History of Iran, Timeline: 1979-1989

These days are the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. It’s not bad we take a look at what happened in the past 33 years. In a series of three articles, we will write a very brief history of the past 33 years. Here are the first part:


The Shah fled from Iran, and Khomeini returned from France. Jimmy Carter and all participants of the Guadeloupe Conference supported Khomeini and the Mullahs. Khomeini established a theocratic regime, and a referendum was held to name it the Islamic Republic. The stupid Iranians approved a new Islamic constitution, that the stupid Iranian elite wrote it. Khomeini, as Vali Faqih, or Supreme Leader, held the highest authority in the country. Khomeini forgot what he had promised Iranians in 1978. But the stupid people followed him like sheep. Iran became a theocratic regime, while the Mullahs called it “Islamic Republic”. But Vali Faqih, or Supreme Leader, ruled the country like Shah (king), and Iran’s regime had became “Islamic Monarchy”. Of course, the people could elect the president, but the Mullahs and Vali Faqih had the real power, and the president was quite powerless. As Brinton had anticipated, the honeymoon period in the Islamic Revolution was really short. After about six months, Khomeini said that freedom of press and freedom of speech are harmful, and ordered to block the liberals’ media. The anarchy, blood, violence, revenge, separatist groups, massacre, etc were widespread. The Interim Cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan resigned, when the Islamist and Islamist-Marxist students stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. It was the end of the honeymoon. The hostage crisis ignited a short term crisis between the US and the Mullahs. Many believed that the USSR and the Tudeh party were behind the hostage crisis. The stupid bastards who invaded the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and imposed a very high price on Iran, became the Islamist-Reformists in 1997! Khoeiniha and Abbas Abdi, and other leaders of these stupid bastards still refuse to apologize to Iranians for their shameful behaviors in 1979 and 1980s. Abbas Abdi and his stupid friends were those who betrayed the people in the 1997-2004 period. But their great betrayals in the 2009-2011 period were really bigger than their previous betrayals. These stupid bastards are the main responsible for our today’s tragic situation in Iran, and will be tried in the near future. In 1979, the anarchy was the main part of the life in Iran. Many members of the old regime were killed, and many fled. The opportunist people became rich by stealing money, asset and property from the runaway members of the old regime.


The hostage crisis became serious. The US attempted to free the hostages by means of a commando raid, which was an unsuccessful operation. The US officials asked Iraq and Turkey to invade Iran. Turkey refused, but Iraq and the savage Saddam invaded Iran. Iraq launched a surprise invasion of Iran, and the main reason behind the Iraqi attack was the US and the hostage crisis. And that’s why many Iranians believe that the Islamist-Reformists, i.e. Khoeiniha and Abbas Abdi and their friends, were the main responsible for Iran-Iraq war, that was a great disaster. More than 1,000,000 Iranians were killed or injured, and nearly 2.5 million civilians fled from the main battle areas in the western part of the country. Industrial plants, businesses, homes, public buildings, and infrastructure suffered cumulative damages in excess of $100 billion. Some experts say: “the war is estimated to have cost Iran $600 billion in total direct and indirect charges”. Many major cities, including Abadan, Ahvaz, and Khorramshahr, were totally destroyed. The Mullah regime has not rebuilt the war-devastated regions yet, after 20 years. Iran-Iraq war was the greatest disaster in the past 100 years. The shah dies in exile in Egypt, before Iraq’s attack. Abolhasan Banisadr became the first Iranian president. From about 21 million eligible voters, only about 14 million Iranians cast their vote, and Banisadr could get a landslide victory by %76 of votes while his closest competitor, Ahmad Madani, stayed at %16. The mass execution continued, and many members of the old regime were executed. The majority of the stupid Iranian Monarchists fled from Iran to the US, and the Mullahs seized the remaining assets of the Monarchists. In fact, what the the stupid Iranian Monarchists had embezzled in the past decades, were divided between the Monarchists and the Mullahs. The anarchy in all aspects of life continued. A few women still did not have Islamic veil (Hijab), and Hijab was not officially mandatory for the Iranian women. But the Islamists had started to suppress the women. They chanted: “Ya Roosari, Ya Toosari” (either Hijab, or smack)


