Iranian Monarchists and Constitutional Monarchy

December 25, 2011

The Mullahs are just part of the great tragedy of today’s Iran. The Iranian baboons who live in the west, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists and the Marxists, are the other part. The stupid Monarchists who live in LA, California, and spend the embezzled money (what they have stolen from Iran in 1970s) on restoring the Monarchy, are worst than the Mullahs. These bastards live in the free world, in the old republic system, but instead of working for the progressive goals and what Iranian inside Iran want, they work for a very reactionary goal: “Restoring the Monarchy in 21st century”. They are so stupid and bigoted, exactly like the Mullahs and their Basiji thugs. They still live in the 1970s or the 18th century, and their tactics is exactly like the Mullah tactics in 1970s. It’s not bad we take a look at their plans and their actions for restoring the monarchy in Iran. The world should know more about these stupid bastards, who are the dumbest people in our planet. The stupid Iranian monarchists stupidly talk about “Constitutional Monarchy”. They believe they can restore the monarchy in Iran by using the following items:

(1) Propaganda Campaign for Constitutional Monarchy : The stupid monarchists think their best trick is that they say: “We want a Constitutional Monarchy like the European countries. Iran should have the Monarchy, like Britain and Sweden. The Republic system has very awful versions like the Mullah regime, Saddam regime, Assad regime, etc. So, we are constitutionalist and want Constitutional Monarchy”. These idiots pretend that the Mullah regime, Assad regime, etc are Republic systems, while they are Monarchy systems. These systems have a lifelong leader or president as the monarch. In fact, the leader or the president in these systems are like the monarch, and these systems are bad because they are like the monarchy !. These idiots don’t know that if Sweden and Britain still have “Constitutional Monarchy”, it’s because they did not want to have a bloody revolution (and its high prices) and preferred to limit the power of the monarch gradually. But Iranians had a bloody revolution in 1979 and toppled the monarchy and paid its prices. Now, the Islamic regime has become the Islamic Monarchy, and if Iranians want to be constitutionalist and want to have Constitutional Monarchy, they should try to keep the Mullah regime safe, and limit the power of the Islamic monarch (Vali Faqih) gradually. It’s a great stupid joke that you ask for a bloody revolution for toppling the regime, but you pretend that you are constitutionalist ! These stupid bastards don’t know that today’s constitutionalist in Iran are Mousavi, Karrubi, and the Islamist-Reformists, who wanted to limit the power of the Islamic Monarch by the constitution . Of course, the people know the fate of the constitutionalism in the Islamic regime and the true meaning of reform in the Islamic regime that its constitution is a great stupid joke, and that’s why they hate the constitutionalists. In addition, which stupid nation (except England in 17th century) has been too stupid to have a bloody revolution for restoring the Monarchy?! All revolutionaries always clearly claim that they hate the Monarchy. Which stupid revolutionary has been monarchist ?! Even the Mullahs pretended that they were republican and hated the Monarchy. If the stupid monarchists had wanted to be constitutionalist, they would have been constitutionalist in 1970s, when they were in power. But at that time they defended the Absolute Monarchy, and killed and tortured the people who asked Pahlavi to respect the Constitutional Monarchy. Being Constitutionalist when there is no Pahlvai regime, is a great stupid joke that makes the dead chicken laugh. At the present time, if you want to be a Constitutionalist, you should defend the brutal Mullah regime, like what the Islamist-Reformists do. The Iranian Monarchists are really the dumbest people in the world. The Qajar dynasty was a Constitutional Monarchy in the 1910s and 1920s, but the Pahlavi toppled it with the help of Britain, and converted it into the Absolute Monarchy. Iran had a secular Absolute Monarchy from 1930 to 1979.

(2) American supporters: The monarchists that are sure they don’t have any supporter in Iran, desperately try to find some American supporters in the US. They try to deceive the American politicians and their media, but until now the Americans have not given them a clear answer. The American politicians can see how disgraced and discredited are the stupid monarchists, and know that if they openly support the monarchists, it would be a suicide for them. The monarchists that badly need a foreign supporter, because they don’t have any supporter in Iran, don’t know that the American politicians are capitalist and businessman. They prefer to support a group that have enough power or enough supporter in Iran, not the stupid Monarchists who are a small hated group.

(3) Money : As you know “money” is very important, specially for buying the politicians, the media, and the journalists. The stupid monarchists have enough money, because they have embezzled enough money in the Pahlavi era, specially in 1970s. Some of these stupid bastards are great crooks and great thieves. They have become millionaire or billionaire in the Pahlavi era, by kissing the Pahlavi’s ass. And that’s why they want to restore the monarchy. They dream about the 1970s, when they could embezzle the oil money and the people money, and could be somebody, by kissing Pahlavi’s ass or the Pahlavi’s hands.


(4) Iranian baboons’ media: For deceiving the American politicians and the naive people, the stupid Monarchists badly need media. But their own media are so disgraced and discredited. So, they tried to buy some Iranian baboons’ media, like “Balatarin” and “Khodnevis”, because they had some readers in Iran. But the stupid Monarchists did not know that all Iranian baboons’ media became disgraced after 2009. The journalists and the media who have sold themselves are so disgraced in Iran. The people truly believe that they are mercenary or they are like the prostitutes who only work for money. In fact, they are “Political Prostitute”. Of course, compared to the political prostitutes, the ordinary prostitutes are saint and angel.

