If America was Iran … (1)

December 16, 2011

It’s really hard to be optimist when you see the serious and dreadful problems of this shitty world in 21st century. Many are deeply and terribly disappointed at the world. Many are pessimist, disappointed, or depressed. Many think about the end of time, restoring Communist ideas, abolishing democracy, establishing theocracy, etc. But can it be useful? or can it solve any problem ? Sometimes, it’s very hard to be optimist or hopeful, but it’s an undeniable fact that the humans have progressed, of course very slowly. The general situation in 2010s is not as dreadful as for example 1910s or 1810s. Yes, we still have many many horrible and dreadful problems in this shitty world, but you can not expect the hypocrite politicians, the hypocrite mass media, or the fake intellectuals to solve the problems. They are part of the problem. But the ordinary people, that are in the majority, can avoid being naive and stupid, and it can solve many problems. The ordinary people are able to not allow history to repeat itself. They should not allow the mass media, the politicians, or the fake intellectuals to play with them, manipulate them, or fool them. I think the main problem of the world is not the hypocrite mass media, or the greedy rich, or the hypocrite politicians, or the fake intellects, etc but it’s that the ordinary people still are fooled by the media, the politicians, the fake intellects, etc. When you see that many people in the US, Europe, and other part of the free world, are naive and fooled by the media, the fake intellects, etc it’s really hurtful and disappointing. But the people can solve this problem. For instance, they can read history or can think about our situation in Iran, and can put themselves in our place in Iran. It can be very helpful. The ordinary people in the US and the free world should know more about the differences between the US and Iran. For understanding the differences between the US and Iran, lets take a look at an imaginary situation. What you could see, If the US was like Iran?. If US was Iran, you would hear the following news:

– Yesterday, the media reported: “Chomsky, the famous Chavez’s puppet, was arrested. Now, he has confessed that he tried to deceive our young students by his reactionary and dangerous thoughts. His confession will be aired in the near future.” But the independent reporters said: “Chomsky was disappeared since 8 months ago. We knew that he was arrested, but the government denied, and now they confessed that they have arrested him. They want to air his false confession in the state TV”

– “Our national debt is not $14tn, it’s $14bn”, the president said. He added: “It’s a Chinese plot for weakening us. They have changed “tn” to “bn”. They are so mean. The Chinese have spread the rumor that our national debt is $14tn. But our dear people know that our country is strong. We have arrested the Chinese agents who worked inside our local media and spread the rumor. Our national debt is just $14bn. Don’t worry. We are strong. We will arrest all Chinese agents who speak about the $14tn”

– “2 traitors and 10 security agents were killed during a small riot that is called OWS”, the media reported. “The killed traitors were Chinese and Russian secret agents who wanted to show that we have an economic crisis in this country. But our brave people teach them a good lesson. Our dear people are sure that we are strong and there is not any economic crisis in this great country. God bless our president”, the media added. But the independent reporters said: “At least 5,000 OWS protesters were killed in the streets. It’s a massacre. More than 100,000 OWS protesters have been arrested, and they are raped or tortured in the secret prisons. But the European media don’t tell the truth, and only repeat the US state media’s lies. The Americans are angry now”.

– The European media reported: “Many Americans are sick or savage, because they are angry at us and also at their own government. They use words like ‘savage’, ‘mercenary’, ‘stooge’, ‘traitor’, etc about the governments and the media, and it’s really unacceptable. They are really uncivilized” But the independent reporters said: “Two years after the OWS massacre, the people are angry at the US dictator, his state thugs and those who supported the killers and state thugs. The Americans hate the European media and the European politicians, because they are the main supporter of the US dictator. The people are angry, and it’s quite normal. Who can love his killer or those who supported his killer?”

– “A group of Hollywood actors and actresses were arrested yesterday”, the media reported. “They were Chinese and Russian agents who tried to spread rumor about Mr. president and Mr. Rupert Murdoch. They were perverts who tried to disgrace our national image”, some Hollywood producers said. The media also added: “The CGCP, Committee for Guiding Cultural Productions, has been established. CGCP is responsible for directing and guiding the media, the film industry, the book industry, and other cultural industries. CGCP will establish laws for avoiding misleading, misinforming, distorting the facts, poisoning the society, etc.” But the independent reporters said: “CGCP is a medieval organization. They want to take us back to the Middle Age”.

– “Manning committed suicide in the prison”, the media reported. “Manning was a Russian spy in our army, who worked for Russia and China. He had been sentenced to death, but before his execution, he committed suicide in the prison.” they added. In addition, the Russian media reported: “FBI has arrested more than 2,000 American journalists, bloggers, and activists for criticizing the US president and the Congress”. But the American media said: “A group of traitors and mercenaries, who work for Russia, were arrested yesterday. They have confessed that they are Russian agents and wanted to disgrace our nation.”

– The media reported: “Poll after poll tells the same story: About two-thirds of voters believe this country has not any economic problem, and U.S. budget deficit is a rumor that is invented by Chinese and Russian media. We have not any economic crisis or any other crisis in this great country. Our dear fellow-citizens believe that Mr. president is the best president of the world. They love this great man. They ask Mr. president to become their lifelong president. It’s what the Americans want. It’s what the American needs”. But the independent reporters said: “The US president wants to change the US Constitution to become a lifelong president. Unfortunately, the European countries and their mass media support this evil plan.”

– The US president has said: “We need a council, for qualifying the candidates for elections. In this country, almost each person can be a candidate for election, and it’s not good. With the support of the media and the corporations, everyone can brainwash the people, and it’s not good. So, from now on, a Guardian council, will decide about the candidates and only when the council approve a candidate, he or she can stand for election. It’s a plan for better future and better democracy. It’s very simple: ‘In each election, at first the council select the candidates, then the people elect the selected candidates, and finally the council select the elected candidates’. It’s pure democracy. Our thinkers and our media support this great plan”. But the independent reporters say: “We don’t know why Chomsky and others support this evil plan. Chomsky has fled from the US to Europe, but now he supports the US dictator and his evil plans. It’s really weird. But the European media strongly support Chomsky. And it’s really weirder. What happens behind the scenes?”