Pictures of Iran: Private Parties

Many know nothing about today’s Iran. Some ask us about “Fashion World”, “ordinary life”, etc in Iran. In “Valentine Day”, lets take a look at some pictures that can show you part of today’s Iran, specially private parties in Iran.

Inside their homes, Iranians and Westerners don’t have serious differences. The younger generations in Iran and the West are almost alike. What they do -at least in their private life-, their views, their thoughts, their stupidities, their mistakes, etc are almost alike. But unfortunately, the western mass media tell big shameful lies about Iran and Iranians.


Inside their homes, and in their private parties, Iranians are not distinguishable from the people in the west. The underground activities, including underground parties, are part of today’s life in Iran, despite the fact that the Mullah often arrest the participants. The Mullahs raid the private parties and don’t allow the people to be happy even in their homes, because the privacy and the private life are meaningless for the Islamists. It’s what the world history should never forget it.


The rich kids or the upper class are just a small part of the story of private parties and underground activities in Iran. The middle call families and the ordinary boys and girls, that are in majority in Iran, have the main role in all aspects of life, including private parties and underground activities. The people don’t care about the Mullahs and try to live a normal life, despite all Mullah threats.


Valentine Day in Iran is like the rest of the world. The Mullahs and their media don’t tell anything about it, and the Mullahs try to threaten the people, but it neither stop the people, nor change the reality. In the Coffee shops, and in the streets and parks, and also in the private parties, the people live their own life like other people in all around the world. The Mullahs are so desperate; they even could not ban the sale of all Valentine’s Day items, because the majority of Iranians don’t care about these red lines.


Like other parts of the world, some Iranians care about parties, fashion, or Valentine a lot, some are so-so, and some don’t care about it at all. It’s quite normal. Of course, the wide gap between boys and girls who are under the age of 18 (In Iran, the boys and girls are separated between the age of 7 to 18) have created serious social and psychological problems in Iran. It’s not normal, but it’s an abnormality that the Mullahs has created it, and many try to cope with it in their private life.


The ordinary boys and girls in Iran are educated and modern. They are like their counterparts in the west, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any problem. In fact, they have a lot of problems, but most of their problems are global problems, and sometimes their counterparts in the west have more serious problems. In fact, the continuous crises in all aspect of life in Iran, have forced Iranians to be wiser than their counterparts in the west. As you probably know, “Crisis is the mother of Evolution”.


The young boys and girls in Iran, America, Europe, and many other countries are like each other. They are modern and try to be happy as much as possible. It’s good. But many follow fashion like sheep, and many are manipulated by the Western mass media. It’s not good. Being happy and enjoying your life is very different from being sheep and living like sheep. I hope one day the people in all around the world can understand it.

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