Living like a Prisoner in a Big Prison named Iran

When you live in Iran, you live like a prisoner in a big prison. It’s a feeling that only the prisoners can understand it. If you live in the free world, you can’t understand it. Maybe, only if you put yourself in the place of a prisoner in the Nazi prisons, the Fascist prisons, or the Communist prisons, like what you can see in the movies, you could understand us. The Iranians who don’t want to close their eyes and don’t want to sell themselves and don’t want to live like animal, are forced to live like a prisoner in a big prison. Those who live like a prisoner in Iran can not leave this big prison, mainly because of the hypocrite west, not the Mullahs. The hypocrite west has imposed many stupid sanctions and many dreadful restrictions on Iranians, while the Mullahs and their families and their mercenaries can easily go to the west, can invest the embezzled money there, and can live in luxury there. It’s so tragic. When you live in the big prison (Iran), a monkey like Obama can cut all your access to the outside world. You can’t have access to any foreign bank, any foreign market, any foreign community, or any foreign product (except the stupid Chinese ones), and the western embassies treat you like animal, and the international media say nothing about you, except big lies. Here, a monkey like Obama makes love with the Mullahs and those who kill and torture the people, but instead impose dreadful sanctions on the victims and the ordinary people. Here, a little monkey like Khamenei and a bunch of Chalquz (bird shit) decide about your private life, from your clothes and your relationship to the books you read, the movie and the media you watch, and the music you listen. Here, the monkeys and the Chalquz can disconnect your internet access whenever they want, and a monkey like Obama helps them. Here, the monkeys and the Chalquz ban you from writing, speaking your mind, having website, protesting, assembling, and any other activity in the public space, but a monkey like Obama makes love with them and allows them to have TV studio in the US. Here, many people earn money by kissing ass, because the Mullahs control 99% of the economy, and many people prefer to live like animal, because living like human is equal to suffering. Here, all basic needs and basic rights are in deep crisis, and the only way to live in comfort is ‘being ass-kisser and embezzling the oil money’. It’s what is called ‘the rule of the game’ here. Those who hate “the rule of the game”, and don’t want to sell themselves, have many problems and live like a prisoner in a big prison. The hypocrite west has a key role in this great tragedy. They have imposed stupid sanctions on the ordinary Iranians, not the Mullahs. Do you know which people are allowed by the west to leave Iran? or Who can leave this big prison? The crooks, the thieves, the monkeys, the baboons, the sheep, the Chalquz (bird shit), etc. The Mullahs, their families, the Basiji thugs, and other Iranian baboons can leave the big prison without any problem. The cases of great crooks like Khavari, Amir Khosravi, Buzari, Rafsanjani, Mohajerani, Reza Pahlavi, etc who have gone to Canada, the US, the UK and other western countries and live there in luxury is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of the Basji thugs, the Islamists, the Mullahs, the Monarchists, the Rajavists, the Marxists, etc who live in the UK, Canada, the US, etc and have US Green Card is not small. The worthless mercenaries like Ganji, Behnoud, Nabavi, Amirarjmand, etc can leave the big prison, because they are mercenary or political prostitute. Under these conditions, it’s so obvious that the majority of the Iranian expats should be the dumbest jerks of the world. And that’s why a Basiji Chalquz like Mehdi Yahyanejad that some call him “Mr. Balatarin”, can launch a website ( in the name of Iranians inside Iran and freedom and democracy, and get financial aids, but his stupid website becomes the website of traitors and mercenaries, and betrays Iranians inside Iran; That’s why a Monarchist Chalquz like Reza Pahlavi, the grandson of “Reza Kachal” (“Reza the bald”. Sadegh Hedayat called Reza Shah “Reza Kachal”) who is nothing expect a stupid illiterate crook, can buy the journalists and mercenaries, in a way that Iranians inside Iran say: “naveh Reza Kachal ham vase ma Adam shode” (the grandson of Reza Kachal, Mr. stupid nobody, wants to become somebody); That’s why a baby political prostitute like Masoumeh Alinejad, who is Masoud Behnoud’s mistress, can flee to the UK in the name of the freedom and defending the Iranian inside Iran, but there she works for the Mullah Mafia and Masoud Behound, and flirts with Reza Pahlavi and has interview with him, as a mission that has been defined by the western politicians and/or the Mullahs and its goal is very clear, and of course very stupid (it’s a mission impossible); That’s why a charlatan and a baby baboon like Mohammad Mostafaei, who was a stupid lawyer in Iran, can flee to Norway in 2011 in the name of women’s rights and children’s rights, but there he becomes a Reza Pahlavi’s defender. In fact, all of these tragic jokes have one reason: the west just allows the Iranian baboons and the mercenaries to