Obama Betrayed Iranians and Americans, but …

In these days, Iranians and non-Iranians can learn many things about this shitty world and its main problems. In 2009, the stupid monkey Obama and the hypocrite west betrayed Iranians. But now in 2012, no one says nothing about this matter. Some Iranians truly believe that even the stupidest people can understand what happened in 2009 and how the stupid monkey Obama betrayed Iranians. But unfortunately, the stupid sheep and the stupid jerks in the West still are ignorant or pretend ignorance. The stupid sheep in the west are those people who follow the stupid jerks -i.e. the stupid lefts, the stupid politicians, or the stupid mass media- like sheep. The stupid sheep in the west don’t know who betrayed who in 2009, and what happened in 2009. On the other hand, many people who are not like the stupid sheep in the west, have forgotten what happened in 2009 ! It’s really disappointing. Those who wrote about the hypocrite west and the stupid monkey Obama in 2009, are silent now. I don’t know why. Maybe, they have lost their memory or suffer from Alzheimer’s disease; Maybe, they are indifferent; Maybe they earn good money by being silent; Maybe, they have become stupid jerk. I don’t know why they are silent, but there is no doubt that almost all people who seemed wise in 2009, are silent now. It’s really disappointing. Unfortunately, many have forgotten what happened in 2009. But a world that its people have only a very short memory, is a very stupid world. The people must have long memories, if they want to have a better world. But unfortunately, in this shitty world many nations that call themselves ‘modern’ have a very short memory. And there is no doubt that the politicians and the bad guys can easily manipulate the stupid nations who have a very short memory. Now, only Iranians have a long memory, and unfortunately, many western nations have a very short memory. It’s really tragic. Iranians have not forgotten what happened in 2009, but almost all other nations have forgotten it. What happened in 2009 -the Iranian anti-Mullahs movement- was a great global event, not a local event. The Iranian anti-Mullahs movement in 2009, was much more important that the Arab Spring and the American and European movements in 2011. Those who have forgotten what happened in 2009, are like the stupid sheep who are the main responsible for the tragic conditions of this shitty world. We all should remind ourselves about what happened in 2009, and how the stupid monkey Obama and the hypocrite West betrayed Iranians. Some wise guys say: “Barack Obama is a shameless jerk, and a shameless hypocrite bastard who betrayed Americans in 2009. In fact, when Obama refused to help the Iranian anti-Mullahs movement, he betrayed Americans. If the stupid monkey Obama had supported Iranians and their anti-Mullahs movement in 2009, then many problems in the US -including fear of new war, fear of Mullahs’ nuclear plans, fear of terrorism, fear of Mullah threats, etc- would have been solved”. I don’t know why no one in the west protests against the stupid monkey Obama. I don’t know why no one in the west asks: “Why the stupid Obama and his stupid administration don’t care about the Human Rights, the freedom and democracy in Iran? Why they refused to helped the anti-Mullahs movement in Iran, and instead, the Western companies aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians?” Only a few wise guys in the west wrote in the mid-2011: “Why Obama and his administration have continued to sit on the sidelines since 2009 after seeing the people of Iran being crushed by their evil government when protesting in the streets for greater freedoms? Why has Obama not responded to the people in Iran that have repeatedly asked him to apply stiffer economic and political pressures on the Iranian government? Why did Obama and his administration repeatedly call for the immediate removal of Egypts dictator Mubarak and voiced support for the Egyptian peoples freedom this year, but not call for a similar regime change in Iran and support for its people that want to be free? Why has the Obama and his administration failed to publicly shed greater light and taken the Iranian regime to task for imprisoning torturing and killing tens of thousands of innocent people whom have spoken out against the regime? These questions and others about Obamas lack of leadership on the Iran human rights issue are the main reasons why the people of Iran have lost hope in our president “. It shows us that at least some people in the west know the truth, but why they are silent now? In December 2009, the Huffingtonpost reported: “Obama Should End Silence on Human Rights Abuses in Iran. Frustration is growing among the Iranian people over the Obama administration’s silence on human rights abuses in Iran. Time is of the essence. Iran’s human rights abuses must be addressed now and not just when our focus turns to punitive measures. Otherwise, the administration will signal that the rights of the Iranian people are used solely as a pressure tactic against Iran when it fails to compromise on other issues“. It shows us that at least some people in the west are not like the stupid sheep, but why are they are silent now? We all should ask ourselves: “Why we don’t hear any reasonable voice in 2012? Why no one protests against the stupid monkey Obama in 2012? Why no one speaks about the depth of stupidity of the shameless hypocrite Obama in 2012?” We and many other Iranians inside Iran are disappointed at the shameless hypocrite western politicians, including the stupid monkey Obama, but why almost all people in the west, from the journalists and the intellectuals to the ordinary people, are silent and don’t speak about the great strategic mistakes of the stupid monkey Obama? Why many people in the west are like stupid sheep, and only repeat what the mass media or the stupid lefts say? It’s our main question now.