Following negotiations mediated by Algeria, the U.S. hostages are released after 444 days. The Mullahs released the U.S. hostages in a way that it helped Reagan to become US President. In fact, the Reagan-Bush campaign had made secret pact with Iran to delay release of the Embassy hostages until after the 1980 election. It’s known as the ‘October Surprise’. Reagan was grateful. Part of the secret relations between the Mullahs and Reagan were revealed in 1986. It was the greatest scandal in the Mullah-US relations, known as the Iran-Contra scandal. Khomeini became a brutal dictator. He dismissed Bani-Sadr from his position as the Chief Commander of Armed Forces, and 11 days later, the Mullahs voted for his incompetence and he was off duty as president. Banisadr was a stupid Islamist that the Iranian liberals and the terrorist groups, specially MKO, supported him. Banisadr kissed Khomeini’s ass/ hands, but in the power struggle between him and the Mullahs, Khomeini supported the Mullahs. MKO (PMOI) declared war against the Mullahs, and started to kill the Mullahs and Islamists. Many leaders and state officials of the Mullah regime were killed by the MKO’s bomb attacks. And the Mullahs killed thousands of MKO’s supporters without any trial. Banisadr fled to France. The Nojeh coup, by the confirmation from a top Mullah, Ayatollah Shariatmadari who was Khomeini’s rival since 1960s, failed before beginning, because, according to the experts, “USSR and the Tudeh Party revealed it”. Shariatmadari was a grand Ayatollah like Khomeini, and for the first time in Iran’s history, the Mullahs and Khomeini treated a grand Ayatollah like a dog, and showed that the Mullahs can kill each other and eat each other only for the power and the money. Rajaei was elected the 2rd president, but the MKO killed him. Khamenei was elected the 3rd president, and Mousavi became the Prime Minister. The tensions between Khamenei and Mousavi increased gradually, in a way that they became enemy in 1985. Abbas Amirentezam, who was the spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister in the Interim Cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan, was charged with espionage. Many believe that the Tudeh Party (the Communists who were stooge of USSR) were behind his arrest. Amirentezam met with US officials while on duty as ambassador in Sweden, and was ordered to return to Tehran and was arrested immediately. Many Mullahs, including Beheshti, had met with US officials, before and after the Islamic Revolution. But Amirentezam was arrested, because the Mullahs wanted to suppress their rivals and the opposition groups. Amirentezam is still in the Mullah prison.



When the U.S. hostages were released, the balance of power in the Iran-Iraq war changed. Khorramshahr, the main Iranian city that was occupied by Saddam’s army, was freed. Iraq was a small country and could not resist the Iran’s army, and when the US stopped supporting Iraq for a while, Iran easily could defeat the Saddam’s army. Many Iranians asked the Mullahs to stop war and accept the cease fire. But the war continued for another six years under the slogans `War, War until Victory. We want to topple Saddam’. Some say that the Arab world pledged to pay about $60 billion compensation to Iran. But the savage Mullahs loved war. The Mullahs decided to continue the war, because the war was a godsend for them. In “the Anatomy of Revolution” Brinton says that Reign of Terror needs foreign and civil war. In fact, the “process of transfer of power from Right to Left” and the suppression of all opposition groups needs foreign and civil war. It’s part of a period (phase) that Brinton calls it “The radical reign of terror, or ‘crisis’ period. In Iran, the reign of terror had started since 1980-1981, and in 1982, the Mullahs started to suppress the last remaining groups, the Communist/ Marxist groups and the Tudeh Party. The Mullahs had already suppressed the MKO through severe measures that included mass arrests and summary executions of about 5,000 MKO’s members. The 1982, was an important year in Iran’s history, because after 3 years, everybody could see that the Mullahs and Islamists are Machiavellians. The Hijab had become mandatory for all women, but the Mullahs went further, and tried to impose all medieval Islamic laws on Iranians. The cinema and the film industry changed. Many cinema were closed down, and the female actors had to have Hijab in all scenes. They didn’t allow to have any contact with men. I-s-r-a-e-l invades Lebanon. The Mullahs sent Revolutionary Guards to Lebanon, and they created the Hezbollah force in Lebanon. The Mullahs killed and executed Iranian opposition groups, and defended the Lebanon’s people. At that time, the people didn’t think that 30 years later, the Mullahs would kill the ordinary Iranians in the streets, and the Lebanon’s people (Hezbollah) would aid the Mullahs in killing Iranians.