leave the big prison. It’s the tragic story of the western countries and Iranian baboons. When the ordinary Iranians can not get visa from the western embassies in Iran, or when Iranian refugees in Turkey, who live in the refugee camps in very horrible conditions, can’t get visa from the western embassies in Turkey, the political prostitutes and the worthless mercenaries like Alinejad, Mostafaii, Amirarjmand, Basiji thugs, etc can easily go to the UK, Canada, the US, Norway, France, Germany, etc. Iran is a big prison, but who is the prison guard? the hypocrite west and the western politicians. Just in some cases, the Mullahs play the role of the prison guard and don’t allow Iranians to leave Iran, but in most of the cases, the hypocrite west plays the role of the prison guard. The situation in Iran is not like North Korea, that its main problem is “the passport” and its regime doesn’t allow the people to leave the country. In Iran, the main problem is not “the passport”, but it’s “the visa”. In this shitty world, for leaving the big prisons you need both the passport and the visa. Those who live like a prisoner in Iran can not leave the big prison, because of the stupid western sanctions and the dreadful restrictions that the hypocrite west has imposed on Iranians, but the Mullahs, their families, and the crooks and mercenaries can easily go to the west and invest the embezzled money there, and live in luxury there.


Why many people in Iran and many other places of the world should live like a prisoner in a big prison? Why the people who are not nationalist and don’t care about any special race or nationality, can’t live like a free man, but the crooks and many of the stupid people who are nationalist or even racist or chauvinist or religious fanatic can be free and can go and live wherever they want ? Today, the world knows some basic rights as the universal human rights, but the right to immigration without any restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth without any restriction, still is not considered as a basic and universal right for all humans. It’s like the situation in the 18th or the 19th century. At that time, many thought the right to education is a special right for the rich. At that time, only the rich kids could go to school, and other kids had to work since the age of 5 in the horrible working conditions, 16 to 18 hours par day. At that time, only the rich kids had access to the modern technology, and could travel abroad. At that time, the black slaves and the poor people lived in pure hell. The black slaves were considered as animal without any human rights. And the poor people in Europe and America could not vote and did not have any political right. They did not right to education, as they did not have any other civil, political, economic, social, and cultural right. But now, the humans have a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, at least on paper. The rights described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights include the right to life, liberty, and security; to freedom of conscience, religion, opinion, expression, association, and assembly; to freedom from arbitrary arrest; to a fair and impartial trial; to freedom from interference in correspondence, privacy, or home; to a secure society and an adequate standard of living; to education; and to rest and leisure. The declaration also affirms the rights to travel from a home country at will and return at will; to work under favorable conditions, receive equal pay for equal work, and join labor unions at will; and to participate in government and in the social life of the community. But all of these rights were meaningless in the 18th century, or even in the 19th centuries, as the women rights and the children rights were meaningless. The right to immigration without any restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth, is a basic universal right like other meaningless rights in the past centuries, but it still is meaningless and the politicians and the media have converted it into an evil right or a luxurious right. They buy and sell this right (immigration). It’s exactly like the situation in the 18th and 19th centuries when the basic human rights were sold and bought by money and social standing. Why a stupid officer can decide whether you can leave the big prison or not? Why the stupid politicians can decide whether you can enjoy your basic right to immigration or not ? Why the stupid politicians can decide whether you can travel abroad or not? It’s exactly like the 18th and 19th centuries when the stupid politicians could decide whether you can vote or not, whether you can go to school or not, whether you should be slave or not, whether you can enjoy rest and leisure or not, etc. Now, only the rich countries can enjoy the right to immigration without any serious restriction, i.e. the right to live in any place of our planet Earth and it’s exactly like the stupid conditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, when only the rich kids had the right to education, rest, leisure, etc. The wise guys and the real intellectuals in all around the world should think and write more about this shameful tragedy. It’s like a new kind of Slavery. And it’s harmful for both