, specially the Mullahs, the Monarchists, and the terrorists. The worthless mercenaries that try to repeat Khomeini’s words and Khomeini’s tactics, specially about “unity“, have forgotten that Iranians inside Iran know the story of Animal Farm better than any other nation in the world, and the natural-born idiots who talk about “unity” and unity with the Monarchists and the reactionary groups, still live in the 1970s, and are dead zombies. Khomeini is dead, and Khomeini’s words and Khomeini’s tactics are dead, too. The stupid Iranian expats don’t know that The great events and dictators in world history reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. Reza Parasite is just a stupid farce. The Iranian Monarchists are just a stupid farce. And the idiots who would care about Reza Parasite are ultra-stupid people who would go to hell for ever. As the great Popper said, for the sake of freedom, democracy, and tolerance, we should not tolerate the intolerance and the enemies of the open society. Its what the human history and the reason teach us. The reactionary Iranian groups, from the Pahlavists to the Rajavists, are enemies of the open society, and Iranians inside Iran only entertain them with Guillotine, if they want to return to Iran. They are the great ass-kissers in Iran’s history and Iranians inside Iran hate them. Restoring the Monarchy is an impossible dream in today’s Iran, and those who support the Monarchists and Reza Parasite are enemy of Iran, Iranians, and the freedom and democracy.


It’s really so embarrassing that the US supports the reactionary groups. In 2009, they supported the Mullahs, and now in 2012, they want to support the Iranian Monarchists and the Iranian terrorists (MKO). As we said before, on Feb 17, 2012, the VOA had an interview with Parviz Sabeti, the key figure of Savak, the Pahlavi’s Gestapo. Parviz Sabeti is an Iranian Monarchist and a human monster who lives in the US. In the past 33 years, he has lived there secretly, or as funny Iranians say: “He lived in ‘Surakh Mush’ (Rat hole)”. But now he gives the VOA interviews ! As we said before, Radio Farda has started to care about Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists, too. Do you think it’s accidental ? U.S. government funded Radio Farda and VOA try to support the Iranian Monarchists ! It’s really so shameful and so meaningful. Now, some funny Iranians say: “Maradona ro vel konid, Gazanfar ro begirid” (leave Maradona alone, just try to stop Gazanfar). It’s a famous joke in Iran about Gazanfar [1]. And Gazanfar is the name of an idiot and ultra-stupid character in the Iranian jokes that always makes the stupidest mistakes. In these days, USA is like Gazanfar (In fact, the Hypocrite West and the Iranian expats are like Gazanfar, too). And that’s why some wise Iranians say: “Maradona (Mullahs) ro vel konid, Gazanfar (USA) ro begirid” (leave Maradona [Mullahs] alone, just try to stop Gazanfar [USA]). Anyway, our conditions in Iran, is like the conditions of the Eastern Europe in the 1950-1988 period. The Hypocrite West did not support the freedom fighters and the uprisings in the Eastern Europe, from the Prague Spring (in Czechoslovakia in 1968) to the Hungarian revolution in the mid-1950. In the recent years, even the Hollywood makes movies and series, like the Company (2007), about the western hypocrisy and western betrayals in the Eastern Europe. Its like the story of our time. Anyone with eyes open knows that the western leaders support the reactionary groups, from the Mullahs to the Monarchists, in Iran. Anyone with eyes open knows that the hypocrite west aided the Mullahs in suppressing and killing Iranians, and also in justifying the biggest election fraud in Iran’s history. They make love with Mullah Mafia, Mullah embezzlers, Mullah Gestapo, Mullah mercenaries and the Mullah TVs in the US and Europe. And the stupid western sanctions just hurt the ordinary people who hate the Mullahs. But the hypocrite west should know all Iranians are watching them, and they would pay a very high price for betraying freedom and democracy in the 21st century. Today’s Iranians are more modern than their counterparts in the Eastern Europe in the 1980s. Some funny Iranians say: “ The West only betrayed the Eastern Europe from 1950 to 1988. But finally God freed the Eastern Europe in 1989! And you can be sure that God will free Iran in the near future, as well !“. Of course, Iranians can help God and can try to make alternative media, and alternative groups for themselves. As we said before, it’s an urgent need. I know that everybody betrays Iranians. I know that the Hypocrite West is the main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. I know that the bad guys in the West and Iran don’t allow the people to have new media or new groups, but the people should not be disappointed. The worthless mercenaries, who have betrayed the people and still betray the people, like the
Islamist-Reformists, the Monarchists, the Rajavists, the Marxists, etc are worthless jerks that no one cares about them in today’s Iran, but they should be dumped into the trash can of history ASAP. The hypocrite west should know that Iranians inside Iran are watching them. The Iranian Monarchists’ Conference in Washington, that they want to call it “National Congress” !, would be a very shameful event for the US who are republican. It’s ‘a declaring war against freedom and democracy’. We warn all Iranian political activists in Washington, from Sazegara and Vahedi to other idiots, about any contact with the Reza Pahlavi. It would be a political suicide, and all Iranians inside Iran, including us, would treat them like political prostitutes and worthless mercenaries . It’s the first and last warning to them. They should boycott the American bad guys and their puppets (Monarchists); Otherwise their fate will be worse than Khatami’s fate and Gaddafi’s fate.