The Mullahs dissolved the communist Tudeh Party. Many stupid Iranian Marxists and members of Tudeh Party and other leftist groups were arrested, tortured, or executed. They had betrayed other opposition groups and aided the Mullahs in suppressing them, but now it was their own turn. The Mullahs that had a good relation with the US, didn’t need USSR any more. So, the stupid Tudeh Party that had betrayed Iran and Iranians since 1930s, were dumped into the trash can of history, and the Tudeh party deserved it. Of course, they didn’t deserve to be tortured, or executed without any fair trial. But when you betray others, and when you are stooge of the foreign countries, finally you will pay the price of your shameful behaviors. And the Mullahs that brutally suppressed all groups and even the ordinary people, will pay the price of their savagery as well. The people hated the Tudeh party, and the Tudeh party paid the price of their betrayals and their shameful behaviors in the past 50 years. Unfortunately, the two sides of the power struggle in the early 1980s, i.e. the Mullahs/ Islamists and the Communists/ Marxists, were evil forces. Their methods were alike, and both of them loved violence and war. And finally, one radical group, who had more supporters, brutally suppressed other radical groups. The rank and file of the
Communist/Marxist parties in Iran were victims of the hypocrisy and stupidity of their own leaders, and also the brutality of the savage Islamists. The Tudeh Party was one of the notorious and hated groups in Iran’s history, and one of the main disaster makers in 1953 and 1979. The Mullahs also put an end to the Kurdish riots in Kurdistan. The anarchy was replaced by a brutal medieval dictatorship. In 1983, and in the next years, each weakened the Basiji thugs stopped the cars in the streets, at some stupid checkpoints. The people who had any music tape, or any liquor, or any non-Islamic thing in their car, were arrested. Almost everything was banned. The Basiji thugs and Komiteh even raid the private parties, and arrested men and women who wanted to be happy in their own houses. Many people listened to Darius’s songs. Darius, the singer who lived in exile but his political songs showed the dark situation of Iran in the 1980s, sang: “Such a weird days; We even should hide ‘Love’ in our secret closets … Such a weird days; They even check your mouth for seeing whether you’ve said ‘I love you’ or not; such a weird days”. It was a poem of Shamloo, the great Iranian poet who was alive at that time and lived inside Iran.


The war and the suppression continued. The prisons were full of the opposition groups, and they were brutally tortured by the Islamists. The violation of human rights still was very horrible, and many innocent people were arrested and tortured, and no one cared about them. Some experts say: “In the first five years of the Islamic regime, about 8000 political prisoners were executed. Most of them didn’t had fair trial. They were brought to a small dark room, and in less than 5 minutes, a Mullah that played the role of judge, sentenced them to death. Hundreds of victims were under the age of 18”. As we said before, both the Mullahs and their main opposition groups (MKO, Tudeh Party, and other Marxist groups) were evil forces, but the war between these evil forces had many innocent victims, who were naive or ignorant people that had not committed any serious crime. Some of them had been guilty of reading or distributing non-Islamic pamphlets ! The streets and the public places were like the prisons. The Mullahs and the Islamists were arresting women and men, in the name of moral values. Any woman without Chador or proper Hijab were arrested. No one could hang out with his/her GF/BG, because it was a serious crime, and the savage Islamist would arrested them immediately. Some truly say: “Everything was grey and black, and no one was happy. The people had forgotten the happy life. They only saw blood and violence, and of course the dirty pictures of the Mullahs and the Islamists. Many people thought this horrible nightmare will continue for ever. They had forgotten the past, and the normal life. The long queues for buying the basic foods with the food coupons were part of the tragedy of the daily life. Iran had become a communist country and were ruled by the savage Islamists. A tragic joke that was really like a horrible nightmare”. The UN resolution registers the name “Persian Gulf” as the correct name, because the stupid Arabs had tried to change the ancient name of this gulf.



