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In the recent months, the tragedy of the internet in Iran has prevented us form reading the majority of readers’ comments. Maybe more than 80% of comments go to the spam folder, and remain unread. As we said before, If you want to send us a comment or a question, and you want to be sure that we read it, please send it via the contact page. Fortunately, or unfortunately, many ask us questions that we have already answered them. Please check our archive and our previous articles, before asking any question. As we said before, it’s an undeniable fact that in this shitty world the bad guys are more active than the good guys. In the past months, the bad guys and the idiots sent us more comments, but we prefer not to answer the stupid comments. If we want to answer some stupid comments, we should use bad language. But we try to follow an ancient Iranian advice: “The best answer to an ultra-stupid question is silence”. I don’t know why some stupid Westerners, from the religious fanatics and the racists to the stupid lefts, try to show us how stupid they are. And I really don’t know why some stupid Iranian expats, form the Marxists to the Monarchists (Pahlavists), try to show us how stupid they are. They all should know that we are already aware of their stupidity. Unfortunately, the good guys prefer to be silent or inactive, and just every now and then they send us their comments and try to show us that the good guys are still alive in this shitty world. For instance, Natasha, an American, wrote for us: “I’ve lived abroad (in Germany) and I assist in teaching English to Chinese and Arabic speakers, so I’ve had a lot of contact with people from other cultures, but it never ceases to amaze me how similarly SO many of us think … I am frustrated with America, disgusted by the way things are run and the terrible things we do to people .. I live (here) undisturbed. And that’s our problem in America, we’re spoiled. That terrible saying comes to mind “What you don’t see, doesn’t hurt you“. We choose not to know about the rest of the world or even our own country” Natasha, I think we and many others can understand you very well. Unfortunately what you say is a global problem. Many countries have the same problem, and many prefer to think: “What you don’t see, doesn’t exist, and doesn’t hurt you “. The mass media and the fake intellectuals deliberately mislead and misinform the people, and unfortunately, many follow them like sheep. But we all are humans, and each nation has its own good guys and bad guys. The Chinese, Arabs, Americans, Europeans, Iranians, etc have their own good guys and bad guys. I think almost all bad guys are like each others, and almost all good guys are like each others, independent of their nationality. The US has many good guys, but I don’t know why they don’t try to know and help each others. I think the main problem in the US is naivety and ignorance. And it’s a global problem, too. I think the potentially good guys in all around the world are in majority, but some of them are naive or ignorant and some of them are silent or inactive. And it’s a serious problem. Unfortunately, the bad guys that are not in majority, have the upper hand in this shitty world, because they are very active in all fields, even in putting comment.

Some ask us about the tone of our articles, and why the tone of some articles is not moderate. I think the reaction to each problem or crisis should be appropriate. When everybody betrays Iranians and almost all people in all around the world know nothing about the reality and what annoy Iranians, and when the western mass media tell big shameful lies about Iran and Iranians or ignore the undeniable facts, and when the media censor the voices of Iranians inside Iran, we should be the voice of the silent majority and the voiceless people. The Iranians inside Iran are angry at the hypocrite west and the stupid lefts, and the world should know it. Sometimes “being angry” is the normal reaction, and showing no emotion means abnormality. Those who try to play with public opinion, or those who are master at playing games, try to hide their real emotions and their real intentions. They play politics, that means they are hypocrite people who tell big lies and betray everybody and everything for the sake of their own interests. They are bad guys, not good guys. We can see and feel people’s pain and suffering, but even those who live in an ivory tower or in the free world can understand people’s pain and suffering. “What you don’t see, doesn’t hurt you” doesn’t work for the wise guys. You can read books/ articles, or watch movies, and you can put yourself in the place of other people, and in this way you can understand others and their pain and suffering. How we can understand the slaves and their pain and suffering? How we can understand the pain and suffering caused by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, etc? How we can understand the pain and suffering in the past centuries? By reading what the victims wrote for us. We put ourselves in the place of them and can understand their pain and suffering. It’s what only the humans can do. They transfer their knowledge, their experiences, and their stories to the future generations. But unfortunately, many people who live in the free world, can’t understand our pains and the tragedy of living in Iran under the medieval tyranny. And it’s a serious problem, because those who betray Iranians now, sooner or later will betray you all. Those who tell big lies about Iran and Iranians, sooner or later will tell big lies about you all. It’s what the history and the reason tell us. Unfortunately, those who are indifferent and those who live like sheep have created this shitty world. The mass media can manipulate them, and they allow the corrupt politicians to do whatever they want to do. It’s really tragic. But here in this website, we don’t write about what the mass media, the politicians or other bad guys like it. Yes, those who want to be independent, often are boycotted. Those who don’t want to work for the bad guys or don’t want to be puppet or mercenary can’t enjoy many facilities and services that the mercenaries enjoy them. Yes, only the mercenaries can become somebody in the western mass media, or are allowed to leave Iran, or can live in luxury. Yes, many often say: “Oh, lets take the money and do whatever the masters want. Who cares about the truth or better world or anything else? Just take the money and enjoy your life”. But we think this sort of life is animal life. It’s really stupid, worthless, and meaningless. We think we are not alone, and many people in all around the world think in this way. Of course, many think “being good guys” is equal to pain, suffering, poverty, difficulty, unsatisfied needs, etc. I hope the wise guys try to change it. “Being good guys” can be equal to the highest levels of “Hierarchy of Needs”. If the modern society provides the basic needs for all humans, the majority can reach the highest levels of “Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid”.