[1] It’s a famous joke about Gazanfar: “Before an important match between the football (soccer) teams of Iran and Argentina, the head coach of Iran’s team says to his players: “Diego Maradona is the most important player of Argentina’s team. If we can stop him, we can defeat their team very easily. So, three of you always should be close to Maradona, and you Gazanfar, you should always be with Maradona, and you should never leave Maradona alone, can you understand Gazanfar?” Gazanfar says OK, and both team go to the stadium, and their match begins. Twenties minutes pass, and Gazanfar is always near Maradona and try to stop Maradona, but suddenly Gazanfar makes a huge mistake and scores a goal for Argentina. After 15 minutes, Gazanfar makes another mistake and scores a goal for Argentina. And again after 10 minutes, Gazanfar makes another mistake and scores another goal for Argentina. The head coach of Iran that has got so angry, because Iran is 0 and Argentina is 3, shouts at his players: ‘Maradona ro vel konid, Gazanfar ro begirid’ (leave Maradona alone, just try to stop Gazanfar)”. It’s like our story in these days. Now, some wise funny Iranians say: “Maradona (Mullahs) ro vel konid, Gazanfar (USA) ro begirid” (leave Maradona [Mullahs] alone, just try to stop Gazanfar [USA])

Ashura Traitors and Gesture of Democracy

March 5, 2012

In the recent Mullah election, the great losers were the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists, especially the Ashura traitors. “Mohammad Khatami betrayed election boycott. Khatami, the head of Islamist-Reformists, cast a vote in the Mullah election. He was seen at a polling station in Damavand. Khatami betrayed the people”, the Iranian media reported. The coward stupid Khatami had already showed his true colors, and more than 90% of Iranians hated him, at least since 2011. And what Khatami did on March 2, 2012, was the final nail in his coffin, and now he has dumped into the trash can of history. On March 2, 2012, more than 99% of Iranians, even his friends and his supporters, shitted and spited on Khatami, and he officially was sent to the trash can of history. But the reactions of Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries, who kiss Khatami’s ass and the Mullahs’ ass and any other ass for money, were so funny. The Ashura traitors, that we have already written about them (check Archive), still manage the opposition media, and that’s why the majority of Iranians have boycotted the opposition media. The Ashura traitors are the main responsible of our horrible conditions in Iran. They are the main responsible of all threats and all disasters in the past three years and in the future. The Ashura traitors who betrayed the people in 2009, are worthless mercenaries who have betrayed the people and their movements since 1999. The Ashura traitors and the worthless mercenaries like Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, Abdi, Navabi, Ganji, AmirArjmand, AmirAhmadi and other jerks pretend that they are pro-democracy, or even some of them pretend that they are intellectual! In the recent days, they desperately try to save the dead Khatami, but they can’t succeed, because the people have become aware. For the record, lets take a look at what they say in these days. It can be useful for all people in all around the world. The Ashura traitors used their old excuses. For eight years, form 1997 to 2005, they had used these stupid excuses, like “Khatami knows behind the scenes”, “Khatami knows an important secret”, “We should trust Khatami; he is a wise man”, etc, But since 2003 many people have understood that these stupid excuses are bullshit. In 2010, the vast majority of Iranians said: “Khatami is a coward baboon, and his allies are stupid traitors”. And in 2011, when Khatami and his friends tried to encourage the people to participate in the Mullah election, the people only shitted and spited on them (check Archive). In these days, the best excuse of the Ashura traitor is democratic gesture. They say: “Khatami is a free man. He can vote, and he can do whatever he wants to do. You should respect the freedom and democracy. Participation in the Mullah election was not a sin”. The Ashura traitors don’t know that their stupid excuses belong to 1997, when they could fool the innocent youth. But now, those innocent youth have become wise men, and some of them will be the first generation of real intellectuals and global intellectuals in Iran. They know “the enemies of the open society” and the old excuses. They are tolerant, but they know “why they should not tolerate the intolerant and the enemies of freedom and tolerance“. They say: “Who has said that you can defend the Fascists, the Nazis, and the enemies of freedom, in the name of freedom? Who has said you are free to defend the savage Mullahs who are worse than Hitler and Goebbels? Who has said that you are free to defend tyranny and savagery? etc”. The baby baboons think they still can fool the people with democratic gesture. But the young Iranian intellectuals know that those who give money to betray the people and the human values, are worse than the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. Even the ordinary people know this. In the recent weeks, a group of political prisoners wrote an open letter and said: “Those who betray the people, those who participate in the Mullah election, and those who try to justify the tyranny and the Mullah regime, are worse than the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs. When Iran becomes a free country in the near future, we can forgive the Mullahs and the Basiji thugs, but we never forgive the traitors who betrayed the people“. It’s a clear sign of the people wisdom.

