Rafsanjani, Corruption, Oxford, UK and Canada

December 18, 2011

Yesterday, Macleans had a report about a Mullah embezzler, Houshang Bouzari, who lives in Canada and has sued a high rank member of Mullah Mafia in London, Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani. The report had very weak points, but it’s about a great ridiculous tragicomedy. Houshang Bouzari is a Mullah embezzler like Mahmoud Reza Khavari and his familyor like Amir Khosravi and his family, who both are Mullah embezzler and part of the largest embezzlement in Iran’s history, but they have fled to Canada and now live there, and spend the dirty embezzled money there. Houshang Bouzari was a member of the Mullah regime in 1980s and 1990s. His story in that era, when Rafsanjani was a brutal dictator, is like Khavari and AmirKhosravi’s story in Mr shit’s era. The years of Rafsanjani’s dictatorship were so dark, like the Mr shit’s era; Iranians call that era “Years of ‘Chain Murders’ (when Mullahs killed hundreds of scholars, activists, and oppositions inside and outside Iran); years of torture and suffocation; years of widespread corruption and large embezzlements; etc”. But now Bouzari, that funny Iranians call him “Bouzari Bouzine” (Bourzari the baboon), lives in Canada, sues the Mullahs, and spends the embezzled money. You can imagine that one day Khavari or Amir Khosravi would sue the Mullahs in Canada, too. It’s really a tragic joke. Unfortunately, some stupid Iranian expats and western mass media try to make Bouzari a hero. But Bouzari and Rafsanjani both are part of the corrupt and medieval Mullah regime. In 2005, in an interview with Shahrvand newspaper in Canada, Bouzari clearly talked about his role in the Mullah regime and the widespread corruption of Rafsanjani and other Mullahs (You can find his interview in many Iranian websites (Just google it). It’s in Persian language, and we use part of it here). Many Iranian baboons and their media, like Balatarin, Roozonline, etc, don’t cover the news about the corrupt Rafsanjani and the Mullah Mafia in the UK and the US. It’s very funny. On the other hand, some stupid Iranian expats care about Bouzari, because he has said some anti-Mullah things. Maybe Khavari, the great Mullah embezzler, would say some anti-Mullah things in the future and become a hero for these idiots, too. It’s really shameful and unacceptable that the Mullah embezzlers can flee to the west, and then by saying some anti-Mullah things they can become hero, and can spend the dirty embezzled money without any problem. As we said before, the UK, the US, Canada and other western countries should answer many serious questions about the stupid sanctions, and the Mullah Mafia and the Mullah embezzlers who live in the west. Now, lets take a look at Macleans’ report: (our comments are in parentheses)

“The son of a former Iranian president who is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Oxford under hotly contested circumstances has been ordered by an Ontario court to pay a Canadian man millions of dollars in compensation for torture he suffered while imprisoned in Iran (This man, Bouzari, that they call them a Canadian, is an Iranian baboon who worked for the Mullah regime, from 1979 to 1993. In 2005, he clearly said that he was a high rank manager in the Mullah Oil Ministry, Mullah state TV, Mullah Parliament, Mullah Administration, etc). Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani is the fourth child of Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who was president of Iran from 1989 to 1997, and whose family is among the wealthiest in the country. (corruptest is right, not wealthiest. All Mullahs, including Rafsanjani, were so poor before 1979) It was while Akbar Rafsanjani was president that Houshang Bouzari crossed paths with his son, Mehdi. Bouzari had worked as an adviser to the Iranian parliament and oil ministry (It’s a big lie. Bouzari, was a manager, not an advisor, in the Mullah oil ministry and Parliament. He is a corrupt Iranian baboon who worked for the Mullah regime. All Iranians know that those who are manager in the oil ministry in Iran, are among the corruptest people in the world; the Mullahs trust them and they embezzle the people money in large scale). But he severed ties to the government in 1987 and became an international business consultant, helping foreign companies strike deals to tap Irans oil wealth (In fact, when he was a manager in the Mullah Oil Ministry, he kissed the Mullahs’ ass and embezzled the people money, and became a super rich. He was a Rafsanjani’s puppet, and as he himself said in 2005, he had established a company for himself in 1990s, ‘Refinery and Oil Industry Development Company’, and the Mullahs gave him very large contracts for maintenance in the Iranian refineries in Arak, Tabriz, Bandar Abbasi, Mahshahr, Asalouyeh, Pars Jonoubi, etc. Iranians know what it means: He has embezzled multi-billion dollar. He was part of Mullah Mafia and worked with the western oil companies like Halliburton, too. In 2005, he himself said that the cost of his projects was $4 billion). In 1991, he had signed a monster contract involving five European and Japanese companies. Soon after he got a message that President Rafsanjani and Mehdi wanted to meet with him. Bouzari was then living in Italy but he flew back to meet them. The president told Bouzari that he wanted Mehdi, then about 22 years old, to learn the oil business (it can show us how the Mullahs work with their mercenaries). It smelled bad from the beginning, Bouzari said in an interview with Macleans. He couldnt say no, but didnt want the presidents spoiled son interfering in his business. To keep him at bay, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sending him all over the world, enjoying his life, going to luxury hotels. Im sorry to say to you that my company even paid for the escort companies that the guy ordered for the hotels in Park Lane, London, Geneva, wherever you can imagine (Can you see how the Iranian baboons work for the hypocrite Mullahs, bribe the Mullahs, kiss the Mullahs’ ass, embezzle the people money, and finally flee to the west? The Mullahs use them for living in luxury. Funny Iranians say: ‘Bouzari and other Baboons and Khayemals (ass-kissers) play the role of pimp for the Mullahs and their families’). This worked for awhile, but soon, says Bouzari, Mehdi, through a friend, demanded $50 million to keep the project afloat. Bouzari refused. Even had he been willing to pay, he and his partners stood to make far less than that in commission on the deal. Bouzari tried to appease Mehdi by agreeing to work as his personal adviser. He seemed mollified (It has a long story that Bouzari told more about it in 2005. Rafsanaji regularly went to London, and Bouzari bribed him. As you know London is the second home of all Mullahs. Bouzari was ready to pay millions dollar bribe to Rafsanjani, and it was just part of the money that he had embezzled. But Rafsanjani was so greedy. Unfortunately, such corrupt people live in Canada and the UK, now. Rafsanjani lives in London, and Bouzari in Canada, and both spend the dirty embezzled money there)”


