First time as Tragedy, the second as Farce

These days many Iranians don’t know whether they should be happy or sad, and whether they should cry or laugh. Many are not sure what they see is real or a dream, it’s joke or tragedy, or it’s tragicomedy or farce. It’s said: “The great events and dictators in world history reappear in one fashion or another; But the first time as tragedy, the second as farce“. These days we can feel it in Iran. I don’t know it’s farce or tragicomedy, but it’s sadly laughable. What we see in these days is really like a ridiculous black comedy. Let’s take a look at part of the story of these days. You yourself can decide whether it’s farce or tragicomedy:

– As we said before, in Iran the inflation rate is about 30% to 50%, but the interest rates that the banks paid to you for your money is about 5% to 9% ! So, you should be too stupid to keep your money in the banks. The rate that the banks charge you for their loans is about 18% to 30%, but the Mullahs get loans with the rate 9% to 12% !!, and often they don’t repay it. It’s an easy way for becoming rich. In the past six years, the Mullahs have embezzled more than $48 billion dollar, while the ordinary people whose money were in the banks, experienced a decrease in the interest rate from 18% to 6% and an increase in the inflation rate from 15% to 50%. It’s what the Mullahs call it ‘Justice’ or ‘Islamic Banking’. While the ordinary Iranians can not get a loan of $10,000 with the rate 20%, the Mullahs and their thugs get loans of $10 million to $100 million with the rate 10%, and even don’t repay them !! The Mullah media confess: “more than 1000 people have got loans, about $6 billion, but they don’t repay their loans ! We have 10 banks, that 9 of them are totally bankrupted”. It’s what the Mullahs call it ‘Islamic Justice” or “Islamic Banking”. In the past years, the Mullahs said that the interest rates is non-Islamic and anti-Islamic , but the inflation rate that is about 30% to 50% is Islamic. It’s exactly like what Khomeini and the Mullahs had said in 1980s. Anyway, in the recent days, the Mullahs that their economy is on the edge of collapse, have said: “[After six years that were full of big lies and big embezzlements, and after destroying the economy in Iran,] we understand that the interest rates should be equal to the inflation rate. Now, the inflation rate is about 20%, so the interest rates will become 20%”. Of course, the inflation rate in today’s Iran is equal to 40%. How we live in this Islamic Heaven in Iran ?

– Hossein Alaei wrote an article in the Ettelaat newspaper, in January 9, 2012, in the anniversary of “January 9, 1978”, the day that “the Pahlavi regime made a big mistake by publishing an article in the Ettelaat newspaper, and ignited the sparks of the revolution”, some believe. Hossein Alaei is a high rank Sepahi (high rank officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC], also known as “Sepah” or “Mullah Gestapo”). Some say: “Hossein Alaei is the first commander of the IRGC navy at the time of its formation in 1985. He also served as Guard chief of staff, deputy defense minister, and head of the Defense Ministry’s aerospace division”. Alaei made a comparison between Iran during the revolutionary era of 1978-79, and what happened in 2009 and 2011. Alaei wrote: “In 1978, the Pahlavi killed about 2000 protesters in Iran [like what the Mullah regime did in 2009]. They were killing and arresting more and more people, while they were losing their power more and more. Before the violent crackdown, the people did not chant against the Shah (Pahlavi), but after the brutal suppression the people started to chant against the Shah himself and asked for regime change [It’s exactly like what the people did in 2009 and 2011, when they started to chant directly against Khamenei and asked for regime change]. They started writing letter to the Shah, and the Shah (Pahlavi) was rightfully declared as the person behind all the countrys problems (and it’s exactly like today). Within just one year, the Shah, who thought that he is the owner of Iran, was forced to flee from Iran. Probably, after fleeing from Iran, the Shah would has asked himself the following questions: … Would the situation have not ended better if I had allowed the people to hold peaceful protests? Wouldnt I have obtained better results If I had not ordered the security forces to shoot at the people? If instead of placing prominent political leaders under house arrest, I had paved the way for a dialogue, would I have been forced to flee the country? If instead of accusing the people of being provoked by foreign countries, I had refrained from insulting their intelligence, would I still have been forced to seek asylum in foreign countries? If instead of accusing opponents of acting against national security, I had accepted the opposition, recognized it as legal and guaranteed their rights, couldn’t I have stayed in power longer?” Alaei’s article is a clear sign of the imminent downfall.

– The Mullah regime is a religious Absolute Monarchy, and the Pahlavi’s regime was a secular Absolute Monarchy. When the people asked the Pahlavi to respect the Constitutional Monarchy, he killed and tortured the people. And it’s exactly like what the Mullahs did and still do in Iran. It’s so obvious that Iranians inside Iran hate the Monarchy, but the Iranian baboons and their community in LA, California, are dead zombies who still live in the 1970s. They love kissing the hand and the ass of Pahlavi, their Majesty. They want to have a Shepherd. They are sheep and live like sheep, and that’s why they need shepherd. Their shepherd is a stupid bastard called ‘Reza Pahlavi’, who is the grandson of ‘Reza Kachal’ (Reza the bald). Sadegh Hedayat, the great Iranian intellectual, called Reza Shah “Reza Kachal”, because Reza Kachal was an illiterate brutal dictator. Reza Kachal was an illiterate soldier that the British bastards made him King. Reza Kachal was a stupid illiterate farmer, who became soldier. Reza Kachal, Mr. stupid nobody, became somebody in the 1910s with the help of the UK, and the Britons made him king in 1920s, because he was a good puppet. Now, the stupid grandson of Reza Kachal dream of becoming a new Reza Kachal with the help of Americans. But no one cares about him in Iran, and the people only laugh at him. “But if the Americans want to care about Reza Pahlavi, Iranians inside Iran will entertain him with a special thing: Guillotine“, some say. It’s funny that some great idiots try to kiss the Pahlavi’s ass in the name of freedom and democracy. They are exactly like the stupid bastards who kiss the Khomeini’s ass in 1978, or the Hitler’s ass in 1930s. They defend the Fascism and the Tyranny in the name of freedom and democracy. But they have reappeared as farce, not as tragedy. When they repeat Khomeini’s word “Vahdat Kalama” (unity), Iranians inside Iran laugh heartily.