Khamenei was re-elected the President. The conflicts between Khamenei and Mousavi had become very serious. Khamenei didn’t want to appoint Mousavi as Prime Minister. The Mullah Parliament was pro-Khamenei, and according to the Mullah Constitution, Khamenei had the right to change Mousavi and his Cabinet. But Khomeini did not accept it, and illegally ordered that Mousavi should be re-selected the Prime Minister. The power struggle between Khamenei and Mousavi, was the power struggle between the Islamist lefts and the Islamist rights. Khomeini hated the Islamist rights. In those years, Mousavi and the Islamist lefts were so stupid. They loved the communist economics, and were anti-freedom and anti-democracy. Khamenei pretended that he is a victim of Khomeini’s dictatorship, but when he himself became Supreme Leader, he killed the ordinary people in the streets, in a way that the people said: “God bless Khomeini and his dictatorship in 1980s”. In fact, the Islamist rights are more savage than the Islamist lefts. Mousavi, Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Khomeini’s son (the four people in the below picture), and Ardebili were Khomeini’s men who ruled the country in the 1980s. Khamenei and Rafsanjani were opportunists who were opposing the plans of the Islamist lefts and the savage radical Mullahs, and in this way fooled some naive people. Many people were ignorant and didn’t know what happened behind the scenes. They thought Khamenei and Rafsanjani are open-minded Mullahs who defend the people and their rights. The younger generations of Iranians who created two great movements in 1997 and 2009, were little kids under the age of 10, but they were in majority, because of the baby boom in the past years. Iran was like North Korea, of course a very big North Korea, with a very big black market. Everything was forbidden, but you could find everything in the black market. The books, films, VCR (Video Cassette Recorder), music, etc were forbidden, but the people could find them in the black market. Michael Jackson and “Beak” dance, Madonna, Los Angeles signers, Hollywood movies, the music, the music instruments and many other things were found in the black market, and could make the sad people happy”. The Mullah state TV had just two channels, and they aired their stupid programs only from 5pm to 11pm. Most of their stupid programs were the Mullah preaches.


It’s revealed that The United States and Is-r-e-a-l covertly have sold arms to the Mullah regime, and have had secret relations with the Mullahs, since 1981. This great scandal that is known as Iran-Contra, is really the biggest scandal in the past 33 years and can show many things about the secret relations between the hypocrite west and the savage Mullahs. Many high rank US Officials, including Bush (the father), were part of the Iran-Contra scandal. Mehdi Hashemi, Montazeri’s right-hand man, revealed the scandal in Lebanon, and the Lebanese weekly Al Shiraa reported that the US national security adviser Robert McFarlane and four other US officials, including his aide Oliver North, secretly visited Tehran in September 1986 and met with several high-level Mullahs. Rafsanjani, the head of Mullah Parliament and Khomeini’s right-hand man, quickly confirms McFarlanes visit, but adds stupid elements to the story that no one could accept them. The US officials confirmed that McFarlane and North did visit Tehran. The US media reported: “They did stay in Tehran four or five days, and met with numerous Iranian officials, including Rafsanjani”. The Mullahs arrested Mehdi Hashemi, and executed him within some months. And finally, Montazeri who was official successor of Khomeini, were ousted from power. In his memories, Montazeri writes that the US officials didn’t want him as the next leader of Mullah regime, and they tried to help Rafsanjani, Khamenei, and Ahmad Khomeini to topple him. Montazeri believed that the western media, specially the BBC Persian radio, had a role in toppling him. In fact, the Iran-Contra scandal is very important, and can show us many things about behind the scenes. In 1986, Iranians had made a funny joke: “When McFarlane returned to the US, and when he went to Congress, all US MPs said: ‘Sale Ala Mohammad, Yare Imam Khoshamad’ (“Welcome Khomeini’s close friend”; at that time, when the pro-regime people wanted to give a warm welcome to Rafsanjani or Khamenei or other high rank Mullahs, they repeated this slogan over and over). The MKO leader Masood Rajavi entered Iraq and was greeted by top level Iraqi officials. The following winter, MKOs Ashraf Camp was based 80 km from Baghdad. The economic crisis became serious in Iran. The inflation rate increased to 25%.



Iraq and the savage Saddam started bombing the Iranian cities, including Tehran, and killed many innocent civilians. Many people in Tehran, left the city, and Tehran had become like a “ghost city”. The 1987 was a very dark year for Iranians. Sardasht, chemical Hiroshima, became victim of weapons of mass destruction. In Sardasht, the nerve gas killed many civilians. In fact, the city of Sardasht and its neighboring villages became target of chemical bombs that the European countries had sold to the savage Saddam. During pilgrimage to Mecca, 400 people were killed in riots involving Iranian pilgrims. The Mullahs and their savage thugs in Sepah (IRGC) had smuggled arms and bombs in Saudi Arabia, and wanted to create a serious riot in Mecca. But the savage Saudi thugs, who were like the savage Mullahs, killed many innocent people in the streets, and the situation became so stupid. Karoubi, was the head of Iranian pilgrims at that time, and many believed that he had a role in smuggling arms. The stupid Karoubi was a hardliner in 1980s, like other stupid Islamist lefts. A subsequent attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran added to the tensions. The Mullahs that only were master at creating horrible disasters, had fucked the economy, too. The economic crisis was serious, the inflation rate increased to 30%. Many people hated the Mullahs. The number of anti-Mullahs had increased, and some wise guys say that at least 30% of the people hated the Mullahs at that time. Many people started to talk about their stupid mistake in 1979. Many people hated the Iran-Iraq war, and didn’t support it any longer. Many things started to change inside the people’s hearts and the people’s brains.


