Golden Globe 2012 and Asghar Farhadi

“Asghar Farhadi’s drama ‘A Separation’ won the best foreign language film award at the 69th Golden Globes on Sunday”, the media reported. Asghar Farhadi is a young Iranian filmmaker that is more important and talented than someone like Abbas Kiarostami that Iranians call him “Abbas Khayemal (Ass-kisser)” because he kisses the Mullahs’ ass. The media added: “Accepting his award, Farhadi thanked his cast, crew, producers and distributors. ‘When I was coming up on stage, I was thinking what I should say here,’ he said, ‘I prefer to say something about my people. They are a truly peace-loving people.’ Standing on stage, next to Farhadi, was actor/ writer Peyman Moaadi who portrays Nader in ‘A Separation’. Farhadi was one of the winners at 17th annual Critics Choice Awards (for Best Foreign Language Film), too”.


The nominations for Best Foreign Language Film in the 69th Golden Globe were: The Flowers Of War (China), In The Land of Blood and Honey (USA), The Kid With a Bike (Belgium), A Separation (Iran), and The Skin I Live In (Spain). The media reported: “A Separation is the first Iranian film that win a Golden Globe. Beating Angelina Jolies ‘In the Land of Honey and Blood’ and Pedro Almodovars ‘The Skin I Live in’, A Separation has a good chance of winning this years Oscar”. In the past two years, Farhadi has defended the Iranian movement, in Berlin Film Festival, in France, in “House of Cinema Festival”, etc. Farhadi has not betrayed the people yet. He has defended the Iranian anti-Mullah movement. But now in the US, he has refused to support the people movement. In fact, in the recent months he has begun to become more conservative, and now he is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser).


The 69th Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Woody Allen won the Best Screenplay award for “Midnight in Paris”. Meryl Streep won the Best Actress award (Drama) for “The Iron Lady”. Martin Scorsese won the Best Director award for “Hugo”. George Clooney won the Best Actor award (Drama) for “The Descendants”. “The Descendants” won the Best Drama award, and “The Artist” won the Best Comedy award. You can find the full list of the nominations and winners in Golden Globe’s official website. It’s funny to know that some stupid or unimportant details can be important in Iran. Farhadi and Moaadi’s clothes were appropriate and normal, but it has angered the savage Mullahs, because they believe “wearing tie or bow tie is non-Islamic”. Fardahi shook Angelina Jolie’s hands, and it’s quite normal. But some say why he didn’t shake her hands warmly, while the savage Mullahs say why he shook a woman’s hand, specially Jolie’s hands. I don’t know why he didn’t shake Jolie’s hands warmly with two hands. Maybe he is frightened of the Mullahs. Maybe, it’s part of his personality. But it’s a personal matter, and unimportant matter. It’s none of our business. But what Farhadi would say in the Oscar’s night, if he wins the Oscar, will be important for many Iranians.


Farhadi is on the edge of becoming Khayemal (ass-kisser). Iranians will call him “Asghar Khayemal”, if he kisses the Mullahs’ ass or says any positive thing about the Mullah regime. And the people will be disappointed at him, if he remains silent and conservative. He can use the Oscar’s night to defend the ordinary Iranians and their movement. He should talk about the martyrs and the victims. Iranians are alone and voiceless. Everybody betrays them. But the Oscar’s night is a rare opportunity to support them. Farhadi can give a good speech that night. As we said before, the vast majority of Iranian filmmakers and Iranian celebrities are Khayemal (ass-kisser). They are opportunist, charlatan, and sycophant. Until now, Farhadi has been among the rare exceptions, and many hope he doesn’t become “Asghar Khayemal” in the near future. Almost all casts and crews of his film, “Separation of Nader and Simin”, are Khayemal. Maybe only “Leila Hatami” (Simin) or “Moaadi” (Nader) can be among the exceptions. Unfortunately, when Iranian celebrities become more famous, they become more Khayemal, too.


I’ve heard good and bad things about “A Separation”, that its full name is “Separation of Nader and Simin” or “Nader and Simin, A Separation”. I’ve not seen this film yet, but other Farhadi’s films were not bad. Of course, they were not good, too. “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast) and “About Elly” are not bad films. I liked some scenes of ‘About Elly’, but the whole film was not good. Many things in this film were stupid. Of course, ‘About Elly’ was better than almost all Iranian movies in the recent years, but it doesn’t mean that ‘About Elly’ is a good film. I liked “ChaharShanbe Soori” (Wednesday Feast), more than “About Elly”. As you know, the Mullahs censor many things and don’t allow the Iranian filmmakers to make their own films, and that’s why almost all Iranian films are shitty, horrible, or unacceptable. The lack of basic freedoms, the horrible censorship, the self-censorship, and the Khayemali (kissing ass) are among the main obstacles in the way of all Iranians, including the Iranian filmmakers.


The young Iranian filmmakers are much more talented than someone like “Abbas Khayemal”. Asghar Farhadi is just one of the young Iranian filmmakers who can become global filmmakers, if they refuse to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and if they could make their own films without the Mullah censorship and other restrictions that the Mullahs impose on them. Iranians have many unknown good filmmakers, and if you want one name, I can give you the name of “Hojjat Ghasemzadeh Asl”, who has four TV films, that are much more better than Farhadi’s works. The works of some young and unknown Iranian filmmakers, like “Ghasemzadeh Asl”, are “global artifacts”, at least much more than Farhadi’s works. The freedom, specially freedom of speech and freedom from censorship and suffocation, is necessary for making any good work. Many Iranians can’t work because the savage Mullahs don’t allow them or because they don’t want to kiss the Mullahs’ ass, and that’s why the majority of young Iranian intellectuals, writers, artists, filmmakers, philosophers, thinkers, etc are unknown. But after the Mullahs, the world will hear more about them.

[P.S. In the above pix, the person that some tell funny jokes about his taste in clothing, is Pedro Almodovar, the most famous Spanish filmmaker]

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