– When Hoveyda was kissing the Pahlvai’s hand in the last years of the Pahlavi’s regime, he did not think that his end is near. Now, some Mullahs are like Hoveyda, some pretend ignorance about the imminent downfall, and some are really confused. The confused Mullahs and their media reported: “The members of the (Mullah) Cyber Army and those who are the soldiers and officers of the Soft War earn about $7 per hour for putting comments under the websites in the internet“. And the Wall Street Journal added: “A cleric blogger [Mullah] based in the holy city of Qum, Ahmad Najimi, said in his blog last week that the Islamic regime was paying mercenaries hired in the network known as the ‘Cyber Army’ the equivalent of $7 per hour to swarm the Web with positive comments about the Islamic regime and post negative comments against dissidents. That is consistent with comments from the Revolutionary Guards’ commander in Tehran who said some 2,000 bloggers had been recruited and trained as Cyber Army staff“. It’s a funny confession and a sign of the imminent downfall. It’s what all Iranians knew it, but unfortunately, the western mass media pretends what these Mullah mercenaries say are what the Iranian inside Iran say. It’s funny to know that the Mullah media also confessed: “They (our mercenaries) put comments in the websites, but the people don’t care about them. Instead, some of them care about what the people say and lose their faith [!]; They want to brainwash the people, but finally the people brainwash them [!]; Sooner or later, they lose their faith, like the ordinary people or those who don’t believe in anything; They become prostitute[!]” Some funny Iranians say: “Do you know that these Mullah mercenaries and other Iranian mercenaries have a special website for themselves? It’s ‘’.”

– The people reporters said: “ [the main website of the Iranian baboons] has been converted to Reza Pahlavi’s website. All Iranians know that Reza Pahlavi supports financially. But why the west supports and Reza Pahlavi financially? Why they waste their people’s tax on the worthless mercenaries? Reza Pahlavi and Mr. Balatarin are worthless shits; who care about them? they are like the Los Angeles TVs. But why the west supports them financially? It’s the main issue. In fact, is a new version of the bankrupted Los Angeles TVs. At first, The Los Angeles TVs -i.e. the Monarchist’s media in LA, California, that were satellite TVs and went bankrupted some years ago- got financial aids from the US government, but then all of them went bankrupted, because the Iranian inside Iran didn’t care about them. Do the American politicians want to repeat their stupid mistake again?”. It’s an important question. Many Iranians inside Iran say: “Reza Pahlavi dige sagge kieh” (Reza Pahlavi is Mr. stupid nobody); “Reza Pahlavi sagge ki bashe ke ahamiati dashte bashe” (Reza Pahlavi is a worthless shit. Who cares about him?) But our main question is: Do the Americans care about him? Reza Pahlavi and are worthless shits, and no one cares about them in Iran, but does the west cares about them? Do they have any evil plan or what ? If they openly support Reza Pahlavi, it would be a declaration of war against 75 million Iranians. We will never forgive and forget them, and this time they will pay the price of their betrayals”. When we and others write about the stupid bastards like Reza Pahlavi,, and the Monarchists, it doesn’t mean that they are important, but many in Iran think that these stupid bastards try to deceive the west and the world. Iranians inside Iran know the true colors of these stupid bastards, but the world know nothing about them, and should know more about them. “Do the American politicians want to repeat their stupid mistake again?”, it’s a tragic-comic question and you can’t be sure about its answer.

– The people reporters said: “Recently, Masoud Behnoud’s team have started to work with Reza Pahlavi . It’s probably a mission that the western countries and/ or the Mullahs have defined it. What Masoumeh Alinejad, Behnoud’s mistress, did in the recent days (her interview with Reza Pahlavi) is part of an evil plan. Maybe, those who support Masoud Behnoud’s team financially, think he can help them like 1978 and 1979. But he is a dead bastard now. Those who waste their money on him and his mercenaries, are really retard. They should know that Iranians inside Iran believe there is no difference between the Basiji thugs and the worthless mercenaries like Behnoud or Mr. Balatarin or Reza Pahlavi. The judgment day and the payback time is near. Those who betrayed the people in 2009 and 2011, and those who destroyed Iran, plundered its resources, and killed and tortured the people, and those who dreams of becoming a new Khomeini [or a new Reza Kachal] and want to restore the Monarchy in Iran, will be tried in the near future. In Iran, the Guillotine are ready for entertaining the last King and the last Mullahs, if they want to take us back to the Stone Age”. In fact, Iranians inside Iran want to get rid of both the last Mullah (Khamenei) and the last King (Reza Pahlavi) at the same time. The Iranian baboons, the Iranian expats, and the older generations of Iranians still are very stupid and still betray the younger generations. But the majority of Iranians inside Iran are young and modern. In the recent days, an Iranian Inside Iran, Alireza PirPourAli, has written a good open letter to Khamenei and has published in his Facebook page. Many like his letter, because it’s part of the real voices of Iranians inside Iran. Millions people who are as brave as or as wise as PirPourAli, and millions people who are braver or wiser than him live in today’s Iran. All of them are young, educated, and modern, and want to put an end to the Islamic or secular Monarchy and the tyranny in Iran for ever. The future belongs to them.

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