After revision to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Mullah regime officially became a brutal dictatorship. Vali Faqih or the Supreme Leader became an absolute Monarch, with a lot of power, and the post of Prime Minister was eliminated, and the President became the head of cabinet. In fact, the combination of Supreme Leader, President, and Prime Minister, was one of the stupidest things that the stupid Iranians made it in 1979, for the first time in the human history. And that’s why almost all young Iranians hate the older generations of Iranians and truly believe these stupid bastards are among the dumbest people of the world, and when these stupid bastards (all 50+ people) die, Iran will become a free and modern country. The new Constitution was created by the savage Mullahs, and many knew nothing about the new Constitution. The US wanted to put an end to the Iran-Iraq war. The U.S. navy staged several attacks on Iranian oil platforms and Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. An American navy ship, the USS Vincennes, shoots down an Iranian civilian plane, killing all 290 passengers. Saddam bombarded Halapcha by the European chemical weapons, and about 5000 Iraqi people, mostly Kurdish women and children, were killed. The people hated the war, and the country had become destroyed and bankrupted. The Mullahs accepted UN Security Council Resolution 598, when Khomeini, in his words, “drank the cup of poison”. It led to a cease-fire, but the stupid Rajavi and MKO attacked Iran, and committed suicide. Their stupid small army of 15,000 untrained people were defeated. About 4,000 prisoners, that already were in the prisons and didn’t have any role in the war, mostly members of the MKO and the Marxist groups, were executed inside the prisons. Khomeini said those prisoners who had any relation with the MKO or the leftist groups should be sent to death squads. And in this way, the great massacre in Iran’s history was made by the Mullahs. Kazem Sami, a high rank member of the Iranian opposition and the first Health Secretary after the Islamic revolution, was assassinated by Mullah Gestapo in his office in Tehran. It was the first murder of hundreds murders in the next decade, known as “Chain Murders”. The economic crisis was really serious. The inflation rate had increased to 35%.


Montazeri, the second man of the Mullah regime and Khomeini’s successor, protested against the great massacre in the prisons, but he was toppled and boycotted. Montazeri was the close friend of Khomeini in more than 50 years, his story was a unique in Iran’s history. Montazeri, a grand Ayatollah, was the second grand Ayatollah that Khomeini destroyed him. But unlike Shariatmadari, Montazeri was Khomeini’s close friend and the second man in the Mullah regime. The power struggle between the Mullahs, and their financial corruptions and their savagery in the 1980s, had a great benefit for Iran and Iranians: the process of “Khar Fahm Shodan” (becoming aware) started in Iran. And finally, when the Mullahs became the corruptest rulers in Iran’s history, the process of “Khar Fahm Shodan” finished, and almost all Iranians knew the true colors of the Mullahs and the Islamists. Now, in 2012, 90% of Iranians believe that the Mullahs and the Islamists are the corrupest people in our planet earth. Now, the Iranians believe: “The Mullahs and the Islamists are crooks and thieves who tell the biggest possible lies, and kill and rape men and women for staying in power at any price. Compared to the Mullahs, Machiavelli seems like a saint who believed in honesty and humanity”. Salman Rushdies book “The Satanic Verses”, and Khomeini’s fatwa (religious edict) for his assassination, was a historic scandal that showed how much the Islamists believe in the freedom of speech. Finally Khomeini dies in June. A body of senior Mullahs (Assembly of Experts) chooses Khamenei to succeed Khomeini. Khamenei was not even an Ayatollah in 1989, and it raised voices of discontent among the top Mullahs in Qom. Rafsanjani told big lies and deceived other stupid Mullahs, and made his close friend, Khamenei, king. But now, even the stupid Mullahs hate Rafsanjani, and no one like or trust him. Now, all Iranians hate this great chameleon. Rafsanjani made his close friend, Khamenei, king by dirty tricks, but he didn’t know that in 2005, Khamenei would betray him, and in 2012 he would lose everything. Rafsanjani became president. Of 30 million Iranians eligible to vote, only 16 million people participated in the election (about %50). In 1989, the Thermidor period started in Iran, and again history repeated itself, exactly like what Briton had anticipated in 1938.

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