the rich and poor countries. When only the rich kids had right to education, the human society was full of illiterate thugs that could prevent the human progress, and could threaten the rich. In fact, many people were illiterate, unhappy and unsatisfied and it caused many serious problems. And now when mainly the mercenaries, the charlatan, and the crooks can leave the big prisons, they pollute where they go, and many people are unhappy and unsatisfied and it causes many serious problems. It can create war, hatred, violence, and many other evil things exactly like the past centuries. Our planet Earth belongs to all humans, and if all humans had been free, those who can understand each other more, would have been able to create their own communities without any national border . A wise man in Iran is like a wise man in Canada or the US. And a stupid or religious man in Canada or the US, is like a stupid or religious man in Iran and other countries. Why you should judge the people by their nationalities? The wise guys, the idiots, the religious fanatics, the intellectuals, etc in all around the world are like each other, independent of their nationality. The humans are human, independent of where they live. You should be too stupid or too naive, if you judge people by their nationality. A stupid religious fanatic in the US is exactly like a stupid religious fanatic in Iran, and they have much in common. A wise intellectual in the US is exactly like a wise intellectual in Iran, and they have a lot in common . The people that can be happy with each other, should be able to live with each other, and it’s better for the whole world. When the number of happy and satisfied people increase, the number of horrible or stupid problems decrease. It’s very important. If all people in our planet can enjoy freedom and democracy, and all people can choose where they want to live without any restriction, then the number of happy and satisfied people would increase. Then more people can reach the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. Then we will have a better world. If the idiots and the stupid people in all around the world can live with each other, they can understand the true meaning of their stupidity better. Why the Islamists should live outside the Islamic heaven in Iran, and then bullshit others about the Islamic heaven? If all Islamists live in the Islamic heaven, and all religious fanatics live in their own Utopia, and all stupid lefts and Marxists live in their stupid Utopia, etc then not only they are happy, but it can solve many problems. It seems like a joke, but really it’s not bad if the Islamists, the Mullahs, the Christian fanatics, the Jew fanatics, the Marxists, the Monarchists, and other idiots could have their own community (country) and could f-u-c-k themselves there from morning to night, that means ‘live in a way they want to live, without hurting others who hate their laws and their lifestyle’. And only when they or their children hate their Utopia, they are allowed to leave there. Why we (the ordinary people) should pay the price of the stupidity of the Mullahs, the fanatics, the capitalists, the racists, the communists and other idiots? Anyway, it’s so obvious when the western politicians allow the Basiji thugs, the crooks, the Islamists, the mercenaries, and other idiots to live in the west, while the wise and normal people are forced to live in the big prison, it’s a great betrayal and they betray both their own people and the people who live in the big prison. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the number of unhappy and unsatisfied people was very larger than today, and that’s why that time was full of many periodic wars, violent riots, horrible crimes, class war, violence, etc. I hope the wise guys can think and write about this important matter, and can aid the prisoners of the big prisons in being freed from the big prison.

P.S. Let’s think about a funny global solution like this: Each state determines which kind of state or community it wants to be. The majority of the people decide about it and determine it. In this way, for instance, parts of Europe become community for the racists, or the religious fanatics, and other parts become community for the socialists, the intellectuals, the liberals, the artists, etc; Or parts of the US and Canada can become community for the religious fanatics, the capitalists, or the idiots, and other parts can become community for the wise guys, the scientists, the socialists, the filmmakers, etc; Or Iran can become community for the Khayemals (ass-kissers), the liberals, the seculars, the spiritual people, etc; Or Saudi Arabia, small countries of the Persian Gulf, Egypt, etc can become a community for the Islamists. And after this phase, all people in all around the world can select their favorite community, and can go there and live there. Think about it. And don’t forget that the idiots in the US, Iran, Europe and other countries have a lot in common with each other, as the wise guys and others have a lot in common with each other. The people that have a lot in common with each other, can have their own community, without any national border. Think about it.

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