1979 vs 2012, Bakhtiar vs Mousavi

“2012 can become a new 1979. We should be ready to accept a new Bakhtiar”, some Iranians say. As we said before, the younger generations of Iranians only want fundamental change or big concessions, not another revolution. And if the Mullahs were not too stupid, this time the people would not reject a new Bakhtiar. In 1979, the majority of Iranians were illiterate and stupid, but now the majority of Iranians are literate and modern . In 2009, Mousavi and his stupidities wasted the best opportunity to win some big concessions from the Mullahs, but some still believe: “MirHossein Mousavi can be another Shapur Bakhtiar”. As we said before, Shapur Bakhtiar was the Shah’s last prime minister, and if the stupid Iranian intellectuals had accepted his plan in 1979, his progressive programs would have solved many problems in Iran and would have prevented a stupid revolution in Iran. But in 1979, 99% of the Iranian intellectuals “had eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain)” that means they were very very stupid. They still are very stupid, but the younger generations of Iranians, that thousands of them are unknown intellectuals, are not like these idiots. As we said before, the majority of Iranians inside Iran (about 75%) are young people under the age of 35. In 2009, the Iranian baboons and Ashura traitors, that most of them were over the age of 50, controlled the media and betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. They censored the voices of the ordinary people and the wise guys and didn’t allow the people to win big concessions from the Mullahs. They could fool many people, because they have monopolized the Iranian media, and many people did not know their true colors in 2009. Unfortunately, the western countries supported, and still support, these stupid bastards financially. But now, Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of these bastards. The Iranian baboons, from the Islamist-Reformist (Khatamists) to the Monarchists (Pahlavists), are worthless pieces of shit and Iranians inside Iran hate all of them. But Mousavi is different. Mousavi still can be an acceptable figure for both the people and the intellectuals, But Mousavi’s programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s programs in 1979. Mousavi still can play the role of Bakhtiar and can prevent form another revolution in Iran, but his programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s programs. Mousavi himself knows how angry the people are, and how the people hate the Mullahs. Mousavi knows that almost all Iranians hate his friends, i.e. the Islamist reformists and the Iranian baboons, and only he himself, not his stupid friends who are really stupid bastard, can win the people’s confidence if he tries to be wise and reasonable, at least like Bakhtiar. Some think that Mousavi is wiser than Bakhtiar, but he should prove it in practical terms. Shapur Bakhtiar’s address in the Parliament in 1979, that was published in the Etellaat newspaper on January 11, 1979, is important. It can be considered as Mousavi’s address in the Parliament in the near future. Let’s take a look at part of Shapur Bakhtiar’s address and his programs. Mousavi’s address and programs should be at least as strong as Bakhtiar’s :

(Please note that for some programs, a new program that is equivalent to today’s conditions has been added in [ ] )

Honorable Mr. Speaker of the National consultative Assembly, Ladies and Gentlemen, during the turbulent history of our ancient Land, there were dark days that were in fact, mostly the consequence of short-lived foreign subjugation. Though it seems to be the consequence of 25 year rule of corrupt and incompetent governments, the present danger to the unity and very existence of the country, is rather rooted in a huge international conspiracy against the integrity and sovereignty of Iran … My government is the obvious outcome of a revolution, which began two years ago, against continuous violations and indescribable disasters that had become commonplace. My government favors the main goals of the National Front of Iran and will try to implement them … We must all give this new government a chance to direct the country towards a progressive and incorrupt regime based on … the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here are my programs:


Highlights of Government’s Emergency Programs

(1) Dissolution of the Organization for Information and Security of the Country, (SAVAK) [Sepah & Basij] (2) Expeditious trials for plunderers and violators of people’s rights (3) Appointment of an independent commission to investigate the activities of former SAVAK officials [Sepahi and Basji thugs] and the prosecution of the violators (4) Release of all political prisoners (5) Rehabilitation of all political prisoners detained since 1953 [since 1980] (6) Payment of appropriate compensation to all those who have been detained over a year or have been harassed or disabled due to political charges (since 1953) [since 1980] (7) Payment of appropriate compensation to minor and under tutelage survivors of all those who lost their lives while detained in so called security detention centers (8) Abolish martial law [Abolish all restrictions and laws since 2005] (9) Pass a law in the parliament to officially call recent political victims “martyrs” (10) Pay compensation to the families of the “martyrs” and those who were disabled during the recent struggle (11) End the strikes [End the internet filtering (censorship) and other kind of censorship in Iran] (12) Create an atmosphere of cooperation between the government and the clergy so the Ayatollahs can supervise the function of government [Create an atmosphere of cooperation between the government and the seculars so the seculars and the intellectuals can supervise the function of government] (13) Repair the recent destruction [all Mullah economic plans] (14) Revitalize production in the country to improve the economy (15) Organize free elections [Dissolution of Shooraye Negahban (Guardian Council)] (16) Expel all unnecessary foreign workers [Expel all Mullahs from the government. They should come back to Qom] (17) Restore the rule of law in the country [Expel all Mullahs in the Judiciary system and change all laws according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, during a gradual process]

The Foreign Policy of the Iranian Government

The government is determined to protect the national interests as well as the rights that guarantee the sovereignty, security, and unity of the nation. The Main Principles of the Foreign Policy are: (1) Strengthen and extend the political, economic, and cultural relationships with the Islamic countries [will all western countries, specially the United States] (2) Continue and extend relationships with all countries (3) Consider the common interests of the Iranian nation with developing countries [with all countries of the world] (4)Iran will support any efforts to resolve international conflicts and restore peace in all around the world (5) The policy of Iran is based on unconditional support of the United Nation’s Charter as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related covenants. Iran will try to protect and support human rights and the legitimate demands of those nations struggling against colonialism [and tyranny], or its effects, in all forms (6)Regarding the fight against apartheid [and all sort of discrimination against race, color, religion, gender, etc] (7) Try to Solve the Middle East problem

Highlights of the Domestic Policy of the Government

(1)Safeguard of the individual and public freedoms, such as freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of press, [freedom of assembly and association] (2)Rehabilitation of the Judiciary and protection of its independence [The supreme leader and the Mullahs will not have any role in the Judiciary system] (3)Government noninterference in the planning and management of the country’s industry [Dissolution of all Bonyads (like Bonyad Mostazafan] and all economic activities of Sepah and Basij] (4)Decentralization in all areas of the country’s administration and reorganization of the system [Khamenei will resign and the Velayat Faqih article in the Constitution will change. Most of the power of the Supreme Leader will be transferred to the President] (5)Provide for the welfare of the government employees by adjusting their salaries to the minimum cost-of-living, and providing additional benefits for them to increase their performance [Both the prices and the incomes will be adjusted. If the incomes in Iran are about 4 to 10 times less than Europe and North America, then all prices in Iran should be about 4 to 10 times less than Europe and North America] (6)Consistently fight corruption both in public and private sectors (7)Planning, organizing and implementing projects whose goal is to make the country self sufficient (8) Make all-out efforts to fight inflation [the inflation rate always should be less than 10%] (9)Effectively implement the social security plan for all Iranians (10) Some necessary changes in some ministries

I think even the Mullahs and the Iranian baboons know that only these programs, or programs that are as strong as these programs, can prevent from another revolution in Iran. And I think the majority of Iranians inside Iran can accept these programs and can support Mousavi, if he proposed such programs as his programs in the near future.

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