Hypocrite West and The Secrets of 2009 Coup, 2

In these days, the wise people can learn many things about the main problems of the West and the world. As we said in the first article about the secrets of the 2009 coup , both the Mullahs and the Hypocrite West follow Goebbels, the minister of propaganda for the Nazi party and Hitler regime, who believed that the lies should be so big, the bigger, the better. In 2009, the Goebbels’s advice for the Mullahs and the Hypocrite West was: “If about 5% of the people support you, you should pretend that about 85% or 75% of the people support you. And if you are close friend of the Mullahs and Mr. shit, and your secret agents, your polling organizations, your fake intellectuals, and your media support them, you should pretend that the Mullahs and Mr. shit are your enemy”. As we said before, the TFT poll that was a poll for the BBC and the ABC, told the biggest possible lies without shame. In fact, for the first time after the Islamic revolution some western polling organizations tried to help the Mullahs in 2009. If you ask yourself: “what’s the use of this sort of fake polls”, you should know that the Western mass media and the mercenaries only repeated one thing in 2009: “ Western polling organizations have confirmed that the official result of election is consistent with their pre and post election polls [!!]” In fact, there was a collaboration between the Mullahs and the Hypocrite West. The Mullahs created the greatest election fraud in Iran’s history, and the Hypocrite West justified it and supported it. The story of the Western polling organizations in 2009, is very interesting and very informative. Those who have not become “Khar Fahm” (aware) yet, can think about the story of the Western polling organizations in 2009. The story of WorldPublicOpinion.org (WPO) is so funny and can show you many things. The WPO had a report in September 2009 with the title ‘Iranian Public on Current Issues’ that was a very laughable joke that they called it “polling”. They reported: “In an effort to accurately gauge how Iranians feel about their government, the US government and the American people, the WPO undertook a poll of a nationally representative sample of Iranians … Among those who say they voted in the 2009 election, a modest majority say they voted for Ahmadinejad [!!!] … Eight in 10 say Ahmadinejad is honest [!!!!] … Eight in ten say they consider Ahmadinejad to be the legitimate president of Iran [!!!!] … Most express confidence in the election process and the declared results [!!!] … In general, eight in 10 say they are satisfied with the process by which Iranian authorities are elected [!!!!] … Only four in 10 support the general idea of having international observers monitor elections [!!!!] … Overall, most Iranians express support for their current system of government [!!!!]. Nine in 10 say they are satisfied with the system [!!!!] … A modest majority says that the way the supreme leader is selected is consistent with the principles of democracy [!!!!], though three-fifths say they are comfortable with the extent of his power [!!!!]… A large majority says that people in Iran are at least somewhat free to express controversial views without fear of being harassed or punished [!!!!] … A large majority says they trust the Iranian government to do the right thing at least some of the time [!!!!], and a modest majority trusts it to do the right thing most of the time [!!!!] … views of Obama are substantially better than views of his predecessor (Bush) [!!] … A large majority continue to have an unfavorable view of the US government, though views have softened a bit [!!!] … Large majorities express at least some confidence in all major Iranian government institutions [!!!!] and two thirds express a lot of confidence in their president [!!!!], as do a modest majority in their police [!!!!]” Can you believe it? Some funny Iranians say: “God Bless Goebbels! God Bless Hitler! Compared to these American jerks, Goebbels and Hitler seem like innocent children!” In 2009, the wise Iranians truly said: “Mr. shit is the president of American media and American polling organizations, not the president of Iranians. The Americans are friend of the Mullahs, not enemy of them. Mr. shit is their president, not our president. The Mullah regime is their regime, not our regime”. And now even the stupidest people can understand what the wise guys said. It’s funny to know that in 2012, the American jerks and the British bastards say: “Iranians support the Mullah regime, and the Islamic regime is their regime, and all Iranians should suffer …” The Hypocrite West is really so shameless. They tell the biggest possible lies, in a way that you are forced to say: “God Bless Goebbels“. The story of 2009 is really so laughable. Some funny Iranians say: “Lets forget the freedom or democracy and how Mr. shit had fucked all aspects of life in Iran. Lets just focus on the economy. In 2009, the Western bastards claimed: ‘ Iranians love Mr. shit, because he has changed the inflation rate from 15% to 50% !!‘. But If they said: ‘The raped person loves the raper’, it would be more reasonable and less laughable”. The Western polling organizations and their shameful reports -that they call it “poll”- can show many things. You can ask yourself: “Why the Hypocrite West should support Mr shit and the Mullah regime, by telling big shameful lies? Why the CIA agents and the American media should defend Mr shit?”. Some wise Iranians say: “Now in 2012, even Khaje Hafiz Shirazi and the stupidest people know the truth. In fact, all Iranians know that there is just two possibilities: (1) Mr. shit is a CIA agent, Khamenei is a MI6 agent, and the Mullahs are western puppet. (2)The Christian fanatics support the Muslim fanatics (Mullahs/ Islamists), because they want to accelerate the arrival of the End of Times. In fact, if you know why the Christian fanatics support the Jewish fanatics (Zionists), you know why they should support the Mullah regime as well. What the TFT and the WPO, and other western polling organizations said in 2009, was not a small lie or an unimportant lie. If they had said: ‘Milk is Black, but Tar is White’, it would have been more acceptable”. We all should think about it.


