Iranian Animal Farm and Quotes from Khomeini

These days are the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. As you know, those who don’t read history, only can repeat history. If the stupid Iranians had read the world history, they would not have repeated history in 1979. What Orwell wrote in the 1940s, in his great novels “Animal Farm” and “1984”, were the story of Iranian revolution in 1979 and also the story of our tragic life in the past 33 years. Orwell wrote “Animal Farm” some years after Brinton’s masterpiece “The Anatomy of Revolution“. In fact, Animal Farm is based on “The Anatomy of Revolution”. Clarence Crane Brinton was an American historian. He wrote his masterpiece “The Anatomy of Revolution” in 1938. This book outlines the “uniformities” of four major political revolutions: the English Revolution, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution. Brinton notes how the revolutions followed a life-cycle from the Old regime to the new regime. The book has been called “classic, “famous” and a “watershed in the study of revolution,” and has been influential enough to have inspired advice given to US President Jimmy Carter by his National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Iranian Revolution. Apparently, in the recent years the Mullahs, specially Khamenei, read this book over and over, but in the 1978, only less than 1% of Iranians had read this book and also the Orwell’s novels. Even the stupid Shah and the Pahlavi family lived like sheep and knew nothing about the anatomy of revolution. But now, even Khamenei and his thugs know the anatomy of revolution, but it doesn’t prevent them form making horrible mistakes. Many believe the Mullahs are stooge of the west, specially the UK and the US, and that’s why they make horrible mistakes, but even if we think they are not stooge or mercenary, they are really so stupid. In fact, all dictators and their thugs in the 21st century are stupid and have a small brain. They don’t know that the people and the world have changed, and now you can’t kill and rape the people for staying in power at any price. Of course, the stupid nations can still create Animal Farm, if they don’t read history. In the Arab Spring, specially in Egypt, the stupid Arabs and the stupid Islamists can create another Islamic Animal Farm. They are really stupider than Iranians in 1979. But quotes from Khomeini before and after the Islamic Revolution, can show them how Islamic Animal Farm is made. In these days, when the stupid baby baboon, Reza Pahlavi, and the stupid Iranian Monarchists in LA, California, desperately try to repeat Khomeini’s words, the Iranians inside Iran laugh heartily. Iranians inside Iran are laughing at these stupid Monarchist bastards, because these stupid bastards don’t know: “The great events and dictators in world history reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce“. In 1979, if the stupid Iranians had read history and had known Animal Farm, they would not have repeated history, but today’s Iranians know Animal Farm better than any other nation in the world. They know how Animal Farm works, and how “All people are created equal” becomes “All people are created equal, but some people are more equal”. So, lets take a look at Quotes from Khomeini before and after the Islamic Revolution. It can show how Animal Farm is made.


Before the Islamic Revolution

“Personal desire, age, and my health do not allow me to personally have a role in running the country after the fall of the current system” (Khomeini, interview with the AP, Paris, November 7, 1978) “I have repeatedly said that neither my desire nor my age nor my position allows me to govern” (Khomeini, interview with the United Press, November 8, 1978) “I don’t want to have the power or the government in my hand; I am not interested in personal power” (Khomeini, interview with The Guardian, November 16, 1978) “I don’t want to be the leader of the Islamic Republic; I don’t want to have the government or the power in my hands. I only guide the people in selecting the system” (Khomeini, interview with an Austrian TV reporter, November 16, 1978) “It is the Iranian people who have to select their own regime and their own government. The people have to select capable and trustworthy individuals and give them the responsibilities. However, personally, I can’t accept any special role or responsibility” (Khomeini, interview with Le Journal newspaper, November 28, 1978) “After the Shah’s departure from Iran, I will not become a president nor accept any other leadership role. Just like before, I limit my activities only to guiding and directing the people” (Khomeini, interview with Le Monde, January 9, 1979) “The Islamic regime does not have oppression” (Khomeini, interview with France Press, October 25, 1978) “The foundation of our Islamic government is based on freedom of dialogue and will fight against any kind of censorship” (Khomeini, interview with Reuters, October 26, 1978) “In the Islamic Republic the rights of the religious minorities are respectfully regarded” (Khomeini, interview with an Austrian TV reporter, November 6, 1978) “In Iran’s Islamic government the media has the freedom to express all Iran’s realities and events, and people have the freedom to form any form of political parties and gatherings that they like” (Khomeini, interview with the Italian newspaper Paese Sera, November 2, 1978) “Our future society will be a free society, and all the elements of oppression, cruelty, and force will be destroyed” (Khomeini, interview with the Der Spiegel, November 7, 1978) “In Iran’s future Islamic system everyone can express their opinion, and the Islamic government will respond to logic with logic” (Khomeini, interview with international reporters, November 9, 1978) “We would like to run the Islamic government like Islam at its beginning. If the people of the world know the benefits of Islam, my hope is that they all become Moslems [!!]” (Khomeini , interview with a group of young French people, November 9, 1978) “My proposal for establishing an Islamic government does not mean a return to the past. I am strongly for civilization and progress.” (Khomeini, interview with international reporters, January 11, 1979)” In the Islamic government all people have complete freedom to have any kind of opinion” (Khomeini, interview with Human Rights Watch, November 10, 1978) “These words that you have heard regarding women in the future Islamic government are all hostile propaganda. In the Islamic Republic women have complete freedom, in their education, in everything that they do, just as men are free in everything” (Khomeini, interview with German reporters, November 12, 1978) “Women are free in the Islamic Republic in the selection of their activities and their future and their clothing ” (Khomeini, interview with The Guardian, November 6, 1978) “The Mullahs (Shiite clergymen) do not want to govern in Iran themselves” (Khomeini, interview with France Press, October 25, 1978) “In Islamic Iran the Mullahs themselves will not govern but only observe and support the government’s leaders. The government of the country at all levels will be observed, evaluated, and publicly criticized” (Khomeini, interview with Reuters, October 26, 1978) “The Mullahs will help lead the revolution but then step aside to let others rule. The Mullahs do not want to rule” (October 25, 1978). “Criticism of Islamic government will be tolerated. The Islamic government will answer criticism by reason and logic” (November 9, 1978)