The Ashura traitors are not ignorant people, and what they did was not an accidental mistake. The Ashura traitors are stupid bastards who earn money by betraying the people and justifying the tyranny and the savagery. They know what they do. They are stupid, but they are not ignorant and what they do is not an accidental mistake. They know that in a free and democratic Iran, when all people can be free to express themselves, they should die, because no one would care about them. They ask themselves: “How we can tell big lies, how we can repeat our bullshits, and how we can fool the people, when the people can be free and the real intellectuals can talk and write freely?” So, they desperately try to keep the Mullah regime and the tyranny safe. Do you know why the Ashura traitors don’t protests against the Iranian Monarchists and Reza Pahalvi and don’t write anything against them? Do you know why some of the Ashura traitos, like Ganji and Behnoud, have praised Reza Pahalvi? It’s a good and important question. And the answer is clear. The Ashura traitors and worthless mercenaries always defend tyranny and the brutal tyrants. Their beloved system is “Dictatorship”, either religious dictatorship (like the Mullah regime) or secular dictatorship (like the Pahlavi regime), because they only can be alive in a closed society, not in an open society with free people and free intellectuals. Of course, their western masters, and those who pay them to betray the people, love the dictatorship, too. They still think a brutal dictatorship in Iran is in their national interests. Unfortunately, many ordinary people in the West think in this way, too. It’s really so tragic. We would write more about it later, but now, it should be said that many people in Iran know that why the West supports the worthless Iranian mercenaries and the Iranian baboons, financially and politically. Many know why the West just allows mercenaries and baboons to leave Iran, and why the independent people and thinkers should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran). As we said before, the Western media only work with the Iranian baboons, and it has a funny story. For instance, as we said before, the Washington Post had an interview with Abbas Abdi in 2011 (check Archive) and he told big shameful lies. He said: “In 2009, only about 40 to 50 people were killed”. But in the recent days, during a Mullah debate, Mottahari, a Basiji thug, revealed that only on June 20, 2009, the day after Khamenei’s speech in support of Mr. shit, about 60 people were killed by the security forces, then added that the actual number was higher even though he intentionally mentioned the lower number. It’s very important. You should know that in the recent days, Abbas Abdi works with the BBC Persian to save the dead Khatami. But those who work for the VOA or Radio Farda are worse than those who work with the BBC. The stupid VOA works with members of Savak, the Palavi Gestapo, and members of the Mullah Gestapo. On March 2, 2012, they had invited Hooshang AmirAhmadi, a political prostitute who works for the Mullahs. Hooshang AmirAhmadi that is a close friend of Mr. shit, tried to defend Khatami! and had a funny fight with Babak Dad, a close friend of Khatami that was angry at him. We have already written about Hooshang AmirAhmadi (check Archive). He is a good example of a worthless mercenary who tries to eat from both the manger (Akhor) and the nosebag (Tubreh). In the VOA farce, that the Mullah TV showed part of it, AmirAhmadi repeated his old excuse: ” We, [Khamati and I], are free to defend the Mullahs. We, [Khamati and I], are free to vote for the Mullahs. It’s one of our human rights”. And funny Iranians said: “Yah, you are free to defend Bin Laden, Hitler, Mussolini, Fascists, Nazis, etc, but you still can live in the US, can travel to Iran and can embezzle the people money”. A stupid jerk like AmirAhmadi has become somebody only because the VOA has cared about him since the mid-1990s, when he started to work as a lobbyist/ apologist for the Mullahs. Unfortunately, the US and the West only care about the mercenaries, and it’s like “the Story of Western Countries and Iranian Baboons” (check Archive). All the Mullah’s men are Iranian baboons, and most of them are double agents who eat from both the manger (Akhor) and the nosebag (Tubreh), that means, they get money from both the Mullahs and the Hypocrite West, and work for both of them.