(5) A handful of the dumbest people as mercenary: After buying some Iranian baboons’ media, the stupid Monarchists needed a handful of the dumbest people to work as their mercenaries. This group is a special version of the Basiji thugs, that are called “JanNesar” (“those who kill themselves for the king”). They also can be called “Mozduran Maghz Khar Khordeh” (the mercenary who have eaten donkey brain). The JanNesar, who are the monarchist Basiji thugs, think we live in the 18th century, and all people are as stupid as them, or as Iranian say: “they think the people have eaten Maghze Khar (donkey brain) like themselves”.

(6) The Stone Age : The stupid Iranian monarchists badly need an era like the Stone Age. If 70% of Iranians were illiterate, and only some thousands people had university education, and only some thousands knew the world and had access to the media or the internet, and only some thousands knew the history, it would be a good era for the Monarchists. The Monarchists badly need such era, that is like the Stone Age. But now, when about 65 million of Iranians are literate, about 20 million have
university-education, and about 55 million are young (35-) and educated, and at least 45 million have access to the internet, the foreign films, the foreign books, and the foreign media, even god can’t restore the monarchy in Iran.

(7) Islamist-Reformists and other hated groups: The stupid bastard monarchists badly need a disgraced enemy. They know that the hated groups like the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists have a few supporters in Iran, so they try to pretend that those who hate the Monarchists or protest against these stupid bastards are the Mullahs or the Islamist-Reformists. When the ordinary people say how much they hate the monarchists and their stupid leader, Reza Pahlavi, these bastards say: “You are a Mullah or an Islamist-Reformist; you want to keep the Mullah regime safe; that’s why you hate Reza Pahlavi”. It could be a good dirty trick if we lived in the Stone Age, but now it’s just a laughable bullshit. Those who hate the Mullahs and the Islamist-Reformists in Iran, hate the Monarchists and Reza Pahlvai more than the Mullahs, because these bastards disgrace the opposition and the Iranian movement.


(8) Khomeini’s tactics: The stupid Reza Pahlavi thinks he can use Khomeini’s tactics and Taqiyya. As we said before, Taqiyya is a holy dirty trick for deceiving the naive people (check Archive). Khomeini used Taqiyya in 1978. When was in France, Khomeini said: “I think the Islamic government is the best government, but I don’t impose my views on Iranians. I accept what the people want. We would have a referendum in Iran, and I would accept what Iranians want. In Islam and the Islamic government, all people are free and can speak their mind. We oppose the prostitution and the immoral behaviors, not the democracy or the women rights, or the human rights. We and our Islam are the main supporter of the democracy, the freedom and the human rights. When I go to Iran, I will go to Qom, and continue my previous job as a teacher. The Mullahs are teacher and men of religion and men of science, not politicians and men of power. The Mullahs will not have any role in the future government. They will go to Qom and work as teacher. We don’t work for the power or the money. We work for a free Iran, that everyone can be free and can speak his mind.” It’s so laughable, but the stupid Reza Pahlvai exactly repeats these bullshits and think the people are as stupid as himself. “Reza Pahlvai’s IQ is 50-, near donkey’s IQ and Chicken’s IQ”, the people say.

(9) Reza Pahlavi’s stupid tricks: Besides repeating the Khomeini’s tactics and Taqiyya, the stupid Reza Pahlavi uses new tactics, too. He writes stupid statements that are a ridiculous copy of Mousavi’s statements; They are good stupid jokes. He also tries to sue the Mullahs in the UN ! The stupid bastard Pahlavi thinks that Iranians inside Iran are like the stupid sheep in LA, that Iranians call them “Jamaat Maghze Khar Khorde”. The stupid sheep in LA, are like other Iranian sheep in the west who still live in 1970s and 1980s. The stupid Iranian sheep in LA and other western countries, are mainly 50+. They have had a main role in creating the 1979 disaster in Iran. Most of these stupid bastards supported Khomeini in 1978, in the name of fighting against the Pahlavi regime. They followed Khomeini, like the stupid sheep and created a horrible disaster. These bastards say: ‘Khomeini’s words were beautiful; he could deceive us.’ But if they had read history, had not been stupid and had known the Mullahs, they would not have followed Khomeini like sheep. They were so stupid and so naive, and that’s why the younger generation of Iranians hate all of these stupid bastards and curse them from morning to night. But now some of these stupid bastards ask the youth to repeat the great mistakes of 1978, by following or caring about the stupid Reza Pahlavi. But 2010s is not 1970s. “Reza Pahlavi only can go to hell and f-u-c-k himself”, the Iranians inside Iran say. The young Iranians are not like the Iranian stupid sheep in 1970s. “Iran will be a free country, when the older generations of Iranians (all 50+ Iranians) die and go to hell“, many young Iranians believe. Some funny Iranians say: “Yes, the ordinary people are sheep, but they are like the sheep in the west, not the sheep in 1970s. Now, ‘For seeking refuge from the brutal shepherd, they don’t ask the wolf to help them] (Baraye Farar az Dast Choopane Zalem, az Agha Gorgeh Komak Nemikhahand)”

(10) A small group of fans and followers: “Jamaat Maghze Khar Khorde” (stupid sheep who have eaten donkey brain) are less than 1 million people who live in LA and all around the world. The majority of them are 50+, and they have embezzled the people money in the Pahlavi era. Those who killed and tortured the people in the Pahlavi era, i.e. members of SAVAK, and the great crooks are the brains behind the monarchists. These rotten brains could not save the Pahlavi regime in 1970s when the majority of Iranians were illiterate and naive, but now they want to restore the monarchy in 2010s when the majority of Iranians are at least as modern as their counterparts in the west. And it’s one of the greatest possible joke of all times.