Air Pollution Crisis in Tehran

December 24, 2011

These days are the season for horrible air pollution crisis in Tehran (and other Iranian big cities). In the recent years, spring and summer are the season for a special kind of air pollution crisis called ‘Dust Pollution crisis’ , and autumn and winter are season for another kind of air pollution crisis in Tehran called “Inversion Crisis”. In the recent days, the Mullah media officially declared that this year we had only 2 clean days in Tehran, and last year (2010) we had only 14 clean days. Can you believe it? The Mullah media don’t talk about the air pollution and censor the news about it, but their rare confessions like this one, has one reason: “The air pollution crisis in Tehran is very very serious”. All people who live in Tehran feel it well. When you go to the streets for just 1 to 2 hours, you feel one or some of the following symptoms: horrible headache, sore throat, red eyes, heart-ache, chest-ache, asthmatic difficulties in breathing, feeling of nausea and vertigo, etc. They are common symptoms of pollution-related illnesses. The horrible and mysterious headache is what all people experience it in Tehran’s winter. All of these damn serious problems are the Mullah gifts for Iranians. The experts advise that children, the elderly, and people suffering from heart and lung disease should stay indoors. In fact, all people should stay indoors as much as possible. Tehrans air pollution is a very serious crisis, and the danger posed by Tehrans air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, or a war. The air pollution in Tehran kills tens of thousands of people each year, and reduces the life expectancy in Tehran by 10% (6 to 7 years). But It just kills people gradually. The Mullah media officially confess that each year more than 10,000 people die from pollution-related illnesses in winter. About 10,000 reported deaths from the effects of nitrous oxide, lead, zinc, dust particles, etc are official number. When the Mullahs talk about 10,000 victims, the real number of victims should be tens of thousands. As we said before, Heidarzadeh, former head of Tehran city councils clean air office, said life in the city amounted to ‘mass suicide’. He told the ISNA: The danger posed by Tehrans air pollution crisis is no less than an earthquake, with the difference that the destructive effects of an earthquake are instantaneous, whereas air pollution kills innocent people gradually. It’s what the Mullah officials say. “You even can not breath in this f-u-c-king Mullah regime”, the people say. The Mullahs and Islamists have plundered and destroyed everything in Iran, and the air pollution crisis in Tehran has only one main reason: systematical corruption and horrible mismanagement. And it’s the result of the absence of freedom, specially freedom of press and freedom of speech.


In the winter, the combination of cold, still air and about 10 million damn non-standard Iranian cars that are “smoke generators”, produces clouds of black smoke that reduces visibility to a few hundred meters. Each winter, emergency services report a big rise in hospital admissions for heart, chest and respiratory problems. In the recent years, we have the air pollution crisis in spring and summer, too. Before Mr. shit era, we didnt have any air pollution crisis in spring and summer. In fact, we did not have any dust storm in Tehran. But the Mullah miracles are so great, and the Mullahs are master at creating horrible disasters. In Tehran, you can not breath without headache, and its really horrible. Do you think what Iranians say about these horrible conditions? In Tehran, “Taxi Talks” can show you many things. In Tehran, the taxi are a main part of the public transport system, and many people use taxi. Each taxi has many passengers (In Iran, you can hail a taxi even if it already had a passenger. In fact, many taxis work in a special route, like a bus, but they don’t have any station like the bus, and you can get on /off it wherever you want). Many people start to talk about the problems when they get on the taxi. It’s quite normal that the people use bad language and rude words for the Mullahs, the Basij and the Hezbollah. But in the recent months, they also use bad language and rude words (Fohsh Khahar- Madar) for Khatami, Akbar Ganji, Reza Pahlavi and all other Iranian baboons, specially the Islamist-Reformists and the Monarchists. In the horrible traffic jam of Tehran, and when the air pollution crisis is killing the people, they curse the Iranian baboons for betraying the people in 2009 and 2011. It’s quite understandable. They also curse the western countries and the western politicians, specially Obama, for betraying Iranians and their anti-Mullah movement. It’s quite understandable, too. When Obama refused to help Iranians in 2009, and instead wrote love letters to Khamenei, Iranians were not blind like Noam Chomsky. Anyway, “Taxi Talks” in Tehran are really meaningful. From 1997 to 2002, many people (about 50%) were supporting Khatami or the Islamist-Reformists and “Taxi Talks” clearly showed it. But now, “Taxi Talks” show us that more than 90% of the people deeply hate the Mullah regime and all Islamists. It’s really very very hard to find a person who defends the Islamic regime. Who can love the Mullahs who kill, torture and rape the people? Who can love the Mullahs who plunder the national resources and the embezzle the people money? Who can love the widespread corruption and the brutal dictatorship? Who can love the Mullahs who have created a great economic disaster and a great environmental disaster (including a horrible air pollution crisis)? The Iranian baboons and all traitors and mercenaries who betrayed the people in 2009 are responsible for all current disasters in Iran. The people curse these bastards, and it’s quite understandable. Those who die of economic disaster, air pollution, non-standard cars /planes, non-standard roads, etc are like the victims of the Iranian movement in 2009 and 2011. These days, the victims (the family of martyrs, the wounded people, and the arrested people and their families) and the ordinary people curse the Iranian baboons and the Ashura traitors, because they are the main responsible for the current horrible conditions in Iran.