In these days, some ask: “Why Khatami hammered the final nail in his coffin?” The answer is not very clear. It has many reasons, not just one reason. As all Iranians know, the main reason is: “Khatami is a coward and spineless baboon”. But there are some other reasons, and you can find one of them in the Telegraph’s article on March 2, 2012, where the British bastards in the Telegraph said: Exiled Crown Prince [Reza Pahlavi] campaigns to bring Arab Spring to Iran [!!]. The story of Khatami, Reza Pahlavi, and Khamenei is a funny story. As we said before, Dumb and Dumber: Khatami and Pahlavi are dead bastards, and are the best possible opposition leaders for Khamenei. In fact, Khamenei and his dogs really want to have an opposition like the Khatamists and the Pahlavists. When the oppositions leaders are the Dumb and Dumber, Khamenei can be sure that the people hate the opposition, as they hate him and his regime, so he can save his regime from the imminent fall. In the recent months, many Iranians truly say that the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi are stooge of the Mullahs. In fact, many stupid Monarchists directly work for the Mullahs, and the rest works for the Mullah interests. The Mullahs know that the people hate the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi, so they try to pretend that the main enemy of the Mullah regime is the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi, and if the people want to topple the Mullahs and their religious tyranny, then the people should accept the Monarchists and their secular tyranny as the alternative. In fact, the Mullahs want to disappoint and discourage the people, and the Iranian Monarchists are the best tool for them. “If the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi were the alternative, the people would not think about revolution or regime change, and they would prefer to reform the system”, the Mullahs and the reformists believe. When Khatami and the Khatamists understood that they are so disgraced and discredited in Iran, they tried to join Khamenei and other Mullahs, and all of them tried to boost the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi up. The story of, the main Iranian baboons’ website can tell the truth. In 2011, some asked: “Why that was a website for the Mullahs and Islamists in 2009 and 2010, and betrayed the people and the people movement at that time, suddenly has become a website for the Monarchists and the Rajavists in 2011?“. In fact, since 2011, the Mullah mercenaries, the Basiji thugs, and the Islamists in Balatarin have tried to boost the Monarchists and Reza Pahlavi up. But why? It’s a good question. Why a Basiji chalquz (bird shit) like Mr. Balatarin and his website should work with the Monarchists and the Rajavists ? Why the Islamist-Reformist and the Basiji members of Balatarin try to boost the Pahlavists and the Rajavists? Some say: “Because the Monarchists and other jerks pay Mr. Balatarin, and he can earn good money by betraying the people, specially when the people have boycotted”. It can be true. But it’s not the whole story. Some wise Iranians say: “ has contact with the Mullahs and the Mullah Gestapo, and they want to boost Reza Pahlavi up. It’s their evil plan for disappointing the people. The Mullahs pay Mr. Balatarin to disappoint and discourage the people. They know that the people hate Reza Pahlavi and the Monarchists, and they think finally the frustrated people would be forced to support Khatami and the Islamist-Reformists as the lesser evil“. It’s not a bad analysis, and can be true. But the traitors and their masters don’t know that Iranians inside Iran, that the majority of them are 35-, want to get rid of both the secular tyranny (Monarchy) and the religious tyranny (Mullah regime), and they hate both the Mullahs and the Monarchists. The Iranian jerks who live outside Iran, specially the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and the Marxists, are dead zombies and no one care about them in Iran. But as we said before, the main problem and the urgent need in Iran is “alternative media” and “alternative groups”.

The Ashura traitors, like Behnoud, Mr. Balatarin, Khatami, Kosar, Nabavi, Abdi, Ganji, and other Iranian baboons and Iranian expats, who earn money by betraying the people, are the main responsible for the current situation in Iran and all threats and all disasters. They have betrayed the people movement at least since 1997, and their betrayals in 2009 were the among the biggest betrayals in Iran’s history. Any possible war, and any possible classic revolution or violence in Iran has one main responsible: The Ashura traitors and those who betrayed the people in 2009. The Ashura traitors that said: “General strike, sit-down strike, or remaining in the streets, is bad and is equal to revolution, and is not our solution“, are the main responsible for the current and future disasters in Iran, and the history will never forgive them. The democratic gestures could fool the people in the past 15 years, but now, the people know the true colors of the fake intellectuals, and democratic gestures can not fool them any more. The younger generations of the Iranian intellectuals know what is freedom and what is democracy, and who is the enemy of freedom, democracy, and open society. As the great Popper said, for the sake of freedom, democracy, and tolerance, we should not tolerate the intolerance. It’s what the human history and the reason teach us. Those who have read the world history don’t repeat history, and don’t repeat the old big mistakes over and over. We and many other Iranians inside Iran know the Mullahs, their mercenaries, and their tactics. The Iranian mercenaries and their gesture of democracy is the funniest double standard in the world. It’s like the Mullah double standard, that we have already written about it (check Archive). The crocodile tears and the tragic jokes about defending the savage Mullahs who kill, rape, and torture the ordinary people and anyone who says anything about freedom and democracy, is just a sing of stupidity and betrayal. All Iranians are aware of the old Iranian saying: “Wolf’s repentance is Death”. In 2012, many Iranians know the wolfs in sheep’s clothing. The Nazi intellectuals, like Martin Heidegger (1889 -1976), who defended the Nazism and Hitler, were like Goebbles, but the journalists and the mercenaries who worked for Hitler and kissed Hitler’s ass with democratic gestures, and tried to brainwash the people, were worse than Goebbles and Hitler. If they had not helped Hitler, he would have gone to hell before 1939, and millions of the people were not killed in WW II. Anyway, now, some ask: “Why the wise Iranians who live in the free world don’t build some good website for the ordinary people in Iran who have no media and no voice? Why they don’t build some alternative to, and don’t send it to the trash can of history?” The Iranians inside Iran hate Iranian baboons, and have boycotted them, but the recently some stupid American media said that U.S. government funded Radio Farda and VOA, UK government funded BBC Persian, the Iranian baboon social media outlet Balatarin, are popular in Iran !! How shameless these American lairs are. If the people can have a strong media -at least some alternative for the Iranian baboon social media Balatarin – Iran will become a free country soon. The Ashura traitors are worse than the German ass-kissers who kissed Hitler’s ass in the 1930s. And the wise Iranian expats who live in the free world but don’t try to build a free and strong people media for Iranians inside Iran, are not better than the Ashura traitors. Sooner or later, the younger generations of Iranians, who are 75% of Iran’s population, will have their own leaders, their own groups, and their own media, and the older generations of Iranians, who are 50+, will go to hell for ever. Sooner or later, the younger generations of Iranians will get rid of the current bankrupt opposition, and Iran will have new opposition groups, new media, new intellectuals, etc. Now, some wise Iranians say to the outside world: “If you aid the young Iranians in getting rid of the Mullah regime, you would be on the right side of history and what you do is in your own interests, too. But if you betray the freedom, democracy and the younger generations of Iranians, you would be on the wrong side of history, and you will pay the high price of your betrayals”.

