North Korean Defectors’ Stories

December 22, 2011

North Korea is a ‘Communist Heaven’ for the Marxists, and a pure hell for is people. North Korea is a real “Animal Farm”, and “The land where cows cry for humans“, as its people say. The story of North Korean “Animal Farm” and its poor victims, is very tragic and the world should know more about it. In the recent days, The DailyNK, a pro-democracy website about North Korea, reported: “Following Kim Il Sungs death in 1994, people were in extreme grief. However, the atmosphere is quite different this time. The people are organized, and volunteerism is absent. A source inside North Korea says: ‘After Kim Il Sungs death everyone cried and wailed but they arent now. The people who came to the Kim Il Sung statue to offer their condolences are crying deliberately because they are being watched‘. The majority of people show no emotion once they turn their back on the statue”. In fact, hypocrisy is a main part of everyday life in all brutal dictatorships. The DailyNK has a special section about North Korean Defectors. The DailyNK’s Defector’s Story is a collection of testimonies about the real life in North Korea (NK). They say: “With 20,000 defectors now in South Korea, there is no shortage of testimony about NK conditions”. It’s not bad we take a look at some of these tragic stories. In “Spring Brings Forth More Pain”, defectors say: “Cows are taken care of by farmers on collective farms; they are seen as precious national property. While [food] distribution to the farmer can be reduced, distribution to the cow must remain fixed, and if the cow dies, the farmer can be executed, so people even joke, ‘Cows also prey on humans’. A defector said that her uncle was executed because ‘he butchered a cow he was in charge of to save a friend who was on the brink of starvation’. Another defector, said a father and son killed a cow and ate it with other members of their family. Upon discovery of this fact, the son was executed and father was sent to a labor detention facility, where he eventually committed suicide by swallowing a nail”. I think if Karl Marx had heard about the fate of his stupid Utopia, he would have killed himself by swallowing a box of nail.


In “Kim Leaves Legacy of Disgrace”, the DailyNK says: “Defectors who escaped from North Korea in the mid-1990s share terrible memories of The March of Tribulation (North Koreas period of famine). This extreme food crisis went on for about four years, from 1995 to 1998. Different research institutes have made different findings, but anywhere from 2 to 3 million people are estimated to have died due to disease or starvation caused by food shortages in this period. At the same time, the countrys system of state-led production was collapsed, taking out the distribution system along with it. The collapse of the distribution system forced the North Korean people out into mountains and fields in search of food. Desperation and the difficulty of obtaining real food drove many to eat tree bark or roots. Yet even in these difficult times, Kim Jong Il famously enjoyed living high off the hog. In the period after he took power [in 1994], he spent several thousand dollars on a single meal, or 20 million dollars on gifts for his close associates. Kim built over 10 private vacation homes throughout scenic areas of North Korea and enjoyed spending each of his seasonal vacations at a different one. One of his vacation homes has an underwater floor made of 10 centimeter thick reinforced glass to see 100 meters beneath the sea. Kim spent $890 million on expanding the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, which is where Kim Il Sungs body is entombed”. All Animal Farms are like each others, and the dreadful corruption is a main part of all brutal dictatorships. In “What Are People Doing on Kim Jong Il’s Birthday?” a defector say: “The commemorative events for Kim Jong Il’s birthday takes place from the beginning of February. The civilians have to participate in every event. Laborers, as soon as they get to work, have to carefully read propagandistic documents praising Kim Jong Il for 20 minutes and have to learn new songs praising him. Mobilized civilians sit and wait for the completion of the events while shuddering in cold interiors without heating systems. Each household is given two days worth of provisions as well as a bottle of liquor and oil. Approximately a kilogram of snacks (candy, cookies, gum, and traditional rice cookies) are given to elementary school students and pre-school children”. It reminds Iranians of 1980s and all other years of the Mullah regime in Iran. Our “Animal Farm” in Iran has many similarities with North Koreans’.


In “Korean Wave a Motivation for Many”, defectors say: “[In 2011,] one of nine defectors currently under investigation in Nagasaki revealed that he was inspired to defect after watching South Korean dramas and films. Knowing that North Korean people watch South Korean dramas in secret is one thing, being shown that they can inspire people to run from their country by such things is quite another. While in the past a majority of defectors chose to escape because they were having trouble surviving, nowadays it seems that freedom and relative abundance in South Korea are becoming driving forces, too. When you see the images of freedom in Korean dramas, the thought, I want to live that way comes up naturally. No matter how often [the regime] say dont watch, the people dont listen.” All Iranians are familiar with this phenomenon. When you have not any kind of freedom, and even can’t fart freely, as funny Iranians say, you just want to get rid of the hell that you are forced to live in it. Many free people can not understand it, but the prisoners, Iranians and North Koreans understand it well. In “People Seeking Hope from Fortune Tellers”, defectors say: “Compared with religious activities, which could lead to execution or a political prison camp, the punishment for visiting a fortune teller was, and is, relatively minor. North Korean defectors believe that the main reason for the increase in visits to fortune tellers in 1990s, was complete loss of faith in the regime. Even though it is really hard to survive, the reason people will spend the money for five kilos of rice on a shaman is because they want to find hope, even though it is just in words. They draw courage and strength from the belief that even though not everything the shaman tells them is right, if they go this way, good things will happen. Fortune telling is still a banned practice in North Korea. Not that it seems to be having much effect, the authorities have responded to the growth of the activity with lectures about how it is contrary to communism. One day, a young intellectual from the village who has watched the woman coming and going to the shrine tells her, ‘There is no such thing as superstition. Every person is the master of his own destiny.’ Finally convinced by the man, the woman destroys the shrine”. Those idiots who think the religion is the main problem of Iran, should read more about USSR or North Korea and its anti-religion regime. Animal Farm has two versions: secular Animal Farm (like USSR and North Korea) and religious Animal Farm (like the Mullah regime in Iran and the European Middle Age). And the world should know that the young intellectuals are everywhere, even in North Korea and its villages. It’s very important. It’s what the mass media tell lie about it.


