Iran and West: Nuclear Issue or Human Rights ?

In these days, those who wrote love letters to Khamenei in 2009 and closed their dirty eyes to the great brutal suppression in Iran; and those who refused to help Iranians and their anti-Mullahs, and instead aided the Mullahs in killing and suppressing Iranians and tried to reach a good deal with the Mullahs; and those who imposed their stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, but allowed the Mullah embezzlers and tens of thousands of the Mullahs and their families to go to the west, live there in luxury, and invest the embezzled money there, try to play with public opinion again. Now, instead of apologizing to Iranians for their shameful behaviors, the stupid bastards want to torture the ordinary Iranians in the name of the nuclear issue. In 2009 and 2011, it was so obvious that Iranians wanted to topple the Mullah regime and wanted to get rid of the Basiji thugs and the savage Mullahs who kill and torture Iranians, but the hypocrite west supported these bastards and refused to help the ordinary Iranians who were victims of these bastards who are stupidly called scientist, scholar, investor, entrepreneur, journalist, etc. The tragedy of Iran since 2009 until now, and the tragedy of Syria, are the key to understand the depth of stupidity of this shitty world. The hypocrite west pretends that Iran’s regime and Syria’s regime are the enemy of the west, but just look at the depth of the western hypocrisy and how they treat their enemies like their friends. The case of Egypt and Iran is so informative, too. The mass media and the fake intellectuals tell big lies and brainwash the people, but the Egypt’s regime was pro-West and Egypt’s people are Islamist or pro-Islamist. But Iran is the exact opposite of Egypt. The Iran’s people are anti-Islamist. But just look how the hypocrite west handled the Egypt’s protests and the Iran’s protests (check Archive). Do you know what the Iranians inside Iran say in these day: “What happened in 2009 and 2011 showed that the hypocrite west doesn’t care about the freedom, democracy and the human rights in Iran. In 2009, we thought the West is our friend and they would help us to topple the Mullah regime, but the hypocrite west not only refused to help us, but they aided the Mullahs in killing us. The hypocrite west is the enemy of Iranians, and is the friend of the Mullahs and the Islamists“. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand how the hypocrite west betrayed Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 and 2011. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand the difference between Obama’s reaction to the Egypt’s protests and the Iran’s protests. There is no need to an IQ of 160 to understand the paradoxes of the west or their great scandals, like the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s, or what they did in 2009, or the great scandal of selling the tools of suppression and surveillance to the Mullahs in 2009 and 2010. Even a person with an IQ of 75 can understand these matters that we have already written about them (check Archive). For example, the apparent paradox and the Iran-Contra scandal can show you many things. But unfortunately, most of the people in the world know nothing about these important issues. No one asks the hypocrite west if you were really the enemy of the Mullahs, what is the Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s? No one asks the hypocrite west if you were really the enemy of the Mullahs or you really wanted to solve the nuclear issue, why didn’t you support the Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement in 2009 at least as much as you supported the Egyptians in 2011? No one asks the hypocrite west why you aided the Mullahs in killing Iranians in 2009, and why many Mullahs, Mullah embezzlers, and Mullah agents live in the US, the UK, Canada, etc? Sometimes you think the world is full of the blind sheep and the blind idiots. We have already written about the Ashura traitors and the Hypocrite West , and what Timothy Garton Ash wrote in January 2010. Ash wrote: The Ashura protests should shame the west into a change of policy on Iran. Martyrdom is piled upon martyrdom. The senior members of the Obama administration suggest that they want to try to exploit the weakness of the Mullah regime to win some inches on the nuclear negotiation, neglecting the mile that might be gained by political change. Iranians listen carefully to what the west is saying. At this critical moment, it would be shaming if what Iranians who are risking their lives for more freedom heard was, in effect, the west only really cares about the nuclear issue. And that would only be reinforced by photographs of the Mullahs meeting with high European and American officials -again to talk only about the nuclear issue. At this moment, the message Europe and America together should send to the Mullahs is: ‘ We are in no hurry to shake the hand the Mullahs extend to us, when it has just been wiped clean of peoples blood’. That message would accord better with both our values and our long-term interests . Ash was a rare exception in the west who didn’t tell lie. Unfortunately, the Iranian inside Iran have been victim of the Western Hypocrisy since the 18th century. Here, when I say the west or the hypocrite west, I mean the bad guys in the west, not the good guys or the good things there. I should repeat this matter, because the new readers will judge us by this article. If you are a new reader or a typical ignorant westerner who thinks the Mullahs and the west are enemy of each other, or Iranians are Islamist and love the Mullahs, you should check our archive and read our pervious articles. Please check our archive, before asking any stupid question or before any judgment about what you read here. Unfortunately, the mass media brainwash the people, and many can’t see the truth. Recently, the hypocrite west has focused on the Nuclear Issue again. These bastards have forgotten the freedom, democracy, and the human rights issues in Iran since 2009, and only said: “We can do nothing for Iranians. We want to help them, but their regime is not our friend“. But now just look what they can do, if they want to do something. Those idiots who tried to justify Obama and said: “what could he do?”, should open their eyes and see what this stupid monkey could do in 2009. What he could do in 2009, for helping Iranians and for the sake of the freedom, democracy and human rights, but he refused, is what he does it now, for the sake of the nuclear issue and for their own stupid animal interests, not for Iranians. It’s very very tragic and very very important. They betrayed Iranians inside Iran, and still betray them. Shame on you the stupid monkey, Obama.