Russian Election: Cold Farce with Hot Protesters?

March 5, 2012

“Putin has claimed victory in Russia’s presidential election, thanking his supporters for helping foil foreign plots aimed to weaken the country [!], an election which the opposition and independent observers say has been marred by widespread violations”, the media reported. Stanislav Govorukhin, Putin’s campaign chief has said: “These were the cleanest elections in all of Russia’s history [!!]”, but some Russians said: “These were the greatest Farce in all of Russia’s history”. Many believe that the yesterday’s election in Russia was a “Russian Farce”. “Voters expressed anger at being offered no real choice in a vote pitting Putin against four weaker candidates -communist Zyuganov, nationalist Zhirinovsky, former parliamentary speaker Sergei Mironov and billionaire Prokhorov”, the media reported. Russian Election is a farce or a tragedy? You can’t be sure, but Putin’s dictatorship in Russia, and the stupid and loose reactions to him, is a great tragedy for Russia and today’s world. We should not forget that Constitutional changes instituted by Medvedev extended the presidential term from four to six years, but no one protested against it in Russia. The next days and the Russian reactions will show us whether we should call Russians “The dumbest nation of the world” or not.


“A group of female activists called ‘Femen’, known for their topless protests against trafficking of women and prostitution in several countries, turned up at the polling station in Moscow minutes after Putin voted. The three women pulled off their tops, shouted ‘Putin is a thief!’ and tried to steal the ballot box with his vote before being detained by police”, the media reported. The Ukrainian Femen group has become symbol of Anti-Putin protesters. Some say it’s a good thing for Russia, because the situation in the 20th century Russia, the greatest Animal Farm of the world, was so tragic and so horrible. But “Femen” protests seem like a farce, if they don’t have any real mass protest there. Russia needs both Femen-styled protests and real mass protests against dictatorship. “If the past two months have generated a sense of euphoria, they have also revealed many things. The protesters mistrust all political parties and organizations. They want to organize themselves into civil-society groups, and start to protest”, some Russian said. I hope it will happen, otherwise, Russia will become “the land of the dumbest people”.


“Polling station officials clash with topless members of the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN at a polling station in Moscow. I steal for Putin, is written on their bodies. Today, Putin declared victory when fewer than a quarter of the votes had been counted. Accounts by independent observers of extensive vote-rigging, looked set to strengthen the resolve of opposition forces whose unprecedented protests in recent months have posed the first serious challenge to Putin’s heavy-handed rule”, the media added. Apparently, Dmitry Medvedev, the president since 2008, is now expected to become PM. It’s really a great Russian Farce. If Putin-Medvedev comedy show continue, many would call the Russians “The dumbest people of the world”. In the West, the first reactions to Putin re-election was so shameful. The stupid lefts’ reactions and the fake intellectuals’ reactions can show us why today’s world should be so shitty. Some say FEMEN protesters don’t have brain and are stupid ‘blonds’, but it’s the skull of stupid lefts and fake intellectuals in the West that is full of shit. They are brainless, not the female protesters. FEMEN protesters don’t pretend that they are intellectuals.


“These elections are not free. That’s why we’ll have protests tomorrow. We will not recognize the president as legitimate,” said Kasyanov, who was Putin’s first PM before going into opposition. The wave of [weak] protests began after a December parliamentary election with widespread vote fraud”, the media reported. I hope they start to protest against the new Stalin in Russia. “Voters are bussed from polling station to polling station to cast multiple votes. Navalny, who coined the phrase ‘the party of thieves and crooks‘ to describe Putin’s United Russia party, describes today’s election as ‘unfree and illegitimate’. He points out that independent candidates weren’t allowed to register and take part- and that Russia’s state media ‘worked for only one candidate’. He also says today’s poll contained numerous ‘violations’ of Russia’s criminal codex”, the media reported. Apparently, Navalny and many other independent candidates weren’t allowed to register and take part in the election, and it clearly shows us that the election show in Russia is a shame. The Western idiots who defend Putin should be ashamed of themselves. They are worse than Nazi intellectuals, who defend Nazism and Hitler in the 1930s. Shame on them all.


“This time the Femen read, ‘Steal for Putin,’ perhaps a parody on a pro-Putin campaign called ‘Strip for Putin,’ in which young ladies calling themselves The Putin Army Girls encouraged others to send raunchy pictures and videos of themselves stripping in order to promote the re-election of the Russian President. It is a widely held belief throughout Russia that Putin has manipulated the election”, some Russian bloggers said. Opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov said: “This is not elections, this is a disgrace. They spit in all our faces again. Tomorrow we go out on the streets”. The Femen protesters are really wiser than Noam Chomsky and other stupid lefts and fake intellectuals in the US and Europe. The shameless bastards who defend tyranny and savage tyrants like Gaddafi, Assad, and Khamenei, are defending Putin now. Such a wise intellectuals the US and Europe have ! They should be proud of themselves. They are theorizing tyranny and savagery, in the name of fighting against imperialism. God Bells Nazi intellectuals. The US has many serious problems, not because Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama) is its president, but because Mr. Stupid Donkey (Chomsky) is its top intellectual.