Some ask us to write about special subjects, and some ask us questions that need to write an article for answering them. We add these subjects to the list of the subjects that we want to write about them. But this list has become a long list now. We would certainly write about the recommended subjects, but the time of it depends on our mood and the priority or importance of other subjects. As we said before, some people don’t check our archive and don’t read our previous articles, and try to judge us only by one article. It’s really stupid. You can’t write an article to answer all questions of the world. It’s impossible. In each article, we just talk about one angle or a few aspects of one problem. Many things and many terms and many issues that you can see in our articles are what we have already written about them. You should not judge us only by one term, one sentence, one paragraph, or one article. Before asking any question, or any judgment, please check our archive and read our previous articles . It’s so obvious that no one can answer all possible questions in one article, or even in one book. In this website, each article is like a piece of a large puzzle. Our articles are connected together, and when you have a serious question/ misconception about what you read in one article, you often can find your answer in another article. So, before asking any question or any judgment, please check our archive. Anyway, some readers ask us: “What do you mean ‘Iranians are modern’? Iranians don’t have any problem? Aren’t they hypocrite, liar, charlatan, etc?” We should write at least one article about this matter, but here I should say “Being modern” necessarily doesn’t mean “being good” or “being wise”; it just means: “Being as shitty as others who call themselves modern !!“. Unfortunately, many good things like friendship, intimacy, human relations, etc are changing in Iran, and are becoming ‘modern’. It’s not good. Unfortunately, the common problem is that many compare the idiots and stupid people in Iran with the wise people in the west, and then conclude that Iranians are stupid. But you should compare the idiots and stupid people in Iran with the idiots and stupid people in the West, and the wise people in Iran with the wise people in the West. The idiots in all around the world are like each other, and the wise guys in all around the world are like each other. Being hypocrite, liar, charlatan, idiot, etc are global problems. The western politicians and the western businessmen and the western mass media tell more lies, and are more hypocrite than Iranians. If telling lie or being charlatan had determined who are modern and who are not, then the western politicians/ businessmen/ media would certainly have called “uncivilized”. Of course, I think the western politicians and all politicians in all around the world should be called “uncivilized”, because they still prefer to live like animals. Their logic is the logic of power and “the law of the jungle”. But there is not any considerable difference between the ordinary people in the US and Iran. Only the Iran’s regime is different from the US regime. If the Ku Klux Klan or the Evangelists or other idiots and religious fanatics had ruled the US, then the US would have been exactly like today’s Iran. Just look how the world and the Americans react to a film (“A Separation”) that shows only part of the reality in today’s Iran. Just look how the tourists and those who go to today’s Iran write about Iran and Iranians. I think the number of idiots in the west is more than Iran, and of course the number of wise guys in the West is more than Iran. Unfortunately, Iran has become a big prison, and the bad guys in the west only allow the idiots and the mercenaries to leave Iran, and that’s why more than 90% of Iranian expats are among the Iranian baboons.

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