We have already written about What Iranians Expect form the West, and we only emphasized the importance of apologizing to Iranians, because it’s very critical. If the hypocrite west apologizes to Iranians, it would show that they don’t want to insult us and our intelligence and don’t want to repeat their stupid mistakes again . But if they refuse to apologize to Iranians, it only means that they still are hypocrite bastard and they still think we live in the Slavery Age or the Colonialism Age. Their apology also shows us whether they care about their own long-term interests or not. We have already written about Iranians and Nuclear Energy and how Iranians think about the nuclear issue. And now the west and the western politicians should answer a simple question: “Do you want Friend or Puppet?“. It’s a simple question that many thinks its answer is very clear, but unfortunately it’s not. In the Colonialism Age and the Slavery Age, the west only wanted puppet or slave, but are they still too stupid to want puppet or slave? It’s so obvious when we and others say: “we are friend of the west”, it doesn’t mean that we want to be their puppet. Being friend is one thing, and being puppet is another thing. I know that even the dumbest people of the world know this matter, but unfortunately the stupid bastards specially the Iranian baboons, the stupid Iranian expats, and the western politicians don’t want to understand it. I can understand why the Iranian baboons and the stupid Iranian expats don’t want to understand this matter. They are worthless mercenary who live by kissing ass. They are puppet. These stupid bastards, like the Iranian Monarchists in LA, California, or the Rajavists and other Iranian jerks know that they have not any supporter in Iran, so their beloved regime is a puppet regime like the Pahlavi regime or the Qajar regime in the Colonialism Age. They desperately try to ask the Americans to aid them in establishing another puppet regime in Iran. But who cares about these stupid bastards in Iran? The younger generations of Iranians are friend of the west and the whole world, but it doesn’t mean that they want to be puppet of the west. Iran and the West can be close friends. There are many similarities between Iranians and the westerners, and they can be very close friends. As we said before, the roots of the western culture, traditions, and many things in the west are Iran (Persia). So, it’s so obvious that they can be very close friends. On the other hand, we all are humans, and the humans in all around the world are like each other. What is called ‘Cultural Difference’ is a very marginal difference. It’s not important. Even two siblings are different from each other. It’s not important. When two members of one family can be very different from each other, it just means that ‘blood’, ‘race’, ‘nationality’, etc are not important at all. You can understand a wise guy in the US or any other place of the world, more than a typical stupid Iranian. And you can understand a wise guy in Iran, more than a typical idiot in the US or any other place of the world. But all these matters don’t mean that the west still can play the role of master, and others should play the role of slave. The master/ slave game has been finished. The younger generations of Iranians are educated and modern, at least as modern as their counterparts in the west. Most of them believe that all people in all around the world should help each other to build a better world. Compared to the racists, the religious fanatics, the chauvinists, and other typical idiots in the west, the majority of Iranians, who are young and modern, seem like intellectuals. Today, all wise guys in all around the world know that your nationality, your race, and your gender don’t determine whether you are a good guy or a bad guy, or whether you are idiot or wise. Where you were born is not important. We don’t inherit knowledge and wisdom from our parents. We don’t inherit knowledge and wisdom through our genes. We should acquire it. All youths in all around the world should start from zero, and should try to acquire knowledge and wisdom. If you learn nothing and live like sheep, then you are idiot or ignorant, independent of where you live. The main problem in Iran that the world should care about it, is not the nuclear issue, but it’s the brutal dictatorship. If the world aids Iranians in solving the main problem, then the nuclear issue and other issues would be solved automatically. But otherwise, if they still want to be as stupid as 2009 and 2011, and instead of apologizing to Iranians inside Iran, they want to impose new stupid sanctions on Iranians, they only show how stupid and how bastard they are. Any war game and any new sanction in the name of the nuclear issue is not acceptable for Iranians inside Iran. They ask: “Do you want to help us and do you care about the freedom, democracy and human rights ? or you only care about your stupid short-term interests (your animal interests) and the nuclear issue and want to destroy Iran ? If you want to help us, at first you should apologize to us for betraying us in 2009 and 2011. We have an old saying : ‘Aval Baradarito Sabet kon baad …’ that in this case means: ‘At first, you should prove that you are our friend, then we can talk about other things‘. The hypocrite west should be very careful. Iranians asked and still ask for help, not intervention”. We would write more about the differences between help and intervention, but it’s not very complicated. As we said before, the world should help the suppressed nations, but it doesn’t mean “Intervention or Meddling”. Today’s world needs a new organization to help the suppressed nations, because the Nato, the US, and the UN are very stupid. They often refuse to help the suppressed nations, and they are so mean and so hypocrite. The meaning of “Help” is very clear, for instance, the French helped the Americans during the American Revolution; or the Nato helped Libyans in 2011, despite all Nato’s betrayals and mistakes. The hypocrite west should stop being bastard. It’s so obvious that the nuclear issue is not the main issue. The human rights and the brutal dictatorship is the main issue (even the nuclear bomb would not save the Islamic regime, as it could not save USSR). And it’s so obvious that in the 21st century If you need puppet or slave, not friend, then the people can’t be your friend; they only can be your enemy. It’s not very complicated. So, we all should ask the west:Do you want Friend or Puppet? and Do you want to help Iranians, or you only care about your stupid animal interests? . If you were not as stupid as the slaveholders in the Slavery Age, you could understand that a modern Republic in Iran is in your own interests, too. It’s better for your own long-term interests, idiots. And it’s exactly like what the slaves and the wise guys told the stupid slaveholders in the Slavery Age. They also added: “The abolition of slavery (like the abolition of the tyranny and the secular or religious Monarchy in Iran) is inevitable. Stop standing on the wrong side of history, idiots

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