After the Islamic Revolution

A monopoly by itself is not a corrupt thing. God’s messengers had a monopoly; the blessed and supreme God also had a monopoly. The monopoly of this [sic] is correct” (Khomeini, Jamaran (Tehran), September 7, 1981) “Don’t listen to those who speak of democracy. They all are against Islam. They want to take the nation away from its mission. We will break all the poison pens of those who speak of nationalism, democracy, and such things” (Khomeini, Qom, March 13, 1979) “That group that due to its opposition to Islam is opposing us, with the same fist that we destroyed the regime we will destroy that group as well. Pay attention to your statements. Repent from your writings. I am warning you that you still have time to repent.” (Khomeini, Qom, June 5, 1979) “The intellectuals, the writers, those who have information and thoughts, you see some of them take their pens and in the name of democracy they write whatever they want. Whatever we are suffering is because of them” (Khomeini, Qom, July 23, 1979) “We have to warn these intellectuals that if they don’t stop their meddling, they will be crushed. We have treated you gently so that maybe you would stop your evilness, and if you don’t stop, we will have the last word. These American sympathizers and others must know that in just a few hours we can throw them in the trashcan of annihilation any day that we wish to do so” (Khomeini, August 8, 1979) “Those who create political fronts must stop their activities. If from the beginning, as in other revolutions in the world, several thousand of these corrupt individuals had been burned and beheaded till the issues were finished, problems would have been solved. We will allow one or more parties to operate if they operate correctly. But we announce that the rest are forbidden. We will no longer allow the same freedom that we used to give, and we cannot allow these parties to continue their activities. We made mistakes when we gave freedom. We will no longer allow any of their writings to be distributed in the country. We will destroy all their writings” (Khomeini, Qom, August 18, 1979) “We will no longer give freedom. These people are not the type who will stop their activities just from advice. We have to deal with them harshly” (Khomeini, Qom, August 19, 1979) “Those who have not voted for the Islamic Republic, it means that they want the previous system. Those who boycott the election so no one votes for the Islamic Republic are seditious. We will treat them like enemies, and we will oppress them. You are enemies that you are conspiring against Islam. Your comings and goings are controlled. We will not allow you to remain and continue your activities” (Khomeini, September 3, 1979) “Those who are against us are like cancer tumors that need to be removed surgically; otherwise they will corrupt everything. These writings, these speeches, these wrong activities, these democratic programs are separations from Islam. All these voices are blasphemy and are atheistic” (Khomeini, Qom, September 19, 1979) “We have to identify those who are not in line with Islam and the Islamic movement by their articles, speeches, and activities. They are all afraid of one thing, which is Islam. They might criticize many things, but the key point is that they are attacking Islam itself. Their pens are the same old bayonets that have become like pens. To all of you who oppose us, I recommend that you don’t gather so much, don’t send so many fliers, don’t publish so much; have you now become brave enough to stick out your neck? I will slap you on your mouth” (Khomeini, Qom, October 22, 1979) “In the revolution that was achieved in Iran, people were screaming that they wanted Islam;these people did not rise up so their country could have democracy” (Khomeini, Qom, December 10, 1979) “Iran is following a program, and that program is Islam. The same Islam that says if somebody has an association with left or right, that individual is fighting God. He has the intention of fighting God, and his punishment is the punishment that people fighting God will receive” (Khomeini, Jamaran, September 19, 1982) “We would like to have a university in the service of our own nation, not a university whose slogan is that we want a civilized and modern Iran, that wants to move toward a great civilization. We are against those universities from the foundation. We want university professors who are not facing left or right” (Khomeini, Qom, August 26, 1981) “This nation exists and the Mullahs exist too. What have you done for your country in all these years that now you’re saying the Mullahs should not be in charge? You do not understand correctly. If you put this group aside, no name or sign of Islam will remain” (Khomeini, Jamaran, May 27,1981) And finally after 30 years, Iranians saw the final chapter of Animal Farm in 2009, when the Mullahs and the Islamists killed the ordinary people in the streets, and tortured and raped the ordinary men and women, because the people repeated Khomeini’s words and asked for what Khomeini had promised the Iranians in 1978.

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