“The Ukrainian women’s movement FEMEN braves the cold (-22 C, that feel more like -31C) and resists the guards in front of the Russias natural gas monopoly giant Gazprom headquarters in central Moscow, on February 13, 2012, during their topless protest against what they called antiUkraine gas terror. They blamed Putin and Gazprom of subjugating Ukraine and Europe at large”, the media reported. The cold and frozen Russia always reminds us of Siberia’s labor camps. “Doctor Zhivago” (1965) movie, the masterpiece of David Lean, can show you part of the real image of USSR and the Russian Animal Farm in the 20th century. But today, both the Putin Army Girls and the anti-Putin Army Girls try to draw a new picture for the old-styled dictatorship in Russia, while we all know that Putin is a new Stalin, and Russia still is not a democracy, but is a stupid dictatorship. The new Stalin that has its own Army Girls is not like the Mullahs who suppress the women and the personal freedoms. The new Stalin loves topless girls, and brainless men. Russians can be topless, but they should be brainless too, otherwise they will be sent to prison. In fact, “Brainlessness” is the main issue and a sing of tyranny or democracy, not “Toplessness”.


Cold weather and hot protesters in Russia makes a funny contrast. The cold and frozen Russia reminds many of Lenin, Stalin, Tsar, and Siberia’s torture camps. “100 years ago, the Russian people were more modern and more developed than Iranians, but today, in 2012, we all can see that the Iranian people are much more modern and much more developed than Russians. You can compare March 2 with March 4, or the 2009 (in Iran( with the 2012 (in Russia). It’s very meaningful. The past three years clearly showed that today’s Iran has one of the wisest and most modern people in the world”, some Iranians say. It’s true. But I hope other nations don’t remain stupid or ignorant, too. Unfortunately, the idiots and the fake intellectuals in the West defend Putin and other dictators, and pretend ignorance that ‘unlimited power = unlimited corruption’. Putin’s third presidency and Putin-Medvedev farce is a clear sign of tyranny, independent of the legitimacy of the Russian election show. But unfortunately, the stupid lefts and the fake intellectuals in the US and the West can’t understand that, and it’s a great tragedy for today’s world. It’s so funny and so tragic that both the American rights and the American lefts support tyranny and savage tyrants – one for imperialism, and one for fighting against imperialism ! They are two side of the same coins. Where are liberals and real intellectuals?

Iran Election Boycott and Western Media

March 3, 2012

Yesterday, when the ordinary Iranians had boycotted the Mullah election, and the streets and the polling stations were deserted, we didn’t think about “sham election”, ‘bankrupt regime, “bankrupt opposition”, or what many Iranians said: “the successful boycott was a slap in the face for Mullahs”. But we thought of the Hypocrite West and the political prostitutes and the worthless mercenaries in the West, who call themselves “journalist”, “politician”, ‘analyst”, etc. I specially thought about what Greenslade, who works for the Guardian, had said about the Mullah propaganda machine. In 2011, Greenslade said that he has received an email from the Mullah TV (Press TV) that says: “Dear Sir, would you like to broadcast on our impartial Mullah TV network?” He published the email, that part of it is interesting: “Dear Sir, … Press TV is a 24-hour English-language universal news network. It carries news analysis, documentary talk shows … The channel is available in most parts of the world via 14 satellites, as well as cable and internet … Our research team has shortlisted new analysts and journalists, including you, to be added to our database for potential future interviews. The 25-minute interviews will be via satellite link and will take place in our studios in Hanger lane (Ealing) in your preferred time. The transportation from and to your place will be provided and a 50 GBP complementary fee will be paid as well [!]. Our phone interviews are generally much shorter (5 to 10 minutes) … I wonder if you could give me your mobile number and personal email address. Sara A., Assistant Producer”. In fact, the Mullahs pay at least 50 GBP or about $100 to the political prostitutes, for a 5 to 25 minute interview and for defending the Mullahs in the media. Greenslade added: “What the email does not say is that Press TV is funded by the Mullahs, and is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). It also fails to mention that its programs are monitored and regulated by the Mullahs and that the Constitution of the regime mandates that ‘all broadcasting must exclusively be government-operated“. Yesterday, I thought about all Western mercenaries who are paid by the Mullahs and say big shameful lies. Yesterday, I saw a Canadian bastard, who gave Press TV an interview, and it reminds me of 2009. In 2009, we asked ourselves: “Why a worthless Canadian mercenary can live in Calgary, can repeats the Mullah bullshit? Why a Canada bastard can repeat the American Baboon (the CIA-agent) bullshits without shame, and can live in luxury in Canada because he is paid by the Mullahs, but the ordinary Iranians should be victim of the Western sanctions? Why Canada should be the land of jerks and assholes, and the Mullah embezzlers and the Mullah crooks and the Mullah thieves can go there and can live in luxury there? Why a Canadian jerk can live in the free world, but we should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran)?” But now in 2012, we all can see many basic and fundamental problems in the West. Now in 2012, many know that Western media, Western journalists, Western values, Western intellectuals, etc have many serious problems. Yesterday, CNN’s Ivan Watson reported [from Tehran, Iran]: “All foreign journalists being BUSSED by authorities to polling stations. No alternative. This is the 1st election I’ve covered anywhere in the world where authorities ordered reporters on buses to cover vote“. (Of course, Ivan Watson’s report for CNN was a stupid report. His report, with title “Iran votes in first nationwide poll since 2009 protests”, was full of stupid things). In fact, many foreign journalists were so stupid yesterday. The Mullahs used Goebbels’s tactics and said: “The American and European reporters and journalists are astonished by the high level of public participation at the polling stations [!!] … The western reporters are so shocked by people’s high turnout [!!] that are rejecting Iranian reporters’ call for interview”. Yesterday, many foreign journalists were like stupid sheep, but of course they were not shocked by people’s turnout, because they were bussed by the Mullahs and were shepherded on the mandatory ‘press bus’ in Tehran. But Yesterday, you could understand that many Western journalists are like the stupid sheep or the worthless mercenaries. Let’s talk about it more.