“But when Bouzari flew to Tehran in May 1993, the driver and bodyguard Mehdi usually sent to meet him at the airport were not there. Nine days later security agents arrested him in his Tehran apartment. (It’s the fate of all corrupt Khayemals who kiss the Mullahs’ ass and embezzle the people money. The Mullah security system said he is a corrupt person, and they were not wrong. But he was a corrupt man who worked for a corrupt system. In 2005, Bouzari said that he had bribed the managers of Mullah security system and the Mullah Judiciary, too; and he thought ‘little’ Mehdi can’t hurt him. But it was a miscalculation. He also tried blackmail to stop Mehdi Rafsanjani, by using pictures that showed Rafsanjani with nude women in Tehran, or with a tape that proved Rafsanji had asked him bribe. But these tricks did not save Bouzari). Bouzari spent the next eight months in Tehrans Evin and Towhid prisons. [He was brutally tortured]. In August 1993, Bouzaris wife, Fereshteh Yousefi, sent $3 million to Iran; Macleans has seen documents showing this, and Bouzari released in February 1994 (This $3 million bribe, was just a small part of what he had embezzled). It took another $250,000 bribe before Bouzari got his passport back and left Iran for good. Hes been a Canadian citizen since 2002 (As we said before, it’s really shameful and unbelievable that the corrupt Mullah embezzlers can get the Canadian citizenship. The story becomes more tragic when you know the ordinary Iranians should wait 6 to 8 years in the long stupid immigration queue, because the west has imposed stupid sanctions on Iranians. In fact, the victim of the stupid western sanctions are the ordinary Iranians who hate the Mullah regime, not the Mullahs and their families). In 2005, Bouzari instructed his lawyer Mark Arnold to file a case against seven individuals he believed played a role in his torture, including Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The judge ordered Mehdi to pay Bouzari and his family almost $13 million in damages. That Mehdi is a student in Britain. Kaveh Moussavi, an associate research fellow at the University of Oxfords Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, first noticed Mehdi at the back of a university seminar last fall. Moussavi recognized Mehdi and initially couldnt believe he might be an Oxford student. Moussavi became more outraged the deeper he probed into how Mehdi was admitted. He complained. Ali Reza Sheikholeslami, an emeritus professor at Oxfords Wadham College, has described Mehdis admission as ‘highly discriminatory’ and ‘smacking of favouritism.’ He swore in an affidavit that Edmund Herzig, professor of Persian studies at Oxford, told a graduate student to help Mehdi prepare his application and doctoral thesis proposal about the Iranian constitution. Sheikholeslami also alleged that Mehdis application references were worthless, as they were all lackeys of his father. Mehdis admission was assessed primarily by Edmund Herzig, with what the university describes as a ‘subsidiary role’ played by Homa Katouzian, a member of the faculty of Oriental studies. When contacted by Macleans, Herzig declined comment. Homa Katouzian did not respond to an interview request. A university spokesperson conrmed to Macleans that the universitys usual requirement that students be procient in English was waived for Mehdi. ‘The university is condent that the decision [to admit Mehdi]. Whether or not people think the decision was sound academically, it was denitely not corrupt,’ the Oxford spokesperson said in a written statement to Macleans. Oxfords registrar, however, has also written to Moussavi to say the university would review its admissions process because of his complaint. Moussavi told Macleans: ‘If they found nothing, why would they want to do that?’ ”