I don’t know why no one writes that the stupid monkey Obama betrayed Americans in 2009. In October 2009, the media reported: “the Obama State Department has now cut funding for a watchdog group looking at human rights violations in Iran . The unexplained cutoff of funding for the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), is very meaningful”. And some said: “In the power calculation of an oppressive regime and its oppressed citizens, the math says make nice with the regime and screw the citizens. The United States and Obama make nice with the Mullahs and screw the Iranians. Ed Morrissey says ‘It’s a setup for appeasement.’ It’s more than a setup. Some say: ‘They’re planning a sellout, and data on what the Iranians are doing to their protesters would make it more embarrassing‘ There is not doubt what Obama did was a betrayal of American principles”. The stupid monkey Obama betrayed Americans in 2009, when he betrayed Iranians. Obama tried to make the pro-US Iranians enemy of the US. Obama supported the savage Mullahs (that the media said they are the enemy of the US !) and aided them in killing the anti-Mullahs Iranians! (that were friend of the US) Don’t you think these actions mean that the stupid monkey Obama betrayed Americans? In 2009, many Americans were ignorant, but at least at that time, a handful of Americans wrote articles with titles like: “Obama’s policy on Iran = ignore human rights violations (and make love with the Mullahs)” or “Obama’s Sellout of Iranian Freedom “, but now no one says nothing. In November 2011, Pamela Geller wrote an article in Americanthinker.com : “Why Obama Betrayed the Iranian People“, that its content was not as good as its title. Apparently, Geller is a Republican hardliner, but why no one in the US is wiser than Geller? It’s our main question in Iran. It’s what annoys us. Why some one like Geller should tell the truth, but other Americans should be silent or ignorant? Geller wrote: “Why did Obama refuse to support the demonstrators in Iran in 2009, but supported the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere more recently? In 2009, demonstrators filled the streets of Iran, denouncing the regime and crying out for freedom. It was a glorious opportunity for the leader of the free world to demonstrate his support for free people everywhere and strike a decisive blow against the bloody regime … But Barack Obama didn’t help them. Quite the contrary. The leader of the free world was too busy extending his hand to those same mullahs. It was monstrous when Obama stood by and did nothing during the abortive Iranian revolution; instead, he bought ice cream and posed for photo ops on the golf course while the only revolution against Islamic rule in a Muslim country was taking flight in Iran … From the beginning of the unrest, the president of the United States should have spoken out strongly in favor of the demonstrators, and freedom. But instead, Obama said: ‘I’ve made it clear that the US respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic, and is not interfering with Iran’s affairs.’ Imagine: the people of Iran -not the jihadis and the devout, but the women and the secularists – were all calling for the head of the snake [But Obama not only refused to help them, but aided the Mullahs in killing them]. History will not be kind to Obama for his siding with evil and brutally aggressive oppression over freedom” These sentences (not all parts of Geller’s article) were the best things that we have heard from Americans, but why? Why the wise guys, the real intellectuals, and the open-minded good guys in the US are silent or indifferent? Why they can’t be as wise as Pamela Geller ? I don’t know who is Pamela Geller. I can guess that Geller is a Republican extremist. But the main question is: “Why a Republican extremist should be wiser than almost all other Americans? Why almost all Americans are silent or seem like stupid sheep?” These questions really annoy us in Iran. It’s so obvious that the stupid monkey Obama betrayed both Iranians and Americans in 2009, but I don’t know why no one speak about this matter now. You can say that the mass media in the west are stooge of the politicians and the bad guys, but why the intellectuals and the independent journalists are silent? Are they stooge of the politicians and the bad guys, too? Why the ordinary people in the west are silent? The stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Chomsky, are part of the problem; They are really idiot or stupid jerk. These stupid bastards defend the savage tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism. They are really the enemy of the suppressed nations. As we said before, the wise anti-War are not like the stupid anti-War who betray the ordinary people and defend the savage dictators. The stupid lefts are stupid jerks, and unfortunately many naive people in the West follow them like stupid sheep, but why the wise liberals and the open-minded people in the West can’t see the truth, or don’t speak about the truth? The stupid monkey Obama betrayed both Iranians and Americans in 2009. And now in 2012, he wants to fuck both Iranians and Americans, but why no one says nothing? In September 2009, Timothy Garton Ash wrote an article with the title: “We can’t decide Iran’s struggle, but we can avoid backing the wrong side“. Ash wrote: “Siemens and Nokia sold the Iranian regime a sophisticated system with which they can monitor the internet that used by Iranian protesters. In today’s politics of people power, that is the equivalent of selling a dictator tanks or poison gas . German companies, [and also American companies, British Companies, and other European companies] sold a Holocaust-denying president the instruments with which he can persecute young Iranians risking their lives for freedom”. But he stupidly added: “Analysts of Iran sometimes use the image of a race between two clocks: the nuclear clock and the democracy clock. [A free and democratic Iran] would be a better Iran for the Iranians, but would it be a better Iran for the rest of the world?[!!!] [It’s not clear !!! but,] we must not give any legitimacy to an illegitimate president, for the sake of nuclear negotiations. We should not put all our money on the democracy card[!!], but nor should we put it all on the nuclear negotiation card. At least we must do nothing that helps the wrong side win. We can’t decide Iran’s struggle [!!], but we can avoid backing the wrong side”. Ash said many stupid things in his article (in a way that we thought Ash is a stupid jerk) but the hypocrite west even didn’t listen to his conservative advices. It’s very important. And that’s why in January 2010, after the Ashura Massacre, even Ash repeated what Iranians said: “shame on the West”. Anyway, I hope the wise guys in the West start to speak about the truth. The world should know more about the truth and how “the stupid monkey Obama betrayed, and still betrays, both Iranians and Americans, and of course the whole world”.

P.S. Before any judgment about what you read here, please check our archive and read our previous articles about what happened in 2009 and 2011.

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