Yesterday, the ordinary people saw that the streets and the polling stations were empty. No crowds, but the Mullah TV and some Western journalists who were bussed by the Mullahs to several polling stations told big shameful lies, and followed Goebbels’s advices. Unfortunately, many Western journalists are like sheep. The Mullahs play with them easily, and sometimes pay them easily. During the protests and the crackdowns, Western journalists don’t go to Iran and don’t cover Iran news, but when the Mullahs have a comedy show, they go to Iran and cover the Mullah Farce. What it means ?! You can ask yourself: “Are Western journalists sheep? why they allow the Mullah to play with them and treat them like the stupid sheep? Why they allow themselves to be bussed by the Mullahs? Why they work as part of the Mullah propaganda machine?” The Wall Street Journal correspondent Bill Spindle was among foreign journalists loaded onto buses, taken to three busy polling stations, “and warned not to visit others on their own“, he himself said. Unfortunately, the number of free and independent Western journalists, who tell the truth, is very small. Bill Spindle had a stupid report, and only covered what the Mullahs had allowed him, i.e. he only covered the Basiji thugs. The only reasonable thing that he said was: “Foreign journalists covering the elections were limited in where they could go or to whom they could speak. Dozens of foreign journalists were loaded onto buses on Friday morning, delivered to three voting stations and warned not to visit others on their own“. But why Western journalists don’t protest and don’t stop reporting and covering the Basiji thugs? Why they go to Iran to be Mullah puppet? It’s a very important question. They work with the evil force and cover Goebbels-styled lies. It’s very shameful. Yesterday, most of Western journalists in Tehran were either sheep or mercenary. Those who gave the Mullah TV interviews, like the shameless journalists from Italy, Japan, France, etc were worthless mercenaries. Those who didn’t say that they were bussed by the Mullahs and were not allowed to cover the truth, were really mercenary. A Western journalist, who wanted to remain unknown, said: “This morning they said that we were bused to about ten polling stations. But we were bused to three polling stations. Clearly they were afraid we’d see empty polling stations. Finally they said we had to go back to the hotel, and that we weren’t allowed to go to any other polling stations. When I got back to the hotel tonight, there was a note under the door telling us that our authorizations to work here will expire on March 4 and that we should not overstay our permissions“. Yesterday, the people reporters, in all around Iran, said: “‘Khalvatte’ [It’s deserted]”. Many video clips have been posted online that show totally deserted polling stations around Iran. As the people reporters and the people analysts said: “the maximum number of participants in the Mullah election show is about 5 million”. In fact, 5 million is the best possible case, but do you know the number of the eligible voters in Iran? The number of eligible voters is 48 million. So, the turnout is about 10%, but the Mullah propaganda machine claimed the turnout is above 60% ! As you know, the Mullahs are followers of Goebbels. They don’t like small lies. For instance, they don’t say a small lie like this: “the turnout is about 20%”, or even a bigger lie like this: “the turnout is about 30%”. They only tell the biggest possible lies. They say the turnout is above 60%! Yesterday, a Mullah media, Tabnak, reported: “the turnout is about 30%”, but today they deleted their report! Some stupid bastards say that the Mullahs and Mr. shit are supported by rural voters. But we have not forgotten that the vast majority of rural voters had supported the reformist candidates in 1997, 1999, 2001. In fact, even in ‘Kureh Dahat’ (the small remote village), the people hate the Mullahs as much as they hate the Monarchists . Those who live in the rural areas in Iran are really wiser and more open-minded than the majority of the Iranian exapts who live in the West. In today’s Iran, the vast majority of Iranians hate the Mullahs as much as they hate the Monarchists, Reza Pahlavi, and other Iranian jerks who live outside Iran. The vast majority of Iranians believe that both the Mullahs and the Monarchists are two sides of the same coin. And it’s really true. The people reporters truly say: “Almost all polling satiations were empty, and only about 200 to 300 polling stations, that were covered by TV camera, were not among deserted polling stations. But more than 30,000 polling stations, that the Mullah TV didn’t show them, were deserted polling stations”. But Western media and Western journalists, who were bussed, controlled, or even paid by the Mullahs, didn’t cover such important facts.