In 2009, almost all Iranians asked the Hypocrite West and Obama to put pressure on the Mullahs. If the West had helped Iranians at that time, it would be a win-win situation. But the Hypocrite West and the stupid monkey Obama refused to put any pressure on the Mullahs in 2009. In fact, Iranians asked for help and asked for a heavy pressure on the Mullahs in 2009, but the Hypocrite West and the stupid monkey Obama refused to help Iranians, and instead they aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians. Anyone with half a brain knows what it means. At that time, the main issue was the freedom, democracy, and human rights, but the Hypocrite West and the stupid monkey Obama don’t care about these matters. It’s so obvious that Iranians should be angry at the West. It’s so obvious why Iranians don’t support any sanction or pressure in 2012, in the name of nuclear issues. It’s so obvious that the Hypocrite West and the stupid monkey Obama should apologize to Iranians for betraying them in 2009. But why they refuse to apologize? It’s a good question. No one in the West, even the media, the journalists, etc don’t apologize to Iranians. But why? Some wise guys say: “If what they did in 2009 had been mistake, they would have apologized. But what they did in 2009 was not mistake. It was a horrible plot. The CIA agents and those who published the fake polls, and those who paid the Iranian baboons and the Iranian mercenaries to control and manage the Iran’s people, and those who paid the mercenaries and the media to brainwash and mislead public opinion in the world, were not ignorant or naive. The were bad guys and congenital bastards. And that’s why they even don’t apologize to Iranians for betraying them”. But do you know what some naive or stupid Westerners say in 2012? They say: “In Iran, even the people who hate their government do not want a US invasion to ‘help them’ get rid of it“. These people are really so stupid. They should read and think about what happened in 2009. The story of the VOA Farsi and the BBC Persian in 2009, is another story that can show you many things. Some former staff of the VOA say: “For more than 10 years, the VOA had one boss (Ahmad Baharhou), but since 2009 until now, the VOA has changed two bosses, first Ali Sajadi, then Ramin Asgard. Both of them instructed their work force to keep all anti-regime criticism off the air, because they wanted VOA to serve as a bridge between the US and the Mullahs. It’s Obama’s policy. The VOA and Obama preferred to give airtime to apologists for the Mullah regime. Lack of coverage of the green movement and the Iranian protests in 2009, was so ridiculous. Even when the video of Neda Agha Sultans murder was circulated around the world, the VOA Farsi chose not to broadcast the video for three days. When millions of Iranians took to the streets, and many were killed by the regime, and Tehran and other major cities were on fire, the VOA continued with their biography of Jennifer Lopez, or their documentary about the American monkeys, and even in the news segment reported these protests as the eighth or ninth new item. Their shameful behavior and their stupid programs had one important result: ‘VOA lost much of its audience in Iran‘. Now, even the stupidest people don’t watch the VOA in Iran”. It’s really true. And it’s like the story of the BBC Persian. In 2009, funny Iranians said: “The BBC stands for ‘British Bastards Crap‘ and the BBC Persian should be called ‘the Ayatollah BBC'”. When the people were in the streets, the BBC preferred to be silent, and aired their documentary about the British baboons and the British chameleons. They desperately tried to calm the people, and wanted to prevent form a revolution. Their commentators were Iranian baboons and mercenaries that now they are known as ‘Ashura Traitors’. Their British analysts said: “In the UK, the opposition doesn’t riot when it loses. It accepts the loss and works for a better result next time. In the absence of evidence about corruption [!!!] (and Iran has an ok electoral record [!!!]) Iranians can hope for better next time instead of preaching street protest and denying the possibility that conservatives [the Mullahs] in Iran have real support [!!!]” Can you believe it? As we said before, the British bastards in almost all British media were the main supporter of Khamenei. They said: “Iranians don’t chant against Khamenei. ‘Death to the dictator’, is a chant against Mr. shit, not Khamenei [!!]”. Some say: “The mercenaries and apologists for the Mullah regime worked in the BBC, the VOA, the Guardian, and almost other British and American media. They gave interview, or put comments in these media, and were paid 10$ to 100$ per hour. In 2009, the Mullahs spent billions of dollar on the the mercenaries and the apologists”. Many secret deals and secret meetings in 2009 still are among the hidden facts, but in September 2009, the Reuters had a very important news about the secret relations between the Mullahs and the US. Another Mullah mystery, Mullah foreign minister visits Washington was a report about a secret meeting between the Mullah officials and the US officials, when the Iranians were in the streets, and were killed by the help of Western countries. “A visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki to Washington, D.C., on the eve of the big talks in Geneva has our antennae twitching … Mottaki was apparently not in town for any back channel meetings with U.S. officials in D.C. [!!] … Mottaki had to get special U.S. permission to come to Washington … ‘I wouldnt read too much into this, it was a straightforward request and we granted it,’ State Department spokesman Crowley said. Hmmmmm. We asked some Washingtonians … [but] that doesnt solve the mystery. What do you think?“, the Reuters reported. It’s really bigger than “Iran Contra” scandal. Some Iranians say: “What happened in 2009 in Iran, was bigger than 9/11. But if some countries had met with Bin Laden before and after the 9/11 attacks, how the Americans would have felt about them?”. It’s a good question. There many funny stories about the Hypocrite West and the 2009 coup in Iran. We would write more about it later.

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