The Secrets of Success in Iran and the World

January 10, 2012

Many people in all around the world want to know the secrets of success. If you have a very rich family, you don’t need to know the secrets of success. You already are successful, because the first secret of success is “being lucky”, and you already are lucky enough. You are part of the 1%, and your father or one of your ancestors already knew the secrets of success, but other people who are part of the 99%, should try to find the secrets of success. In Iran, the golden rule and the key secret of success is: “Being Charlatan and Being Khayemal (ass-kisser)”. The charlatan and the stupid typical Iranian Khayemal (ass-kisser) can become millionaire, can become a famous or popular figure, can work with the western institutes or the western companies, can easily get visa and can easily go to or live in each western country that they want, etc. The secrets of their success are as follows: (1) Embezzle money as much as you can (2)Deceive a rich girl/boy who has a rich family to marry you (3)Betray your family and your friends whenever it’s in your interests (4)Kiss your boss’s ass, and also the Mullahs’ ass as much as you can (5)Tell lies and deceive the people as much as you can (6)Do whatever the majority do. And live like sheep and follow the fashion (7)Always pretend that you are friend of each person you see; always pretend how much you love them, but always talk about them behind their back and say how much you hate them or how much they are stupid (8)Try to have many shallow relationships with the rich or powerful people. You can use them. Forget honesty or intimacy (9)Bribe everybody and try to solve all your problems by bribery (10) Be clever (“Zerangh Bash”), f-u-c-k others and their rights as much as you can. These secrets are the basic secrets of success in Iran. But if you want to be more successful or want to become somebody, you should try to be a fake intellectual or a mercenary. The fake intellectuals and the typical Iranian mercenaries are the most successful people in Iran, because they not only know the above secrets, but they are aware of the following secrets: (11)Only say what the west and the western media want to hear. Forget the truth or telling the truth (12)Always and only work for the money. Write or say what your sponsors dictate to you (13)Support the Islamists, the Monarchists, the terrorists, any other group who gives you good money. If the people asked you why you defend these reactionary bastards, just say: “It’s freedom and democracy. I can defend whatever I want. Why you behave like dictators?” (14)Get financial aids from the western countries in the name of defending the Iranians inside Iran, while your job is ‘Betraying Iranians inside’ (15)Betray the people in 2009 and 2011 and say that “Iranians should leave the streets; The street protests are enough; Iran doesn’t need revolution or fundamental change”. But in 2012 say: “Why Iranians are so stupid and inactive. Why they don’t do anything for revolution or fundamental change in Iran” And if the people said: “You are a stupid jerk, a worthless mercenary”, you would say: “Why you use bad language? It shows that you are an uncivilized man” (16) Be shameless in a way that compared to you, Mr. shit seems like a saint (17) Tell shameful lies when you look at the people’s eyes. Don’t tell lie only behind their back, but tell lie when you look at their eyes (18) Deny what you did to the people or how you betrayed the people. If they insist and show you undeniable facts, you should say: “Oh, what I did was for the sake of the people. They were stupid and what I did was better for them” (19) Do drugs as much as you can, and say : “It’s what all real intellectuals should do. It’s modernism”. (20) Always tell the biggest possible lies. Your lies should be so big. The bigger, the better. For example you can say: “50% of Iranians still support the Mullah regime” or “10% of Iranians support Reza Pahlavi”. These items are the secrets of success in Iran. Those who hate these secrets, should live like a prisoner in the big prison (Iran), because the western countries and the western politicians don’t allow them to live the big prison


Unfortunately, Khayemali (Kissing ass) is the key secret of success in almost all parts of this shitty world. But there is an important and tragic difference between Iran and the west. The wise Iranians can’t be as successful as the dumbest idiots in the west, because the world treat them like a second-class citizen. The idiots in the west, from the religious fanatics to the typical idiot in the US or the west, that their utopia is somewhere like Las Vegas, specially when they can live there like the leading roles of the B movies or the adult movies, are first-class citizens in this shitty world, and can go to other countries without any visa or any restriction, but the wise Iranians should be second-class citizens and should live in Iran like prisoners. The typical idiot in the US or the west have their own secret of success, and that’s why they are first-class citizens. The secret of their success is their belief in the following things: (1)Those who live in the US or the west are human, but those who live in the rest of the world are animal or have come from Mars or Moon (2)Only the Americans and the westerners are able to be scientist, intellectual, philosopher, artist, filmmaker, humorist, etc (3)The religious fanatics who live in the West are modern people, but the open-minded people or the ordinary people in other parts of the world are fanatic (4)The illiterate or idiot people who live like sheep in the west are modern, but the educated, open-minded and modern people who live in other parts of the world are idiot (5)Doing drugs or living like the leading roles off the B movies or the adult movies is the most important thing of the world (6)Mathematics, Physics, or Science is hard and also useless. The people should not waste their life on such things (7)Iranians are Arab and Islamist. They love the Mullahs and hate the Americans (8)Iranians are terrorist. They live in the desert, and have no city, no modern life, nothing (9) Reading books, thinking, using your brain, or studying is hard and useless. Just try to have fun. God Bless Beer/ Drugs (10) Where you were born is important, not who you are. But who make these idiots first-class citizens, and who make the wise guys in Iran and other countries second-class citizens? The policymakers and the bad guys in the west, who think the secret of their success is their belief in the following things: (1)We are master, and others are slave (2)We are powerful, and others are weak (3)We are smart, but others are retard (4)We can tell big lies, and everybody accepts it (5)We make love with the Mullahs, but we can pretend that the Mullahs are our enemy (6)While we supported the Mullahs in 2009 and 2011, and tens of thousands of high rank Mullahs live in the west and make love with us, we can impose sanctions on the ordinary Iranians in the name of fighting against the Mullahs (7)We are goods, but others, specially Iranians, are bad (8)The mass media and the fake intellectuals are our tools for controlling and brainwashing the people (9)We can work with the mercenaries who are very hated figures in Iran and other countries, but we can pretend that they are representative of the people in Iran and other countries (10)We can defend the tyranny and the brutal dictators in the name of the freedom, democracy and human rights. These items or these secrets seem like joke, but unfortunately, when you live like a prisoner in the prison (Iran), you can see that they are not joke.