The story of Western media and their stupid or worthless journalists is a funny story. As some independent journalists said, many Western journalists can’t get visa, maybe because the Mullahs think they can be dangerous. Yesterday, among those who could get visa, many were Iranian expats (Iranian-Americans, etc), who are coward jerks or worthless mercenaries. Some of them are frightened to death of the Mullahs, and I don’t know why they go to Iran, and others just get money and tell any big shameful lie whiteout shame. In 2009, we learned that most of Western journalists and Iranian exapt journalists only tell big lies and try to play with public opinion. There is not no doubt that the Western politicians and their policymakers are aware of the truth. The media only try to deceive public opinion. Some funny Iranians say: “Those who are aware of the color of Khamenei’s underwear, are not ignorant people. They just pretending ignorance, or as Iranians say, what they do is ‘Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan‘ -a funny Persian term that means ‘pretending Ignorance’ or ‘pretend that you are a donkey and can’t see the truth and the facts’. Only the ordinary people who are unaware of the truth, are brainwashed by the media”. Yesterday, the Western media seemed stupid or charlatan. The Financial Times had an awful report with an awful title, “Iran Parliamentary Polls See High Turnout”. It can show you the true colors of the British media. The opening paragraph of their article was: “Millions of Iranians voted to elect a new parliament” !! Of course, the British bastards had added: “millions out of the 50 millions eligible voters could still be a low percentage!” The Christian Science Monitor’s Scott Peterson had a stupid report from Tehran. The only true thing he said was: “People come one by one and there is no crowd. Most people who do vote are old people and very religious women with chadors“. He also added: “Despite the state figures, there was also widespread anecdotal evidence that an opposition boycott kept many reform-minded voters at home”. Of course, it’s wrong. Because the people boycotted the election, not the opposition. The bankrupt opposition groups only followed the people. The Iranian opposition groups are stupid and opportunist groups that the people only shit on them, and on one cares about them in Iran. As we said before, the 2011 or Feb 14 (2012) was a clear sign of the bankruptcy of the Iranian opposition. The Iranians inside Iran only hate the opposition, from the coward idiot Khatami to the stupid jerk Reza Pahlavi. But the Western media say nothing about this important issue, and prefer ‘Khod ro-be Khariat Zadan’ (pretending ignorance). Yesterday, the Huffington Post, the NBC, The CBS, the ABC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, and many other western media had weak, stupid, or dreadful report about Iran election. CBS News had a dreadful report with a dreadful title : “Big turnout expected for Iran elections [!!]”. The Guardian -that recently has launched its Iran-Blog, while in 2011 these shameless jerks didn’t cover the Iranian protests- had a weak report with the title: “Iran conducts ‘grossly unfair’ election amid sanctions and threat of war”. Of course, they confirmed that: “Foreign media were largely not allowed into Iran to cover the elections and those in the country could not operate freely“. Reuters had a weak report, too. They only confirmed that: “Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on leaving the office to report, film or take pictures in Tehran“. Jason Rezaian, the Iranian correspondent of Global Post, wrote: “Visiting foreign journalists covering Iran election in Tehran have all been sent back to their hotels & told to stay put”. Some Western journalists had very dreadful reports. Max Fisher from the Atlantic said: “We in the West often take Iranian elections as a farce, and it’s true that the country is not a democracy, but it does have some modest democratic features [!!!]. Elected legislatures have actual powers (though not many), reformist parties are represented [!!!]”. What this jerk has said is “Dorugh Shakh-dar” (lies that have horn; big shameful lies). And we should not forget that yesterday, The Atlantic magazine had another stupid report, that was an interview with Mr. Stupid Monkey (Obama). In the Mullah election day, Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) said: As president of the United States, I dont bluff. [I will attack Iran]. And funny Iranians say: “Yah, you just eat shit. You just eat extra shit. If you want to attack here in the name of nuclear issue, you will go to hell, the little monkey”. We would write more about what Mr. stupid monkey (Obama) has said. But it’s not the important news of these days. The important news is about the Iranian Monarchists’ Conference in Washington. Apparently, the Iranian Monarchists who are puppet of bad guys in the US want to hold a conference in Washington . Can you believe it ?! It’s funny to know that today, the Telegraph had a funny ridiculous report about Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian Monarchists. The British bastards in the Telegraph and other British media just show their true colors more and more. But they should know that Iranians hate the British Bastards as much as they hate the Mullahs, the Monarchists, Khamenei, and Reza Pahlavi. In these days, the bad guys in the West just assure us of their true colors. If the US tries to support the Iranian Monarchists, it would convert 2012 into 1953. It creates deep hate towards the West. The Iranian Monarchists’ conference in Washington would be a ‘Declaring War against the ordinary Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran’. And all Iranians inside Iran, including us, will treat the American jerks and the British bastards like a worthless pig and an enemy after that. It’s our last warning to the hypocrite west. We would write more about these important but shameful news later.

[ – ] P.S. If you want to find any of the above-mentioned reports in the Western media, you can google the title or the author’s name of each report. In this way, you can find them very easily