VOA, Radio Farda, and American Baboons

In the recent weeks, the VOA Farsi and the Radio Farda, two American media for Iranians inside Iran, have started to care about the stupid Iranian Monarchists, and have tried to care about Reza Pahlavi and other stupid bastards who live in LA, California, and are among the stupidest jerks in the world. The VOA Farsi has lost most of its audience in Iran, and no one cares about it here. In fact, the VOA Farsi has a very very limited audience in Iran; Maybe only about some thousands people watch it here, but it doesn’t mean that the VOA Farsi can eat any shit and can do whatever it wants to do. In the recent weeks, the VOA Farsi had an interview with a human monster, Parviz Sabeti, who was the head of Pahlavi Gestapo, Savak, in the Pahlavi era. Parviz Sabeti is a torturer, serial killer, and a serious criminal who should be tried for his crimes against humanity, but a human monster and a savage criminal like Parviz Sabeti can live in the US !! It’s very very shameful. Some funny Iranians say: “Parviz Sabeti is an Iranian Bin Laden. A few people can accept that ‘Bin Laden’ or Parviz Sabeti live in the US, but if the American media try to have interview with ‘Bin Laden’ or Parviz Sabeti who live in the US, then America clearly declares that it’s a country like Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, or Taliban Afghanistan. The Americans should be aware of the shameful behavior of their government and its meanings. It’s so funny and so obvious that when the stupid monkey (Obama) is the US president, the VOA becomes a Nazi media and a Fascist media”. Apparently the US wants to destroy its image in Iran, and the stupid monkey Obama and the American baboons want to disgrace the US as much as possible. It’s what the Americans should know it. Apparently, the stupid monkey Obama wants to assure Iranians of Americans’ stupidity and Americans’ savagery. The messages that the US send to Iranians in these days are very clear and very shameful: “The US is the enemy of the freedom and democracy. The US is the enemy of the human rights. The US is the enemy of the ordinary Iranians. The US is a Fascist country. The US is where the terrorists and the savage people live in it. The US is the land of jerks and assholes,. etc”. It’s what the Americans should be aware of it. The stupid monkey Obama is really like Bin Laden who disgraced the whole Muslim world.


Radio Farda, the stupid radio that just wastes the American tax payers money, has started to care about the stupid Iranian Monarchists and their stupid leader, Reza Pahlavi, too. Some weeks ago, Radio Farda had an interview with the stupid bastard, Reza Pahlavi, and recently, their stupid website has had a poll with this question: “Who is the most important Iranian figure in this year: Mousavi, Rahnavard, Reza Pahlavi !!, …”. The American baboons are so stupid. They only disgrace themselves and the US, without gaining anything. Some funny Iranians say: “This stupid poll is not important. Who cares about Radio Farda and its stupid poll. But this fact that the Americans are showing their true colors more and more, and the US is converting into a Fascist country with a lot of Fascist media, is very shameful and meaningful. They have converted Radio Farda and the VOA Farsi into the Los Angeles TVs, that were cheap and nasty and no one cared about them in Iran. The Log Angeles TVs went bankrupt and wasted the American tax payers money”. The results of these shameful behaviors is very clear. We have already written about the Iranian Monarchists and their stupid leader Reza Pahlavi, and how much Iranians inside Iran hate these stupid bastards. As we said before, the Iranians inside Iran believe and clearly declare: “The groups and countries that want to work with the Iranian Monarchists or try to care about them, should know that this act only has one meaning for Iranians inside Iran: Declaring war against Iranians inside Iran and the freedom and democracy in Iran We will treat these worthless groups or countries like a disgusting enemy”. As we said before, Sweden and the Swedish jerks have tried to eat shit and wanted to work with the Iranian Monarchists, but Iranians inside Iran gave them a proper answer. They only disgraced themselves. And now the VOA Farsi and Radio Farda, the Fascist American media, only disgrace the US more, and only prove that the US is the first and main enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. The Americans should know it, and should do something about it, if they really don’t like this image of their country. They should protest against the stupid monkey Obama and his shameless administrations. The stupid monkey Obama, the American baboons and the Fascist American media only disgrace and discredit the US as a whole, and it’s what the Americans should be aware of it.

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