When Iranian Baboons Immigrate from Iran

The Iranian expats who live in the west are a large group, about 4 million people. As we said before, before 1979, immigrating from Iran and living in the west was not in fashion, and Iranians could go and live in the west very easily, and even without any visa (Iranians could travel to Europe without any visa in 1970s). But after the Islamic revolution, when all doors were closed and Iranians had to live like a prisoner in Iran that is the Mullah prison, “immigration form Iran” became a fashion and many want to immigrate from Iran at any price or without any study or any thought. As we said before, some ask: “Do 4 million Iranian expats who live in the west have 4 wise people?” But unfortunately, when you look at the Iranian expats community, what you see is very disappointing. Unfortunately, the Iranian baboons are not just the Iranian politicians, Iranian journalists, Iranian fake intellectuals, or political activists. You can find the Iranian baboons among other Iranian groups, too. We already wrote about five groups of Iranian baboons in the west , that are political activist, and now we write about some other groups of Iranians who have immigrated from Iran, but were or have became Iranian baboon outside Iran. The following groups are part of Iranian baboons community : (It’s interesting to know that an Iranian baboon can be member of several groups, not just one of the following groups)

(6) The sheep and fashion-lovers : They are like sheep and only follow the fashion. They have immigrated from Iran only because it was in fashion and it was a high class thing. They knew nothing about the west and the local and global problems. The only thing they knew was that they can remove the Islamic Hejab in the west, or they can go to the nightclub, bar or disco there. Most of them thought the west is “Heaven” or “Utopia”, because the media or others said this. Most of them have not a happy life in the US, Canada, or Europe, but they don’t come back to Iran, because it’s not in fashion and it means they have been sheep. Of course, in the recent years we have a new fashion in Iran: “Some stupid Iranians who have got their citizenship from the western countries, live 11 months in Iran and 1 months outside Iran”. Some of these Iranian sheep work for the Mullahs or the Monarchists, and kiss their ass, or repeat the fake Intellectuals’ bullshits.

(7) Ignorants and idiots : They had serious illusions about the west and living in the west. They knew nothing about the living, the culture, or other things in the west. They knew nothing about the differences and similarities between Iran and the west. They did not know what is good in the west or Iran and what is bad, and what problems are global problems. They thought living in the west is like living in a Hollywood movie. So, when they saw the truth, they became frustrated, and some of them sold themselves to the Mullahs or other reactionary groups. While they had many typical problems and stupidities of Iranians, they thought they can live in the west like a normal person. But when they reached there, they started “ChosNaleh” (“Pathetic Moaning”). Some of them go back to Iran after getting their western citizenship, and start to eat from both the manger and the nosebag, that means they work for the Mullahs and earn money in Iran by kissing the Mullahs’ ass, and spend their dirty money in the west

(8) Ass-kissers : They believe that “Kissing Ass” is the key to success. They kiss everybody’s ass for money. They have not any value, principle, dignity, or honor. They only know “Money”. Some of them are great crooks, thieves, and embezzlers, and after embezzling a lot of money, go to the west and live there. But many of them are little crooks and little thieves, and Iranians call them “Aftabeh Dozd” (cheap thief). They live in the US, Canada, and Europe, by kissing ass. They think “Kissing Ass” is the global key to success, and hence some of them believe they are the most successful people in the world, because they know the global rules, and the rules of the game in all around the world; They are global ass-kissers.


(9) Islamists and Nationalists : They were Islamist or nationalist when they left Iran. They were bigoted religious or chauvinist people that the human rights, women rights, child rights, or other modern human values were meaningless or unimportant for them. Some of them were forced to leave Iran, but others were or became missionary or mercenary. They try to live in the west exactly like when they were in Iran, without any change. Soma say: “These bastards pollute the outside world, like inside Iran”. Of course, almost all groups of Iranian baboons are like this group and pollute the outside world like inside Iran. Anyway, after some years, they are ready to work for the Mullahs and become a mercenary. They call the Mullahs, Iran’s regime or Iran’s government, and want to work for their own government. They are student, businessman, etc and some of them live in the west while they love Iran and dream about living in the Mullah hell in Iran. Of course, most of them don’t go back to Iran, but they often talk nonsense about Iran or the Mullah heaven in Iran. They often do “ChosNaleh” (“Pathetic Moaning”).

(10) Hypocrite Iranians : They try to eat from both the manger and the nosebag, that means they work for the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, but enjoy living in the west, too. In fact, they live in the west, but they earn money in Iran. When they come to Iran, they kiss the Mullahs’ ass and insult the west and the western culture, but when they go to the west and live there, they insult the Iranian culture and Iranian people. They earn money only with their links and connections in Iran. They are corrupt people who betray Iran, Iranians, the west, the world, and everything. In fact, they live like a chameleon and a double agent. They live in the west, but earn money and embezzle the people money in Iran. They are like “Opportunists and Mercenaries” group (group five), but they are not political activists. They are charlatan who live like animal.

(11) Crooks and Thieves : They are like the Mullahs and their families, but are not member of the Mullah regime. They kiss the Mullahs’ ass, but some of them are irreligious. They have made a lot of dirty money by embezzlement, theft, smuggling, defrauding, illegal contracts, illegal speculation, illegal grant, or other dirty tricks. They can easily buy the immigration visa or the citizenship of almost all western countries. In the west, they are called “successful businessman”, “entrepreneur”, or “investor”, and can spent their dirty money there without any problem. After leaving Iran, some of them try to work with the Mullahs or with the western companies, but others just spend their dirty money there. They have embezzled a lot of money that they, their children, and their grandchildren can live in luxury for at least 100 years.

(12) “For the sake of my children” group : These couples say that they want to immigrate from Iran only for the sake of their children. Some of them are honest, and after leaving Iran they only work for their children’s success, and don’t care about their own life or feelings. But some of them are dishonest, and after leaving Iran they divorce and destroy their children life, or make their children’s life hell. They are not happy, and often talk nonsense about Iran, the Mullahs, the west, the world, and other things. They are ready to become mercenary or stooge. Some of them who are very frustrated, start to work with Mullahs or kiss the Mullahs’ ass, or become ass-kisser, stooge or mercenary.

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