Iran, West, and Role of Crisis in Human Evolution

December 11, 2011

There is a laughable paradox or a bitter truth about today’s Iran and today’s west, that can upset many people, including us. “Those who have better living conditions in the west, have many stupid, naive, or ignorant people at least as much as those who have horrible living conditions in Iran”. It’s what some wise Iranians who live in the west say. But for us and many others, it seems right when we look at the OWS, UK riots, or other western protests in 2011, or when we see the depth of ignorance or naivety of Chomsky’s fans or mass media’s fan in the west. But why this horrible fact is true? Some wise Iranians in the west say: “In Iran, we had horrible conditions; we lived in crisis, and were under a constant and horrible stress and pressure, but in the west, we live in a heaven (compared to Iran) and our basic needs and basic rights are fulfilled. But in Iran we were more clever, more sensitive, more powerful, or more thoughtful, and had some sort of constant evolution. In the west, everything is OK (compared to Iran) but it makes a weird problem; your evolution speed decreases significantly, and you feel you lose your powers. Maybe, the humans only can have evolution when they are in crisis”. It’s a horrible, depressing, and annoying fact. But unfortunately, the biologists and the evolutionary scientists confirm that the evolution is the result of crisis and need. Iranians, and other nations, have a famous old saying: “Need is the mother of Invention”. In fact, we can say: “Crisis in the mother of Evolution“. It’s really tragic and horrible, but it seems right. During the crises, some species become extinct and some have evolution and create new abilities for adaptation to the new conditions. In fact, each crisis has two sides : -Extinction or Destruction -Evolution or Progress. Some say: “If a crisis doesn’t kill me, it makes me strong”, and it’s really true, but the tragic point is that many crises kill you, not strengthen you ! In fact, many prefer to forget the victims of a crisis and this fact that the crisis can destroy many lives and many things. Some say: “Progress has its own price”, but it’s an awful logic. It’s so horrible and unacceptable that only the crises can create “Progress” or “Evolution”. Yes, it’s “law of nature” and you can see in the nature. It’s the law of nature and its logic is simple: “When something works and everything is acceptable, it doesn’t need change”. This law is very simple and of course efficient. It’s useful for animals and other creatures, but not for humans. If you just wait until a crisis comes (like earthquake, etc) and only after that you start to find a solution and solve the problems, you are called “animal” or “a very stupid human”. Some say: “yah, we should not obey the laws of nature, and what we do about the natural disasters is really simple” ‘we should not obey the laws of nature’.” But when you think about the biological evolution, or the cultural /social evolution, you see a different thing. For instance, many have not serious problems with the ordinary life, the basic rights, and the basic needs in the west, but they don’t read history and don’t think about the serious problems of their system. Only when an economic crisis or any other big crisis affect their life, they start to think about it. In fact, many in the west have serious delusions about the local and global problems, because they don’t think about these matters seriously, and don’t read history; but why this happens? because they are not in crisis and prefer to enjoy their life and don’t bother themselves with annoying thoughts and unpleasant things. Of course, it can create serious problems. For instance, the youth and new generations can become ignorant or indifferent, and history can repeat itself. It’s very important. Many ask: “Why today is like 1930s or 1940s or 1970s? why many western youths are ignorant? why many western students are fans or followers of the stupid lefts and some one like Chomsky ?” Unfortunately, part of the answer is in what was said about the Role of Crisis in Human Evolution. And other part, is related to another important question: “Why history repeat itself?”, that we would write more about it later.


Living in Iran is so tragic. It’s full of horrible crises and unfulfilled basic needs. While many in the west can enjoy their basic rights and fulfill their basic needs, the majority in Iran should live in a hell, because the Mullah regime violates the basic rights, and many basic needs and important aspects of the human life remain unfulfilled. In Iran, everything is in crisis, from the horrible economic crisis – that is not comparable to the economic crisis in the west, and is really deeper and more horrible- and the basic human rights crisis to the filtering, censorship and surveillance crisis, and the horrible crisis in the health care, insurance, and social security, and the housing crisis and the tragic crisis of Iranian passports and living like a prisoner in a big prison named “Iran”. It is no exaggeration to say that everything is in crisis here. When you live in Iran for some years, you will understand that there is no exaggeration. If you want to understand the situation in Iran, you can think about the US, but a USA like this: Only the FOX news can work inside the US and all other media has closed down; There is not any public or private media inside the US – no radio, no newspaper, no TV, nothing except the FOX news; George w. Bush is the US supreme leader, and from morning to night the state media (FOX) praises him, and his pictures are on every wall, and he decides about everything in the US and no one can change him; Dick Cheney is the US lifelong president, and there is no free election in the US, and in each election Cheney and his party win the election; The inflation rate is near 40% and the unemployment rate is near 35%, but the US government says that the inflation rate is near 1% and the unemployment rate is near 5%, and other statistics are as reliable as this one; the Hollywood only makes religious movies, and the film industry has gone bankrupted in the US and no one go to cinema; no one can publish any book in the US, and only the Bible is published in 800 million copies each year; Music is forbidden and the singers are in jail; Dancing is forbidden and the dancers are in jail; There is no bar and no night club; many people are killed in the hospitals, because the majority can not pay the hospital costs; the courts have no jury and no lawyer; the priest and the church work as the judge and the judiciary system, and only those who can bribe the judge can have a good verdict; the CIA has many secret prisons inside the US ad kill and torture the Americans in the streets and in the secret prisons; the internet speed is about 28kb/s and almost everything is blocked; there is no private sector and all people work for the corrupt public sector and should kiss the ass of Bush and Cheney for earning good money; the people can not protest and can not assemble, and more than 100,000 OWS protesters have been arrested, and 500 of them have confessed in the US state TV (FOX) that they are the stooge of Russia and China; more than 2000 OWS protesters were killed in the streets of New York, and more than 10,000 OWS men and women were tortured and raped in the secret prisons, but the US media and Chomsky say that no one was killed, except 10 security officers that were killed by OWS
; After the OWS massacre, the European media and Chomsky, that many thought he is anti-Bush, say that Americans love their government, specially Bush and Chomsky; The US passport has no credit, and the foreign embassies treat Americans like animals and even for getting a 12 days tourist visa for Canada, Americans should wait about one year ….. This USA is like Iran. But it’s so depressing and so shocking that while the west has not such horrible conditions, and many awful crises and also many victims like Iran, it can not generate more wise people, and more well-informed youths than Iran, and many are really stupid, ignorant, or naive there. It’s so stupid. What’s wrong with this stupid world in the 21st century?