Iranian Expats and Iranian Baboons

The Iranian expats who live in the west are a large group, about 4 million people, larger than many countries in the Middle East (Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Libya, etc). If they had helped Iranians inside Iran and worked for the freedom and democracy in Iran, many problems would have been solved. But since 2009, the majority of Iranian expats only have shown that they are very very stupid. As we said before, many ask: “Do these 4 million Iranians, who live in the North America and Europe, have 4 wise people ?! Unfortunately the answer is negative. But why? It’s a very important question. We try to answer it in some articles. When you look at the Iranian community outside Iran, it’s like you look at the night sky and the far galaxies. As you know, when you look at the sky, what you see is the old time; you don’t see the present time, but you see for instance 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 years, 50000 years, or 50 million years ago. So, when you look at the Iranian communities in the North America and Europe, you see the past decades in Iran, mainly the 1970s. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian expats are Iranian baboons, who live in the past, and are very hypocrite, reactionary, charlatan, or stupid. Since 1979, when many Iranians have started to flee or immigrate from Iran, they polluted the atmosphere of the Iranian community outside Iran, that was a small but a elite community. Before 1979, immigrating from Iran and living in the west was not in fashion, and Iranians could go and live in the west very easily, and even without any visa (Iranians could travel to Europe without any visa in 1970s). So, those who went to the west and lived there, were a very small group and thought about living in the west and chose it thoughtfully. But after the Islamic revolution, when all doors were closed and the Mullahs and the Islamists created a medieval hell in Iran and called it “Islamic heaven”, many fled or immigrated from Iran, while they did not have any significant difference with the Mullahs and were so stupid or ignorant. The majority of those who immigrated or fled from Iran in the past decades, especially in 1979 and 1980s, were as stupid as the Mullahs and remained or became political activists outside Iran. But they are very stupid and reactionary, and that’s why they are called “Iranian baboons”. They are like the Mullahs and the Islamists and are the main responsible for creating the disaster of 1979 in Iran. The main groups of these Iranian baboons are as follows:

(1) Monarchists : They are Pahlavists and still live in 1970s. They had a key role in creating the disaster of 1979. They are rich, because they have embezzled a lot money in Pahlavi’s era. They live in the US, and think many Iranians inside Iran are still illiterate or live in the rural areas, or live like 1970s. Some of them only love Pahlavi and hate the Mullahs, but most of them work with the Mullahs and kiss the Mullahs’ ass. They are like dead zombies and want to restore the Monarchy in Iran. They love money and kiss everybody’s ass for money. Freedom or Democracy are meaningless words for them, and their favorite words are: “Your Majesty”, “Kissing Ass”, “Kissing Hands”, “Javid Shah”, “Pahlavi”, “Power”, and “Money”.

(2) Marxists and the stupid lefts: They still live in 1970s. They are Marxists and love Mao and Stalin. They have created the disaster of 1979 and the great tragedy of 1980s. They mainly live in Europe, but you can find them in Canada and the US, while they still think comrade Stalin and comrade Putin are great men and Russia is a dream land. Some of them are Islamists, and most of them have been terrorists in the past. Some of these ex-terrorists kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for the
Islamist-Reformists now, but most of them still try to restore Stalin’s utopia or Communist Utopia in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are imperialistic words for them, and their favorite words are : “Comrade”, “Proletariat’s Dictatorship”, “Counter Revolution”, “Russia”, “Bourgeoisie”, “Imperialism”, “Class war”, and “Power”.


(3) Islamist-Reformists: They still live in 1980s and 1990s. They are Islamists and have created the disaster of 1979, the great tragedy of 1980s, the great frustration of 2000s, and the great betrayal of 2009. They live in Europe, the US, and Canada, and are master at telling big lies and playing games. Some of them are ex-member of Mullah Gestapo and pretend they are “intellectual”. They love the Islamic regime and kiss the Mullahs’ ass and work for keeping the Islamic regime safe. Their golden era is the late 1990s, while many naive people thought they can change the Mullah regime. But when the stupid coward Khatami destroyed the people movement after 8 years, and finally when they betrayed the people in 2009, they became a dead group like the Monarchist or the Marxist. Freedom or Democracy are tools of deception for them, and their favorite words are : “Khatami”, “Karoubi”, “Chomsky”, “limited democracy”, “Eslahat (Islamic reform)”, “Kissing ass”, “Money”, and “Power”

(4) The Mullahs and their families: They kill, rape, and torture Iran’s people. They try to stay in power at any price. They love Iron’s fist policy and enjoy killing and torturing others. They are very hypocrite and are master at telling big lies and pretending. They live in Britain, Canada, the US, Germany, Australia, and the whole world, and invest the embezzled money there. They say that the west is a hell, but they love living in the hell. They try to defend the Islamic regime and its Islamic heaven in Iran, while they themselves flee from this Islamic heaven and prefer to live in “the western hell”. They make love with the western politicians and the western mass media, while at the same time suffocate and suppress Iranians in “their Islamic heaven” in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are forbidden and anti-Islamic words for them, and their favorite words are : “Lie”, “Hypocrisy”, “Kissing Hand”, “Kissing Ass”, “Velayat”, “Basij”, “London”, “Britain”, “Jihad”, “Blood”, “Violence”, “Censorship”, “Power”, “Embezzlement”, and “Money”.

(5) Opportunists and Mercenaries: They always go where the wind is blowing. They kiss the Mullahs’ ass and the western politicians’ ass, and the Monarchists’ ass, and any other ass. But they like to call themselves “Intellectual” or “Thinker” or “Journalist”. They love playing games and their mercenary job. If you give them money, they would do any shameful job without shame. While they call themselves “Intellect”, many believe “political prostitute” is a better name for them. They live in the west and betray the people in Iran. While Iranians live in the Mullah hell in Iran and should live with 30% to %50 inflation rate and the economic disaster, and should be tortured in the prisons or killed in the streets, and should live under the Orwellian surveillance and the medieval laws, the mercenaries and opportunists betray the people, try to suffocate the people’s voice, and have a main role in creating the current situation in Iran. Freedom or Democracy are stupid words for them, and their favorite words are : “Lie”, “Hypocrisy”, “Kissing Ass”, “Playing Game”, “Intellectual”, “Money” and “Money”.

Do you think these groups can have 4 wise guys? And when these Iranian bastards are the main political activists outside Iran, and manage almost all Iranian media outside Iran, do you think the 2009 movement could succeed ?

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