Urgent Action: Save Internet & Victims of Internet

“Saeed Malekpour is in solitary confinement, and they told him hed be there until he was executed. The savage Mullahs want to execute him within the next days”, the people media reported. Saeed Malekpour is an Iranian who managed a website. The Mullah accused him of Corrupt on Earth and War against God”, only because of managing a website. It’s sadly funny that those who have embezzled the people money, and killed, tortured, and raped men and women, want to execute a poor boy in the name of “Moral Values”. Some say: “The savage who want to defend the truth or the moral values by telling big lies, executing the poor people, and killing, torturing, and raping the people, only disgrace those truth and moral values. The truth and the values that you should defend them by this sort of barbaric actions, is nothing except Big Lies and Barbaric Values”. We have already written about Saeed Malekpour’s Tragedy . In the recent days, the western mass media have closed their eyes to this great tragedy, and say nothing and do nothing. They tore their ass up for a woman who had killed his husband in Iran, but now they do nothing for a person whose crime is “managing a website”. Please don’t remain silent, inactive, or indifferent, and ask the world and the mass media to put pressure on the Mullah regime. No one in any country should not lose his life because of managing a website and exercise his rights to freedom of opinion, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech. As we said before, they wanted to execute him in 2011, but the global pressure prevented it. It’s not clear why the savage Mullahs play with the internet users and the people’ nerves every now and then. Some say: “They want to intimidate the people, but for what? In this way, the frustrated people just want to save themselves from the medieval tyranny of the savage Mullahs, at any price and by any means. What’s the use of this sort of barbarism? Do they want the internet users in Iran rise up, and each of them holds a gun and goes to the streets, and send them to hell? Do they want to have a fate worse than Gaddafi’s fate and Mussolini’s fate?” In these days, the Wikipedia and other digital activists protest against the SOPA and the violation of the people’s rights in the internet, and the savage Mullahs want to execute a person who managed a website. It’s so tragic. Please care about both the SOPA and the tragedy of the internet and the victims of the internet in Iran. The world should ask the Mullahs to stop being savage, and the world should ask the hypocrite west to stop being hypocrite bastard. Those who defend the SOPA, are those who sell the tools of surveillance to the Mullahs and aided them in killing Iranians. They are those bastards who only care about the nuclear issue, not the human rights. We have already written about the SOPA and the evil plans for the internet censorship in the US and Canada. Of course, the people in the free world, especially the stupid left and Chomsky’s fans in the US, should open their eyes and see the whole truth. In the US, at least no one loses his life for protesting or managing a website. But in the countries that the stupid left defend them, the situation is so horrible.

Please do something about both the SOPA and the tragedy of the internet and the victims of the internet in Iran. Please don’t remain silent, inactive, or indifferent.

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