It’s really shameful. Shame on the Oxford university, that many think it’s a prestigious university. But almost all Iranians hate the Oxford university and other British universities because they are among the most corrupt universities in the world. They work with the brutal dictators, from Rafsanjani and other Mullahs to Bastard Assad’s men and Gaddafi’s sons (check Archive). Houshang Bouzari in his interview with Shahrvand newspaper in Canada in 2005, has said many things about the Mullah corruptions in 1980s, when he was part of the Mullah regime. Bouzari said: “Three groups worked as broker in “Buying Guns” (for Iran-Iraq war). Mohsen Kangarlou was one of them that worked for Behzad Nabavi and Mousavi’s office (Mousavi that some know him as leader of Green Movement, was part of the corrupt system; Iranians know that in 2009, the Mullahs arrested Mousavi’s brother in law, Shapour Kazemi. But many don’t know that he was very rich, because he had become a factory owner in 1980s and 1990s, when Mousavi was the Prime Minister of the corrupt system). They work with a bank in Lebanon, and a bank in Switzerland, “National Republic Bank of New York”, and these banks transferred the unclean money easily. One day in 1985, I saw Aghazadeh, the oil ministry, when he sent a $20 million check for Kangarlou. Khatami’s nephew, Vafa Tabesh, could block some of our projects. In fact, each high rank Mullah, has his own clan and team for embezzling the people money (In fact, the Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami to Karoubi, are like other corrupt Mullahs. They all are part of the corrupt system of Islamists). Rafsanjani controlled ‘selling oil’, and many high rank officials in the oil ministry were his men (including Bouzari himself !). Rafsanjani had his own team in “Buying Guns”. Ahmad Khomeini, and Khomeini’s office, had their own team, too. The embezzlements in the oil ministry were like this: Mr. X went to XLand and signed a contract for selling oil, but when the oil price was $11.50 in the market, the contract’s price was $11, and the 50 cent distributed among both corrupt sides, fifty-fifty. The 50 cent in these contracts is a huge amount, for instance $5 million. Sometimes, this 50 cent, became $5 or more, and their dirty profits increased astronomically. In 1980, many western companies blocked Iranian money and assets that belonged to the 1970s. The family and friends of the high rank Mullahs tried to reach a deal with these companies, for instance with Eurodif company in France (for $300 million) or with many American companies (for multi-billions dollar). What they got from these western companies, went in their own pockets, not in the national treasury. In Iran-Contra scandal in 1980s, Rafsanjani and his nephew, Ali Hashemi, had the main role”. What the corrupt Bouzari said, was just less than 1% of the widespread corruption in the Mullah regime. Anyway, Macleans’ report is a report about the great tragedy of Iranian expats, too. Those who live in the west as scholars or work for the prestigious universities or institutions, but at the same time kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for the Mullahs, are Iranian baboons. These bastards, like Katouzian, Abbas Edallat, and other Iranian jerks in the UK, or their counterparts in the US, like Houshang AmirAhmadi, Trita Parsi, etc are worse than the Mullahs. Public opinion in the world know the Mullahs, but they don’t know the Iranian baboons who work for the Mullahs. These bastards are Iranian baboon and work for the Mullah Mafia. They are mercenary and Khayemal (Ass-kisser). But unfortunately they are not a small group. There is not any reliable data about the rate or the number of the Iranian baboons among the Iranian expats community, but many evidences can show us that they are in majority. The wise and respectful Iranian expats are in minority. Maybe just about 10% of Iranian expats are wise and respectful people who know Iran, world, history, etc, and don’t kiss anybody’s ass. They hate the Mullahs, Pahlavists, Khatamists, Rajavists, and Marxists. But this group is not politically active, and most of them hate politics. They also hate the hypocrite Iranian bastards, the stupid Iranian expats, the hypocrite western politicians and mass media, etc. They just live their own life. They know what Sa’di, the great Persian poet said: “If you have no sympathy for human pain – The name of human you cannot retain”. But most of them say: “We have sympathy for human pain, but we don’t show it. We are just inactive, not indifferent”. They are not like other Iranian expats, but the real humans and the wise good guys who live in the free world, should practically care about others and those who live in a medieval hell in Iran and other parts of the world. They should protest against the tyranny, the hypocrisy, the corruption, and the double standard. They should do something, and show their sympathy. Their Sympathy should become Empathy.