In “The Land Where Weather is Criminal”, a defector says: “North Korea forces its people to display loyalty to the Supreme Leader. Take the case of No.1 Works (each person in NK should have a portrait of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in his house, and if he damages it, he would be punished; it’s called ‘No 1 Work’). There are countless cases of people being punished because they damaged No.1 Works (even if the rain, flood, or bad weather damage the portraits, the people will be punished).” It’s really a horrible joke, but it’s part of the tragedy of living in Animal Farm. The stupid Marxists and the bastards who still talk about Communism are among the stupidest people of all times. Even animals can learn from their mistakes. In “People Collecting Herbs Fill Mountain”, a defector says: “There are many workers who have a job which does not give any salary or distribution. They have to go to work even if there is nothing to do. If not, they are a subject to be sent to labor camp or receive ideology reeducation for certain period. The average monthly wage of a North Korean worker is about 4,000 won. Currently, rice is sold for 1,500 won and corn is for 600 won. If the assumption is that each member of family of four consumes about 500g daily, the cost of purchasing two kilograms of rice would be 3,000 won and the same amount of corn is 1,200 won. Even if they survive on corn, it can only last for three days. Many, since do not have enough rice for one meal a day, they cook all kinds of wild vegetables or some roots with corn powder and eat it as porridge. People, who conduct a small business, are eating corn with rice three times a day, but those who cannot go to the market barely have around two meals of corn per day . People don’t have money. A few Chinese travelers, who were bringing industrial goods (clothing, shoes, cosmetics) to North Korea, are facing difficulties as their products are not being sold. Since the used product is cheaper than the new one, people looking for used goods have increased. Recently people who smuggle used clothing from South Korea are making money “. In fact, in the Communist Utopia and all brutal dictatorships, the black market and horrible corruption is a main element. But the stupid Marxists don’t understand the importance of freedom. They don’t care about freedom, and instead, defend the brutal dictators in the name of fighting against imperialism.


In “People with Nothing Should Not Be Afraid”, a defector says: “As much as I suffered, my family members must have suffered as well. They must have hurt just as much as I hurt. But, still recovering from my illness, I could do nothing for them. There was only one thing I could do, and that was to leave. After saying farewell to my brother, I left on a journey, but without a clear destination. I wandered about to here and there. Finally, I found myself standing on the bank of the Tumen River with a heart full of desperation. I must have looked like a walking corpse. A 19-year old girl called Yeon, whose hand I was holding as I stepped into the river, began to cry out of fear. But she had already abandoned everything to get to this point, so what was she afraid of? ‘Did you not even think of these things? Do not cry.’ At these words, Yeon stopped crying …. I was in China, where the fear of being sent back to the North was constantly following me like a shadow. [I found a job, but] they taunted me, claiming they would report me to the Communist Party and talked behind my back for being a North Korean woman, resenting my working so hard. I did not know how to handle any of these situations, so I would cry alone in the bathroom until my face swelled up.” The Communist Heaven, like all other Ideological Heavens, is a pure hell that just creates horrible disasters. The people who live in the Ideological Heavens -like North Korea, Iran, etc- live like a prisoner in a big prison. The basic needs, the basic rights, and the basic freedoms are not important for those who have them, but they are very vital and critical for those who don’t have them. It’s like other basic needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Many people in the west can not understand the true meaning of the tragedy of “lack of basic freedoms” or “lack of basic rights”. Maybe, some think it’s not important, and it can’t create any problem for those who live in the west. But it’s wrong. Many people in the west can’t understand the horrible conditions in Iran or North Korea, and sometimes stupidly say that it’s like their own conditions in the west. But it can create a great disaster, because “History can repeat itself”. Many OWS protesters are fans or followers of Chomsky and the stupid lefts, and talk nonsense about Communism or Theocracy or abolishing Democracy and Republic system. They can’t understand the importance of freedom and what they have in the US and the free world. They can understand many things, and It can create horrible disasters. When you forget history, or don’t read history, you only can repeat history. Caring about the dreadful conditions in North Korea or Iran, or understanding the depth of Chomsky’s foolishness, is not just a moral or intellectual issue. The world should help North Koreans and other suppressed nations, and should not not forget that “History can repeat itself” and “Humans can repeat great mistakes and great disasters”.